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In-Sync+Bemis Balkind

BLT Communications Ignition Print Tarhan Creative The Cimarron Group

Kaleidoscope Creative Group

New Wave Creative The Refinery Troublemaker studios Kaiser Create Group. Midnight Oil Animal Logic

INTRODUCTION The purpose of ths catalog is to show a variety of poster editors and groups along with some of their work. The work shows certain films with alternate ideas and thoughts that each of the artist took when making these posters. These are all posters that the design agencies have drafted and publiesed ove the years. My objective is to show the best relation possible between these different posters. These editors and designers have been working with these posters for a very long time and they are truly unbelievable poster designs an edits. There are thousands of movie poster desgin agencies in the world. Only a certain number of posters are published on the internet, but there are thousands that are draftedf or all movies that are made. Designing movie posters seem as if it is quite a job to handle but these workers and bosses came together and executed these posters with ease. Amongst these poster illustrations, are some of the movies that I have watched in the past that I have enjoyed.



It is the dynamic union of two celebrated agencies. In Sync, a leading creative force in film marketing for over 20 years and Bemis Balkind, whose work in print and digital media since 1987, has transformed the world of motion picture advertising and blazed trails in the cable television industry, helping to launch CNN, ESPN and HBO. Combining years of experience, scores of awards and hundreds of campaigns, InSync + BemisBalkind brings together the creative vision of In Sync Founder Smitty and Bemis Balkind partners, Peter Bemis (Key Art Lifetime Achievement Award winner) and Aubrey Balkind. Together, they have created a full service, fully integrated, 360-degree agency that seeks to push the boundaries in this new universe of motion picture, television, branding and digital advertising.



BLT Communications

BLT is an independently owned advertising agency founded in 1992, with long-term business relationships based on exceeding our clients’ expectations. Our focus has always been the work, the people who create it, and the people we create it for. We are a community of over 200 passionate artists, strategists and technologists, bound together in a quest to engage and inspire consumers. After more than 20 years of entertainment marketing, we understand the power of story to influence and motivate consumers, and create an emotional connection between them and your brand.



Ignition Print

Ignition Print is located in Santa Monica, California. This organization primarily operates in the Commercial Printing, Lithographic business / industry within the Printing, Publishing and Allied In dustries sector. This organization has been operating for approximately 10 years. Ignition Print is estimated to generate $1.0 million in annual revenues, and employs approximately 6 people at this single location.



Tarhan Creative Inc.

Tod is an award winning Creative Director. Tarhan Creative Inc was founded by Tod in 2005. Before forming the company, Tod was an Art-Director and Creative-Director for Miramax Films. He’s credited with creating some of the most memorable pieces of key-art in the past twenty years. Tarhan Creative is a full-service, entertainment-advertising company bringing you over 20 years of experience in the business. They create memorable key-arts and print campaigns by blending their unique artistic-vision with marketing-savvy. They recently won an award for BestPoster, at the 13th Annual Golden Trailer Awards.



Cimarron Group

Founded in 1979, Cimarron produces a wide array of audiovisual, print and digital content, includ ing trailers, brand advertising and behind the scenes videos for major studio films. More recently, the company expanded into the live-events business, including spearheading the marketing efforts for Marvel’s upcoming Marvel Universe Live show.



Kaleidoscope Creative

The Kaleidoscope Creative & Marketing Group is a business consulting firm. The work we do, is designed to help associations, non-profit organizations and small businesses grow and evolve into their fullest potential. We create, develop and manage innovative nonprofit and small business partnerships that strengthen corporate brand and market reach while reinforcing corporate responsibility.



New Wave Creative

New Wave Design is a graphic design studio with years of industry experience in assisting small to medium businesses achieve successful marketing and digital strategies through the use of innovative design and technical expertise. We design brands, build websites, cre ate content, produce print and target marketing messages – and most importantly, make your life easy. 15


The Refinery

The Refinery is a creative ad agency specializing in print and a/v advertising with a focus on the entertainment industry. Clients include AMC, Bravo, Dimension Films, Disney, Focus Features, Fox, Genius Products, HBO, Oxygen, Paramount, Sony, TNT, Universal, Warner Bros., and Weisnstein Co.



Troublemaker Studios

Troublemaker Studios is a film production company founded and owned by filmmaker Robert Rodriguez and producer Elizabeth Avellan. The company is based in Austin, Texas and is located at the former site of the Robert Mueller Municipal Airport.



Kaiser Creatitve Studios

Kaiser Creative is a solutions-based creative agency with a history of success in connecting consumers with brands. As a result of our research and innovative user experiences we provide our clients with intelligent, sustainable brand growth.



Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil is a dynamic marketing agency dedicated to creating meaningful connections through experiences that inspire. A team of strategic thinkers, creative artists and expert craftsmen, we take seriously our role as brand caretakers and culture-makers. With an unquenchable thirst for realizing the impossible, we view every challenge as an opportunity for innovation and take pride in exploding the status quo. 23


Animal Logic

Animal Logic is one of the world’s most accomplished digital studios producing award winning, ground breaking and trail blazing animation, visual effects and design. Our global R&D department is looking for a Lead Software Engineer to lead our pipeline team in Vancouver.




Book Created by: Le’Jerrion Taylor


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Illustrator Catalog