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>>>Click Here To Get A Free Nintendo Wii U<<< Wii U - The Brand New Trend Setter Of The Gaming Arena Since the beginning of gaming consoles, Nintendo has produced a number of marvels. They have been providing high quality products regularly. The new Wii U is another chapter of this fantastic tale. The Nintendo professionals have not unveiled any particular Nintendo Wii U Release Date, yet many sources are claiming that the brand new system might become available for sale in the early part of November this year.

Features Of Wii U The new unit from Nintendo is expected to include a few advanced characteristics. During the Wii U tours in different cities, individuals could actually get a peek at the brand new system from Nintendo. The system has touchscreen technology and remarkable colors which make it extremely interesting. Additionally, Nintendo Wii U gamepad will also have motion control features, remote controllers, sticks and FWVGA which make it extremely interesting for gamers worldwide. Yet these types of options are bundled up in a touch expensive bundle. Pricing/Availability:

Wii U is predicted to be priced at $250, which is a reasonably higher price for a Nintendo system. Regarding the accessibility of the console, a lot of individuals believe that it wouldn't be accessible so simply. Yet Nintendo is reassuring its customers that the new unit won't disappoint them. New Games: Game developers like Retro Studios and Namco have verified the creation of games like Metroid Fusion Saga and Super Mash Bros for Nintendo Wii U. We also expect to see Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed for the Nintendo Wii U. Rumors regarding game are rife in the game market. Individuals would like to get a hold of the newest games on brand-new system. It is expected that Nintendo Wii U system and game titles won't disappoint the fans. Only time will tell how Wii U performs in the market. Sony and Microsoft are doing their best to provide difficult battle to Wii U. All will be revealed at the end of 2012, when the brand new Nintendo Wii U will hit the stores. May the perfect system win!

What You Should Expect From Newest Wii U  

Ever since the release of gaming consoles, Nintendo has produced several marvels.

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