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>>>Sign Up For Free Nintendo Wii U<<< The New Development Of Nintendo Since the release of gaming consoles, Nintendo has developed numerous marvels. It is not surprising that enterprise is so successful throughout all this time. Now, Nintendo is set to present its Wii U out there. The Nintendo authorities haven't revealed any particular Wii U Release Date, yet many sources are saying that the brand new unit might become available in the market in early part of November 2012.

What Is New In Wii U? It's thought that the latest system will be a trend setter on the market During the Wii U tours in different places, folks were able to get a peek at the modern console from Nintendo. A new high tech touch screen attribute is added to the Nintendo Wii U, which is the first of its kind in the arena of gaming consoles. The gamepad also has remote controllers, motion control support, dual analog sticks and FWVGA, that make it pretty perfect for various people. But all these attributes come at a cost.

Pricing/Availability: Professionals are skeptical that the Wii U rates might go as high as $250, which can be fairly steep for a few people. Many people also state that like its forerunners, Wii U would not be accessible easily. On the other hand, Nintendo authorities are trying hard to silence their critics. They claim that these reviews are baseless. Games For The New Console: Game developers like Retro Studios and Namco have confirmed the development of game titles like Metroid - Fusion Saga and Super Mash Bros for Wii U. We also expect to see Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed for the Wii U. The news of new game are all keeping the expectations of gamers high. Everyone is getting excited about seeing the way the brand new system fares and are excited by what the brand new Nintendo Wii U is offering. Just like past editions, Nintendo Wii U is expected to meet the expectations of the game enthusiasts. We'll have to wait around and find out what's the actual destiny of this system. The competitors are also planning well to give a tough competition to Nintendo. The results will become very clear towards the end of the year. In the end, the game enthusiasts will win in the battle of game makers.

Nintendo Wii U - A Fresh Wave In The Game Arena  

Ever since the beginning of gaming systems, Nintendo has developed various marvels.

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