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Bios Group (Group Project)

Conceptual project involved designing a software company with a given floor plan and Steelcase system furniture. Concept Mimic the system of a computer. CPU (CEO) as the core system in a computer, distributing task to different parts (different departments) within the computer to keep the computer operating.

Raised floor detail

Floor Plan (Not in Scale)

Reflected Ceiling Plan (Not in Scale)

Steelcase Post and Beam

Steelcase Circa Modular

Steelcase Alight

War room

Galley Space

Child care area

(Group Project)

Conceptual design involving designing a retail store 10 years in future. Concept Creating an indoor community for all ages to shorten generation gap.



Vending Machines

Cash wrap

Seating Area

Game Zone

Seating Area

Floor Plan Exit Entrance






View from pipe towards Nintendo community

View of display area towards seating area

B Free lounge seating

View of display area

Seating area

Game zone

View of Cash wrap towards entrance

Reclaimed wood exhibition booth Conceptual exhibition booth design using Expo Deck as booth structures. Concept Using the structure of a bowling ball to create a spherical booth for information of reclaimed wood.

Booth ISO view

2/F Floor Plan

1/F Floor Plan

Booth entry view

Reception view from entrance


Problems? Questions? Comments? 260-483-0012 Project Mgr: Jeff Michel

Job #: Drawn By: JAM Date:


ISO View


Upper floor exhibition view

TWIST VPA, Warehouse Art Store

Conceptual design of an art store at the warehouse in Syracuse downtown. Concept Using mathematics to create sequences of expected rhythm to attract audience

Multiple planes are cut into different angles to create a twisting effect in the space. The four horizontal planes that run across the vertical planes are the display shelving for sculpture. Fluorescent tube lights simply run along the edge of each plane from the ceiling to give more motion to the twist

The design of the cash wrap continues the repetition of the display units but presents in a linear form

200 Elwood Davis Road Conceptual project renovating a small company’s lobby. Concept A space designed with the pattern of broken glass and the structure of icebergs to give transparency, gains and reflects as much day light as possible.

Elevation 1

Elevation 3

Elevation 2

Elevation 4

(L&O Internship Project)

Internship project assisted in creating window front, flooring and wall cabinets pattern for an Italian restaurant in Hong Kong.

Edward Smith Elementary School (Group Project)

Conceptual project involved renovating Edward Smith Elementary School, Syracuse, New York, with better space planning and learning environment. Concept Interconnectedness, gathering, community and education.

The community spaces are within a school that incorporates nature, sustainability and technology. The way in which our design has modified the structure and spaces within the school reinforces the importance of inclusion by providing every student with diverse and exciting opportunities.

First Floor

Second Floor

Third Floor

View from first floor

View from second floor

Existing canteen space

View of living classroom from connecting hallway

View of Living Classroom from break out space

View of fitness center into gym

View of library from doorway

View of 1-3 classroom from door

View of K-3 Cafeteria towards Living Machine

St. Marys Rehabilitation Center Chicago, Illinois

Redesigning the healthcare center to meet ADA standards. Updating finishes and furniture to make the space more friendly to elderly. Conept To create the space with a very Zen like feeling, turning it into a calm and relax space for paitent to live in.

Single Room

Double Room

Activity Room

Living Room

Single room floor plan

Double room floor plan

Single room view from bed towards TV

Single room view from TV towards bed

Double room view

Steelcase: Mason

Nemschoff: Hudson

Steelcase: Outlook Jarrah

Steelcase: Circa Modular

Steelcase: Mitra Recliner

Steelcase: R2速 5100 Series

Steelcase: Opus

Forbo: Walton Uni Plaster

Bird Library Learning Commons Concept project involved renovating the school library into a more comfortable place for better education, rearranging and defining each space with better design. Concept Using the structure of bee hives as well as their hierarchy to create a learning community.

View of common area

Bird Library ground floor existing condition

Joyn System Furniture


View from honey cone to common area

Ground floor plan view

Window-side single study cone

First floor plan view

Auditorium with curved liquid crystal-glazing glass

Auditorium interior view

Team rooms with over head signal lighting system

Team room interior view

Private study area

Studio Art

SYR 2009 Interior Design Portfolio  

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