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2017 Wedding Guide

You Did  It!   You  made  an  exci1ng  new  step  in  your  lives!   The  next  few  months  you  will  be  making     different  decisions  and  plans  to  create  an     excellent  ceremony  celebra1on  of  your  love  for  each   other!  One  of  those  very  important  decisions  is,   “Who  do  I  get  to  photograph  our  special  day?”     Well,  allow  us  to  introduce  ourselves…  

About the Owner/ Chief Photographer Passion is my drive, creativity is my tool, and perfection is my goal. From day one, this has been the mission statement of professional photographer, D. Jerome Smedley. Raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Mr. Smedley has a true love and respect for photography. He studied Photography 101 and 102 at John Carroll High School, where he is a graduate, and Fine Art Photography and Development at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He has been professional trained by the best photographers in the areas of portraiture, weddings, and special event coverage. He has managed portrait studios throughout the Birmingham area including Sears Portraits and the famous Olan Mills Portraits. He has received several recognitions for his color and black and white photographic art. He has worked for several major organizations and corporations including the SCLC, NAACP, Vibe magazine, The City of Birmingham, Alabama, Simply Fashion national campaign, Seagram’s Gin, Crown Royal, and countless others. His vision for his career is global, but his roots are still in the city and community that he loves and holds dear. “I was blessed to discover my dream and my talent at a young age. I have worked on locations and photographed people and things I could have never have dreamed of as a child. I love what I do and could not imagine doing any other profession that gives me the joy that being a photographer does. When you work with me, you are working with someone that has your best interest at heart. I will work diligently to bring your dream to reality. I will provide swift, professional service and always treat you in a courteous and professional manner. Your needs for your portraits, your wedding or your special event are as important to me as if it were my own, and I will not rest until you are happy. It would be my honor to serve you.”

About the Company

D  Jerome  Smedley  Photography,  formally  known  as     Tru  Knight  Vision  Photography,  was  founded  on  one  simple   principle:  To  provide  quality,  crea1ve,  professional  photography   to  wonderful  people  and  to  capture  memories  that  will  last  for   genera1ons.  For  over  15  years,  we  have  specialized  in  portraits,   weddings  and  special  events.  We  have  adapted  a  storybook  style   when  it  comes  to  our  wedding  photography.  We  strive  to  capture   everything  from  beginning  to  end  and  to  tell  a  story  with  our   photos.  We  always  live  on  the  principle  of  the  3  D’s:  Details,   Details,  Details.  Big  or  small,  we  will  capture  it  all.  Your  wedding   day  will  go  by  in  the  blink  of  an  eye.  When  you  look  at  our  work,   we  want  to  make  sure  you  see  everything  liVle  detail  that  went   into  making  your  day  picture  perfect!    Besides  being  trained  and   skilled  in  contemporary  wedding  photography,  we  are  a  very   professional  staff.  Whether  it’s  just  the  chief  photographer  or  an   en1re  staff  covering  every  inch  of  your  event,  each  person  that   bears  the  D  Jerome  Smedley  Photography  name  is  a  courteous,   friendly,  competent  professional.  We  strive  to  bring  you   wonderful  las1ng  memories  from  your  wedding  in  a  friendly,   helpful  and  professional  manner.  That  will  be  this  way  un1l  our   last  day!  


A Wedding Photographer

When you are choosing your photographer for your wedding, make sure they have THREE significant things:

1.  Your Photographer wants to tell your story

Your photographer has to want to know your love story as well as their own. Knowing your story helps your photographer not only create a memorable engagement session for you, but also know what to capture on your special day and give it that extra personal touch.

2. Your Photographer knows & respect your vision /dream

You and your photographer have great communication & understanding of your ideas that you want. Your photographer will be able to capture your wedding the way you want it & create the poses that you had in mind if not better ones. Your photographer must also have the relationship with you that they can tell you if something you envisioned cannot be done exactly how you see it, but will work with you to create something similar if not better. Your photographer respects you too much to give you less than you deserve.

3. Your Photographer is a Seasoned Professional

It is very crucial that your photographer has experience in wedding photographer and shooting in any and all lighting situations. You trust your photographer to be courteous, professional, timely and skilled in their craft. If you wanted just photos, you would ask your “family photographer” to do your wedding & not a professional. IT WOULD BE OUR HONOR TO BE THE PHOTOGRAPHY TEAM FOR YOU!

DJS Wedding Collections

Sweet &  Simple                                  

1 Professional  Photographer   1  Assistant  Photographer   Wedding  Coverage  Up  to  6  hours   Personalized  USB  Drive  of  All  Images  with  print  release   A  Beau1ful  8x8  Custom  Coffee  Table  Book     With  Highlights  From  Your  Special  Day   Bonus  Tradi1onal  Engagement  Session  Included   Web  Gallery  for  Viewing  &  Ordering  for  Family  &  Friends   For  Only  $2000  

Silver &  Gold                                        

2 Professional  Photographers   Wedding  Coverage  (Up  to  8  hours)   Personalized  USB  Drive  of  All  Images  with  Print  Release   A  Beau1ful  10x10  Custom  Coffee  Table  Book       2  Bonus  Sessions:     A  Deluxe  Engagement  Session  Included  &  Your  Choice   of  a  Bridal  Session  or  Boudoir  Gif  Session     Web  Gallery  for  Viewing  &  Ordering  for  Family  &  Friends   For  only  $3000  

Diamonds &  Pearls                          

3 Professional  Photographers   En1re  Wedding  Coverage  (Up  to  10-­‐12  hours)   Personalized  USB  Drive  of  All  Images   with  Copyright  Release   A  Beau1ful  12x12  Custom  Coffee  Table  Wedding  Book   With  Highlights  From  Your  Special  Day   2  6x6  Parent  Albums     2  Bonus  Portrait  Sessions:   A  Deluxe  Engagement  Session  &  Your  Choice   of  a  Bridal  Session  or  Boudoir  Gif  Session   Photo  Booth  with  rofessional  aVendant   Web  Gallery  for  Viewing  &  Ordering  for  Family  &  Friends   Web  Gallery  for  Downloading  Photo  Booth  Pictures   For  only  $4200    

DJS Engagement Sessions

That defini8ve  portrait  that  announces  to  your  loved  ones   and  the  world  that  you  two  are  ready  to  take  that  next  big   step  together  in  your  lives.  Your  enagagement  session   should  tell  your  love  story,  the  things  that  make  you  fall  in   love  with  each  other  every  day,  and  show  that  simple   in8mate  connec8on  that  will  be  8meless  for  genera8ons!   That’s  what  we  strive  to  capture  at  DJS.  Allow  us  to  do  that   for  you!    

Traditional Portrait Session $150.00

1-­‐Look Engagement  Session  at  up  to  2  Loca1ons   15  Retouched  Images  &  a  Proof  Copy  of  All  Images  from   the  Session  on  USB/Download  Link   Web  Gallery  for  Viewing/Ordering  for  Family  &  Friends    

Deluxe Portrait Session $300.00

3-­‐Look Engagement  Session  at  up  to  3  Loca1ons   30  Retouched  Images  &  a  Proof  Copy  of  All  Images  from   the  Session  on  USB/Download  Link   Web  Gallery  for  Viewing/Ordering  for  Family  &  Friends    

Additional Sessions Simple liVle  bonus  sessions  that  seals  the  memories  in  from   this  special  1me!  These  are  truly  sweet  and  simple  sessions   that  give  you  op1ons  you  may  not  have  on  your  special  day.      

Bridal Dress Session


A One-­‐Loca1on  Exclusive  Session  In  Your  Beau1ful  Wedding  Dress   Before  or  Afer  the  Wedding  to  Give  You  Posing  and  Loca1on   Op1ons  That  Your  Wedding  Day  May  or  May  Not  Give.     Session  Comes  with  a  Bridal  AVendant  to  Assist  You  During  the   Session.    Makeup  Ar1st  is  Included.    

Boudoir Gift Session

$350+ Location Cost

Surprise your  hubby-­‐to-­‐be  with  a  private  exclusive  bridal  boudoir   session  complete  with  makeup  ar1st,  champagne  and  chocolate   covered  strawberries,  and  20  retouched  images  in  a  beau1ful  5x7   album  to  present  to  your  hubby  before  your  special  day  to  remind   him  what  he  has  to  look  forward  to!    

A La Cart Gift Prints

Canvas Prints

5x7 Mantle  Size  $15   8x10  Classic  Size  $30   11x14  Wall  Size  $60   16x20  Wall  Size  $100   20x30  Master  Size  $175   30x40  Master  Size  $250   Addi1onal  Sizes  Available  

11x14 Wall  Size  $200   16x20  Wall  Size  $300   20x30  Master  Size  $475   30x40  Master  Size  $600   Addi1onal  Sizes  Available    

All  prints  are  professionally  edited   and  printed  on  premium  paper  to   make  sure  your  memories  last  a   life1me  


Our Signature  Albums  are  custom   designed,  hard-­‐page  albums,  with  custom   covers,  and  includes  highlights  from  your   engagement  session  and  your  wedding.  A   truly  cherished  keepsake.  All  albums   come  with  a  genuine  leather  gif  box.    

6x6 Parent  Album   8x8  Tradi1onal  Album 10x10  Signature  Album 12x12  Deluxe  Album

$250    $450    $600    $800  

All  canvas  prints  are  professionally   edited,  printed  on  quality  canvas,   wrapped  on  a  .75in  wood  frame   and  coated  to  ensure  longevity.    

Additional Products and Services

Addi1onal Hour    $250   Add.  Asst.  Photographer          $250   USB  DrIve  w/     Gif  Box      $200   Image  Box  w/   4x6  Prints      $350   Save  the  Dates    25      $50    50      $80  

When it’s  all  said  and  done,  D  Jerome  Smedley  Photography   wants  to  be  the  photography  company  that  you  use  to  capture   every  single  special  moment  of  your  new  life  together.  We   would  rather  be  of  service  to  a  few  families,  that  we  consider   family,    for  a  life1me  than  to  a  mul1tude  of  strangers  who  don’t   even  know  us.  Money  cannot  generate  genuine  love.  Only   knowing  and  truly  caring  for  someone  as  much  as  we  care  for   ourselves,  can  generate  love.  We  wish  you  nothing  but   happiness,  blessings,  overflow,  and  joy  for  the  rest  of  your  lives.     Be  blessed  and  a  blessing  always!       ALABAMA’S  DEDICATED  PORTRAIT  &    WEDDING  SPECIALISTS  


D Jerome Smedley Photography Wedding Guide  
D Jerome Smedley Photography Wedding Guide