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the application is available through the technology

Lien Assumes Command at WHCA

infrastructure and processing so the warfighter

By Jerome W. Mapp, DISA Corporate Communications

 Computing Services cont. which to turn,” Rivera said. “The goal is make sure

can access information to support his mission. This


means that we build continuity of operations to support him.”

Computing Services provides world-class

computing services that enable DoD to better

rmy COL James A. Lien assumed command of the White House Communications Agency (WHCA) on Aug. 4. Outgoing commander

Army COL Howard I. Cohen passed the unit colors to

execute its missions. The continual efforts to lower

Air Force Lt Gen Charles

operating costs, the multiple levels of customer

E. Croom Jr., DISA

service, the assured computing services that are

director, who handed

built to make sure the warfighter doesn’t lose

the flag to Lien during

his applications — it’s all done to make sure the

a ceremony at WHCA’s

warfighter has the tools at his hands that he needs.

headquarters at the

Computing Services keeps working so that

Anacostia Naval Annex

military hospitals can maintain their databases,

in Washington, D.C.

the Defense Finance and Accounting Service’s

software will continue working, and mission-critical

served as WHCA’s

applications for the warfighter are always availble.

“We cannot afford to ever be done,” said Rivera.

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deputy commander for a year before becoming the commander on June


18, 2004. He will retire from the Army after

This article was based on an interview between

27 years of military

Alfred Rivera and Carol Horen that was conducted

service. Croom, the

for Military Information Technology magazine.

(Top) Army COL Howard I. Cohen expresses his appreciation to the White House Communications Agency’s staff during his remarks at the change-ofcommand ceremony; Army COL James A. Lien accepts the mantle of leadership of the White House Communications Agency. Photos by TSgt. Wayne Clark, WHCA

Information from the interview has been reprinted with permission.

ceremony’s reviewing officer, praised Cohen’s leadership and noted his accomplishments at WHCA.

“He guided the

on-time and underbudget accomplishment of the Presidential Communications Upgrade initiative,”

Croom said. “This was a tremendous, six-year, $326 million effort, which included over 40 systems upgrades and modernization projects.”

Croom also noted that Cohen made sure that

those working under him were well equipped for their jobs “by establishing the WHCA Training Academy and by advocating and achieving a change to the special duty pay rules for WHCA personnel.”

The Grid

November 2006


Prior to assuming command of WHCA,

Croom said. “There can be no leadership without

Lien served as executive officer for the Army

those doing the work. You’ve given your best to

chief information officer (CIO)/G-6. As WHCA’s

Colonel Cohen, and I know you’ll do the same for

commander, he will lead a force of nearly 1,000

Colonel Lien.”

military and civilian personnel whose purpose is to

maintain the White House’s communications link with

soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines assigned to

the rest of the world.

WHCA and with the presentation of the colors. It

ended with the playing of each military service’s

Croom told the assembled audience of general

The ceremony began with the formation of

officers, Senior Executive Service members, military


officers and enlisted, WHCA staff, and visitors, that,

“we’re fortunate to welcome Colonel Lien as the new

the president and the presidential staff to lead the

commander of WHCA.” Among the general officers

nation. The agency provides worldwide, voice, and

present was Army LTG Steven W. Boutelle, CIO/G-6.

data communications support for the president, vice

president, presidential emissaries, White House staff,

“Colonel Lien, your job is to continue to provide

WHCA provides communications that enable

the absolute best communications support possible

the U.S. Secret Service, and others as directed by

for your important customers,” Croom said. “The

the White House Military Office.

leadership of our nation depends on it, and our

president deserves nothing less. I’m confident in

is in the world, including the White House, the

your abilities to lead this mission with continued

Washington metropolitan area, and in his travels.

WHCA supports the president wherever he



Croom noted the agency’s importance in keeping

open the White House lines of communications.

“The people of the White House Communications

Agency have a mission like no other — and a proud history,” he said. “WHCA is vital to the president in his role as chief executive, head of state, and commander in chief.”

Turning his attention

to the WHCA staff, Croom expressed his confidence that the assembled uniformed and civilian personnel are up to the task of providing constant communications for the president.

“To the men and

women of the White House Communications Agency, particularly those of you standing in formation right now, thank you for your hard work each and every day in the name of freedom,”

COL Lien accepts the White House Communications Agency flag from DISA Director Lt Gen Charles Croom Jr. during the recent change-of-command ceremony at the agency’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. Photo by TSgt Wayne Clark, WHCA


The Grid

November 2006

DISA Test and Evaluation Management Center

that manages all aspects of the Skyline laboratories.

Hutchison said that DISA T&E is making its mark

on the DoD T&E community by advancing a new strategy for information technologies that is closely

Opens Its Doors

tied to Lt Gen Croom’s vision to achieve speed in

By Jerome W. Mapp, DISA Corporate Communications

of testing needed early by assessing the maturity


acquisition. The concept is to determine the type of the new capability and then to combine all test

hen the DISA Test and Evaluation

requirements into shorter, more focused events.

Management Center (TEMC) became

Testing would also be conducted in a distributed,

operational this summer, its director

live, virtual, and constructive development and

expressed confidence during the initial presentation

certification environment.

that DISA will become the premier organization for

acquiring and testing information systems technology

evaluation facilities are strategically located at Fort

throughout the Department of Defense (DoD).

Huachuca, Ariz; Indian Head, Md; and Slidell, La. The

facility at Slidell is slated to close in January 2007

“The bottom line is, we’re going to make DISA

In addition to the Skyline Building, DISA test and

T&E (test and evaluation) successful,” said Dr. Steven

as a result of the Base Realignment and Closure

Hutchison, DISA’s test and evaluation executive. “My


vision is to create the center of excellence for testing

information systems technology. Our mission is to

the center’s six-fold mission is to oversee DISA

establish, review, enforce, and supervise T&E policy

test and evaluation; interface with the Office of the

for DISA.”

Secretary of Defense; provide a development and

test laboratory in direct support of DISA programs;

Hutchison and his staff unveiled TEMC Aug. 21 to

During the presentation, Hutchison said that

an audience at Seven Skyline Place in Falls Church,

manage DISA test resources and investment;

Va., that included Air Force Lt Gen Charles Croom,

lead change for information technology test and

DISA’s director; Army MG Marilyn Quagliotti, vice

evaluation throughout DoD; and make the test and

director; Air Force Brig Gen David Warner, program

evaluation successful.

director for Command and Control Capability; Diann McCoy, component acquisition executive; Jack Penkoske, director of Manpower, Personnel, and Security; and Jimaye Sones, chief financial executive.

TEMC is comprised

of four offices that provides specific functions within the testing and evaluation community. One office handles financial management, another office deals with technology and policy, another office handles programs and plans, and there is an office The Grid

November 2006



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