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Pedro Assad Assignment 3 Wednesday Feb. 2 8:45pm 1. Its gonna be fun. 2. Yeah have you ever played with triptides? 3. Nah im not even sure theyre all gonna play. it just says tides 2. No they are i dont know why the name is shortened on the flyer/ 1 Please tell me youre playing springsteen covers. 2. Man why do you keep ragging on that. 1. Ha relax i just know you listen to that and gang of four and thats it 2. Eh well still i dig it whats it matter. 1. Oh yeah ******* is coming. 2. Is she drinking with us 1. Well i told her if she pays that skeaze. 2. Do you know her at all? 1. Nah she just lives near me but ive hung out with her once, i was just too blazed to do anything like talk. Otherwise i wouldve been able to turn up my charm 2. Can you notice my hair is atrocious with the hat on? 1. I cant tell at all. Your hair is just gonne get kinda gross and and grow out all weird. hopefully it turns out alright 2. Yeah im just hoping it grows out kinda shaggy. Before my bangs were superfucked. but their gone now. 1. Hell i think i burned mine the other day when i tried to light my cigarette. it was pretty funny 2. That happens all the time though 1. Yep 2. Yep Thurs. Feb 3 2:07pm 4. You and your salads 3. i love salads 3. i want to tell you a terrible childhood memory but i cant think of one right now 4. I thought you said you dont like spinach though. youre getting a spinach salad 3. I never said that. You always take everything out of context. 4. Why is tossing salad such a sexual euphemism? it doesnt make sense. 3. Umm yes it does cause its in superbad 4. yeah but it was around before that come on. you seriously thought that was only known because of the movie? 3. Whatever i dont really care 4. Should we get wine or whiskey? i prefer whiskey 3. whew yeah i really wanted whiskey tonight but i was having trouble convincing myself

4. well should we get going then? 3. Yeah i still need to go to class. 4. Alright lets go.

Pedro Assad Assignment 3  

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