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Mar Jerome Medrano Professor Megan Bushar English 111 with ENF 3 5 September 2013 Honesty and Society Have you ever lied before? Undeniably, all of us will say, “Yeah, I guess everyone did.” which This is true because most of us have dealt a situation that we have had to tell a lie or tell a bunch of it. temBeing truthful is something that is commendable, irreproachable, and genuine. Honesty contributes several benefits toin our society. Politics is just one of the main topics when it comes on to being honest. The majority will always say that politicians are a group of liars – promising us a better life yet we are still the same as before any election. Honesty is learning to stand on your own words, taking action to what you promised, and express what you can and cannot do. Apparently, honesty is vital in politics and if all politicians are honest enough, then people will tone down their expectations. In addition, honest politicians can be a big influence to reducein reducing graft and corruption. In school, we were always taught that honesty is the best policy. However, there are some situations that tempting us to violate this rule. For instance, some of the students are too lazy to do a long novel-like essay so they just copy someone’s work and submit it as their own. Honesty is putting integrity to what you do. For that reason, being honest is being a good student and being a good student means a brighter future.

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Lastly, when a person allows himself to be transparent of in how he feels, he is being real not only to others, but also to himself. Honesty is being true to yourself and learning how to show what you really feel. However, being honest is somewhat abused by others. For example, most Netizens give honest opinions and comments about some current events but most of them are not insightful and sensitive. It is indeed true that telling what you think about something is being honest but real honesty requires you to be true and tactful. Being truthful can give a lot of benefits in our world. Honesty may differ depending on several aspects, whether in politics, school, or even at your own home but still, honesty can go a long way. Honesty starts from one’s character; if you are honest to yourself then it is possible for you to be honest to others.

Honesty and society  
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