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Moyon By Jerome

Walking to school was always a problem for Sam. He had to walk 3 kilometres to school everyday but mostly he had to run the last 500 metres as he could hear his school bell.

Sam wished he could take the bus one day, but his parents say it is too dangerous. They said there have been quite a few kidnappings this year.

Sam wasn’t very smart but was good at sports and running. He had a few friends but his best friend Patrick was the exact opposite of him very smart but not good at sports.

Everyday Sam hoped he could catch the bus like Patrick did. That day Sam had a terrible game knocking the ball on multiple times because he kept thinking about the bus. Later that day when Sam was walking home he spotted some money on the side of the road. He studied the area hard and thought this is not right he can’t just pick up money from the side of the road. But in the end he took it.

Sam got home and went straight to his room with his sister pushing past him. He hid the coins where no one would look. In his underpants drawer. Sam was thinking what he could do with the coins, but then he remembered that he could use them to catch the bus tomorrow.

The rest of the day Sam was so excited that his whole family knew. His parents asked him at dinner. He made up a quick excuse and said “I’m going to teach Patrick how to play touch rugby. His parents bought it and said good night

Sam woke up incredibly early the next day and got changed straight away. He said goodbye not knowing it might be the last time he did. Sam walked to the bus stop with a beat pumping in his ears from his Ipod he borrowed off his sister.

He got on the bus not noticing the bus number . Sam was amazed the bus was empty except for one person who got on just after

With the beats pumping in his ears Sam did not notice the Bus driving right past his school without stopping. Sam looked up and did not recognise where he was. A voice from the front of the Bus spoke out.

“Last stop� Sam then knew that he had to get off the bus. Sam had no phone and had told no one that he was going on the bus today.

Sam started to walk and noticed a shadowy figure walking behind him. Sam remembered what his Mum had told him about the kidnappings. He started to run turning every corner he could.

Until he tripped hard onto the ground. It seemed like he was rolling but he wouldn’t stop until finally he hit a wall with a large thump.

Sam couldn’t move, he had sprained his ankle badly. After many attempts he definitely knew that he could not walk. He screamed “Help” But no response came. He thought about the warnings his mum had given him.

Patrick was waiting at school for Sam but he wasn’t seen. Patrick was worried and told his teacher that Sam wasn’t at school today. His teacher said he must be sick but Patricks gut feeling said otherwise

Sam woke up and thought that he must have got knocked out. A shadowy figure approached him like the one before. Without Sam fighting he was picked up, and put in a car. Sam thought he was kidnapped but as soon as he saw a hospital sign he didn’t say anything.

Sam was out of it for a while, with his family at his side it was hard for them because he was awake when he came into the hospital but then went out.

His mum was annoyed but just hoped for the best for Sam as he lay in his bed.

Sam lay awake with a smile on his face as he sees his family by his side. Sam got into trouble but still it was a happy moment for him to celebrate with his family that he is alright.

Sam later discovered that the shadowy figure was the bus driver about to offer him a ride. But all Sam and his family did was laugh

In this story Sam learns that trust is a value that everyone should have, and should keep as if you don’t it can lead to bad endings

In this story Sam also learns that your parents are there to help and guide you therefore you should listen

This story also tells you that you should always tell at least one person where you are going so if something bad happens like in this book one person would know if something went wrong.

You have to be yourself do what you usually do not try to be like your friends and get the latest stuff or catching the bus to school. As it shows in the book.

Sam's Mistake  

A boy who catches the wrong bus

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