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Why The Large Majority Fail - Building An Internet Sales Machine For Passive Income By Jeroen Waning – 01/12/2013

Are you aware of what it takes to be within the 2% that make a significant passive income business on the internet? I am confident you've seen it a lot of times that 98% of individuals who try it hardly ever make a single dollar online. So what exactly is the missing piece to the puzzle? Certainly it's not possible to reveal the complete secret sauce of creating an Internet Sales Machine in just one article. Nonetheless, there's nothing secret about it. Typically the important piece to the puzzle just hides in plain sight, and it really appears to continue to elude nearly all of us. Sure, building an online business is discussed frequently online, but does anyone really explain it with the intention of revealing their big "magic formula"? In case that you've been focused on success as an affiliate for even some time, it is likely you know of what all of the individual fundamental components of this blueprint may be to creating a passive income using the web. You may even have the ability to observe the big picture of how a lot of these ingredients need to be mixed. These three parts to the equation may make sense when you relate them individually to affiliate marketing, but you must use them holistically. When you evaluate any successful commission campaign, you'll quickly notice that these components are an integral part to what drives their success. These three pieces to the puzzle are value, delivery, and momentum, but not necessarily in that order or any order. All three should be used throughout every step of setting up an affiliate marketing campaign.

Ingredients Of A Successful Internet Sales Machine 


Value - As an affiliate marketer you should focus on becoming a matchmaker. It's important to provide value with your message given that you don't have power over the value of the product or service. It's important to represent non-sales-person figure having dealt with a given relevant issue and also has discovered a resolution. Delivery - In order for any value to do you any good in building an online business, you need a vehicle to deliver it to your target audience. This isn't just about getting traffic; it's about how you guide or funnel that targeted traffic with a calculated marketing mechanism. The easiest way to start is by creating a website that documents how you solved a specific problem and possibly offers a solution to others. Next, you will want to get targeted traffic from the best sources on the net. They involve Google search, Facebook pages, YouTube videos, document sharing sites, blogging platforms, social media sites, etc. Don't just go for one, such as Google, and solely rely on artificial means to boost your campaign's visibility. Provide value during every step of the way during your delivery process, but strategically integrate them all to funnel this traffic to your main website. With each level, continually warm up your audience to your offer. For example, you have FB page with a few sentences and a link to a micro blog, on the micro blog you have a paragraph about a cool video on YouTube (and a link of course) , they watch the video on YouTube which is just a few minutes long and refers them to your website. People


don't come to Facebook for long-winded articles, and the same goes for micro blogs. You also want to keep your YouTube sales videos as concise but as informative as possible. Do not sell the product every step of the way; rather persuade them to go to the next step. Momentum - You also want to ensure that you are constantly building momentum when you are delivering value throughout your internet sales machine. Instead of creating single-page websites that sell a host of affiliate products from various, unrelated niches, work to build yourself up as an authority in one niche (at least for the beginning). With each passive income commission campaign you create, you will need to learn more and more as you are delivering value to your audience. Stick to one niche to build momentum in learning, link building, and authority establishment. You now also have the momentum to offer something of value to build a list to deliver even more. Think of it as a snowball effect and your boosting profitability will show it.

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Internet Sales Macine for Passive Income  

Value, delivery, and momentum are the three main ingredients to creating a successful internet sales machine that generates a solid passive...

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