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MY BLOG SPOT!!!!! Jerney T. Susana BCS12 Early Relationship Early relationships have effects in our life, positive or negative effect is the result of early relationship. First I will discuss how early relationship can have a positive effect. Some of the positive effect is learn how to be mature. In a relationship both girls and boys should learn how to be mature enough. Going in to a long time relationship you can see that both of them think and do things with maturity. In a relationship it is important to become mature because if you are not mature you can have problem because of that all of the true relationship members can grow and be a mature person. Second positive effect is source of inspiration; in a relationship it is good to have inspiration. Once you have an inspiration you do things very easy and you do things with no hesitation. It`s make you more stronger even though your down or troubled they can help you a lot and they will cheer you up. Third is companion for me it is the most important thing in a relationship it can make you happy. When your down or troubled you have someone that you can talk with. Imagine you were alone and with no companion of others maybe you’re crazy in this time. It is important to have companion in a relationship because you know that he/she loves you and he/she cares you and it is a sign of love. If there is positive effects then it have negative effects one of those is disturbance. In a relationship some couples want to see you every time. If you refused to come they will get angry with you. So you cut for classes and sometimes you did not study to meet him/her. You can’t focus in studies or in short you are disturbed by your relationship. Second of the effects is additional expenses in our country maybe 90% of couples always want to be treat by each other. In our age we can`t buy our own gifts and you can`t treat them every day with our own money. Especially to the boys they keep on treating girls recess, lunch or in a special date. But we have no job that can earn money. Imagine how many monthsary in a year and except Valentine’s Day, birthdays and etc. It is hard in a relationship like these. Third of the effects is could not let you graduate. In an early relationship some couples is experiencing

premarital sex. That cause early pregnancy and because of that we are forced to stop our studies. It is connected in the first effect you are disturbed by your own relationship and result is you could not graduate. Reminder from me don`t take a relationship unless you are ready for it. Jerney T. Susana BCS12 EYE WITNESS When I was young I love to play with my friends. We always play in the court of my friend. One day we decided to play “tumbang preso�. My mother came and asks me to buy in the Store. After I buy in the store I run in the court then I saw they are playing already. I wait for them to finish playing so I can play in the next round. After the game I ask to them that can I join. They agreed that if I join their game I supposed to be the one that secure the can. I accept it but after I captured my friend he cry and told me that I cheat because he`s not ready. He keeps on saying bad words to me and I am very angry with that boy so I invite him to a fight them he call. When we are fighting there was a fight between the rests of our friends. I saw a rumble between my close friend and his friends I stop on fighting I watched them they are punching each other kicking and other have something that can hurt a lot for each other. Some throw stone in the head of each other I was nervous because some of my friends have blood on their faces and I realized that in a simple game we went to a rumble and fighting each other.

Jerney T. Susana BCS12 Dingguyan Road

In the place of Silang, Cavite there is a place called Balite2nd. In that place there is a place called Dingguyan. There are many people who always see or feel a bad spirits. Many people get accident in that place because they see a spirit between their eyes. One day there are group of people who wants to investigate the unexplainable happenings in that place. In their first try they are fail to discover anything they wait until 4am in that place. When the sunrise they ask the people there about that road and the people respond they should not disturb the spirit there because they will be in a big trouble. All of them will die because they disturb the spirit. They decided to back in that place and they will apologize about last night. The spirit came and said to them run or else you will die. All of them run and the spirit follow them until the member named Sophia was captured by the spirit. The spirit eats Sophia and put the body on the top of the tree. While the group is running there was a truck in that place they plan to get inside and go home but the spirit followed them and gets the member one by one. After the death of Sophia the leader named Paolo told to his member that we should create a plan. When the spirit found them Paolo yell to the spirit and the spirit attacked Paolo. The spirit has no idea in the plan of the group. He keep on attacking Paolo and Paolo signals to his members that throw the gasoline beside the truck and burn the spirit. They successfully done the mission after that tragedy they ask the Priest to make an mass in that place so the spirit can`t stay there

Jerney T. Susana BCS12 AUTOBIOGRAPHY My name is Jerney T. Susana. I live in #014 Mataas na Burol Silang,Cavite. My mother name is Lydia T. Susana and my father name is Nelson M. Susana. I have one and only cool sister her name is Gladys T. Susana who graduated political science in DLSUD. I studied Kinder in Mataas na Burol Day Care and I studied Grade one to three in Mataas na Burol Elementary School. My mother decide to enroll me in a catholic school in silang because of that I studied grade four to six in Father Michael Donoher Memorial School. During my grades school I am a member of varsity team in basketball and volleyball that’s my favorite sport we compete in many catholic church it was fun to be part of a varsity. My high school life is the most unforgettable time in my life why? I studied high school in Infant Jesus Academy of Silang Incorporated. In this time I gathered lots of friends and learning’s also. During my freshmen year I am very small averaging 4`5 because of this they call me dwarf but it`s fine with me because it is only for fun. This freshman year I also learn how to play computer games that affects my grades it was funny that my whole relatives are getting angry with me so I think for a solution that I can get a high grade and also having fun with my friends. My tactics is listen very well at class hour and after class I`m free to do my favorite past time. In my second year life it is more wild than the freshmen year I already try to cut class once and I am wishing everyday that there is a storm so the classes will be suspended. My third year and fourth year life in High school is the most happy year in my high school life I am already mature in this time I have a lot of friends and I learned

how to be a responsible student. I love being a high school student I am free to do many things with no hesitation. In summer vacation I am part of a league I always joining activities to make my vacation more exciting. I have lot of award by playing basketball. I achieve MVP, Best Player, Most improved player and etc. When I was elementary I belong to the group Legion of Mary that teach us about religion and when I was in high school I also attend DBBS where we teach children about religious topic. This is a form of service where we teach children about God. When the Undas came we help the people in the cemetery to clean their graveyard. We have plenty of service doing. During last vacation I and my sister along with my friends join a fun run that help something. So we registered and be a part of the fun run to help other who need our help. Me as a student I help our country by following the rules that`s a kind of service that cannot be defeat by any form of service. Throwing trash in a proper place is a form of service that I always do. Picking up trash that I occasionally do and helping old people in something that they can`t do. The most important service I did in my entire life is to study hard because if I study hard I can change the situation of our country with my own abilities.

Jerney T. Susana BCS12 Lion and Friends (fable) In the kingdom of Animalia there was a king names Spidy. There are peace and order in their kingdom. The king proclaim that if you committed sin you will die using the poisonous web of the king spider. One day the king get sicked and the whole Kingdom lost the peace and order. The king told his guards to find a animal with pure heart and have courage to face the problem in the Kingdom. The guards search for it until they see a lion and they test the lion if he can be a good leader. The lion passed the test and he temporarily replace the king to it`s position. The lion gets the peace and order in the Kingdom until the dark force attacked them in the leadership of the tiger. The whole Kingdom was burned and all of the female animals was raped by the members of the dark force. The lion can`t control the situation he search for his long time friend. First he saw his 3 friends the ants, monkeys, birds. He make a plan to bring back the peace and order in the kingdom. The tiger makes the animal`s slave and he believe that the lion was dead. After a month the lion said to the birds that they will become the observer in the Kingdom to know what they can do to defeat the tiger. After observing they attacked the tiger the ants bite the tiger so the tiger can’t focus on the battle. The monkey confusing the dark force and the lion king kill the enemy including

the tiger. The king Spidy gave his position to the Lion and to his friends. The lesson is you should have pure heart and courage to face any problem and friendship can make it more stronger.


Ingredients:  Bread  Ham  Cheese  Burger patty  Lettuce  Tomato  Ketchup  Mayonnaise  Butter Procedure:

 Apply butter on the bread.  Toast the bread for 2 minutes, and then set aside.  Fry the patties and ham until cooked then set aside.  After 2 minutes, get the toasted bread then apply the mayonnaise and cheese.  Get the patties and ham after being cooked and put on the toasted bread.  Apply the lettuce, ketchup and tomatoes to the toasted bread.  Repeat procedure till you made a 3 tower of it.

Jerney T.Susana BCS12 Legend of the Spear(legend)

Long time ago in the land of Cavite there was a man named Pear who was living in a tree. He has a problem in getting food because the animals are wild. He invented a trap that can make the animal fall in to a hole but it was not effective because he was the one who fell in the hole. After that accident he think something easy and not dangerous. He invented a bow but he was not good in shooting animals using a bow. While continuing he got many mistake and he decided to leave that place of Cavite. When he was on a trip to escape Cavite he saw a Monster and the monster have many food in his mouth. Pear was very hungry and he want to get that food from the mouth of the monster. He realized that if he steal it from the monster maybe he fail then he imagine that the monster will eat him after capturing him. In that time he was thinking very deep, and he was

singing then he saw a frass called bamboo then he noticed that the bamboo is swaying when he sing. After many hour he have an idea to kill the monster. He cut the bamboo and he form it with a sharp part in the bottom of the bamboo. He did many of that and after creating one hundred pieces of that. He plan to attack the monster he throw the bamboo in the eyes of the monster and after the 100 pieces was gone. He already killed the monster and he already get the food and while eating he gave a name to the bamboo he called it “Spear” came from his name Pear. After a century he gave the spear in the people of Cavite and he died. The Caviteños use the spear as a weapon in a war. When the time past the spear was known as a sign of courage.

Jerney T. Susana BCS12 Dodong Dimagiba Story Long time ago in the province of Batangas the teenagers there are very discipline and have fear in their parents. All of them are good in the school and they give importance in their studies. In that particular place there are 3 teenagers who`s very bad and they keep on drunking and gambling everyday. The leader of the 3 teenagers is Dodong Dimagiba and the other two is Jaqcquin Burdado and Feliciano Kilitiw. One day morning the 3 should go to school but Jacquin said “I am very very very bored in our professor” and Feliciano replied,” yes our professor is very boring !!”. Dodong think about it and tell to his two friends “let`s go in a bar and we cut classes”. The two agreed with Dodong and they go to the Bar. The Bar in the province is not like in Manila that have many people and have a good atmosphere. They see 3 teenagers girls and they ask the girls to go out with them. Dodong said to tohe girls “ hey lets go out and go to a Motel for bonding only”

the girls followed Dodong and the two boys. They drink alcohol from 8am to 7pm when they are already drunk they mate and kissing each other. When the morning came Dodong go home and his parents are very angry with him. His father is much angry than his mother and the father yell to him saying “you bastard!! Where did you go last night? Dodong replied saying “ you don`t care whre I came from and you should not even care about my life”. In that sequence his father get heart attack Dodong was shocked and run in to the bar and he got drunk. When he go home his mother told him “ Dodong your father died” Dodong cried and he go to the balcony and thinking very deep. When he was thinking he hear a voice shouting ” Dodong!! Im pregnant he was afraid when he hear that voice. His mother go to the girl and asked her a question. “ Girl are you really pregnant? The girl replied “ Yes i`m pregnant me and Dodong mate and he is the only one who mate with me. Dodon`s Mother also get heart attacked and died when he hear the words of the girl. Dodong came in the girl house and he tell to the parents of the girl. “ I will take responsibility with your daughter and I also realized my mistake and I requesting for your permission. The father of the girl said “ Dodong are you really serious in your decision? Dodong replied, “ yes I am because when I was thinking about it I remember the lesson that my parents gave me . Dodong and the girl was married after a year and the child grow when time passing. After several year Dodong teach his child to follow his instruction.

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