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Taking Your Small Business Mobile

Wayne Sutton @WayneSutton


Wayne Sutton #BEEC

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Mobile Landscape

800,000+ apps 50 billion apps downloaded Over 300,000 iOS developers $6.5 billion paid to Apple developers

150,000+ apps

800,000+ apps 40 billion apps downloaded Over 300,000 iOS developers

205,000+app 3,000,000 downloaded


How Mobile Apps Work

Internet Cloud Rackspace Amazon AWS Microsoft BizSpark


Database MySQL MongoDB

API or direct

App Stores

Mobile Device


How Long Does it Take to Build an iOS or Android App?


Building Your Own Mobile App

1. The idea or app for your business 2. Wireframe the interface 3. Creating a user workflow 4. Creating a database architecture 5. Designing the interface 6. Connecting the front end to the back end.


Sketch It Out


Wireframe and Mockups Tools

20 UX Design and Wireframing Tools: #BEEC

User Work Flow Example


Building Mobile Apps Online Applications

50+ Resources to Build Mobile Apps Online: #BEEC

Any developers in the room?


Mobile Apps To Streamline Your WorkFlow Mobile Commerce

To-Do- List

Square Register Paypal Intuit

Asana Orchestra To-do Evernote Trello

Business Card Scanning CardMunch ScanBiz HD CamCard

Document Scanning

Document Signing

QR Code Reader

SignNow SignEasy EchoSign

Quickmark Scanlife SocialWayne


File Syncing & Storage

Skype Uber Conference HipChat

Scanner Pro

Dropbox #BEEC

Creating an Entrepreneurship Community

Entrepreneurs Capital Community Events, Meetups, Conferences Schools Partnerships Support #BEEC





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Key steps to launch mobile app  
Key steps to launch mobile app