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Caring for Druzies Without Losing Your Sanity By: Jermaine Mintuck

If you have been wanting to find out more about druzies and how to care and use them correctly, you have come to the right place. Druzies come from geodes of various sizes that have been cut and/or sliced to show the “stipple” or pointy effect, sometimes on the top of the gem, or other times inside the surfaces of the inner “workings” of a gem that was sliced. Druzies come as rings or necklaces. Larger faced rings can have druzies, rather than the regular flat or beveled stone in the setting. Druzies that are pickle-sliced can appear as pendants for necklaces. Druzies can even appear several times over on a chunky bracelet or necklace. You don't want to overwhelm this piece with other jewelry pieces of significant sizes as you would often want the druzy/ies to appear and be the most significant. You have to take care when cleaning a druzy. The teeth, or texture of a druzy can be delicate, so any rubbing can sometimes take these textured parts off, if it is a softer stone. If it is something that is a firmer stone, you will not have to be so very delicate with it, but you should still take care of it gently. You can use a sonic cleaner for druzies as this is the most recommended way. I would not recommend using a brush on the druzies, as this can abrade the texture.

The Many Styles Of Druzies Druzies come in Many Forms Some druzies are rather just very subtle with a small area of a rough patch indicating that it is a druzy. This type of druzy is what you most want to be the utmost gentle with when cleaning as the rough patch can wear away if you are less than gentle with this kind. There is another druzy called the Geo Druzy. This is because, quite often, they slice the geode and reveal a rough “window” area where the sides of this “window” are textured. This is an often seen druzy for the last short while. You

still have to take gentle care of this druzy, but not as delicately as the previous type of druzy. Druzies are usually delicate and this can also increase if there is a silver or titanium coating that you don't want to scratch or somehow break. Druzies can also be smaller items with a large hole filled with the little texture sides. Sometimes it looks as if you have a little bit of stone showing with a large window. Inside this window is texture along the edges. Sometimes it can also come with a larger stone showing with a small, or even tiny window, if not part of a “very back� of a geode from where it came. Sometimes you can even get a bar shaped druzy that is just a small section cut from a geode. Sometimes these can be substantially larger, so that you can use them as a pendant in a necklace. Druzies come in various sizes and colors, as well as natural colors, so you can find a druzy that fits your taste. The druzies can come in many colors, as well as natural stone colors that are natural and unaltered, but to polish the untextured part of the druzy. Druzies can be dyed many colors so you have to know that they aren't always a natural color. The selection of your druzy, whether colored or natural will depend on your preferences. Additional care for your druzy is to not use it on a keychain or in an everyday situation where impacts can happen. These situations can break the druzy. Sometimes you can repurpose a broken druzy into another jewelry piece or set the broken pieces into a setting or series of settings if you do make your jewelry or know someone that does.

Some druzies are the end of a geode that is cut off and set into a setting in jewelry. You would then be looking at the “back” of a cut geode.

Druzies can be coated with titanium in a certain process when they make the jewelry, so this is also why you would also be suggested to use a sonic cleaner so that you do not damage this type of coating. Silver is another coating that can be used on a druzy. These coatings can last a lifetime if you are careful when cleaning your druzies, should they have this coating. Sometimes, you can buy loose druzies that you can customize by adding a wire wrap to “trap” it into a cage in your custom jewelry. You can check online for this type of thing if you are looking to make your own custom druzy piece. The druzy picture shown above is a situation where you can wind a wire loop or, better still, two of these loops and make another loop with the wire and secure it so that you can hang it on a chain or leather cord, however you would like to style the custom jewelry. If you make settings for custom jewelry, incorporate druzies into your jewelry art.

You can search online to find druzies if you are wanting a druzy that fits your wishes. Surely, by far, there is “something out there�, for you. This is one of those lesser fail situations for finding something that is so just you and yours alone. Druzy jewelry made by hand is a better deal because the druzy piece will often be your very own piece and no one else in the world has one like yours.

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Find out about druzies, the latest rage in jewelry and how to care for them correctly, mostly not known by many. Make your druzy last for a...

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