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SUNIL TOM JOSE Chairman Students’ Council

It is said that ‘Democracy is the art of thinking together independently’. Every FISATian got the chance to think and decide who should represent them in the Students Union Council of FISAT on 25th September 2009. The votes were cast by students electing their respective class representatives. The executive members of the council were elected by the new council forming the Senate. The sixth students’ union council of FISAT took office on 25 th September 2010, presided by principal Dr. P S Sreejith. The staff advisor of the council was Mr. Jyothish K. John (Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department).

Students’ Council Executive Staff Advisor - Jyothish K. John, Asst. Prof. CSE Chairman - Sunil Tom Jose Vice Chairperson - Reshmi Rajan General Secretary - Sandeep B. UUC - Shyam Mohan Kiran Paul Magazine Editor - Ebin Roy Lady Representatives - Delma Momi Anu Augustine The first initiative of the union was to ensure the representation of the best talents in our college at the MGU Youth Festival ‘Aaravam 09’ held in Ernakulam. The FISATians left their golden mark in the festival by securing the highest rank among the professional colleges.

The Union played the major role in conducting the first FISAT All Kerala Inter Collegiate Basketball Tournament. The tournament was a huge success with the best Basketball teams from all over Kerala competing for the ever rolling trophy. Our college team also presented an

both organized by the IEEE student branch. Both of the programs were well received and appreciated. The programs were commented for their quality of conduct and the hospitality of our students.

FBOAES), Dr. K V Sundaresan (Principal), Dr. C Sheela (Vice Principal), Mr. Prakash C Chandy (Chief Administrative Officer) for their support to the activities of the students council.

The union conducted the best Onam celebration ever seen by the college in August with activities including Flower Carpet competition, Chenda Melam, Pulikkali, Tug of war competition etc. This will remain as an unforgettable memory in the hearts of all FISATians.

‘Arangu 09’ was another golden feather in the cap of the council. The program was a massive success and acted as a platform showcasing the talents of the students of all the batches. The two day event was inaugurated by film star Sree Vineeth Sreenivasan. The best performers were chosen to represent the college for the next MGU arts festival.

I express my gratitude to the PTA executive members for their whole hearted support to the students council.

The union proactively supported all the events in college including ‘Gnistra’, the All Kerala Women In Engineering (WIE) FORUM and ‘Nautilus 2K10’, the National level technical festival,

I take this opportunity to thank Mr. P V Mathew (Chairman, Governing FISAT), Mr. V K Prasad (Vice Chairman, Governing Body, FISAT), Mr. E K Rajavarma (Treasurer,

exceptional perfor-mance and was the runners up of the tourna-ment. The Basketball team also secured the title as North Zone Champions during the Mahatma Gandhi University Basketball Tournament.

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The success of the union was only due to the commitment and sheer talent of our students. I take this opportunity to thank all the students for their support and contributions. Let us strive this commitment of our college for quality. I humbly present this report in front of all, thanking everyone once again for all the support and well wishes extended.

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Dr. K S M PANICKER Dean, Planning and Research

Department of Computer Science and Engineering in association with CSIR, DST, Computer Society of India and IEEE has organized 2nd International Conference on ‘Advanced Computing and Communication Technologies for High Performance Applications’ from 7 th till 10th Dec 2010 in the Campus. The theme for the second International Conference was “Advanced Computing and Communication Technologies for High Performance Applications” to mark the ever increasing importance and progress in computational science theory and practice. The aim of the conference was to bring together researchers and scientists to discuss problems and solutions in the area, to identify new issues, and to shape future directions for research, as well as to help industrial users apply various advanced computational technique.

Dr. Ajaykumar IAS, Government Principal Secretary (IT) inaugurated the Conference. Mr. P V Mathew, Chairman, FISAT Governing body presided. Dr. Umesh Bellur, IIT, Mumbai delivered the keynote address. Dr. Gary S H Tan, National University, Singapore, Mr. V K Prasad, Vice-Chairman, FISAT, Mr. E K Rajavarma, Treasurer, FBOAES, Dr. P S Sreejith, former Principal, Dr. C Sheela, Vice Principal, Dr. K S M Panicker, Ms. Mini Ulanat and Mr. J C Prasad spoke on the occasion. Experts on the subjects, Dr. Gary S. H. TAN, NUS, Singapore, Dr. K T Arasu, Wright University, USA, Dr. Lakshmi M, Sathyabhama University, Chennai, Dr. Priya Chandran, NITC, Dr. S D Madhukumar, NITC, Mr. M P Sebastian, IIM, Kozikode, Dr. Poulose Jacob, CUSAT, Dr. Deepu Philips, IIT Kanpur etc. lead the four day Conference.

Mr. V K Prasad, Vice Chairman, FISAT Governing Body inaugurated the valedictory function. Dr. P S Sreejith, Principal, FISAT presided. The awards for best technical papers presented were distributed by Dr. P S Sreejith. The jury headed by Dr. K S M Panicker, Dean, Planning and Research, FISAT selected the best papers from among 50 papers presented in the Conference. Ms.Y S Sneha, Research Scholar, Anna University, Coimbatore won the award for best technical paper presented in the Conference. Her paper “A comparative study of Intrusion Detection System using Data Mining Algorithms” offers a solution to use a good intrusion system (IDS) for internet attack cases. Ms. Sherin Abraham, Amritha Vishva Vidhya Peedom, Coimbatore won the second position for her paper “Literature

Survey-Fault Tolerance in Safety Critical Applications”. A critical part of HPC is a high-bandwidth and low-latency communications protocols. The Centre for High performance computing at FISAT will be a nodal centre for researchers and professionals to get practical experience on in this area of High Performance Computing Programming. Many faculty members, students and researchers work continually to develop various open source software for this project. The Conference has attracted increasingly higher quality and numbers of attendees and papers. Delegates from 25 universities and 50 colleges attended the Conference. Besides excellent keynote speakers, out of the submitted papers to main track and workshops, we have selected some 30% high-quality papers for presentation at the conference and publication. The proceedings have become a major intellectual resource for the computational science researchers and serve to both define and advance the state of the field. These proceedings with ISBN number were released at the inaugural function. This Conference was the second in the series. The First International Conference held in 2008 was a very great successful one which inspired us to hold the second one. In future also we wish to host and conduct International Conferences that allow experts to collaborate on research, policy development,


and public education. Third Conference is scheduled for December 2012. By holding such International Conferences, FISAT wishes to serve as a research institute and knowledge broker. Results and future directions of this Conference. According to National Knowledge Commission of India “Educational institutions should become places where information is always accessible in context, communications can be easily achieved with any corner of the world and intensive collaboration increases the pace of knowledge generation. Many leading MNC’s have R&D labs and development centers in India. Yet these companies choose to conduct their research and development with universities in other countries where these networks exist. This needs to be changed if India is to move up the value chain and become the R&D outsourcing destination. One means of achieving this change is through expansion of Research and Education Networks.” Centre for High Performance Computing of FISAT aims to achieve this particular dreams of National Knowledge Commission of India.

The goal of High performance Computing (HPC project) at FISAT is to deliver super computing performance on a low cost COTS (commodity-off-the-shelf) system. HPC project also aims to hide the complexities of a distributed system behind a clean interface. The HPC project provides software that enables high performance computing on clusters of PCs and workstations. HPC project aims to address the following challenges: Delivering high performance communication to standard, high level APIs. Coordinating scheduling and resource management. Managing heterogeneity. A critical part of HPC is a high-bandwidth and low-latency communications protocols. The Centre for High performance computing at FISAT will be a nodal centre for researchers and professionals to get practical experience on in this area of High Performance Computing Programming. Many faculty members, students and researchers work continually to develop various open source software for this project.

Mr. V. K. Prasad, Vice Chairman, FISAT with Organising Committee Members of Second International Conference in the Valedictory function.


Have you ever wondered why we are born on this earth?Has anyone on this earth benefitted by our very existence? Has any of us even tried doing any good to our own society? Your answer,be it yes or no,would certainly create some relevance in today’s world.But folks,if any one of you can get the spark out of this, therein lies my success.

to places and shopping to our hearts fill.The western culture has actually sunk in our god’s own country and has established itself well enough for youngsters like us to get addicted! We have access to all the luxuries, we have ATM cards to get money any time, we have vehicles to carry us around the whole world. Aren’t we getting too carried away by all this?

I strongly believe that each one of us is here for a purpose. We may or may not carry it out, but that totally depends on an individual’s perspective.We just have to open our eyes and look around us, and we will find,with each passing day, a lot of incidents and happenings, taking place around us, that might give us a broader picture of what life really is. But we always like to escape from all of this and so we keep our eyes closed and ears shut to all the happenings in our own society.

Thousands are dying due to hunger. Hundreds are suffering bad health conditions as they haven’t had hygenic food for a very long time. Do we really care about all this?The answer is NO! because if we did, none of us would waste even a bit of food placed/served before us every single day.

Believe me, we are just going to vanish into thin air sooner or later, and not a single soul would care about it!!! Now let us reflect on ourselves –the so called new generation !! All of us love spending time with our friends and loved ones, enjoy hanging out with them, have loads of fun travelling

Here are some questions for those of you who at least glance through the papers every morning. Are you reading it for entertainment or for some bit of news for you to gossip on? Have you ever felt a fire burning within you,when you come across an unfortunate incident in our society? Few days back, a girl was brutally raped and thrown out of a moving train.She said goodbye to us in two days’ time and there was a lot of commotion and strike soon after that from the public.I felt enlightenend to see people putting in the best of their efforts, so that such a misfortune would never

happen again and also to see that the person (the rapist) get sthe punishment he deserved, as I was rather disturbed by this shocking news. But now the fire has gone out of the lives of all these people. Each one of us have turned back to our busy lives. Does anybody know anything about the girl’s dreams and aspirations about her life? Do we even know about the man who was almost on the verge of getting married to this girl? We are a set of blind people who always lend a deaf ear to problems and mishaps in another’s life. It is so easy to console somebody and convince them that all is for good. But if someone tries the same trick on us, it is then that we would realize it all. We go through the trauma only when the victim is related to us! This is how our emotions play! This is where we’ve gone wrong!There is a small fire burning within all of us. Try adding more fuel to it rather than trying to put it out. You might be a nobody for the whole world, but you could very well be a somebody for someone who has got nobody in this world, with an honest and genuine deed of yours.Do not forget this that,WHAT GOES AROUND SURELY COMES BACK AROUND!!!

PRAKASH C. CHANDY Chief Administrative Officer

Feelings are the gift of god that enhances human well being. Aptly expressed and handled, feelings facilitate problem solving. They preserve life. Feelings make you sensitive to the needs of others. On the contrary inept understanding and handling of feelings create more problems than what it seek to clear. It can be like a sharp knife in the hands of a cook. If efficiently handled it is a best friend to him. If not, it is a perennial tormentor. In short, understanding feelings and effectively handling them would certainly play a major role in an individual’s success and well being. When we speak of feelings a plethora of names come to our mind:- Fear, hurt, tension, happiness, sympathy, anxiety, depression, embaressement, sad, jealousy, guilt, panicky, helplessness etc.

In spite of the many identified feelings, an important view point is that there are only 4 basic feelings and the rest are a combination or elongation of the basic four. They are: Sad, Mad (Anger) Glad (Happiness) Scared (Fear) Tension for example is a combination of fear, anger and sadness; hurt can be that of anger and sadness. ‘Emotion’ is another word alternatively seen used for ‘Feeling’. Infact feelings are experienced emotions. When you experience an emotion it becomes a feeling. However there are differences of opinion about this view point. Feelings help in problem solving They are life preservators. Each feeling has its specific purpose. Take the case of a person who

cannot experience the feeling of fear. He may not mind crossing a road carelessly while vehicles are frequently plying. Feeling of fear engender flight and anger can results in fight. Both of them help to preserve life. Seeing social injustice it is the resultant anger or sadness that prompt us to act and strive for justice. Seeing the plight of fellow beings Mahatma Gandhi felt sad and angry towards the oppressor. Those feelings prompted him to take the plunge for action against the British colonial Power. Feelings are associated with time. An important view is that feelings are associated with time. Dr. George Thomson is an exponent of this thinking. Anger is associated with the present, sadness with the past and fear with that of future. You are standing in a long queue. Somebody try to stand before you violating the norms of a queue. Quite naturally you feel righteous indignation and the feeling associated with it is anger. You express your indignation and ask him to be in the queue in accordance with the prevalent norms. Experiencing and expressing anger immediately in a

socially acceptable manner helped you in problem solving. Had you kept the anger with you and postponed the action, it would have become meaningless. Anger is associated with the present and carrying the anger for long will be harmful. Death of a near one can result in hurt and the resultant sadness if properly expressed can help you to deal with the internal hurt and to alleviate it. Sadness is thus associated with the past. Feeling once we experience, need to be limited to a reasonable time span. For example if you carry on the feeling of sadness in its intensity for long, that will incapacitate you. Instead of helping to solve the problem, the continued experience of the feeling would result in aggravating the problem. Fear is something about, that is to happen in future. If authentic fear is experienced that will help you to face the situation in an objective manner. If something that happened in the long past still keep you under the grip of fear, that is something to be corrected. Problem solver has then turned into a problem creator. Inshort, we can say that each basic feeling has a bearing on the past, present or future and if it is seen experienced totally devoid of the time factor, that is something to be careful about. This does not mean that feelings are to be associated with time like water tight compartments. It can give us an indication, that is all. Happiness however cannot be limited to any time. Feelings which are experienced appropriately, in the

right context and in a reasonable span of time are called Authentic feelings. They promote mental health. If there are Authentic feelings, there are inauthentic feelings too. These inauthentic feelings are called Racket Feelings. Identifying our Racket feelings is important as it helps us to take corrective steps to over come it. Racket Feelings Racket feelings are also called favorite feelings because you experience these negative feelings quite often and at the slightest provocation. It is not that you knowingly like it, but you somehow experience your Racket Feelings again and again. As for example:i) A person who experiences anger over and over is having a Racket Feeling of anger. He experiences it at the slightest provocation. Anger normally associated with the present, this person experiences it at all time. Relationship is seriously affected because of his short temperament. Severity of the feeling is intense even for minor reasons that a Racket Feeling can also be called an exaggerated feeling or a feeling experienced out of context. ii) A house wife experiencing intense anxiety when she notices that her child is a few minutes late, back from the school. If there is further delay she may even go to the extend of imagining tragic ends. The result of this Racket feeling is physical and mental incapacitation.

iii) You might have seen people who pamper sadness, who are very fond of sad songs and music, would like to see sad films. A sad ambience is what they look for. They some how unawarely invite sad events. Racket feeling is also explained as a substitute feeling. A lady reported about an incident that had happened while she was traveling in a bus. A man manipulating the rush in the bus started elbowing her. She could not immediately move from there because of the rush. She later reported that she felt sad when she was elbowed and started crying. Instead of experiencing the Authentic feeling of anger, she experienced another feeling, ie. sadness. This substituted feeling of sadness is a Racket feeling. Once engulfed by the Racket feeling her logical thinking (Adult) did not work and she was incapacitated to take proactive steps. She also explained that she used to feel sad every time she felt threatened or tense. That is why Racket feeling is also called a substituted feeling. All these happen outside our awareness and it is not a conscious act. One may be having more than one Racket feeling. But you will be able to prioritise it. How do Racket feelings develop? Racket feelings and the behavior pattern associated with it develop normally in childhood. Authentic feelings are associated with a new born child. But later in course of time the child start experiencing


Racket feelings replacing/ suppressing Authentic feelings and the behavior associated with that. This is as a part of the survival strategy of the child. If we look into families we can find parents encouraging certain feelings and discouraging some other. As for example a girl child is not encouraged to express her anger, but boys are. Boys are not encouraged to express fear as they are expected to be brave. Prohibited or discouraged feelings if expressed would invite scoldings/ reprimands from parents or elders. Being totally dependent on the parents, the child learns to please them by suppressing Authentic feelings. If an Authentic feeling is suppressed, a substitute feeling would naturally prop up. This substituted feeling is the Racket feeling. In similar situations this person would experience his Racket feeling and not the Authentic. Ian Stewart and Vann Joines, two stalwarts in Transactional Analysis defined Racket Feeling in their book TA Today:- “Racket feeling is a familiar emotion, learned and encouraged in childhood, experienced in many different stress situations, and mal adaptive as an adult means of problem solving”. A detailed study of Racket feeling is given in this book. A man with a Racket feeling of anger, was trying to recollect his child hood. His father, a short tempered man was adept in making use of his anger to get things done in the way he like. The boy had


seen plates flying while the father was dining, displeased with the food. Frightened at the arrogance of his father, his mother would become more compliant and try to please him by all means. The boy learnt one important lesson, to get things done the best way is to show temper tantrums. He copied the same behaviour pattern, tried in similar situations and he found positive results. Mother used to say ‘he is a replica of his father, anger is in his blood’. But now he is not aware as to how it has developed. It is outside his awareness.

In short Racket feeling is not an Authentic feeling. It is explained as a favourite feeling, a feeling experienced out of context, sometimes exaggerated or overintense. We experience it in many problems situations. It is learnt by us in child hood as a means of problems solving, but even as a grown up we resort to the same practice which is illogical in the present context. It incapacitates us from being objective. While Feelings are intended to initiate problem solving, Racket feelings create more problems.

In some families girls are not expected to express anger and the girls in turn start experiencing and exhibiting the permitted feelings in the family. Anger is censored by her. Generally anger is seen substituted by sadness. Sadness is a permitted feeling in her family. She will become expert in expressing her sadness and using it for problem solving. If somebody yells at her or scolds her, this behavior pattern is recalled. She will feel sad (Racket feeling), start crying or go and sit silently in a manner that attracts sympathy. Even the person who scolded her seeing her posture would come and offer solutions out of sympathy. She become an expert in this way of responding to problems.

Shall we need to express feelings once it is experienced?

Here, the person concerned is not using his/her thinking and decision making capacity (Adult ego state) for solution of the problem. This is a manipulative behavior unawarely resorted to by the person and unless identified and consciously changed, it would be the taped response of the person in similar situations. This response to problem will be instant.

It is not desirable to suppress feelings, even if it is a Racket feeling. Feelings if pent up for long can explode, inviting problems of all sorts. Pent up feelings can result in psychosomatic illnesses. But feelings need to be expressed in a healthy and socially acceptable manner. Practice doing it. In therapeutic sessions dance and music therapies are widely used to ventilate suppressed feelings. Praise and worship is a very effective means to express the pent up feelings. Feelings make you different from that of a robot. They add colour, life and luster to our personality. We shall not allow this immensely valuable god given gift to be a curse than a blessing. Understand feelings and learn to handle them in an effective manner. Racket feelings have to be identified and substituted by Authentic feelings. (This article is from a Transactional Analysis point of view. –Transactional Analysis is a branch of Psychology originated by Dr. Eric Berne)


There has been a sea change in the economic and industrial scenario of India over the past few years. The Government’s policy of liberalization has unshackled restrictions and controls on business with the result that there has been a spurt of entrepreneurial activity and a spawning of megaconglomerates. Increasing globalization has perpetuated severe competition and tough battles for market share. For business success, these organizations need talented, qualified managers with a professional approach. They turn to MBAs from premier business schools. A business school opens up the corporate vision to the aspiring students. Promoting an orientation of friendship, cooperation and collaboration even with competitors whenever the opportunity exists to serve the society better is what be focus in FBS. Originality, Exper-

tness and Cognitive Skill Development are the authentication of FBS, with focus on excellence. It strives to groom leaders who are an asset to the society and are able to strike proper balance between business demands and social concerns. We have conducted many Corporate Interaction Programs and have conducted a great national seminar attended by luminaries from the banking and the financial world. A lot of social service ventures have also been conducted by us. Now it’s time to recollect and here are our recollections. The big ticket programme of the year was the National Seminar on “Consolidation of banks in India- Issues and Challenges”.It consisted of two technical sessions. The morning session was like an enclave of Bank CEO’s. At the outset Sri. Ashok Nayar, MD of State Bank of Patiala,

Dr. V.A. Joseph, MD and CEO of South Indian Bank and Sri. S.Balachandran, Chief General Manager, State Bank of Travancore. This session was moderated by Prof. Abdul Aziz, Former Professor Emeritus from the institute of Social and Economic Ahance, Bangalore. The afternoon session was moderated by Dr. K.K. George of the Centre for Socio Economic and Environment Studies and the participants included Sri. M.M. Monayi, MLA and Ex-CEO of EDCC Bank, Sri. Venugopal C Govind, Managing Partner, Varma and Varma, Sri. V.K. Prasad our Vice Chairman and Secretary of AIBOC (Kerala), and Sri. Ajayan Menon, a financial journalist with the Mint newspaper. The participants presented the various pros and cons of the consolidation exercises in the

past and conjectured about the likely ones imminent. To mould useful corporate citizens of tomorrow FBS has taken the initiative to conduct talks by eminent personalities from the corporate world followed by interactive session. The first of these sessions was held with Sri. Vijay Naraian Govind, Partner of the famous Varma and Varma group of Chartered Accountants. FBS also held another interactive session with Sri. Sanju Thomas, head of NRI division, Dhanalaxi Bank as well as Sri. Rajesh Raja, a practising management consultant in the first week of October 2010. Both of them talked about the intricacies and challenges of NRI business done by commercial banks and also spoke at length about the likely job opportunities in the banking sector. Fisat B-School decided to start a certificate course in banking for aspiring final year students of all Fisat disciplines. The function to flag of the program was inaugur-

ated by Sri. P.C. John, Executive Director, Federal Bank. We had our unique way of celebrating Onam where we chose to share the happiness with the students at The Blind School in Aluva. We also had a sumptuous lunch together. FBS has always been a proud member of the local community it belongs to. We organized free heart check up programme in association with Little Flower Hospital, Angamaly. As a part of World Green Building week, Indian Green Building Council, Cochin chapter screened the documentary movie “Inconvenient Truth” at Fisat Business School on 22nd September 2010. The film went to drive home the point that an apocalypse may not be an idle but an imminent probability. The mind – blowing event of the year was Karma 2010. Forum of management students (FMS) organized a two day residential training for the students. The program used a highly interactive pedagogy blending cases, games, role-plays and group activities.

The training also focused on a conscience based approach and includes social responsibility initiative of the students with an objective to produce tomorrow’s socially responsible executive. The highlights of the event was the ‘Entrepreneur’s Talk’, a series wherein social entrepreneur Jithin C. Nedumala, founder of MAD & Dr. P.V. Shihad, CEO of Takashi Walter advertising agency elucidated on the journey they had embarked on since they blazed into the entrepreneurial scene creating dreams fuelled by ambition and extraordinary insights. Award winning short film ‘Kelkkunnudo’ was exhibited during closing ceremony which was presided by Prof. Sebastian Tharakan (IIM). FBS has a vision to be centre for excellence in management education, a multidisciplinary business school that produces the global business leaders of tomorrow. The excellent industry interaction and the state – of – art training FBS imparts reflect the large treads FBS has taken in the journey to achieving this vision.


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I can feel the way back home Under these clouds, under this orange skyI can feel memories calling back The way to far off land left some where It was the way to my dear home When the brief twilight gave way To the dark but moon light When the birds bid good bye, chirping back The trees where all garnish black With purple and jasmine flowers of day Little cottages with white wood gates Pine and maple trees lining the way The same old road I came back home Sparing hours to play with friends Traversing back the way from shop Holding close my father’s hands The same old road I left for school And screamed back home the very first day The long brown road we cycled back Catching fish from near by pond The way through which I held near The hands close heart of my loved one he same old way I lost behind Losing there myself too.


Piracy, commonly regarded as the ultimate boon to the masses and poor, the wicked curse to the software developers and film makers, and the most neglected jargon term often termed as a joke. When is the last time have you paid a few thousand bucks for a genuine operating system or a professional software? Have you ever thought about the cost of tons of mp3’s freely available on the Internet? Its no wonder, if these questions doesn’t invoke any emotional outrage. Its because we are so in depths of “Piracy is good” perception. What is this so called “Piracy’? It’s so simple, as opposed to what wikipedia elaborately says or what google shows you. Piracy, is basically, copying without permission, sharing without rights, or making priced products free. So practically speaking, the mp3’s downloaded for free from the Internet, numerous films you copy from your friend, the windows Vista/Xp CD with CD key written on

top, the Adobe Photoshop with serial key generator are all piracy, if you agree or not piracy doesn’t limit to tiny category of films, softwares and music. Yet these 3 category forms about 80% of piracy.

ware companies each year. Each year many game studios get shutdown, many film producers get bankrupt, many employees get lay off. From the developers and publisher’s point of view piracy is still a threat.

So why are we not bothered, being unresistive and supportive towards piracy ? Its too cheap or absolutely free, easily accessible. Nil authentification difficulties and most of all they are indifferrent from their genuine counterparts.

So what are the possible solutions? Goverment can enforce tight laws regarding piracy, which may result in more piracy or conduct awareness programs regarding piracy along with a considerable price reduction decision by software and film companies. I think latter seems far too considerable as an optimal solution. Simply put just think about the employees sent out from the companies. Think about the terrorist organisations who are making weapons from the profit of piracy. Finally think about yourselves, working day and night, making a brilliant software, waiting to get piratized as soon as it hits the market.

"Why waste money, if something is available for free?'', people say. This common reply is based on the perception that genuines are highly overpriced, inhumanly exploiting people. To an extent, I can agree genuines are slightly overpriced. If you make 10 dvds, and you are sure that only 3 dvds will sell, you will likely to sell dvd’s on thrice the initial price. Most of arguments says, the software giants are making million billions. They don’t look at the number of lay-offs from the soft-


Do you step out of your house without mobile phone? No, impossible. That shows the pace of technology growth. Technology has played a key role in progress, over the centuries. The Romans ruled the world because they knew how to build the roads better than others; The British ruled the world via the sea waves because they knew how to build better ships. After that, technology advances have spread globally and democratically. The 19th century was about steam technology and railways connecting people and transporting much needed commodities and food between providencess. The 20th century was about electricity network as electricity made everything possible from hot food on cold night to communication an enertainment.

The 21 st century will be about broad band and power it can be unlock in every part of the creation chain. The ubiquitious mobile phone has become an intergral part of our daily lives; companies across the board have recoganized this trend and have taken to advertize mobile in a bigway. Mobile application development plays an important sole in marketing a phone into smart phone Ten years back people used to walk to the internet centers to send e-mail, capturing photos or anyother takes. But, todays world has changed. You can send/check e-mails, instant messages, make a call, browse, attend virtual traning, E-learning, mapping navigation in

a single clicks from your mobiles. The technology expanded its frontiers to be extend never thought woud be possible. In future there will be a technologic world which equipped with a fine sense of aesthetics. Some important technologies are; 1. The Explosion of Smartphones A smartphone is a mobilephone that offers more advaced computing ability and connectivity then a contemporary feature phone. Smartphones and featurephones may be thought of as handheld computers integrated with a mobile telephone, but while most feature phones are able to run on platforms such as Java

ME a smartphone usually allows the user to install and runmore advanced applications Phones are getting smarter with larger screens, more processing power, superior consumer experiences, better camera and video capablities. This smartphone explosion will help grow internet usage in India and will also lead to growth in social networking. For the record smartphones are expected to outshell traditional phone in future. 2. The Application boom This is linked to the smartphone trend. Mobile application development has gained a lot of importance recently and demand in the market has grown like fire in the jungle. Mobile software solution has proved very useful in today’s modern era as it could prove to be good omen for your business as there are great opportunities for creating,expanding and sustaining bussiness by creating to these demands. One can be in touch with their mobile phone. Mobile software solutions not only help in our business but it is also a source of entertainment as it has applications like facebook, Music Library, Radio, GPS and the list is too vast. Now the capabilities of these smart phones have been taken to the next level and thus the users can expect better and more robust mobiles applications develop-

coversations GSM, PCS, DAMPS are main development technics used in phones Laptops,e books, tablets etc. will benfit if they ride this tread. Top-end multifunction devices such as the pads could stimulate growth and effective substitute for laptops. Consumption of media and entertainment will go up. The concept of being connected any where will be big in all top-end devices. In hindsight, wireless innovation is something the laptop industry will lament missing may be five years ago ment and get applications to perform more complex functioning in even in even better manner. A smart phone will signal your personality while apps will help you manage life, from news to click to meetings, to travel to banking, to recreation. Applications will be creative and hyper local. They will be impulsive and also productive. Indian software industry will move up to the value chain if they embrace the creation of apps. This industry will move up the value chain if they embrace the creation of apps. This industry has the power to be global power house this decade. 3. Wireless in all top-end devices Wireless will be a default option in all top-end devices because we will have wireless hot spots everywhere. With the development of smartphones, cellular telephone networks routinely carry data in addition to telephone

4. Unique Identification Number (UID) Unique Identification numbers (UID) is recently finalized initiative by Government of India to create and manage a centralized identification system for all the adult citizens and the residents of India which can be utilised for a variety of identification pupose. The digital identity of every Indian will start in 2011. This will be a major force world wide as it will be copied by many other countries over the next decades. Who knows we might even have a global ID, one day just like our unique telephone numbers. UID will give a villager immense emotional satisfaction because he/she will be counted and known as citizen of Indian. The real power of ID is in it’s ability to provide case of identification establishment to Indian citizens when accessing a variety of governmental and private sector services.

5. Cloud Computing You may have picked up a magozine and saw referance to “cloud computing” and wondered just what that meant. Try to think of it as an demand computing that allows you get information or be provide a service when you need it. Just imagine have accers to just about everything you need, whenever you need, and from anywhere you are this precisely what it means. India is argued to have about 30 million non farm enterprises which possibly can’t afford the cost

of IT to these enterprise cloud computing will come as on abalute boon as it will allow them to pay per use very much like utility service. It will allow enterprise to access elastic capacity,the ability to scale up and scale down capacity low cost of technology and low cost of labours. This can be unique and sustaining in future. Accessibility is one of top features that it boasts. Indications lead one to belive that they would be accessing key systems whether they are using a computer,phone or someother type of mobile devices.

Speed would be substantially increased as well eleminating those painfully slow loading times for large applications that eat up your local computer resources. You can see cloud computing is revolutionizing the way will and use the internet in future. It’s hard to imagine that the world wide web is about to open up to whole new level. It really does seem like the possibilities are endless.


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Green computing is the practice of using computing resources efficiently. In the article Harnessing Green IT; Principles and Practices, San Murugesan defines the field of green computing as "the study and practice of designing, manufacturing using and disposing of computers, servers, and associated subsystems - such as monitors printers storage devices and networking and communications systems - efficiently and effectively with minimal ao no impact on the environment. "The goals are to reduce the use of hazardous materials, maximize energy efficiency during the product’s lifetime, and promote recycl- ability or biodegradability of defunct products and factory waste. Green computing is the environmentally responsible use of

computers and related resources. Such practice include the implementation of energy - efficient central proccessing units, servers, peripherals as well as reduced resource consumption and proper disposal of electronic waste. One of the earliest initiatives toward green computing in the United States was the voluntary labeling program known as Energy Star. It was conceived by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1992 to promote efficiency in hardware of all kinds. The energy star label became a common sight especially in laptops and displays. Similar programs have been adopted in Europe an Asia. As 21st century belongs to computers, gizmos and electronic items, energy issues will get a serious ring in the coming days as the public debate on carbon emissions, global warning and and elimate

change gets hotter. If is estimated that out of 5250 million per year spent on powering computers worldwide only about 15% of that power is spent computing the rest is wasted idling. Thus energy saved on computer hardware and computing will equate tones of carbon emissions saved per year.Taking into consideration the popular use of information technology industry, it has to lead a revolation of sorts by turning green in a manner no industry has ever done before. Opportunities lie in green technology like never before in history and organizations are seeing it as a way to create new profit centers while trying to help the environmental cause. As computers play an everlarger role in our lives, energy demands, costs and waste are escalating dramatically, Consider the following from the Climate Sav-

ers Computing Intiative;

left on for more than three minutes.

In a typical desktop computer, nearly half the power coming out of the wall is wasted and never reaches the processor, memory, disks or other components.

3. Screen savers save energy

The added heat from inefficient computers can increase the demand on air conditioners and cooling systems, making your computing equipment even more expensive to run.

This is a common misconception. Screen savers were originally designed to help prolong the life of monochrome monitors. Those monitors are now technologically obsolite. Screen savers save energy only if they actually turn off the screen or, with laptops, turn off the backlight.

Even though most of to day’s desktop computers are capable of automatically transitioning to a sleep or hibernmate state when inactive about 90 percent of systems hsve this function disabled. Some 25 percent of the electricity used to power home electronics - computers, DVD players, stereos, TVs - is consumed while the products are tuened off. Four Costly Computer Myths 1. You should never turn off your computer Your computer is designed to handle 40,000 on/off cycles. If you are an average user, that’s significantly more cycles than you will initiate in the computer’s five - two seven - year life. When your turn computer off, you not only reduce energy use, you also lower heat stress and wear on the system. 2. Turning your computer off and then back on uses more energy than leaving it on. The surge of power used by a CPU to boot up is far less than energy your computer uses when

4. Network connections are lost when computers go into low power / sleep mode Never computers are designed to sleep networks without loss of date or connection. CPus with wake on LAN (WOL) technology can be left in sleep mode overnight to wake up and receive data packets sent to the unit.

means up to 500 trees are needed to offset the annual emission of one computer left on all the time. 3.

If each household in a region the size of the metro. Boston area turned off its computer for just one additional hour per day. it would save $ 3.2 million in electricity costs and prevent 19,000 tons of CO2 from heating the atmosphere.


Electricity production is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, ahead of transportation.

Save the Planet, Save Your Equipment, Save Money 1

Turn off your compuetr at night so it runs only eight hours a day-you will reduce your energy use by 810KWh per year and net a 67 percent annual savings.


Plug your computer into a surge protector with a master control outlet, which automatically sences when the computer is not in use and cuts power to it and all your peripherals.


3 Purchase flat- screen monitors -they use significantly less energy and are not as hard on your eyes as CRTs.


Purchase an energy Star complaint computer. Note that laptop models use much less energy than desktop units.

Did you know.... 1.


An avarage desktop computer requires 85 watts just to idle, even with the monitor off. If that computer were in use or idling for only 40 hours a week instead of a full 168 over 540 in energy costs would be saved annually. One computer left on 24 hours a day costs you between 5115 and 5160 in electricity costs annually while dumping 1,500 pounds of CO2 each year. That

5. Plan your computer - related activities so you can do them all at once, keeping the computer off at other times. 6.

Consider a smaller monitor a 14 inch display uses 40 precent less energy than a 17 inch one.


Enable the standby/ sleep mode and power management settings on your computer.



consumes more power. 16. Reduce the light level in your room when you are working on your computer.


17. Network and share printers where possible.

Each year 130 million cell phones are retired.


According to the EPA, we generated 2.6 million tons of ewaste in the U.S. in 2005, or 1.4 percent of total discards. Of this amount only 12.6% was recycled.


About 68 percent of consumers stockpile used or unwanted computer equipment in their homes

18. Print on recycled content paper. Look for non - chlorine bleached papers with 50 to 100 percent post-consumer waste. 19. Use double -sided printing functions.

Forgo the screen it doesn’t save energy or your screen unless you’re using an old monochrome monitor

20. E-mail communications as an alternative to paper memos and fax documents

Review document drafts and e-mails onscreen instead of printing them out.

A recent study by the EPA shows that electronics make up approximately. 1 precent of the municipal solid waste stream. Research completed in Europe show that electronics waste is growing at three times the rate of other municipal waste. Clearly, an essential part of green computing includes proper disposal of components that you no longer use.

Recycling E-Waste

10 Power off your monitor when you are not using it instead of using screen savers. 11. Consider using an ink-jet printer- although a bit slower than laser printers, inkjets use 80 to 90 percent less energy. 12. buy vegetable or non petroleum-based inks - they are made from renewable resources, require fewer hazardous solvents, and often produce brighter, cleaner colors.

How Much E-Waste Is Out There? 1.

13. Turn off all printers and peripherals unless you are using them. 14. Do not leave the computer running overnight or on weekends 15. Choose dark backgrounds for your screen diplay - bright colored display

133,000 personal computers are discarded by U.S. homes and businesses each day.


In a 2006 report the Intenational Association of Electronics Recyclers projects that with the current growth and obsolescence rates of the various categories of consumer electronics, approximately 3 billion units will be scrapped during the rest of this decade, or an average of 400 million units a year. Gartner has estimated that

Reuse and Recycle: If your old computer is less than five years old, chances are someone else can put it to good use. Donating electronics for resuse extends the life of valuable products and keeps them out of the waste management system. Remember that functional, complete system, including monitor, wiring, printer and software licenses, is preferable to a non-working, incomplete setup. Chances are your recipient may not have the resources or expertise to make good use of a single component. here are three organizations that can provide information on donating your computer , Good will Industries: Many Goodwills accept computer donations to help individuals with disabilities and other disadvantages upgrades their job skills and enter the workforce. Materials Exchange: Many materials exchanges accept electronics. You’ll find a

state-by state listing at this site. exchst-at.htm

of huosehold hazardous waste services, or if there is a recycling drop off center in your area. Also, check with TV repair shops charitable organization, an electronics reclcling company, or even local electronics retailers- they may be your best option for recycling organization in your area, visit the website: EIA Consumer education (CRI): This site will help you find environmentally responsible options for donating and recycling electronics in your community.

Reuse Development Organization (ReDO): ReDO is a nonprofit organization that promotes reuse of discarded and surplus materials, including electronics. If your computer cannot be reused recyling it is your next waste management option. Recycling electronics avoids pollution and the need to extract valuable and limited virginre souces. It also reduces the energy used in new product manufacturing. Contact your city or town to see if it offers compueter and electroinics collections as part

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One of the common topics at our homes, especially during dinner, nowadays is "inflation'' . A fancy terminology that is flashed on the front page of all our newspapers at least once a week. Though we don’t really get the demand pull and cost push situation described by the intellectually superior human beings whom we have entrusted with the duty of making food and other articles at cheaper prices to us, we know for certain that things are getting costlier. I really pity these people who have to answer everyone on why the price of onion touched Rs. 80 or why toor dal does cost Rs.120 per kilogram.

In this article, please don’t expect me to pull a rabbit out of a hat. I am certainly not an expert on economics and I can’t give you more on the factors of inflation. First of all this article may not be even optimistic. In earlier days, say some 15 to 20 years back , we had in our rural households this concept of self sufficiency, where people produced enough for their own consumption. They had paddy fields and also used to grow some vegetables in their backyard. The sale of vegetables was then their main source of income and sustenance. Usually these households would have a dairy animal like a cow, buffalo or goat and also some hens for eggs.

But over the period of time, people have come to the notion that they earn money and let someone else toil on land and in rearing cattle and they better be comfortable and pay for their services. This has destroyes the concept of self sufficiency and made the "household economics'' more dependent. Another important factor to be kept in mind is that most, of the farmer parents don’t encourage their kids to be farmers. They want to teach their kids "easier ways'' of earning money. Agriculture is not even encouraged as a hobby. Of course it can be done just like gardening. So the kid very easily slips in to his comfort doing easier things. We people proudly talk about MBA’s,

engineers, doctors etc, but we still don’t have enough respect for a man who toils in mud to produce the food we eat. We even teach our students in school that the backwardness of our economy can be attributed to the fact that it is primarily an agrarian economy. We arttibute the cause of poverty in our rural areas to agriculture. In my option, we collectively have failed to make our farmers rich and encourage them to keep up the good work. More importantly, we have failed to develop a new generation of farmers who will produce food for us in the future.This is the reason why there is an acute shortage of manpower in rural areas when it comes to any sort of agricutural work. Further, how many times have we seen agricultural land and

natural resources being acquired and destroyed in the name of development? I think if we show enough courage to be a bit more self-sufficient like in earlier days, it will help our pockets a bit more green during days of burning food prices. This many not be a feasible solution for those who live in cities as they may not have enough land to grow anything. For they should check out this website:www.leverduredelmioor to it. The title of the website means. The Vegetables from my garden” it lets anyone build an organic garden right from their web browser. How it works? Users first select a garden size based on the number of people they’d like to

feed; 30m2 is sufficient for 1-2 people and costs EUR 850 per year. The virtual gardener can then choose from 40 different types of vegetables, using a highly intutive interface that includes informations on expected yields and fruit beds (EUR 50/75), and even a scarecrow with a picture of the customer’s own face (EUR 39). Once the garden has been designed and fees paid planting begins on the farm. which is located between Milan and Turin in northern Italy. As organic produce grows, it is picked and delivered to the customer’s door within 24 hours. Weekly deliveries are part of the package. Any takers for this idea???

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"Love is the only thing worth living for and the only thing worth dying for'' This is a famous quote which is entirely true. It is a divine human feeling or an emotion that cannot be defined fully by any human language. It is beyond words to describe. In fact love is what motives us to live. Imagine a world without love, mercy, forbearance, kindness etc. among creatures. love sustains us all. It is priceless. It is something which no money can buy. Blessed are those creations of god that are in love and are loved by their fellow beings. To be loved is to feel the sunshine from both sides. It warms our hearts even during the dreary winder. It is the stamp of god implanted in every heart. It melts the wildest of hearts. If a person scruntinises the whole universe, he can find out that it is made of

love. It is ubiquitous. It is found everywhere. It might vary because love has its different forms like mercy, kindness etc. Love between a teacher and a student is different from the love that bonds a mother and a child. The love of a mother for her child is divine. Love that no being can feel for another. It is the language between a mother and a child which can be easily understood by the child . A great person said “God could not be everywhere so he created mothers”. Yes indeed, she is the angel of god. She is the only person one has in this world who loves one selflessly without expecting to get back something. Mercy and kindness are the languages which the blind can see and the deaf can hear. A kind word when spoken to others can sometimes shower hope and light upon their lives. The mother of silence ‘Mother Theresa’

once said ” A kind word might be short and easy to speak, but its echoes are truely endless’’ Even a smile can be a symbol of mercy and kindness . Love for others should be innocent in order to get its complete satisfaction often our love tends to be selfish It is a wonder if there is no ulterior motive for our love. Probably that is why when others fail to love us, we also stop loving them. But if our love for others is truely selfless we would continue loving them even if they don’t love us in return for some reason. If we count our costs in loving others we will fail in our love. However if we love without counting the costs, we find ourselves in pure love. Selfless love is divine.True love is eternal. Let us pray that we may be the recipients of god’s love and mercy. Let love flourish in our heats forever.


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K. Rajmohan Nair Dept. of EEE

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A stage so well set with so many talented actors dancing to the tune of some wild spirit acting the prodigy out of them Plethora of actions and saying may however seem amusing Yet the action continues Even with no audience to cheer The tiny toddler to the bold baldy all on the same stage acting their own well designed roles none can stop their job though till he smiles his last Nothing matters, nobody cares One thing alone The machine has to go on with the hands of the clock Time is the eternal God here and nothing seems to alter the course People may fall down they may be trodden upon They migt even be crushed to death yet nobody notices for the only thing is the play must go on.... Ticks of the clock are these heart’s beat faces may change for good or worse Voices become deep and eyes sharper Conflict of emotions may knife many hearts laughter changes to sadness and Hatred may pave way for kindness The actor might know nothing about the plot Yet he continues to act for the drama must go on


We humans often wonder at the exciting speed at which life is going. At this point , where man has harnessed all the forces of nature and the elements to his advantage and benefit, I would like to take you centuries backwards in order to have an understanding of how we humans have evolved with the passage of time. We all know that man was a food gatherer to begin with then a hunter, a herdsman and a farmer in turn. From a wandering nomad he became a village and then a townsman for centuries, man had to fight against his problems to reach the modern civilized stage, man believed in himself and had the self-confidence to improve his life. His capacity to think act and acheive gave him confidence.Life is a constant struggle. Each one of us must

prepare well in time for the struggle. As the title suggests, life is actually a journey. We cover a part of it everyday. It is full of problems, responsibilities and of course even fun. It would be wise to remember at every point of life that God helps those who help themselves. An iron - will is also a necessary quality for the life’s journey. Whatever things you undertake in this journey, you are bound to come across some obstacles and difficulties. These obstacles should never ever discourage you and force you to leave the task undone. Don’t forget that all great achievers have realised their goals with constant struggle. A person who possesses self - confidence, an iron will, power health and diligence can move for-

ward at a steady pace in life. A person who remains active and moving is sure to achieve his or her goal in life. It is essential to accept life as a challenge and move upward with utmost enthusiasm. Above everything the strange fact about this journey is that ‘WHATEVER HAPPENS, THIS JOURNEY MUST GO ON >>> RATHER >>WILL GO ON’ So make the most of every moment and strive forward In short, ‘LOVE YOUR LIFE’


Intelligence, accuracy and productivity play important role in self development as well as organizational development. In addition to these, skillful and effective communication also plays a vital role. We have to follow certain rules and etiquettes while communicating in formal ways or style. 1.

Be careful not to trample on other person’s ego.


Be polite and courteous.


Don’t be aggressive or submissive.


Give people respect that they expect from you.


Be assertive, flexible and tactful.


Acknowledge that people have their own priorities.


Be open and fair while communicating.


Keep in your mind experience of previous interactions with a person while speaking.


Be alert to the responses, body language of other person.


Don’t find fault with people all the time, because it puts them off.


Good communication is possible when you feel good about yourself.


Don’t let yourself feel inferior because then you begin to sound and look inferior.


Learn to feel positive about yourself


Positive response from you increases the chance of positive response.


Carry on an inner conversation with yourself. Encourage yourself, tell yourself how good you are at it.


The most important requisite for good communication is to plan and prepare.


Think through exactly what you want to say and its structures.


Organize your thoughts before speaking.


Always aim to communicate in a sequence which is logical from listeners’ viewpoint.


Make conscious efforts to learn and practice how to communicate well.


One must primarily aim to be understood properly.


Stick to simple words, unambiguous words, phrases and expressions.


Use short sentences, not long winded remarks.


Try to be coherent and fluent.


Don’t speak in haphazard manner with jerks and sudden jumps.


Speak at a steady pace in an expressive voice.


Don’t speak in wooden, flat, expressionless tone.


Don’t mumble or talk so slowly or loudly.


Try to make it easy for people to listen and follow what you are saying.


Listening actively and genuinely is important for communication.


Listen with an open mind.


Don’t jump to conclusions without trying to examine, if it was true.


Don’t try and anticipate what the other person will say.


Don’t listen selectively.


Incase of any doubt, ask the speaker to explain further.


Seek specific clarification without losing composure.


Never be hasty in attributing negative motives to other person.


Even if negative feelings arise in your mind, try and control your first reaction.


Acknowledge the other person’s view point and accept it, if it is valid


Don’t be cryptic or complacent or telegraphic.


Give a clear idea of what exactly needs to be done.


Specify main objective of task and how it needs to be done.


Clarify the time frame involved and precise results expected.


Be clear having no scope of error.


Check back with other person whether they understood everything.


Never underestimate the need for giving proper instructions.


Remember quality of instructions can be the decisive factor affecting result.


Don’t be vague, terre and abrupt.


Always communicate constructively.


Try to be brief and to the point. Don’t ramble on and on or be talkative.



As I look back through the windows, There were moments, both highs & lows many reasons to drive me forward Just as instinct to yurn backward The memories, they make me complete Yet there illumoris in a fleet Handfull of worthless dollers & cents Millions of memories in priceless records Wake up every morning, remembering Memories that keep me wondering My fragile hopes always shattered broken peices make the memories I claspered this life we live by dreaming gain But memories I dream of living again Precious moments gets washed away time walks on relentelessly stray reaching back for memories out of reach Like the seting sun from the beach As the sunny day bid it’s good bye Only the orange rays of memory lit the sky

Neenu Gopal S6 EIE

\nem-hns‚ Xqh¬]p-X-∏n-\p-≈n¬ \nim-K‘n h∂p hncn™p sas√, Ipfn-cp∂ au\-hpw, Dcp-Ip∂ s\©p-ambv Ah-sfmcp A]vk-c-kmbn \n∂p! amZI°m‰n¬ hnd-®n-cp-∂p, Ahƒ ]pe¿a-™p-t∏mse DcpIn \n∂p. ae¿amk a©-en¬ \nem-hn-s\m-∏-a-hƒ a[p-hn[p \mfn¬ \nd™p \n∂p Ah-fpsS \b-\-ß-f-kv{X-ß-fmbv a[p-amk N{µs\ t\m°n-\n¬s°, ]Xpßn∏Xp-ßpam N{µ-t\m-S-h-fpsS AW-bmØ au\w hnfßn h∂p Bh-Wn-amk°m-‰n-\m-e-h-fpsS Btcm-a¬t®e De-™n-cp∂p angn-bn-emZrjvSnbpw samgn-bnemau\hpw \nem-hns‚ Iøn¬ Xf¿∂n-cp∂p a[p-amkN{µs‚ am\-k-°-´n-en¬ a[p-csam-tcm¿Ω-bmbv amdo-Sp∂p.


t]\bpw t]∏dpw FSpØv sh®v Hcp-]mSv t\cw Btem-Nn-®p. Hcp A£-cw-t]mepw Fgp-Xm-\n-√. shdpsX InS- ° p∂ IS- e mkp Ij- W - s Ø- t ]mepw shdpsX hnSm-Xn-cp∂ Rm≥ Xs∂-bmtWm CXv...? Fs‚ A£-c-°q-´-߃ Ddßm≥ XpS-ßn-bn´v HØncn \mfpI-fm-bn. as‰mcp Xc-Øn¬ ]d™m¬ Ahsb Rm\p-d°n InSØn-bn´v Hcp-]mSv \mfm-bn. Hcn-°¬ Xocp-am-\n-®X - m-Wv, kz]v\-ßsf Fgp-Xnbp-≠m-°p∂ Fs‚

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]e- t ∏mgpw ]q¿Ønbm °m≥ Ign-bmØ Fs‚ i]-Y-ßfn¬ H∂p-Iq-Sn... Fs‚ A£-c߃ ]p\¿÷-\n-°p-∂p. \ΩpsS ^nkm- ‰ nse c≠mw \ne- b n¬ Iºyq- ´ ¿ kb≥kv Un∏m¿´psa‚ns‚ ASpØv ¢m p-ap-dn-bn¬ aq∂mw s_©n-en-cp∂v UkvIn¬ Xe- s h- ® v InS- ° p- t ºm- g mWv tImtfPv amK-kn-\n-te°v th≠n Fs¥-¶nepw Fgp-XW - a - s√m F∂v Btem-Nn-°p-∂X - v. UkvIns‚ XSnbn-eqsS sNhn-bn-tebv°nc®p Ibdp∂ tImem- l - e - ß ƒ... h√t∏mgpw am{Xw hoWp-In-´p∂ tem´dn- b mWv Hcp {^o]ncoUv.

icnbv°pw tZjyw h∂p. F¥m Ch¿°n-{X-am{Xw kwkm-cn-°m≥... Cu _l-f-Øn-\n-S-bn¬ Fßns\ a\- ns\sbm∂p kzX-{¥-am-°pw. H∂pw Fgp-Xm≥ ]‰n√. Aßns\ Hcp-]m-Sp-t\cw Btem-Nn-®p. H®-bp≠m-°p∂ Iq´p-Imsc a\- n¬ NoØ-hn-fn-®p. At∏m-gmWv tXm∂nb-Xv. Cu H®-]m-Sp-Iƒ°v Ft∂msSt¥m ]d- b m- \ p- ≠ v . .. Fs∂ Fs¥m-s°tbm Hm¿Ωn∏n°m\p≠v . Aßs\ sas√- s as√ B _l-f-ßsf CjvS-s∏´p XpS-ßn. Fs‚bpw Cu ¢m n¬ Ccnbv°p∂ F√m-hc - p-tSbpw kph¿Æ Ime-L-´-amWv IS-∂p-t]m-Ip-∂-Xv. tI´p- s Im- ≠ n- c n- ° p∂ i_vZtImem- l - e - ß ƒ B kph¿Æ Ime- Ø ns‚ Bc- h - ß - f m- W v. s]s´- ∂ mWv Fs‚ ImXns‚ Ub{^w XI¿Øp- s Im≠v B i_vZw tI´-Xv.

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The most selfish one letter - I Avoid it The most satisfactory two letter - we Use it. The most poisonous three letters - Ego Kill it The most used four letters - Love Value it. The most pleasing five letters - Smile Keep it. The fastest spreading Six letters - Rumour Ignore it. The hardworking seven letters - Success. Acheive it. The most enviable eight letters - Jealousy Distance it. The most essential Nine letter - Principle Have it. The most divine ten letters - Friendship Maintain it.


Story of my life I am in a shore Hoping for a chance Searching for a smile Watching for the trials But... It is no use It is a fate That you will lose You can’t see this anymore If you feel the gap See the map Quite simple Your eyes will .. hope you are in the brink Your mind will blush When you have a crush Time ticks away Its time to kick a goal Because you have a soul Keep sailing You will have rain to cheer You will have a smile to swear Cheer on until You had mode a right choice


‘Twas with brimming hopes and dreamsThat I put forth my stepsTo those four seasons full of colour! And it was with such great pain That I woke up from my fairy world, To see the world around pale; Drained of all its charm! Even my pen could slideOnly through words of pain; And the blank notesWere blotted only with those suffocating emotions! The first season was all strange, But the second home slowly turned to heaven, Though the eager awaiting for home remained! It started getting dearer, As I passed two seasons; In this world which I dreamt of, My whole life!. Fascinations and emotions unfamiliar, Also did their parts well in the play, The world of fantasy slowly blurredAs faces vanished , As fast as they had took their entry! It was then that the techy worldFound its way through the fingertips. I poured my heart and soul,

And the pals I gotBecame too close, As close to my heart as my siblings! They’ve loved me, cared for me; The way I wanted them to. They’ve never let a tear spill, Have led me so close, Held me tight in their arms. Right from the time I open my eyesThey’ve been with me each moment, have been a part of me; have made my world, Brought back the colours I’ve dreamed of ! And now, as days pass, As time draws closer to the time we partThe harder I try to go far, The nearer they come. Even those who’ve gone awayHave come back with love and affection, Never expressed before! Now, as I think of that final dayRegrets will never have a place in my heart, But I never know how I could take it, Don’t know how I would say a ‘Bye’, Because I love them with all my heart and soul, I am too “addicted to friends”!.


In the present day hustles and tusles the only time the modern human gets the relax is the cinemas. Cinema has been a part and parcel of our lives ever since media recording became a reality. First it started out with video footage with nor sound. Its growth war stow in the beginning. And the growth became noticable by the mid 20th century. But it was only a matter of time the cinema industry grew exponentially. Now we look at monier like“Avatar” that need a budget of 1500 core phenominal growth has

been made in animation an a technical detailing. The movies are heavy a very story influence on our ambition, hopes and even our day to day life style. ‘India’ is the centre for the most movies produced per year. It has become a big boost for our economy...Many people shot to fame through the Indian Movie centre other wise known as Hollywood. The advantages at this point seems to look ones overwhelming. However that not the case. The financial success rate of Indian movies are at an all time low. Many production unit have closed out. Movies have lost

the creadiblity. Among the viewer. The viewer are often left with diasppoinment What is wrong with our movie??? Is it the lack of good foundation? Is it the lack of technological experties?. Many question like this may arise in your mind. Some of your interpretation may be right, it may even be wrong. The fact is, it is not the minor detailing that one industry should be worrying about. It is back bone, “the core foundation for a movie -

The Script The script can be the most effective look or the most destruction factor of a movie. It is on this foundation that the entire movie stands, irrespective of the budget, irrespective of the star involved in the cast. Lets take the example of the moview ”TITANIC”. From the beginning we know the ship is eventually gonna sink. But the added spark of the love story and beautiful portrayal of their emotion made the movie classic.

Reflecting the thought on the Indian we can understand that shortage of good stories has mislead us to believe that improvise replica of the script of a hit movie mould provide us with the same financial success. This concept curbed our instrict to look for new and different scripts. From my perspective. I feel that a script should be a combination of writers experience, emotion, and imagination..... It should not be written with the perspective to highlights the star nor should it be written

with a motive of only financial gain. But all is not lost, with the recognition given to A.R. Rahman and Rasul Pookutty and improved understanding of cinema lover, now with the entry of new blood into Indian cinema we could hope for a better FUTURE.


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{....A peek into the thoughts and emotions of a young new mother, as she watches her own mother humming a soft tune, to lull her two month old baby daughter into sweet sleep...} As a kid, I remember once asking my mother, “Why do you love me so much, Mamma”? Laying on her lap, as she hummed a slow tune trying to lull me into my kingdom of dreams. She paused for a second, now looking straight into my sleepy eyes, and I could see a glint of surprise and amusement in hers. Stroking through

my curls, she smiled slightly and said. “Because you, my child, are a miracle I nurtured by myself”... I frouned slightly at the answer, as neither did I understand the meaning or depth of these words, nor did I get why her eyes glistened with small tears, even though her lips still smiled at me. As I pondered over her words, she resumed stroking my hair, as sleep took me over to my own land of dreams and fantasies. ******* Now, twenty years later, as I watch my own little miracle smiling slightly in her beauty

sleep, the echo of those words still ring in my ears, and thousand emotions fill my mind as I realize the meaning and depth of them. An avalanch of gratitude and affection rush into my heart as I remember how my mother fought through the complexities of her own life, to nurture mine. The way she would call me by my petname making me jump out of my secret hiding place and run into her lap, forgetting everything about my plans of hiding from her to escape the morning special glass of milk. The way she would distract me with various tales of talking animals and birds of some distant jungle, so that I

would finish my lunch without sulking. The different stories she would tell about the princes and princesses and fairies of far off lands, making my nights colourful with dreams and fantasies. The way she would tie my stubborn curls into neat plaits as I struggled to have my breakfast, before the school van came to pick me; the way she would run after me as I forgot my tiffin and umberlla. The way she would patiently listen to all my blabbering about the day at school, the way she would sit with me at night and ensured I did my home works and studied the day’s portions. The way she would wake up at the crack of dawn on the days of my exams, and make special offerings for me at the temple nearby. The way she would wait anxiously to know how the paper went, and her face would brighten up with

a smile as I tell her it went well. The dark rainy nights with roaring thunders and flashing lightings, when we would curl up together in the bed, our arms comforting each other, as the high tide of fear inside me slowly begin to recede in the warmth of her embrace and I slowly drift back into sleep in the comfort of her arms. The way she laughed, when I shared my first teenage crush with her, the way she commented on the first experiments of my poetic iinstincts, the way she would wait at the door steps impatiently everytime. I came back home from the hostel, a handful of my favourite dishes readily cooked and waiting to be relished on the dining table. The way her eyes reflected pride and joy on my graduation day, the way we hugged each

other and wept on my wedding day, as I stepped forward to a new phase of my life, as new roles waited to be played by me. The way she guided me, supported me. ******* Now, as I watch her again humming a soft, out of tune lullaby, gently crading her two month old baby grand daughter, my daughter in her experienced hands, my lips curl into a soft smile, as my eyes glisten with slight tears and I quietly whisper to myself. “I love you Mamma, because you, my dearest mother, are the greatest miracle God created in this whole universe....”

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There is a lot more in this world than money can earn… And it takes much more than it takes to earn money. Friends, respect, attitude and so on… Even if you earn all these… There is something I would like to tell you… We wish friends to be around only when you need them… For help, someone to share your feelings with …when sad mostly… We make time to call there only at these point of life. May be they will console you, do so…many things to help you to get through it But its not always a solution to the problem… What ever be the situation, mostly when I am said…… I truly wish not be around two people… Only people whose tears mean it… I don’t want them to be sad because of me… They have and always will love me for endless reasons… How much ever I hurt them Once they come to know, I am not feeling good… They provide me with the best solutions… They care a lot than they can express. They mean a lot to me More than anyone else in this word… But it’s hard for me to be with them always… And the two lovely people are my PARENTS Don’t let your parents down… Don’t ignore them… Try earning their prayers because… It’s one among very few true gifts of life.


Prisoned in this room with no meaning, he is teaching but not a trace of feeling My eyes plead to let out the shutters Can’t do so for I will end up in the gutters! Turn my head to see the boys sleeping, girls I see them, ‘mark’ reaping... Back side some wrapper is torn the aroma makes my stomach mourn. A glance through the window to the meadows they have grown taller; the shadows Made a peep into the watch broken?. Or an eternity left for the freedom beacon. Gave a tried and tested nod, For every white stroke on the board. Could’t resist flying for freedom Headed for ‘imagination’ my kingdom. Oh! the green fields, the mountains, the ocean a paradise for my completion I flew with the falcon on its wings And dived with the dolphin on its fins. Mouth ful of cherries and strawberries Freed I am from the worldly worries I was carassing the flower bed When something knocked my head. I looked on as it fell down and broke A chalk piece in heaven? Is this a joke? The valleys and mountains all vapourised Pulled back to the class room to be penalized

‘Stand back you little prick’ he grunted hesitanly I did with fear of being hunted My heart beat faster as he moved near With his cane as I drowned in fear. He roared something inaudible it seems Filthy and guilty I felt for the dreams Faces with anticiption goggled upon me Eager to see the action for free, no fee. Those cruel eye burned right through my core Could’nt face them bare no way, no more don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t.... hold back those tears Pour down only when the coast clear Raising his cane with an evil smile the lion got its prey after stalking a mile Moment slowed down to uncertainity gather last ounce of strength but in futility Pulled back my arm as a last resort the struggle of prey before the last wrath Anger conquered his mind that went blind His cane raised higher till it reached behind The lion jumped only to loose ground I found As we all heard the melodious ringing sound Petrified he stood there in disbelief and I let out a sigh of relief walking back home with a smile sublime knowing that imagination is no crime


There has never been a dearth of reasons to quarrel for us. The initial few months of our marriage were different, though. We found oursevels completely belonging - in the true sense of the wordto each other. There was this countinous effort to please and pleasantly surprise each other. The excitement of new love, so to speak, made us look at life itself in an understanding, unconditional way. There seemed to be real, everlasting love between us.

If only, it had remained so! Things went down hill from the point we had our fist little fight about my making a chiding remark on her culinary experiment one Sunday. Suddenly there were complaints every day that I didn’t love her enough. Soon, there were flaring tempers, quick tears, half hearted apologies, and unsincere mendings. I didn’t have to spend much long in all the exasperating confusion to realise, that the relation which I had hoped to be the best thing to happen to me, would only be an

unshakable burden, at best. There were happy times, in short spells, amidst the numbing existence. Like the few years after our daughter Ammu was born. It almost seemed that we had won back the pristine relation that we had once cherished. Suffice it to say that our daughter only gave us more concerns and issues to argue over. I love her, though. My daughter, I mean! My mother, with whom we lived, was nothing more than a quiet, all-bearing existence amidst

all the conflicts between us, spoken and unspoken.

not have to share her husband’s love with someone else.

My mother! Oh, that is something else my wife has issues about!. Though my mother is not the kind of person who makes a daughter-in-law’s life difficult, my wife took a special dislike to her. My wife complained, we couldn’t spend time with her family, because my mother could not be left alone for long. My wife complained, she doesn’t have the kitchen to herself, because my mother still believed it to be her own kingdom. My wife complained, complained, compalined... One day, came a shocker. My wife wanted me to take my mother to an old age home permanently.

I spoke to my mother. One day, I went into her musky little bedroom and told her in as gentle a way as possible that I have made arrangements for her to take permanent residence at an old age home not very for from where we lived.

She told to me one rainy night. She woke me up from my slum her, turned on the lights, and suggested that it would be a solution to all our problems if my mother would stay separate. It is her frustration in dealing with my mother that led to the pathetic decay of love between she and me said. She had such a serious expression on her face, I thought she was kidding me. But it somehow struck me, though. I mulled over the matter. At first, disbelieving, but gradually getting all the more convinced that my wife had a point. Coming to think of it my wife would have wanted saw badly to have the house to herself. To be an ideal wife. To

Things were quick from then. In a few days my mother willingly packed her things, never letting anyone go near her when she did it. It was difficult. Very difficult. You’d never imagine you would have to bid such a difficult farewell when you know for a fact that the person is not going that far from you. She just said, “Tell Ammu to open my drawer on 13th October.” It struck me as odd, then. It seemed a strange thing for her to say. *** 13 October. Our house came alive with balloons,candles party lights and confetti, in the evening. Though I had completely forgotten that it was my daughter’s birthday until that morning; A hurriedly purchased sneakers, giftwrapped in her favourite colour, took cure of any gulit I had. th

sung, games were played, as her friends ran around with constant shrieks and giggles, I had a feeling that somehow, life was back to what it was. There we were, gleaming as one happy family, looking picture perfect to all the guests. The colours around the same a lot richer, a lot more charming. It seemed life itself had a new go. One person was missing from the picture, though. And I was painfully aware of it every second *** After all the party was over, I sneaked into my mother’s room and opened her drawer. In the shadowy corner stood a crystal box, with a battered diamond necklace indide it. It was the same necklace that my mother had worn on her wedding day. I had seen too many photographs of it to forget about it. I went into my daughter’s room with it. But she was fast asleep.I quietly placed the necklace by her side. I thought it was best for her not to know whose gift it was. It was best for me to forget about the whole incident too. Life was just getting better, and I didn’t want to spoil that.

As the evening progressed, as the cake was cut, as songs were



In the deepening twilight... thousands of fireflies filled the air! Granny’s words flowed into my mind like a ‘summer rain.’ “Touch a firefly and make a wish And, that will change your destiny” Feeling the darkness, beneath the starry sky; My thoughts wandered into the crowded streets, where once smiles were made, hearts were shared... but now! loneliness creeps over me, like ‘a python craving for its prey’! from a boy, to man I have transformed, still... granny’s words echoed in the darkened corners of my mind. I stared at the flies, enlightened!... they were flying enchanted, longing to give a boon. One of those fellow creatures came flowing into my shoulder.

I touched it, then I saw, the malice in its smile... It was mocking at the strangeness piercing out of my eyes. Then, I made a wish, not to conquer the world, But to fill my soul with peace, to Escape from the lance of eyes, and to break the chains of loneliness. there I felt peace, dropping slowly from the deep, dark mystery above me, which filled my heart with a new hope, and a promise, To open my eyes to the grief of others! Like what the fly on my shoulder did. It then disappeared into the spontaneous darkness... Then, my heart whispered; "Touch and wish...'' and you changed your destiny.”


I switch on my computer sharp at 6.00 and the power goes green, and unknowingly I wander off to the place where thousands of times I have been Not more than a minute And smileys flow in, And I am lost in a world Where the yellow faces frown and grin. Everthing is spelt wrong but everything feels to right, And all these are my friends eventhough I don’t know them by right. People who haven’t talked up and people who wander aimlessly in halls, Can speak their minds sitting here and are happy typing ‘tc’ and ‘lolz.’ A room full of friends, that’s what it is And a bundle of day-to-day jokes, A newcomer is always welcome Unless ofcourse, if he is hoax. We have sat here and bonded we have been through each other’s life, Like the time when we all typed together ‘Happy Birthday’ for Mr. Nair’s wife.

And the time when Tina graduated we all celebrated fine, and amidst the jokes and the fun, The party lasted till nine. And Adi proposed siya here though it was us who typed ‘yes’ in Bold. But now they chat from same ID So is there anything more to be told??? No fake identities No fake stuff, though handling a day of powercut is what feels like real tough. And true! we haven’t heard each other talk we don’t know what the others sound like, but then, we know we have someone there if bad luck was to strike. Afterall, what do you need more than a good friend right whenyou need? And if this is the way to find one then this is the right way indeed. People find their best-friends first day of school or in a moment of gloom I found the best of my friends In this virtual chat - room.

Anjana D. S. S1, M.Tech, CE

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Akhila Mohan M. S6 ECE - A

Fs‚ hm°pIƒ au\-Øns‚ ]pX-∏n-\-Sn-bn¬ kpJ-am-bp-dßn Ccp-´ns‚ shfn®w Fs‚ angn-Iƒ°v hgn sXfnbn®p Rm≥ \S-s∂-Øn-bXv iq\y-X-bpsS ]Sn-hm-Xn¬°¬ AhnsS \n¿`m-Ky-ß-fpsS tZh≥ Fs∂ ImØp-\n-∂n-cp-∂p. Fs‚ kz]v\-ß-fpsS amdm∏v Rm\-hnsS tlman®p aS-°-bm-{X-bn¬ I≠-h-sc√mw Fs∂ i]n®p Rm≥ Ah-tcm-sS√mw Nncn-®p. apJw t\m°msX Rm≥ kvt\ln-®-h-sc√mw Fs∂ ImWmsX hgn-amdn \S∂p Rm≥ sNbvX sXs‰-¥v...? ""\obmWv sX‰v'' X´n≥]p-dsØ ]√n Nne®p!!

Hepcy Elizabeth Raju S8 ECE - A

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Who is the cleverer one? Is it the muscular males or the flower like females. This is an age old question. I myself tried to do a little research on this controversial topic when this topic was put on discussions opinions sprang out. Boys rooted for boys being cleverer and girls rooted for girls themselves. Women are usually passive infront of the dominant males. Yet the same women claimed that they are more intelligent. I asked the opinion of my friends and colleagues on this topic. A female colleague of mine was of the opinion that “Behind every successful man there is an intelligent woman”. When I went to one of my male colleagues he totally

disagreed with what she said. “Some dumb women are always after successful men”. Well…. Opinions are opinions. So I thought about digging a bit deeper. Scientific studies shows that the volume of a male brain is larger compared to a female brain. Does this mean men are more intelligent? Boys, don’t start celebrating. There is a compensating fact. The ratio of the male brain to their body size is nearly the same. To be precise, women have a slight advantage. So scientific studies could not give us a clear idea about our intellect. From all the experience I attained by exploring the subject, I came up with some interesting observations. If you take 10 women, your could see that probably 9 out of them would prefer to study infront of their table

but the same case for boys. Probably each boy would have his own different style of studying. this shows how men try to be different from one another while women try to be similar to each other. The effort of males to become different makes them innovative and logical. However their attention to detail is very low. This is where women show their expertise. Women have innate ability to understand the character of a person much better than their male counterparts. Their scrutinizing ability is impeccable. It can be concluded from this small study that women are vigilant and men are intelligent. Both of them are smart in their own ways. So argument on such a topic is not fair.


What do we mean by travelling? Many of us have the mis-conceptions that travelling is only related to any type of journey. That is not true. But even a walk to our neighbour’s door is kind of a travelling. Going to pick children from school is also a travelling. Infact, we travel a lot in our everyday life and it wouldn’t be wrong to call us humans as travellers. The day to day needs and necessities of modern men has lead him to travel around the globe and beyond the earth. Travelling has been a part of human lively hood from the day man discovered wheel. It revolutionized our way of living. If we start in morning from India, by day break, reach USA, on the other face of the earth. This was seemily impossible once. But it is on reality. With the coming of globalization, skilled labour distri-

bution has become widespread and our lifestyle has been adapted to suite travelling long distances. Even technological advances has been in the direction of travelling. Computers have miniaturized in the form of laptops. Telephones have lost the long wires and fit now in our hands in the form of mobiles. Companies have started marketing all kinds of food in tinned canes just for long distance journeys. From the age of explorations, by Marco polo, Columbus and other famous explorers travelling is more than just a journey. It had more than one purpose in it. Those journeys lead to the finding of unknown cultures. Soon travelling acted as the artery that connected cultures and supplies goods. just like the saying, “A team is only a strong as it weakest link”. Similarity we could infer that a person is knowled-

geable as the distance he travelled. Travelling is considered as one of the best sources of learning because travelling is experiencing and experiencing is learning. The intense travelling has made us humans to forget homes and sacrifice relationships. Houses has given away to lodges and hotel rooms. We are pursuing money and luxuries. Our future generation may attain desired money, technical gadgets and have the most modern luxury cars. But in the journey to attain the above mentioned, we have become constant travellers, nomades and are forgetting that we will soon not have place to call home. But still our never ending travelling continues.


LEAVE APPLICATIONS See how people write leav urder of English languag e, is it too funny? leavee applications. But in m murder language,

An employee applied for leav e: leave:

Another one:

‘Since I have to go to my village to sell my land along with my wife, please sanction me one week leave.

‘As my mother-in-law has expired and I am only one responsible for it, please grant me 10 days leave’.

From an employee who w as was performing the ‘m undan’ cer emony ceremony ‘mundan’ of his 10 year old son:

Another employee applied for leav e: leave:

‘As I want to shave my son’s head’, please leave me for two days.’ Leav om an employee Leavee letter fr from who w as performing his daughter’ was daughter’ss wedding:

‘As I am marrying my daughter, please grant a week’s leave’.

Actual letter written for application of leav e: leave:

‘My wife is suffering from sickness and I m her only husband at home, I may be granted leave’.

‘Since I have to go to the cremation ground at 10 o’ clock and I may not return, please grant me half day casual leave.

Cov ering Note: Covering

An incident of a leav leavee letter:

'Dear Sir, with reference to the above, please refer to my below.........'

‘I am suffering from fever, please declare one day holiday’ A leav leavee letter to the headmaster:

‘As my headache is paining, please grant me leave for the day’.

‘Im enclosed here with........’ Another Note:

Letter Writing

‘I am well here and hope you are also in the same well’.


Counting the days left with me, Counting more and more, Till I get your caring version. I made unpardonable mistakes, Committed crimes to you, Still, that was the past long faded. Waiting for eons, eagerly, Watching you, so closely, To know when you’ll feel my love. That love I refused to express, The attitude I changed, From the moment I hymned Mia culpa. Vowed the pledge of sisterhood, Made my mind up, not to, Pull you hardly to cry more. I may have wanted a brother, I loved his company more than yours, But that were times before the retreat. You know, I hate strangers, I’ll never prefer meeting them, Then why you are acting so weirdly? You have the angelic touch , You are my torch bearer, who Guided me in life’s adversities. You made me open to people, Shared your little secrets in between, Made myself undeserving for you.

You are a creative prodigy, Whom I’m very fond of, Forget about the world’s accolades. These are not rhyming lines, Like instances in my life, Which never worked coherently. When I’m writing this down, Burning my night’s oil-lamp, I know, you still love me. Show no doubt to reveal it, Never hesitate or ponder, In what sense I’ll accept it! Changes are hard to accomplish, Yet , I’ll take that challenge up, To win your tender heart forever. Satisfaction is a word that, Makes sense only to you, But yours can elevate me to cloud nine. In spite of all my efforts, If I fail to impress you like never before, Then don’t mark R.I.P on my grave. When I decompose to bloom, Keeping my soul in hell or heaven, I’ll be, I’ll be there with you through out, Till we meet again to forget n forgive....

Sumina Marakkar S1, M.Tech CSIS

Dbn-sc-∂n¬ DW-cp∂ t\cØv Rm-s\≥ AΩ-X≥ DZ-c-Øn-e√m-bn-cp∂p F\n°v P∑w \¬In-b-sXm-c-—-t\m... AΩ-tbm..? sSÃyq-_n¬ Fs∂ hncn-bn® imkv{Xtam I≠n-´n-√, Hcp Xcn aÆp-t]m-epsa asÆ-\n-°n-∂p-sam-c-¤pX hkvXp... Rm≥ I≠ ac-X-I- Im-¥n-sb-∂p-sa≥ ho´p-ap-‰sØ Hm¿°n-Un-sem-Xpßn \n∂p hm’-ey-aqdpw ]q¿∆n-I-∑msc√mw \n¿÷o-hambv Nn{X-Øn-sem-Xpßn \nev]q PmXnbpw aXhpw Cuiz-c-∑mcpw NnX-e-cnbv°pw thZ-{K-Ÿ-Øn-sem-Xpßn Zmº-Xy-sa-∂Xv Xmen-bn¬ tIm¿°pw Icmtdm..? Pohn-X-sa-∂Xv BSn-Xo¿t°≠ I]-S-\m-S-Itam..? tNX-\-b-s‰m-sc≥ icocw Fcn-™-sXm-cp˛ sshZypXn ivaim-\-Øn¬ a\p-P-\n¬ ]nd-°mØ aÆn-sem-Sp-ßmØ Pohnbmw Rms\mcp a\p-jyt\m....?


B NnX-bn-se-cn-bp-∂Xv Hc-Ω-X≥ {]Xo-£-bmWv B A·n-\m-f-߃ G‰p-hm-ßn-bXv Hc-—s‚ kz]v\-amWv IqsS Ifn®pw Nncn®pw \S∂ Ahs‚ kz¥w IqS-]n-d-∏m-Wv. Hcn-bv°epw hnS-cmØ Icn-¶q-h-f-∏q-°ƒ t\m°n Hcn-bv°epw Nncn-°mØ Ah-fpsS apJw t\m°n AΩ Ab-hn-d-°n-bXn-ß-s\-bmWv Rm≥ kz]v\w I≠p \o knµq-c-a-Wn-bp-∂Xpw Xmcm´p ]mSp-∂Xpw F¶nepw ssZh-ta, F¥n\o {IqcX? Zmcn-{Zy-Ønepw Rm≥ Xf¿∂n√ ZpxJ-Ønepw Rm≥ CS-dn-bn-√. ]t£ Cs∂s‚ ac-W-amWv Hcm-bncw AΩ-am-cpsS hnem-]-am-Wv. ap√-]q-hn-s‚ aW-ap≈ B k‘y-bn¬ {]Wbw Xfn-cn´ kt¥m-j-Øn¬ A∂-hfpsS kz]v\-߃°pw Xoh-≠n-sb-°mƒ thK-am-bn-cp-∂p. Xoh≠n ]mf-߃ sX‰p-∂-t∏mse Pohn-X-Øm-fhpw s]s´∂p sX‰n _en-jvT-amw Ic-߃°n-S-bn¬ ]nS-™-t∏mgpw Zb-\o-b-ambv Ahƒ sI©n-bXpw B kz]v\-km-£m-Xv°m-c-Øn-\m-bmWv Nmcn-{Xy-ip-≤n°p amwk-Øn≥ hne \¬Ip ao \oN\p am∏n√ \n›bw \njvTq-c-I-c-߃ Ii-°n-sb-dn™ tkmZcn \n\°p Rß-fpsS _mjv]m-RvPen

Linoy Pappachan S3 MCA

bpsS temIØv Ahƒ Fs∂ IqSp- X ¬ kv t \ln- ° p- ∂ - X mbn Rm≥ kz]v\w I≠p. ]I¬ shfn®- Ø nepw Rm\- h sf kz]v \ w I≠p XpS-ßn-bn-cn°p-∂p.

C∂se ]gb ]pkv X - I ߃ ASp°n sh°p-∂-Xn-\n-S-bnemWv s]mSn ]nSn-°m≥ XpS-ßp∂ Hcp Ubdn Fs‚ {i≤-bn¬s∏´Xv. {]tXy-I-X-Iƒ H∂pw- Xs∂ Ah-Im-i-s∏-Sm-\n-√mØ ]pdw-N´ ]s£, F\n-°njvSs∏´ tdmkv \nd- Ø n- e mbn- c p- ∂ p. tdmkv \ndap≈ GXm\pw ]q°- f psS Nn{X-߃ Rm\-Xn¬ H´n-®n-cp-∂p. ""kvt\l- Ø ns‚ \\pØ ""tdmkm ]q°ƒ°v'' F∂v IdpØ ajn t]\ sIm≠v AXn\-Sn-bn¬ `wKn-bmbn Fgp-Xn-bn-cp∂p. Bbn-Sbv°v F∂pw Rm\Xv Xpd∂v B tdmkm-]q-°ƒ t\m°n, kz]v\w ImWpI ]Xn-hm-bn-cp-∂p. kmam\yw XSn-® B Ubdn-bpsS ap°m¬ `mKw Ah-sf-°pdn®v am{X-am-bn-cp-∂p. \njvI-f-¶amb Ah- f psS IÆp- I fpw shfpØv kpµ-c-amb h´-ap-Jhpw hnS¿∂p \¬°p∂ I¨]o- e nIfpw Ft∏mgpw Nncn-°p∂ Np≠pIfpw ]pdw ad-bv°p∂ Im¿Iq¥epw F\n-t°m¿Ω hcpambncp-∂p. B¿°pwBscbpw ImØp \n¬°m≥ ka- b an√mØ kzm¿∞-X-

{]W-bs - amcp A\p-`h - a - m-Wv. {]`m-X-Ønse a™p-Xp-≈n-Isf t]mse ]cn-ip≤hpw, au\-Øn\pw ip\y-X-°p-an-S-bn¬ A\-¥-amb hymJym-\-ß-fmWv AXv \¬Ip-∂Xv. ImesØ AXn-Po-hn®v AXv Hcp AZr- i y- i - ‡ n- b mbn \sΩ hebw sNbvXp \n¬°p-∂p. F∂m¬ Nne- t ∏m- s gm- s °, {]Wbw Hcp Xocm-Zpx-J-ambn Xocm-dp≠v. {]Wb- Ø ns‚ B¿{Z- X bpw ss\¿aeyhpw as‰m-∂n\pw Ah-Im-i-s∏Sm-\n-√. {]Wbw Xfn¿Øn-cp∂ B Ime-ßf - n¬ Fs‚ kz]v\ß - ƒ°v N¥-ap-≠m-bn-cp-∂p. Pohn-XsØ Rm≥ kv t \ln--® n- c p∂p. Fs‚ ZpxJ-߃ tI´m-iz-kn-∏n-°m\pw F\n- ° p- t h≠n {]m¿∞n®v s\t©mSv tN¿Øv lrZ-b-Xmfw {ihn- ° m\pw Fs‚ {]nb- k Jn F∂pw IqsS- b p- ≠ m- b n- c p- ∂ p. kt¥m-j-Øns‚ B \√ \mfpIƒ C∂pw Hm¿Ω-bn¬ Xfn¿Øp \n¬°p-∂p. kz]v \ w ImWp- ∂ Xv Hcp kpJ- a m- W v . bmYm¿∞y- ß - f n¬ \n∂pw X¬°m-e-tØ°v Hcp Hfnt®m-´w. AIse sXfn™ \oemIm-isØ ag-hn√v I≠v Ahƒ Iq´p-Im-cn-It- fmSv ]d-bp-∂p≠m-Ipw, AXn- s emcp \ndw Fs‚ ]gb

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Life has never been dull or boring for us. It always offer some surprises. Every moment we would get something worth cherishing at least for us who work on the INDUP that is Indiana Utopian Project. When I say INDUP one may wonder what it is as you haven’t heard anything like this. But I will explain about it since you people are before my time-long before and you don’t know the head or tail of it. Well to begin with, I am a Utopian living in the 4032 AD i.e.; about 2000 years after you. By Utopians we mean those people whom you call scientists. In our time we have already discarded that term because for us there is no more in science. I mean everything has been explored, invented and discovered that the term scientist doesn’t find any meaning in our lives. Instead Utopians have taken their place. With all the explorations and developments in science coming to an end around 3000 AD, the problem that arouse

was monotony in the lives of earthling’s .no more explorations meant no more excitements and expectations. So people began to crave for something new and that exactly led to the formation of INDUP. Through INDUP we try to make the whole world a “UTOPIA”. The world where there is nothing to worry about, where people are always happy and content. Do you know in our time there is nothing like a government anywhere in the world. I mean every earthling is a free bird. No different nation, no caste, nothing. The only public organization that exists now is INDUP.we the UTOPIANS help people who come to INDUP for escaping from the monotony in their lives. We help them to play with what you may call as complex scientific things. Mind you, most of these are still unknown to you, like the optonics, time cup etc. In our time we can travel with speeds of about 31*10 to the power 40 m/s. Our people go to

other worlds in the universe. Now, do you know that we are not the only living world in this universe? Our ancestors who are your successors found that 2981 different worlds exist. That there is a bigger and brighter star called’sungiant’ at the farther end, around which all the smaller suns revolve and derive their energy from, might be still unknown to you. We know how to ‘time travel’. There were times when our people got all bored and sad. It was then that we decided to break one of the most important scientific laws on ‘time traverse’. These laws were made shortly after the huge success in explorations on ‘time traverse’. The very last government that existed on our earth passed this law. It feared that people may use time cups carelessly and end up in total disaster of everything. I mean they may come to your time and search for themselves there. Didn’t get that?


The astronomer James Jeans once proclaimed that God is a mathematician. The belief that the underlying order of the universe can be expressed in a mathematical form lies at the very heart of science and is rarely questioned. The idea that the physical world is the manifestation of mathematical order and harmony can be traced back to ancient Greece. Why this should be so is one of the greatest mysteries of the universe. There are two broadly opposed schools of thought concerning the character of mathematics. The first holds that mathematics is purely the invention of the human mind with the specific objective to fit the facts of experience. The second opinion is that mathematics is “out there already” and that there is a deep and meaningful significance behind

nature’s mathematical face and that it has an independent existence. The second opinion is called the formalist interpretation and it says that mathematics is an entirely formal exercise consisting of nothing more than a vast collection of logical rules that link one set of symbols to another. Any connection with the natural world was considered to be a mere coincidence. Plato (429-347 B.C) had a dualistic vision of reality. On the one hand stood the physical world, created by the Demiurge (the Greek counterpart of Brahma in Hindu mythology), fleeting and impermanent. On the other stood the realm of ideas, eternal and unchanging , acting as a sort of abstract template for the physical world. Plato believed that mathematical objects belonged to this ideal realm. According to Platonists, we do not

invent mathematics; we discover it. Mathematical objects, structures and rules enjoy an independent existence; they transcend the physical reality that confronts our senses. Let us take a specific example. The theorem by Pythagoras states that the square of the hypotenuse of a right angled triangle is the sum of the squares of the other two sides of the triangle. Was this statement true before the invention / discovery of the triangle? The Platonists would answer “Yes” because triangles exist, abstractly, whether human beings know about them or not. The formalist dismiss the question as meaningless. The greatest concept of man is the God. The concept of a supernatural God could be the result of the long chain of evolutionary processes. The utter helplessness against the overwhelming

fury of the turbulent nature of the prehistoric earth, the horror generated by frequent earth quakes, wild fires, thunderbolts, floods and the carnivorous wild beasts must have necessitated the acceptance, adoration and worship of the Gods of varied forms. It won’t be a wonder if there is a “God spot” imprint in our brains. Man preferred an unchanging, permanent, immortal and omnipotent God to seek shelter and rescue. Else, who would protect his children, especially since he understood that he was mortal. The creation of the universe was ascribed to Him. There was no escape from this choice of the God. If the universe has an explanation and it can’t explain itself, then it must be explained by something outside itself- the God. But what then explains God? The age-old “Who made the God? “conundrum is in danger of pitching us into an infinite regress. All religions are happy in that they do not confront this problem. It is so because the concept of God serves as the primary axiom in a religion. It is said that one christian saint by name Augustine who lived in the fifth century was asked this question by the pagans: “What was God doing before He made the universe?. “Busy creating Hell for people like you!” was the standard answer. Science with all its incredible success confronts a riddle of a similar kind. Over the years, I have read the wonder and awe lit large on my student’s faces when I describe how the universe began with the Big Bang some 1500 crores of years back in time. I also told them that time started with that mega event. At least one student embarrassed me with his inconvenient question “What was there

before the Big Bang because time is inbuilt with the material universe and it was born along with the universe. There was no “before” or endless ocean of time for a God or a physical process to wear itself out in an infinite preparation for the Big Bang event. The early moments after the Big Bang represented the earliest stochastic system. A stochastic system is one which is subject to unpredictable and random fluctuations. Stochasticity enters in a fundamental way in quantum mechanics which is the God of small things such as the electrons and other particles in the microcosm. The condition of total disorder or randomness is itself a law of a rather restrictive nature. Although each individual quantum event may be genuinely unpredictable, a collection of such events conforms to the statistical predictions of quantum mechanics. One might say that there is order in disorder!.. Lawlike behaviour can emerge from the apparent lawlessness of random fluctuations and chaos. Let us ponder much before accusing our Gods for the human suffering unleashed by the recent earth quakes and the tsunami. So insignificant we are in the cosmic arena, all these loom large and cruel before us. The thermodynamic law of entropy had already set the arrow of time and is working relentlessly towards its ultimate objective - total disorder of the cosmos.

is good telling us how, but not good on the why. To wonder why is human. But perhaps, there is no immediate answer in human terms to such deep questions of existence. Or perhaps there is; but we are looking at the problem in wrong perspective. But the question lingers : “What happened before the Big Bang?” Nothing!. So, what exactly are the entities such as this universe, time and our Gods?. Do they conspire together and present the greatest mystery to us - the human beings?. Certainly not !. May be they are the myriad manifestations of one consummate truth which at present is unknown to us. The greatest mystery must be that each of us is here, for some brief time and that part of the participation which the universe allows us in its larger existence, to ask such questions. And to pass on from one young curious disciple of Fisat to another the joy of wondering, of asking and telling each other what we know and what we do not know!. Let us not be desperate if we are unable to have the much desired tactile feel of the invisible fabric of the Gods. It could be that the Gods after all are woven out of the transparent and hence invisible fabric of the universal laws of physics which are reinforced by the unrelenting yarn of complex mathematics!.

Even with these explanations, people feel cheated. They as why these strange things happended?. Why there is a universe? Why this universe?. Science can not answer these questions, at least for now. Science 93


The calling : isn’t it the dream that everyone has? And yet so few have fulfilled? Waking up one fine day and finding out exactly what you want to do with the rest of your life! Finally realizing the one thing that you are destined for, the one reason why you were sent to this earth, the one thing in which you are not only good at, but which serves the world some good too. Some wait for that calling, some chase after it, and most settle for something that they know is not! In my short but eventful life, I have not yet found my ONE calling, I have found many!.

Ever since my young prudent eyes first feasted upon the sheer brilliance and magic of seeing one giant white bird soar above us leaving a heavenly white tail behind, I knew I had found my calling. I wanted to be….a PILOT. The sky was the limit as they say, I soared high. I even made up plans for it, I researched good flying schools and started learning the ropes of becoming a pilot. But by the time my boards started I knew I was running a little late for admission to flight school and that staring at the sky wouldn’t make me a pilot. That calling ended then and there. ***** On another fine day, I and my friends were entertaining

ourselves in a game of cricket, when due to variety of possible reasons ranging from 1. All my opponents were having a bad day. 2. My stars were aligning themselves in the most prefectest (yes I just invented that word!) fashion plausible; or 3. Sheer luck. I somehow managed to grab 4 wickets in one over. That was it. I looked up at the sky and thanked God. Thank you for I had my calling; I wanted to be a …. CRICKETER. That night was played out for me in a fairy tale land where I was bowling the best of batsman out at venues ranging from the Eden to lords and going on to

lift the world cup as the Indian captain. That dream was short lived as my performance went back to its usual standard from the next day onwards, with the dream the calling died too. ***** A couple of years later, I found myself in an odd predicament, all my life I’ve loved music, but over a period of 6 months I started taking it a bit too seriously, out of nowhere I started rubbishing the current crop of artists and my taste got shifted 40 years back as I fell in love with the 70’s! Ah… what would I’ve done if it wasn’t for the Floyds, who’s Zeppelins, and Garfunkel’s. Combine this with the fact that 2 of my best friends had just started a band and I knew it! I practiced the devil’s horn that night in front of the mirror and I screamed at it because I had found my calling, I wanted to be ….a ROCKSTAR! Of course this calling didn’t last long either because well…. It wasn’t difficult for me to realize the obvious, I didn’t really have any of the skill set of a rock star, I couldn’t sing, I

couldn’t play any instrument, and more importantly I didn’t smoke pot. ***** May be all this lead to a realization, my favorite character in LOST had said that…. ‘If you want to find something, first you have to stop looking!’ Walking out of the theater after watching Rang De Basanti, I was a different person, I didn’t have words to define the experience, to be honest I still don’t have! That night, the obvious hit me like a hammer on a nail in the hands of a redneck, I was too busy searching elsewhere when the answer was always there staring at me!. I looked back and I realized how it crushed me to see Bruce Willis, pushing the damn button that blew up an entire asteroid, with him on it in Armageddon; I realized why little trinkets of tears streamed down my face as I saw our jack silently fade into the dark unknown in Titanic (Nowadays the said action will be labeled as gay by myself but at the time I hadn’t yet

heard of the term to even think of it that way!). It became all the more obvious when I recollected the goose bumps that ran down my spine as the president gave that awesome speech before he set off to kill those bloody aliens (pardon my French) in Independence Day (Gawd! That was awesome!). It hit me! I had found my calling a long time back. I just didn’t know it yet!. I wanted to be …a FILM MAKER! May be it’s the hopeless romantic in me, or may be it’s the eternal optimist who craves for a happy ending (even for this note!) not for the audience but for the characters! Is it the calling I’ve been waiting for? Is it the One? Well….only time will tell. May be, ten years from now, I’ll be reading this as I set up my flight for takeoff, or after lifting the world cup, or after a gig with my band. But the point is, one too many, for a second or a lifetime, I had a calling. Well….I guess that is all I need to know.



I entered a dark room With a candle in my hand I was lonely when I sat And lonely for a quite while I noticed the dancing light Smiling at me for some cause, I focused my vision at the candle Is it smiling or weeping??? The tears of the candle Made my eyes water, But now I see the light glow brighter, Making the room brighter. The light spread to the corners, Made things visible to me I thanked the candle, For now I can do my work. The life of the candle, nearing its end Buzzing friends gathering around it Are they singing a song of merry or death? Yes, it’s the latter, the candle ends here. Now, that is the candle light, Spending its life time Giving light to others Welcoming its own death...!!!


Friendship is a ship that never sinks.”... you might have heard this quote. There are millions of definitions for the same. Everyone have different views and opinions about the same. My views on same are“2 persons are friends when one’s presence makes the other feel comfortable and joyful even at their difficult and laugh times. A real close friendship doest not just happen. It travels a long way through stupid fights, misunderstandings, hesitations and shoulders to cry. It takes time to build the kind of trust and respect

which makes friendship long lasting. A true friend hemains alongside us in all our trugh and good times. It is all about good chemistry and understanding between them. Best friendship is not the one free from problems and misunderstandings. It is one such relation where one sorry and smile makes everything perfect. A good friend finds little lies in every smile and truth in tears. Friendship gives a different atmosphere. We are free to share all our pains and problems to them. When told, they give some silly replies that actually makes us

forget the real problems. They makes us for of something that we have made mistake of in such a way that we realize of ways to solve them. Friendship is a silent premise of saying. I am there for you. In this gloomy, bitter and tension filled world friendship is one key facture that adds joy and colour to life. They give us a handful of memories for us to cherish all our lives. “All that glitters is not gold”- This is a very well heard of quote

you might have come across. These words have a great relevance on friendship. Every known ones are not friends. Most of us don’t see any difference in there 2 words. But there is ….. Friendship means sharing an honest and true part of you. Knowing someone does not build any relation. Friendship does and there relations are for life. The former does not do any good. Even if it does, it is temporary. Friends stay in heart, don’t vacate easily and at the end, leave it all broken. You don’t need to be super nice to everyone. Sometimes its good to show out who accepts you even at your worst mood and bad times.



It is said love makes us blind. But friendship opens our eyes to the brightness and colour of life. It makes us stand tall in a world of reality where love travels us in a world of dreams. Love is when we drink a cup of juice by 2 straws. Friendship is when we have one cup of coffee or juice, we straw, drinking one by one and still happy. Note the difference. It develops more freedom, attachment and heart with our beloved ones maintaining happiness. It’s not important to go to heaven after death. They are just silly and foolish concepts. It is important to have a heaven in our heart. During our lifecycle… this is enhanced by friendship.

Friendship is the cutest, lovable thing in this would. Because friends can die for friendship at any instant. But at same time, they will demand a treat for the same. People say there are angels in the would. I won’t say no. because I have seen them and I call them “friends”. I would love to end this by printing out some words of Hellen Killer. “Walking with a good friend in dark is better than walking in light alone...”

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My mind is shaped like a vessel, Which floats on the tops of emotions. Can feel the nostalgic times Sweeping in like little waves. I feel like am missing my friends very high When the memories are dancing In a hula – loop before me, I just cant sense if am in dream or reality. I feel like am sitting in a boat That’s gliding over the countless waves, To reach my friends awaiting on the shore. Why don’t I feel that the boat is moving Even when my friends are coming Close to me thy fast. I which if this was not my dream Which is to end some time past. I can see them tease – smile at me, Even when am far near to them Yo I love them for what they are, That’s the gang we are. Let our thy winged days fly so high Because we are a bunch untouched by cries.


Chill wind blew in.. through the half closed window. Slowly, like an intrunder! carrying the essence of darkness! outside.. The tone, of lifeless waves lapped in my ears. It came in, slowly, slowly without any haste. I laid awake, cuddled by its soft hands.. The wind made the balloons dance in the air! which laid on the floor as the remnant, of a grand celebration! I am happy.. happier than ever!

sudden thoughts creeping over me, of you, who made me ‘what I am’! You helped me, in my troubles as a dutiful friend cared me, when I longed for it, as a loving brother. It was you, who gave me a hand, at those sad nights, But... I couldn’t make you smile! I learned from you, the true meaning of life.. you taught me, the first lessons of hard work. And I listened, locked it safe, to achieve a good tomorrow... But, what happened between You and Me? Love had nothing to do with it neither hate! I looked at the fading polaroid photos, and tried to believe they are happening... But, you and me, not happening! Iterating thoughts... tranquility!! I still believe, You’ll one day, step into my life like this cool breeze and take me back to those beautiful days! Remembering you...

Anu Augustine S8 ECE - A

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RAJAN ZACHARIAH Warden, Men’s Hostel

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India is a multilayered country. As we go deeper into it, we can find people of different race, religion, ethnicity, culture and economic status. For India to develop all the different strata of the people, must grow. And for this, technolgy should be a corner stone. Since independence, India has grown at a tremendous rate. Today India is the second fastest growing economy behind China. It has been predicted that by 2050 India will become the world’s second largest economy. After 2000, India has always managed to keep a growth rate of over 8%. India has the sec-

ond largest number of billionaires in Asia. The number of Indians featured in the Forbes magazine list of world’srichest men is increasing by the day. But there is a flip side to this growth. India has the world’s largest number of people living below poverty line. Almost 55% of India’s population lives below poverty line. India has the world’s largest number of malnourished childern. Also India has one of the world’s highest infant mortality rates. From all these facts and figures, it is clear that India’s tremendous growth has not been inclusive. A country can be said to be developed only if the living standared of all its people improves. There is a phenomenon in

which there exist two kinds of India - a shining India of the rich people and an India of poor people who are wallow in poverty. This condition is highlited by the number of youngsters in villages who turning to arms. The increasing number of maoists in our country is an indicator of this. These villagers are turning to violence because the villages in our country is crippled seriously by the unavailability ofbasic amenities like elecricity and drinking water, poverty and unemployment. Mahatma Gandhi, Father of our Nation once said that India’s soul can be found in villages. The sorry state of our villages reflects the state of our country. We have to find methods

to bridge the growing gap between the rich and poor.And the best soloution lies in technology. Technology has the potential to change the lives of millions of Indians.With better technology, we should be able to build better roads so that the accessibility to the villages can be improved.They should be well connected with towns at the centre and villages surrounding them. This will ensure equal penetration of wealth in the villages. Those people working in the towns can come back,stay in the villages. The practicalilty of this idea can be understood when we consider the fact that most of the people migrate from villages to towns in search of jobs, so we will be able to have a reverse migration of people from towns back to villages.Technology can help in the launch of more number of satellites like EDUSAT

which help in the growth of education sector in our country. The students in villages can get access to quality teachers through video conferencing. Also we are able to predict the weather accurately with the launch of new satellites. This will help our farmers as they will be able to know when to sow and reap their crops correctly. Also fisherman can benefit as they can know about the weather and the best time to go to sea. Better communication facilities will also help. Better communication means the villagers will be able to have contact with each other and can stay well connected. Through better technology we must be able to bulid better hospitals and also provide basic amenities like electricty,water etc. The youth of the villagers must be

offered better jobs so that they will not get lured by the extrimist elements. Famers will be able to benefit the most from growth of technology as they can get access to better seeds,fertlizers and pesticides. Also they will be able to know about the prices of the crops they are producing and this will in turn help them not to be cheated by middles man. Hence technology will be able to help India tremendously to attain an inclusive growth.The life of people all over the country can be improved manifold with better technology.We can hope that like the vision of Dr. A P J Abdulkalam, the former President of our country, India will become developed by 2020.

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‘Hey look at what that’girl is wearing. Does’t she realize that she is in Kerala?’ I bet that nearly all the girls would have heard of this comment when they go out in a fashionable dress which they have yearned to wear for long and the comments come from total strangers. Isn’t that quite irritating and a bit unwarranted!!! We live in a era where anything and everything is available at our fingertips. Kerala is progressive in almost everything - intellectually, academically and in the health sector as well. We have the best of talents from amongst our doctors, engineers, businessmen, social workers and other renowned personalities. We are known to accord a comparatively better status to women and female infanticide is quite unknown here with girls outnumbering boys as compared to other states. The list of Kerala’s

achievements vis-a-vis women’s empowerment are endless yet why is it that we are so narrow minded and petty when it cames to accepting changes and moving on with the new world.? Though we have all evolved much in regard to both thought and concept, women are still treated more or less like slaves. Women are expected to maintain a perfect balance between keeping a hectic schedule at the workplace and to cook and clean for the family at home. They most cerainly do strive to maintain a balance between both better than any juggler in a circus. Instead of being appreciated for what they do they are actually scorned at. Traditional values and rules have to be respected though times are changing and people need to move with this change. Traffic rules were made to protect people but if we continue to practice those outdated traffic rules that were brought into play fifty years ago then it’s not going to be a big surprise if we hear about

accidents every other day. Traffic rules have changed with the times (I do hope so!!). Likewise it’s high time that we reconsider our lives and stop being so narrow minded. Let respect and appreciation for women start at home at a youger age initiated by the parents!! Future of Kerala lies in the hands of the young generation coming awake. They are the ones who are going to mould the future and without proper guidance from their elders what they create can fall apart. We can makes a huge difference if we join our hands and hearts together and take a vow to change our attitude towards everything. So keep one thing in mind "Most people are right but only from their point of view”. A change of view to usher in a new tomorrow that promises a better deal for women is thus the need of the hour.

RAJESH V. R. Asst. Prof., Dept. of Mechanical Engg.

Energy - the most frequently appearing word in your vocabulary - is the one without which this world can not move a bit forward. But, in this fast moving (?) world, we are not showing concern over others. Or in other words we are becoming more selfish. It happens because each and everyone want to achieve new peaks in their very life, by any means. This phenomenon seems more critical if we focus our attention in our daily energy usage pattern. You might have heard the phrases like; energy conservation, ‘go green’, eco-friendly’, etc. But what do all these mean? Here are some insights to these aspects of energy. At the end some tips and facts for conserving energy are also given.

Statistics shows that between 1947 and 2001. India’s per capita energy consumption rose from 15 to 592 units! If India has to move economically, it must find ways to bridge the deficit. Except some developing countries like India all other developed nations has a decreasing trend in their per capita energy consumption, as they take measures to limit the usage of energy. In India, it’s not the case because of illiteracy with regard to the proper use of energy consuming devices / appliances. Just think, do you need an electric light to read this article, if there is sufficient sunlight available? Do you need and electric fan or cooler to make you comfort, which God’s own hands cool you

through wind? Anyway, even though we use these, why don’t we switch these off once the purpose is over? Yes, that is where, we have to concentrate. How can we save energy? “Energy Saved is Energy Generated.” But you may think-how can I save energy. If I save a little how much worth it is? Here are the answers to these fundamental questions. There are number of opportunities to save energy in your one day. It starts right from when you rise up from the bed. Switch off the fan/cooler. Do not brush with the tap open. It saves 16 liters per day and 11,000 litres per

year per person. Do not forget to switch off the light when coming out after bath. If you see the light or fan running in your neighbour’s room with no one available there, please switch

it off. If you switch off one bulb for one hour, it saves upto 22,000 watts per year. You can inform to the concerned, when you see the street lamps on even in the day time, without noticing. If you can this much, you could save a lot and

you would be having something in store for the future also. Remember, if you can save a single unit of energy you are doing a significant contribution to a healthy planet.

=> A laptop is more environment friendly than a desktop, as it uses five times less electricity.

=> Lighting an empty office wastes enough energy to boil water for 1000 days of coffee.

=> Sleep mode also consumes electricity. So shut down your computer whenever possible.

=> If you water your lawn, do it in the early morning. It saves lots of water particles lost due to evaporation.

Some facts and tips: => A dripping tap can waste over 20,000 litres of water a year. So it’s better to use a glass or bottle, while drinking water from a tap. It takes lots of energy for pumping water. => It’s better to carry a reusable container for water. It is not only a great choice for the environment, but also for your wallet and health. Remember, 90% of the water bottles that you buy while travel, are not recyclable.

=> Energy saving lights serve a dual purpose, as these have ten times longer life.

*Eco-tips source:ndtv greenathon 2011

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(These are only the views of the author. Consider this as an open platform for discussions pertaining to academic/non-academic topics. Also, the autor isn’t very much knowledgeable about this subject either. It is just some random thoughts that has occurred in his weird mind; so DON’T take this as an authentic source for your decisions.) It is again the placement time! Expectations, tension and all sorts of mixed feelings are in the air for the final year students. There was one time not very far in history where the cut-off marks and number of backlog criteria were not so strict as of now. But now I guess things have changed. Most of the companies put atleast 60-65% cut off on the aggregate and limit the number of allowed backlogs. So employers demand more!! So lets get equipped. But then comes the question of Higher studies. Why rush to get a job?!?! Why not add more tags to your name before getting into the

employment stream? Now, this is somewhat tricky!! Once you are out of the college after graduation, the ‘fresher’ tag leaves you. Then most of the companies ask you for your work experience to get you employed. So how do you get the “experience”? That’s a good question!! Maybe work with a small group or concern, get yourself the experience and skills and then move on to a bigger firm. Life always has its opportunities!! Another option is to work for, say 2 years, and then come back and study “Higher.” ‘Now this is a good option. This way, one gets to know what real work scenario demannds, what ones real interests are, etc. Most of the IIMs and other business schools prefer candidates with work experience. But this option has its demerits too. Once you get out of touch with subjects that you learned, it might be difficult to come later and continue studying them. This is not much of an issue if the Higher degree that one

chooses is MBA, but is an issue if it Masters relating to the science/ Tech. field. This is not a big problem as such, but can be of concern to some! One way out of this is get into the teaching stream soon after you graduate!! This way you earn good bucks + you are in touch with the subjects + maybe you can get an M.Tech while continuing you profession too!! Big companies even grant their employees leave, so that can get higher degrees; and I believe this is essential, because, How high on position can one go without the qualifiactions that position demands? Opportunities are immense, whatever direction one chooses to go!! Its just a matter of choice!... So lets prepare ourselves well, and then strike the best that come in our way! Good luck!! Have lotz of fun!!


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Technology has brought about a significant change in the world of sports. Though originally the use of technology had its share of detractors, their argument being technology slowing down the speed of the game, no one can deny that the right of a sports team or a sportsperson’s right to a fair game devoid of incorrect decisions. Technology has done away with all the squabbles regarding match decisions.

continue to exist. What technology strives to do is to remove the element of human error in the course of a match being played. Today, in the world of sports, technology has become a part and parcel of the entire event. Other than in the area of broadcasting and televising a sporting event, technology also plays an extremely important part in game play.

In the earlier days, whatever decision was made by the match officials was considered the last word. Though efforts had been made by all the great sports governing bodies of the world to do away with bias, yet the element of human error still remained, and will

Most professional sports in the United States have long used instant replay and other high-tech aids to help referees make the right call. Gridiron Football has used video replay systems to check referees’ calls for many years. Basketball referees use replay systems to make sure players are shooting within the time allotted by the shot clock. In international

Assisting the Umpires / Referees

cricket, the third umpire has been used, one sitting off the ground with access to TV replays of certain situations (such as disputed catches and boundaries) to advise the central umpires. The umpires out on the field are in communication via wireless technology with the other umpire. The third umpire is also asked to adjudicate on run out and LBW decisions, which he makes without consultation with the two central umpires. One sport that has resisted the use of hightech assistance is soccer/football. Replays could be used to decide off-side decisions, whether a ball passes over the goal line, and clarify penalty decisions. Hawk-Eye Technology Hawk-eye is the name of a computer and camera system which traces a ball’s trajectory.. The

system is also being trailled in soccer. The English Premier League of Football in the UK has agreed to the introduction of goalline sensors after being given approval by football’s rule-makers. The system being developed by the UK company Hawk-Eye, would give a definitive decision on whether the ball had crossed the line. The Hawk Eye uses a camera taking 600 frames a second on the goal-line. The information is analyzed by computer and sent to the referee’s headset or a device on his wrist.This technology has been recently included in the game of tennis, in the form of a referral

system and has made a huge impact on the game. This has led to the adoption of this technology in cricket and many other sports are also looking at making use of this technology Smart Ball A promising prospect has been a “smartball” loaded with a computer chip, jointly developed by German companies Cairos Technologies and the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits, an engineering research and software development company, along with the Adidas athletic clothing and

Shoe Company. The companies’ technology uses a network of receivers around the field designed to track the ball’s precise position in real time - including exactly when it has fully passed the goal line. That information would be relayed in less than a second to a watchlike device worn by the referee. The marriage of sports and technology has indeed proved to be fruitful. The reliance of sports on technology is here to stay.

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Merin Tresa Willy S8 CSE - A

The time of the year when the recruitments take place is filled with hopes, expectations, excitement, worries, and feelings of responsibility and satisfaction. The day when you get your first job offer is something that every student looks forward to. They always say that you never forget your first job. It is like a dream come true, like being regarded for all the years of tril. Recruitments, placement drives, job fairs - the more you hear of such things happening, the luckier you should consider yourself to be, because it is no recession time in the IT world! Rather, this is a boom. When placement officers & professionals declare that this is one of the kind taking place almost every week, the number of job offers underline the

fact. More than 275 students from our college have already been recruited by leading IT comparies like Microsoft TCS, Accenture, UST Global, HP, IBS, Syntel, Ernst & Young and many more. And we are expecting many more opportunities and many more offers, not just from the leading providers of software solutions, but also from core comparies and other sectors like the financial and banking sector. The last minute brush-ups, morning rushes to get to the place, registration process, half-listening to the pre-placement talk is all just the initial set of formalities. Then there is the aptitude test to screen the lot, and sometimes group discussions to determine who can outsmart the crowd and impress with their conversing skills. The round

of interviews greets you in different variations like the technical, H.R., managerial, stress and more. When the newspapers and forseers say that a great percentage of those who score 60% and more will be recruited this year, and when opportunities are knocking every now and then, there is no room for worry. When the results are announced, you realize that you finally have a job offer in your hand and there is a mixed feeling of happiness and satisfaction. For all those guys and goals who are going to go through this course of action in the coming years, sharper your aptitude skills, maintain a good academic score, and impress then with your positive attitude. Go grab it!


I know myself than anyone else, I thought….. But there are people who Know about me more….. They play with my mind and Make me sad for long…. And they just walk away, By waving and laughing at me….. My mind is like a toy, Which is spoiled by a small child…. Only because he or she Loves it so much... I feel irritated and Hurt myself so much, Just because one thing That the feelings May hurt them as well... By the passage of time I understood that, They are just like the child who Loves and plays with the toy… But throw it away, When they get bored…..

One could move fasterThan you can see And as you blink You could feel the world move ahead of you I heard them yelling - ‘development’ What does it mean? My mind kept on pondering over this But never can you find an answerSince you see ‘destruction’ everywhere The waves were higher than ever, The sky grew darker than ever There was fumes and dust that can choke you, There were guns and bullets that could kill you. But in reality, what has happened? I would tell you if you wish to. Man has won, even nature has failedIn her attempt to help She keeps her head low And has accepted defeat. Defeat before her children, defeat before the world


And now you could see the fading youth The fading warmth Man has forgotten - her defeat is his…


A land of robot, machine and switches, Actions and reactions with signals and pulses Tower of concrete blocks all around, From left to right, east to west Routine rocket service to Saturn and Pluto, Monthly refreshment trip to moon. Oxygen available in sheild plastic packet, lunch and dinner with vitamin capsules bomb, fire, blood and sword, cant be safe anywhere else than mother womb. The same face here and there, All followers of dolly Hope sun will rises in the east and sets in the west. Stars will twinkle all night above this busy world.

ANOOP E. G. Asst. Prof., ECE

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K. M. ITTEERA Estate Supervisor

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⁄m\w Bh- i y- a mb sXmgn¬ taJ- e - b n¬ ChnsS ]cn- i o- e \w ]q¿Øn-bm°n e`n® k¿´n-^n-°‰p-Iƒ aqew tPmen kºm-Zn-®-h¿ D≠v. kwLm-S-I¿ Xs∂ GXm\pw t]¿°v tπkvsa‚ v t\Sn sImSp-Øn´pap-≠v. {]apJ ÿm]-\-ß-fp-ambn Icm-dn¬ G¿s∏´v _n. ]n. H. ASnÿm-\-Øn¬ tPmen-Iƒ Gs‰-SpØv sNøp- ∂ - X n- \ p≈ {ia- ß fpw kwLmSI¿ Bcw`n®n´p-≠v. ChnsS Iºyq- ´ ¿ ]T\w ]q¿Øn-bm-°n-b-h-cn¬ kwÿm\ t]meokv hIp- ∏ nse ]Xn- \ mdv DtZym-K-ÿ∑m¿ Dƒs∏-Spw. IqSmsX, slUvam-ÿam¿, Sot®-gvkv, dn´. slUvam- à ¿am¿, Kh¨sa‚ v DtZym-K-ÿ¿, sP.-Sn.H am¿, _n.-Fkv.F - ≥.-F¬ Poh-\I - m¿, ho´-Ωa - m¿ XpS-ßn-b-h-cpsS \o≠ \nc-bp-≠v. \memw ¢m p apX-ep≈ Aº-Xn-e[nIw hnZym¿∞n-Ifpw ]cn-io-e-\Øn-\v FØnbn-cp-∂p. ]T-\-Øn\v FØn-b-h-cn¬ 70 hb- n\p apI-fnep≈ \mev t]¿ D≠m-bn-cp∂p-. ]≤-Xn-bpsS ASpØ L´Øn¬ ]cn-io-e\w e`n® bphm-°fn¬ \n∂v IqSp-X¬ thmf‚n-tbgvkns\ Is≠Øn hn]p-ea - mb coXnbn¬ ]cn-io-e\w apt∂m´p sIm≠p t]mIm-\p≈ Xocp-am-\-Øn-em-Wv ^nkm-‰v ˛ amkv¢∫v Iq´mbva. e£yw BIm- i tØmfw hep-Xm-Wv. H∏w \n›- b - Z m¿ Vy-hpw.

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

P. R. MINI HOD, Dept.of ECE

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering established in the year 2002 focuses on providing exemplary technical education both in the undergraduate and postgraduate level. It is the constant endeavor of the department, comprising of well experienced and dedicated faculty members, to give the students a solid foundation in the fundamental concepts of Electronics and Communication Engineering and also give a wide exposure to the emerging trends in this field . All the seven laboratories in the department are well equipped to provide the students with excellent practical knowledge. These laboratories provide facilities in the areas of Electronic Devices and Circuits, Linear and Digital Integrated Circuits, Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, VHDL, Digital Signal Processing, Microwave Engineering, Optical Communication, Satellite Communication, RF communication etc. Also latest versions of simulation software like MATLAB, PSPICE, SCILAB, OCTAVE etc are also provided in the laboratories.


A research lab – Centre for Research and Innovation in Signal Processing (CRISP) - has been set up to encourage students to explore their research and development talents. All the class rooms are equipped with state of the art teaching aids. The department has consistently achieved a very high success rate in the university examinations. Ms. Revathy Prakash won the First rank in the M G University B.Tech Degree Examination 2010.More than 95 % of our students have been placed in placed in reputed organizations like TCS, Microsoft, Accenture, Wipro, HCL etc. Industrial visits are organized reguraly and the students have visited industries like BPL Telecom, Aircel, All India Radio, Bharati Telecom, ITI, Keltron etc. Students undergo industrial training during their semester breaks in industries like Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited, Keltron, CDAC. Cochin Refineries, Indian Telephone Industries etc . Most of our final year students undertake projects at reputed industries like BSNL,FACT,OEN etc. Periodic

interaction with experts from the industry is arranged to give the students an exposure to the recent developments in the industry. Every year the department organizes a technical fest under the auspices of ECHO (Electronics and Communication Heuristic Organization), an association formed by the students of this department. Technical events like project exhibition, quiz, paper presentation, design contests etc are conducted during the fest. Our students have bagged a number of prizes in sports ,arts and technical events conducted by other colleges. As part of the faculty empowerment program, the department has conducted a National Conference on “Emerging Trends in RF and Signal Processing” on March 25-27, 2010. Our staff have attended workshops and seminars conducted at NITC, CUSAT, RSET, GCE Thrissur etc.

Department of Computer Science and Engineering J. C. PRASAD HOD, Dept.of CSE

Department of Computer Science and Engineering was established in the year 2002 and the present strength of B.Tech CSE students is 540 including both PG and UG students. M.Tech programme in Computer Science and Information systems started in the academic year 2010-2011. 89% of final year B.Tech students passed in the university examination and CSE department of FISAT achieved the credit of best CSE department in M.G.Univerisuty with maximum number of students successfully finished the course. The department has competent and committed faculty which encourages students’ involvement in various co-curricular activities along with their academics. The department also takes initiative for the conduct of various inter/intra collegiate competitions to improve the skills of the students. The students are also provided finest opportunities to join various professional societies/clubs like IEEE, CSI, FFSC, WIBES etc. The department has organized a number of programmes like ICEFOSS’10, National Seminar on “Advanced Networking Technologies & Security Issues”, and International Conferences on

“Advanced Computing & Communication Technologies for HPC Applications”. CSI student chapter of FISAT achieved best student chapter national award in the years 2010 & 2011 consecutively. ICE-FOSS’10 In connection with ICEFOSS’10, ‘Project Expo’- an exhibition of projects as part of students course work. The 38 different projects exhibited were the result of hard work, innovation and imagination of over 120 students. The project areas spanned all competitive fields in computer science from graphics to high performance computing to human machine interaction. A team of vibrant professionals from the global IT giant TCS evaluated the projects rating them as per industry standards. The professionalism exhibited by our students drew steady praise from the evaluators making judgment a difficult task. Overcoming stiff competition, two outstanding projects shared the ‘Best Student Project Award’ instituted by TCS. The two projects that tied to be the best were ‘Super Mario with Laser Controller HMI’ by Bharat

Prabhakaran, Ganesh Raj, and Binoy Jose and ‘Image Distance Finder (IDF)’ by Rohit Viswam, Sanil Sani and Shyam Mohan. Ms. Sujatha Madhav Chandran – GM, TCS, Cochin presented the awards in the valedictory function of ICE-FOSS’10. The award consisted of a citation and a cash prize of Rs.20000 CSE Day The CSE day ‘Mantra 2011’ organized by THYRA, Student’s Association of Computer Science and Engineering Department was celebrated on 30th March 2011. An exhibition of projects executed by the outgoing students of Computer Science and Engineering Department was also organized on the CSE day for facilitating an interaction between entrepreneurs and executives from IT industries and the students. The exhibition was aimed at introducing the emerging trends and innovative technologies in computer science to the society while providing students with an opportunity to showcase their talent in software development. Best Project award was achieved by Reshma V, Vinny 127

Vincent and Sikha Maria Ambatt of S8 CSE for project work titled “Finger Detection”.

programs have offered to more than 400 villagers now.

FISAT Free Software Cell in association with CSE Dept. is planning to organize a national level FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) meet “ICE-FOSS ‘11 on 19th & 20th of July 2011. The Official announcement of “ICE-FOSS - 11 has done by FISAT Chairman, Sri. P V Mathew on the CSE day. The target audience of the meet included students and faculty members from prestigious institutions across the nation.

Faculty development programme on Computer graphics and Network programming was conducted from 28th April 2010 to 4th may 2010. It covered various topics like OpenGL, OpenAL, python programming. The aim of the programme was to train the staff members in modern trends and developments in the field of graphics animations and network programming.

3. ‘Android Mobile Application Development’ – workshop by CHPC on 5th and 6th march 2011 for first year students. 30 students enlisted for the workshop.


With Microsoft Products:

The Department of CSE organized personality enhancement programme for second year students on 20 th Jan 2010. The theme of the programme “VALUE BASED LEADERSHIP” dealt with the challenges and a call for enhancing leadership by Prof. Dr. Kemthose P. Paul, HOD, Management Studies, Sree Narayana Gurukulam College of Engg.

All FISATIANs have been registered for MSDNAA online software system. FISATIANs can download and access a wide range of Microsoft developer tools, servers, and platforms. There is no charge to download the software as long as you are an in FISAT as student or staff.

A Technical quiz competi-tion was conducted as a part of Mantra 2011 to assess the technical skills of the students.Mithun Mathew, Sarang of 1&2 CSE secured the first prize Treasure Hunt programme prize grabbed by Suraj R and Vysakha of S6 CSE B. Extension programme: Social Empowerment through ICT At present youth and women in rural areas have very little knowledge about this technology primarily due to limited access. Awareness at the grass root level is essential. For the development of the society as a whole, they should be trained in computers. With this objective, local youth club - MAS Club Learning Centre, Mookkannoor in association with CSE Dept of FISAT came forward to start village based information awareness activities. Computer education


Faculty Development Programme

In view of World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, Computer Society of India organised a seminar on ‘Better Cities, Better Life with ICTs’ on 25th May 2010. ‘Insight into next generation HPC”, a lecture by Dr K S M Panicker, Dean of Planning and Research, FISAT. Extra Courses: 1. IBM offered certification programme in FISAT for CSE students. 40 students certified db2 exam conducted by IBM professionals on 19 th

OCTOBER 2010. Exam fee amount of Rs. 10,000 per student was exempted to all eligible students to write the examination by IBM. 2. 7 th Batch of Linux training programme were conducted in effectively by FFSC students. Classes were conducted from 4:30-5:30 in computer labs.

Recognition from IIT Knpur IIT Kanpur has selected Federal Institute of Science And Technology (FISAT) Angamaly for SURGE (Summer Undergraduate Research Grant for Excellence) programme. Under this programme FISAT students can undertake short term courses on research projects at IIT Kanpur during summer holidays. The duration of the programme will be ten weeks. An award and commendation certificate will be given to SURGE students who produce exceptional quality research projects during this period. This recognition is based on CSE project performance during the past years, International Conference and Academic activities along with HPC systems.

Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering

The Department of Electrical and Electronics had successfully organized a National Conference on Emerging Trends in Energy Systems And Control on May 20 th and 21 st , 2010. Researchers and academicians from various states have participated in the Conference. The conference was well appreciated by them. The program was inaugurated by Dr. K.Gopakumar, Professor and Chairman, CEDT, IISc Bangalore. He delivered an

inspiring talk on “Multilevel Inverters”. The session included an outstanding invited talk by Dr. PailoPaul, Dean, Academics (FISAT) on “High Voltage Testing Practices”. The second day witnessed a very impressive talk by Dr. K.K.Sasi, Professor and Vice Chairman, Dept. of EEE, Amrita Viswavidyappedom, Coimbatore.Many valuable informations on “Wind Generation and its Advancements” were mentioned in the talk.


Dr. K. S. M. Panicker, dean, Planning and research, FISAT gave an informative talk on “Future of Smart grid”. Another highlight of the program was the Kathakali performance by Sruthi Devidas (EEE student and MG University Youth Festival Winner) and a team led by Prof. C. Balasubramanian (Principal, Kerala Kalamandalam). The conference concluded with a Valedictory Function on May 21st, 2010.


DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRONICS AND INSTRUMENTATION ENGINEERING Instrumentation is a pioneer field of engineering in the modern era. In this fast growing age of automation and process industries, instrumentation engineer is an inevitable choice of every industry. Be it embedded applications for mobile communication devices or to measure the strain on a steel structure, an instrumentation engineer has a greater role in developing sensors and control systems for such application. We have started the Department of Electronics and Instrumentation engineering in the year of 2002 in FISAT. The department consisted of highly qualified and eminent faculty members with immense knowledge and vast experience in teaching and industry. For the last nine years, the department has procured several notable achievements in the field of technical education. During this period of academic excellence, the students of electronics and instrumentation engineering department walked out with flying colors. It is proud to announce our students had achieved First and Second ranks in the M G University examinations from 2006 to 2010 as a continuum. 130

A large number of students from our department were placed in national and multinational companies such as IOCL, Reliance, ONGC, Cummins and ABB. A central calibration and testing facility for all instruments is provided by the department. We have a full fledged research facility which focus on emerging trends in sensor technology and control applications. We also have the facility for developing process control applications using DCS and SCADA. The department has well equipped laboratories such as Transducers and Measurements Lab, Instrumentation Lab, and fully automated Process Control Lab which are essentially necessary for the students to excel in practical fields of instrumentation. An association named IDEA is working under the department of EIE. An electronic hobby club and Readers’ forum are working under IDEA.Industrial trainings and industrial visits are conducting for the pre final year and final year students. We have conducted a four day workshop on embedded systems and its applications during


30th June to 3rd July 2010. Participants from 13 different engineering colleges were benefited by this workshop. The department has a research and consultancy centre named “Instrumentation Research And Consultancy Centre (IRACC). IRACC is conducting various research activities in the field of applied sciences and Instrumentation. Research team includes staff members and students. The patrons of IRACC include eminent scientists, technocrats and academicians from all over India. The areas of Research includes • Instrument design and Development • Automation • Sensor design and development • Fibre optics • Virtual Instrumentation • Fuzzy logic and neural networks. IRACC published 12 volumes of a monthly research bulletin named “Instron”. The intention of this bulletin was to bring out the technical contributions of the staff and students of the department. It is also working as an effective medium for knowledge transfer.


DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING The department was started in 2009. It offers B Tech programme in Mechanical engineering, which is in tune with the syllabi of M G University. The department aims to develop mechanical engineers who are innovative, entrepreneurial, and equipped to become global leaders in research and technology The programme focuses on solutions to the problems in design, manufacturing, robotics, automotive, energy production, thermodynamics etc. The department has well qualified faculty members who are specialists in the fields of thermal, design, and manufacturing, and safety. The faculty includes post doctoral fellows and doctoral fellows from reputed universities /IIT’s from India and abroad

The department provides an environment to students in such a way that they will be able to understand the core concepts including mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, material science and energy.

The state - of - the art laboratories provide the students an opportunity to conduct experiments and thereby acquire high level of practical experience in various engineering applications.

The goal of the B. Tech programme in Mechanical Engineering is ton create a flexible undergraduate educational experience in design, Modeling, Computing and Management science. Qualified faculty members assigned with various theory subjects, prepares course plans with the emphasis on ‘learning of the students’. The instructional or lecture delivery of the faculty will be through a set of educational technology / tools opted by the faculty.

• Conduct M Tech and Ph.D programmes.


• Students are encouraged to participate in research projects. • Develop an institute- industry interaction cell. • Offer short term programme on CAD/CAM, by developing world class CAD/CAM centre.




The Department since its inception in 2006, has two batches passed out and 3 batches currently pursuing the course. The Department has a committed team of faculty members, aiming on providing excellent training to students and also taking part in improving their soft skills. The training is also supplemented by giving them an understanding about moral values and social responsibilities The Department has to its credit a remarkable academic achievement, with Ms. Nimmy George of 2007 Batch winning the First Rank in the MG University MCA degree Examination. The Department encourages students to participate in technical events organized by other institutions, where our students have won prizes in many intercollegiate fests. Also, our students of 2008 batch have been attending the on campus and off campus recruitment drives


and some of them have been already placed in reputed MNCs like TCS, HP, WIPRO, TATA ELXSI etc. The MCA Association organizes many activities aiming at improving the interpersonal skills of the students. During the Month of July 2010, “TECHNO BLITZ”, a quiz competition was organized for the MCA students. On 21 st December 2010, “SCIENTIA” a Paper Presentation event was hosted by the Association. The papers submitted by the students were screened and evaluated by the technical committee and 9 best papers were selected for the final round of presentation. The Best two papers were awarded with attractive cash prizes. An Intra Departmental cricket tournament “MCA-CUP 2011” was organized from 31st January to 3rd February 2011 at the College Ground.

HOD, Dept. of MCA

The Association with the active support of the Faculty members regularly organizes in house training programmes for the students to improve their soft skills and the problem solving skills essentially required for their profession. Technical seminar sessions are conducted weekly and monitored by the faculty members to improve student’s presentation skills and to enable them to keep track of the latest developments in the field of computer science. Two of the faculty members are pursuing Doctoral Degree course in Computer Science in the fields of Information Security and Fractal Analysis. It is a good effort to release a magazine, that provides a platform for disseminating knowledge and I wish the team all the best.

DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION ARUN S. HOD, Dept. of Physical Education & Sports

Today’s youth dream beyond academics.FISAT is always in the forefront promoting budding sports persons by providing sports facilities of international standards. We believe in taking the strong initiative to inspire and support new sports persons. Students participated in various state and national level tournaments and won prizes. FISAT men team were the Winners of Private Engineering Colleges Sports And Games Association (PECSAGA) Table Tennis Tournament held at Sahr’daya college of Engg., Kodakara, Thrissur.and All Kerala Intercollegiate TableTennis Tournament held at St. Joseph college of Engg and technology, Pala.FISAT women team were the Runners up in the All Kerala Intercollegiate Table Tennis Tournament held at St. Joseph college of Engg. and technology, Pala. Our students became overall Champions in M.G.

University Bodybuilding Championship at St.Dominic’s College, Kanjirappilly. Tinu Thomas II MBA and Sunil KumarK.S of S1S2 B.Tech (CSE), were the members who won gold medal in their weight category. FISAT Basketball team won runners up position in the All Kerala Intercollegiate Basket ball Tournament held at Rajagiri Engg college, Kakkanad, Vimaljyoti Engg. college, Kannur, Mar Baselios College of Engg., Thiruvanthapuram and FISAT. We got second in the M.G.University Inter Collegiate Basketball Tournament NZ held at Nirmala College, Moovattupuzha. FISAT Netball team won runners up position in the M.G. University Inter Collegiate Netball Tournament held at U.C. College, Aluva Vysakh Ravi represented Kerala state in National Table tennis championships for Juniors and Youth. He is also the member

of M.G.University Table tennis team. Lakshmi Ramachandran is the member of M.G.University Table tennis team. Johney Cherian is the member of M.G.University Basketball team. Arun Paul represented Kerala state in National Netball championships for Youth. Johney Cherian, Arun Paul, Shebin Shamsudheen and Thomas Joy were the members of M. G. University Netball Team. FISAT won both Men and women section of the M.G. University Intercollegiate Table Tennis Tournament 2010-11 and Private Engineering Colleges Sports And Games Association (PECSAGA) Table Tennis Tournament at Vidya Academy of Science And Technology, Thrissur. FISAT Basketball team secured First in MG University NZ Intercollegiate Basketball Tournament and won Third position in the M. G. University Interzone Basket ball tournament 2010-11. The team also participated in


Education and Sports was the Team Manager for the Kerala team in Junior National Judo Championship at Bangalore and also the Team Manager for the M.G. University team in Interuniversity Tabletennis Tournament held at Viswesraya Technological University (VTU) Belgaum.

Illahia College Moovattupuzha, Mar Baselios College Thiruvanthapuram, Vishwajyoti College of Engg. Thodupuzha, Rajagiri Engg. College Kakkanad, Amaljyoti Engg. College Kanjirappilly.

Tournament 2010-11 and secured 17th position in National Ranking. Johney Cherian, Arun Paul and Shebin Shamsudheen represented M.G.University in the Interuniversity Basketball Tournament at Annamalai University, Chidambaram.

Vysakh Ravi, Angilo Porathur, Lakhsmy Ramachandran, Lia Chacko and Aparna Shaju of FISAT represented M.G University in the Interuniversity Tabletennis Tournament held at Viswesraya Technological University (VTU) Belgaum. Vysakh Ravi ranked 1 st in the Kerala State TableTennis

FISAT All kerala Intercollegiate Basketball Tournament was held from 4 th February to 7 th February 2011 in our campus, Mar Baselios College of Engg, Thiruvanthapuram were the winners followed by FISAT.

We are able to achieve covetable success in the field of sports because of the excellent facilities provided in the college. We have great hopes and aspirations about the new academic year.

Mr. Arun.S, Asst Professor in the Department of Physical

Hope it brings about more laurels!


ECHO Department Association of ECE JIBY VARGHESE Asst. Prof., ECE Dept.

ECHO - Electronic and Communication Heuristic Organaization is an initiative from the students of ECE branch of FISAT to render a platform for the students to expose their knowledge and ideas. Echo was formed in 2004 as an end result of untiring efforts of many young and vibrant EC engineering students of FISAT. Ever since there has been a spirit of unity and co-ordination among its members to drive its activities successfully, forward its aims and objectives with prime focus on getting in touch with the latest technologies and fastening the creativity of every student. Echo always appreciates creative brains and innovative ideas thus it is all about increasing creativity…

on the 25th march of 2010.It was inaugurated by Mr. Ramaratnam, Deputy Director ISRO. The exhibition was arranged to exhibit the potential of our students by displaying their projects to the public. A live demonstration regarding the television engineering was also done. The entire exhibition was organized in 41 pavilions, visited by around 1500+ students and teachers from different institutions. ‘AGNITIO TIMES’ the newsletter was also published during the exhibition and the entire program was mindblowing experience for the students. Two projects were selected as the most popular projects and cash prizes were given out by the principal.



Agnitio’10, a project exhibition organized by ECHO in association with the National Conference conducted by ECE department, was done successfully

A seminar and workshop in AVR microcontroller was conducted for sixth semester EC students in association with ECHO, and was taken by

Mr. Mahesh .C .The workshop was for 8 days which was arranged during the last two weeks of January 2011.The session was interactive and highly beneficial to the participants. The seminar and the hand on training session with the help of Adruino development board exposed the students to the various applications of microcontroller and gave them a new insight to the recent trends in the field of embedded system. QUIZ COMPETITION A quiz competition ‘X CALIBER’ was organized by ECHO in the last week of March in connection with ECHO day celebrations of the year 2011. Around 20 teams were participated and fabulous prizes were given out for the winners.



NISHA RAJIV Asst. Prof., CSE Dept.

Department Association of CSE

THYRA – Association of Computer Science and Engineering Students was established in the year 2003-2004. The association is aimed in bringing out the blooming talents of students. It conducts regular activities in different aspects of new age technology, which improvise the technical excellence of students. THYRA’s executive commi-ttee members include one student from each computer science class and a staff coordinator. The student’s executive committee members for the current year are : Renuka Nair, Chairman, S8 Ganesh Raj, Vice Chairman, S8 Amrith Krishna, S6 Shebin Abdul Lateef, S6 Aloshious Babu, S4 Merish Joseph, S4


THYRA conducts every year an annual CSE DAY celebration, ‘MANTRA’, which includes various competitions and technical events. This year too, THYRA successfully celebrated ‘MANTRA 2K11’ on 31st March 2011. It included the following activities: Final Year Project Exhibition Technical Quiz Competition Technical Treasure Hunt Website Design Competition The winners were awarded attractive cash prizes, certificates and mementoes. Association selects the best outgoing student from the final year batch and this year the honor was awarded to Ms. Rajshri Premraj, S8CSB.

THYRA annually release a newsletter ‘ICON’, which reflects all the departmental activities and achievements. The third release of ICON-‘ICON 2011’ will be in June 2011.


Department Association of EEE

Asst. Prof., EEE Dept.

The office bearers of the Electrical & Electronics Engineering student association “ELECTRA” for the year 2010-2011were elected and took charge on 03/08/2010 in the presence of Dr. Pailo Paul, Head of the Department. The members are Vice Chairman Secretary Joint Secretary Treasurer Staff in charge The association kick started the activities with an exhibition on SPACE organized in association with Indian Space Research Association (ISRO) on 16th, 17th & 18th September 2010 in the college. The exhibition was inaugurated by the chairman of the college Mr. P V Mathew. He pointed out that exhibitions of this kind will evoke enthusiasm among students in space science. The aim of the exhibition was to create awareness among school and college students about the country’s achievements in space programme and to show how they have helped in country’s overall development. The exhibition show-cased satellites ranging from Aryabhatta to the INSAT series. Chandrayan 1 and the technology used in it were the major highlights of the exhibition. The models of India’s future


Benjamin A Peter (S7) Arun Melepura (S5) Avinash Babu (S5) Swathy S Nair (S7) Surya Susan Alex

programmes (vision till 2020) like GSLV- MK III, Reusable Launch Vehicle- Technology Demonstrator (RLV-TD), Space Capsule Recovery Experiment (SRE-II) and Chandrayan -2 were also displayed. The video shows of Chandrayan I and the history of Indian space research were an added colour to the event. It was well appreciated by almost 3000 students from various schools and colleges in Ernakulam district. In the valedictory function ISRO representative Mr. Venugopalan Unni presented a memento, a model of GSLV III to Dr. Pailo Paul, Head of the Department. To instill in the students the need for sustainable growth an invited lecture was conducted on September 29, 2010 at seminar hall on Energy Conservation

Auditing and Renewable Energy. Er. Jayaraman C, Manager-Power and Utilities, BPCL-KRL and Er. Santhosh Warrior, Energy consultant were the resource persons. Er. Jayaraman in his lecture emphasized that Energy Conservation is the reduction of the amount of energy required to provide products and services. Energy audit is a systematic procedure where the purpose is to evaluate the existing energy consumption, identify of the saving measures and report the findings in the system. Er. Santhosh Warrior pointed out that Energy efficiency and renewable energy are said to be the twin pillars of sustainable energy policy and it is high time to replace the traditional energy sources by alternate sources.


SREEJITH K. R. Asst. Prof., EIE Dept.

IDEA Department Association of EIE

IDEA, the students association of the Electronics and Instru-mentation Department of FISAT is one which has been active since the inception of the college in 2002. IDEA with the help of its active members has successfully organized many technical seminars,


work-shops and project modeling competitions in the campus.

training for electronic circuit design and working model development.

IDEA also has a very well equipped technical library consisting of books from various streams of engineering. It also helps the budding engineers to develop their technical skills by giving them

IDEA aims at the overall development of a student and preparing young and enthusiastic technical professionals for the future.

PRINCE MATTOM Asst. Prof., ME Dept.

MATRIX Department Association of ME

Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest and broadest in engineering disciplines.It emerged as a field during the industrial revolution in Europe in the 18th century;however, its development can even be traced back several thousand years throughout the world.The field has continually evolved to incorporate advancements in technology and material sciences. Mechanical engineers today are pursuing developments in numerous fields like composites, mechatronics, nanotechnology etc. Mechanical Association for Technology Revolution and Innovative Xcellence – MATRIX, established on February 14 th 2011,with the following objectives To focus on the cutting edge technology and present it in an

interesting manner by means of lectures/talks, magazine articles, workshops, industrial trips, etc. Promoting interests in various technical areas pertaining to mechanical engineering. Acquiring relevant informa-tion to sustain interest in the fieldspecific applications of ME. Providing with relevant knowledge of inter-disciplinary subjects, given the broad domain of ME. To spread awareness about the scope for various career options.

To act as an interface between the students and the faculty and strive for improvement in studentfaculty interaction. Providing a platform for interaction between senior and junior students of the department by organizing social gatherings. Interacting with other technical societies, within and outside the institute to promote flow of knowledge. To promote the interaction between academia and industry by organizing industrial trips, special lectures and facilitate in industrial training.

To convey timely informa-tion on the various research opportunities for internships and higher studies available.


FORUM Department Association of MBA

The Fourm represents the student community at Fisat B-school. The composition of the committee includes 5 members; Mr. Rohit P (President), Mr. Ashwin Raphael I G (treasurer), Mr. Kurian George (secretary), Mr. Avinash Thomas (vice-president), Mr. Eldho Thambi (joint secretary). The faculty in charge of the union activities was Ms. Delma Thaliyan. The activities of FMS started off, this year, with a philanthropic initiative. The management students joined hands with the Little Flower hospital, Ankamaly, to co-ordinate a one day free medical check up camp for heart patients. As an extension of this, FMS actively participated in one way or the other in many noble causes. The awareness programme conducted by the Fisat B-school’s social responsibility club on “Protection from mosquitoes and chikunguniya” in Mookkanoor grama panchayat was well received by the local people. As planned, FMS conducted the alumni for the first batch students of Fisat B-school along


with a two day workshop at the college called “KARMA 2010”. The function was attended by renowned personalities like cine artist, Kailash, Jithin C Nedumala, founder, MAD (NGO) and child artist, Asna. FMS also presented Asna, who hails from a economically backward family and is visually impaired, with a gold coin as a token of our love and gratitude. As part of the workshop a management fest was conducted for the students of FBS by the alumni. The event was made colourful by the cultural events where the students showcased their talents. FMS also successfully conducted one of its kinds, industrial cum leisure tour for its students where the students got the opportunity to visit the Tata Tea estates in Munnar. It was not only a journey of academic interest but also took away much of the monotony of the strict working atmosphere of a B school. FMS was able to ensure the active participation of students in the MSME workshop in FBS in collaboration with Micro, Small

DELMA THALIYAN Asst. Prof. Dept. of MBA

and Medium enterprises development institute, Thrissur. The purpose of the programme is to develop the entrepreneurial skills of business aspirants of FBS.The process of publishing a case journal on selected ten MSME’s is underway already. FMS plans to publish the journal and also share it with the other B schools in the country. But even then, FMS has already set into motion the machinery for conducting Fourm next year with many changes thereby giving the participants a whole new experience. Apart from these activities FMS has also set in many reforms which will serve as reference for the coming batches of FBS. For the first times, senior batch of students will actively participate in the interview process of junior students and their orientation. The process to develop the funds for the student activities and also budgeting for the expenses for the coming year is underway. The activities of FMS have shown a new direction to the student community at FBS and have also helped develop the culture of FBS.



Staff in-charge

Student Branch of Institute for Electrical and Electronics Enginers

Anon-profit organization, IEEE is the world’s leading professional association for the advancement of technology. IEEE Student Branches are established at over 1,500 universities and colleges throughout the world. Student Branch activities offer numerous educational, technical and professional advantages of IEEE membership through special projects, activities, meetings, tours and field trips. IEEE FISAT student branch was formed in the year 2004. FISAT is proud to be one of the primary branches to be formed in the Kerala Section. FISAT is renounced as one the most vibrant branch of Kerala section. With its legacy in the field of experience and organization Student Branch organized a Technical FestNautilus 2K10, a Section level (all Kerala) event- Gnistra’10, a hub level (Kottayam, Pathanamthitta, Allepey, Ernakulam, Idukki) event- Srjanaa’10 and several intra- college programs.

Nautilus 2K10 was a South Indian level technical fest, which witnessed the participation of 500 students from many colleges in and around Kerala. The event was inaugurated by Mr. Siddhartha Battacharya, CEO Info Park. The two day event with a total of 18 techno managerial and fun sessions was an incredible experience for the participants and the organizers. Parallel to competitions Robotics workshop hosted by Li2 Innovations was also structured. ‘Gnistra’- the WIE Forum 2010 was held on 10th - 12th of September 2010. The event turned out to be a glittering episode as 150 students from 21 colleges in Kerala Section participated. The inaugural function was presided over by Mr. Jaison Abey Sabu (Kerala Section Student Activity Chair). Other dignitaries who graced the occasion were Mr. P. V. Mathew (FISAT chairman), Dr.C.Sheela (Vice Principal FISAT), Ms.Neethu Mathew (Kerala Section WIE coordinator),

Mr. Praveen V (Branch Counsellor, FISAT IEEE SB), Ms. Parvathi Rani (FISAT SB WIE Staff in charge) and Ms.Deepthi J Prabhu (WIE chair-person, FISAT). FISAT was also fortunate to receive a personal message from Dr. Irena Atov (IEEE-WIE Chair). The highlights of the event were, session led by Mr.Prijoe Philips Komattu (MGA SAC, industrial representative), he addressed topics ranging from IEEE benefits to improving one’s personality for moulding him or her to be a true team worker; a panel discussion with three eminent women personalities from various professional fields. They were Ms. M. Leelamani (Calicut District and Sessions Judge), Ms. Sreedevi Shivaraman (technocrat from ISRO) and Ms. Lincy Antony (IT consultant from Bangalore TCS). They shared their career and life experiences with the participants and encouraged girls to shed their reticence. 141

Srjanaa’10, the two day event which was focused on spreading the value of WIE, witnessed a participation of nearly 120 Student Delegates from around 17 Colleges of Hub2 and Hub3. The major attraction of event was more number of female participants. The event staged discussion forums and leadership workshops. ‘COGNIZANCE 2K11’ was a one day event organized by the S1& S2 IEEE members for the first year students on 26th February 2010. It included both technical as well as non-technical programs. The main theme of the event was mostly focused on imparting the knowledge and ideas behind the latest and emerging technologies of the modern world to the students who attended the event. The entire day was a potpourri of technical talks and fun events. Technical talks were conducted in


four main sessions. They were based on the following topics: Time Travel, Optical Computing, Hydrogen fuelled Automobiles, Ham radio. On 4th march, 2011, a career guidance program was conducted by the student branch. The session was handled by Mr. Sumod K Mohan, research student of Clemson University, USA. It’s a pride worth mentioning that he is our alumni. This mainly gave the students a wider outlook towards many of them, in demand subjects. The subjects that he drew our attention into, were, Digital signal processing, computer and machine vision and their wide applications. The second session was mainly about shaping our dreams and focusing on our goal. He started off with a soughing after question, “Why Work”? This highly motivational session included the success stories of many of the eminent personalities like Steve

jobs, Bill gates etc. The students got into the thick of realization of the necessity of nurturing their technical skills and the need of realizing their goals. The speaker towards the end gave the students a list of motivational speeches that were capable enough to bring the fire of inspiration and books of leaders from various walks of life, the ones including that of Harsha Bhogle and J K Rowling. The session on a whole proved to be a perfect timer for the third and fourth years and a highly enthralling experience to the first and the second years. Student Branch awaits more exceptional events in the future which would enlighten the technical acquaintance and practical skills to its members. Following academic year expects the surfacing of new leaders and innovations.

ISTE The Student Chapter of Institute of Indian Society for Technical Education M. D. RAJU Staff in-charge

The Indian society for technical education is a national, professional, non- profit making society registered under the society’s registration Act of 1860. The major objective of the ISTE is to assist and contribute in the production and development of top quality professional engineers and technicians needed by the industries and other organisations. Being the only national organisation of educators in the field of engineering and technology, ISTE effectively contributes in various missions of union government. The Ministry of Human Resource Development, CTE/DST/MIT/ State Government are well associated with the ISTE for programmes related to technical education. Major objectives of ISTE Formulate the general goals and responsibilities of technical education system. Adjusting the curriculum and education process to the changing conditions. To improve instructional methods and practices To enhance professional standards To enhance communication between institutions, industry and common man.

To orient the students to become efficient professionals and develop skills in technical areas. Awarding prizes and awards to motivate teachers and students The headquarters of ISTE is at New Delhi and each state has a state section. ISTE chapter is functioning in all the engineering colleges and polytechnics in the country with total membership exceeding 50000. ISTE Kerala section was established at Thrissur comprising about 2500 members and 40 student chapters. Being the only organisation of educators in the field of engineering and technology, ISTE is represented in various technical committees and boards formed by central government. ISTE is working along with AICTE as a partner to maintain the quality of technical education. It organises seminars, workshops in technical education and educates its members through publications. It also imparts knowledge, develops skills and builds positive attitude among students who dream to become good and socially committed engineers. It also has ties with other educational organisations abroad, like the American society for engineering

education etc. By joining ISTE you become the member of this prestigious organisation having strength of around 2 lakhs students. Being a member of a student chapter you can organise various activities like seminars, technical talks etc by inviting eminent persons from various industrial wings. ISTE offers awards for each student chapter every year. Such as national award for best M tech thesis, best engineering design, best B tech project, best chapter award from each section and Kongu trophy for best overall performance. To become a member of ISTE Any student (fulltime/part time) studying in AICTE approved technical institution is eligible for membership every year. Awards received for ISTE student’s chapter and students. Year 2006-Mr. RevinGeorge Ajith (Best student award) Year 2008 - Mr Idicula Koruthu (Best student award) Year 2009- Mr Prinu Varkey (Best student award) FISAT obtained the best ISTE students chapter award in the year 2006. 143

CSI HEMA KRISHNAN Staff in-charge

Student Branch of Computer Society of India

Computer Society of India established in the year 1965 is today the largest IT professionals Society in India. FISAT is among the 400 student branches of CSI which comes under the Cochin Chapter and was started in 2006. FISAT student branch takes active participation in all the activities of CSI. It is the most active student branch among all the chapters in India which has been proved by the BEST STUDENT BRANCH (National) AWARD in the academic year 2009-2010 as well as the consecutive academic year 2010-2011. The mission of CSI is to facilitate research, knowledge sharing, learning and career enhancement for all categories of IT Professionals, while simultaneously inspiring and nurturing new entrants into the industry and helping them to integrate into the IT community. To fulfill this objective, the CSI regularly organizes conferences, conventions, lectures and gives various

awards. At the same time it also ensures that regular training and skill updating sessions are organized for the IT professionals. Several programmes have been conducted in the last academic year, which include second International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communication Technologies for High Performance Applications, conducted on 7th Dec 2010 to 10th Dec 2010, Free and Open Source Software meet, ICE-FOSS’10, organized from 19th to 21st of April 2010 -(ICEFOSS is a Conference for Enthusiasts of Free and Open Source Software), which was conducted by Fisat Free Software Cell (FFSC) in association with CSI, Seminar on Energy Conservation in connection with Energy Conservation Day, conducted on Dec 14th, 2010, Seminar on “Better Cities Better Life with ICTs” in view of ‘World Telecommunication and Information Society Day’, organized on May 25th, 2010

Staff in-charge

and a Talk on Value Based Leadership on 20th January 2010. FISAT CSI Student Branch organized personality enhancement programme for second year students on 20 th Jan 2010. The theme of the programme“VALUE BASED LEADERSHIP” dealt with the challenges and a call for enhancing leadership. Prof. Dr. Kemthose P. Paul , HOD, Management Studies, Sree Narayana Gurukulam College of Engg., said that leadership is both an art and a science. Awareness regarding the importance of leadership was brought by the fact that companies are heading toward a catastrophic shortage of qualified leaders with the knowledge needed to run global business; Companies are heading toward a perfect storm when it comes to leadership. The students from FISAT Student Branch have been active participants in various National Student Conventions and have brought back many awards as well.

FISAT CSI Student Branch Office Bearers



Joint Secretary


Athul Krishnan, S4 CSE



Tincy Elias, S8 CSE

Joint Treasurer


Nia Mary Rose, S4 CSE

Arts Club Annual Report SANDEEP B. Secretary

With one more academic year reaching its end, FISAT arts club is proving itself more and more dynamic and lively. The previous academic year witnessed a lot of diverse events. Whole hearted support and cooperation from the management and the FISATians acted as its foundation. The bountiful amount of talent that the students of FISAT possess is also remarkable. The year commenced with the M G University youth festival. It proved to be a brilliant platform to showcase the creative side of students. Around 100 students participated from our college and bagged several prizes and they came out with flying colors. We got our highest score ever this year. Students who brought us pride this year are Saranya Sasidharan, Parvati M , Anuja V R and Deepak Jo Robin. A ceremony to felicitate the participants was held a week after, which was presided over by our Chairman Mr. P V Mathew, Principal Dr.P.S.Sreejith, Vice principal Dr.C. Sheela, Mr. E. K. RajaVarma, Treasurer FBOAES , Mr. Pailo Paul, Dean of Engineering Sciences and the HOD of the various departments. With such a good start, members of the ARTS CLUB joined their hands to organize

Arangu 2010, our Intra College Arts festival. The fest was arranged for two days with the sole motive to appreciate the talented and to encourage the new talents. There were around a 1000 participants. The students proved their capability both on and off stage by organizing the event in a disciplined yet lively manner. Gratitude towards the principal, management and staff members for their constant support is beyond words. My fellow students deserve a special mention for putting their heart and soul into the event. The event marked its start with an inaugural ceremony and lighting the lamp by the lead actors of the famous film Malarvadi Arts Club. The presence of the chief guests cheered the students more when one of the lead actors Mr. Nivin Polly, who is also an ex-FISATian addressed the audience. The crowd became more alive as Mr. Jiby Varghese, Lecturer in ECE Dept, took over the stage to ask the dear actors various questions on public demand. The second day started with a grand reception to our chief guest Mr. Vineeth Sreenivasan, Play back singer and actor. The stage was set on fire when Sachin Warrier of FISAT performed together with our chief guest. The auditorium was filled with the cheers of the energetic crowd

wanting for more. The two days turned out to be remarkable in the hearts of all FISATians. The event was a great success in all respects, due to the whole hearted cooperation of all students of FISAT. The prize distribution ceremony to acknowledge the talents was held three weeks later which was presided over by the Chairman Mr. P V Mathew, Principal Dr.P S Sreejith, Vice Principal Dr.C.Sheela, Dr. Pailo Paul, the HODs of the various branches, Ms. Archana, Mr. P J Antu and College Union Chairman Sunil Tom Jose. FISATians have made our college proud by making their strong presence felt in many events organized by several institutions across Kerala. I find myself extremely delighted to have this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude towards the Management and PTA for their generous co-operation to the activities of the club. I express my heartfelt thanks to Mr. P J Antu and Mrs. Archana for menting our ways through all the activities. With warm wishes to the next council I submit this report before you.


CHETHNA JOY Staff in - charge

The world of technology is evolving. Computers, once affordable only to companies, are now commonplace, even essential, in any household. The Internet, probably the greatest invention of the 20th century, has brought people closer and thus, has strengthened the role of computers in our age. The freedom that the internet brings to its millions of users has woken us up to the real meaning of Free Speech. And yet, when we look to the rest of the technological world, we find something missing: that very sense of freedom that we have come to expect from computers. The aspect where we most feel the lack of this freedom is software. We feel that the power of computing should be available to all people - not just those lucky enough to afford commercial software. We feel that software must be free. Free, not just to use as we please, but free to study, to modify, to share and to redistribute.With this vision was born the FISAT Free Software Cell. The FISAT Free Software Cell (FFSC), established in 2006, 146

FFSC FISAT Free Software Cell is dedicated to promote computer users‘ rights to use, study, copy, modify, and redistribute computer programs. The FFSC promotes the development and use of free software, particularly the GNU operating system, used widely in its GNU/Linux variant. At present the cell extends its help on technical basis by doing need based projects for the visually challenged people. The Free Software Cell is one of the most active student organisations operating in FISAT. FFSC has brought forth enumerous activites keeping in mind the varied and versatile interests of the student community. Linux classes , Install Fest, Awareness in Schools, ICE FOSS’ 11 are just to name a few. Linux classes are being conducted for students in the evenings bearing in mind the vital role linux plays in computer systems today. These classes create an awareness and enable students to keep up with the ever-dynamic IT world. The Linux Installation fest created a launch pad for budding programmers to overcome technical difficulties while using

MAHESH C. Staff in - charge

the new operating system. The fest was a grand success and enabled intrested students to take their first faltering steps into the world of linux. Awareness programmes upholds FFSC’s belief that imparting knowledge is a vital part of education and so the members of FFSC conductes awareness programmes for school students . It gives young children a colourful start into Linux Systems. ICE FOSS is the annual conference on FOSS conducted in the college by FFSC . “ICE FOSS is a Conference of Enthusiasts of FOSS” The event is attended by various students and faculty members from prestigious institutions. Featuring a multitude of events on the philosophical and technical aspects of FOSS, the event became a melting-pot of new ideas and a channel for the distribution of existing ones.Keeping up with tradition ICE FOSS’11 will be held this year as well on the 29,30,31st of July 2011.


JYOTISH K. JOHN Staff in - charge

Web Development Cell

WIBES, true to its name had yet another vibrant year with a handful of exotic projects to build. Wibes web team had undertaken a number of in-house projects and provided technical assistance in HTML, PHP and Wordpress projects. WIBES has come up with a curiculum based course to be offered in web design covering HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript from next academic year. WIBES activities 2010-11 Web design and management of Nautilus 2k10, Tech Fest organized by IEEE, FISAT.

Design and Technical support for BSNL Sleuth Eye, Online treasure hunt. Web design for second International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communication Technologies for High Performance Applications Wibes Web-Team

Action Plan 2011-12 WIBES, will be offering a curriculum based web design course for interested students covering HTML5, CSS3 and javascript. WIBES wil be focusing on undertaking various industry oriented web projects while still continuing its in-house projects.

Amrith Krishna, S6 CSA Nitish R, S6 CSA Parameswaran S, S6 ECB Rojish Roy, S6 ECB


SMITHA I. S. Staff in - charge


FISAT Alumni association named FISTAA was started in the year 2006 with 243 members. Ms. Smitha.I.S , Asst.Professor of EIE department was nominated as the staff coordinator and Mr. Greg xaviour was elected as the founder president. An executive committee of 8 members from different branches was also elected. The committee decided to conduct the general body meeting every year in the month of December, and every year the annual general body meetings are conducting as per the schedule. Presently FISTAA has a total strength of 1320 members and Mr. Charles Sebastian as the president. Activities The association is condu-cting various Technical, Charity and Placement activities.


For the pass out batches of 2006, 2007,2008,2009, 2010 an address book and group photo were prepared and distributed. Zonal wise representatives were selected in the anual general body meetings. Zonal wise activities were done at Bangalore and Myzore, Thiruvananthapuram and Cochin. FISTAA sponsors an everolling trophy for the winners of all Kerala Inter collegiate basket ball tournament 2010 and 2011. Placement oriented classes were conducted by the alumni members for the final year students. Alumni members were helping our students for arranging various technical experts lectures and conferences.

A resolution was passed by FISTAA meeting on 26 th December 2009 . It is decided to purchase and donate gifts to around 100 poor students of Govt. school Azhakam. (A charity work of FISTAA). FISTAA distributed school uniform for the whole students who were studying in the Govt. school, Azhakam on 1st of JUNE 2010. FISTAA is also sponsors various social activities in and outside of our campus.

SCOPE The Social Face of FISAT

JIBY VARGHESE Staff in - charge

SCOPE, an initiative from students of FISAT with a social edge aims at overall and personal development of students. By conducting and organizing various literary and social activities, SCOPE aims at improving communicative skills and the enhancement of person to person relationship whithin and outside the campus. SCOPE also conducts various events and competitions for schools and colleges. What started off as a small debate club is now the very representation of FISAT’s social responsibility. It is the one organization whose main objectieves are aimed at betterment of many other lives with what resources almighty God has showered upon us.

SCOPE has always managed to come out with the most appreciated outcomes ever recorded in every field it has ventured. All of this made possible with the sheer hard work put in by our dedicated members.

classes were conducted for students and received many accolades. H.E.L.P. was a major intiative in reaching the school students. Leadership Training Programme at Anitha Public School, Kalady

Our new programmes

The latest feature to SCOPE. This road safety club was flagged off by Hon. Minister for transport generates awareness among the public about the various traffic rules and road safety.

Aspire An ongoing program wherein the basic concept of physics and chemistry are imparted in a fun filled manner to the young students of various schools in Ernakulam District.

Insight - Road Safety Club

H.E.L.P. H.E.L.P, (Holistic English Learning Program) where English and Personality development



ANOOP E. G. Staff In-Charge

The Nature Club

The Sanguine Workers and Admirers of Nature (SWAN) club of FISAT was established in the year 2002 and its main objective is to give awareness to the students regarding habitat preservation,

planting and maintaining nature garden. SWAN kicked off its activities for the year 2010 with a General Body Meeting on 27 Jan 2010. The main agenda of the President Secretary Treasurer Vice President Joint Secretary

: : : : :

meeting was conducting an election to decide on the EXECOM members of the SWAN club. The following students were elected to the various posts of the EXECOM

Vishal V Pillai (S8 EIE) Praveen V Menon (S8 ECE) Veena K Vinod (S8 EIE) Donit K Philip (S6 ECE) George Simpson (S6 EEE)

During the course of the meeting the list of activities for the year was also finalised. These include the following: Voluntary Blood Donation Camp: July 20, 2010 SWAN, in association with Indian Medical Association (IMA) Aluva organised a ‘voluntary blood donation cum group identification camp’ at FISAT campus on July 20, 2010. The program kicked off under the efficient doctors and officials of IMA headed by Dr. Vijay Kumar. The purpose of blood group identification was to create a database of blood groups so that we can help anyone at times of emergency. The camp was open to only males with around


48 students donating their blood and 62 identifying their blood groups voluntarily. Later on, this database proved to be a great help at the hour of need. Aluva Tree Planting Program: August 10, 2010 In association with IEEE Nautilus 2010 “Go Green” campaign, our college tech fest, the members of SWAN planted around 100 tree saplings in and around Aluva Byepass on August 10,2010. This initiative aimed at making our environment as green as possible by contributing in our own small

way. Each sapling was encased in a metal cage for protection. Tiruhridayam Charitable Trust Visit: August 22, 2010 The Tiruhridayam Charitable Trust is a Non-profit Organisation that provides food and shelter to the aged who are either homeless or have been abandoned by their children or have been affected by various mental illnesses like dyslexia, cerebral palsy etc. The members of SWAN visited Tiruhridayam on Aug 22, 2010 to spread the light of the festive season ONAM. Swan

was happy to sponsor the ONASADYA and gifted each of the inmates ONAKKODI. The member were touched to hear their stories and gave them hope to a brighter future. Rev. Brother enlightened us about the functioning of the organisation. Post lunch students entertained the inmates by musical performances. To part with them was difficult but to see a smile on their face by our presence made our day. Clean up campaign at VAGAMON: September 21, 2010 Plan@Earth, the NGO working for the environment, together with student volunteers of SWAN conducted a clean-up campaign at the picturesque spot VAGAMON in IDUKKI district on 21 Sept 2010. VAGAMON, famous for its green hills, meadows, tea estates and Pine forests has emerged as a favourite tourist destination in recent years. Now a days visitors see more of a

plastic infested nucleus in VAGAMON, than its pristine beauty. Plastic bottles, food boxes, disposable plates and cups dot the roadsides, hill slopes and the Pine forest. SWAN decided to make a difference. As a first step to make this heavenly spot litter free 50 student volunteers from FISAT were brought to the spot under the initiative of Plan@ Earth and a clean-up drive was done. More than 1000 plastic bottles were collected from the Pine forest alone and it was brought back to be recycled under the Wealth Out of Waste (WOW) initiative of ITC. The officials of Plan@Earth who visited the site were astounded at the volume of waste collected and put forward suggestions that could be implemented to restore VAGAMON to its former glory. Some of the suggestions were: 1) Providing monetary incentives to the members of the local population to see to it that the

plastic waste is collected and deposited in assigned spots so that periodically Plan@Earth could ensure that it is sent for recycling. 2) Educating and enlightening the local population and empowering them to see to it that tourist do not continue their shameful habits of defacing the hill sides and roadways. 3) Installing trashcans and signboards as a constant reminder. All this will be possible only if corporates, local authorities, funding agencies and the local population work together. This effort of SWAN set an example to students of other colleges and was highly appreciated by the local print media.


UNNI KARTHA G. Staff In-Charge

FRAMES The Photography Club FRAMES is the multimedia club in FISAT promoting Arts and Multimedia. FRAMES was inaugurated by Mr. Josekutty Panackal, Senior Photo journalist, Malayala manorama last September. There was also a class on basics of photography on that day. One of the major initiative by FRAMES was a photography


exhibition and a workshop on 14th and 15th January 2011. The program was lead by Mr.Balan Madhavan, the famous wildlife photographer. The exhibition was inaugurated by Dr. C. Sheela, Vice Principal. 70 handipicked photos by leading photographers of India were exhibited. The real highlight of the program was Mr. Balan Madhavan who took the workshop on various aspects of digital

photography. He talked about ethies of photography and inspired each and every participant with his words. He explained the basic scientific use of photography. He exhibitited some of his photos also and explained the conditions and effort taken to get that perfect click.


Fisat College Magazine 2011


Fisat College Magazine 2011