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Monday, December 12, 2011


Monday, December 12, 2011

EVALUATION ON EACH STAGE OF THE DESIGN CYCLE Investigation During the investigation stage, I followed the requirements of the things I needed to research about and what to put in the stage. I also stated what am I going to use and the goals I want to achieve for the logos. I also asked the client important questions to guide me in making a product to satisfy her and others.

Design During the design stage, I made the concept designs that I will use to create the real logos. The concept designs are the ideas I want to put in the logo design. I also wrote down some of the pros and cons of the designs, which will remind me of what to modify and improve on.

Plan In the planning stage I had to make plans to what I m going to do and the equipments that I will use during the creation stage. I also have to organize the time and try to predict on how much time I m going to use to finish


the product.

The creation stage is where I make the actual product, the part where I try to use my previous stages as guide lines to help me finish the product easily and in an efficient manner. The problem with the creation stage is that there are unexpected things along the way like how making the modified designs or the first layers will consume more time than predicted. With that happening I ended up not having time to make the IB learner profile logos and instead just work on the design cycle logos only. It was pretty messed up since I took my time and my effort to make the IB learner profile logos as simple and easy to be understood as possible.

Monday, December 12, 2011

DESIGN CYCLE EVALUATION PT. 2 & MEETING SPECIFICATIONS Evaluation The evaluation is where I evaluate on the stages I previously did, thinking about the mistakes that I made and how to improve on them. This stage is also used to make you think of what are the accomplishments or successful points you made and the mistakes or least successful points you made during the project. This is stage will help anyone to improve and think about their next project.



Success or not?

I was successful in making all the logos in one software. The software had provided everything that I needed to make the product

I will make the product entirely


by pixelmator, without the help of other application


I will make a time table to organize my time eďŹƒciently


I will make the product look good by following the suggestions given by my client

Monday, December 12, 2011



Unexpected things happened along the way of making the product. I have a feeling that the time table is a terrible idea to be put in the design cycle.

I used some of the suggestions given by the client and the suggestions made the logos look good



Target Audience

The target audience should be around the ages of 9-37


It will give some information about IB (and others) through visuals only

Success or not?

Why? I asked for feedbacks from two different age group, the first one is about 12 years old and the other one is about 30-40 years old and they both said the designs look great


Some people still asked about what the logo actually mean

It gives a new look because I made some


It s purpose will to give a new look to the IB (and others)

research on the internet on the ib learner

profile logos and both my logos and the ones that I found in the internet looked completely different


Monday, December 12, 2011

There will be no offensive content like offensive or racist symbols in the logo

There are no feedbacks from the audience

that the logo designs are offensive or whatsoever

EVALUATION Successful Points The successful points that I made in the logo creation is that I successfully made a logo that followed the requirements that the client told me to.

Least Successful Points The least successful points I made in this project is that I wasn t able to manage my time well to do everything I designed back in the design stage.

Problems During the project I didn t expect how much time it will take me to create the ďŹ rst layers and also the second layers. I also have other projects to submit in the same day as the IT, so I had to sacriďŹ ce 10 of the designs to save time to make my other project.

Monday, December 12, 2011

EVALUATION PT. 2 Modifications/Improvements I could do some modifications/improvements on the Plan stage logo, by making it look more simpler and easier to understand. I also can make an improvement by managing my time better next time.

Client Feedback My client was quite pleased with the simplicity of the designs and she thought most of the designs are nice.

The impact on the Society and Environment SOCIETY- My product would effect society by how people will think of the design cycle. Usually the design cycle are just filled with complicated words, now they would think of it as uncomplicated and simple looking cycle with just pictures in it.

ENVIRONMENT- During the making of the product I used a lot of electricity to make up the slides and the second layer drawings. I also used paper which involves cutting trees, to create the first layer drawings. Both of these are the sacrifices needed to make the product, maybe I can use the wall to draw but that would be the same thing since we have to waste concrete and cement.

Monday, December 12, 2011


Monday, December 12, 2011

Logo Creation Evaluation Stage  

The evaluation stage of the logo project

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