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Fountain Valley is about ten miles south of Colorado Springs and thirty miles north of Pueblo. Fountain is the only incorporated city in the valley. Widefield and Security are high density housing developments. All three are neighbors of Fort Carson, one of the youngest posts of the U.S. Army. The growth of Fort Carson has had a profound positive impact on the valley. New housing, businesses and retail opportunities keep sprouting up all over the area adding to an already bustling community. People like living in Fountain Valley because of the great schools, small town charm, affordability and proximity to big city amenities.

Fountain Average Household Income: $63,000 Population: 32,066 Housing: $261,000 (2019) With its front-range vista, Fountain enjoys long stretches of sunny days and mild temperatures. The community has coupled the wide-open character of its old west roots with responsible planning for measured growth and infrastructure development. Its mission is to build a sustainable community that is not only focused on the future but on preservation of its beautiful historical landscape. Fountain is one of the few remaining places where housing is not only affordable but offers a selection from planned neighborhoods with distinctive charm to open acreage for custom homes and “ranch style” living. With a strong military presence in the area, the community has a high commitment to education. Fountain- Fort Carson District 8 school system has received many awards, including the “Leadership in Learning Award” for student achievement. The community also strives to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit through small business development and support of the Fountain Valley Chamber of Commerce. To learn more about this All-American City log on to

Security & Widefield Average Household Income: $67,000 Population: 38,000 (2017) Housing: Security and Widefield $260,000 (2019) Security was established in 1953 and was named to make prospective residents feel safe. Widefield started in the mid-60’s when Widefield Homes began construction of this community. Security/Widefield comprise the largest unincorporated area in Colorado with growth projections that could potentially triple the numbers of homesteads over the next 20 years. Widefield School District 3 serves Security/Widefield and takes on several key functions normally performed by municipal governments. The school district manages the Community Center (Widefield Community Education and Recreation Services), oversees the Security Public Library and has built trails and parks in the area for the citizens of the school district. Its students enjoy a wide variety of curriculum choices in up to date facilities with low student/teacher ratios. Planning for the district is a key component of success as it positions itself to meet the demands that come with the future growth expectations.

Falcon & Peyton

Falcon and Peyton are also areas of Colorado Springs that have been on an accelerated growth curve as people leave the “city” for more of the quiet life. With a horizon that stretches as far as the eye can see topography is one of rolling grasslands dotted with densely treed areas. Falcon and Peyton capture the hearts of those wanting to live on the open range, but with all the modern amenities nearby. Large scale communities like Meridian Ranch and Banning Lewis Ranch are helping to fuel the fast-paced growth. Quality schools and varied education options and commercial development have kept pace with the growing population. Active consideration to incorporate Falcon as a city was defeated in a 2007 vote. Peyton is a census designated place (CDP). Both communities share the same zip code.

Stunning views of Pikes Peak from Meridian Ranch. Photo Credit: TJ Romero // Architectural Storytelling


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2019 Colorado Springs Relocation Guide  

The Colorado Springs Relocation Guide is the premier source of information to help you with your relocation to Colorado Springs. Formatted...

2019 Colorado Springs Relocation Guide  

The Colorado Springs Relocation Guide is the premier source of information to help you with your relocation to Colorado Springs. Formatted...

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