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Black Forest

El Paso County/Centennial Hall 200 S. Cascade • Colorado Springs 80903 Public Information Office: 719-520-6540

The Tri-Lakes Area:

Communities Working Together

The Tri-Lakes area is approximately 19 miles north of Colorado Springs along I-25 and is made up of five communities: Monument, Palmer Lake, Woodmoor, Gleneagle and Black Forest. At an average altitude of 7,000 feet, Tri-Lakes offers a diverse landscape of rolling hills, mountain terrain and thick forests. It is a vibrant place to live with residents enjoying first class cultural activities, medical care, educational facilities and a wide variety of outdoor recreation. There are great choices in dining, lodging, shopping and attractions and Tri-Lakes is home to a thriving arts community with galleries displaying the works of local and regional artists. Tri Lakes is also home to the United States Air Force Academy. Come visit the Tri-Lakes area, you’ll be glad you did.

Palmer Lake

42 Valley Crescent • Palmer Lake 80133 481-2953 • Housing: $316,000 (2018) Average Household Income: $123,000 Population: 2,637 Palmer Lake is located three miles northwest of Monument at an elevation of 7,200 feet above sea level. It was established in 1872 atop the Palmer Divide to provide water for the steam engines of the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad. The surrounding area remained largely ranch and farmland until the Air Force Academy opened in 1958. Soon housing for Academy staff and military retirees began to take hold with growth accelerating in the late 1980s and 90s as Colorado Springs began to migrate north. Palmer has a unique charm and is home to the Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts. Housing developments offer a wide range of breathtaking views and amenities. Progress is also evident with the significant commercial development along I-25 and a school system considered one of the best in the state.

Housing Price: $300,000-$700,000 (2018) Average Household Income: $125,000 Population: 14,387 (2017)

Black Forest is the dark patch of thick pine you notice north of Colorado Springs when you fly into the city. Black Forest is rural and the residents are pretty set on keeping it that way. Many homes are situated on five or more acres with abundant wildlife inhabiting the woods. The many ranches that dot the area raise everything from llamas to Arabian horses. Temperatures average about ten degrees cooler than Colorado Springs, the growing season is about a month shorter and the area receives more moisture, especially in the winter. Black Forest is only fifteen minutes from the malls and shopping centers located in the northern part of Colorado Springs. Residents enjoy miles of trails in the rolling, wooded hills of Fox Run and Black Forest Regional Park. The Quality of Life in Black Forest is reflected in priceless recreation, nice homes and good schools…all with a little wilderness thrown in for good measure.

Black Forest is a census-designated place (CDP) in El Paso County, Colorado. A CDP is a community that lacks a separate municipal government, but otherwise resembles an incorporated city or village. CDPs provide data on population identified by name, but are not legally incorporated under the laws of the state in which they are located.

Woodmoor & Gleneagle

Gleneagle Woodmoor Housing: $412,000 (2018) Housing: $429,000 (2017) Median Income: $108,000 Median Income: $115,000 Population: 6,611 Population: Approx. 9,000 Woodmoor and Gleneagle are unincorporated communities in the Tri-Lakes area. Woodmoor is on the east side of I-25 at exit 161 and Gleneagle is just south along I-25 adjacent to the Air Force Academy. An explosion of new housing developments has made Woodmoor a popular place to live in the Springs. Wooded lots, tennis clubs and championship golf courses are featured in many of the communities. Area schools have kept pace with growth and have established a reputation for quality education. With plentiful recreation and a steady improvement in shopping, commercial and medical services Woodmoor and Gleneagle have a lot to offer. Woodmoor Improvement Association 1691 Woodmoor Dr. • Monument 80132 488-2693 • Gleneagle North Homeowners Association P.O. Box 1922 • Monument 80132 488-5883 •

Gleneagle Civic Association P.O. Box 31 • Monument 80132 387-1524

Lake Monument in Monument, CO


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