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Manitou Springs City of Manitou Springs 606 Manitou Ave., Manitou Springs 80829 685-5481 •

Population: 5,657 (2018) Average Household Income: $75,500 Median Home Value: $356,000 (2018)

Manitou Springs is forever linked with the mineral springs around which it was founded. Its’ waters were used for the treatment of digestive disorders by the Ute, Arapahoe, Cheyenne and Kiowa Indians for centuries. It was a sacred place of peace for them. In 1833 Albert Gallatin Boone, grandson of frontier legend Daniel Boone, brought his ailing sons to the springs and John C. Fremont wrote of the waters in his 1842 Rocky Mountain exploration report. In 1847, George F. Ruxton came to the springs and wrote extensively of his experiences with the healing waters. These reports attracted others who came to explore the new frontier. General William J. Palmer and Dr. Bell saw the mineral springs as an attraction for tourism. When Palmer bought the springs and surrounding area for development in 1870, he called the sacred Indian waters ‘Manitou’, after an Indian figure portrayed in the Longfellow poem, Hiawatha. With the new name of Manitou Springs and the coming of the railroad, the area quickly attracted wealthy tourists and guests. Manitou Springs was laid out like a European spa town, with numerous public facilities and parks. In 1880, Manitou Springs was the number one tourist destination in Colorado. By the late 1890’s, the town had a Queen-Anne style bath house, two railroad connections, numerous spring pavilions, and many natural attractions. Visitors to Manitou Springs came to escape city life, breathe cool mountain air and drink the medicinal waters. Presidents McKinley, Roosevelt and Grant, P.T. Barnum, photographer William Henry Jackson and Thomas Edison came to enjoy the charms of the town. During your stay, please sample the waters that made Manitou Springs famous. You will find your visit as unique and wonderful as all those who came before!

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2018 Colorado Springs ASource  

The Colorado Springs ASource is the premier source of in-depth information about the Pikes Peak Region for relocation, business acclimation...

2018 Colorado Springs ASource  

The Colorado Springs ASource is the premier source of in-depth information about the Pikes Peak Region for relocation, business acclimation...