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Grand Blanc & Grand Blanc Township

City of Grand Blanc Grand Blanc Township 203 E. Grand Blanc Road 5371 S Sagniaw Street Grand Blanc 48439 Grand Blanc 48480 (810) 694-1118 (810) 424-2600 www.cityofgrandblanc.com www.twp.grand-blanc.mi.us Population: 8,091 Income: $57,000 Population: 39,846 Income: $69,000 The City of Grand Blanc is in the center of Grand Blanc Township. Its residents enjoy quality Parks and Recreation programs, Senior Citizen services, the McFarlen Public Library, a diverse schedule of Community Education courses, and an abundant choice of shopping, dining, and transportation options. Grand Blanc Community Schools serve this community that also enjoys quality housing options. Grand Blanc is an excellent place to live - check it out! Grand Blanc Township is known for being a friendly and safe community with great housing, a thriving commercial presense and award-winning schools. A full service municipality, the Township is home to Creasey Bicentennial Park and Warwick Hills Golf Club. Grand Blanc is conveniently located to many key employment center and hosts the 3rd busiest airport in Michigan. It is also home to Technology Park and Technology Village which are part of the Township’s Downtown Development Authority. Grand Blanc Township is globally positioned for your success!

Grand Blanc Chamber of Commerce 512 E Grand Blanc Road Grand Blanc, Michigan 48439 810-695-4222 • 810-695-0053 Fax Email: gbcc@grandblancchamber.com


City of Linden 132 E. Broad Street • P.O. Box 507, Linden 48451 (810) 735-7980 • www.lindenmi.us Population: 4,412 Income: $91,000 Linden is in the southern tier of Genesee County near the headwaters of the Shiawassee River. Linden has retained its small-town charm through the preservation of its scenic downtown area, including the historic Linden Mills. The downtown area boasts small shops and several restaurants. Free concerts and outdoor movies are held by the historic mill and city gazebo. Side streets take you to cozy neighborhoods of well-maintained homes. Newer developments dot the surrounding area taking advantage of the nearby lakes. Linden also has one of the top school districts in the county - Linden Community Schools.

Others to Village of Goodrich Consider 7338 S. State

For events, membership details and more, visit

Goodrich 48438 (810) 636-2570 www.villageofgoodrich.com Population: 1,860 Income: $99,000


Genesee County School Districts

City of Swartz Creek 8083 Civic Dr. Swartz Creek 48473 (810) 635-4464 www.cityofswartzcreek.org Population: 5,897 Income: $53,000

For information about alternative, technical, special education, duel enrollment, charter and magnet schools contact Genesee Intermediate Schools at www.geneseeisd.org or (810) 591-4400.


School District Website Phone Number Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools www.carman.k12.mi.us (810) 591-3700 Fenton Area Public Schools www.fentonschools.org (810) 591-4700 Flint Community Schools www.flintschools.org (810) 760-1000 Flushing Community Schools www.flushingschools.org (810) 591-1180 Goodrich Area Schools www.goodrichschools.org (810) 591-2250 Grand Blanc Community Schools http://gbcs.org (810) 591-6000 Lake Fenton Community Schools www.lakefentonschools.org (810) 591-4141 Linden Community Schools www.lindenschools.org (810) 591-0980 Swartz Creek Community Schools www.swartzcreek.org (810) 591-2300

Davison & Davison Twp.

City of Davison Davison Township 200 E. Flint Street, Suite 2 • Davison 48423 1280 N. Irish Rd. • Davison 48423 (810) 653-2191 • www.cityofdavison.org (810) 653-4156 • www.davisontwp-mi.org Population: 5,143 Income: $58,000 Population:20,434 Income: $52,000 The Davison area is a friendly and safe community with a crime rate significantly lower than the national average. Over the past 10 years new housing developments have sprung up in the surrounding area. About 60 miles north of Detroit and east of Lansing residents benefit from the easy access they have to I-69, which is about 1 mile south of town. Although there is some light industrial activity in Davison, it is primarily a bedroom community of the Flint area. Abernathy Regional Park provides recreational activities for Davison residents.

Communities Served

2020 Graduation Rate*

Flint, Flint Twp., Burton, Mundy Twp., Swartz Creek


City of Fenton, including small portion in Livingston and Oakland Counties


City of Flint Flushing & Flint Twp. Goodrich, Atlas, Hadley, Grand Blanc, Davison City and Township of Grand Blanc

52% 87% 97% 89%

City of Fenton, Twps. of Fenton, Grand Blanc, Mundy


Linden, Twps. of Argentine, Fenton, Tyrone, Deerfield, Mundy, Gaines


Swartz Creek, Gaines, Flint Twp.


2020-21 Enrollment $ Spent Per Student (2020-21 State Funds)

4,024 $8,521 3,279 $8,111 3,164 $8,326 4,098

$8,111 1,918 $8,111 7,987 $8,204 2,015 $8,151 2,522 $8,111 3,526 $8,111

Genesee Career Institute (operated by the school district) - Open to all Genesee County students. (810) 591-4462 • www.geneseeisd.org Genesee Early College (GEC) (in partnership with University of Michigan - Flint) - a five year program open to students interested in a health care profession. www.geneseeisd.org (810) 591-5115 * Graduation rates based on traditional high school four year graduation rates averaged by the number of high schools in district.