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Lifestyle ~Visitors Guide 2016

Birmingham/Bloomfield 3

Barbara Merten-Dubensky, CPCU State Farm Insurance Providing Insurance and Financial Services 2028 Hazel St Birmingham MI 48009 248-647-4266

Moving Across the Street, Across Town or Across Country Call Real Living Great Lakes Real Estate For Your “Premier Service” Real Estate Experience 2915 S Rochester Rd. 5767 W Maple 5825 S. Main St. Ste. 105 Rochester Hills, MI 48307 West Bloomfield, MI 48322 Clarkston, MI 48346





Community Profiles

Birmingham .................................8 Bloomfield Township .................10 Bloomfield Hills..........................12 Bingham Farms..........................13 Beverly Hills ...............................14 Franklin ......................................15

Things to Do.......................16 Shopping ............................24 Dining.................................27 Sports & Recreation ...........28 Basics ...................................38

From Assisted Living to Zip Codes and everything in between – comprehensive information about the Birmingham Bloomfield Area

Houses of Worship .............46 Clubs and Organizations ....48 Civics ..................................50 Education ...........................51 Health Care ........................56

4 Lifestyle ~Visitors Guide 2016

Publisher Lawrence A. Ribits 8959 Sturgeon Bay Road • Harbor Springs, MI 49740 (231) 537-3330 • Fax (231) 537-3331 • Birmingham/Bloomfield

e Birmingham Bloomdfield Area Lifestyle™ is published by Keaton Publications Group, LLC. Copyright © 2005-2016. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information herein; however, it cannot be guaranteed. No part of this publication, either in print or web-based version, may be reproduced in any part or in its entirety or duplicated in any form without the expressed written permission of the publisher. 5

Welcome to the Five B’s and Franklin … The Birmingham Bloomfield area is made up of 6 communities Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Bloomfield Township, Bingham Farms, Beverly Hills and Franklin. It is a sought after area in which to live, to shop and for investment. While this grouping of communities represents a significant area of upscale living in central Oakland County, each community has its own individual personality. Birmingham, with its central downtown shopping district has a more urban quality with high-end retail, restaurants and varied housing options. Franklin gives a glimpse of the past with its quaint shopping district of boutique shops, markets and eateries, along with a neighboring cider mill. Bloomfield Hills has large homesteads in beautiful settings and one of the most interesting communities to visit – The Cranbrook Educational Community. Bingham Farms and Beverly Hills are mostly residential, serving as bedroom communities to Birmingham and Detroit. Both have areas of commerce, along Telegraph Road and


Lifestyle ~Visitors Guide 2016

Southfield Road. And Bloomfield Township is more suburban with its residential areas mostly in well maintained subdivisions and large scale retail towards the north end of Telegraph Road. The area's distinctive personality lends itself to a diverse blend of residents and lifestyles. This diversity extends to the retail and restaurant offerings and to those who come not to live but to visit. Birmingham Bloomfield’s location also makes it convenient to the vast number of cultural and recreational assets that are available in the Metro Detroit area. It does not matter if you are a long-time resident or business or some one who just arrived to visit or stay, enjoy all that is around you and appreciate this special way of life that is Birmingham Bloomfield. Welcome!



Birmingham is a vibrant and prosperous community that has been able to maintain the feel of a small town while offering the benefits of an affluent urban area. Having been named one of the country’s “Top 20 Most Walkable Communities” Birmingham boasts a diverse assortment of fine shops, restaurants, salons, spas, art galleries, antique dealers and clothiers. This unusually high quality of life stems partly from the commitment and involvement of its citizens. Residents are elected, volunteer or are appointed to a variety of commissions, councils, committees and boards that work to maintain Birmingham’s pedestrian friendly downtown and strengthen its beautiful tree-lined neighborhoods. The City is also home to two top-rated nine-hole golf courses and beautiful award-winning parks. Housing in Birmingham is primarily single-family homes of exceptional value in distinctive neighborhoods. Although there are few remaining building sites the city has experienced a remarkable “building boom” in recent years featuring

renovations, enlargements and new construction in place of older less functional dwellings. Upscale townhomes, condominiums and lofts, some of which offer live/work environments have also been introduced. This continual reinvestment in housing stock has resulted in a wide variety of home styles and stable property values.

Education in Birmingham is highly valued. The schools, both public and private, offer a tradition of academic excellence that consistently rank them as some of the finest schools in the country. Students routinely demonstrate achievement through high scores on national and state aptitude tests. Sports and extra-curricular activities are an important part of Birmingham’s successful education system. These activities benefitimmeasurably from the involvement and investment made by the parents, businesses and community leadership of Birmingham.

With so much to offer, Birmingham welcomes you as a place to “live, shop and play.”

ADDENDUM: Birmingham Area: 4.73 square miles. Boundaries: 14 Mile to Quarton/Big Beaver, Cranbrook Road to area east of Adams Road. Population: 22,219 (July, 2015) Median Home Sale Price: $370,000 (April 2016) Median Household Income: $102,000 Economic Base: Residential with significant retail/office space. Tax Rates: (2015) Homestead 44.2441 per $1,000, Non-homestead 53.5169 Libraries: Baldwin Library, 300 Merrill, Birmingham, (248) 647-1700; Bloomfield Township Library, 1099 Lone Pine Road, Bloomfield Township, (248) 642-5800. Schools: Birmingham Public Schools (248) 203-3000, Community Education (248) 203-3800, Early Childhood Services (248) 203-5803, Project Find (Special Education) (248) 203-5818


Lifestyle ~Visitors Guide 2016

Protection: Adams Fire Station (248) 530-1900, Chesterfield Fire Station (248) 530-1970, Police Department s/b (248) 530-1870, EMS dial 911. Transportation: SMART bus fixed routes and Connector reservations call (866) 962-5515, NEXT  provides Community Transit Service for seniors, call (248) 203-5270. Amtrak train station information and reservations (800) 872-7245 or Utilities: DTE Energy (electric), Consumers Energy (gas), AT&T (U-VERSE) Comcast Wide Open West (WOW) cable, municipal water and sewer and refuse collection (call (248) 530-1700). (See Basics) City of Birmingham 151 Martin Street • P.O. Box 3001 • Birmingham 48012 (248) 530-1800 • Additional Phone Numbers: 48th District Court…………………………………………………(248) 647-1141 Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber……………………………….(248) 644-1700

Birmingham Shopping District ....………………………………..(248) 530-1200 Birmingham Youth Assistance…………………………………...(248) 203-4300 Bulky Trash Pickup………………………………………………..(248) 530-1700 City Clerk………………………………………………………….. (248)  530-1880 City Treasurer………………………………………………………(248) 530-1890 Community Coalition (substance abuse)………………………. (248) 203-4615 The Community House……………………………………………(248) 644-5832 Ice Arena……………………………………………………………(248) 530-1640 Lincoln Hills Golf Course (sledding in winter)…………………..(248) 530-1670 Oakland County Assessor’s Office………………………………(248) 858-0776 S.O.C.R.R.A. (hazardous waste and recycling drop-off)……...(248) 288-5153 Springdale Park &  Golf Course…………………………………..(248) 530-1660 Stray Animal Housing at Gasow Veterinary Hospital…………..(248) 644-7171 YMCA……………………………………………………………….(248) 644-9036

Birmingham/Bloomfield 9


Bloomfield Township Bloomfield Township is one of the most desirable communities in the State of Michigan for your business or home. Known for its natural beauty, it features rolling hills, winding roads and scenic lakes and streams. Located in proximity to the region’s major expressways and thoroughfares, it is 26 square miles and has a population of 41,000. Ninety-five percent of the Township is residential. Houses range from small, affordable homes to grand estates. Many of the region’s top executives live in Bloomfield Township because of its amenities and excellent public services. Education is a high priority for most Township residents. Bloomfield Hills Schools and Birmingham Public Schools are the main public school systems, with Avondale and Pontiac schools covering small areas. A number of private schools with national reputations for excellence are also within the Township’s borders.

Reflecting the area’s rich cultural mix, many of the world’s religions are represented by places of worship in the community, such as Kirk in the Hills Presbyterian Church, Temple Beth El and the Muslim Unity Center. Several well-known landmarks are located within the Township, most notably Oakland Hills Country Club. Bloomfield Township is home to a wide range of businesses, from international headquarters to specialty boutiques. Most of these are located along the Telegraph Rd., Maple Rd., Square Lake Rd. and Woodward Ave. corridors. Sound management practices have resulted in a recent AAA bond rating from Standard and Poor’s. Bloomfield Township delivers a full range of top-quality public services. If you are looking for a home for your family or your business, consider Bloomfield Township – it’s where you’ll want to be!

ADDENDUM: Bloomfield Township Area: 26 square miles. Boundaries: Inkster Road to Adams Road, 14 Mile to Square Lake are the rough boundaries with neighborhoods outside of these limits and the City of Bloomfield Hills within. Bloomfield Village covers approximately one square mile from Maple to Quarton and Lahser to Birmingham on the east. Population: 42,343 (July, 2015) Median Home Sale Price: $365,500 (April, 2016) Median Household Income: $115,000 Economic Base: Primarily residential with large concentrated areas of retail/office space along Maple Road, Telegraph Road and Woodward Ave. Tax Rates (2015): (Per $1,000) Homestead Non-Homestead Avondale Public Schools: 37.9412 55.9412 Birmingham Public Schools: 42.6684 51.9412 Bloomfield Hills Public Schools: 39.4498 49.7238 Pontiac Public Schools: 30.0412 48.0412 Bloomfield Village: 44.2634 53.5362 Assessor’s Office (248) 433-7710


Lifestyle ~Visitors Guide 2016

Library: Bloomfield  Township  Public Library, 1099 Lone Pine, Bloomfield Township, (248) 642-5800, Schools: Avondale Public Schools (248) 537-6000 Birmingham Public Schools (248) 203-3000 Bloomfield Hills Public Schools (248) 341-5400 Pontiac Public Schools (248) 451-6800 Protection: Fire (248) 433-7745 • Police (248) 433-7755 EMS dial 911 Transportation: SMART bus fixed routes along Woodward Ave., Maple Road and Telegraph Road. Connector advanced reservations for curb to curb service call (866) 962-5515 or visit Utilities: DTE  Energy (electric), Consumers Energy (gas), AT&T  (U-VERSE), Comcast (cable), Detroit Water &  Sewer (water). (See Basics) Bloomfield Township 4200  Telegraph  Road • Bloomfield  Township 48302 (248) 433-7700 •

Bloomfield Village Association 3595 Bradway Blvd. • Bloomfield  Village 48301 (248) 594-8376 • Additional Phone Numbers: 48th District Court…………………………………..(248) 647-1141 Animal Shelter……………………………………….(248) 433-7757 Birmingham  Bloomfield Chamber…………………(248) 644-1700 Bloomfield Community Television…………………(248) 433-7790 Bloomfield Twp. Assessor’s Office.……………….(248) 433-7710 Clerks Office…………………………………………(248) 433-7702 Senior Center………………………………………..(248) 723-3500

Birmingham/Bloomfield 11


Bloomfield Hills

Although Bloomfield Hills is small size (five square miles) and has alimited population it features some of the most beautiful residential settings in the country as well as an exclusive quality of life. Houses designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, Eero Saarinen, J. Robert F. Swanson and MinoruYamasaki can be found along its winding residential roads. Many of these estates are graciously secluded behind ivied walls and lush landscaping. Caretaker or in-law cottages, terraced gardens and ponds, private tennis courts and swimming pools are standard features for these one-of-a-kind estates. New construction is also evident with the new enclaves offering unparallel luxury for city residents, many of whom are high achievers in business, education, the professions and the arts. Private schools, religious institutions and private clubs occupy approximately 10-15% of Bloomfield Hills. The Cranbrook Educational Community alone covers 315 acres. While most of these clubs and institutions do not pay taxes the contribution they make to the truly unique social, spiritual and intellectual tradition and lifestyle of Bloomfield Hills cannot be duplicated or replaced.

ADDENDUM: Bloomfield Hills Area: 5 square miles. Boundaries: Quarton  Road to Hickory Grove, Lahser Road to areas east of Kensington Road and west of Squirrel Road. Population: 4,067 (July, 2015) Median Home List Price: $750,000 (April, 2016) Median Family Income: $200,000 Economic Base: Residential, 10-15% of property is occupied by private schools and clubs. Tax Rates: (2014) Per $1,000 Homestead Non-Homestead Birmingham School District: 39.4040 48.6768 Bloomfield Hills School District: 36.1854 46.4594 Library: Baldwin  Library, 300 Merrill, Birmingham, (248) 647-1700, Lending library bookshelf in City Hall. Schools: Birmingham Public Schools (248) 203-3000, Bloomfield Hills Public Schools (248) 341-5400 Protection: Police, Fire, Safety (248) 644-4200, EMS dial 911. City has a “house key” program through the Safety Department and a “house watch” service.


Lifestyle ~Visitors Guide 2016

Transportation: Bloomfield Hills is an opt-out community. No bus service is available. Utilities: DTE Energy (electric), Consumers Energy (gas), AT&T (phone), Comcast (cable), Oakland County Water & Sewer call (248) 858-1110, homeowners arrange own refuse collection – city has a list of licensed haulers. (Public Works Department) City of Bloomfield Hills 45 E. Long Lake Road • Bloomfield  Hills 48304 (248) 644-1520 • Additional Phone Numbers: 48th District Court…………………………………………………(248) 647-1141 Birmingham  Bloomfield Chamber……………………………….(248) 644-1700 Bloomfield  Hills Recreation………………………………………(248) 341-6400 The Community House…………………………………………...(248) 644-5832 Cranbrook Educational Community……………………………..(248) 645-3000 Critter Control……………………………………………………...(248) 889-4977 Hazardous Waste - S.O.C.R.R.A. …………���………………… (248) 288-5153


The Village of Bingham Farms is a small community not much more than a square mile in size. Incorporated in 1955, the village is unique in that it has virtually no retail establishments, yet it is home to significant commercial/ office developments that hug its Telegraph Road boundary. Most of the office projects were developed in the 1980’s. Although squarely in the path of the development that took place along Telegraph Road, Bingham Farms has been able to maintain its rural charm. Most of the Village is made up of scenic wooded ADDENDUM: Bingham Farms Area: 1.25 square miles. Boundaries: 12 Mile to 14 Mile, Telegraph Road to Lahser Road. Population: 1,069 (July, 2015) Median Home Value: $402,000 (April, 2016) Median Household Income: $139,000 Economic Base: Residential with significant office/commercial buildings along Telegraph Road. Tax Rates: (2015) Southfield Township assessments homestead 38.4172 per $1,000, non-homestead 47.6900. Call Village Treasurer for any additional information. Library: Baldwin  Public Library, 300 Merrill, Birmingham, (248) 647-1700. Schools: Birmingham Public Schools (248) 203-3000, Community Education (248) 203-3800 Early Childhood Services (248) 203-5803 Project Find (Special Education) (248) 203-5818. Protection: Franklin-Bingham Police (248) 626-9672, Police Dispatcher (248) 626-5444, Franklin-Bingham Fire (248) 626-9862, EMS dial 911.


lots with homes of exceptional style and value. The Village of Franklin is no more than a mile away where residents can take advantage of its charming shopping district and historic cider mill (in season). A few miles to the north and northeast are Bloomfield Township and Birmingham with their upscale shopping, dining and entertainment. Birmingham Public Schools service Bingham Farm residents. With a number of nationally renowned private schools nearby, village residents have exceptional choice of educational options.

Transportation: SMART bus operates fixed routes along Telegraph Road and 14 Mile Road. To make Connector reservations in advance for door to door service call (866) 962-5515. More information online at Community Partnership with NEXT, for seniors and disabled: advanced registration (248) 203-5270 Utilities: DTE Energy (electric), Consumers Energy (gas), AT&T (phone),  Comcast (cable), Oakland County Water & Sewer (water), private refuse pick-up. (See Basics) Village of Bingham Farms 24255 13 Mile,  Suite 190 • Bingham Farms 48025 • (248) 644-0044 Southfield Township Hall 18550 W. 13 Mile • Beverly  Hills 48025 • (248) 540-3420 Additional Phone Numbers: 46th District Court…………………………………………………(248) 796-5800 Animal Control……………………………………………………..(248) 540-3420 The Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber…………………………. (248) 644-1700 Car Trucking (private refuse pick-up)……………………………(586) 791-8480 The Community House……………………………………………(248) 644-5832 S.O.C.R.R.A. (Hazardous Waste)………………………………...(248) 288-5153 YMCA……………………………………………………………….(248) 644-9036 13

BEVERLY HILLS Oakland County’s Best Kept Secret!

For more information, please visit us in person or online ADDENDUM: Beverly Hills Area: 4.2 square miles. Boundaries: 13 Mile to 14 Mile with a few neighborhoods south of 13 Mile, Lahser Road to Greenfield Road with a few neighborhoods west of Lahser. Population: 10,363 (July, 2015) Median Home Sale Price: $297,000 (April, 2016) Median Household Income: $105,000 Economic Base: Residential with retail/office complexes located at 13 Mileand Southfield Road intersection. Tax Rates: (2015) Southfield Township assessments homestead 42.3993 per $1,000, non-homestead 51.6721. Call Southfield Township with questions, (248) 540-3420. There is a $120 per house trash fee. Libraries: Baldwin Library, 300 Merrill, Birmingham, (248) 647-1700; Bloomfield Township Library, 1099 Lone Pine  Road, Bloomfield Township, (248) 642-5800.


Lifestyle ~Visitors Guide 2016

Schools: Birmingham Public Schools (248) 203-3000 Community Education (248) 203-3800 Early Childhood Services (248) 203-5803, Project Find (Special Education) (248) 203-5818 Protection: Full time Public Safety – Police & Fire, (248) 540-3400; EMS dial 911. Transportation: SMART bus fixed routes along Greenfield Road, Southfield Road, and 13 Mile and 14 Mile Roads. Connector and advanced reservations call (866) 962-5515. For DIAL-A-RIDE, same day service call (248) 362-0107. More information is online at Utilities: DTE Energy (electric), Consumers Energy (gas), AT&T (U-VERSE),  Comcast and Wide Open West (WOW) cable, Detroit Water and Sewer (call Beverly Hills for billing questions and emergencies) or private wells (water). (See Basics) Beverly Hills Village Hall 18500 W. 13 Mile • Beverly  Hills 48025 • (248) 646-6404

Beverly Hills has something for everyone!

• Rated one of the best suburban places to live in the U.S. (Coldwell Banker 2012)

• Quiet, pleasant neighborhoods in this 4.25 square mile community • Enjoy outdoor recreation and community activities at 34 acre Beverly Park, Riverside Park, and 2 nature preserves

• Part of the Birmingham Public School system which consistently ranks one of the best in the nation and home to Detroit Country Day School

• Minutes from the shops and restaurants of Birmingham and Royal Oak

• Conveniently located with access to four major freeways connecting you to the rest of Metro Detroit

Franklin Village

For many years Franklin enjoyed a quiet existence as a country crossroad. With the advent of the automobile and surge in suburban living, Franklin became a retreat from the hustle and bustle of Metro Detroit. With a handful of historic clapboard buildings serving as a central shopping district, a nearby historic cider mill, fenced properties with repurposed horse barns and a town commons, Franklin has the feel of a small New England town.

The village is made up of single-family homes on larger lots. Quaint Victorian cottages and sleek contemporary homes co-exist in harmony in the wooded hills of Franklin with residents having easy access to all the amenities of the Birmingham Bloomfield area. School age children attend Birmingham Public Schools, one of the best school systems in the state, or they can opt to attend one of the many top-notch private schools that are in the area. Residents can participate in any number of village clubs or activities – be it membership in The Village Band, The Franklin Historical Society, a village board or commission. The active involvement of village residents in their community is the underlying strength of Franklin and the reason why Franklinites are proud to live in “The Town that Time Forgot.” ADDENDUM: Franklin Village Area: 2.7 square miles. Boundaries: 12 Mile to 14 Mile, Telegraph Road to Inkster Road. Population: 3,284 (Jjuly, 2015) Median Home Value $570,000 (April, 2016) Median Household Income: $140,000 Economic Base: Residential with small retail/office downtown. Tax Rates: (2015) Southfield Township assessments homestead 37.2194 per $1,000, non-homestead 46.4922, plus a 1% administration fee. Call Finance Clerk – (248) 626-9666 for any additional information. Libraries: Franklin Public Library, 32455 Franklin Road, (248) 851-2254. Card holders may also use the Bloomfield Township Library. Schools: Birmingham Public Schools (248) 203-3000. Protection: Franklin-Bingham Fire Department (248) 626-9862, FranklinBingham Police Department (248) 626-9672, EMS dial 911. Volunteer mobile watch program operates daily. Transportation: Franklin Village Cab (248) 851-3399. SMART bus offers fixed routes along Telegraph Road and 13 and 14 Mile Roads. For Connector curb-to-curb service, call (866) 962-5515 for reservations. Utilities: DTE Energy (electric), Consumers Energy (gas), AT&T (phone),  Comcast (cable), Oakland County operates and maintains well water drinking systems (248) 858-1110. Village of Franklin 32325 Franklin Road • Franklin 48025 (248) 626-9666 •

Southfield Township Hall 18550 W. 13 Mile • Beverly  Hills 48025 • (248) 540-3420

Southfield Township Hall 18550 W. 13 Mile • Beverly  Hills 48025 • (248) 540-3420

Additional Phone Numbers: 46th District Court………………………………………………(248) 796-5800 Animal Control (Southfield Township)……………………….. (248) 540-3420 Stray Animal Housing & Greenfield Animal Hospital………. (248) 356-1100 Birmingham  Bloomfield Chamber…………………………….(248) 644-1700 The Community House……………………………………...…(248) 644-5832 Parks &  Rec…………………………………………………….. (248) 646-6404 S.O.C.R.R.A. (hazardous waste and recycling drop-off)…...(248) 288-5153 YMCA……………………………………………………………. (248) 644-9036

Additional Phone Numbers: 46th District Court…………………………………………………(248) 796-5800 Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce………………(248) 644-1700 Cider Mill (seasonal)……………………………………………… (248) 626-2968 The Community House……………………………………………(248) 644-5832 Franklin Community Church……………………………………...(248) 626-6606 Franklin Foundation………………………………………………. (248) 851-4564 Franklin Historical Museum……………………………………… (248) 538-0273 Franklin Community Association…………………………………(248) 626-2231 Franklin Garden Club……………….…………………………….. (248) 851-1941 Village Band……………………………………………………….. (248) 626-5474

Birmingham/Bloomfield 15

When You’re In Birmingham Bloomfield Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center

Fun For One & All The Birmingham Farmers Market Open every Sunday from May until Mid-October. Hours of operation 9 am to 2 pm. Located off N. Old Woodward in the parking lot across from Booth Park. Features local produce, flowers, handcrafted items, entertainment and special events.

Birmingham Village Fair Located in Shain Park and the adjoining streets, this large annual carnival features midway rides for all ages, games and a wide variety of food concessions.

Common Ground Art Fair This highly anticipated juried art fair takes place along South Old Woodward in Downtown Birmingham. Celebrating its 40th year, it features 160 talented artists and is attended by approximately 80,000 art lovers.

1516 S. Cranbrook • Birmingham 48009 (248) 644-0866 • The center offers studio classes, workshops, art history classes for all ages, artcamps for children, juried exhibitions, the Michigan Fine Arts Competition and Fine Arts Festival and more. Works may be purchased at the Gallery Shop. Closed Sundays.

Birmingham Bloomfield Symphony Orchestra (248) 352-2276 • Join this professional orchestra for its 40th Anniversary with new music director John Thomas Dodson. For performance, venue and special event information, log on to the website.

Birmingham Concert Band

P.O. Box 335 • Birmingham 48012 (586) 930-2504 • This community band is open to all, practices weekly and will perform at special events (for a fee). The “Straw Hat Band” is a subset of this group and is also available by calling (248) 642-0397. Log on to website for concert schedule.

The Birmingham Museum

556 W. Maple Road • Birmingham 48009 (248) 530-1928 • The museum and park are made up of the 1822 Hunter House, 1928 Allen House and John West Hunter Historic Park. Linked by the History Plaza, the complex is a must-see for those interested in the areas of history. Admission is $5.00 for Students and Seniors and $7.00 for Adults. Single admission includes a tour of the Allen and Hunter Houses.

When you are in Birmingham Bloomfield you’re just a hop, skip or a jump away from the many attractions to be found in the Metro Detroit area. Be it the arts, theatre, music, history or science, indoor or outdoor activity, fully active

Cranbrook Educational Community

39221 Woodward Ave., Bloomfield Hills 48304

Cranbrook Art Museum – (248) 645-3323. This contemporary art museum built by Finnish architect Eliel Saarinen in 1942 houses permanent and changing exhibitions feature a state of the art Collectors Wing, as well as a store selling works by students, faculty, books, prints, giftware, etc. Cranbrook House and Garden – (248) 645-3147. Designed by Albert Kahn in 1908 for the founders of Cranbrook (George and Ellen Booth), it is the oldest surviving manor home in Metro Detroit. The 40 acres of diverse gardens were originally designed by Mr. Booth. Open May thru October.

Cranbrook Institute of Science (248) 645-3200. Explore science, technology and natural history through exhibits, hands-on activities and planetarium. For hours, ticket prices and other information you may need log on to Saarinen House – Built in 1930, it is considered an Art Deco masterwork. It was the home and studio of Eliel and Loja and their son Eero. Open May thru October for public walk-in and private tours. Call for exact dates and times. (Art Museum)

Smith House – Frank Lloyd Wright “Smith House” located in Bloomfield Hills, this classic Usonian home is open for tours from May through October. Call the Art Museum at 645-3323 for exact dates and times.

The Community House holds a number of special events throughout the year. The following is a listing by month of events that will take place throughout 2016. For more information about dates, times and costs please log on to The Community House website at


90 & Beyond Celebration Luncheon and ParkArt and TCH Golf Outing, Orchard Lake Country Club

September Farm to Table Strolling Block Party Food Fest and Birmingham House Tour October

Master Class Evening and OUR TOWN Art Show & Sale Opening Night Party and OUR TOWN Art Show & Sale

November Get & Give a Basket Women’s Holiday Mixer December TCH Dance Academy “Nutcracker Ballet” 16

Lifestyle ~Visitors Guide 2016

Chamber Music Society of Detroit Office: (248) 737-9980 • Tickets: (248) 855-6070 Performances at the Seligman Performing Arts Center at Detroit CountryDay School in Beverly Hills. Known for its intimate concert experience and creative programming, CMS is a special treat for the musically inclined. For more concert, ticket and pre-concert talk information, go to Emagine Palladium Theater 209 Hamilton Row, Birmingham 48009 (248) 385-0500

Limited capacity neighborhood theatre with luxury seating, on site restaurant and seat-side food and beverage service. Village Players of Birmingham 34660 Woodward, Birmingham 48009 (248) 644-2075 (tickets). Community and youth theatre and summer theatre arts camp. Birmingham 8 (movie theatre) 211 S. Old Woodward, Birmingham 48009 (248) 723-6230

Enjoy tasty cider and donuts at these local area Cider Mills! Franklin Cider Mill 7450 Franklin Rd., Bloomfield Hills (248) 626-8261 Goodison Cider Mill 4295 Orion Rd., Rochester (248) 652-8450 Middleton Cider Mill 46462 Dequindre, Shelby (586) 731-6699 Paint Creek Cider Mill 4480 Orion Rd., Rochester (248) 656-3400 Rochester Cider Mill 5125 N. Rochester Rd., Rochester (248) 651-4224 Stony Creek Cider Mill 2961 W. 32 Mile Rd., Romeo (586) 752-2453 Yates Cider Mill 1990 E. Avon Rd., Rochester (248) 651-8300



or mostly passive, there is always something to do, somewhere to go, some place to call your favorite. Check for hours and fees before you go because they are subject to change. But most of all make sure you go and ENJOY!

The following is a listing of signature events hosted and sponsored by the Birmingham Principal Shopping District throughout the year. Event activities are identified by the general time when they occur. For exact dates and times, log on to the City of Birmingham website at Birmingham Restaurant Week - Late January/Early February Birmingham’s top restaurants offer special price fixed menus featuring unique dishes from appetizers through desserts. Birmingham Farmers Market - Sundays May through October Join us for the best of fresh Michigan flowers, produce, baked goods, meats, poultry and more. Plus live entertainment, prepared foods, and a kids craft area. Day On the Town –Fourth Saturday in July Sidewalk sale and street fair featuring live entertainment, demonstrations, and plenty of bargains! Plus, a Corvette car show! Birmingham Cruise Event– Third Saturday in August Part of Woodward Dream Cruise! Birmingham hosts a classic car show, plus live entertainment, manufacturer displays, and more! Located on Old Woodward from Merrill to Lincoln. Tree Lighting – Wednesday Before Thanksgiving Help Santa and the Mayor light up Birmingham for the holidays in Shain Park. Santa House and Carriage Rides – Weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas Santa is in a real house in Shain Park visiting kids of all ages for the holidays. Photos with Santa, with proceeds going to Leader Dogs for the Blind. Free horse-drawn carriage rides travel around Shain Park and downtown. Small Business Saturday – Saturday After Thanksgiving Support local businesses on the day after Black Friday. Enjoy Free parking all day, free Valet, coffee and hot cocoa in the morning, plus Santa House, Carriage rides and a warming tent in the afternoon! Birmingham Winter Market – First Weekend in December This charming euro style outdoor market features local artisans, foods, gifts, holiday greens and more. Plus, enjoy authentic German style food and drink. There’s a KinderHaus kids craft area, live entertainment each day, plus Santa House, carriage rides and more. 17

In Oakland County Avon Players 1185 Washington, Rochester Hills 48306 (248) 608-9077 • Community theatre September - May. Youth theatre in the summer. Call or log on for performance and ticket information.

Clarkston Village Players, 4861 White Lake Road, Clarkston 48346, (248) 625-8811. Community theatre runs year round, includes summer youth theatre. DTE Energy Music Theatre, Sashabaw Road off I-75, Clarkston, (248) 377-0100. May through September. Outdoor, 15,000 seat concert venue. Both pavilion and lawn seating available. Major national tours and concerts.

Detroit Zoo, Woodward Ave. at Ten Mile, Royal Oak, (248) 541-5717. Open 365 days a year. Features 125 acres of open natural habitats that are home to 280 species. There are numerous attractions including a new Penguinarium (first in the U.S.!), Amphibian Conservation Center, Arctic Ring of Life, Australian Outback, Wildlife Interpretive Gallery, Carousel, Railroad, Simulator Ride, and 4-D Theater. Admission and Parking Fees.

Holocaust Memorial Center, 28123 Orchard Lake Road, Farmington Hills, (248) 553-2400. 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. and Sunday-Thursday, 9:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m. This is an opportunity to learn about the Holocaust, European Jewish communities and Jewish visitors can research their roots in the world’s largest collection of books and resources. There are lecture series, travel opportunities, teacher seminars and a speakers’ bureau. Numerous exhibits and gift shop. Main Street Downtown Rochester Annual Christmas Parade and Big Bright Light Show – Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day The Christmas parade just celebrated its 60th anniversary and is a major televised event each year running down Main Street; stake out your space early! The light show involves all buildings lit up with lights strung every 6 inches. A wonderful sight at night!

Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum 31005 Orchard Lake Rd., Farmington Hills (248) 626-5020, Listed as one of the most unusual museums in the country, there are thousands of toys, machines, and one of a kind collectibles.


Lifestyle ~Visitors Guide 2016

Meadow Brook Adams and Walton, Rochester (on Oakland University campus) Festival - (248) 377-0100 May through September serves as a popular outdoor entertainment venue. Pavilion and lawn seating. Home to Meadowbrook Gardens as well. Meadow Brook Hall - (248) 364-6200 The Matilda Dodge Wilson Estate (widow of auto baron John Dodge) is a beautiful 100-room Tudor revival style mansion built in 1929. It boasts 24 fireplaces, 39 chimneys and 13 kitchens. It is the 4th largest historic house museum in the country. For special events and tours please call. Open daily year round. Fee. Meadow Brook Theatre (on Oakland University campus) Adams and Walton, 207 Wilson Hall, Rochester, 48309 (248) 377-3300 Meadow Brook Theatre is Michigan’s largest professional theatre company. For 48 years it has won awards and critical acclaim for the high quality of its comedies, mysteries, dramas and musicals; from its accomplished actors to its lavish sets and beautiful costumes. They also have a series for children. Located on the campus of Oakland University in Rochester Hills, MBT’s theatre provides an intimate experience. Handicapped seating and free parking. North Oakland Concert Band 2183 Willow Leaf Ct. S., Rochester Hills 48309 One of Michigan’s leading wind ensembles. Performs broad selection of concert band music with styles ranging from traditional marches to modern works at various locations in and around the Orion Oxford community. Membership is through audition process and includes many professional music educators. Log on to their website for schedule of concerts and locations. Oakland County Fair July 8-17, 2016 P.O. Box 365, 12451 Andersonville Rd., Davisburg 48350 (248) 634-8830 Palace of Auburn Hills, 4 Championship Drive, Auburn Hills, (248) 377-0100. Home of the NBA’s Detroit Pistons. Also hosts large, live entertainment and head line productions. Palazzo di Bocce, 4291 S. Lapeer Rd, Orion Township (north of the Palace of Auburn Hills), (248) 371-9987. Open 7 days a week. Largest and most elaborate bocce facility in the United States, a unique venue and comfortable atmosphere for all ages. Play bocce on one of 10 indoor tournament-sized courts. Courtside snacking and cocktails. Reservations recommended. Softsoled shoes and appropriate casual attire required for bocce play. Ridgedale Players, 205 W. Long Lake Road, Troy, (248) 689-6241. One of the oldest community theatre groups in Michigan (over 75 years), with a junior actor program as well.

Stagecrafters, at the Historic Baldwin Theatre, 415 S. Lafayette, Royal Oak, (248) 541-6430. September through July. This theatre group presents musicals, comedies and dramas. Also special youth theatre programs. Michigan Renaissance Festival 12600 Dixie Highway, Holly, 48442 (800) 601-4848 • A truly unique entertainment experience with knights in armor, joisting, strolling musicians, themed feasts and weekends, specialty acts and active marketplace. Runs from mid August through September. Check the website for information about activities, events and festival fees. Oakland County Pioneer and Historical Society 405 Cesar Chavez Ave., Pontiac, 48342 (248) 338-6732 • Pine Grove Historical Museum includes the Governor Moses Wisner Mansion, Drayton Plains one room schoolhouse and carriage house, research library and Pioneer Museum. Call Tuesday and Wednesday for information and hours. Oakland County Farmers and Flea Market 2350 Pontiac Lake Rd., Waterford, 48328 (248) 858-5495 • Open year round, the market offers food specialty items, farm and garden produce and flea market booths on site. Log on for hours and links to vendor websites. Olde World Canterbury Village 2369 Joslyn Ct., Lake Orion, 48360 (248) 391-5700 • A designated historical landmark , the Village extends over 21 acres on the old Scripps Farm. There are 18 specialty shops displaying one of the worlds largest Department 56 and nativity collections. Restaurant on site. Open daily – its always Christmas! Rochester Hills Museum overview.asp, at Van Hoosen Farm, 1005 Van Hoosen Road, Rochester, (248) 656-4663. Open year round Friday and Saturday, 1:00-4:00 p.m. or by appointment, tours available. Admission charge. Located in an 1840s Greek Revival farmhouse listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it was home to five generations. It features period furnishings and artifacts. Located within historic Stoney Creek Village, the area includes the 1848 Stoney Creek School, farmhouses and Greek Revival homes built before the Civil War. A self-guided tour brochure is available at the museum. Streets bordering the area are Tienken, Washington and Runyon. Sea Life Aquarium 4316 Baldwin Rd (Great Lakes Crossing), Auburn Hills (866) 622-0605 • Opened in 2015, this 35,000 square foot underwater world features 5,000 creatures in 20 themed displays. Come explore the interactive touch pool, walk through the ocean tunnel, watch the sharks feeding, and listen to the fun programs about “why” and “how”. Log on to the website for pictures and discount tickets. Upland Hills Farm 481 Lake George Rd., Oxford 48370 (248) 628-1611 • Hayrides, camps and special events.

In Wayne County Arab American National Museum, 13624 Michigan Avenue (at Schaefer), Dearborn, (313) 582-2266. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays. Admission charge. The museum is the first in the country to celebrate the Arab-American story. Along with the exhibits there is an auditorium, library/resource center and gift shop. This museum is an affiliate of the Smithsonian and can access its programs, speakers, and artifacts. Automotive Hall of Fame, 21400 Oakwood, Dearborn, (313) 240-4000. Closed Monday and Tuesday. Admission charge. Classic cars, including a replica of the first gasoline auto, plus interactive exhibits.

Edsel & Eleanor Ford House, 1100 Lakeshore, Grosse Pointe Shores, (313) 884-4222. Open Tuesday - Sunday with a variety of tours. Call for hours. Admission charge. Designed by Albert Kahn, this family home is representative of the Detroit “auto barons”. It was built in the style of the Cotswolds in Worchester, England. Many original pieces from the family art and antiques collection are on view. Greenmead Historical Park 20501 Newburgh Road, Livonia, (248) 477-7375. This 95 acre parksite includes Greek revival farmhouse (exhibits), north barn, farmhand house, gardens, and historical village. The village includes homes built in mid-1800s, gift shops, picnic and recreational facilities.

Discount tickets are available for everyone! General admission, yearly passes and dining in the zoo meal vouchers are available through 2015!

Grosse Pointe Theatre, 315 Fisher Road, Grosse Pointe 48230, (313) 881-4004. More than 400 members volunteer their talents, performing five plays a year at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial.

Grosse Pointe War Memorial, 32 Lake Shore Dr., Grosse Pointe Farms, (313) 881-7511. On Lake St. Clair, this historic site serves as a center for enrichment programs, numerous community events and services in honor of veterans. Built in 1910 as the former home of Russell Alger. The Henry Ford, 20900 Oakwood, Dearborn, (313) 982-6001. Open 9:30a.m.-5:00p.m. MondaySunday. Admission charge. The complex is America’s greatest history attraction. The past, present and future is represented in four distinct venues: the Museum exhibits 300 years of history, Greenfield Village includes Main Street, railroad junction and Model-T rides, an IMAX theatre, the Ford Rouge Factory Tour and Benson Ford Research Center.

Mill Race Historical Village (Downtown Northville) (248) 348-1845 This charming historical village was built on 12.5 acres of land preserving architectural styles found in the Northville community prior to 1900. The village consists of an inn, blacksmith shop, school, church, gazebo, rustic wooden bridge, Interurban station and several homes reminiscent of an era gone by. For additional information and calendar of events and activities log on to

Motor City Youth Theatre, Grantland Street Playhouse, 27555 Grantland, Livonia, (313) 535-8962. This high quality group of five to 18 year olds puts on main stage productions involving dance, music and visual arts. Workshops and summer programs are offered as well. Plymouth Historical Museum, 155 S. Main Street, Plymouth, (734) 455-8940. Admission fee. Open 1:00-4:00 p.m. Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Features special events, historical exhibits specializing in Victorian reproductions, and gift shop. Plymouth Orchards & Cider Mill 10685 Warren Road, Plymouth, (734) 455-2290. U-pick orchard, cider mill, country store, petting farm, cross-country skiing. Seasonal.

Wyandotte Museum, 2610 Biddle Avenue, Wyandotte, (734) 324-7284. Admission fee. The museum is housed in the Victorian Ford-MacNichol home, built in 1896. The building features a wraparound porch, turret, six fireplaces, and original decor. The museum offers archives and exhibits highlighting local history; other buildings on site. Yankee Air Museum

(located at historic Willow Run Airport)

47884 D Street, Belleville 48111 (734) 483-4030 • Closed Mondays. Admission fee. Check website or call for specific hours and costLearn about Detroit’s role in winning World War II. See documentary on how Ford Motor Company built more than 8,500 B-24 Liberator heavy bombers. Numerous aircraft and artifacts on display from World Ward I through the Vietnam era and beyond including jet fighters and B-52 Stratofortress. Flight Experience rides on either a B-17 Flying Fortress or B-25 Mitchell bomber (at additional costs) are the ultimate ‘bucket list’ adventures for adults. This small museum offers big memories and promises plenty of smiles.

Visit for details.

Birmingham/Bloomfield 19

In Detroit Belle Isle Michigan’s newest State Park. Access using the MacArthur Bridge at E. Jefferson Avenue and E. Grand Blvd. Designed by Frederick Law Olmstead (Central Park in New York City), this beautiful 983 acre park has over five miles of scenic shoreline.The Nature Zoo provides family programs and is open Wednesday - Sunday, April thru October. The Whitcomb Conservatory. Livingstone Lighthouse, Dossin Great Lakes Museum, the Casino (available for rent, seniors programs); Scott Memorial Fountain and a “Kids Kingdom” playscape along with numerous recreational venues. (844) 235-5375

Bricktown Three blocks north of the RenCen between E. Congress and E. Fort Streets. Twentieth century brick buildings house bistros, clubs and a variety of restaurants.

Campus Martius Campus Martius lies at the heart of the City of Detroit. Known as the “Point of Origin,” the junction of Woodward and Monroe Avenues is the starting point from where the City of Detroit’s system of streets, squares and lots was created. As home to the headquarters of Compuware, retail outlets and loft residences Campus Martius is a significant and contributing factor to the ongoing rebirth of downtown Detroit. With gardens, fountains, waterfalls, monuments, ice skating rink and green space, it is the meeting place for city residents.

Charles H. Wright Museum of African-American History, 315 E. Warren at Brush, (313) 494-5800. Open Tuesday through Sunday, call for exact hours. Admission charge. This state-of-the-art facility is the largest of its kind. Exhibits show the history and contributions of African Americans. The museum features 125,000 sq. ft. simulating scenes from early African history to the slave trade, the civil rights movement to contemporary Detroit. Cobo Center, One Washington Blvd., Detroit, (313) 877-8777. Venue for the International Auto Show, home and garden shows, Detroit Economic Club, media and other special events. Cobo is also home to the Vu Restaurant and Lounge. Comerica Park, 2100 Woodward Ave., Detroit, (313) 962-4000. There’s a lot more than baseball (still the main event!). Home of the 2012 AL champion Detroit Tigers. A theme park, baseball museum, and restaurants, add to the fun. Detroit Artists Market, 4719 Woodward Ave., 48201, (313) 832-8540. Open Tuesday-Saturday, 11:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m This market and gallery is dedicated to Michigan artists. It was founded in 1932 and is the oldest cultural institution in Detroit promoting contemporary artists.


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Detroit Film Theatre, 5200 Woodward Avenue (at the Detroit Institute of Arts), Detroit, (313) 833-4005. Foreign and art films shown on weekends, fall through spring. Films and live music concerts June and July.

Detroit Historical Museum, 5401 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, (313) 833-1805. Established in 1928, this Detroit cultural gem is one of the oldest and largest museums dedicated to metropolitan history. “Streets of Old Detroit,” “Glancy Trains,” and “Kid Rock” are fantastic! Closed Mondays. Free Admission.

Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA), 5200 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, (313) 833-7900. Open Wednesday-Sunday and late night Fridays. The Beaux Arts Building was designed by Paul Cret and built in 1927 and just underwent an extensive renovation. Renowned for its extensive and diverse collection, with over 100 galleries, a reference library, lecture hall, cafe and museum store. Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb County residents are free.

Detroit People Mover This elevated rail system forms a large circle stopping at strategic downtown districts. Regional, national and international artists have created 15 major works of art in 13 stations. Examples of Pewabic Pottery, bronze sculptures, ceramic and Venetian glass mosaics and murals create a visual parade from station to station. Stops include the Renaissance Center, Joe Louis Arena, Cobo Center, Grand Circus Park and Greektown. Visit or call 800-541-RAIL.

Detroit Opera House/ Michigan Opera Theatre, 1526 Broadway, Detroit, Ticket Office: (313) 237-7464. Designed by Detroit architect C. Howard Crane and known for its superb acoustic construction, the theatre first opened in 1922. The lavish Italian renaissance style has been allowed to flourish despite its tumultuous history of name changes and abandonment. The opera is alive and well...for tours call (313) 237-3425.

Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Max M. Fisher Music Center, 3711 Woodward Ave., Detroit, (313) 576-5111. For nearly a century, many renowned conductors and musicians have performed beloved classics, world premiers, pops and jazz. There are always programs for children and families as well. Orchestra Hall, built by C. Howard Crane in 1919, is the elegant home of the orchestra and is now part of the fantastic Music Center.

Detroit Experience Factory (DXF) 123 Monroe St., Detroit, (313) 962-4590 Offers public and customized tours by and with residents that love Detroit!

Eastern Market Headquarters at 2934 Russell, located on Russell between Mack & Gratiot,, (313) 833-9300. Open Saturdays, 6:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. This eleven acre open-air market sells fruits, vegetables, meat and poultry, wines, flowers and plants. It is the largest historic public market district in the U.S.! The area also features specialty stores and restaurants. Ford Field, 2000 Brush, Detroit, (313) 262-2100. Admission charge. Located in the heart of the entertainment district and home to the NFL Detroit Lions. The design incorporates the Detroit landmark Hudson’s warehouse (built in the 1920s), and claims the best sight lines of any stadium in the U.S. Public walk up tours available at 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.; varies – September through December offered Monday, Thursday, Friday; January through August, Monday and Friday. Fox Theatre, 2211 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, 313-471-6611. Over 80 years old, the Fox is the oldest surviving movie palace of the 1920s. It continues to showcase live music and Broadway shows. Greektown Monroe Street between Randolf and I-75. Authentic Greek restaurants, bakeries, shops, nightlife and a casino are all easily accessible to hotels and other attractions by the Detroit People Mover. Indian Village This community of 351 homes, six churches, four elementary and two nursery schools was admitted to the National Register of Historic Places in 1972. Located from E. Jefferson to Mack Avenue in Detroit it includes Burns, Iroquois and Seminole Avenues. These homes, built as early as 1895 by Detroit’s wealthiest businessmen, are on a grand scale, explaining the popular home and garden tours this neighborhood hosts.

Joe Louis Arena or, 600 Civic Center Drive, Detroit, (313) 471-6606. Home of the NHL’s Detroit Red Wings. The arena hosts concerts and other entertainment events as well. Majestic Theatre Center, 4140 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, (313) 833-9700. A city block full of fun: two restaurants, bars, billiards, bowling, live entertainment venues. Free shuttle to other downtown locations. Masonic Temple, 500 Temple Street, Detroit, (313) 832-7100. Built in 1926, the temple is listed on the State and National Historic Registers. The theatre seats over 4,400 people and hosts all forms of live entertainment including plays, variety shows, dance and rock concerts.

Mexicantown Southwest of downtown at the foot of the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit. This area offers numerous annual events including Cinco de Mayo Fiesta and Summer Mercado. Restaurants and craft stores abound. Michigan Science Center 5020 John R, Detroit • (313) 577-8400 • Family oriented, hands on displays designed with an interactive approach, for the discovery of all things related to science, math and technology. Features exhibits, live shows and activities. Open daily, extended hours in the summer months.

Midtown Detroit,, 3939 Woodward Ave., Ste. 100, Detroit, 48201 (313) 420-6000. Bounded by Ford Freeway (North), Chrysler Freeway (East), Fisher Freeway (South), and the Lodge Freeway (West). Known as “Midtown”, this area includes many cultural, educational and medical institutions including the Detroit Art Institute, Wayne State University, Detroit Medical Center, Detroit Public Library, and the Max Fisher Music Center.

Motown Historical Museum, 2648 West Grand Blvd., Detroit, (313) 875-2264. Open year round 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m., Tuesday-Saturday. Admission charge. Featuring the beginning of the Motown music empire; five galleries with displays and artifacts, showcase the major works of Michael Jackson, Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and more. Online gift shop.

Outdoor Adventure Center – Michigan Department of Natural Resources 1801 Atwater, Detroit 48207 (844) 622-6367, This family-friendly destination brings Michigan’s woods, water and wildlife inside a three-story, 40,000 square foot building near the Detroit Riverwalk and William G. Milliken State Park and Harbor. This unique facility provides hands-on recreational experiences for all ages and abilities through a variety of a activities and exhibits. Wednesday-Friday 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Sunday 12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. There is an entrance fee.

Pewabic Pottery, 10125 E. Jefferson, Detroit, (313) 626-2000, 10 am.-6 pm MondaySaturday, noon-4p.m. Sunday. Free self-guided tours Monday-Friday, call for group tours. A Detroit institution, many homes and office buildings are decorated with these distinctive tiles and mosaics. Production, history and exhibits are available to view. One of only two active turn-of-the-century pottery studios in the country. Online store. Renaissance Center Located on Jefferson between Brush and Beaubien,, (313) 567-3126. A Detroit landmark on the Detroit River, it is easily recognized by its five massive glass towers. The RenCen, at 5.5 million square feet, houses General Motors World Headquarters, numerous offices, the Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center Hotel, a food court, fine dining restaurants, specialty retail stores, and movie theaters. Tours offered daily Monday - Friday. Rivertown Located along the Detroit River between the RenCen and Belle Isle Bridge, this historic warehouse district with great views features restaurants, clubs, parks, marina and outdoor concert venue. Skillman Library, 121 Gratiot, Detroit, (313) 481-1850. Hours: 10am-6pm. Closed Fridays and Sundays. The nation’s most extensive public archive of automotive information including books, photographs, drawings and company histories. Wayne State University Theatre & Dance, (313) 577-2972 Performance Spaces: • Hilberry Theatre - Operated by the Graduate Repertory Company. • Bonstelle Theatre - Used for major productions by the undergraduate program. • Studio Theatre - Open stage in the lower level of the Hilberry theatre used for experimental and classroom productions. • Allesee Dance Studio - Small theatre on thrid floor of the Old Main building.

In Macomb County

All The World Is a Stage • (586) 243-2253 66130 Van Dyke, Washington Township With a belief that the arts are central to the educational, social, and aesthetic development of children, this award-winning theatre arts education program offers youth an opportunity to experience theatre both on and off the stage.

Anton Art Center • (586) 469-8666 125 Macomb Place, Mount Clemens Housed in a “Carnegie Library,” this premiere organization offers cultural experience year-round including exhibitions by local, regional and national artists; adult and youth classes; a gift shop featuring locally produced art; and special events.

Center for the Performing Arts, Macomb Community College, 44575 Garfield Road, Clinton Township 48038, (586) 286-2222. This is the cultural hub of the county. There is much to do including concerts, musicals and dance, live theatre, workshops and an art gallery.

Crocker House Museum 15 Union St., Mount Clemens, (586) 465-2488. Restored Victorian Italianate, built in 1869, it is fully furnished and was home of the first mayor of Mount Clemens. Open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and first Sunday of every month.

Freedom Hill Amphitheater, 14900 Metro Parkway, Sterling Heights, box office (888) 929-7849. This is an indoor and outdoor music and movie theatre surrounded by Freedom Hill County Park. It has pavilion and lawn seating.

Grand Pacific House Museum 51065 Washington, New Baltimore, (586) 725-4755. Built in 1881 as a hotel and saloon, it is a now a museum with an active membership, meetings and workshops for all ages. Open Wednesday and Saturday only, March thru December. Call for hours.

Lorenzo Cultural Center, 44575 Garfield Rd., Clinton Twp. 48038, (586) 445-7348. Call for hours of operation, varies at different times of year. Adjacent to the Performing Arts Center, featuring multi-dimensional programs relating science, history, culture and the arts.

Michigan Transit Museum, Depot on Cass Ave. between Gratiot and Groesbeck, Mount Clemens, (586) 463-1863. Train rides are available June thru October on Sundays from 1:00-4:00p.m. Historic depot was built for the Chicago, Detroit & Canada Grand Trunk Railroad. It is also where Thomas Edison learned telegraphy and picked up “railroads” as a short career.

Michigan Military Technical & Historical Society • (586) 872-2581 • 16600 Stephens, Eastpointe Dedicated to portraying and preserving the story about Michigan's civilian and military efforts during the conflicts of the 20th Century, this unique collection showcases products produced by Michigan’s “Arsenal of Democracy.”

Richmond Community Theatre • (586) 727-9518 69619 Parker Street, Richmond Celebrating 45 years, this community gem produces five shows per year involving a wide circle of actors, stage crafters, costume makers and the other creative talents that combine to create a magical experience.

Selfridge Military Air Museum (586) 239-5035. Selfridge Air National Guard Base, M-59 and Jefferson, Harrison Township. Indoor and outdoor exhibits, with Navy and Air Force planes. Call for hours and tour information.

Starkweather Arts Center • (586) 752-5700 219 N. Main Street, Romeo This gallery, housed in a historic home built in 1863, offers classes, open mic and music concerts, and gift shop.

Birmingham/Bloomfield 21

In Genesee County Alfred P. Sloan Museum E. Kearsley Street, Flint, (810) 237-3450. Open daily. Admission fee. Collection of rare and antique cars including the largest display of General Motors experimental cars in the nation. The museum also showcases Flint’s early history. Other amenities include a science discovery center, cafe and gift store.

Birch Run, north on I-75 at Exit 136, (989) 624-6226. The Midwest’s largest outlet center featuring Coach, Pottery Barn, The Gap, Nike, Polo, Banana Republic, North Face, Tommy Hilfiger, J. Crew, and more, plus numerous restaurants.

Crossroads Village & Huckleberry Railroad 6140 Bray Road, Flint, (810) 736-7100 or (800) 648-PARK. Open WednesdaySunday, Memorial Day to Labor Day, call for exact times of operation. Admission Fee. Railroad departs several times a day. The Village contains more than 30 historic structures from the 1800s, along with a steam locomotive, ferris wheel, carousel and paddlewheel riverboat. There are also Halloween and Christmas programs.

Flint Childrens Museum, on the campus of Kettering University, 1602 W. University (Third Ave.), Flint, (810) 767-5437. Technology, science and art all under one roof! There are more than 40 exhibits, all of them hands on, featuring monthly activities and themes so it’s always a different experience. Closed Sunday and Monday.

Looking For More. Air Zoo, located at the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport, 6151 Portage Rd., Kalamazoo 49002, (866) 524-7966. Billed as the giants of history, performance and accomplishment, the stars of this museum have names like Curtis P-40N Warhawk, F-18, F-14 Tomcat, SR-71 Blackbird and SBD Dauntless. There are full motion flight simulators, a 4-D theatre and amusement park rides for more excitement.

Alden B. Dow House & Studio, 315 Post St., Midland 48640, (866) 315-7678. The architect son of the Dow Chemical Company founder built this house which is considered an excellent example of organic architecture surrounded by gardens and pond. It is open for tours.

Frederick Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, 1000 E. Beltline NE, Grand Rapids 49525, (888) 957-1580. Numerous special collections include an arid, English perennial, seasonal, Victorian, woodlands, a children’s and Michigan farm garden. A sculpture park, garden trails and concert series are also featured. Call for special exhibits, hours and admission fees.

Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library & Museum • Library: 1000 Beal Ave., Ann Arbor 48109, (734) 205-0555. Located on the campus of the University of Michigan, the library holds historical materials including photos, documents, collections and oral histories available for research.

Flint Institute of Arts, 1120 E. Kearsley St, Flint, (810) 234-1695. Monday - Thursday noon-5:00 p.m., Saturday 10:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m., Sunday1:00-5:00 p.m. late night Thursdays. Admission fee for temporary exhibits. Members free. A great cultural resource both as a museum and art school. Features year round permanent and temporary exhibits. The film theatre shows independent and international films.

• Museum: 303 Pearl St. NW, Grand Rapids 49504, (616) 254-0400. The permanent collection highlights the President from his youth to his life in the White House. There is a replica of the Oval Office, a gallery of 1970s memorabilia and an interactive Cabinet Room. There are also temporary exhibits and educational program features.

Heavenly Scent Herb Farm, 13730 White Lake Road, Fenton, (810) 629-9208. Housed in a barn built in 1910, painted to look like three storefronts – home decor, body care products, garden items. Specialty herbs and plants available in the greenhouse.

Interlochen Center for the Arts, 4000 Hwy. M-137, Interlochen 49643, (231) 276-7200. Situated on 1,200 wooded acres between two lakes, this campus is all about the arts. There are public concerts, art and music festivals, summer arts program, adult art classes and boarding high school for visual and performing arts students.

Flint Youth Theatre 1220 E. Kearsley, Flint, (810) 237-1530, Professional resident theatre company, drama school and theatre workshops.

Robert T. Longway Planetarium, 1310 E. Kearsley Street, Flint, (810) 237-3400. Open daily (except major holidays), call for shows. Admission fee. Michigan’s largest and well equipped planetarium. Programs range from astronomical and aerospace events to night sky details and the solar system.

Hops & Suds

The climate is right, especially in northwest Michigan, for growing hops. As a leading producer in the country, Michigan also ranks 5th when it comes to craft breweries, along with a count of 160 of almost 160 “beer masters”. Log on to to learn more and map a day on an ale trail or brewery tour. 22

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Hartwick Pines State Park & Logging Museum 4216 Ranger Rd., Grayling 49738, (989) 348-7068. At 9,672 acres this park is one of the largest in the state. It still holds 49 acres of old growth pines, a museum that tells the tale of the “Shanty Boys”, four lakes and a wide variety of habitats.

Japanese Cultural Center, Tea House and Gardens of Saginaw 527 Ezra Rust Dr., Saginaw, 48601, (989) 759-1648 Three acres along the shore of Lake Linton, authentic tea house and ceremony. Open April thru October Tuesday-Saturday 12 Noon - 4:00 p.m.


Birmingham Bloomfield is conveniently located for daytrips to a number of other Michigan attractions. Try out these places for the day or overnight, but make sure you come back because there is a whole lot more to do in Birmingham Bloomfield!

Leelanau Peninsula/Old Mission Peninsula Jutting out into the blue waters of Lake Michigan and Grand Traverse Bay, these areas are worth touring for their vineyards and winery tours. Michigan is the fourth largest grape-growing state, has 101 commercial wineries, 15,000 acres of vineyards, and adds $300 million to the Michigan economy. Wine events calendar is available on the website.

City of Marshall, (800) 877-5163 Visitor’s Center. Located at the crossroads of I-69 and I-94, this city is a perfect example of 19th century small town America. It has been designated a National Historic Landmark District. Attractions include the landmark Memorial Fountain, Cornwell’s Turkeyville professional dinner theatre, American Museum of Magic, Governor’s Mansion (1839), Town Hall (1857), Post Office and U.S. Postal Museum, Barton theatre organ, and much more! Marshall Fredericks Sculpture Museum Located at Saginaw Valley State University, 7400 Bay Rd., Saginaw 48604, (989) 964-7125. Over 200 works and a sculptor’s studio are on exhibit. Well known locally for his downtown landmark “Spirit of Detroit”, the “Cross in the Woods” up north in Indian River and numerous pieces gracing local parks, churches and libraries in the Metro Detroit area, Mr. Fredericks lived and worked in the Birmingham-Bloomfield area until his death in 1998.

Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum Gardens: 1800 Dixboro Road, Ann Arbor Arboretum: 1610 Washington Heights, Ann Arbor (734) 647-7600 (both). Open 7 days a week, sunrise to sunset. Conservatory, gift shop, trails and natural areas. No admission charge.

Michigan Firehouse Museum, 110 Cross St., Ypsilanti, (734) 547-0663. Treasure trove of firefighting equipment in an old “once working” station dating back to 1898, including bunk area, brass pole and vehicles. Closed Mondays admission fee.

Monroe County Historical Museum 126 S. Monroe, Monroe 48161, (734) 240-7780. Open Wednesday-Sunday year round, call for hours. An exhibit dedicated to General George Armstrong Custer (on land where he lived) traces his life at West Point and Civil War battles, including his demise at the Battle of Little Big Horn.


Purple Rose Theatre, 137 Park Street, Chelsea, (734) 433-ROSE. Started by the talented actor and Michigander, Jeff Daniels, this playhouse showcases live theatre year round. Also offers acting classes for all ages.

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore 9922 Front St., Empire 49630, (231) 326-5134. One of the most beautiful areas along Lake Michigan (35 miles long). Stop at the Visitor’s Center, take a seven mile scenic drive or get out and climb the dunes! The dune climb is located off M-109 and is complete with vending machines and bookstore.

Spring Valley Trout Farm, 12190 Island Lake Rd., Dexter, (734) 426-4772. The freshest “fish and chips” in Metro Detroit. Catch your own dinner of catfish or trout, no license required! 20 acres of fun include nine spring fed ponds. Seasonal hours, fees and recipes online!

State Capitol Building N. Capitol and W. Michigan Ave., Lansing 48096. Dedicated in 1879, it was one of the first buildings to copy the architecture of the Capitol in Washington, D.C. Designed by Elijah E. Myers, it is open for tours including the House and Senate galleries. For info call (517) 373-2348.

S.S. Badger (Lake Michigan Car Ferry) (800) 841-4243 Sails mid-May through mid-October between Ludington, Michigan and Manitowac, WI (crossing time is 4 hours). Food and bar service, movies, TV, entertainment, outside decks, and on-board gift shop.

Relatively new Michigan program allows licensed charter boats to take their clients out on fishing trips and then stop at one of 50 participating restaurants that will cook the fresh catch on the spot. Voila! Dinner is served. Depending on the lake and community there are lots of walleye, salmon, steelhead, whitefish, bass, lake and brown trout to make every angler and fish eater very happy. For all the details log on to

West Coast Beaches & Communities New Buffalo to Muskegon On the shores of southern Lake Michigan, dotting the coastline, are numerous beautiful sandy beaches and “quaint” and “not so quaint” towns and cities offering great eating, shopping and antiquing, and many special events like Holland’s Tulip Festival, drawing thousands of visitors annually.

Zehnders of Frankenmuth Click on “dining”. 730 S. Main St., Frankenmuth 48734, (800) 863-7999. A Michigan “must do”, one of the oldest and largest family restaurants, famous for its family-style, all-you-can-eat chicken dinners. Numerous special events, especially around Christmas.

SS Silversides Submarine Museum 1346 Bluff St., Muskegon 49441 (231) 755-1230 • Located on the south side of the Muskegon Lake Channel, this WWII submarine is credited with sinking 23 major Japanese ships, received 4 Presidential Unit Citations and 12 Battle Stars for her service. The museum is also home to the Prohibition-era Coast Guard Cutter McLane, one of the last of its class in existence. Sub-Tech classes are available for children and adults. Tours daily. Log on for times depending on time of the year. 23

Shopping in Birmingham Bloomfield

Fitting Women Since 1947

Specializing in hard-to-fit-sizes.

The Birmingham Bloomfield Area is a shopper’sparadise. From national brands to local mom and pop, it’s shop ‘til you drop in Birmingham Bloomfield. Shopping areas can be found in Downtown Birmingham, the Village of Franklin and on the Woodward Avenue, Maple Road and Telegraph Road corridors. There are smaller shopping interspersed throughout the community so make sure you stop if you find something of interest! Downtown Birmingham is the centerpiece for shopping in this community. It offers a wonderful mix of boutique shops with one of a kind local products as well as nationally renowned purveyors of quality goods. Interspersed are restaurants, coffee shops and bakeries. The Village of Franklin is a step into history with quaint shops, markets, coffee house and restaurant. The seasonal Franklin Cider Mill nestles next to the shopping district and is a definite must during autumn. Telegraph Road has a number of shopping centers with national brands and local stores giving a large selection of shopping choices. Woodward Avenue and Maple Road do too! And make sure you do the Birmingham Farmers Market on Saturday mornings during the summer and fall. It’s a great way to start your weekend.

New Pre-owned Parts and Service Clothing and Accessories 1765 S. Telegraph Road, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302 248-920-2000 l 24

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"Gift certificates available" Hours Monday-Saturday 9:30am - 6pm Closed Sundays Like us on Facebook

265 S. Old Woodward Birmingham, MI 48009 (248) 642-2555


Lifestyle ~Visitors Guide 2016

When dining in Birmingham Bloomfield you cannot help but feel you are at the crossroads where every conceivable cuisine meets. Your selection is that diverse. No matter what you want, you will find it, because Birmingham Bloomfield is home to some of the best restaurants in all of Metro Detroit. Sushi, Chinese, a staggering choice of high end steakhouses, English pub, Italian, Mediterranean, contemporary American, Birmingham Bloomfield has it all. At the same time there are a number of fabulous delis and diners that serve up a great breakfast or tasty lunch and if you are on the go there are coffee shops galore. The area is also home to a number of national chains from seafood to barbeque and there are a couple of cupcake palaces too! Whether visiting Birmingham Bloomfield or staying on a more permanent basis, your dining options will never be lacking nor will your taste buds ever be disappointed.

Birmingham/Bloomfield 27

Sports and Recreation Metro Area Sports & Recreation Websites

Oakland County parks system (See full listing at end of this section.) This site offers a neat list of links to an unusual variety of sports and amusement locations throughout the area. It covers everything from archery to scuba diving to wrestling. The home of the Michigan High School Athletic Association. All sorts of information regarding every high school sport, rule and regulation, is located here! A specific list of outdoor venues close to home, including boating, hunting and snowmobiling. The site includes addresses, phone numbers and descriptions of the recreation areas.

Local Community

• Lincoln Hills Golf Course 2666 W. 14 Mile Rd., Birmingham 48009, (248) 530-1670 (sledding, cross country skiing available in season, and dog park) • Springdale Golf Course 316 Strathmore, Bloomfield Township 48301, (248) 530-1660 • Skate Park 2300 E. Lincoln, Birmingham 48009. Open dusk until dawn.

Birmingham Community Education (Birmingham Public Schools)

Offices at Seaholm High School, 2436 W. Lincoln, Ste. F101, (248) 203-3800 The course catalog is available online and includes adult and youth programs, enrichment classes, recreation camps, recess programs and academic summer school.


The Bloomfield Schools provide the recreation venues for the township and city. This website lists the camps, aquatic classes and facilities available for use.

Beverly Hills

• Bloomfield Hills Athletics, Recreation & Community Services 7273 Wing Lake Rd., Bloomfield Hills 48302, (248) 433-0885

• Beverly Park 18801 Beverly Road 34 acres includes sledding hill, skating rink, and volleyball, basketbal and tennis courts, baseball fields, disc golf course and “Little Free Library”

• Bowers School Farm 1219 E. Square Lake Road, Bloomfield Hills 48304, (248) 341-6475

• Riverside Park Riverside Drive, east of Evergreen Fishing on the mill pond which is part of the Rouge River, grill and picnic tables.

Cranbrook Educational Community, click on “Camps and Public Programs” The

• Douglas Evans Nature Preserve On Evergreen, north of 13 Mile 18 acres of open space for walks and nature study • Hidden River Nature Preserve On 14 Mile, east of Evergreen 15 acres serves as a plant and wildlife habitat

Birmingham This website will help navigate all the programs available within the city. It includes Information and rates, parks, trail systems, tennis courts, Little League and equipment rental details as well. • Birmingham Ice Arena 2300 E. Lincoln, Birmingham 48009, (248) 530-1640


Lifestyle ~Visitors Guide 2016

• E.L. Johnson Nature Center 3825 Franklin Road, Bloomfield Hills 48302, (248) 341-6485

school offers a variety of programs open to the public including sports camps for basketball, football, lacrosse and field hockey. (Ages 5-10) Call (248) 645-3108 for more information. • Wallace Ice Arena 550 Lone Pine Road, Bloomfield Hills 48304, (248) 645-3186 • Williams Natatorium 550 Lone Pine Road, Bloomfield Hills 48304, (248) 645-3734 For more information about specific sports and leagues in the local area you can access information through these sites.


The Franklin Community Association maintains open park space which includes a gazebo, walking path, baseball fields and tennis courts.

Professional Sports Teams of Southeast Michigan Detroit Lions (NFL)

Detroit Red Wings (NHL)

Ford Field Detroit (313) 262-2009

Joe Louis Arena Detroit (313) 471-7444

Detroit Pistons (NBA)

United Shore Professional Baseball

Palace of Auburn Hills Auburn Hills (248) 377-0100

Detroit Tigers (MLB)

@ Jimmy John’s Field in Utica Michigan Independent minor league baseball.

Comerica Park Detroit (313) 471-ball

Baseball Franklin Baseball League P.O. Box 250140, Franklin 48025 • (248) 214-1201 Provides great baseball and softball experience for boys and girls age 5 to 15!

Birmingham  Little League P.O. Box 2536 Birmingham 49012

Beverly Hills Little League

Bloomfield Baseball League

Michigan Travel Baseball 2015 team directory “U8 to U19+”


Michigan AAU Boys Basketball (269) 327-8074

T.E.A.M. Basketball AAU competitive teams for boys and girls in 4th – 12th grades. Log on for registration and location information.

Birmingham Community Education

(248) 203-3800 ● Piston Academy – youth leagues and camps.

Birmingham/Bloomfield 29

Sports and Recreation

Biking, Hiking, Walking Rouge River Trails - The city of Birmingham has a map of the access

points for the Booth, Fairway, Linden, Quarton Lake and Willets Trails at Click on “Parks and Recreation”, then “City Trail System”.

Bloomfield Township continually updates its extensive “Safety Path”

trails. Now over 50 miles, with numerous scenic and wooded areas, especially along Lone Pine, Franklin and Maple Roads and the Johnson Nature Center. Log on to to view a map or call (248) 594-2800 Monday thru Thursday.

Historic Franklin Village has a walking tour map at the Village Hall that includes the cider mill, private residences, businesses in historic buildings and the village green. Cranbrook Gardens at Cranbrook House in Bloomfield Hills. Explore

over 40 acres of gardens along paths, streams and Kingswood Lake. Take a self-guided tour. Open daily May thru Labor Day. There is an entry fee. Or, you can purchase a season pass if you know you’ll be back over and over! Call (248) 645-3147.

League of Michigan Bicyclists (LMB). (888) 642-4537

Lists all Detroit Metro area clubs that have organized tour biking or racing.

Michigan Department of Natural Resources Biking, mountain biking, hiking and off road vehicle trails are listed by park and trail name.

Michigan Mountain Biking Association

One of the largest affiliates of the International Mountain Bicycling Association. There are nine chapters throughout the state. Log on to connect to chapter links and detailed info regarding location of trails.

Oakland County There is a detailed list of the emerging “Oak Routes” network of trails and paths covering much of the 910 square miles of the County. Links to the Oakland County Parks are also listed here. For more information see the complete list of Oakland County Parks at the end of this section.


There are numerous lakes in Oakland County that have hard surface ramps for Watercraft trailers. They include: Cass Lake, Dodge Park in Waterford Township Maceday Lake, Waterford Township Pontiac Lake Recreation Area, Waterford Township Oakland Lake, Independence and Waterford Townships Orchard Lake, West Bloomfield Lake Orion, in Bald Mountain Recreation Area Long Lake and Proud Lake in the Proud Lake Recreation Area For more information see the “Parks” listings later in this section.

Oakland County Parks offer boat rentals in • Addison Oaks (rowboat, pedal boat, kayak) • Groveland Oaks (rowboat, pedal boat, kayak) • Independence Oaks (rowboat, pedal boat, kayak, canoe, and electric motors) A small boat launch is located at Orion Oaks for non-motorized watercraft and boats can be carried into Rose Oaks. For more information log on to


Lifestyle ~Visitors Guide 2016

Huron Clinton Metroparks have boat launches, slips and storage available at • Stoney Creek Metropark • Kensington Metropark

U.S. Power Squadrons, Birmingham Chapter Community service organization that offers boating safety instructions. Is also a social organization that offers “on-the-lake” activities. Go on the web site for chapter locations.


If you own a moped, motorized watercraft 20 feet or longer, and/or snowmobile, you must register them with the Secretary of State office. For details and exemptions, log on to:


Palazzo di Bocce 4291 S. Lapeer Rd, Orion, 48359 (248) 371-9987 Has 10 indoor courts and restaurant. Offers open play, leagues and tournaments.


Metro Detroit USBC  Association 28200 Southfield Road, Lathrup Village 48076 (248) 443-2695, Information on bowling centers and leagues throughout the Metro area.

Thunderbird Lanes 400 W. Maple, Troy, (248) 362-1660, Follow on facebook.

Fishing There are 320 lakes in Oakland County that allow fishing! Log on to and click on “lakes” to get the details. Oakland County Parks have 5 that offer fishing access from shore, docks and/or boats. • Addison Oaks • Independence Oaks • Rose Oaks • Groveland Oaks • Orion Oaks See Oakland County Parks for more information. Fishing is also allowed in many State Parks. See the State Parks information in this section for more details. NOTE: If you are 17 years of age or older you need a license to fish. There are short-term licenses available. Applications and permits can be purchased online at They are also available at Dicks Sporting Goods, Wal-Mart and Meijers locations.

Provides a wealth of information about fishing, including fish identification, fishing guides by season, maps by county, charter and fly fishing services and links to state fish hatcheries. The Clinton River Watershed Guide has a list of local cold and warm water locations, the best access points and DNR stocking information. Call (248) 601-0606 or log on to


City of Birmingham has two public courses: Lincoln Hills and Springdale. Membership Passes are required to play golf at the 2 Birmingham courses. You may purchase or renew your passes at: • Lincoln Hills (248) 530-1670 2666 W. 14 Mile, Birmingham 48009 • Springdale (248) 530-1660 316 Strathmore, Bloomfield Township 48301

Wallace Ice Arena at Cranbrook Schools

(248) 645-3186 Open skating, clinics and classes offered. Log on to for more information.

Oakland County Parks

Offer skating opportunities at Independence Oaks (see “Parks” listing at the end of this section). For numerous local associations and league listings for teams of all ages log on to or

Fee Structure: Birmingham Resident 1st Time Resident :  $15.00 per year • Renewal: $10.00 per year

Horseback Riding & Trails

Non-Resident Individual: $150.00/yr. • Dual (same family) $200.00/yr. • Family: $250.00/yr.

• Addison Oaks • Highland Oaks • Rose Oaks • Springfield Oaks has an equestrian arena and stall

Business Individual $100.00 per year

OTHER  RESOURCES Golf Association of Michigan

24116 Research Dr., Farmington Hills, 48335 (248) 478-9242 Offers memberships, golf day calendar, course finder and more.

Michigan Golf This website lists all public and private courses in the area including detailed descriptions, reviews and estimated greens fees.

Michigan Womens Golf Association

(313) 969-0523 or (248) 471-9030 Website includes information about membership, events, programs, local league results and contact numbers.

Pure Michigan This website lists courses, resorts and schools by city or region.

Hockey/Ice Skating Birmingham Hockey Association

Oakland County Parks have multi-use trails in:

rentals for events on site.

Metro Parks offer trail riding in:

• Kensington

• Oakwoods

• Wolcott Mill

State Parks offer trails and camps in numerous recreation areas: • Brighton (Stable & Rentals) • Highland (Stable & Rentals) • Pontiac Lake (Stable & Rentals)

• Proud Lake • Ortonville See “Parks” section for details, locations and websites.


Oakland County Parks have limited archery hunting in 4 parks: • Highland Oaks in Highland • Lyon Oaks in Wixom • Orion Oaks in Lake Orion • Rose Oaks in Rose Twp Limited hunting is allowed in Addison Oaks “east area” in Leonard where there are periods of controlled deer hunting open to the public. Log on to (734) 812-2149

Hunting is also available at these State recreational areas:

Birmingham Ice Arena

Pontiac Lake Recreation Area

Birmingham Unified Hockey Team (KINGS)

7800 Gale Rd., Waterford, 48327 (248) 666-1020 3,745 acres of marshes, ponds, lakes and heavily wooded areas support a variety of animals for excellent hunting.

Highland Recreation Area

(248) 530-1640, • 2300 E. Lincoln Open skating, hockey clinics and basic skills figure skating are all available

Figure Skating Club of Birmingham (FSCB) Has high school age skate team. For skaters who have passed the USFS Basic 8.

Michigan Amateur Hockey Association District 4

Players Edge Hockey School (248) 885-8588 Program is at Birmingham Ice Arena and is designed for ages 3-12 years old. Runs from September through March.


5200 E. Highland Rd., Highland, 48383 (248) 889-3750 5,900 acres of forest, marshes and rolling hills. Boat access sites on 4 lakes. Information about hunting licenses, seasons, fees, timetables and online applications can be found at To purchase a specific type of license and see availability online, log on to The local DNR operations service center is in Southfield at 26000 W. 8 MileRd. (248) 359-9040. To explore hunting areas by region or specific city log on to

Hunting and Fishing

The State of Michigan requires a license which can be purchased online 24/7 along with special hunt applications and permits. General Questions? (517) 373-1204 • 31

Sports and Recreation


Soccer • Informative site for youth, adults, high school and coaches.

(734) 459-6220,

Champion Lacrosse

(248) 644-2255,

30700 Telegraph, Ste. 3655, Bingham Farms 48025 248-255-1287 Camps, classes, teams and leagues for youth and adults.

Bloomfield Hills Youth Soccer League

LAX Power •

(248) 594-9990, (travel teams)

U.S. Lacrosse, Michigan Chapter

Website lists all local teams, clubs, players, schedules and standings including Birmingham, Bloomfield, Cranbrook, Sacred Heart, Brother Rice, and Detroit Country Day.


For local club information and contact numbers check out: Running in the USA, Road Runners Club of America,


Skateboard park in Birmingham’s Kenning Park by the ice arena on E. Lincoln. Call (248) 530-1640 for more information.

Skiing and Snowboarding DOWNHILL: Alpine Valley in White Lake (248) 887-4183

Bloomfield Hills Ski/Snowboard Club and Lessons (248) 433-0885 • (ages 5-18)

Mt. Brighton in Brighton

Michigan State Youth Soccer Association Birmingham Bloomfield Soccer Club (248) 499-7580

Bloomfield Hills Soccer Club (Force) Michigan United Soccer League (248) 288-6875, (adult teams for 30+, 40+, 50+)

Michigan Soccer Association Offices at Ultimate Soccer Arena, 867 South Blvd., Pontiac (586) 924-2400 Adult teams and tournaments.

Swimming Beaches

All of the Oakland County, Huron-Clinton and Michigan State Park systems have public beaches. See the Park listings in this section.

Birmingham Y Blue Dolphins (BBD)

(248) 644-9036 •

Birmingham  Bloomfield Atlantis (BBA) Both the Blue Dolphins and BBA Swim clubs are USS competitive year round age group swim teams for ages 5 – 18+ years of age.

Michigan Swimming

Mt. Holly in Holly

(989) 631-4955 Great website for competitive swimmers providing meet postings, top ten times, time standards and results for all Michigan clubs.

(248) 634-8269

Michigan Masters Swimming

(810) 229-9581

Pine Knob in Clarkston (248) 625-0800

CROSS COUNTRY: Log on to Oakland County Parks website at for groomed trail locations. The “Parks” listings in this section also offers more options as well.


There are over 6,500 interconnected trails throughout the state.

Michigan Snowmobile Association (616) 361-2285 Lists of local clubs, safety class locations, trail maps and conditions.

Michigan Department of Natural Resources Information on ORV/ATV registration requirements. Website lists parks and locations of trails. Lists clubs, practice pools and meets for competitive swimmers over 18 years of age.

Williams Natatorium – Cranbrook

(248) 645-3734 Open swim, lessons, youth swim team. Log on to for more information.


Birmingham has numerous public tennis courts within the park system. Log on to, click on “Residents”, then “Parks and Recreation”. Call (248) 530-1640 to reserve court. Bloomfield Hills Schools have courts at the high schools and middle schools and the Recreation and Community Services Department offers lessons through youth programs. Call (248) 433-0885 for more info. Private clubs include:

• Birmingham Tennis • 2100 E. Lincoln, Birmingham 48009 (248) 644-5683

• Bloomfield Tennis • 799 Denison, Bloomfield Township 48302 (248) 332-9221


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Birmingham Bloomfield sits in the middle of an environmental and conservation paradise. Not only has the community been forward thinking in setting aside parkland for its residents to enjoy, it also has access to thousands of acres of County, Regional and State parkland. Take time to check out these options for a day adventure or maybe a weekend getaway. It doesn’t matter – Summer or Winter – these parks offer year round recreation and activities. Take advantage!

Huron-Clinton Metroparks

The Huron-Clinton Metroparks, one of the nation’s largest regional park systems, offer more than 24,000 acres of pristine parklands in 13 Metroparks located across Southeast Michigan (Wayne, Macomb, Oakland, Livingston and Washtenaw counties). Head to the Huron-Clinton Metroparks for year-round outdoor recreation. The Metroparks host 9 million visitors each year! Call (800)477-2757 or visit online at Wolcott Mill Metropark (2,625 acres) in Ray Township west of New Haven. Historic grist mill and Farm Learning Center; tours available. 18-hole regulation golf course. 10 miles of equestrian trails. Open daily. (586) 752-5932 (farm). Lake St. Clair Metropark (770 acres) In Harrison Township. Large sandy beach along Lake St. Clair for swimming and sunning. “Squirt Zone” spray park, swimming pool, boardwalk, paved hike/bike trail, boat ramps and marinas along the Black Creek. Par 3 18-hole and Adventure golf courses, exercise “fit-trail,” picnic areas, open-air dance pavilion, tot lot, and nature study area. Naturalist-guided nature hikes. Ice skating and cross-country skiing in winter. (586) 463-4581 Stony Creek Metropark (4,461 acres) in W. Shelby Township. Scenic, hilly countryside surrounds 500-acre Stony Creek Lake, perfect for swimmers, anglers and boaters. Two beaches, boat rentals, paved bike-hike trail, exercise “fit-trail,” 18-hole regulation golf course, 24-hole disc golf course, picnic-playground areas, nature center and nature trails, winter sports including tobogganing, sledding, ice fishing, ice skating and cross-country skiing. (586) 781-4242 Indian Springs Metropark (2,224 acres) in White Lake. Hilly terrain and swamp land at headwaters of the Huron River, with an Environmental Discovery Center, a large nature center and labeled nature trails, paved bike-hike trail and picnic areas. Naturalist guided nature hikes, underwater pond viewing room, special events and workshops, 18-hole regulation golf course, Spray-n-Play and tot lot. (248) 625-6640

Kensington Metropark (4,480 acres) near Milford. Wooded, hilly terrain surrounds the 1,200-acre Kent Lake ideal for fishing, boating and swimming. Paved bike-hike trail, picnic-playground areas, beaches, boat rentals, 18-hole regulation golf course, 27-hole disc golf course, Splash-n-Blast, nature center and trails. Visit the Kensington Farm Center and pet the animals. Enjoy a ride aboard the Island Queen II, a 46passenger pontoon boat. And enjoy a full range of winter sports. (810) 227-8910

Huron Meadows Metropark (1,540 acres) south of Brighton. Paddle boats and rowboats, picnic areas, children’s playground, fishing pier on Maltby Lake. 18-hole regulation golf course, driving range. Cross-country ski trails and equipment rentals in the winter. Boat rental. (734) 426-8211


Hudson Mills Metropark (1,549 acres) near Dexter/Ann Arbor. Along the Huron River with scenic wooded areas, paved bike-hike and nature trails, picnic-playground areas, 18-hole regulation golf course, shorefishing, canoeing and scenic lagoon. Facilities include tennis, basketball, shuffleboard and volleyball courts plus a softball diamond near the Outdoor Activity Building. Cross-country skiing with rentals in winter. Two 24-hole disc golf courses. (734) 426-8211

Dexter-Huron Metropark (122 acres) near Dexter/Ann Arbor. Picnic-playground park along the Huron River, canoe launch, fishing, play equipment and softball diamond. (734) 426-8211

Delhi Metropark (55 acres) near Dexter/ Ann Arbor. Colorful Delhi rapids, picnicplayground park along the Huron River with tables, play equipment and softball diamond, children’s playground and adventure ship. (734) 426-8211 Lower Huron Metropark (1,258 acres) near Belleville. Scenic park along the Huron River with a parkway, picnic areas, playfields, fishing, Par 3 18-hole golf course, playscape for tots, tennis courts, softball diamonds, nature trails, swimming pool and water slide, food service and bathhouse. Colorful redbud in the spring. Plus beautiful fall colors. Bike-hike trail. (734) 697-9181

Willow Metropark (1,531 acres) near New Boston. Beautifully landscaped grounds surround the central plaza area, with swimming pool, bathhouse, food service, basketball, shuffleboard, softball, skate park, large tot lot, 18-hole regulation golf course, outdoor dance center, paved bike-hike trails. Boat rentals and fishing on Washago Pond. Sledding, ice skating and cross-country skiing in winter. (734) 697-9181

Oakwoods Metropark (1,756 acres) in New Boston. Primarily a nature oriented site with nature center, exhibits and live displays. Labeled nature trails for self-guided hikes and voyageur canoe trips to observe the wonders of nature. Horseback riding trail, paved bike-hike trail. Bring your own canoe/kayak. (734) 782-3956

Lake Erie Metropark (1,607 acres) near Brownstown Township near Gibraltar. Three miles of shoreline along Lake Erie provide a panoramic view. Shorefishing, wave-action swimming pool, bathhouse, food service building, picnic areas, shelter, children’s play area and marina. Cross-country skiing and ice shifhin in winter. 18-hole regulation golf course. Marshland Museum and Nature Center, nature trails. Three-mile paved hike/bike trail. (734) 379-5020 33

Oakland County Parks

Oakland County Parks consist of more than 6,000 acres of natural landscapes and outdoor recreation at 13 parks and 5 golf courses. The parks offer year-round recreation, including swimming, camping, hiking, boating, golfing and picnicking to crosscountry skiing, ice skating and ice fishing. For information call 888-OCPARKS or visit

Independence Oaks, on Sashabaw Road in Clarkston. A naturally-maintained, 1,276 acre park with picnicking, hiking, fishing, swimming, boating (Crooked Lake) youth group camping, nature study, 12 miles of nature and ski trails with two paved trails. Also includes Wint Nature Center with educational programming.

Red Oaks, Madison Heights. The waterpark is located on 13 Mile Road and offers: Soak Station, a children’s water playground; River Ride a 1,000 foot raft ride with sprays; Spray ‘n Play, a toddler water play area; Terrific Tides wave-action pool; and Triple Turn, a giant triple flume waterslide. The golf course is located on John R and is a completely redesigned Jerry Matthews course with three sets of tees; bunkers, berms and larger greens; and a 2,700 square-foot clubhouse.

Orion Oaks, Clarkston Road, Orion Township. Nature preserve of more than 916 acres of green space. Amenities include fishing on 90-acre Lake Sixteen, hiking, bird watching and mountain biking. Wheelchair-accessible fishing deck is also available. A 13-acre off-leash Bark Park offers swimming access.

Rose Oaks, Fish Lake Road, Rose Township. The parks has 640 acres of gently rolling terrain with open meadows, wooded uplands and valuable wetlands. Hiking, bird watching and fishing are available.

Groveland Oaks, Dixie Highway at Grange Hall Road, Holly. This park offers camping with 269 modern campsites with electrical/water hookups, plus 194 additional sites with electrical hookups and water nearby. There are also six rental log cabins with electricity available onsite. A sandy beach and waterslide are found on Stewart Lake with rowboat, paddleboat and specialty bike rentals. Picnicking and three islands available for group outings.

Addison Oaks, West Romeo Road, near Oxford. This scenic 1,140 acre park offers, swimming,picnicking, 24 hole Disc Golf, row, pedal boat and mountain bike rentals and over 20 miles of trails. There is also a 174 site campground and rental cabins. An elegant conference center is available to rent for weddings and banquets.

Macomb County Parks

Macomb County is home to more than 130 parks covering 12,000 acres. The county has access to numerous inland lakes and Lake St. Clair with 31 miles of shoreline, over 100 marinas, and 40 golf courses. For more information visit Major parks include: Freedom Hill – (586) 979-7010. Sterling Heights, 100 acres. Hosts numerous events including festivals, outdoor markets and concerts at the amphitheater. There is a playscape, bike path, nature trail and pavilions.

Macomb Orchard Trail – (586) 979-7010. Shelby Township at 24 Mile Road and Dequindre northeast to Richmond. This 24 mile linear hiking and biking path will eventually link 180 miles of trails in Southeast Michigan.


Lifestyle ~Visitors Guide 2016

Lyon Oaks, Pontiac Trail, Wixom. This park has a day-use area with hiking trails, picnic area with shelter, playground and a 13-acre, fenced, off-leash Bark Park. Lyon Oaks Nature Center offers interpretive programs. The adjacent 18-hole, Arthur Hills-designed golf course offers bentgrass greens, tees and fairways, plus a state-of-the-art practice facility and driving range. The golf course’s picturesque clubhouse accommodates up to 450.

Waterford Oaks, Watkins Lake in Waterford. Enjoy active recreation at this 185-acre park near Pontiac with a BMX track, court games complex and paved walking and nature trails. This park is also home to Oakland County’s waterpark offering The Wave, a 475,000 gallon wave-action swimming pool; Ragin’ Rapids group raft ride; the Big Bucket water playscape; and the Slidewinder, a giant double waterslide.

Springfield Oaks, Andersonville Road near Hall Road, Davisburg. A large activity center and surrounding grounds hosts the annual Oakland County Fair. The 18-hole, par 71 golf course also has a clubhouse, pro shop, cart rentals, bar and grill room. Home to a 5-acre community garden, 2 outdoor arenas and an indoor arena in the grand 14,000 historic Ellis Barn, built in 1885.

Highland Oaks (new to the park system), is located at the intersection of Milford Road and White Lake Road. Offers 302 acres of wetlands, forests and meadows. Archery deer hunting is allowed October 1-January 1. DNR rules apply.

Catalpa Oaks, on Catalpa Dr. in Southfield. Offers 25 acres of open space featuring six soccer fields, a baseball diamond and softball field.

Glen Oaks Golf Course, 13 Mile Road, Farmington Hills. An 18-hole, par 70 course with facilities for weddings/receptions, banquets and golf outings.

White Lake Oaks Golf Course, Williams Lake Road, White Lake Township. This 18-hole, par 70 course has banquet facilities for up to 300.

Lake St. Clair – (586) 463-4581. Mount Clemens, on Lake St. Clair (see Huron Clinton Metroparks). Stoney Creek – (586) 781-4242. Utica and Rochester (see Huron Clinton Metroparks).

Wolcott Mill – (586) 752-5932 (farm). Along the banks of the Clinton River in Ray Township (see Huron-Clinton Metroparks).

Michigan State Parks

Michigan State Parks are one of the state’s most important natural resources. 2nd in the nation in numbers of licensed boats, 3rd in snowmobiles, 3rd in licensed hunters and 4th in anglers, Michiganians use their parks (as do millions more), and they also generate billions of dollars for the state. Here is a list of parks located in the Metro area. For more information about all of Michigan’s State Parks log on to Bald Mountain – Lake Orion, (248) 693-6767 Eleven lakes, two trout streams, a sandy beach, numerous trails for hiking and biking. A shooting range allows everything from archery to skeet shooting.

Belle Isle State Park – Access at E. Jefferson & E. Grand Blvd. in Detroit (844) 235-5375. Michigan’s 102nd State Park is a 982 acre island in the Detroit River connected to the city of Detroit by the MacArthur Bridge. It is home to an aquarium, conservatory, yacht club, Dossin Great Lakes Museum and numerous other park amenities.

Brighton State Recreation Area – Howell, (810) 229-6566 Almost 5,000 acres, this park has open hunting and trapping; lakes for swimming, fishing, boating; trails for hiking and mountain biking, plus equestrian facilities.

Dodge State Park – Waterford, (248) 682-7323 A mile of shoreline on Cass Lake this popular sandy beach has mobile concession stands on weekends during the summer. Ice fishing and hiking in the winter months.

Highland Recreation Area – White Lake, (248) 889-3750 This park has a horse stable, 12 miles of riding trails, 17 miles of hiking trails, four lakes with boat access, fishing and Haven Hill Natural Area, former estate of Edsel and Eleanor Ford.

Holly Recreation Area – Holly, (248) 634-8811 At 7,817 acres, several thousand are maintained for wildlife habitat. Swim in McGinnis Lake, fish and boat in others. Over 30 miles of hiking and biking trails. Camping available. Island Lake Recreation Area – Brighton, (810) 229-7067 “Up North” feel with cabins, trails, fishing, hunting. Kent Lake and Spring Mill Pond have swimming beaches.

Lakelands Trail State Park – Pinckney, (734) 426-4913 A linear park, 13 miles long, with a gravel surface. Designed for hiking, biking, horseback riding and cross-country skiing.

Maybury State Park – Northville, (248) 349-8390 This facility operates a year round working farm representing life in the early 1900s. There are also miles of trailing for hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding.

Pinckney Recreation Area – Pinckney, (734) 426-4913 This park offers 11,000 acres of extensive trails…26 miles for mountain bikers, 46 mile Waterloo-Pinckney Trail, backpacking, fishing and hunting.

Pontiac Lake Recreation Area – Waterford, (248) 666-1020 Ponds, marshes, fields, miles of trails, horseback riding and stable, beach, camping. Pontiac Lake has bass, pike and panfish.

Proud Lake Recreation Area – Wixom, (248) 685-2433 This park has three lakes, hunting, fishing, canoeing and campground with its own beach and boat launch. Cross-country skis and canoes are available for rent.

Seven Lakes State Park – Fenton, (248) 634-7271 Beautiful lakes, sandy beach for swimming, campground, boating and fishing. Picnic shelter, grills and playground equipment available for rent.

William G. Milliken State Park & Harbor – (313) 396-0217. Detroit Located close to Hart Plaza and the Ren-Cen, this is Michigan’s first urban state park. Includes Detroit’s three-mile Riverwalk and 52 slip marina. Complete with lighthouse, picnic tables, and shore-fishing famed for walleye.

Waterloo Recreation Area – Chelsea, (734) 475-8307 The largest park in the lower peninsula, it covers 20,500 acres. Eleven lakes, 47 miles of trails (including equestrian), cabins for camping and Eddy Discovery Center which explores Michigan’s geological history.

W.C. Wetzel State Park – Harrison Township, (810) 765-5605 No permit is required at this undeveloped park. Great for hiking, hunting, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling.

Most state parks require a motor vehicle permit which can be purchased at any park entrance. Both day passes and annual permits are available. Hunting and fishing licenses can be purchased at any sporting goods store.

Outdoor Adventure Center – Michigan Department of Natural Resources

This family-friendly destination brings Michigan’s woods, water and wildlife inside a three-story, 40,000 square foot building near the Detroit Riverwalk and William G. Milliken State Park and Harbor. This unique facility provides hands-on recreational experiences for all ages and abilities through a variety of a activities and exhibits. There is an entrance fee.

Hiking & Biking In and Around Birmingham Bloomfield At the very top of Bloomfield Township you will find the Clinton River Trail that links into a number of other trailways that run through northern Oakland County. This system of trailways offers the biker/hiker a wonderful trip of exploration and discovery. A number of these trails follow repurposed old rail lines passing along a sense of history and a feel for how communities were connected in days long past. Besides supplementing the hiking and biking trails that are offered in most of the County, Metro and State parks located in the Metro Detroit area these trails let you explore a changing landscape that runs from meadows and forests to urban canyons. Most of these trails are pet friendly and some will also allow other forms of transportation, EVEN HORSES! – so have a great time but be careful where you roll!


Lifestyle ~Visitors Guide 2016

And if you are feeling a bit more adventurous explore these trails that are part of the extensive network of biking/hiking trails in Metro Detroit! The Macomb Orchard Trail is completely paved its 23.5 mile length; runs across northern Macomb County from Shelby Township in the west to Richmond in the east. The Clinton River Trail extends for 16 miles in Oakland County and runs from Sylvan Lake to Rochester. The West Bloomfield Trail is a 6.8 mile rail trail connecting West Bloomfield, Orchard Lake, Keego Harbor and Sylvan Lake. The eastern end connects with the Clinton River Trail. Belle Isle State Park is located near downtown Detroit in the Detroit River. The park has a 6 mile bike lane that circles the outer edge of the island. The Detroit Riverwalk offers views of the Detroit Skyline for 3.5 miles along the Detroit River. The Grosse Ile Trail is located downriver; runs 6.2 miles along the entire length of Grosse Ile.

Dequindre Cut Greenway is a paved path just over a mile long in downtown Detroit. The trail has separate lanes for cyclists and pedestrians and you'll find entrance ramps at Lafayette Street, Gratiot Avenue, and Woodbridge Street. The trail is called the “Cut” because it’s a wide trench that was sunk 25 feet below street level in the 1920s by the Grand Trunk Railroad to avoid foot and vehicle traffic, which continued overhead unimpeded on more than a dozen bridges. The Huron Valley Trail is an extensive network connecting 25 miles of trails, including Kensington MetroPark in Milford and Lyon Oaks County Park in Wixom. I-275 Metro Trail offers 40 miles of paved bike path in a north/south direction from Novi in Oakland County to New Boston in Wayne County.

Hines Park Trail offers 17.2 miles of paved trail along Edward Hines Drive in the Rouge River Basin that travels through Wayne County parks and recreation areas. Go through Plymouth, Livonia, Westland, Garden City and Dearborn Heights meeting up with the 2 mile scenic Rouge River Gateway Trail which is heavily wooded and located close to Greenfield Village and The Henry Ford.

The Lower Rouge River Trail follows the Rouge River from Canton Center Rd. to the I-275 Metro Trail. The 3 mile trail crosses the river over 8 bridges and ties in with the ITC Corridor Trail that runs north for another 3 miles.

The Island Lake Pathway runs east–west through the densely-wooded landscape of the Island Lake Recreation Area southeast of Brighton. Although relatively short, the paved trail may prove a challenge to some as it courses through hilly terrain. The Metro Parkway Trail (Freedom Trail) is 11 miles of paved trailway stretching from Lake St. Clair MetroPark in Harrison Township to Schoenherr Rd. in Sterling Heights.


The Milford Trail connects the Village of Milford with the popular Kensington Metropark in Oakland County. The winding trail offers plenty of scenery as it travels through woodlands and wetlands. At the trail’s southern endpoint, it meets the Kensington Metropark Trail, which continues into the popular park and around scenic Kent Lake. The Downriver Linked Greenways Trail stretches 24.5 miles from the Lower Huron Metropark to Lake Erie Metropark. This asphalt trail travels the Huron River basin through numerous metroparks and downriver communities.

Lakelands Trail State Park is one of Michigan’s “linear” state parks which is made up of 8 miles of paved asphalt and 12 miles of compacted limestone trail which allows horseback riding from Pinckney to Stockbridge.

Locations, trail heads, maps and trail activities can be found on Michigan State, Metro and County Park systems websites. (See the Parks section of Sports and Recreation for more details.) 37



Archives & Museums The Birmingham Museum

Features the Allen House, built in 1928 and the Hunter House, circa 1822. The museum utilizes changing exhibits to tell the many stories of the community’s rich heritage. Postcards, books, videos and other souvenir items of local interest are available. The museum is open for public tours Wednesday through Saturday 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. Located on the north side of Maple at Southfield Road. Admission is $5.00 for Students and Seniors, $7.00 for Adults, children 5 and under are Free. The single admission includes a tour of the Allen and Hunter Houses. For more information call 530-1928 or visit

Bloomfield Historical Society

1099 Lone Pine Road, Bloomfield Hills 48302, For those living in Bloomfield Hills or Bloomfield Township, log on for events, local history and membership information.

Cranbrook Archives

Cranbrook Educational Community, located on the lower level of the Cranbrook Art Museum. Phone 645-3583, The public iis invited to use this collection of photography, architectural drawings and historical documents relating to the founders of Cranbrook, faculty, staff, alumni and other individuals associated with the community since 1904. Tues.-Fri.: 10:00am - 5:00pm or by appointment.

Cranbrook Art Museum

39221 N. Woodward, Bloomfield Hills 48303, 645-3323, See “Things To Do” section.

Cranbrook Institute of Science

39221 N. Woodward, Bloomfield Hills 48303, 645-3200, See “Things To Do” section.

Franklin Historical Museum

26165 13 Mile Road at Kirk Lane, Franklin 48025, 538-0273, Hours: Open the first Saturday of the month 1 – 3 p.m. or call for an appointment. Memorabilia, artifacts and replicas from the Village as well as historical collections from early residents.

Saarinen House

On the campus of the Cranbrook Educational Community. Operated by the Cranbrook Art Museum. House is open to the public, check for dates and times. See “Things to Do” section.

Business Connections Automation Alley

2375 Bellingham Drive, Troy 48083 (800) 427-5100 Michigan’s largest technology business association.

Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber

725 South Adams, Suite 130, Birmingham 48009 644-1700

Birmingham Principal Shopping District

151 Martin St., Birmingham 48009 530-1200 Log on for a directory of businesses and up-to-date lease space available.

City of Birmingham

Dial area code 248 with all phone numbers, unless otherwise noted.

Oakland County Economic Development One Stop Shop Business Center

2100 Pontiac Lake Road, Waterford 48328 (248) 858-0783 Business assistance, workshops, planning, counseling, etc.

Small Business Development Center Southeast Michigan Region (Macomb, Oakland, Wayne Counties) (734) 487-0355 Offers support in all areas of business

Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG)

(313) 961-4266 Community and regional long-range forecasts of employment estimates and demographic data, transportation plans and map

Community Centers NEXT (Formerly BASCC)

2121 Midvale Road, Birmingham 48009, 203-5270 Organization serving those 50+ in the Birmingham School District, offering social and enrichment programs and outreach services, including transportation. Hours: Monday and Friday 8:30 - 4:00, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8:30 - 8:00, Saturday 9:00 - 1:00.

Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center

1516 S. Cranbrook Road, Birmingham 48009 • 644-0866 The art center offers 500 classes annually for all ages and talent level. Kids camps are offered in the spring and summer. Approximately a dozen exhibits are showcased every year, free and open to all. The gallery gift shop showcases work by local and regional artists. Annual events include the Michigan Fine Arts Competition, Art Birmingham, Fine Art of Summer, and the Holiday Shop. Closed Sundays.

Birmingham Family YMCA

400 E. Lincoln, Birmingham 48009 644-9036 Has a furnished wellness/fitness center with free weight room, gym, indoor five-lane swimming pool, saunas, martial arts studio, babysitting services and fitness classes. Adequate parking available.

BTSS – Bloomfield Township Senior Services

4315 Andover, Bloomfield Hills 48302 723-3500, click on “services”. The BTSS offers a wide range of enrichment opportunities for those 50+. Activities include day and extended travel, fitness classes, fine arts and computer programs, discussion groups, bridge, billiards adult day care, and open swim. The BTSS also provides home delivered meals, outreach, referrals and transportation services using area volunteers. Mon. - Thurs. 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m., Friday 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., Saturday 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

The Community House

380 S. Bates, Birmingham 48009 644-5832 A non-profit center offering hundreds of classes and group travel opportunities. People come to The Community House for public forums and to participate in civic and service organizations. The Community House sponsors clubs for senior men, senior women, newcomers and a taskforce promoting racial and ethnic diversity.

151 Martin St., P.O. Box 3001, Birmingham 48012 530-1800 Click on “Businesses” for applications, zoning information, special land use permits, historic designations and more.


Bloomfield Township

Apple – (248) 822-0081

433-7700 Click on “Business” for information regarding commercial development, availability, permits and ordinances.

City of Bloomfield Hills

644-1520 Click on “Business” for planning link.

Village of Franklin

626-9666 Click on “Charter and Ordinances” for business regulations, tax info, planning and zoning.

Lifestyle ~Visitors Guide 2016

(cable, internet and phone) Somerset Mall 2800 W. Big Beaver, Troy

ATT – (800) 288-2020 Authorized dealers in Beverly Hills, Bloomfield Hills and Bloomfield Township. Comcast – (800) 934-6489 Directv (855) 838-4388, Dish Network – (888) 656-2461 Verizon – (800) 256-4646 Vonage – (800) 968-8720, Wide Open West (WOW) – (866) 496-9669

Assisted Living, Home Care Nursing Centers & Retirement Homes Affinity Home Care 363-8650,

Arcadia Home Care and Staffing

920 E. Maple, Birmingham 48009 (248) 594-4574, Home Care

Arden Courts of Bingham Farms (Alzheimer’s Assisted Living) 24005 W. 13 Mile Rd., Bingham Farms 48025 644-8100,

Baldwin House

200 S. Chester, Birmingham 48009 971-0956,

Cambridge South Healthcare Center

18200 W. 13 Mile Road, Beverly Hills 48025, 647-6500

Georgian Bloomfield (part of Heartland Health Care) 2975 N. Adams Rd., Bloomfield Hills 48304 645-2900,

Evergreen Health & Living Center

19933 W. 13 Mile Road, Southfield 480076 203-9000,

Jewish Senior Life

(248) 661-1836 (Administration) Offers numerous services including residences

Maple Village (Lutheran Services)

6257 Telegraph Rd., Bloomfield Hills 48301 723-6275,

Mercy Home Care and Hospice

1111 W. Long Lake, Ste. 102, Troy 48098 858-7735

Regent Street of West Bloomfield

4460 Orchard Lake Rd., West Bloomfield 48323 636-1130,

St. Anne’s Mead Assisted Livng and Nursing Care 16106 W. 12 Mile, Southfield 48076 557-1221,

St. Elizabeth Briarbank Assisted Living for Women 39315 Woodward Ave., Bloomfield Hills 48304 644-1011,

Sunrise of Bloomfield

2080 S. Telegraph Rd., Bloomfield Hills 48302 972-0800

Sunrise of Bloomfield Hills

6790 Telegraph Rd., Bloomfield Hills 48301 858-7200

Woodward Hills Nursing Center

39312 Woodward Avenue, Bloomfield Hills 48304 644-5522,


Lifestyle ~Visitors Guide 2016

Family Support Services

AA - Alcoholics Anonymous - Oakland County Hotline (248) 332-3521

Al-Anon Family Groups - Central Oakland County Office (248) 706-1020

Birmingham Bloomfield Community Coalition 1525 Covington Rd., Bloomfield Hills 48301 203-4615

Birmingham Bloomfield SCAMP

Through the Bloomfield Hills Recreation Department. 433-0885 Five week summer camp, Mon thru Thurs for children and young adults with disabilities ages 3-26 years old. Log on for specific registration requirements.

Birmingham Youth Assistance

2436 W. Lincoln F102, Birmingham 48009 203-4300

Bloomfield Youth Guidance

3333 W. Long Lake Rd., West Bloomfield 48323 341-5680

Building Better Families Through Action

Programs and Workshops 7275 Wing Lake Rd., Bloomfield Hills 48301 Mailing: 4063 Country Club Dr., Bloomfield Hills 48301

Common Ground (youth and family crisis agency)

1410 S. Telegraph Rd., Bloomfield Hills 48302 24-hour hotline (800) 231-1127 Administration 456-8150

Family Grief Counseling (Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church)

5631 N. Adams, Bloomfield Township 48304 646-5041 Meets twice a month, free and open to all

Haven (shelter for domestic violence and abuse)

Facilities in Pontiac, Bingham Farms and Royal Oak. 24-hour crisis line 334-1274 Administration 334-1284

Oakland County Childrens Village

Division of Oakland County under the authority of Family Courts. 1200 N. Telegraph, Pontiac 48341 858-1150

Driving for Life:

A Guide For Older Drivers and Their Families Need information to cope with the driving challenges of older persons and help identifying when its time to put the keys to the car away? Check out this pamphlet published by the Michigan Secretary of State.

Driver License, Auto Registration and License Plates, and State Park “Recreation Passports” MICHIGAN DEPARTMENT OF STATE Lansing 48918-0001 Information Center: (888) 767-6424 Website: You must title and register all motor vehicles immediately upon purchase or moving to Michigan. Residents can secure new driver licenses and auto license plates through any Michigan Secretary of State branch office. State park permits can be purchased each year when updating your auto license plate registration. If you are 18 or older you must meet certain requirements before a Michigan driver license can be issued (drivers under the age of 18 are issued graduated drivers licenses that have various restrictions). 1. You must have proof of identity, residency and social security number 2. Pass a vision test and meet physical and mental standards set by the Secretary of State’s office.


3. Pass a written and driving skills test if a new driver. 4. Pay the license fee. There is a charge and a chart of various fees online under “Online Services and Information.” 5. Complete a minimum of 30 days of practice driving on a temporary instruction permit (TIP).* 6. Pass a road skills test, which is administered by an independent testing agency approved by the Secretary of State.* * A person with a valid out-of-state driver license may have the road skills test, knowledge test, and 30-day practice requirements waived. The Secretary of State will contact your previous home state to obtain your driver record, which then becomes part of your Michigan driver record. Four forms of ID are required, along with proof of no-fault auto insurance, before you can register your car. LOCAL OFFICES OF THE MICHIGAN SECRETARY OF STATE Oakland County Supercenter – 1608 N. Perry St., Pontiac 48340 South Oakland County Plus – 25263 Telegraph Rd., Southfield 48034 East Oakland County Plus – 1111 E. Long Lake Rd., Troy 48085 West Bloomfield - 4297 Orchard Lake Rd., West Bloomfield 48323

For persons 65 years or age or older or anyone that can’t drive for either a physical or medical reason, a FREE State ID card is available through the Michigan Secretary of State ( and must be accepted by law as a form of personal identification. 41

Information Centers Area Agency on Aging 1-B

29100 Northwestern Highway, Suite 400, Southfield 48034 (800) 852-7795

The Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber

725 S. Adams, Suite 130, Birmingham 48009 • 644-1700

32455 Franklin Road, Franklin 48025 851-2254 Has a core collection of reference materials, fiction, audio books, newspapers and magazines. Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11:00 a.m.-6:00p.m., Tuesday and Thursday 11:00a.m.-8:00p.m., Saturday 11:00a.m.-4:00p.m.

151 Martin St., Birmingham 48009 • 530-1200

Local Cable Companies

26777 Central Park Blvd., Suite 100, Southfield 48076 223-9400

4200 Telegraph, Bloomfield Township 433-7790

Birmingham Principal Shopping District

Consumer Information/Better Business Bureau Franklin Community Association

P.O. Box 250046, Franklin 48025 • 626-2231

Michigan State University Extension

(Community and Economic Development Programs) (248) 858-0880

Oakland County Offices

1200 N. Telegraph Rd., Pontiac 48341 • 858-1000

Homeowners Associations

Birmingham –, Listed under “clerks office” Bloomfield Township –, “Living in Bloomfield”

drop down menu, Homeowners’ Association Beverly Hills –, “Reference” drop down menu, other links, Village Homeowners’ Associations


Baldwin Public Library

300 W. Merrill, Birmingham 48009 647-1700 Provides library services for residents of the City of Birmingham, Beverly Hills, Bloomfield Hills, and Bingham Farms. Also provides reciprocal borrowing agreements with residents served by the Bloomfield Township Public Library and many other libraries in the Metro Detroit area. Open daily.

Bloomfield Township Public Library

1099 Lone Pine Road, Bloomfield Hills 48302 642-5800 Provides library services for residents of Bloomfield Township. Residents of Southeast Michigan with library cards and whose home libraries are members of The Library Network are also welcomed. Open daily.


Franklin Village Public Library

Lifestyle ~ Spring 2015

Bloomfield Community Television

Bloomfield Township provides community access programming on Comcast Channel 15 for residents of Bloomfield Township and Bloomfield Hills. It also provides municipal access programming for Birmingham, Beverly Hills, Bingham Farms, and Franklin: Comcast Channels 18 and 15, WOW Channels 18 and 10, and AT&Ts UVerse Channel 99.

Newspapers Birmingham-Bloomfield Eagle: (586) 498-8000, Birmingham/Bloomfield Eccentric: (866) 887-2737,

Crain’s Detroit Business: (888) 909-9111, Detroit Free Press: (800) 395-3300, Detroit News: (800) 395-3300, Oakland Press: 745-4700,


A valid passport is required by all U.S. and Canadian citizens for entrance into the United States. The Clerks office in Birmingham and Bloomfield Township can facilitate applications and offer photo services. Beverly HIlls will process applications (no photos). The Post Offices in Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, and Bloomfield Township offer full services. For more information, log on to: or call (877) 487-2778. Expedited service is available at the Detroit Passport Agency 211 W. Fort Street, Detroit (877) 487-2278

Pet Info and Critter Control

Bloomfield Hills

Beverly Hills, Bingham Farms, Franklin Animal Control services for these communities are provided by Southfield Township. 18550 W. 13 Mile Rd., Beverly Hills 48025. 540-3420 Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30a.m. – 5:00p.m. Annual dog registration is required between January 1 and March 31. Cost is $5.00. On April 1 the fee is $10.00 except for pets of new residents and newborn dogs. Free cat licenses for pet owners in Beverly Hills. Registration requires proof of updated rabies vaccination.

Animal Control Programs: Southfield Township provides limited assistance in wild animal control and has live traps to lend. They will pick up strays, remove dead animals from roads and keep records of lost and found pets in the Township. Since Southfield Township does not have a pound, strays are taken to the Greenfield Animal Hospital.

45 E. Long Lake Road, Bloomfield Hills 48304. 644-1520 A dog must be licensed at four months of age. A license must be purchased between December 15 and March 1 each year for $10.00. Need proof of rabies vaccination.

Bloomfield Township (animal shelter)

4200 Telegraph Road, P.O. Box 489, Bloomfield Hills 48302. 433-7757 Hours: 8:30a.m. – 5:30p.m., Monday – Friday. Call police department on weekends. Dog licenses are available at the Township Office or by mail with proof of updated rabies vaccination. Annual fee is $6.00 January 1 – April 1, $11.00 after April 1. A three-year license is available for $18.00 for spayed and neutered dogs. Two dog or cat limit (over six months of age). Lost dogs and cats are kept at the shelter and owners are notified if animals are wearing identification. Dogs must be confined to owner’s rear yard or on a leash if off premises. Invisible fence installation requires a permit and live animal traps are available with a refundable deposit.

For information call 356-1100. For emergencies occuring evening hours or weekends call Beverly Hills Public Safety at 540-3400 or Bingham Farms-Franklin Police Department at 626-9672. To report problems call the Township offices.

• A & D Animal Control


• Critter Catchers

Report strays to the Police Department at 530-1889. Strays are housed for 5 days at Gasows Veterinary Hospital, call 644-7171. All dogs and cats four months or older must be licensed. Licenses are available at the Clerk’s Office, Monday-Friday, 8:00a.m. – 5:00p.m. Pet licenses are due in the month in which the rabies vaccination is given. Pet owners may get a one, two, or three year licenses. To get a three-year license the rabies vaccination must be valid for the entire three years. Any license issued 30 days after the expiration date is $20.00. Cats must be licensed annually, the fee is $5.00.

693-7966 Prevention, removal, damage repair

• Critter Control

(Southwest Oakland) 889-4977 Prevention, removal, damage repair

432-2712 Trapping, bat and mice control

DOG PARkS Birmingham has a dog park for its canine residents at Lincoln Hills Golf Course. A key is required for entry and may be purchased at the Department of Public Services. For information call 530-1700. Oakland County Parks have acres of fenced park areas for dogs at Lyon, Orion and Red Oak Parks. Log on to


Detroit Metro Airport Terminal Guide

G-3425 W. Bristol Rd, Flint, (810) 235-6560 Conveniently located off I-75 and I-69




Air France Delta

800-237-2747 800-221-1212

Flint Bishop Airline Guide

Virgin Atlantic

McNamara Terminal

Bishop International Airport (FNT)




Allegiant Southwest American United Delta

(702) 505-8888 (800) 1-FLY-SWA (800) 433-7300 (800) 864-8331 (800) 221-1212

Detroit Metro Airport (DTW)

General Number: (734) AIRPORT 24 Hour Parking Line (800) 642-1978,

Oakland County International Airport

(248) 666-3900 Located in Waterford; offers charter flights, aircraft sales and flight training.


(Includes ASA and Comair)

North Terminal AirLine

Air Canada Alaska Air American Frontier Jet Blue Lufthansa Royal Jordanian Southwest Spirit United




888-247-2262 800-252-7522 800-433-7300 800-432-1359 800-538-2583 800-645-3880 212-949-0050 800-435-9792 800-772-7117 800-241-6522

(Includes Express Link) 43

Senior Services

Area Agency on Aging 1-B

29100 Northwestern Hwy, Ste. 400, Southfield 48034 (248) 357-2255 Information on local services and resources that help seniors and those with disabilities remain independent

Bloomfield Township Senior Services (BTSS)

4315 Andover Rd., Bloomfield Hills 48302 (248) 723-3500 Lifelong learning classes and support services are offered to residents 50+ years of age. Transportation is available for those 60+ that cannot drive and for 50+ with disabilities. Applications must be filled out.

MeaLs On WheeLs Bloomfield Township senior services

(248) 723-3500 (serves Bloomfield Township)

senior Meals on Wheels (emerald)

(248) 689-0001 (Serves Beverly Hills, Bingham Farms, Birmingham, Franklin)

Kosher Meals on Wheels

(248) 592-2311 (Serves Oakland County)

Pontiac Meals on Wheels

(248) 738-9393 (Serves Bloomfield Hills) 

NEXT (Formerly BASCC)

2121 Midvale, Birmingham 48009 (248) 203-5270 Extensive programs and services for anyone 50+ years old. Transportation by appointment for those 55+ or physically disabled within the Birmingham School District. Hot lunches are served daily at the center and delivered meals are available by enrolling at (248) 689-0001.

Oakland Livingston Human Service Agency

(248) 209-2600 or (248) 542-5860 Helps with medicare enrollment, home chore services, safety aids, financial emergencies and counseling.

Senior Resource Directory and Newsletter

(248) 858-0213 Online publications

Social Security Administration

1280 Pontiac Rd., Pontiac 48340 (800) 772-1213. Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9am-3pm; Wednesday 9am - 12pm. Closed weekends.

Shipping Services UPS  Stores

The UPS Stores are independently owned and operated businesses contributing to the local community. The UPS Store provides a wide array of services including, UPS Shipping, mailbox service, packing services, digital printing, copying and finishing, packaging and moving supplies, freight services, office supplies fax and notary services. Locations are: Birmingham: 33717 Woodward Ave. 48009, 642-8770 Bloomfield hills: 6632 Telegraph Road. 48301, 737-4433 Royal Oak: 29488 Woodward Ave. 48073, 548-8178 In addition UPS offers 24-hour drop boxes for letters and packages at various locations around the area. Check the company’s website at


Lifestyle ~Visitors Guide 2016

Recycling/Green Information

The cities and villages in the Birmingham Bloomfield area have all taken pro-active steps to become eco-friendly. A variety of policies, initiatives and practices have been implemented; from the use of electric cars, four day work weeks, directions for building compost piles, e-cycling and recycling information. Each community is in a different stage of implementation and has focused on areas important to their residents. Log on to their individual websites to learn more. Beverly Hills: (click on “Community” and then “Environmental”) Bingham Farms: (click on “Important Links”) Birmingham: (click on “Residents” and then “Your Home”) Bloomfield Hills: (click on “Community”, “Environment”) Bloomfield Township: (click on “Living in Bloomfield” and then “Environment”)

Franklin: (click on “Government”, “Rouge River Watershed”, and look under “Services” for recycling and hazardous waste info”) Michigan Green Schools 2111 Pontiac Lake Rd., Waterford 48328 (248) 209-2416 Michigan State University Extension 1200 N. Telegraph, Dept. 416, Pontiac 48341 (248) 858-0880 Michigan Recycling Coalition (517) 974-3672 Helpful information and resources guide.

United States Post Office

Birmingham: 1221 Bowers 48012, (248) 646-0723 Bloomfield hills: 2050 South Blvd., 48304, (248) 332-3981 Bloomfield Township: 2211 South Telegraph 48302, (248) 332-6870 Franklin: 32406 Franklin Road 48025, (248) 368-2977


Consumers Energy: (800) 477-5050, DTE Energy: (800) 477-4747, Detroit Water & Sewer: (313) 267-8000; Emergency (313) 267-7401,

Oakland County Water & Sewer: Emergency 624-6366; Billing 858-1110

Southeastern Oakland County Water Authority (248) 288-5150

Veterans Services Pontiac Office

Southeast Oakland

1200 N. Telegraph 1151 Crooks Rd. Pontiac 48341 Troy 48084 (248) 858-0785 (248) 655-1250 Offices open Monday – Friday, 8:30AM – 5:30PM Help to obtain and maintain veteran related benefits. Provides transportation to the Veterans’ Medical Centers in Detroit and Ann Arbor.

SOCRRA - 995 Coolidge, Troy (across from Meijers) Available to Beverly Hills, Bingham Farms and Birmingham and Bloomfield Hills residents. Household, hazardous waste and paper shredding recycling services. Call 288-5153 or log on to the website for locations, hours and details. Southeastern Oakland County Water Authority 288-5150 Information, tips for healthy lawns and gardens. Calendar of local classes and events offered.

Vital Records

Oakland County Vital Records Office

(248) 858-0571 The Oakland County Clerks Office records birth, death and marriage certificates that occur in Oakland County. Copies are available through this office. The Clerk also supplies marriage licenses, notary public and passport applications and concealed weapons permits. Deeds and mortgages for land ownership are recorded in the Register of Deeds office (248) 858-0597. If you have any questions log on to

Voter Registration

Zip Codes

New Residents may register to vote at their city or county clerk office, or at any Secretary of State office. See listing of offices under Driver and Auto Licenses, or access online via

Military Discharge/DD14/Veterans ID Cards 858-0571 Available at the Oakland County Clerks office.

Recipe for Earth-Friendly

STEPS FOR COMPOSTING 1. Assemble yard waste and clippings. Mow your leaves; cut yard clippings into small pieces. 2. Start with a layer of organic materials such as shredded leaves and grass clippings. 3. Water the layer until it is as moist as a wrung-sponge. 4. Add a 2-3 inch layer of garden soil or compost mix. 5. Continue layering, watering and mixing as you go. 6. Every 2-3 weeks, mix the compost materials to add air for microorganisms. 7. Check to make sure the composting mixture is moist. 8. In 5-6 months, harvest the finished compost! Birmingham/Bloomfield

One part green and two parts brown, Makes the compost turn to ground. Add some water and some soil, Turning is the only toil! COMPOST THESE

Grass clippings Leaves (shredded if possible) Soil and compost Garden wastes: old flowers Pine needles Fruit & vegetable peelings Straw

DO NOT COMPOST Dairy products Oils and fats Diseased plants Cooked food

Young weeds (no seeds) Coffee grounds and filters Sawdust (in small amounts) Clean, ground egg shells Wood ash from fireplace Hair Old fertilizer; potting soil

Bread Pet manure; cat litter Meat, fish, bones Weeds with seeds

Soiled paper Black walnut leaves Charcoal and ashes Treated wood 45

Houses of Worship Apostolic Christian Church of Beverly Hills

19400 W. 13 Mile, Beverly Hills 48025, 647-4933,

Ascension of Christ Lutheran Church 16935 W. 14 Mile, Beverly Hills 48025, 644-8890 • Pastor Rev. Daniel Grams

Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church 5631 N. Adams, Bloomfield Hills 48304, 646-5041 • Mark Behenna, Senior Pastor

Beverly Hills United Methodist Church

Bloomfield Hill Baptist Church 3600 Telegraph Bloomfield Hills 48302, 647-3851 • Dr. Donald McKay, Senior Pastor

Christ Church Cranbrook 470 Church Road, Bloomfield Hills 48304, 644-5210 • Rev. Dr. William Danaher, Jr.

Church of Christ 20055 W. 13 Mile Road, Beverly Hills 48025, 647-6360 Pastor David King

20000 W. 13 Mile, Beverly Hills 48025, 646-9777 • Rev. Suzanne Walls

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Birmingham Unitarian Church

Congregational Church of Birmingham UCC

38651 Woodward, Bloomfield Hills 48304, 647-2380, Rev. Dr. Kathy Hurt

37425 Woodward, Bloomfield Hills 48304, 647-7337 1000 Cranbrook Road, Bloomfield Hills 48304, 646-4511 • Pastor Louise Ott

Cross of Christ Lutheran Church 1100 Lone Pine Road, Bloomfield Hills 48302, 646-5886 • Pastor Randy Miller

Embury United Methodist Church 1803 E. 14 Mile, Birmingham 48009, 644-5708, Rev. Carter Cortelyou

First Baptist Church of Birmingham

300 Willits, Birmingham 48009, 644-0550 • Dr. J. Wesley Babian, Senior Pastor

First Church of Christ, Scientist, Birmingham 191 N. Chester, Birmingham 48009, 644-1020 Reading Room: 355 E. Maple Road, Birmingham 48009, 644-7935

First Presbyterian Church of Birmingham 1669 W. Maple, Birmingham 48009, 644-2040 - Rev. John Judson


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First United Methodist Church of Birmingham

1589 W. Maple, Birmingham 48009, 646-1200 • Rev. Gary Haller, Rev. Laurie Haller

Franklin Community Church

26425 Wellington, Franklin 48025, 626-6606 • Rev. Lynn Hasley

Grace Baptist Church of Birmingham

Home of Birmingham Bible Institute and Grace Bible &  Book Store 280 E. Lincoln, Birmingham 48009, 646-2000 • Dr.  Charles Whitfield

Holy Name Catholic Church

630 Harmon, Birmingham 48009, 646-2244 • Rev. Monsig. John P. Zenz

kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witness/Birmingham Congregation

21950 W. 14 Mile, Bloomfield Hills 48301, 642-5678,

kirk in the Hills

1340 W. Long Lake, Bloomfield Hills 48302, 626-2515 • Rev. Bob Sheldon

Lutheran Church of the Redeemer

1800 W. Maple, Birmingham 48009, 644-4010 • Pastor Randall Schlak

Muslim Unity Center

1830 W. Square Lake Road, Bloomfield Hills 48302, 857-9200 • Imam Mohamed Al-Masmari

Nativity Episcopal Church

21220 W. 14 Mile, Bloomfield Township 48301, 646-4100 • Rev. Diane Morgan

Northbrook Presbyterian Church

22055 W. 14 Mile, Beverly Hills 48025, 642-0200 • Rev. Marjorie Wilhelmi

Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Catholic Church 32340 Pierce, Beverly Hills 48025, 644-8620 • Father Scott Thibodeau

Our Shepherd Lutheran Church 2225 E. 14 Mile Road, Birmingham 48009 646-6100 • Pastor Mark Doede

Pilgrim Congregational Church Bloomfield Hills 3061 N. Adams, Bloomfield Twp. 48304, 642-2290 • Rev. Mathers

St. Andrew Lutheran Church 6255 Telegraph Rd, Bloomfield Hills 48301 646-5207 •

St. George Greek Orthodox Church 43816 Woodward Ave., Bloomfield Hills 48302 335-8869 Father Nick Pathenos

St. Hugo of the Hills Church 2215 Opdyke, Bloomfield Hills 48304 644-5460 • Msg. Anthony M. Tocco

St. James Episcopal Church 355 W. Maple, Birmingham 48009 644-0820 • Rev. Joshua Hoover

St. Owen Catholic Church 6869 Franklin, Bloomfield Twp. 48301, 626-0840 • Father James Cronk

St. Regis Catholic Church 3695 Lincoln Road, Bloomfield Township 48301 646-2686 • • Msgr.Charles Kosanke

Temple Beth El 7400 Telegraph Road • Bloomfield Hills 48301 851-1100 • Rabbi Mark Miller and Rabbi Daniel Syme

Birmingham/Bloomfield 47

Clubs and Organizations

Organizations marked with (*) hold meetings at the Community House, 380 South Bates, Birmingham, (248) 644-5832. For other organizations use listed location or contact the organization to confirm location. AA Alcoholics Anonymous Oakland County Pontiac Hotline and Office: 248-332-3521 •

The Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber 725 S. Adams, Ste 130 Birmingham 48009 (248) 644-1700 •

Adult Fellowship Group (ONO) Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church (248) 646-5041

Birmingham Bloomfield Coin Club Meetings at BASCC John Frank, Director (248) 644-8818

Al-Anon Family Groups Central Oakland County Office 3720 Elizabeth Lake Road, Waterford 48328 248-706-1020 Alliance Francaise/The French Institute of Michigan (248) 538-5440 American Assoc. of University Women Sue Longstreet, President The AAUW sponsors a number of clubs and organizations on a wide variety of subjects. Information can be found on • Afternoon Readers • Artistic Endeavors • Belles Lettres Book Club • Beyond Adelante! Book Club • Beyond the Edge • The Breakfast Bunch • Bridge Groups • Contemporary Books • Cooking Light • Excursions Unlimited • Green Thumbs • International Relations • Let’s Cook • MahJongg • Modern Art • Morning After Readers Book Club • Music Appreciation • Mystery Readers Book Club • Northside Book Club • Opera Divas • Political Inquiry • Potpourri Book Club • Public Policy • Theater Goers • Two Thumbs Up, Film Reviews Area Agency on Aging 29100 Northwestern Hwy., Suite 400 Southfield 48034 (248) 357-2255 • Basset Hound Rescue of Michigan P.O. Box 413 Bloomfield Hills, 48303 (248) 320-0855 • Beverly Hills Lions Club President: Gary Valentine Beverly Hills Village Women’s Club 18500 W. Thirteen Mile Road Beverly Hills 48025 248-703-1142 Birmingham Bloomfield Art  Center 1516 S. Cranbrook Rd Birmingham 48009 (248) 644-0866 • Offers classes, events, workshops. Gallery store.


Birmingham Bloomfield Community Coalition Carol Mastroianni, Executive Director 1525 Covington Road Bloomfield Hills 48301 (248) 203-4615 • Birmingham Bloomfield Democratic Party Club 165 Baldwin Rd., Birmingham,48009 (248) 723-0105 • Birmingham Bloomfield Newcomers Club* Contact Sue Norton, Membership Birmingham Concert Band Grant Hoemke, Music Director (248) 474-4997 Birmingham Education Foundation 31301 Evergreen, Beverly Hills 48025 (248) 203-3030 • Birmingham Family YMCA Anthony Pecoraro, Executive Director 400 East Lincoln • Birmingham 48009 (248) 644-9036 Birmingham Lions Club* Jim Stuchell (248) 220-1110 Birmingham Masonic Lodge No. 44 Charles Anderson, Secretary 37357 Woodward, Bloomfield Hills 48304 647-4229 Birmingham Musicale Meets at the Congregational Church of Birmingham. Birmingham Optimist Club* Eleanor Roleston, President Birmingham Republican Women’s Club Claudine Bacher, President (248) 644-5274 • Birmingham Rotary Club* Christine Winans, President Birmingham Society of Women Painters Birmingham Youth Assistance Diedra Righter, Secretary 2436 W. Lincoln, Ste F102 Birmingham 48009 (248) 203-4300

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B’Jazz Vespers (248) 644-0550 Bloomfield Hills Optimist Club Jane Hammond, President P.O. Box 781 • Bloomfield Hills 48303 Bloomfield Hills Rotary Club Bloomfield Open Hunt Club Christine Tvaroha, President Bloomfield Historical Society Pam Carmichael, President Bloomfield Players Community  Theatre (248) 433-0885 Bloomfield Republican Women’s Club Marjorie Biglin, President (248) 879-9494 • Bloomfield Township Senior Services Christine Tvaroha, Director 4315 Andover • Bloomfield Hills 48302 (248) 723-3500 • Bloomfield Village Association Village Manager 3595 Bradway Blvd. Bloomfield Village 48301 (248) 594-8376 Bloomfield Youth Guidance 3333 W. Long Lake, West Bloomfield 48323 (248) 341-5680 Brotherhood Dinner Meeting Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church (248) 646-5041 Building Better Families Through Action Booth/Doyle Center 7275 Wing Lake Rd. (program location) Bloomfield Hills 48301 (248) 419-2380 • Child Abuse &  Neglect Council of Oakland County Pat Rosen, Director 44765 Woodward Ave. • Pontiac 48341 (248) 332-7173 • Christian Yoga At Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church (248) 646-5041 The Colored Pencil  Society of AmericaDetroit District Chapter 104 Diane Radtke, President (248) 344-1731 • Common  Ground Tony Rothschild, CEO 1410 S. Telegraph, Bloomfield Hills 48302 (248) 456-8150

Community House 21st Century Leaders* Rosie Koul, Leadership Director (248) 594-6419 Community House Friends of the Garden  Club* Pat Jerzy • (248) 594-6410 Community House Volunteers* Contact: Sam Walker • (248) 644-5832 Community House Womens Club* Contact: Jane Lippa (248) 644-5832 or (734) 455-7683 Community House International Culture and Cuisine* Christine Lenz, President (248) 921-9311 Cranbrook House and Garden Auxiliary P.O. Box 801, Bloomfield Hills 48303-0801 (248) 645-3147 Cranbrook Music Guild P.O. Box 402, Bloomfield Hills 48303 (248) 645-0256 Downtown Birmingham Principal Shopping District John Heiney, Director 151 Martin, Birmingham 48009 (248) 530-1200 Far Conservatory of Therapeutic Performing Arts First Presbyterian Church 1669 W. Maple Road, Birmingham 48009 (248) 646-3347 Foxcroft Improvement Association Franklin Garden Club Annual garden walk. Friends of Baldwin Public Library (248)  554-4683 Friends of Birmingham Museum

(Formerly Friends of Birmingham Historical Museum and Park)

Meetings at the Allen House (248) 340-3703 Friends of Bloomfield Township Public  Library (248) 642-5800 Friends of Different Learners P.O. Box 233, Birmingham 48012 Friends of Franklin Village Public Library (248) 851-2254 Friends of Friends Book Club Debbie Coughenour (248) 644-3292 Meets at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church Friends of the Johnson Nature Center 3325 Franklin Rd., Bloomfield Hills 48302 GA – Gamblers Anonymous Embury Methodist Church (248) 644-5708 and Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church (248) 646-5041

Gilda’s Club Laura Varon Brown, Executive Director 3517 Rochester Rd., Royal Oak 48073 (248) 577-0800,

On My Own of Michigan Bruce Benson, Executive Director 1250 Kirts, Suite 300, Troy 48084 (248) 649-3739

International Community  Club* (248) 626-0106

Piece Makers Monthly quilting and sewing group meets at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church. (248) 646-5041

Jewish Community Relations Council Robert Cohen, Executive Director 6735 Telegraph Rd., Ste. 140 Bloomfield Hills 48301 (248) 642-5393 Junior League of Birmingham 460 N. Old Woodward Birmingham 48009 (248) 203-9841 League of Women Voters, Oakland  Area Sue Abrams, Admin. 725 S. Adams, Ste. 292 Birmingham 48009 (248) 594-6602 MAC (Michigan Association of Calligraphers) P.O. Box 2229, Birmingham 48012 Master Gardener At Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church (248) 646-5041 Michigan Orchid Society (734) 971-4117 Meets at the First Baptist Church on Willits Michigan Watercolor Society Carol Evert 459 Cottonwood Ln., Saline 48176 Michigan Weavers Guild Joan Koelsch, Membership Meetings at Peace Lutheran Church 17029 W. 13 Mile Rd. in Southfield NEXT (Formerly BASCC) Cris Braun, Executive Director 2121 Midvale Road • Birmingham 48009 (248) 203-5270 Oakland Audubon Society Don Burlett, President P.O. Box 796, Birmingham 48012 (248) 626-1200 Oakland County Bar Association 1760 S.  Telegraph Rd., Suite 100 Bloomfield Hills 48302 (248) 334-3400 Oakland County Democratic Party 17100 12 Mile Rd., Ste. 5 Southfield 48076 (248) 584-0510

Palette &  Brush Club (248) 932-2597 Preservation Bloomfield P.O. Box 7627, Bloomfield Hills 48302 Presidents Advisory Council* (248) 644-5832 Race Relations & Diversity Task Force Birmingham Bloomfield Area* (248) 644-5832 St.  Dunstan’s Theatre Guild of Cranbrook P.O. Box 59, Birmingham 48012 400 Lone Pine Rd. Bloomfield Hills 48304 Reservations: (248) 737-3587 Sculptors Guild of Michigan Pauline Flaga 1033 W. Elmwood, Clawson 48017 (248) 435-4567 Senior Men’s Club* Pete Kass, (248) 335-5472 Storyteller’s Guild* Lee Trumbell, (248) 594-6414 Toastmasters (248) 910-8921 Meets at St. James Episcopal Church.

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The University of Michigan Alumni Club of Birmingham Claire Michelini, Membership (248) 229-2611 Village Players 34660 Woodward Birmingham 48009 (248) 644-2075 Women of Bloomfield Lora Spensley, Membership (248) 685-3653 Womens Council of Realtors Birmingham-Bloomfield Chapter Jane E. Lowell, President

Oakland County Republican Party Theresa Mungioli, Chair 42611 Woodward Ave. Bloomfield Hills 48304 (248) 499-7288

Woodward Avenue Action Assoc. (248) 288-2004

Oakland County  Young  Republicans Tom Isaacs, President Meets monthly, follow on facebook.

Woodward Dream Cruise Log on for updates regarding events, routes, sponsors, partners, car clubs, etc.

Oakland Family Services 114 Orchard Lake Road, Pontiac 48341 (248) 858-7766

Young Moms, Beaumont Embury Methodist Church (248) 644-5708



Contact Keaton Publications for distribution, ad rates and sizes

(231) 537-3330 (office) (716) 536-2839 (mobile) 49


State Senators

P.O.  Box 30036 Lansing 48909 12th District – Bloomfield Township, Beverly Hills, Bingham Farms, Franklin Jim Marleau (R) (517) 373-2694 13th District – Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills Marty Knollenberg (R) (517) 373-2523

State Representatives

U.S. Officials

President Barack H. Obama (D) Vice President Joe Biden (D) The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Washington, DC 20500 Comments: (202) 456-1111 Switchboard: (202)  456-1414

U.S. Senators Gary Peters (D)

Washington: (202) 224-6221 Local:  (313) 226-6020

Debbie Stabenow (D) Washington: (202) 224-4822 Local:  (313) 961-4330

U.S. Representative (9th District)

Bloomfield Township, Beverly Hills, Bingham Farms, Franklin

Sander Levin (D) Washington: (888) 810-3880 Local:  (586) 498-7122

(11th District)

Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills

David Trott(R) Washington: (202) 225-8171 Local:  (248) 528-0711

State Officials Governor: Rick Snyder (R) P.O.  Box 30013 Lansing 48909 (517) 373-3400 Lt.  Governor: Brian Calley (R) (517)  373-6800 Secretary of State: Ruth Johnson(R) (517)  373-2510 Treasurer: Kevin Clinton (R) (517)  373-3223 Attorney  General: Bill Schuette (R) (517)  373-1110


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40th District – Birmingham, Bloomfield Township, Bloomfield Hills Mike McCready (R) S-889 House Office Building P.O. Box 30014 Lansing 48909 (517) 373-8670 35th District – Franklin, Beverly Hills, Bingham Farms Jeremy Moss (D) S-1124 House Office Building P.O. Box 30014 Lansing 48909 (517) 373-1788

Oakland County Officials Oakland County  Courthouse 1200 N. Telegraph Pontiac 48341 County  Clerk: Lisa Brown (D) (248)  858-0581 Executive: L.  Brooks Patterson (R) (248)  858-0484 Water Resources Commissioner: Jim Nash (D) (248)  858-0958 Prosecutor: Jessica Cooper (D) (248)  858-0656 Sheriff: Michael Bouchard (R) (248)  858-5000 Treasurer: Andy Meisner (D) (248)  858-0611 Oakland County Commissioners 1200 N. Telegraph Pontiac 48341 (248) 858-0100 21 members represent 21 equally populated districts, operating under a “committee system”. Elected to a two-year term and responsible for: • Formulating county policies • Establishing property tax millage rates • Adopting ordinances and rules • Adopting County budget and development plans • Adopting and enforcing rules establishing authority and duties of County departments. Three commissioners cover the Birmingham-Bloomfield area: Shelley Goodman Taub (R) District 12 – Birmingham, Bloomfield Township, Bloomfield Hills William Dwyer (R) District 14– Beverly Hills, Bingham Farms, Franklin Marcia Gershenson (D) District 13 – Part of Bloomfield Township

District Courts

46th District Court (Beverly Hills, Bingham Farms, Franklin) 26000 Evergreen  Road Southfield 48076 (248) 796-5800 48th District Court (Birmingham, Bloomfield Township, Bloomfield Hills) 4280 Telegraph Road Bloomfield Hills 48302 (248) 647-1141

Circuit Court

Oakland County 6th Circuit Court 1200  N.  Telegraph, Pontiac 48341 Information: (248) 858-1000 Friend of the Court: (248) 858-1565 Adult Probation: (248) 858-0300 Juvenile: (248) 858-0112 Division of the State judiciary serving as the trial court for all Oakland County citizens. Hears both civil and criminal cases, as well as appeals from the District and Probate courts. Has exclusive jurisdiction on certain family matters.

Probate Court

Oakland County Probate Court 1200  N.  Telegraph, Pontiac 48341 Information: (248) 858-0260 Probate Court deals with issues related to wills, trusts, estates, guardianship and mental health.

Local Government Contacts

Log on to the individual city, township and village websites for the names and contact information of mayors, supervisors, board members and trustees.

Other Contacts

Citizen Research Council of Michigan 115 W. Allegan, Ste 480 Lansing 48933 (517) 485-9444 Independent, not-for-profit public policy research organization. Does not lobby for, support or oppose candidates. Provides information on issues concerning voters; has an expansive library of publications. League of Women Voters –Oakland Area 725 S. Adams, Rm 292 Birmingham 48009 (248) 594-6602 Provides voters guides, information about special elections including local elections, election results and holds candidate forums.

Voter Registration

You may register to vote at your city or township office or at any Secretary of State office (see “Basics – Drivers License” for locations).


For information about the Bloomfield Hills Schools, call (248) 341-5400 or log on to


Michigan Graduation Requirements

Michigan has some of the toughest high school graduation requirements in the country. They consist of:

● 4 credits math and English language arts ● 3 credits science and social studies ● 2 credits foreign language

● 1 credit physical education/health ● 1 credit visual and performing arts ● 1 online learning class

All students are required to take the Michigan Merit Exam which replaces the MEAP testing. 51



Beverly Elementary School 18305 Beverly Road Beverly Hills 48025 (248) 203-3150

Birmingham Covington Districtwide 3-8 School 1525 Covington Road Bloomfield Hills 48301 (248) 203-4444

Bingham Farms Elementary  School 23400 W. 13 Mile Road Bingham Farms 48025 (248) 203-3350 Greenfield Elementary School 31200 Fairfax Street Beverly Hills 48025 (248) 203-3210 Harlan Elementary School 3595 North Adams Road Bloomfield Hills 48304 (248) 203-3265 Pembroke Elementary School 955 North Eton Road Troy 48084 (248) 203-3888 Pierce Elementary School 1829 Pierce Birmingham 48009 (248) 203-4325 Quarton Elementary School 771 Chesterfield Birmingham 48009 (248) 203-3425 West Maple Elementary School 6275 Inkster Road Bloomfield Hills 48301 (248) 851-2667

Birmingham Community Education 2436 West Lincoln, F102 • Birmingham, MI 48009 • 248.203.3800

Lifelong learning… Birmingham Community Education offers a wide array of classes, camps and opportunities to residents throughout Oakland County. We provide offerings such as dog obedience, real estate, beading and a variety of computer classes. Our language programs includes Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian and Hungarian. For the college minded there are ACT preparation classes. Have fun playing basketball, flag football, fencing, soccer or karate. Work out with “Zumba” strength training and reduce stress with mantra meditation. Birmingham Community Education is continually offering new classes and workshops. View our brochure at Register online, anytime! 52

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MIDDLE  SCHOOLS Berkshire Middle School 21707 W. 14 Mile Road Beverly Hills 48025 (248) 203-4700 Derby Middle School 1300 Derby Road Birmingham 48009 (248) 203-5000

HIGH  SCHOOLS Wylie E. Groves High School 20500 W. 13 Mile Road Beverly Hills 48025 (248) 203-3500 Ernest W. Seaholm High School 2436 W. Lincoln Road Birmingham 48009 (248) 203-3700 Community Education 2436 West Lincoln, F102 Birmingham, MI 48009 (248) 203-3800 Midvale/BASCC BPS  Early Childhood Center 2121 Midvale Road Birmingham, MI 48009 (248) 203-5800

Birmingham/Bloomfield 53

Excellent Blend of Play, Art & Academics Beautiful Facility, Large Playground • Experienced, Loving Teachers • Low Staff/Child Ratio • Trained Professional Staff - CPR & First Aid Certified • Morning Pre-School 9am - 12:30pm • Afternoon Enrichment Until 3:00pm • Kindergarten 9am - 3pm • Full Day Extended Child Care 8am - 6pm • Summer Camp - 2 1/2 - 6 years old

Call Today:

248-540-7706 43816 Woodward Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302


E-Mail: Lifestyle ~Visitors Guide 2016

Health Care

Health Organizations/Associations Alzheimer’s Association

M.I.R.A. – Mental Illness Research Association

25200 Telegraph Ste. 100 Southfield 48033 30200 Telegraph (248) 351-0280 • Bingham Farms 48025 (248) 971-2412 American Cancer Society 20450 Civic Center Drive Southfield 48076 Michigan Lupus Foundation (248) 663-3400 29433 Southfield Rd., Ste. 210 American Diabetes Association Southfield 48076 300 Galleria Office Center, Ste. 111 (800) 705-6677 • Southfield 48034 Michigan Parkinson Foundation (248) 433-3830 30400 Telegraph Rd., Ste. 150 American Heart Association Bingham Farms 48025 40 Oak Hollow (248) 433-1011 • (800) 852-9781 Southfield 48033 (248) 936-5800 •

American Red Cross

SE MI Chapter 100 Mack Ave. Detroit 48201 (313) 833-4440 •

American Lung Association 1475 E. 12 Mile Madison Heights 48071 (248) 784-2000

Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan 25200 Telegraph, Ste. 110 Southfield 48033 (248) 351-7979


National Arab American Medical Association

Emergency Room Contact Information

For Medical Emergencies Dial 911

Beaumont Hospital - Royal Oak: (248) 898-2000 Beaumont Hospital - Troy: (248) 964-5111 Crittenton Hospital – Rochester: (248) 652-5000 Henry Ford Medical Center - West Bloomfield: (248) 661-6450 Providence Hospital - Southfield: (248) 849-3331 St. Joseph Mercy Oakland - Pontiac: (248) 758-7000 Oakland County Dental Society

16205 W. 14 Mile Rd., Ste. 201 Beverly Hills 48025 (248) 540-9333

Poison Control Center

30800 Telegraph, Ste. 1728 Bingham Farms 48025 (800) 882-5720

Childrens Hospital of Michigan 4160 John R, Ste 616, Detroit, 48201 Visiting Physicians (800) 222-1222 Association - Metropolitan

801 S. Adams Rd, Ste. 208 Birmingham 48009 (248) 646-3661 • Tri-County Dental Health Council 29699 Southfield Rd. National Bone Marrow Southfield 48076 Transplant Link 248-559-7767 20411 W. 12 Mile Rd., Ste. 108 Southfield 48076 (800) 546-5268 • UNIFIED (HIV Health) 3011 W. Grand Blvd., Ste. 230 Oakland County Medical Society Detroit 48202 41800 W. Eleven Mile Rd., Ste. 215 (313) 446-9800 Novi 48375 (248) 773-4000 •

Lifestyle ~Visitors Guide 2016

Visiting Nurse Association of Southeast Michigan

Detroit Office

21540 W. Eleven Mile Rd., Ste 200 Southfield 48076 (248) 352-2000 (888) 742-0285

Providing Superior Cosmetic, Implant, Family and Restorative Dentistry.

We believe in beautiful smiles for a healthy life because your health is as important to us as it is to you. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and be at the leading edge of the dental field while providing modern, state-of-the-art dental care in a comfortable, caring environment. We welcome all patients; from those who simply need to continue to keep their teeth healthy and beautiful to those with the most challenging of concerns.

Jeffrey C. Grabiel, D.D.S. Steven M. Grabiel, D.D.S. 950 S. Old Woodward Avenue, Birmingham, MI With free private parking


Assisted Living, Home Care, Nursing Centers and Retirement Homes

Please see information listed under this caption in the Basics section.


Hospice of Michigan

St. John Hosptial Cancer Center

26957 Northwestern, Suite 140 Southfield 48033 (888) 247-5701 (24 hour information) Serving Oakland County

(outpatient) 1901 Star Batt Dr. Rochester Hills 48309 (248) 844-4000

Mercy Home Care & Hospice

Doctors Hospital of Michigan

1111 W. Long Lake, Suite 102 Troy 48098 (248) 858-7735

Hospitals & Health Systems

Beaumont Hospital – Royal Oak 3601 W. 13 Mile Road Royal Oak 48073 (248) 898-5000

Beaumont Hospital –Troy 44201 Dequindre Road Troy 48085 (248) 964-5000

Crittenton Hospital

Medical Center 1101 W. University Dr. Rochester Hills 48307 (248) 652-5000


Lifestyle ~Visitors Guide 2016

461 W. Huron, Pontiac 48341 (248) 857-7200

Henry Ford Behavioral Health

Henry Ford Medical Center Troy 2825 Livernois, Troy 48083 (248) 680-6000

PRESCRIPTION DISCOUNT CARDS Coast2Coast Rx Card Oakland County residents may participate in this free prescription discount program. Wide variety of savings available on retail drugs. All family members can use it and there are no age or income exclusions Log on to to print your free card. You may also call the Oakland County Board of Commissioners office for more informaiton: 248-858-0100.


This program is not insurance and is intended to assist the uninsured and underinsured by providing a 20-50% savings on services that include xrays, office visits, orthodontics, root canals, fillings, etc. The program costs $69 per year for families up to eight members. For more information call 1-(866) 498-7914 or log on to

In addition, the Health Department of Oakland County offers general dental procedures at discounts to those who financially qualify and have no insurance or medicaid. Call (248) 858-1306 for information.

Henry Ford Kingswood Hospital

Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital

Henry Ford Maplegrove Center

Henry Ford Medical Center Bloomfield Hills

(psychiatric facility) 10300 West Eight Mile Ferndale 48220 (248) 398-3200 (addiction care) 6773 W. Maple Road W. Bloomfield 48322 (248) 661-6100

Henry Ford Medical Center Royal Oak 26300 S. Woodward Ave. Royal Oak 48067 (248) 546-2110

6777 W. Maple, West Bloomfield 48322 (248) 661-4100

Providence Hospital

16001 W. Nine Mile Road Southfield 48075 (248) 849-3000

St. Joseph Mercy Oakland

44405 Woodward Ave. Pontiac 48341-2985 2520 S. Telegraph Rd., Suite 100 (248) 858-3000 Bloomfield Hills 48302 (248) 451-6060


(osteopathic) 50 N. Perry St. Pontiac 48342 (248) 338-5000




Lifestyle ~Visitors Guide 2016

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(248) 765-1700

248.642.8100 32121 WOODWARD AVENUE


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