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Jeremy Speiser, L.Ac.- CEO of Eastern Essentials Herbal Products The Best Natural Pain Relief My name is Jeremy Speiser and I am an acupuncturist in California. I also own the world famous herbal medicine company, Eastern Essentials. Pain relief is the bread and butter of most acupuncturists in America, as this seems to be one of the main problems people here seek acupuncture for. This is unfortunate, of course, since acupuncture is an excellent treatment for so many ailments, but acupuncture as pain relief seems to be something even the most skeptical of skeptics can accept. In my practice I see not only people in pain, but over 50% of my patients are coming in initially for pain relief. I also see woman coming in for fertility issues, menstrual irregularities, people coming in for anxiety, insomnia, asthma, migraines, arthritis, men’s health, stroke rehabilitation and even just general health maintenance. This isn’t every disorder or disease I see, but this is the majority. Sometimes a patient will come in for pain relief, then after they get better from that, and see how helpful acupuncture and herbal medicine is for them, they then want to work on other things that were bothering them that they didn't know before that I can help them with. If you come into my clinic, you know that I will give you acupuncture first, then give you an herbal formula on your way out. Combining these 2 modalities is the best protocol for success. It is true, that sometimes the pain goes away with a few needles in one treatment, but we want the pain to go away permanently, and not return. We also may need to heal wounded tendons or worn cartilage or even help increase blood flow. Acupuncture is an amazing treatment for pain relief when done properly, which not every acupuncture does, but the herbs can add something the needles cant. The needles can regulate the body’s blood flow and nervous system and create a direct healing response to the brain to have your body heal itself, but it is not adding any physical substances. It is simply stimulating you to heal your self. This is a great from of health care but there can be more. Herbs, on the other hand, actually add physical chemicals to the body to strengthen, reduce inflammation or vigorously activate blood flow and create a much stronger physical form of healing. Combing acupuncture with a proper herb formula is the best form of natural health care you will find anywhere. A lot of people are scared of needles and acupuncture can get expensive depending on where you go. Some people may just want to take an herb formula which can save them money, still get stellar results, and they don’t have to be pricked by needles. Some people don’t live in an area near any acupuncturists. This is why I did my best, to try and come up with pain relief formulas that will get people out of pain quickly, effectively and permanently for an affordable price. I created formulas based on what I used in the clinic on a daily basis, for the most common painful regions such as the knees, lower and upper back, shoulder and neck. All of our products are GMP certified high quality concentrated herbal extracts! I take health and healing seriously and my years of experience as well as research shows in the amazing results.

Jeremy Speiser, L.Ac. Eastern Essentials, LLC. Ancient Remedies for a Modern World

Jeremy Speiser  

Try our natural herbal treatments, based on true traditional Chinese herbal remedies, and experience the kind of true healing only the best...

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