Making An Invention A Real Success

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When it comes to fresh ideas and inventions, this is something which is taking place everyday. However, getting an invention off of the ground can sometimes be a challenging situation. The reason for this is that whilst the invention may work extremely well in principle, making it a reality can be a challenging affair. Due to this, a lot of would be inventors actually shy away from taking their ideas any further. Making a prototype For example, getting a prototype put in place is something which can actually seem fairly daunting. Blueprints can be made on a computer, but for the majority of inventions, there is no real way to run a simulation on a computer to test how the invention may work in real life. It can also be extremely difficult for an inventor to make a prototype at home as well. The reason for this is that there may not be the appropriate tools available. There is also the argument that the prototype may not fully realise the full potential of the invention. There is thankfully a solution to this; utilise the services of InventHelp. The team are able to offer full prototype assistance which will give any inventor peace of mind when it comes to getting their invention off of the ground.

Legal Protection Something which definitely needs to be done though is make sure that the invention is properly protected. This means that a patent needs to be made for it. The patent process is a long one. It requires a considerable amount of paperwork and is something which needs to be done properly. In this instance, it is important to seek outside help to carry out the patent paperwork to ensure that it is granted first time. Regardless, having a robust patent in place means that legally, no other business or single entity will be able to use the invention without the consent of the inventor. If it were to be used, the inventor would be perfectly within their legal rights to seek a cease and desist. In addition to this, the inventor would also be able to claim damages for any money generated from the unauthorized use of the invention. On the flipside of this, if there is no patent in place, it would mean that there would be no legal protection at all. It would literally be the case that any company would be able to use the invention in part or whole for their own material gain. Indeed, in order to get a patent, it is necessary to have a working prototype in place for an invention. The reason for this is that it will show what kind of things can be done with it. This will then be added to the patent so there can be no ambiguity when it comes to others that may have a similar invention idea further down the line. Once again, InventHelp are able to assist with this. They are able to offer full support during the patent application process. Outside investment So once the prototype has been made, and the patent has been applied for (and granted), it’s important to then get eyes on the invention. The reason for this is that it may be necessary to get additional funding to bring it to market. By having the correct legal protection in place, there should

be no worry in showing the invention to the masses. If a professionally made prototype was not in place, then an investor may not be willing to put their money into it. Likewise, if they know that there is no legal protection in place, they may not want to put money into it. Thankfully though, when it comes to using InventHelp, this is not a problem. It is also the case that over the years, InventHelp have built up a substantial contact list with those in the industry. For the inventor, this is excellent news. By using InventHelp and their business contacts, it means that the inventor will have a much greater chance at success. Depending on the nature of the invention as well, it is perfectly possible to get the inventor involved in trade shows. This can ultimately result in large retailers (such as Amazon) seeing the product in its refined form and therefore purchasing a large number of units. An invention should never be done alone. The expertise, help and support of InventHelp is something which should strongly be considered by any inventor. It will make the whole process a lot easier, and a lot less stressful.