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My Profile Hello, I’m Jeremy Rogier and I’m a Digital Designer. I study my last year in Master of Digital Design Management.

During my studies, I realised a lot of projects, that allows me to open my eyes on the work of digital designer and discover the different possible domains where a digital designer operates. I split it into 3 parts: - Modeling - Rendering - Animation I will present you these parts through different projects I released.

Hobbies My hobbies are many manifold : Collective sports, I practice the basket-ball as part of point guard position. Extreme sports, I like to adrenalin sensations, it’s the most diverting. Dance, I like lot of type of dance but most particular the jumpstyle. Video Game, I play video games but I’m also interested for their graphics qualities To finish my job, for me the Digital Designer is a passion job.

Experiences Education 2012-2014 4th and 5th years Digital Design Management Institut Supérieur de Design, Valenciennes 2011-2012 3rd year Digital Design Institut Supérieur de Design, Valenciennes 2009-2011 1st and 2nd years Post A Level (Transport) Institut Supérieur de Design, Valenciennes 2008-2009 A Level STI Electronique Ozanam, Lille

Work Experiences September/January 2013 Training 5 months Vivement L’image - Wambrechies Realise Architecture Images for Brico Depot’s brochure

July/September 2011 Training 3 months ISD Valenciennes 3D Architectural Design

June/July 2010 Training 2 months ENSAIT - Roubaix Design Websites


My Phylosophy



Communication Digital Designer


Prototype Test


Advance Modeling

I started to choose the Dodge Charger model but after I found the police car. It’s the most interesting because there are many details and options After the set up of the bleuprints, I modeled the volume and then I added details. Details are important to make the model realistic. .


I realised the polygonal modelisation for the environnement and after I made the texturing in 3dsMax. I created the base material but it’s also possible to split materials. For example, I started to realisethe color of the car paint and I added on this the Coat.



Designer Collaboration Designer : LĂŠo Choisel / RĂŠmy Piantoni / Alix Roche

Modeling Part During this project, the modeling was done in one week, I worked principally with the designers and some sketches. I communicated. with him to make the direct modifications on the design part. And for the other part I manage a digital designer team. .

Final Concept

For the final concept, the texturing and rendering was made in Vred. We used this sofware for rendering and real time presentation. It’s possible to realise a animation, we intergrated a polygonal environnement in our. scene then we lighted. Finally we made some effects in Vred like the motion blur .


Gillet Vertigo 2.0, we get it. We’ll present you the quintessence of two completely opposite worlds in one: the Motorcycle & the Hyper Sportive Cars. With the following renders you’ll see the final evolution of the Tony Gillet’s will.

I directly worked with a designer ( Tom Barbagli ) for 4 days. I modeled in a first time the technical parts and validate with him and finally realised the details. The best part of this project was the communication with the designer to finish this car quickly.


I’m in charge of the sea part, so I have started the simulation of sea in Realflow to simulate the waves and the navigation. After that, I imported it in 3ds Max and I realised the rest of sea in order to have a horizon. For the foam, it’s an animate texture on the Realflow, and for splash it’s simulate in Realflow to export it in 3dmax to do the final rendering.





In our animation, we have decided to integrate characters and to animate them we have realised a motion - capture with a kinect. It’s an interesting process but there are lot of defaults in the capture, so I have corrected it to have a fluid mouvement.

Jeremy Rogier Digital Designer +33 6 24 90 01 88

Portfolio 2013 / 2014  
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