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Americana with Manuscript Material Travel & Exploration - Maps - Photographs

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Front Cover: 144 Back Cover: Clockwise from upper left, Lots 459, 447, 442 & 251 Bond # 14425383

Section I: Autographs, Manuscripts & Archives, Lots 1-78 Section II: Americana – Books, Prints, Ephemera, Lots 79-308 Section III: Travel & Exploration including Mountaineering, Lots 309-374 Section IV: Maps & Atlases, Lots 375-428 Section V: Photographs & Photographic Archives, Lots 429-507

Section I: Autographs, Manuscripts & Archives From Private & Institutional Collections 1.  (Alaska)  Robinson, Wm.  Letter from an Alaska gold rush prospector.  2½ page letter plus ½ page postscript on 1½ sheets. 10x7¾ & 6¾x7¾. Skagway, AK: 1901 Robinson writes to a Mr. Burrell of his travels during the Alaskan gold rush: “I did not go to Nome I though I did not have money enough to go there & do any prospecting and I staid a way from Nome and I went up to Juno Alaska...I seen people from Bute & from California and no body was making any thing...I went to White Pass & prospected a while & recorded one claim but I doant think it is any good...” Creased from mailing; very good. (300/500) 2. (Alaska) Ships log of trips up the Yukon from St. Michael to Dashalenti Island. 88 manuscript pages with numerous hand-drawn maps. 7¾x5, bound in salmon skin. Alaska: 1887-1899 Navigational log of travel up the Yukon River from St. Michael, AK to perhaps the confluence of the Tanana. The final entry is a small ink drawing of White Bluffs, Dashalenti Island. The majority of the entries appear to have been written in 1887, penciled notations and corrections throughout circa 1899. Each pair of pages is illustrated with a map of a section of the river with the best route of travel lined in ink. Light wear to binding; some light staining to a few pages, final leaf loose; very good. (600/900)

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LETTER TO PHILIP FRANCIS DESCRIBING EARLY DAYS OF AMERICAN REVOLUTION 3.  (American Revolution)  Godfrey, D.  Autograph Letter signed by D. Godfrey, written to Philip Francis in India, describing many details of the growing conflict in America. 12 pp., on three 4-page quarto sheets, 9x7½. London: Feb. 17 to May 21, 1776 Remarkable letter written to Philip Francis, reputed author of the famous “Junius Letters,” who was at this time serving on the governing council in India, and uncomfortably opposed to Warren Hastings, governor general of Bengal. Godfrey seems to be representing Francis in his affairs in London, offers some insight into this acrimonious relationship (“I feel for you, I know your situation is hardly bearable… Hastings sent Letters after the Anson by a Vessel which overtook her and of course he has the advantage of being the last Pleader, but I flatter myself that they will have no effect…”). He notes that at any rate “Time is all taken up with the Americans, and the Business of the East is comparatively too trivial to be attended to. Since I wrote last they have proceeded with the same success, of the transports we sent out to relieve Boston very few arrived there a few were lost some lost their passage and many have been taken by the Americans, and those the most valuable. Lord Dunmore…was the other day shamefully beat, without the loss of a single American, (he lost 112 men) and he himself driven on board a Man of War.” [This refers to the Battle of Great Bridge, Dec. 9, 1775, in Virginia]. “The Americans have likewise taken all Canada Quebeck excepted and that is besieged as well as Boston. A Party of the Guards are going to America 12000 Germans, the Army there will consist next summer of 40000 men. The Americans know it and they are not dismayed. The have acted hitherto by the Consent of all Parties with the greatest Wisdom and the greatest Courage…” He goes on to describe English acts of “Savage Barbarity,” though he notes that many of the colonial’s slaves were freed (“We have declared their Slaves free at least L. Dunmore has done it, and thereby encouraged them to Murder their Masters and commit every kind of violence”). The writer is definitely pro-American, and apparently Francis is not. The letter is written over a period of some three months, and much of it concerns the escalating war in America. It is docketed indicating it was received June 1777. Slight smears to ink in a few places, a few traces of old mounting paper, slight splits at folds, else fine. (1000/1500) 4. (Autograph Collecting) Spring, Robert. Autograph Letter signed by Robert Spring, to a collector in Britain, offering him autographs of George Washington and others. 34 lines, in ink, on single sheet 7½x4¾, the verso of which is Springs printed advertisement and want list. Baltimore, MD: Sept. 18, 1863 Robert Spring, Baltimore dealer in autographs, rare books, and other antiquarian items, writes to a collector across the Atlantic, “...Some time since I was so fortunate as to obtain possession of the papers belonging to the branch of the old U.S. Bank in this city. Among them I found many autographs of distinguished men and quite a number of the immortal Washington...” Of great interest is the printed notice on the back asking for autographs and other material. Provenance: A West Coast institution. Fine condition. (300/500) 5.  Ball, Alexander John, Sir. Autograph Letter signed by Alexander J. Ball, to Charles Biddle, regarding his son’s release by Tripoli pirates. 3 pp., in ink, on 4-page lettersheet. 9½x7¼. Malta: June 25, 1805 Sir Alexander John Ball (1756?-1809), a British admiral and the first British governor of Malta, writes to Charles Biddle (father of future American financier Nicholas Biddle) about his elder son James, a naval officer who had been captured by Barbary pirates, “I beg have to offer you my sincere congratulations on your son’s release from Tripolin Slavery, and particularly on his having obtained it by a peace the most honorable for the United States. I am glad to find that his health has not suffered by his exile...” Provenance: A West Coast institution. Old folds, but fine. (500/800)

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6.  Banks, Joseph. Autograph Letter signed by Joseph Banks, to John Vaughan, a lawyer in Philadelphia. 2 pp., on 4-page lettersheet folded to form an envelope, addressed & docketed on p.4. 9x7½. London: May 3, 1792 Sir Joseph Banks, the eminent English naturalist, botanist and patron of the natural sciences, needs a good Philadelphia lawyer to assist a friend, “Your Brother Mr. B. Vaughan has been so good out of friendship to me, to recommend to your care the process (?) against a certain John Thomas who having swindled his neighbors in Wales out of all the property they would trust him with has left a wife & family wholly unprovided for & carried the money with him to Philadelphia...” Provenance: A West Coast institution. Some light soiling and slight aging; very good or better. (500/800) 7.  Belmont, August. Autograph Letter signed by August Belmont, to Senator Arthur Pue Gorman. 6 pp., in ink, on two 4-page lettersheets 7x4½. New York: 1884 August Belmont (1813-1890), banker, businessman, diplomat, and a power broker in the Democratic Party, writes to Senator Gorman of Maryland with regard to the 1884 presidential campaign, attempting to find an alternative to Grover Cleveland, the eventual nominee. “...I expect to see Kingsley again tomorrow & I want him to be the candidate for chairman of the opponents of Cleveland in our Delegation...” Vertical crease, very good or better. (500/800) 8.  (Boston)  Colonial Boston Court Summons.  Printed court summons, completed by hand. Approx. 4¼x7½. Boston: 1772 Court summons requiring Nath. Greenwood, Sampson Salter, Robert Ball and Jos. Lasinby to appear before the Superior Court of Judicature at Boston and give evidence in a case betwixt George Minot and Job. Prince. Dated February 12, 1772 and signed by Sam Winthrop, Clerk. Edges worn, small tape repair on verso; else very good. (100/150) WASHINGTON FRIEND ELIAS BOUDINOT DESCRIBES JOHN ADAMS’ INAUGURATION 9.  Boudinot, Elias. Autograph Letter signed by Elias Boudinot, to Samuel Bayard. 4 pp., in ink, on 4-page conjugate, 13¼x8¼. Philadelphia: April 22, 1797 Elias Boudinot (1740-1821), Revolutionary statesman, member and sometime president of the Continental Congress, close friend of George Washington, and at this time Director of the U.S. Mint, writes to Samuel Bayard, then serving in London as agent for American claims before British admiralty courts. The first page mostly praises the Almighty for restoring the health of his niece, then he goes on to give a lucid and insightful account of the inauguration of John Adams, “Our public affairs go on very well, as to domestic occurrences. Mr. Adams’ election seems to give universal satisfaction, and even Democrats pretend that he is the proper man for the office. How long this temper will last I know not, but presume it is at most an exotic of a semi-annual existence. His installation on the 4th March was really solemn, interesting & pleasing - every thing was conducted as it should have been; and the universal spectacle of a free People inducting their first Magistrate into office, with so much ease, system & propriety, was grand, instructive & entertaining. Foreigners were astonished & disappointed, while one & all rejoyced at this novel & pleasing exhibition - Our late excellent President attended this public solemnity in the Representatives Chambers, as a citizen, and had a seat on the floor of that House among the rest of his fellow Citizens, where he had never before appeared, but as the supreme executive Magistrate of the Union. He was the first to congratulate the new President on his accession to the thorny seat...” The young nation had passed the litmus test of democracy - the orderly transfer of government. Silked, a little browned, very good. (500/800) Page 3

10. (California - Angels Camp) Archive of documents from the Utica Mining Company. Approximately 39 items, bill-heads, receipts, etc. Many with woodcuts. Angels Camp, CA: 1880s-90s Includes receipts for tools, blasting supplies, equipment, etc. Very good.


11. (California - Insurance Companies) Archive of documents from California Insurance Companies. Over 200 misc. letters and documents. San Francisco (mostly): 1870s-1900s An interesting archive of documents from California insurance companies (or the California offices of nationally known insurance companies), mostly for Nevada individuals and enterprises. Very good. (400/700) 12. (California - Placer County) Archive of letters relating to mining activities in Placer County. Archive of approximately 70 letters and documents. Various sizes. Various places: 1870s-1900s An interesting archive relating to various mining activities in Placer county including disputes over ownership, claim jumping, sales of mining interests, expenses, etc. Creased from mailing, a few with dampstaining; overall very good or better. (500/800) 13. (California - Tehama County) Grant Ranch. Ledger book from the Grant Ranch, Tehama County, CA 1883-84. Approximately 400+ pages in a 612 page ledger. 15¾x10½, original ledger and suede. Tehama County, CA: 1883-84 Accounting ledger with extensive lists of ranch hands, crews, wages, “China crews”, etc. Covers a bit worn; a later owner has baseball related clippings and statistics on a few blank leaves toward the rear; very good. (600/900) 14.   Champagny, Jean-Baptiste de Nompère de, 1st Duc de Cadore.  Letter signed by Champagny, ordering release of three captains of American ships, who had been held as prisoners. 18 lines, in ink, on 1st page of 4-page lettersheet 12¼x7¾, docketed on the 4th page. Paris: Feb. 6, 1810 Jean-Baptiste de Nompère de Champagny (1756-1834), French minister for foreign affairs, directs that three American captains of merchant ships, apparently seized as part of the attempted blockade of Great Britain, be freed. The note seems to have been sent to the master of the General Armstrong, an American privateer what was to gain fame in 1814 when it defeated a force of three British ships. A translation reads in part, “There has been addressed in the name of Messrs. Doolittle, Wyle and Taubman, captains of American ships... they ask for their liberty...” Fine condition. (300/500) 15. (Civil War - New Orleans) Beck, S.S. Autograph Letter signed with initials, regarding the situation in New Orleans during occupation by Union forces. 2 pp., in ink, on both sides of a single sheet of lined paper 12¼x7¾. New Orleans: Jan. 3, 1863 S.S. Beck (the name is gleaned from docketing on the 2nd page) is temporarily assigned to the U.S. Gun Boat Sciota, “this about starting for a purpose of opening the navigation of the Mississippi to the west. We will have hard fights I have no doubt in several places, and it is about an even thing if we whip them or get whipped ourselves.” After giving more details on the planned campaign, Beck writes some of New Orleans, “There has been the greatest change in the world here since Butler left; no more sugar stealing, confiscation of houses, furniture, &c. but Banks has given strict orders that his officers & men shall pay for all they get. Butler I suppose had made 1,500,000 since he came here and the officers comprising his staff in Page 4

proportion. I know that all of them were living at the rate of 6 or 7 times their salary...” He tells of a woman of mixed blood he has met, “the quadroons here are the best looking, the most voluptuous, the best bed fellows, and in every way the most desirable women in the city, but they are forbidden by law to marry with white men & consequently they find some one they like and live with him as if he were their husband, and this they call ‘placéeing.’ I was introduced to the one I am living with and after an acquaintance of two weeks succeeded in sleeping with her...” A little darkening at the folds, near fine. (500/800) 16. (Civil War) Simms, Will T. Autograph Letter signed by Will Simms, describing the surrender of Robert E. Lee. 3 pp., in blue ink, on 3 pages of a 4-page lettersheet with Head-Quarters, Army of the Potomac, printed at top. 9¾x8. Burkes Station, Virginia: April 13th, 1865 Graphic description of the final days of the war and the surrender of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, “...After severe battles in front of Petersburg, by a combined movement of a line extending over 15 miles in length the centre was pierced and the right was turned & Lee put to retreat. We marched into Petersburg Apr. 2nd from thence upon the heels of Lee to Sailors Creek where he stood only to be defeated. Before the surrender of the enemy we had captured 20,000 men. Lee’s army when he surrendered numbered but 9000 muskets - His officers have said that to save his trains he lost the army, our advance was materially impeded by the burning trains of the fleeing enemy...” A few splits at folds, very good. (500/800) 17.  Clay, Henry. Autograph Letter signed by Henry Clay, to Secretary of the Treasury William M. Meredith, regarding a vacancy in the Treasury Department. 21 lines, in ink, on p.1 of a 4-page lettersheet of blue lined paper 10x8. Washington: 12th January 1850 The Senator from Kentucky recommends Thomas B. Stevenson for position in the Treasury Department. “he possesses uncommon ability, is remarkable for untiring business capacity, is distinguished for honor and unsullied probity, and is in the prime of life, being about thirtyfive years of age. He is moreover a religious man, being a member of the Methodist Church...” Small stain and tiny holes affecting first three lines, remnants of mounting tape on p.4, which is docketed, else very good. (300/500)

MANUSCRIPT LIST OF CONTINENTAL CONGRESS EMPLOYEES AND THEIR SALARIES 18. (Continental Congress) Manuscript “Civil List of Congress” listing names and salaries of secretaries, treasurers ministers, etc. 2 pp., in ink, on both sides of single sheet [Philadelphia]: Jan. 22, 1780-Jan. 28, 1782 Rare manuscript listing of personnel employed by the Continental Congress of the fledgling United States, with their salaries, including secretary Charles Thomson ($3000); Robert Morris, S[ecretary of the] T[reasury] ($6000); Dr. Franklin, Foreign Minister to France ($2500); Mr. Jay, Minister to Spain ($2500); Mr. J. Adams, Commissioner for Peace ($2500); 3 auditors at $1000 each; Receivers of the Revenue in each State at $1500 each (these were appointed by Robert Morris); Doorkeeper ($400); etc. etc. Formerly folded, a few small holes as the folds, very good. (1500/2500)

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19.  Conway, Hugh Seymour. Letter signed by H.S. Conway as British secretary of state, regarding the Tripoline ambassador’s baggage. 14 lines, in ink, on single sheet 12x7½. St. James: Nov. 12, 1765 Hugh Seymour Conway (1721-1795), once a lieutenant-general who fell from rank, recently appointed secretary of state under the Marquis of Rockingham, finds that no detail is too small for his office, addressing the Clerk of the Stables, “The Tripoline Ambassador having applied to me for an order to have his Baggage brought from the Ship it is on board of & to be deposited where he shall direct, I am to desire that you will please to give Orders that the Ambassadors goods may be conveyed accordingly as has been usual...” Provenance: A West Coast institution. Adhesion damage along left margin; very good. (200/300) 20.  Craggs, James, the younger. Autograph Letter signed by James Craggs, to a Mr. Dayrolles. 11 lines, in ink, on single sheet of paper 12x7¾. Whitehall: August 4th, 1719 Short letter from James Craggs the younger (1686-1721), British MP and secretary of state who was implicated in the South Sea Bubble, along with his father James Craggs the elder, although both were fairly minor players. The younger Craggs was, however, accused of a role in the financial disaster. The letter, apparently to James Dayrolles, king’s resident for some time at Geneva, and from 1717 to 1739 at the Hague, refers to other letters he had received. Adhesion damage along left margin, a few stray fox marks, else very good. (300/500) 21.  Crawford, William Harris. Letter signed by William H. Crawford as Secretary of the Treasury, with autograph postscript that is initialed. 7 pp. incl. the postscript, on two 4-page conjugates 12¾x7¾. Washington: April 16, 1831 Important letter from the longtime Secretary of the Treasury, addressed to bankers Prime, Ward & Sands, Thos. & Jno. Biddlen and Charles King, explaining why he was awarding a loan to the Bank of the United States rather than to a group of other bankers, who had protested. He goes into great details regarding rates of interest and total value. The postscript notes that the President has approved of his course of action. An interesting insight into the financial machinations that were of prime political import in the early decades of our nationhood, as they are increasingly today. A little wear at the folds, very good. (500/800) 22.   Drummond, James, Lord.  Autograph Letter signed by Lord Drummond, to Elias Boudinot.  1 p., on 4-page lettersheet folded to form an envelope, addressed to Elias Boudinot, “this town.”13x8. New York: July 23, 1773 James, Lord Drummond, who was to engage in secret negotiations with George Washington in early 1776 in efforts to avoid the growing conflict, writes to Washington’s close friend Elias Boudinot about some land transactions, “...My reason for mentioning it to you at this time is my having applications for the tract that lays immediately upon the River particularly that 40 acres of poor land that formerly belonged to Green - which I told you I proposed throwing into the remaining part of Burns that you thought of looking at... Inclosed I send you the Draught of the deed for printing which you are to correct...” Provenance: A West Coast institution. Several crease tears and small chips, 2x4” piece missing from second sheet but not affecting the addressed portion; good condition. (400/600) 23.  Dugan, Irvin. Archive of material relating to the life and family of cartoonist Irvin Dugan. Interesting archive pertaining to the life and family of political cartoonist Irvin Dugan. Most of the material is personal in nature, with many interesting photographs related to the Irvin family, Masons, Boy Scouts, etc., a selection of Dugan’s World War II cartoons, clipped from the Huntington West Virginia Herald Advertiser, a series of letters between Dugan and various officials as he tried to get his son’s bride out of Australia during the War. An interesting, eclectic lot. Various dates Page 6

IRVIN DUGAN (born James Irvin Dugan) was born in Guyandotte, West Virginia, on February 8, 1892, the son of James and Lizzie W. Dugan. After receiving his early art instruction in Huntington, W.V., public schools, he studied at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts and the New School of Design in Boston. Very good. (200/300) 24.  (Dutch Sweeney Mining Company)  Dutch Sweeney Mining Company Ledger Book 1914-1915. Approximately 35 pages in a 400 page ledger. 13½x8½, original leather and suede. Quartz, CA: 1914-15 Typical accounting entries, expenditures, etc., company name stamped on first leaf. Very good. (200/300) 25.  Everett, Edward. An Address Delivered before the Literary Societies of Amherst College, on the Afternoon preceding Commencement, 25th August, 1835. [2], 65 pp. Handwritten in ink in a plain paper notebook, 9¾x8, bound together with a ribbon, all edges gilt. Amherst, MA: 1835 Early oration from Edward Everett (1794-1865), Whig politician, U.S. Representative and Senator, sometime President of Harvard University, United States Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to Britain, and Governor of Massachusetts before being appointed United States Secretary of State. On the back of the title-page, Everett has penciled “[The compositor will please not to cut nor tear this manuscript, but preserve it as clean as he can conveniently]... E.E.” The compositor accomplished the required feat. The oration was published in Boston by Russell, Shattuck, & Williams in 1835. Accompanied by an A.L.s. from Everett to Lewis Shearer, 2 Feb. 1854, “When the abstract of the Census... is published, I shall be happy to send you a copy.” Blank wrappers soiled, a few chips; internally fine or nearly so. (500/800) ARCHIVE ON AMERICAN INDIAN AND NATIVE ARTS 26.   Feder, Norman.  Archive on American Indian and Native Arts.  Collection of documents, slides, photographs, correspondence and other related material from Norman Feder relating to his work on American Indian and Native arts. Contents list available on request. Various dates Norman Feder was an author and former curator of American Indian and Native Arts at the Denver Art Museum. He was responsible for organizing the exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art on which his book, ‘Two Hundred Years of North American Indian Art” (Praeger, 1971) is based. Overall very good. (1000/1500)

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WITH SAFE PASSAGE NOTATION SIGNED BY GENERAL JOHN BURGOYNE 27.  Fothergill, John. Autograph Letter signed by John Fothergill, to James Pemberton, with signed notation by General John Burgoyne. 3 pp., in ink, on 4-page lettersheet folded to form an envelope. 9x7¼. London: April 29, 1776 John Fothergill (1712-1780), English physician, noted for giving one of the first descriptions of diphtheria in English, writes to Philadelphia Quaker merchant James (1723-1809), a founder of the Society for the Relief of Free Negroes, with news from England of the growing conflict. “...Lord How[e] is on the point of leaving this country to take upon him the command in America. We hope he will carry out with him such instruction as may ____ to a reconciliation. His known regard for both countrys and his good qualitys are strong presumptions in his favour & I hope every thing he may have to offer will on these accounts be heard and considered dispassionately...” He later states that “I convey this to my honoured friend Lt. General Burgoyne at Quebeck, who I know will forward it if he can. I believe there is no man wishes more ardently for peace than himself both for the sake of America and Great Britain. If war ___ the lot of that unhappy country you will have two generous enemys Lot 27 in himself and Lord Howe. But I fervently wish that all these hostile operations may be rendered unnecessary by an accommodation equally beneficial to each country...” Burgoyne indeed assisted the delivery of the letter, and has written on the addressed portion, “To all officers of his Majesty’s service civil or military Permit this letter to pass. J. Burgoyne, Lt. Genl.” Some browning, creasing and wear, partially split along fold, a number of small holes, overall very good, a very significant letter. (1500/2500) 28.  Francis, Sir Philip. Manuscript Document, signed by Philip Francis, being a power or attorney. 2 pp., on single sheet, separated from its conjugate on which it is docketed. London: Feb. 18, 1774 Sir Philip Francis (1740-1818), reputed author of the Junius Letters, gives Turbutt Francis in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, his power of attorney. This is perhaps part of putting his affairs in order in anticipation of his appointment to the governing board in India, whence he departed the following month, and where his rancorous relationship with Warren Hastings gained notoriety. The document is split into two pieces, as is the detached conjugate, there are a few chips with some loss, the wax seal next to Francis’ signature has perished leaving a 1” hole; fair example, but with a strong signature. (300/500) 29. (French & Indian War) De Lancey, James. Letter signed by James de Lancey, to Hans Hanson & John Cuyler regarding purchase of supplies. 11 lines, in ink, on single sheet 11¾x8. New York: Aug. 17, 1755 James De Lancey, Lt. Governor of New York, writes to Hans Hansen (Mayor of Albany?) and John Cuyler (apparently a trader and soldier), “If Colonel Joseph Blanchard of the New Hampshire Regiment should apply to you to purchase any of the Provisions in your hands, you may and are to deliver them to him upon his paying you for the same the market Price...” Perhaps a retained copy. Provenance: A West Coast institution. A little rough around the edges, two small stains, very good. (250/350)

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30. (Fruit Merchants) Archive of letters from Southwestern Fruit Merchants. Archive of approximately 300 letters, bills, etc. Various places: circa 1910-1920 Correspondence from various Southwestern fruit merchants, largely addressed to Geo. F. Johnson of Etiwanda, California. Paper brittle and chipping at edges, some staining; good. Sold as is. (200/300) 31. (Frémont, John Charles) Documents relating to the Trial of John Charles Frémont. 12 manuscript leaves, approximately 13x8” London: 1852 Documents relating to the questioning of witnesses in the case of William Gibbs and others V. John Charles Frémont. Comprising instructions for deposing witnesses and lists of questions to be asked on examination and cross-examination on behalf of the plaintiffs. In 1852 Frémont was arrested while in England at the insistence of creditors of the United States who attempted to hold him personally responsible for the debts of the U.S. Government. Among the witnesses for the defense were James Buchanan. Creased, some chipping at edges of a few leaves; very good (500/800) LETTER FROM GENERAL HORATIO GATES TO IMPRISONED QUAKER MERCHANT 32.   Gates, Horatio.  Autograph Letter signed by Horatio Gates, to Israel Pemberton.  20 lines, in ink, on 1st page of 4-page lettersheet folded to form an envelope, addressed & docketed on p.4, with red wax seal. 13x8. War Office: April 17, 1778 Horatio Gates (1728-1806), general in the Revolutionary War, was at this time president of the Board of War, and was suggested by some to be an able replacement for George Washington. He writes to Israel Pemberton, a Quaker, one of the wealthiest merchants of his day, who had been imprisoned in September, 1777, for refusing to give an oath of allegiance to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and he and 19 others had been transferred to Winchester, Virginia, where the letter is addressed. “Sir, Your letter of the 10th inst. was laid before the Board. The Resolution of Congress enclosed has been for some time past transmitted to the Executive Council of this State. The Board waited for a considerable time for an Application from the Council as the Gentlemen Prisoners at Winchester were to be delivered over to them at their order, but not receiving such Application an order on Lot 32 Mr. Holmes was sent to them that they might transmit it by such person as they thought proper to find to Winchester for the purpose of attending the Gentlemen to Lancaster. The Council will no doubt speedily (if they have not already done it) take measures for carrying the Resolution of Congress into immediate Execution. The Board have complied with their Duty upon the occasion & have no more in their Power but will be happy on every future occasion as far as their authority extends to attend you & every Gentleman in your situation every necessary Assistance. I am with Respect, Your very obd. Servant, Horatio Gates, president.” Pemberton was released the month this letter was written, but his health was undermined by the imprisonment, and he died one year later. For another document pertaining to this affair, see Lot 71 in this auction. Provenance: A West Coast nstitution. Small hole in margin from unsealing the letter; fine condition. (2000/3000) Page 9

33.  Haven, Samuel. Autograph Letter signed by Samuel Haven, to John Winthrop. 3 pp., on 4-page lettersheet folded to form an envelope, address on the 4th page. 8x6½. Portsmouth, NH: June 10, 1774 Very interesting and significant written as the rumblings of revolution were beginning, demonstrating the common cause against the British that was uniting the colonies. Samuel Haven (1727–1806), a minister at South Church in New Hampshire (and father of 17 children!), writes to Harvard Professor John Winthrop (1714–1779), who was a member of the Governor’s Council in 1773-74, offering aid to the people of Boston: “...reflecting on the distressed circumstances to which many in your worthy metropolis must be reduced by the execution of the severe & oppressive Port-Bill, I was led to mention a proposal ...that the poor of Boston who have any knowledge of agriculture or have been innured to the labor of the ax should be invited to settle on some of our good new lands in this province...” Darkening to the paper, a few tears but minimal loss, very good. (500/800) 34. (Hawaii) County of Maui Auditor’s Journals, 1913-1923. Two large account books, each approximately 18x11¾ bound in calf and suede. Maui, Hawaii: 1913-23 Account books for the auditors of Maui County, Hawaii. Includes handwritten entries governmental expenditures, civic improvements such as road building and school costs, fines, licences, various fees, salaries, etc. Covers worn and soiled; several blank leaves removed, second volume with worm tunneling (no loss of text); very good. (1000/1500) ARCHIVE RELATING TO U.S. REPRESENTATIVE PATRICK HILLINGS 35.  Hillings, Patrick. Archive of photos, awards, etc. from Republican U.S. Representative from California Patrick Hillings. Vast archive comprising 10 albums of photos and letters, numerous mounted photos, awards and commendations, a circular plaque with ‘Member of Congress’ seal, several panoramic photos, etc. 1950s-1990s Patrick Jerome Hillings (1923-1994) was a Republican U.S. Representative from California who succeeded Richard M. Nixon in Congress. Hillings was elected to the Eighty-second and to the three succeeding Congresses (1951-1959) from the 12th District which was formerly held by Rep. Richard Nixon. He was not a candidate for renomination in 1958, but was an unsuccessful candidate for Attorney General of California, an office vacated by Edmund G. “Pat” Brown, Sr., who was instead elected governor. He served as chairman of the Republican Central Committee of Los Angeles County from 1960-1961. He directed the presidential campaign of Ronald Reagan in Florida from 1979-1980. The archive includes, in addition to scores of photographs of Hillings, numerous photos of Presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, an interesting collection of snapshots of the funeral of Patricia Nixon, photos of the Chowder and Marching club, panoramic photos of various Republican dinners, several early Nixon Lot 35 campaign items, etc. Very good. (2500/3500) 36.  Huger, Isaac. Autograph Letter signed by Isaac Huger, to a Colonel Weed. 13 lines, including a postscript, in ink, on p.1 of 4-page lettersheet folded to form an envelope. 8½x6½. Near Fort Moon: April 17, 1790 Page 10

Isaac Huger, Revolutionary War general from South Carolina, is apparently in need of tobacco, “I take the liberty to inform you, I shall be in want of fourteen pounds of the South Carolina Medium which you will please reserve for me...” Near fine. (300/500) ARCHIVE ON HYDRO-ELECTRICE DAM BUILDING IN THE WESTERN STATES 37.  (Hydro Electricity)  Archive of Wilfrid A. Froggatt - Hydro Electricity.  Archive includes, but is not limited to: project books full of plans, notes, blue prints, manuscript, etc. Many in manila folders or project binders. Including plans for the following: PG&E Bodedga Bay Energy Plant. 1961. * Research for a dam construction project for the Pacific Northwest Power Company of Spokane, Washington. 1965. * Feasibility study for a possible rock-fill type dam at Silver Creek, California. 1956. * Structural limitation study of the Ross Arch Dam for the city of Seattle, Washington. 1942. * Report on Potential Hydroelectric Power of the Klamath River Basin. 1945. * Three Definite Project Reports for Terror Lake in Alaska. Plastic spiral-bound pages. 1966-67. * Also 33 maps of Terror Lake Project in Alaska, by the Kodiak Electric Association, Inc. Each measures approximately 24x33”. Verso of last map has an Federal Power Commission rubberstamp dated Jun 20, Lot 37 1967. Various places: 1940’s-1960’s Wilfrid A. Froggatt was an engineer for the Federal Power Commission (FPC), at the San Francisco Regional office. The archive is a large and varied collection of studies, project preparation reports, and results from his work on hydro-electricity largely on the West Coast. This is an important resource for the study of water use and exploitation in the 20th century. Condition varies; edge wear over time to most documents; good to very good; sold as is. (1500/2500) 38.  Knowland, Joseph R. and William F. Large archive of letters to Joseph R. and William F. Knowland. Archive of several hundred letters addressed to the Joseph R. and William F. Knowland both in their political offices and as editors and publishers of The Oakland Tribune (a few addressed to other members of the Tribune staff). Includes a wide array of colorful billheads from California orginizations and businesses. 1910s-1940s Joseph Knowland became owner of the Oakland Tribune in 1915 and was succeeded by his son William. Both father and son were active in state and national politics with the elder Knowland serving in the California State Assembly and State Senate and later in the U.S. House of Representatives. The younger Knowland also served in both the State Assembly and Senate and later in the United States Senate. Very good. (1000/1500) Lot 38 Page 11

TWO LETTERS FROM SECRETARY OF WAR HENRY KNOX 39.  Knox, Henry. Letter signed by Henry Knox as Secretary of War, to Col. Winthrop Sargent. 18 lines, in ink, on single sheet. 12¾x8. No place: May 12, 1792 Secretary of War Henry Knox (1750-1806) writes to acting governor of the Northwest Territory [i.e. Ohio] regarding the supply of powder, “My dear Sir, I wrote to General Wilkinson on the 3d of April, to have all the powder at Fort Washington proved with a 5½ inch Howitzer or Mortar and 24 pound shot - according to the mode, you must be well acquainted. It is of importance to me personally that this experiment be made, as Colonel Darke has raised clamours about the powder of the last year. I request therefore that you would attend this examination, and certify upon oath the quality...” Stain along left margin affecting the salutation, top left corner clipped, light stain along right margin affecting a few words; very good. (400/600) 40.  Knox, Henry. Letter signed by Henry Knox as Secretary of War, to General Edward Hand. 24 lines, in ink, on p.1 of 4-page lettersheet 12¾x8. [Philadelphia]: May 25, 1792 The U.S. Secretary of War Henry Knox (1750-1806) writes to retired general Edward Hand in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, “I am happy to learn of you that we may depend on Lancaster for eleven hundred and thirty Rifles including the whole that have been already furnished, by the first of July next... I pray you to have them well packed up, so as not to be injured by the transportation, and transported to Pittsburg... It is from that place the Rifles will be distributed...” This is doubtless related to the campaigns of “Mad Anthony” Wayne against Indians in western Pennsylvania and Ohio. A touch of soiling, slightly creased at top margin; very good or better. (500/800) PRESIDENT LINCOLN APPOINTS SECRETARY TO U.S. LEGATION TO RUSSIA 41.  Lincoln, Abraham. Document signed by Abraham Lincoln, appointing the Secretary to the United States Legation in St. Petersburg, Russia. Engraved document on paper appointing an representative to Russia, accomplished in ink, with paper seal, signed in full by Abraham Lincoln as President and William H. Seward as Secretary of State. 12x18. Washington: July 18, 1861 Document appointing the Secretary of the Legation of the United States of America at St. Petersburg. The document is filled out with the name of Green Clay, who was the son of the appointed Ambassador Cassius Marcellus Clay, and served as his secretary. Cassius Clay was the son of General Green Clay, who died in 1828. Though the son of a wealthy Kentucky slave-holder, Cassius Clay was an emancipationist who was inspired to joint the anti-slavery movement by William Lloyd Garrison. He was a founder of the Republican Party, and an early supporter of Abraham Lincoln for president. The signature of Lincoln on the present document is quite clear and bold. Very faint offset and a few tiny smudges; fine condition. (7000/10000) Lot 41

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42. (Louisiana Purchase) Armstrong, John. Engraved certificate of exchange, filled out in ink, for 19,000 Francs, money due from the Louisiana Purchase, signed by John Armstrong as Minister Plenipotentiary of the United States to France. 5½x76¾, on thin paper, with indenture at left. Paris: 1805 John Armstrong (1758-1843), serving as American Minister to France, authorizes payment on account to France - the Louisiana Territory was bought on the layaway plan. The document reads in part “No. 013. Exch. for 19000 Francs (at 5 francs 3333/10,000 per Dollar)... Pay Sixty Days after sight this my third of Exchange (1st & 2nd of same tenor and date unpaid) to the order of Simmons and Brown and Robert Hamilton (in pursuance of a liquidation by the Government of France in this case provided by the Convention between the United States and France of the 30th April 1803...),” which is the date of the Louisiana Purchase. Signed by John Armstrong, who went on to become secretary of war in 1813, in which office he is generally considered to have performed poorly during the War of 1812. Small chips at left where indentured, fine. (400/700) 43.  (Massachusetts)  Browne, John.  Manuscript Power of Attorney signed by John Browne of Salem, Massachusetts. 1 page, in ink, on 1st leaf of a 4-page conjugate, 12½x8. Salem, MA: Sept. 9, 1680 A very attractive document, nicely calligraphed, signed by John Browne, and as witnesses by Edmund Lyde and Samuel Hobart, with a red wax seal. Browne settled in Salem in 1637, was a mariner, merchant, and church elder. He carried on business in Virginia in the winter, and left considerable property there upon his death in 1685. Fine condition. (400/600) 44. (McCormick Reapers) Check from the McCormick Reapers company. Partially printed check, with two engraved vignettes, one of a sheaf of wheat, the second of a McCormick Reaper in action. Chicago: 1876 Secretarily signed C.H. & L.J. McCormick. Fine.


CENTURY LONG FAMILY ARCHIVE – KENTUCKY, MISSOURI, TEXAS 45.  (McGrain & Weller Families)  Large archive of letters from the McGrain and Weller families of Kentucky, Missouri and Texas. Various places: 1840s-1950s Large archive of letters, many with envelopes, of the family and descendants of William and Agnes McGrain. William McGrain was born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1850, in 1872 he married Agnes Crane in Potosi, Missouri and in 1875 he relocated to Dallas, Texas where he served as City Secretary from 18881893. The archive includes letters from McGrain’s grandmother in Ireland to his father in the 1840s and his reply, numerous letters from various relatives to William during the 1860s several with mention of the Civil War including a letter dated May 11, 1864 in which his brother describes the draft lottery in Louisville, Kentucky: “The Board of Enrollment... had some 3000 names in a machine something like a narrow drum and kept turning it around by a crank, Lot 45 and at every turn a blind man would put his hand in and take out a card, and hand it to Mr Hervey, the Commissioner of the Board, who would call out the name twice. They drafted both white men and niggers...There was a large crowd gathered in front to see the “modus Operandi” and to find out who the “lucky ones” were...I declare it is a bad enough disgrace to Old Ky to have had to have a draft at all but then to mix negroes and white men altogether is almost to much Page 13

to stand.” Other letters concern the usual family affairs, abolitionists, cock-fighting, etc. Letters from the early 1870s while still in Missouri, several letters from the 1880s and 90s on letterhead of the Dallas City Secretary. The 20th century letters are largely from Sam Weller to his sweetheart, and later, wife Louise McGrain (Weller). Also included are several family photos including CDVs, tin types and a half-plate daguerreotype (5½x4½”) of the William and his bride Agnes, etc. A remarkable archive of family correspondence spanning over 100 years. Very good. (2000/3000) SIGNER FROM DELAWARE ELECTED GOVERNOR OF PENNSYLVANIA 46.  McKean, Thomas. Autograph Letter signed by Thomas McKean, Signer from Delaware, addressed to the citizenry of York County, Pennsylvania. 1½ pp., in ink, on 1st leaf of 4-page conjugate, docketed on p.4. 12¾x7¾. Philadelphia: November 6, 1799 Thomas McKean (1734-1817), Signer of the Declaration of Independence from Delaware, has just won election as governor of Pennsylvania after serving 22 as chief justice of the Pennsylvania supreme court, during which time he had become increasingly conservative. He was to serve three terms as governor, the first two as a Republican, the last as a Federalist after switching parties. He is today perhaps best remembered for dismissing officials upon obtaining the governorship, and appointing new ones of his choice, gaining him the appellation of “the father of political proscription” and fastening the spoils system on Pennsylvania. In the letter, McKean responds to a congratulatory message on his electoral success: “...Your confidence in my Republican principles is not misplaced; I admire our present democratic form of government, am warmly attached to it by choice & habit, and will at all times be zealous in its support. The enemies of our glorious Revolution and happy Constitution can hope for no official power from me; no man should have a share in a government he wishes to destroy; a dagger ought not to be put into the hands of an assassin...” Provenance: A West Coast institution. Light soiling and a few small stains, lower half of second leaf clipped off but not affecting the letter or the docketing, very good. (1000/1500) 47. (Nevada) Wall, J.S. Autograph Letter signed regarding sale of Mary Ann stock. 1 page ALs, 12¾x8½. Nevada: 1864 Letter regarding payment for assessment on stock certificates for the Mary Ann mining company. Creasing, some light edge wear; very good.


48.  (New Hampshire)  Brown, Richard, Reverend.  Manuscript Diary of a New Hampshire minister. 16 handwritten pages, in ink, + 12 printed almanac pages, 1 for each month of the year. 5½x3½, stitched. New Hampshire: 1723 Little daybook/diary kept by the Reverend Richard Brown (1674-1732), a graduate of Harvard College, providing details of his activities, comments on parishioners, etc. As on March 9, “Tho. Nickols bid me beware of S.G. for he is a traitor & Briant’s tool...” On May 28 Capt. Pool “dyed”, and was buried on the 31st. It addition to the entries, there are two pages of accounts, and at the end, 4 staves of manuscript music, a psalm. Very good condition. (300/500) ACCOUNT BOOK FOR NEW JERSEY LUMBER MILL, 1717-1725 49. (New Jersey) Little, John. Accounts of the Plantations and Mills of the Falls in Shrewsbury. [32] pp., handwritten account book in ink. 12¾x8¾, stitched. Shrewsbury, New Jersey: 1717-1725 Fascinating 8½-year listing of accounts of the lumber mills and husbandry plantation belonging, apparently, to Lewis Morris, who was to become Governor of New Jersey. The book was kept by overseer John Little, and is divided into three main sections: Boards Sold, listing the Page 14

many sales of lumber, giving the purchaser’s name, quantity bought, and price; An Account of Corn, Wool & Sheep Etc. Sold, again the purchaser, item bought and price; and The Disbursements of the Plantation & Mills, listing the payees and items paid for, including “To makeing of Cloathes for the negroes by Joseph Stout,” “To Brindley’s Negro Man for 4 Days Cradleing and one Day’s Binding.” Following these three sections is an overall summary of three pages. As an added treat, on the last page is a listing of “Loss on ye English Side in ye Indian War in New Engl. in ye yeares 1675 and 1676 [and] Loss on the Indian Side in the Same years... according to Hubbards narrative printed by Approbation of the Government 1676,” a rather chilling tally. Minor wear and worming, very good. (1000/1500) 50. (New Jersey) Pye, David. Manuscript field notes of a survey of the disputed boundary between New Jersey and New York, begun in 1765. [46] pp., in brown ink. 6x3¾, plain brown wrappers on which is inked, “David Pye, Field Book, 1765.” New Jersey: 1765-1775 Notes by Pye for a survey of the disputed New Jersey-New York boundary which he began on June 10th, 1765; the field book was also used by him for surveys over the next ten years. Accompanied by a 2½ page manuscript summary of the survey, 12½x7¾, docketed as “Copy of Mr. Pyes return to the Surveyor General.” Some wear as can be expected, overall very good. (600/900)

Lot 50

Lot 49

SIGNED PHOTOGRAPH OF ADMIRAL NIMITZ SIGNING JAPANESE SURRENDER DOCUMENTS 51.  Nimitz, Chester W. Photograph of Chester Nimitz signing the Japanese surrender documents aboard the Missouri, signed and inscribed by Nimitz. Gelatin silver photograph. Image 6½x8½, overall 11x13¾. c.1945 Inscribed in ink in lower margin, “To Rosanne Heppner with best wishes and great appreciation. C.W. Nimitz, Fleet Admiral, U.S. Navy.” The recipient was a T.W.A stewardess who caught Nimitz’ attention on a trans-Pacific flight, and he had the photograph sent to her - the original mailing address is present. It is quite likely the inscription is in a secretarial hand, though the signature is that of Nimitz. An iconic image, with Fleet Admiral Nimitz seated at the table, signing the documents as the U.S. Representative; standing behind him are General Douglas MacArthur, head of the Allied delegation, Admiral William F. “Bull” Halsey, Rear Admiral Forrest Sherman, Vice Admiral John S. McCain, and others. A little creasing, ½” tear in top margin, else very good. (1500/2500) Page 15

52.  North, Frederick, 2d Earl of Guilford. Manuscript Document signed by Lord North, appointing a Tidesman at Air. 15 lines, in ink, on single sheet 12¼x7¾. London: May 16, 1771 North appoints William Machosh as Tidesman at Air, a customhouse officer who goes on board of a merchant ship to secure payment of the duties. Signed by North and two others. Provenance: A West Coast institution. A little dusty; very good or better. (300/500) 53.  Osgood, Samuel. Letter signed by Samuel Osgood, commissioner of U.S. Treasury, regarding consolidation of Revolutionary War debt. 19 lines, in ink, on p.1 of 4-page conjugate of plain paper 9½x8. [New York]: Feb. 25, 1788 Samuel Osgood (1748-1813), Revolutionary War soldier and first commissioner of the U.S. Treasury before the Constitutional government was formed, and later first U.S. postmastergeneral under Washington, writes to Nathaniel Gilman, Commissioner of the Loan Office in New Hampshire, in a “Circular”: “As it will probably soon become necessary to ascertain the present amount of the debts contracted by the respective States during the late wars, you will be pleased to obtain and transmit to his Office as accurate a statement as possible of the debt of the State in which you act, together with a detail of the provision already made, or which is probably relied on for payment of the same...” Signed by Walter Livingston in addition to Osgood. Near fine. (500/800) 54.  Pettit, Charles. Autograph Letter signed by Charles Pettit, to an unnamed recipient. 4 pp., in ink, on 4-page lettersheet 10x7¾. New York: Oc. 27, 1788 Charles Pettit (1736–1806) was an American lawyer and merchant from New Jersey and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He served as a delegate from Pennsylvania to the Continental Congress from 1785 to 1787. He penned this lengthy and detailed letter at that time, dealing with politics, economics and related subjects: “...Their demands are said to be surprisingly extravagant for an enlightened people. A Reliquidation of the public Debt, and then paying it off in Paper Money to be made a legal Tender and without Funds for its Redemption, is said to be the aim of the most moderate; but a great Proportion we are told are for taking a shorter cut to obtain the same End, to whit a total Extinction of all Debts public and private, and some are said to Claim a general Distribution of Property...” Paper somewhat browned, still near fine. (400/600) 55.  Pickering, Timothy. Autograph Letter signed by Timothy Pickering, to Samuel Holten. 2 pp., in ink, on 4-page lettersheet. 9x7½. Philadelphia: Jan. 26, 1785 Timothy Pickering (1745-1829), Revolutionary soldier and quartermaster general, writes to Samuel Holten, delegate of the Continental Congress from Massachusetts, declining an offer to stand as a commissioner of the Treasury, “...In my former letter I expressed a wish to be made acquainted with the intended arrangement of the Treasury, before I determined whether or not to stand a candidate for the office of a commissioner. I learn from your answer that the powers of the board had not been defined. One term will probably be an abjuration of all private business. Of this I was apprehensive, and Mr. Gerry’s information confirms it. ...I am highly obliged by your attention to me, & beg your acceptance of my firm thanks; but I also request you to withdraw your nomination of me to the office in question. There is another office to which I should have no objection - that of Secretary of War...” He eventually was appointed to the latter office in 1795, and shortly thereafter moved over to Secretary of State. The letter is accompanied by the last (of 10) page of a retained copy, in Pickering’s hand and signed by him, of a letter from John Adams to the Bey of Tunis, Jan. 15, 1800. Some soiling, wear and a few repairs to the letter to Holten, else very good, as is the page from the letter to the Bey of Tunis. (500/800)

Page 16

56.  Pickering, Timothy. Letter signed by Timothy Pickering as Secretary of War, to Samuel Hodgdon. 11 lines, in ink, on 10x8 sheet of paper. [Philadelphia]: Stpt. 16, 1795 Secretary of War Timothy Pickering (1745-1829) writes to the Superintendent of Military Stores Samuel Hodgdon, “You will please to have transported to St. Marys in Georgia two eighteen pounders, two twelve pounders and two four pounders and to Colerain two four pounders, with the necessary apparatus and one hundred pounds of ammunition for each...” Faint darkening, near fine. (300/500) 57.  Polk, James Knox. Autograph Note signed by James K. Polk with his initials. 9 lines, in ink, on half sheet of plain paper 6½x7¾. No place: No date Polk writes: “N.B. Mark what I sway - our adversaries have become desperate. The war is but just begun - their ambition - & great hope now is to carry _____? against the President’s supposed wishes & influence. They will give no quarter; and we must fight the battle like men. With a cause so good, victory must be ours. ... J.K.P.” This is undoubtedly a postscript from a longer letter and seems to be aimed more at Polk’s political adversaries than the forces of Mexico. Fine condition. (500/800) 58. (Presidential Election 1800) Goodrich, Chauncey. Two Autograph Letters signed by Chauncey Goodrich, on the voting to break the deadlock in the U.S. presidential election of 1800. Includes: Feb. 11, 1801. 3 pp. on 4-page lettersheet. * Feb. 13, 1801. 1 page. Each approx. 9¾x8. Washington: Feb. 11 & Feb 13, 1801 Fascinating pair of letters by U.S. Representative from Ohio Chauncey Goodrich (17591815), describing the deadlock in Congress as they tried to sort out the contested election of 1800, when Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr tied for the presidency, as the voter who was supposed to withhold his vote from Burr failed to do so, and the two candidates from the Democratic-Republicans received the same number of votes in the electoral college. In the first letter, Goodrich gives a ballot-by-ballot accounting, “My Dear Sir, 73 of electoral votes for Mr. Jefferson, 73 for Mr. Burr, 65 for Mr. Adams, 64 for Genl. Pickney, 1 for Mr. Jay. 7 ballotings in the house of Representatives, on each 8 states for Mr. Jefferson, 6 for Mr. Burr, 2 divided...” The totals for ballots 8 through 22 are given, with the same result for each, with some commentary on the process. On Feb. 13, Goodrich writes, “Thank you for your letter covering a navy bill... I will endeavor to get over to the office & do the business. We have had thirty rounds of balloting, & on each the result as on the first. For Mr. Jefferson, 8 states, for Mr. Burr, 6 do., divided, 2 do. Tomorrow at 12 the Ballot to be repeated....” Paper a bit browned, 1st letter with 2x¼” piece missing from second sheet, 2nd with left margin chipped not affecting text; both very good. (500/800) OATH OF OFFICE SIGNED BY FIVE PRESIDENTS 59. (Presidents) Presidential Oath of Office signed by Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan and Bush (one). The Presidential Oath of Office printed on thick paper, with the Presidential Seal at the top with the stars in gilt. 11x8½. Washington: c.1969-1989

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Signed in ink by Richard Nixon, Gerald R. Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George Bush. Ford’s signature is dated “The White House, August 9, 1974,” the day he took over the office upon the resignation of Richard Nixon, and it may be speculated that the collector of the autographs was perhaps a service staff member at the White House, and collected these signatures as the presidents came into office. Fine condition. (5000/7000) 60. (Revolutionary War) Bleecker, John N. Autograph Document signed by John N. Bleecker, being a receipt for money to buy provisions and other necessities for the war effort. 7 lines, in ink, on 4¾x8” sheet. Albany, NY: Dec. 1, 1777 Reads in full: “Albany, 1st December 1777 Received of William Buchanan Esq. Comissary General of Purchase by the Hands of Mr. West Harris one hundred and twenty-five thousand Dollars for Purchasing provisions & other necessities for the use of the army in the Northern Department. John N. Bleecker for Jacob Cuyler. D.C.G.” John N. Bleecker (1739-1835) served in the military during the Revolutionary War, where he was involved in the removal of cannon and supplies from Fort Ticonderoga. He later became assistant deputy commissary general of stores and provisions in the New York Department during the war. Jacob Cuyler (1741-1804), a member of the Albany Committee of Correspondence, served in virtually all areas but was particularly identified with procuring and delivering supplies to bolster the American war effort. An interesting document involving a sizable amount of money from a critical time in the war. Provenance: A West Coast institution. A few chips at left edge, an old paper repair on verso to ½” hole at center, some soiling, very good. (500/800) REVOLUTIONARY SOLDIERS REQUISITION SUPPLIES 61. (Revolutionary War) Lot of 6 vouchers (4 partially printed, 2 manuscript) for the requisition of supplies for Continental Army troops. Approx. 4½x9, wholly manuscript or filled out in ink. Maryland: 1780 Vouchers for various goods requisitioned by the Continental Army in Maryland, with the type of material, value, and interest noted. Also, a receipt from 1778, for 100 dollars with interest payable (rather worn, darkening and separating at folds). The vouchers are in very good or better condition. (1000/1500)

Lot 59

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RESOLUTIONS OF CONGRESS FOR FINANCING REVOLUTIONARY WAR 62. (Revolutionary War) Thompson, Charles. Manuscript resolutions of Congress concerning Revolutionary War financing, signed by Charles Thompson as Secretary of Congress. 3½ pp. on 4-page conjugate, docketed on the lower portion of the 4th page. 12¾x7¾. [Philadelphia]: Feb. 20, 1782

Lot 62

Highly significant document recording resolutions of the Continental Congress regarding the financing of the Revolutionary War, “....Whereas it is become indispensably necessary to settle and adjust and finally to determine the proportions to be borne by the several States of the Expenses of the War from the Commencement thereof until the first day of January 1782 except the monies loaned...” A commissioner from each state was to be appointed (with a salary of $1500 per year), and they were to meet to make recommendations on the financing, which would be communicated to the states, a clumsy and non-binding arrangement, indicative of the weakness of the central government under the Articles of Confederacy, which were to give way to the Constitution five years hence. Minor aging, some rubbing along the folds, very good. (1000/1500)

63.  Rodney, Caesar Augustus. Autograph Letter signed by C.A. Rodney, regarding a painting by Thomas Sulley of Commander Thomas Macdonough. 10 lines, in ink, plus an additional 5-line signed note by another party. 13¼x8. Dover, Delaware: Nov. 12, 1816 Caesar Augustus Rodney (1772-1824), lawyer, statesman and diplomat (and son of Thomas Rodney, and nephew of Signer Caesar Rodney), writes “My Dear Sir, You will be so good as to send by the Bearer the portrait of Com. Macdonough & he will convey it safe to this place. I wish it securely put up to avoid the least injury...” Below is a note in another hand, “The bearer hereof is Capt. Abraham Kinney of the Sloop Mary of Little Creek, into whose possession and care Mr. Sully will be pleased to deliver the portrait...,” signed by Cornelius Comyns(?), “one of the Committee.” The portrait of Delaware native Macdonough was commissioned by the State of Delaware following his heroic victory over the numerically superior British fleet on Lake Champlain on September 11, 1814. It now hangs in the State Capitol at Dover. Provenance: A West Coast institution. Crease to lower left corner, ¼” tear in margin there, else very good. (800/1200) 64.  Rodney, Thomas. Autograph Letter signed by Thomas Rodney, to his son Caesar Augustus Rodney. 32 pp., in ink, on both sides of 16 leaves of plain paper 13½x8½. No place: c.1785-90 Long missive from Thomas Rodney (1744-1811), American lawyer, politician and member of the Continental Congress from Delaware (and brother of Signer Caesar Rodney), to his son Caesar A. Rodney, future representative and senator from Delaware. It is a characteristic letter from that day, offering sound and very detailed advice on the classics and their meaning, an integral part of a young man’s education. A little soiling and toning; very good. (400/600) 65. (San Francisco) Manuscript receipts for goods and services for the Ship “Forrester”. 5 manuscript receipts, various sizes 3¼x7¾” to 6x7¾”. San Francisco: February - April, 1851 Gold Rush era receipts for goods and services relating to the Ship Forrester in San Francisco, February through April, 1851. Very good. (300/500)

Page 19

66.  (Seattle)  Produce Distributors Co.  Archive of letters and documents of a Seattle fruit merchant. Approximately 180 letters and documents. Seattle: 1910s Archive of documents and business correspondence from Seattle fruit merchant B.F. Pearce. Some wear and soiling, paper brittle; overall good. (200/300) 67.  Shirley, William. Manuscript Document signed by William Shirley, colonial governor of Massachusetts. 17 lines, in ink, on single sheet of paper 12½x8. Boston: Dec. 24, 1747 Pay requisition addressed to William Pitt the Elder, paymaster general, from the British governor of Massachusetts William Shirley (1694-1771), who served from 1741 to 1759; he sought payment for troops he led during a successful siege of Louisbourg, Nova Scotia, in 1745 “When the Parliament of Great Britain shall make provision for paying the Troops rais’d for the late intended expedition against Canada be pleas’d or order payment of this my second of exchange... Five Hundred Pounds Sterling... upon account of the Pay for discharging the non-commission officers and private men of the late Regiment...” Signed by Shirley at bottom, signed in receipt of payment by Chauncy Townsend on reverse, dated 7th Nov. 1750, indicating the time lag in such matters. Shirley has been accused by modern historians of ethnic cleansing for ordering the forcible removal of more than 12,000 Acadians from Nova Scotia in 1755. Paper a little browned, small stain in blank panel at bottom, the verso of which is soiled; very good or better. (500/800) 68. (Smith & Wesson) Four letters to Smith & Wesson from various Sheriffs Offices. Three typed letters signed and one autograph letter signed, 7x8½ to 11x8½. Various places: 1927-28 Letters from various Sheriff ’s offices to Smith & Wesson requesting catalogs, repairs, purchases, etc. Includes law enforcement officers from Treasure County, Montana; Huerfano County, Colorado; City of Chickasha, Oklahoma; and Chaves County, New Mexico. Creased from mailing; very good. (200/300) 69. (South Carolina) Manuscript Petition addressed to South Carolina Lt. Governor William Bull, signed by 11 magistrates. 22x11¾, two sheets joined together. South Carolina: c.1765 Petition protesting the lawlessness and corruption of local officials, “...there are many Persons in the Commission of the Peace for this district who are not only weak, illiterate, and Tyrannical, but Notoriously destitute of common Honesty...” Foxed, some minor staining, splitting at some folds, good to very good. (300/500) PERSONAL PAPERS OF IDAHO SILVER MINER 70.   Stevenson, John Fletcher.  Archive of personal papers of Idaho Territory silver miner John Fletcher Stevenson. Letters, billheads, ephemera, etc. 1870s-90s Personal papers of Idaho Territory silver miner John Fletcher “Jack” Stevenson spanning approximately 25 years from the 1870s to about 1891 including many items from San Francisco and Los Angeles as well as from several short-lived mining towns and post offices of the mining territory. Stevenson was the cousin of San Francisco attorney A.P. Needles and at time maintained residences in both San Francisco and Los Angeles. Archive includes letters to Stevenson addressed to Salmon River, Clayton, and Bay Horse, Idaho Territory. Includes several mining related documents, receipts from various merchants, personal correspondence, etc. Very good. (1000/1500) Page 20

SECRETARY OF CONTINENTAL CONGRESS CHARLES THOMSON 71.   Thomson, Charles.  Autograph Letter signed by Charles Thomson as Secretary of Congress, to James Pemberton, plus signed copy of a Resolution of Congress. Letter is 19 lines, in ink, on 1st page of 4-page lettersheet addressed on p.4 with wax seal. Resolution is 7 lines, in ink, on single sheet. Each 8½x6½. Yorktown [North Philadelphia]: April 7, 1778 The letter and order involve the case of Israel Pemberton, James’ brother, and 19 others who had been arrested in September, 1777, for refusing to give an oath of allegiance to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and imprisoned in Winchester, Virginia, to which place the letter is addressed. James is undoubtedly in Winchester to aid in his brother’s release, which occurred later that month. Thomson writes: “...As soon as Congress rose I called on the board of war to know what they had done in consequence of the resolution of Congress which I here enclose & which is the only one that has been passed respecting you since John Parish was here... They propose taking your case into consideration tomorrow morning & I hope will give orders for you coming down...” The resolution reads, “In Congress 16 March 1778. Resolved that the board of war be directed to deliver over to the order of the president and council of Pennsylvania the prisoners sent from that state to Virginia. Extract from the minutes. Chas. Thomson.” For another document pertaining to this affair, see Lot 32 in this auction. Provenance: A West Coast institution. Letter with a few short tears and small stains; both very good or better. (1000/1500) 72.  Thomson, Charles. Autograph extract of Minutes of the Continental Congress, signed by Charles Thomson. 3 pp., on 4-page conjugate of thin paper, docketed on p.4. 15½x9¼. Philadelphia: August 26, 1780 Lengthy abstract of the minutes of the Continental Congress, by the longtime secretary of that body. “In Congress, August 26th, 1780. Congress took into consideration the report of the Comee. appointed to divise ways and means for preventing the further issue of certificates... Whereas a large and immediate supply of money is necessary for carrying on the operations of the war and for the payment of debts due for supplies... Resolved that it be earnestly recommended to the several states to take the most speedy & effectual measures in their power for drawing in their respective states of the Continental bills of credit to be destroyed either by a tax to be collected immediately or by exchanging for them new bills...” A few short tears and small holes, including one touching the signature, very good. (1000/1500) 73.  Varnum, James Mitchell. Manuscript essay by James Varnum, on political and social theory. 4 pp., on 4-page conjugate. 12¾x7¾. No place: c.1880 Significant essay by and in the hand of James Mitchell Varnum (1748-1789), a brigadier general with the Continental Army in the Revolutionary War and delegate of Rhode Island in the Continental Congress (1780-1781 and 1787). The essay concerns the obligations of rulers to citizens and citizens to their rulers, as well as crime, punishment, etc., offering keen insight into the mindset of the Americans as they forged a new nation. The essay begins: “As all encroachments in Society, upon the Rights of Individuals, are Tyrannical, so the attempts of Individuals to assert their own Independence & invade the Privileges of others are pernicious to the peace of society and destructive of public liberty, to protect which Punishments are inflicted - Punishments therefore are the results of necessity and ought to be no greater than is requisited for that end...” Some browning, split along horizontal fold, archival reinforcement along one margin; very good. (400/700)

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74.  Waller, Thomas “Fats”. Two signed receipts and a performance broadside. Broadside advertisement printed in red and blue, approximately 30x10”. 2 receipts for payment, signed by Waller, approximately 2¾x5 and 5½x8½. c. 1936 Poster for an August 1938 performance by the Great Jazz Pianist at the Finsbury Park Empire Theatre in London; receipts dated 1936. Large dampstain to broadside; very good. (400/600) 75.  Wickoff, William and family. Small archive of documents relating to the family of William Wickoff. Includes: Small slip, dated 1785, certifying an Oath of Allegiance taken by Wm. Wickoff in 1777. Signed by Robt. Fleming * Claims for pensions earned for service as Privates in the War of the Revolution for both William Wickoff and his brother Cornelius Wickoff. Claims dated 1833 * Three partially printed deeds for purchase of lands in New York by William Wickoff. Deeds dated 1795, 1819, and 1827 (1827 deed split along folds) * Manuscript indenture dated 1805 placing James Wickoff (son of William) in apprenticeship with blacksmith Moses Hall * A heart-wrenching letter from the Son in Law of William Wickoff informing him of the death of his daughter in childbirth. Letter dated 1838 * Manuscript Last Will and Testament of William Wickoff dated 1822 with Codicil dated 1827. New York: 1780s-1830s Most items folded and with some chipping to edges and splitting along folds; overall good. (500/800) 76.  Williams, Otho Holland. Autograph Letter signed by Otho H. Williams, to Tench Coxe. 23 lines, in ink, on 9x7¼ sheet, docketed on verso with notation “copy.” Baltimore: Oct. 16, 1790 Retained, signed copy of a letter from Revolutionary War General O.H. Williams to Tench Coxe, Philadelphia merchant and sometime assistant secretary of the treasury. Williams thanks Coxe for assistance rendered his brother, “My thanks are due to you for your great politeness to my Brother, and particularly for your regret that he was obliged to return without renewing the contract. As it could not be obtained upon equitable terms, I am glad that he did not get it - even the terms proposed by himself were, in my opinion, founded upon pretty good information, too low. My Brother is sensible of the Secretary’s impartiality and politeness...” Slight darkening to the paper, near fine. (500/800) 77.  (World War II)  Archive of approximately 85 letters from soldiers in Hawaii to their stateside friends. Accumulation of approximately 85 letters from various soldiers. Also includes approximately 90 snapshot photographs of scenes mostly in Hawaii. 1940s Letters home to various stateside friends and acquaintances. Several with censor’s stamp on envelope. Very good. (300/500) 78. (World War II) Postoian, Harry. Archive of approximately 68 letters from a soldier to his sweetheart/ wife.  Approximately 68 letters from Pfc (later Cpl and still later Sgt) Harry “Ash” Postoian to his sweetheart in Detroit Miss Dot Zozaian (later Postoian, the couple were apparently married at some point in 1943). Fort Ord & Fort MacArthur, CA: 1943 Very sweet and sentimental correspondence from a soldier to his girl. Very good.


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Section II: Americana – Books, Prints, Ephemera 79. [Adams, C.T. and E. White]. History of Indiana County, Pennsylvania. 543 pp. Engraved title-page, lithographed map and eight plates. (Folio) 13¾x11, original pebbled cloth, rebacked in brown morocco, with original tan, gilt lettered morocco spine laid down, all edges gilt. First Edition. Newark, Ohio: J.A. Caldwell, 1880 An imposing and detailed work on the history, townships, and most noteworthy citizens of Indiana County, splendidly illustrated with a lithographed map and eight views of local architecture, businesses and fairs. Binding rubbed with some loss along edges and corners, endpapers replaced, old tape repair to a few pages; overall good. (150/250) 80.  Adams, Mrs. [Abigail].  Letters of Mrs. Adams, The Wife of John Adams.  2 volumes. lxxxvi, 199; xi, 278 pp. Portrait frontispiece in Volume 1; facsimile of a letter by Mrs. Adams as frontispiece to Volume 2. 6¾x4¼, later morocco-backed red cloth. Second Edition. Boston: Charles C. Little and James Brown, 1840 Ex-library with ink stamp on title pages, etc. Each volume with one board detached, other joints and hinges worn; some pencil marking; else good. (200/300) 81. (African-American) African-American Newspaper - The Union. 4 page newspaper, 22x16. Cincinnati: April 10, 1947 Scarce mid-century African-American community newspaper. Paper browned, horizontal and vertical crease, some splitting along folds; very good. (200/300) HARRIMAN ALASKA EXPEDITION SERIES 82.  (Alaska)  Harriman Alaska series. Volumes I-V, VII-XIV. (12 volumes complete).  12 volumes in 13. Edited by C. Hart Merriam. Various paginations. Profusely illustrated with photogravures, heliotypes, engravings, chromolithographs, maps, text figures, etc. 10x6¾, original green ribbed cloth stamped in gilt, top edges gilt. Volumes 8-11 in publisher’s cloth jacket. First Editions. Garden City (and) Washington, DC: Doubleday, Page & Co. (and) Smithsonian Institutions, 1902-05, 1910, 1914 Financed and organized by Edward H. Harriman, the expedition in the summer of 1899 brought a party of 25 scientists and others to coastal Southeastern and Southern Alaska, the Aleutians, and the Bering Sea. The entire series contains a total of 56 papers by various authors, notable among them John Muir, John Burroughs, George Bird Grinnell (authors of the first volume). Edward S. Curtis was one of the photographers in the group and the first 2 volumes contain 75 Curtis photogravures, as well as many by C. Hart Merriam and others. Color plates include many chromolithographs of birds by Louis Fuertes. Original book publication in 1902-05 was by Doubleday, Page & Co. from papers first published in the “Proceedings of the Washington Academy of Sciences,” 1900-02. In 1910 the Smithsonian Institution took over the series, including acquisition of the remainder of the Doubleday edition, which they re-issued with their own added title pages (dated 1910, Lot 82 though also retaining the Page 23

Doubleday title pages) and bindings (of the same style and materials as Doubleday’s, substituting the Smithsonian imprint and decorative device to the spines and front covers). In 1914 the Smithsonian published for the first time Vol. 14. Volumes 6 and 7 were never published. In this set volumes 1, 2, 4, 8, 9, and 12 bear only the Doubleday imprint; the other volumes are the Smithsonian re-issues of the Doubleday sheets (except vol. 14 which is an original publication of the Smithsonian). Arctic Bib. 6676. Edge wear; call numbers in white on all spines, and in ink on most front free endpapers; cracking at gutters between signatures; else very good. (3000/5000) PIONEERS OF ALASKA, BY-LAWS OF IGLOO NUMBER 1 83. (Alaska) Pioneers of Alaska, Igloo No. 1 By-Laws, and three other volumes owned by R.B. Milroy. Includes: Constitution and By-Laws. Pioneers of Alaska. By Igloo No. 1. Nome, Alaska. 40 pp. 5¾x2¾. Nugget Job Print, 1907. * Constitution of the Grand Igloo Pioneers of Alaska. Constitution and By-Laws of Subordinate Igloos. As Adopted by the Grand Igloo, 1908. 39 pp. 5½4. Alaska Printing Co., 1908. * Constitution and By-Laws of the Nome Federation of Mine Workers. 16 pp. 5½x3½. Alaska Prtg. Co., 1905. * The Alaska Banking & Safe Deposit Co. of Nome, Alaska personal bank ledger of R.B. Milroy. 12 leather-bound leaves of ledger paper, about 12 pages with Milroy’s writing and rubber-stamps recording transactions dating from 1906-08. Together 3 saddle-stitched wrapperbound volumes, and one leather-bound bank ledger book. Nome, Alaska: 1905-1908 Nome, Alaska was incorporated in 1901, a few years after explorers struck gold in the region. R. B. Milroy was a charter member and the Vice President of The Pioneers of Alaska, Igloo Number 1 of Nome, Alaska which was founded in 1907. Certainly the unjust gold mine claim jumping that occurred in the first decade of the 20th century had something to do with the formation of the Pioneers of Alaska. R.B. Milroy was No. 2 of the Pioneers of Alaska, his name and number written on front cover of the Constitution and By-Laws. He was No. 25 in the Nome Federation of Mine Workers, his name and number written inside the front cover of it their Constitution and By-Laws. OCLC Worldcat locates 1 copy of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Pioneers of Alaska, located in the State Library of Alaska. Others not found in OCLC Worldcat. Some edge wear to each; very good. (1200/1800) 84.  (Arnold, Benedict)  [Barbé-Marbois, François, Marquis de].  Complot d’Arnold et de Sir Henry Clinton, Contre les États-Unis d’Amérique et Contre le Général Washington. Septembre 1780. [4], xliv, 184 pp. Two portraits; map. (8vo) 7¾x5, period calf-backed boards, spine gilt, red leather spine label. First Edition. Paris: Chez P. Didot, 1816 An important study of the treason of Benedict Arnold by the Secretary of the French Legation at Philadelphia during the American Revolution. Howes B114. Light wear at extremities; very good. (300/500) 85. (Asian Americans) 9 volumes on life of the Asian populations in America. Includes: M.T.F. My Chinese Marriage. [vi], 169 pp. Cloth-backed boards. Duffield and Company, 1921. * Hu Shih. China Too, is Fighting to Defend a Way of Life: An Address by His Excellency, Dr. Hu Shih. 18 pp. Stiff wrappers. H.L. Doolittle bookplate (creating offsetting to first few pages). 1 of 50 copies. [Grabhorn Press], 1942. * Stephens, W[illia]m D. California and the Oriental: Japanese, Chinese, and Hindus. 231, [3] appendix pp. Wrappers. State Board of Control of California, 1920. * Wing, Yung. My Life in China and America. vi, 286, [5] ad pp. Cloth. Offsetting on title page from frontis. Henry Holt, 1909. * 10 Letters of Sun Yat-Sen 1914-1916. 58 pp. Cloth-backed boards. No. 80 of 100 copies. Stanford University, 1942. * Doyle, C.W. The Shadow of Quong Lung. 267, [4] ad pp. Cloth, dj. J.B. Lippincott, 1900. * Helper, Hinton R. The Land of Gold. Reality Versus Fiction. 300 pp. Cloth. Published for the author, 1855. * Mears, Eliot Grinnell. Resident Orientals of the American Pacific Coast: Their Legal and Economic Status. xvi, 545 pp. Cloth. University of Chicago, [1928]. * Condit, Ira M. The Chinaman as We See Him and Fifty Years of Work For Him. 233 pp. Cloth. Fleming H. Revell, [1900]. Page 24

Together nine volumes on life of largely the Chinese population living in America and specifically California. Condition varies; edge wear to each, some chipping or rubbing to extremities of a few volumes; generally good to very good. Sold as is. (300/500) 86.  Ballingall, George.  Practical Observations on Fever, Dysentary and Liver Complaints, as They Occur Amongst the European Troops in India; Illustrated by Numerous Tables and Cases. To Which is Annexed an Essay on Syphilis. xxiv, 305 pp. Folding chart at rear. (8vo) 8¼x5, later half red morocco and boards. Second Edition. Edinburgh: Adam Black, 1823 Presentation from the author to the Court of Directors of the East India Company on front flyleaf. Bookplates of Elphinstone, Carberry Tower, on front pastedown. Scuffing to leather, a few spots to boards; very good. (300/500) 87. Bancroft, Hubert Howe. The Works of Hubert Howe Bancroft. 38 volumes. (8vo) original blindstamped brown cloth with gilt-lettered spines. Vol. XXIV is a modern facsimile in black cloth (ex-library). San Francisco: H.H. Bancroft or The History Company, 1882-1891 “Colossal co-operative undertaking; nothing approaching it has ever been attempted in this country.” -Howes B91. Ex-library copies with black band, and library call number written at bottom of spines, edge wear, some spines frayed at head and heel; library sticker on front free endpapers, stamps and/or stickers on title pages; many with cracked hinges; good. (1000/1500)

Lot 87

88.  (Barnum, P.T.)  Program for The Great Barnum and London Nine United Shows. Single sheet folded to make 4 pages. 16x11¼” folded. Woodcut illustrations. New Haven, CT: [c. 1883]

Rare circus program from the combined shows of P.T. Barnum, J.A. Bailey and J.L. Hutchinson., a partnership that lasted only for the years 1881-1885 although Barnum would partner with Bailey again in 1888 to form the Barnum and Bailey Circus. The programme of events includes “The March of Jumbo, Giant Lord of Beasts”. Also, numerous advertisements for New Haven businesses, many with woodcut illustrations. Paper browned, some chips and short tears, creasing; very good. (200/300) 89. Batchelor, Charles William. Incidents in My Life, With a Family Genealogy. 262 pp. Steel engraved portrait frontispiece; 5 facsimiles including one folding. (8vo) 9¼x6¾, original gilt lettered black cloth. First Edition. [Pittsburgh]: Jos. Eichbaum & Co, 1887 Inscribed by the author on front free endpaper. “Activities of an old-time steamboat man on the Ohio, Mississippi and Missouri rivers, from the [18]40’s to the 70’s.” (Howes). Howes B233. Scarce. Light soiling to cloth, minor edge wear, bookplate removed from front pastedown; lacking 5 illustrations called for in plate list but without evidence of removal; else very good. (100/150) 90.  Beadle, Delos W.  The American Lawyer, and Business-Man’s Form-Book.  359, [1] pp. Numerous woodcut maps. 7½x4¾, period calf. New York: Phelps, Fanning, & Co., 1852 First published the prior year. Binding well worn, spine chipped, joints cracked; several pages detached, foxing; fair. (300/500) Page 25

91. Beckett, S. B. Guide Book of the Atlantic and St. Lawrence, and St. Lawrence and Atlantic Rail Roads, Including a Full Description of All the Interesting Features of the White Mountains. 1 ad leaf, vi, [2], (8)-180 pp. Additional vignette title page; 17 full-page woodcut plates, other woodcuts in text; folding map at rear. 7½x4½, original red cloth lettered in gilt on front. First Edition. Portland: Sanborn & Carter, and H.J. Little & Co., 1853 Tipped in leaf at front with rates for the 1855 season. Sabin 4247. Spine cloth rippled, some edge wear; faint stain to a few leaves at front; else very good. (300/500) BEECHEY’S VOYAGE TO THE BEERING STRAIGHT 92. Beechey, Captain F[rederick] W. Narrative of a Voyage to the Pacific and Beering’s Strait, to Co-operate with the Polar Expeditions: Performed in His Majesty’s Ship Blossom, under the Command of Captain F.W. Beechey, R.N., F.R.S. &c. in the Years 1825, 26, 27, 28. vi, [2], 493 + [24] ad pp. (8vo) 9½x5¾, modern morocco-backed marbled boards. First American Edition. Philadelphia: Carey & Lea, 1832 Abridged from the two-volume English edition of 1831 (following that of octavo English edition), called by Hill “one of the most valuable of modern voyages and relates extensive visits to Pitcairn Island, Easter Island, the Tuamotu Archipelago, the Society Islands, the Mangareva (Gambier) Islands, and Tahiti, Alaska, Hawaii, Macao, Okinawa, and the coast of California... Beechey’s work provides an important account of Monterey and San Francisco before the American conquest and gives his impressions of the missionaries in San Francisco...” Forbes 803; Hill (2nd ed.) 94; Howes B309. Dampstained bottom half of last 50 pages or so, and ads at rear, moderate to heavy foxing, a few dampstains on title page; good internally; modern binding fine. (600/900) 93. Bell, Horace. Reminiscences of a Ranger. [6], [9]-457 pp. 9x5¾, original gilt-pictorial red cloth. First Edition. Los Angeles: Yarnell, Caystile & Mathes, 1881 Important account of early lawlessness, and law enforcement, in southern California. “The rangers were largely occupied with border police duties or its equivalent service, and many delinquents were apprehended by them and brought to justice or otherwise exterminated. Bell has written more minutely upon the `seamy side’ of society than any other California author, and there is a fascination about the book. From the long lists given us of murderous villains, thieving scoundrels, and other unholy characters, it would appear that the polite society of the south in those days was neither large nor extensive” - Cowan p.44; Graff 240; Howes B325; Zamorano 80 #5. Spine a touch sunned, light wear at edges, hinges cracking, previous owner’s name on front free endpaper; very good. (400/600) RARE BICYCLE PERFORMANCE BROADSIDE 94. (Bicycles) Broadside for Wilson Bros. Bicycle Riding Exhibition at the Hudson Roller Skating Rink. Pictorial broadside printed on orange paper. 20¾x7¼”. Hudson, MA: c. 1884 Advertisement for a bicycle exhibition by the Wilson Brothers “consisting of a series of dashing, daring feats, that are simply astonishing from their almost reckless daring. Their well knit forms, their splendid costumes and brilliant riding, are in themselves a magnificent attraction...They perform every trick attempted by any rider, and defy competition.” Some wrinkling at lower end, a few horizontal creases, a few small pinholes at top; very good. (300/500) 95. Brown, J[ames] Cabell. Calabazas or Amusing Recollections of an Arizona “City.”. 251 pp. With 9 fullpage illustrations from drawings. 7¼x5¼, original wrappers. First Edition. San Francisco: Valleau & Peterson, 1892 Page 26

Included is a copy of the 1961 Arizona Silhouettes limited edition reprint. “Calabaza [sic] was a rugged camp in the Santa Cruz Valley of Arizona, just north of the Mexican border. It was the refuge of tough hombres from all parts of the West. The town was broken up by riots. What was left moved to Nogales, where it is said its citizens `could keep one foot on the bar rail and the other on the boundary line’” - Adams, who calls the book rare. Adams Six-guns 296; Howes B845 Spine chipped, wrappers soiled and edge worn, binding cocked; repaired tear to title page, upper corners chipped; overall good. Reprint fine in price clipped jacket. (100/150) 96. Browne, J. Ross. Adventures in the Apache Country: A Tour Through Arizona and Sonora, With Notes on the Silver Regions of Nevada. 535 + 4 ad pp. Profusely illus. with wood engravings after the author. Original brown cloth, spine lettered in gilt. First Edition. New York: Harper, 1869 Browne lends his keen eye and sharp wit to Arizona and the desert lands of California, and the conflicts between the white man and the Indian. “Essentially...a book of - and perhaps for Arizona and Arizonans. However...California does come in for a quick sampler of the rich food Browne has heaped upon Arizona’s table” - Edwards. Edwards, Enduring Desert p.35; Graff 437; Howes B875; Rader 519; Sabin 8656. Moderate edge wear, spots of soiling on covers and spine, spine detaching, corners bumped; few brown spots to edges of first 50 pages, scattered foxing; else very good. (300/500) 97. Bryant, William Cullen, ed. Picturesque America; or, The Land We Live In. A Delineation by Pen and Pencil of the Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, Forests, Water-falls, Shores, Cañons, Valleys, Cities, and Other Picturesque Features of Our Country. 2 volumes. Profusely illustrated with engravings on steel and wood. 12½x9, full gilt and blindstamped morocco, gilt dentelles, all edges gilt. First Edition. New York: D. Appleton, [1872-1874] The engravings are after “eminent American artists,” Harry Fenn, Granville Perkins, Thomas Moran, James D. Smillie, R.E. Garczynski and others. In handsome full morocco binding. Laid in is a lithograph postcard of a cross by Raphael Tuck & Sons “Artistic Series 1202.” Light rubbing to joints and extremities; offsetting to title page of Vol. 1, scattered foxing throughout, mostly at margins of pages and plates; else very good or better. (300/500) 98. Buckingham J[ames] S. The Slave States of America. 2 volumes. 6 (of 8) engraved plates. 8½x5, leather re-backed in cloth with some of original spines laid down. First Edition. Paris: Fisher, Son, & Co., [1842] Howes B923. Edge wear, joints cracked; Vol. 1 with library sticker on spine, ~2” lacking of original spine, Vol. 2 lacking almost all of original spine; Vol 1. plates waterstained at bottom edges; each with an ex-library bookplate; some light chipping at preliminary and rear pages; good. (300/500) 99. [Burke, Edmond, attributed]. An Account of the European Settlements in America. 2 volumes. viii, 324, [10]; xii, 308 pp. (8vo) 7¾x5, modern morocco-backed marbled boards. Third Edition. London: R. & J. Dodsley, 1760 Significant history of the European expansion into the New World, called by Howes the “best contemporary account.” He also notes that the work was “actually written by William Burke, but usually ascribed to his more famous kinsman who gave substantial help.” Lacking the frontispiece and the two maps of South America and North America. Howes B974. Approximately 1” strip trimmed from foot of title pages, modern paper repairs to same; light foxing; lacking maps and frontispiece; else very good in a fine modern binding. (400/600)

The Buyer’s Premium will be 20% for bids up to $100,000 and 15% for that portion over $100,000. Page 27

AN ASSORTMENT OF WORKS ON CALIFORNIA 100. (California - Biography) Men of California, 1900 to 1902. [24], 65-440 pp. Hundreds of photographic portraits of California gentlemen. 8¾x6¼, original gilt stamped brown cloth, all edges gilt. San Francisco: Pacific Art Company, 1902 Ownership signature of F[rederick] W[etherbee] Van Sicklen (whose portrait appears on page 292) on front free endpaper. Some wear to extremities, binding shaken, separations in gutters between signatures; good. (100/150) 101. (California - Insane Asylum) Biennial Report of the Trustees of the State Insane Asylum at Agnews, Santa Clara County, California. Two consecutive reports, one for 1895-1896 and the next for 1896-1898. 8¾x5¾, black cloth, gilt lettering on front cover, blindstamped California state seal on rear cover. Sacramento: A.J. Johnson, 1896-1899 Report of the Trustees for the Santa Clara insane asylum which is now the home to Sun Microsystems. Some light shelf wear to each; very good. (200/300) 102. (California - Law) Cohen, Alfred A., lawyer. In the District Court of California - four documents. Includes: 2 copies of: In the District Court of the Fourth Judicial District of the State of California, In and for the City and County of San Francisco. Anthony Egl et als. Plaintiffs, vs. The Central Pacific Railroad Company, Defendants. Complaint. 8 pp. 1876. * In the District Court of the Fourth Judicial District of the State of California...George W. Tyler, Plaintiff, vs. Annie A. Pratt, Defendant. 61 pp. 1877. * In the District Court of the Fifteenth Judicial District of the State of California...Alfred A. Cohen vs. James M. Gray...Argument of Plaintiff on Motion for Injunction. 44 pp. n.d. Together four wrapper-bound legal proceeding documents measuring 8¾x5½. Alfred A. Cohen and Delos Lake were the attorneys representing Anthony Egl, an early Sacramento. Cohen also represented George W. Tyler, who sued Annie A. Pratt for his lawyer dues from a divorce that he handled for her. The final document is regarding, “an action against all but one of the Trustees of the township of regard to the opening a continuation of a street...” Smudging, chipping, some foxing to wrappers; good to very good. (100/150) 103.  (California - Los Angeles)  Balloon Route Excursion Souvenir: Official Monthly Handbook.  [16] pp. Profusely illustrated from photographs and advertisements. 5¼x7¾, green saddle-stitched wrappers. Los Angeles: Balloon Route Excursion Company, August, 1907 Advertising for other tourist vehicles such as the Big Red Autos and Angel’s Flight. Photographs of attractions along the balloon’s route. Includes ads for other tourist destinations such as Santa Monica, San Diego and San Francisco. 6 libraries housing the periodical according to OCLC Worldcat. Very slight edge wear; else near fine. (300/500) 104. (California - Mayfield) Directory of Palo Alto, Mayfield, Menlo Park, The Campus. 147 pp. 2-page map at rear. 7½x5½, green wrappers. Palo Alto: The Times Publishing Company, December 1, 1904 No copies found in OCLC Worldcat. Included is a map of the plans for the improvement of Main Street in Mayfield, 1911. Measures 53x8½. Also included: Ordinances of the Town of Mayfield. Published by the Republican, L.B. Woodruff. 19 pp. 9¾x6¼, wrappers. 1904. A few stains to covers of Directory; map creased where folded; Ordinances creased through the middle; very good. (600/900)

Page 28

105. (California - Mercantile Guide) Marks, A., compiler. Mercantile Guide To Cities and Suburbs of the United States of America: California and Northwest Edition, 1895-96. 8, [4], 9-627 pp. 9x5½, original clothbacked printed boards. San Francisco: Mercantile Guide Co., 1895 Brief descriptions of the various communities followed by listings of their businesses; some of the businesses are in large bold type, evidently for an extra fee, and these are indexed at front. There are several pages of advertisements, and ads on the covers, including for the John Wieland Brewery on the rear, and the Fittz Cure for Alcoholism on the front. The guide came out yearly, beginning in 1891 - the present issue is designated Volume 5. This issue not found in OCLC Worldcat. Some soiling and heavy rubbing to edges of boards; rear hinge cracked; darkening to pp. 408-505; page 627 stuck to rear pastedown; very good. (300/500) 106.  (California Mexico Land Company)  Stock certificates for the California Mexico Land Company.  5 certificates, 17x13¼”, each printed in a different color. London: California Mexico Land Company, 1888 Certificates in denominations of ₤4, ₤6, ₤10, ₤20, ₤40. Each with a single coupon clipped from lower corner. Horizontal and vertical creases, light wear at edges; very good. (500/800) 107. (California - Nevada County) Poingdestre, John Edmund. Nevada County Mining and Business Directory, 1895.  196 + [15] ad pp. With 14 plates from photographs, with advertisements on the versos; other inserted ads & a few other illustrations; 2 folding maps. 9x5¾, original brown cloth imprinted in gilt, black leather spine. First Edition. Oakland: Pacific Press, [1895] Listings of the residents, businesses, mines, etc., with a sturdy assortment of advertisements at front and rear with some inserted in the text; the map is a plan of Grass Valley. Rocq 5961. Head of spine chipped, some light wear to extremities; very good. (500/800) RARE NEVADA COUNTY HISTORY 108.  (California - Nevada County)  Wells, Harry Laurenz.  History of Nevada County, California, With Illustrations Descriptive of Its Scenery, Residences, Public Buildings, Fine Blocks, and Manufacturies. From Original Sketches by Artists of the Highest Ability.  vi, 11-234 pp. Illustrated with 83 lithograph plates, 4 of them double page; color lithograph map of California, Utah, Arizona and Nevada. 11x14½, leather-backed brown cloth lettered in gilt. First Edition. Oakland: Thompson & West, 1880 Superb views of the countryside, houses and numerous mines in Nevada County; includes depictions of Grass Valley, Nevada City, Donner Lake and the stranded emigrants, the Truckee Hotel with railroad, etc. Cowan p.452; Howes N60; Rocq 5957. Spine chipped, torn, and detached from page block (along with front cover);

Lot 108

Page 29

heavy edge wear and soiling to covers; title page heavily chipped, torn and creased, table of contents and list of illus. pages heavily chipped, torn, with some stains and tape repair; illustrations are all very good or better, some with marginal faint stains; good overall, worthy of restoration. (1500/2000) POSSIBLY UNIQUE CALIFORNIA STEAMSHIP SCRIP 109. (California, New York & European Steamship Company) $50 Scrip for the California, New York & European Steamship Company. Engraved note, portrait at center. 3x6½”. San Francisco: c. 1868 An unissued, and possibly unique, $50 scrip redeemable for 2nd class passage between New York and San Francisco or New York and Europe aboard one of the company ships, or for $50 in freight fees, or redeemable for gold. Printed by Archibald McLees, New York. This company was foreign financed and stock certificates bearing their name are Lot 109 rare. This in one of the few California scrip notes that is post-gold rush but still involved emigrant traffic from New York and Europe to the California gold fields. Provenance: From the John J. Ford, Jr. collection. Several creases; near fine. (1500/2000) 110. (California - Railroad) The Valley Road (Illustrated). 224 pp. Illustrations from photographs. (8vo) 9¾x6¾, original three-quarter brown morocco and green cloth. First Edition. San Francisco: Wheeler, 1896 Title Continues: A History of The Traffic Association of California; The League of Progress; The North American Navigation Company; The Merchants’ Shipping Association; and The San Francisco and San Joaquin Valley Railway. Edges and corners rubbed; separation in gutter between signatures after title page; good. (100/150) 111.  (California - San Francisco)  Being a Souvenir of the Eleventh Annual Convention of the National Association of Stationers & Manufacturers held at the Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, California, September 2730, 1915. 14 leaves printed on one side only. 11 tipped in color plates of scenes from the PPIE by Will Sparks. 9½x7¼, parchment-backed marbled boards, spine lettered in gilt. No place: No publisher, [1915] Vibrant color illustrations of the architecture and scenery of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition by one of California’s most important artists. Boards worn on surfaces and edges; else very good. (100/150) 112.  (California - San Francisco)  Collection of San Francisco Bay Area publications.  Includes: Hulme, Edward Maslin. An Evening Thought. 6x4½. Signed by the author on ffep. H.S. Crocker Co., 1896. * Loughead, Flora Haines. A Crown of Thorns. 6½x4. C.A. Murdock & Co., [1891]. * Olivieri, Umberto. Democracy! Which Brand Stalin’s or Jefferson’s? 9x6. Spanish Relief Committee, 1937. * Letter of Commodore Robert F. Stockton. 9½x6. Thomas W. Norris, 1951. * Notice of a Mass Meeting of the Citizens of San Francisco Held June 12, 1849 in Portsmouth Square. 11x7¼. Thos. W. Norris, 1943. * [Program for] California School of Elocution and Oratory...Graduating Exercises at Irving Hall. 8¾x5¾. 1892. * “California.” 7x5. [Bohemian Club?, c. 1901]. * The Lux School of Industrial Training (For Girls). Circular Number 1. 8¼x5½. Aug. 1916. * The Lux School: An Institute of Technology for Girls and Young Women. Bulletin No. 6. 9x5½. Jun. 1930. * The Delphian Club Quarterly. Vol. II, No. 2. 10¼x 6¾. May, 1916. * Our Boys in Blue. A Souvenir. 4½x5½. Rear cover detached. Pacific Illustrating Bureau, [c. 1898]. * Together 15 volumes in saddle-stitched wrappers. Additional 12 saddle-stitched volumes plus 3 unbound publications published in the San Francisco Page 30

Bay Area. Full list available upon request.

San Francisco Bay Area: Various dates

Also includes 5 volumes Reprinted from the Quarterly of the California Historical Society: DuFour, Clarence John. The Russian Withdrawal from California. Vol. XII, No. 3. Sept. 1933. * Wagner, Henry R. George Davidson: Geographer of the Northwest Coast of America. Vol. XI, No. 4. Dec. 1932. * Ames, George Walcott, Jr. Horse Marines: California, 1846. Mar. 1939. * Boden, Charles R. San Francisco’s Cisterns. Vol. XV, No. 4. 1937. * The Gregson Memoirs. Vol. XIX, No. 2. Jun. 1940. Each 10¼x6¾, saddle-stitched wrappers. Also, 2 San Francisco maps of the plans for an auxiliary water system for fire protection, from 1907-08. Each measures approx. 25x20”. Chipping, creasing, browning; condition varies, generally good to very good. Sold as is. (300/500) 113. (California - San Francisco) Contemporary American Sculpture. xv, 352 pp. Preface by A.A. Weinman. Illustrated with numerous photographs. (4to) 11x7¾, blue boards, stamped in gilt, pages unopened. First Edition. San Francisco: National Sculpture Society, 1929 Exhibition guide laid in. Over 250 biographical sketches of prominent sculptors. Minor wear to boards; else near fine. (100/150) 114.  (California - San Francisco)  Four San Francisco Viewbooks.  Includes: San Francisco Illustrated. Photo-Gravures. 33 leaves of photogravures, several leaves with multiple images. 5x6¾, original boards, string bound. Printed by the Albertype Co. [c. 1890] * Historical Souvenir of San Francisco, Cal. With Views of Prominent Buildings, the Bay Islands, Etc. 30 pages text; 26 leaves of lithograph views. 7¼x5½, original pictorial red cloth. San Francisco: C.P. Heininger, [c. 1890] * San Francisco, Cal. 30 leaves printed on rectos only. Half-tone photo illustrations. 6x8½, original cloth backed pictorial boards. San Francisco: Hartwell & Mitchell, 1894 * Souvenir of San Francisco. 14 leaves of lithograph views; folding map. 3x4¾, original cloth-backed boards. Covers worn, map splitting at folds. No place: Philip Frey & Co., [c. 1890s]. Together 4 volumes. Various places: 1890s Overall good to very good.


115. (California - San Francisco) Hon, Billy, illustrator. Prominent Clubmen in Caricature. (145) pp. Illustrated with caricatures of prominent San Franciscans. 10x6¾, original tan boards lettered in gilt. First Edition. San Francisco: Fred Blair & Billy Hon, 1928 Many of the caricatures appear in golfing attire. Some rubbing to edges, a few small spots on boards; else very good. (100/150) 1862 SAN FRANCISCO DIRECTORY 116. (California - San Francisco) Langley, Henry G., compiler. The San Francisco Directory for the Year commencing September, 1862: Embracing a General Directory of Residents and Business Directory: Also a Directory of Streets, Public Offices, Etc.... ii-lxiv (mostly ads, incl. front pastedown), 639 pp. (incl. rear pastedown, the final 57 pp. being ads). 9x5¾, original leather-backed printed boards. San Francisco: Valentine & Co., 1862 The title-page calls for “a reliable map of the city,” not present with this copy. Vertical crack to spine, joints splitting, hinges cracked, board edges rubbed; some faint dampstaining; else very good. (500/800)

Each lot is illustrated in color in the online version of the catalogue. Go to Page 31

117.  (California - San Francisco)  Lithograph poster for the Baldwin Theatre, San Francisco.  Lithograph poster, approximately 28½x19½, linen backed. Lithographed by Francis-Valentine & Co., SF. San Francisco: c. 1885 Original poster for the Baldwin Theatre presentation of the French farce Grenet-Dancourt. Soiling, a few chips and short tears; else very good. (300/500) 118. (California - San Francisco) Lot of 8 volumes on San Francisco. Includes: Baird, Joseph Armstrong. Time’s Wondrous Changes: San Francisco Architecture, 1776-1915. (4to) original blue cloth. Signed by the author. One of 1000. [1962] * Bruguiere, Francis. San Francisco. (4to) original boards. Spine perished, covers partially detached. [1918] * Davidson, George. The Discovery of San Francisco Bay. (8vo) original wrappers. Rear wrapper detached. Inscribed by Davidson on front wrapper. [1907] * Davidson, George. Francis Drake on the Northwest Coast of America in the Year 1579. (8vo) original wrappers. Inscribed by Davidson on front wrappers. First Edition. [1908] * Olmsted, Roger and T.H. Watkins. Here Today: San Francisco’s Architectural Heritage. (4to) original cloth, jacket. [1968] * Panama Pacific International Exposition. (8vo) original wrappers. Wrappers detached. [1915] * Stellmann, Louis J. The Vanished Ruin Era: San Francisco’s Classic Artistry of Ruin Depicted in Picture and Song. (4to) original cloth backed boards. [1910] * Wagner, Jack R. The Last Whistle [Ocean Shore Railroad]. (4to) Original cloth, jacket. Inscribed by the author. Second Edition. [1974]. Together 8 titles. Various Places: Various Dates Condition varies; overall good to very good. Sold as is.


119. (California - San Francisco) Lot of 16 volumes on San Francisco. With: [Spring Valley Water Works]. Reports of the President, Chief Engineer and Secretary of the Spring Valley Water Works. SF, [1875]. * Phillips. Portsmouth Plaza: Cradle of SF. Vellum & marbled boards, slipcase. 1 of 1000. Nash, 1932. * Bolton. Font’s Complete Diary: A Chronicle of the Founding of SF. 1933. * Griffin. Index to the Annals of San Francisco. 1935. * von Chamisso. A Sojourn at SF Bay 1816. 2 copies, 1 in dj. 1 of 250 by Grabhorn. 1936. * Walker. SF’s Lit. Frontier. 1939. * Ryder. SF’s Emperor Norton. Wraps/ thin boards. 1939. * Lewis. The Wonderful City of Carrie Van Wie: Paintings of the SF at Turn of Century. 1 of 525 by Grabhorn. 1963. * Johnson. The Sting of the Wasp. 1 of 450. 1967. * Galvin. The First Spanish Entry into SF Bay 1775. Dj with chips. Warm inscription to Jim Glaser from the Galvins. Also, signed again by John Galvin. Prospectus mailer, laid in. 1971. * Harlan. At the Sign of the Lark. 1 of 500. Book of CA, 1983. * Hart. Rare Book Stores in SF… Wraps. 1 of 272. 1984. * Epes Ellery, a Book Store. Folio wraps, with related paper items included. [1984]. * Hart. Fine Printing: the SF Tradition. Inscribed & signed by author to Jeffrey Thomas; also signed by the book’s dedicatee “Fondly Connie.” Wraps. 1985. * Herron. The Literary World of SF… Wraps. [1990]. Plus a color photo postcard showing a cracked street from SF 1906 earthquake. Together, 16 volumes. Illustrations. 8vo to folio. Mostly cloth and/or boards; 6 in wrappers. Various places: 1875-1990 Mild wear chiefly to earlier volumes, light soiling and edge wear, other light wear; from very good to near fine. Sold as is. (200/300) 120. (California - San Francisco) 1894-1895 Occidental and Oriental Steamship Company. Japan and China Line. San Francisco, Yokohama, Hongkong. [4] pp. 6½x3¼, one sheet folded. San Francisco: 1895 The Occidental and Oriental Steamship Company was formed in 1874 by the Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroads, and was later purchased by the Southern Pacific Railroad. This brochure contains the rates of all travel. Some yellowing to edges, few smudges, a few tiny tears, some pencilling inside; very good. (200/300)

Page 32

121. (California - San Francisco) Poster for Alcazar Theatre showing of Joaquin Miller’s “Oregon”. Lithograph poster, approximately 27¼x21½”, linen backed. Lithographed by the Jones Lith Co., Chicago. San Francisco: c. 1886 Poster for August, 1886 performance at San Francisco’s Alcazar Theatre, starring Minnie Wallace. Creasing, some wear at edges, small loss to letter ‘g’ in Oregon at bottom; else very good. (300/500) RARE CORKSCREW BY SAN FRANCISCO CUTLER MICHAEL PRICE 122. (California - San Francisco) Price, M[ichael], cutler. Corkscrew made by San Francisco cutler Michael Price.  5¼” corkscrew with a 3½” octagonal handle of Walrus ivory with an engine-turned screw holding the shaft in place. Stamped on the upper metal shaft, M. Price, S.F. San Francisco: Michael Price, 1856-1889 San Francisco knifemaker Michael Price made high quality Bowie knives, daggers, corkscrews, etc. from approximately 1856 to 1889. His works are similar style to the cutlers Will & Finck. His knives and corkscrews are both highly collectible and difficult to find. A beautifully made item. Near fine. (700/1000) 123. (California - San Francisco) Run of 38 Loring Club programs & By-Laws, mostly from 1883 to 1900. 38 various issues, mostly from 1883 to 1900; four issues from 1927 to 1932. Sizes vary a bit, else 12mo. Original wrappers. Each mostly up to 20 pages. San Francisco: Loring Club, 1883-1900; 1927-32 Nice run of early program booklets of the San Francisco music group, The Loring Club, which was founded by David Webster Loring (1836-1904) in the 1870’s. Some soiling and short edge tears; one with covers detached; mostly very good. (100/150) 124. (California - San Francisco) San Francisco Hotels and Reconstruction. 31 pp. Photographs. 9x6, saddlestitched wrappers. San Francisco: Passenger Department, Southern Pacific Company, March, 1907 Publication is primarily a list of hotels reopened after the earthquake in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area. Photographs include men clearing the rubble from Montgomery Street, partially reconstructed St. Francis Hotel, and a view down Market Street from the Flood Building. Only three copies listed on OCLC Worldcat. A bit of creasing to covers; very good. (400/600) 125. (California - San Francisco) San Francisco Municipal Reports for the Fiscal Year 1884-85, Ending June 30, 1885. Published by the Order of the Board of Supervisors.  xix, 710, [blank leaf], 340 appendix pp. 8½x5¼, blind-stamped brown cloth with gilt-lettered spine. San Francisco: W.M. Hinton & Company, 1885 The name Bernard Moses in ink on front free endpaper. Appendix with many chapters, and including The Condition of the Chinese Quarter. Within this chapter is the color folding map of San Francisco’s Chinatown, which identifies each building individually, and is color-coded to show “joss houses”, opium dens, and places of prostitution. Light edge wear, spot of soiling on top edge of page block; very good. (200/300) 126. (California - San Francisco) Smith, J. Bucknall. A Treatise Upon Cable or Rope Traction, As Applied to the Working of Street and Other Railways. xii, 195, [1], xii ad pp. Numerous illustrations, in text and full page, including several folding plates. (4to) 9¾x7¼, original gilt lettered green cloth. First Edition. London: Offices of “Engineering”, 1887

Page 33

Includes a 60 page chapter on the Cable Cars and Street Cars of San Francisco. Light edge wear; 2” strip lacking at head of title page with later paper repair; short tear to one folding plate; else very good. (100/150) 127.  (California - San Francisco)  Three Midwinter International Exposition Viewbooks.  Includes: The California Midwinter International Exposition in Photogravure. 20 leaves of photogravures, most 2 per page. 5x7, gilt lettered brown cloth, string bound. New York: The Albertype Co., [1894] * California Midwinter International Exposition, San Francisco, Cal. January 1st to June 30th 1894. 12 lithograph leaves, accordion fold; map. Split along first fold with contents detached, map separated at fold, cloth soiled. 8¾x5½, original red cloth lettered and decorated in gilt. No Place, [1894] * In Remembrance of the Midwinter International Exposition, San Francisco, Cal., 1894. 16 lithograph leaves, accordion fold. 6x9¼, gilt stamped and lettered red cloth. Cloth a bit soiled. Printed in Germany. [1894]. Together 3 volumes. Various places: [1894] Overall good to very good.


128.  (California - San Jose)  Vendome - Bathing, Bowling - vintage poster.  Poster on card stock paper. 10¾x20¾. Photograph at center of the recreational pool, and behind that, an illustration of a man throwing a strike on a bowling alley. [San Jose]: Press of Melvin, Hillis & Black, [c.1910] The Hotel Vendome, a luxurious hotel on 13 acres on the San Francisco Peninsula opened in 1889 and was demolished in 1930 to make way for urban development. The poster advertises 4 bowling alleys and a pool with “a competent swimming instructor in charge.” Bottom right corner torn away (2x½”), light edge wear and creasing at corners; very good. (400/600) 129.  (California - Santa Barbara)  Clift, Frederick C.  El Mirasol Santa Barbara, California.  [16] pp. Black and white photographs. 5¼x7¼, saddle-stitched peach wrappers. n.p.: [c.1914] On front wrapper is an original silverprint photograph of the El Mirasol Hotel. Scarce, OCLC Worldcat only lists one library housing this promotional publication. Tiny spot of staining at left edge of front wrapper; very good. (200/300) SANTA CLARA COUNTY GREAT REGISTER 1890 130.  (California - Santa Clara)  Great Register Containing the Names and Registration of the Domiciled Inhabitants of the County of Santa Clara, Who, by Virtue of Citizenship, Lawful Age, and Other Qualifications...are Qualified Electors and Legal Voters Thereof. 148 pp. 16x11, printed wrappers. San Jose, CA: McNeil Bros., 1890 Six institutions house this periodical, including Stanford University and Huntington Library, according to OCLC Worldcat. Alphabetical list of residents of the county, with names, ages, birthplaces, occupations, residences, and place of naturalization. Wrappers well worn, chipped, repaired with tape; internally very good, externally good. (1500/2500)

Page 34

Lot 130

131. (California - Sonoma) Lytton Springs Hotel and Cottages. [4] pp. 4½x2¾, one page, folded once. San Francisco: Cubery & Co., Printers, [C.1870-80] Located seventy miles north of the Golden Gate, “Litton Springs” refers to the two naturally occurring springs located on the property of the hotel. Captain William H. Litton arrived in San Francisco in 1849, and by 1867 he was considered the fourth largest property holder in Sonoma County. Eager to attract tourists to Sonoma, Litton and three partners built the luxury resort on the Litton Springs sight in 1875. Some creasing, smudges, and very faint soiling; very good. (250/350) 132. (California - Treasure Island) Scrapbook, Film, Photos, etc. of Golden Gate International Exposition. I ncludes a film reel titled “The Golden Gate International Exposition” with a professional video copy (¾” video cassette); five 8x10 black and white photos of Coast Guard float and car in parade on T.I.; scrapbook containing photos showing the construction of the Coast Guard exhibit, clippings, etc.; spiral bound promotional book, signed by Exposition president Leland W. Cutler. Treasure Island: c. 1939 Overall very good, film and video not viewed. Sold as is.


RARE 1883 TRUCKEE BASIN DIRECTORY 133. (California - Trukee Basin) Irons, Chas. D., editor and compiler.  W.F. Edwards’ Tourists Guide and Directory of the Truckee Basin. 137, [1], [5] blank, [37] ad pp. 10 woodcut plates. 7x4¾, original blue cloth lettered in gilt. First Edition. Truckee, Cal.: “Republican” Job Print, 1883

Lot 133

Scarce directory of Nevada County, California. Quebedeaux notes “First book on the region; first separate directories of Boca and Truckee, preceded only by the Nevada County Directory for 1871-72; and one of the first two guides to a section of the High Sierra outside of Yosemite... Very Scarce”. Quebedeaux calls for 12 plates but this copy contains only 10 with no indication of the plates called for by Quebedeaux at pages 102 and (106) having ever been present. Quebedeaux 38; Rocq 5983; Paher 539; Howes E73; Cowan II, p. 192. Light wear and soiling to cloth, front free endpaper roughly removed with some loss of front pastedown endpaper; very good. (2000/3000)

SCARCE CALIFORNIA GOLD RUSH SHEET MUSIC 134.  (California - Sheet Music)  Valentine, Henry.  California; or, The Feast of Gold.  3 pp. 4 color woodcut illustration on front. 13¾x9¾, late cloth tape on spine fold. London: R. Macdonald, [c. 1850] Rare gold rush sheet music. The color woodcut features a group of miners crowding along a stream as they dig and pan for gold. The crowd includes African Americans, Native Americans, Chinese, Scottish, and other nationalities reflecting the diversity of emigrants generated by the Gold Rush. “Oh! list to the Yankee proclamation! “The smartest nation in all creation,” has issued a general invitation to folks of ev’ry denomination, to cross the main, and drain, and strain, and share in the feast, the wond’rous feast of gold.” OCLC/WorldCat locates only 5 copies: Los Angeles Public Library, University of California Berkeley, Yale, California Historical Society, and the Huntington Library. Some wear and soiling, sheets separated at fold (joined by cloth tape); very good. (500/800)

Page 35

135. (California) Collection of books on California. Includes: Midwinter Fair and the Gold State. Art Views. California Educational Series No. 1. March 26, 1894. 12 color lithographs. 10x13, wrappers. H.S. Crocker Co., 1894. * California 1847-1852 Drawings by William Rich Hutton. 9¼x12, cloth-backed boards. One of 700 copies printed by Grabhorn Press. Huntington Library, 1942. * 1850 Jackson’s Map of California With Appendix. Folding map. 6x3½, cloth. 1936. * Wholesale and Manufacturers’ Pocket Business Directory of San Francisco, Cal., for 1888-89. 6½x3¾, cloth. Missing pages 1-10. Hicks-Judd Company, 1888. * Album of California Sceneries. 24 stone lithograph images of various views of Lake Tahoe, Sonoma and Yosemite. 3x4¾, accordion-bound within cloth. Philip Fry & Co’s Art Repository, n.d. * P.P.I.E. Stockholders Season Book. 2¾x4½, 14 sheets of perforated admission tickets bound within cloth-backed wrappers. 1915. * 2 copies of: Rowe, Joseph Andrew. California’s Pioneer Circus. Memoirs...Relative to the Circus Business Through the Gold Country in the 50’s. 8½x6, cloth. One of 1250 copies. [H.S. Crocker Co., 1926]. * Greenleaf, Benjamin. The California Almanac for 1849. 8x4½, boards. Friends of the Huntington Library, 1942. * James, Jack and Earle Weller. Treasure Island “The Magic City” 1939-1940. Photographs. 9¾x6½, boards. Ink inscription on ffep. Pisani Printing, [1941]. * Morse, Brick. California Football History. 9½x6½, cloth. Signed on front pastedown by author. Gillick Press, 1937. * Death Valley; Swamper Ike’s Traditional Lore...Second Edition, Illustrated. 6¾x4½, wrappers. D.A. Hufford & Co., 1902. * Marine Studies in Water Color Suggestions. A Rambling Sketch In and About Laguna and Arch Beaches. Photographs. 4¾x6¾, saddle-stitched wrappers. D.A. Hufford, [1922]. * Hufford, D.A. El Camino Real. The Original Highway Connecting the Twenty-One Missions. Photographs. 4½x6¾, wrappers. D.A. Hufford, 1901. Together 14 volumes. Various places: Various dates Condition varies; good to very good; sold as is.


136.  (California)  Five volumes - California 19th & early 20th Century.  Includes: Stetson, James B. San Francisco During the Eventful Days of April, 1906. Personal Recollections. 27 pp. Wrappers. Smoke damage along wrapper edges. Murdock Press, [1906]. * Kenderdine, T.S. A California Tramp and Later Footprints; Or, Life on the Plains and in the Golden State... 415, [1] pp. Woodcut plates, illus w/in text, and tailpieces. Brown cloth. Newtown, PA., 1888. * Lloyd, B.E. Lights and Shades in San Francisco. 523 pp. Woodcuts. Full morocco, gilt-decorated covers and spine. A.L. Bancroft & Company, 1876. * Brace, Charles Loring. The New West: Or, California in 1867-1868. 373, [2] ad pp. Green cloth. G.P. Putnam & Son, 1869. * Evans, Albert S. A la California. Sketches of Life in the Golden State. 379 pp. Woodcut plates. Half calf and marbled boards, gilt-lettered leather spine labels. A.L. Bancroft & Company, 1873. Together five octavos. Various places: Various dates The first and second volumes on the list are signed presentation copies. Moderate edge wear to each; last volume heavily rubbed with to calf spine; good to very good. (250/350) 137. (California) Lot of 10 titles on California. Includes: Adams, Emma H. To and Fro, Up and Down in Southern California, Oregon, and Washington Territory...(8vo) original pictorial brown cloth. Second Edition. [1889] * [Bayard, Samuel J.] A Sketch of the Life of Com. Robert F. Stockton. (8vo) original cloth. First Edition. [1856] * Cumming, C.F. Gordon. Granite Crags of California. (8vo) original cloth. Second Edition. [1886] * Ferris, John Alexander. The Financial Economy of the United States Illustrated, and Some of the Causes Which Retard the Progress of California Demonstrated. (8vo) original brown cloth. Inscribed by the author on front free endpaper. Spine faded, edges worn. First Edition. [1867] * Husmann, George. American Grape Growing and Wine Making... With Several Added Chapters on the Grape Industries of California. (8vo) original cloth. Third (Revised) Edition. [1883] * [Hutchings, James M.] Scenes of Wonder and Curiosity in California. (8vo) original gilt stamped red cloth. Extremities worn, newspaper clippings tipped to front endpapers, head of title page trimmed. First Edition, Second Printing. [1861] * Latham, Milton S. Speeches of Milton S. Latham (cover title). Bound volume of 6 address by California Congressman Milton Latham. (8vo) Half morocco and marbled boards. [1850s] * McClellan, R. Guy. The Golden State: A History of Page 36

the Region West of the Rocky Mountains; Embracing California, Oregon, Nevada...(8vo) original full sheep. Covers worn, rear hinge cracked. First Edition. [1872] * Sherman, Edwin A. The Life of the Late Rear-Admiral John Drake Sloat. (8vo) original cloth. Revised Edition. [1902] * [White William F.] Grey, William. A Picture of Pioneer Times in California. (8vo) original cloth. Inscribed by the Author of front free endpaper. Spine faded, front joint split, hinges cracked. First Edition. [1881]. Together 10 volumes. Various Places: Various Dates Overall good to very good.


138. (California) Six volumes on California. Includes: Cowan, Robert Ernest. Norton I Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico. Wrappers. Presentation copy, signed by author. CA Historical Society, 1923. * Kahn, Edgar M. Bret Harte in California: A Character Study. Cloth-backed boards. Presentation copy from the illustrator William Wilke, and signed on front pastedown as well as in pencil beneath frontispiece. Privately Printed, 1951. * Swanner, Charles D. Santa Ana: A Narrative of Yesterday. Cloth, dust jacket. Saunder Press, [1953]. * Wilson, Carol Green. California Yankee. Cloth, dust jacket. Saunders Press, 1946. * Personal Recollections of Harvey Wood. Cloth-backed boards. 1 of 200 copies, signed by John Goodman (introduction by). Privately Printed, 1955. * Cowan, Robert Ernest. 1850-1870 Forgotten Characters of Old San Francisco. Wrappers. 1 of 500 copies. Ward Ritchie Press, 1938. Together six volumes. Various places: Various dates Edge wear, some volumes a bit sunned; very good.


139.  Camp, Charles L., editor.  James Clyman, Frontiersman: The Adventures of a Trapper and CoveredWagon Emigrant as Told in His Own Reminiscences and Diaries. Plates from photographs, facsimiles, etc.; 4 maps, 2 of them folding. 10¼x6¾, red cloth lettered in gilt. 1 of 1450 copies designed & printed by Lawton Kennedy. “Definitive Edition.” Portland, OR: Champoeg Press, [1960] First venturing toward the West in 1818 following service in the War of 1812, Clyman explored the frontier with Jedediah Smith, John Fremont, etc., served with Lincoln in the Black Hawk War, and lived an eventful life before retiring to a Napa ranch in 1850. Considerably expanded from the 1929 first edition. Howes C81. Fine. (100/150) 140. (Chicago) Hurlbut, Henry H. Chicago Antiquities. 673 pp. Inserted steel-engraved vignette titlepage (dated 1880); nine inserted steel-engraved maps & one plate; one folding wood-engraved plan; numerous illustrations in text. (8vo) 9x6, contemporary 3/4 calf and marbled boards, spine decorated in gilt, brown morocco spine labels, all edges marbled. Chicago: For the Author, 1881 This work, a greatly expanded version of a pamphlet issued in 1875, is an engaging and comprehensive assemblage of material of all sorts related to the history of Chicago and its surroundings until about 1830. Howes H815. Binding well worn, joints and hinges repaired; internally very good. (100/150) 141. (Chinese in America) Conwell, Russell H. Why and How. Why the Chinese Emigrate, and the Means they Adopt for the Purpose of Reaching America. 283, + [1] ad pp. Frontispiece and other illustrations by H. Billings. 7x4¼, original pictorial brown cloth gilt. First Edition. Boston: Lee and Shepard, 1871 First and only edition of this early work devoted to the earliest Chinese immigrants and immigrations to Northern California, the San Francisco and Sacramento areas. Excellent coverage of the early plight of these hard-working Chinese immigrants and of the hard discrimination they

Page 37

suffered at the hands of the white men who worked them and who worked with them. Early primary resource. Spine very rubbed (lacking at many spots), fraying, rubbing, and sunning to extremities; good. (250/350) 142. (Chinese in San Francisco) Chinese Telephone Directory and Chinese Directory of San Francisco and East Bay. Two publications: Chinese Telephone Directory: San Francisco and Oakland March 1937. 32 pp. In Chinese. 9½x6½, wrappers. Near fine. Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company, 1937. * Chinese Directory of San Francisco and East Bay. 100 pp. Illustrated with advertisements. In English and Chinese. 10½x8½, wrappers. Wrappers moderately chipped and creased, corners missing. Chinese Commercial Bureau in Cooperation with the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association of San Francisco, 1949. San Francisco: 1937 and 1949 Two Chinese directories. Rare items, OCLC World Cat lists only three copiesof the Chinese Directory of SF and East Bay, the first complete telephone directory of the Chinese communities, individuals and businesses of the San Francisco Bay Area. No records found in OCLC Worldcat for the Chinese Telephone Directory of SF and Oakland. Very good or better, see above. (600/900) 143. (Chinese in San Francisco) Five volumes on the life of Chinese in San Francisco. Includes: Peixotto, Ernest C. Ten Drawings in Chinatown. With Certain Observations by Robert Howe Fletcher. With ten mounted prints on stiff card, loose in binding (as issued). 15x11, text in half cloth and boards portfolio, lacks ribbon ties. No. 344 of 750 copies. First Edition. A.M. Robertson, [1898]. * Bode, W[illia]m [Walter]. Lights and Shadows of Chinatown. Illustrated from illustrations on mounted tissue paper by the author. 11¼x8¾, wrappers bound with string. Chipping, short tears, and creasing to wrappers. [Press of H.S. Crocker Company], 1896. * Three by Mrs. [Esther E.] S.L. Baldwin. Must the Chinese Go? An Examination of the Chinese Question. First Edition (1886) and Third Edition (1890), both in wrappers. * The Chinese Question by One who has found a Home in China for nearly 20 Years, and Claims to Know the People. Disbound. N.p., c.1900. Various places: Various dates Also included is a farcical news publication-The Chinaman in America. No. 1. A four page publication dated 2430. First volume boards foxed, endpapers foxed, and mounted illustrations foxed, mostly at margins; edge wear to each, some smudging; good to very good. (200/300) CHROMOLITHOGRAPH OF THE FIRST SIXTEEN PRESIDENTS 144.  (Chromolithograph)  Presidents of the United States. Chromolithograph, lithographed in color by Feusier. 27x21¼. [Philadelphia]: Published by F. Bouclet, 1861

Lot 144

Large image of Columbia holding a staff and a shield, standing before the U.S. Capitol dome. An eagle stands next to her, holding a ribbon which reads “E Pluribus Unum.” Woven into an ornate frame around her, are oval portraits of the first 16 Presidents of the United States, starting with George Washington, and ending with a beardless Abraham Lincoln at the bottom. The 16 Presidents are listed at the bottom, along with the dates of their term. A lovely and patriotic composition, probably issued close to Lincoln’s inauguration. Augustus Feusier is listed in the 1861 Philadelphia directory as an artist, the later, a lithorapher. This print is illustrated in color (p.187) in Jay Last’s The Color Explositon: Nineteenth Century

Page 38

American Lithography. Bit of edge wear, very small chip from bottom right corner, dampstain at right edge (extending inward ~1”) and at the bottom left corner; otherwise very good. (3000/5000) CIVIL WAR YEARS HARPER’S WEEKLY 145.  (Civil War)  Harper’s Weekly. A Journal of Civilization. 6 volumes comprising Volumes 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, & 10 for the years 1860, 1861, 1862, 1864, 1865, & 1866. Profusely illustrated with wood engravings from drawings by Winslow Homer, F.O.C. Darley, Thomas Nast and other artists, & after photographs by Matthew Brady, Alexander Gardner and others; many full or double-page illustrations. 16x11, publishers brown cloth. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1860-1866 An interrupted run of this prototypical Lot 145 American illustrated weekly, covering the years of the Civil War, presenting to the American people in graphic detail the struggle, slaughter, and progress of the war, and making household names of such contributors as Winslow Homer and Matthew Brady. Bindings well worn, a few covers detached, one volume lacking spine, another partially lacking; a few pages rough at edges; overall internally very good. (3000/5000) 146. (Civil War) Johnson, Adam R. The Partisan Rangers of the Confederate States Army. xii, [2], 476 pp. Edited by William J. Davis. Numerous plates from photographs. 8¾x5½, maroon cloth stamped in gilt. First Edition. Louisville, KY: Geo. G. Fetter, 1904 A resident of Texas at the outbreak of the Civil War, the author went back to Kentucky, was attached to both Nathan Bedford Forrest and John Hunt Morgan, and formed a force of Rangers on his own, operating independently in western Kentucky and middle Tennessee, rising to the rank of brigadier. He was wounded, lost his sight, and made a prisoner of the Yankees. Howes J122; Nevins I, p.113. Extremities worn, hinges cracked, front free endpaper detached; good. (300/500) 147. Clarke, A[sa] B. Travels in Mexico and California: Comprising a Journal of a Tour from Brazos Santiago, Through Central Mexico, by Way of Monterey, Chihuahua, the Country of the Apaches, and the River Gila, to the Mining Districts of California. 138 pp. (12mo) 7½x4½, full red morocco. First Edition. Boston: Wright & Hasty, 1852 Clarke was employed by the Hampden Mining Company, sailed from New York in January, 1849, and traveled through central Mexico and Arizona before reaching the California gold region in August of that year. His narrative provides the first printed description of the route from Camargo, Mexico through Chihuahua and Sonora to the Gila River of Arizona. The book is also said to contain on page 12, the earliest reference in print to petroleum in Los Angeles. Cowan p. 128; Graff 746; Howes C451; Kurutz 138a; Sabin 13393; Streeter 3169; WagnerCamp, Becker 210. Front cover detached, leather worn, rear hinge cracked; foxing; good. (500/800) 148. (Colorado - Denver) Bird’s Eye View of the City of Denver, Colorado. Color lithograph containing 16 vignettes of the city of Denver as of 1859. Drawn by J.H. Flett. Image 23½x370 on a 30x41 sheet of paper. Strobridge Lith. Co., 1882 Was used as an advertisement for a insurance company, as there is hand-painted black lettering which reads, “E.S. Mills Jr. Insurance and Loans,” on the top margin, and, “357 Arapahoe Page 39

St. Denver Colorado,” on the bottom margin. Reps 487. Creased where folded, dampstains at left and right margins (not affecting image), moderately chipped edges, many tears at edges and along folds within image; a few small holes; good. (300/500) HAND COLORED LITHOGRAPHS OF BIRDS 149.  Cory, Charles B.  The Birds of Haiti and San Domingo.  Four parts. 198 pp. 22 hand-colored lithograph plates; map. 11¾x9, original printed wrappers. One of 300 copies (numbers not matching). First Edition. Boston: Estes & Lauriat, 1884-85 Cory’s most noted ornithological work, written after his visit to the West Indies in 1878. Nissen IVB 204; Fine Bird Books, p.68; Wood, p.300; Zimmer, p.138. Parts disbound, wrappers chipped and worn; plates with some light edge wear and light foxing but overall very good. (1000/1500) 150. (Crown Zellerbach Corporation) Crown Zellerbach Corporation: A Survey by George S. Armstrong & Co., Inc. 144, [5] pp. Illustrations from photographs. 11x8½, parchment backed boards, slipcase. No. 29 of an unspecified limitation. First Edition. San Francisco: 1937 Some wear to slipcase; a few smudges to boards; else very good.


151. (Currier & Ives) The Old Mill-In Summer.  Hand-colored lithograph. 8½x12½ image on 11x14 sheet. 125 Nassau St. New York: Currier & Ives, [c.1873] The old mill image features two figures in the doorway, and a third leading a horse and carriage away. Colored with a lovely variety of green and blue shades. Conningham 4571. Some yellowing over time; very good. (300/500) 152. (Currier & Ives) The Sunny South. Hand-colored lithograph. 8x12½ image on 11½x15 sheet. 152 Nassau St. New York: Currier & Ives, 1870 A “brook with lush vegetation,” -Conningham 5890. Fairly large (~1½x2”) dampstains to upper, lower, and right hand margins; lightly yellowed over time; else very good. (250/350) 153.  (Currier & Ives)  The Tree of Intemperance.  Hand-colored lithograph. 12x8¾ image on 14x10 sheet. 115 Nassau St. New York: Currier & Ives, [c.1885] An allegory for a moral message against alcohol consumption, this image features a tree in the foreground, a saloon to its left, a poor house and a jail to its right. The tree bears the fruit of alcohol consumption (such as murder, despair, and the wrath of God) and a snake labelled “alcohol” is wrapped around the trunk. Conningham 6133. Edge wear, including chip to top left corner, dampstain affecting left and upper edges and extending about 2-4” inward from edge; good. (200/300) 154. (Currier & Ives) The Union Iron Clad Monitor “Montauk.” Destroying the Rebel Steamship “Nashville,” in the Ogeeche River, near Savannah Ga. -Feb.y 27th 1863.  Hand-colored lithograph. 8x12½ image on 9¾x14 sheet. 152 Nassau St. New York: Currier & Ives, [c.1865] Foreground includes the Montauk, peeking just above the surface of the water, two flags flapping in the wind, fires blazing. In the distance a ship goes up in flames. Conningham 6284. Stain Page 40

across half of verso, affecting recto of image mostly in the right and lower margin, light edge wear, a bit of creasing and one tiny chip at bottom left corner of image; browned over time; good. (500/800) 155.  Custer, Elizabeth B.  Tenting on the Plains, or General Custer in Kansas and Texas.  xiii, 702 pp. Illustrated from engravings, on plates and within text, including portrait frontispiece. 9x5½, green cloth decorated in red, white, blue and gilt. New York: Charles L. Webster, 1889 Moderate wear to extremities, spine leaning a bit; glue residue from removed bookplate at front pastedown; light smudging within; very good. (200/300) 156. Davis, Andrew McFarland. The Journey of Moncacht-Apé, An Indian of the Yazoo Tribe, Across the Continent, About the Year 1700. 30 pp. (8vo) 10x6¼, original gray wrappers. First Separate Edition. Worcester, Mass: Charles Hamilton, 1883 Signed by the author of front wrapper. Reprinted from the Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society. “Study into the credibility of this legend of a 1700 overland trip to Oregon.” - Howes. Offered with the 1966 Galleon Press limited edition. Howes D103. Some soiling to wrappers, rear wrapper chipped at edges; pencil notes and underlining throughout; else very good. (100/150) 157. (Dawson’s Book Shop - Fine Press) Three volumes printed by Dawson’s Book Shop. Includes: Nunus, Doyce B., Jr., ed. The Mexican War in Baja California. Folding map in rear pocket. 8½5¼, pictorial cloth. 1 of 500 copies. 1977. * Kruska, Dennis G. Sierra Nevada Big Trees: History of the Exhibitions, 1850-1903. 10½x7, brown cloth. 1 of 500 copies. 1985. * Harlowe, Neal. Maps of Surveys of the Pueblo Lands of Los Angeles. Many full page and fold-out illustrations including drawings, maps, and plans. 12½x8½, olive cloth-backed patterned boards. 1 of 375 copies. 1976. Together three volumes from Dawson’s. Los Angeles: Dawson’s Book Shop, 1976-1985 Fine.


BEAUTIFULLY ILLUSTRATED DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE 158.  (Declaration of Independence)  Hand-colored engraving of the Declaration of Independence.  Handcolored steel engraving, image approximately 17x12” on a 20x16” sheet, tipped to stiff backing, matted. New York: J.C. Buttre, 1856 A very attractive presentation with the text and facsimile signatures printed within a large oval at center, vignette of Independence Hall at top, vignette of the signing of the Declaration at the bottom and 13 vignettes of the state seals surrounding. Some very light wear in margins; else near fine. (500/800) 159.  (Delaware - Lottery Broadsides)  Two 1860 Delaware Lottery Broadsides.  Two broadsides, one 20½x8½, the other 19½x7¼. Wilmington: 1860 Both for 1860 Delaware lottery schemes managed by Wood, Eddy & Company. Some creasing and light edge wear; very good. (200/300) 160. (Department of the Interior) Annual Reports of the Department of the Interior for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 1899. Miscellaneous Reports. Part II. 882 pp. 10 folding maps and/or plans; many plates from Page 41

photographs and drawings. 9x5½, calf with red, black and green morocco spine labels. House of Representatives, 56th Congress, 1st Session, Doc. No. 5. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1899 Folding maps include; a hand-colored map of Arizona (detached, but in fine shape otherwise), New Mexico’s running water and irrigation map, and a hand-colored map of Oklahoma. Spine completely detached from one joint; edge wear; one map detached; very good otherwise. (250/350) 161. Dimsdale, Thomas J[osiah]. The Vigilantes of Montana, or Popular Justice in the Rocky Mountains. Being a Correct and Impartial Narrative of the Chase, Trial, Capture and Execution of Henry Plummer’s Road Agent Band, Together with Accounts of the Lives and Crimes of Many of the Robbers and Desperadoes, the Whole Being Interspersed with Sketches of Life in the Mining Camps of the “Far West”. 241 pp. 6¾x5, black leather lettered in gilt, original printed wrappers bound in. Second Edition. Virginia City, M.T.: D.W. Tilton, 1882 Second edition of Dimsdale’s important book chronicling the lawlessness of early Montana and the remedies the good citizens resorted to, first published in 1866 by the same publisher, the first book printed in Montana. Adams Six-guns 596; Graff 1088; Howes D345; Smith 2458. Light wear to binding extremities; pencil name and underlining on front wrapper; very good. (800/1200) 162. (Directory) Poingdestre, John Edmund. Nevada County Mining and Business Directory, 1895. 196 + [14] ad pp. With 14 plates from photographs, with advertisements on the versos; other inserted ads and a few other illustrations; 2 folding maps. 9x5¾, black leather-backed blue cloth, gilt-lettered. First Edition. Oakland: Pacific Press, [1895] Listings of the residents, businesses, mines, etc., with a sturdy assortment of advertisements at front and rear with some inserted in the text; the map is a plan of Grass Valley. Rocq 5961. Spine detached completely, but present, slight edge wear to cloth; else very good. (500/800) 163. [Dobie, J. Frank]. Lot of 4 titles edited by or about J. Frank Dobie. Includes: Southwestern Lore. Edited by Dobie. Publications of the Texas Folk-Lore Society, Number IX. Blue cloth. [1931] * Round the Levee. Reprint notice by Dobie. Publications of the Texas Folk-Lore Society, Number I. Reprint Edition. Red cloth. [1935] * Coffee in the Gourd. Edited by Dobie. Publications of the Texas Folk-Lore Society, Number II. Reprint Edition. Red cloth. [1935] * Dykes, Jeff. My Dobie Collection. Wrappers. Inscribed by Dykes. [1971]. Together 4 volumes. Various Places: Various Dates First title a bit edge worn; other very good or better.


164. Downie, Major William. Hunting for Gold: Reminisences [sic] and Personal Experience and Researches in the Early Days of the Pacific Coast from Alaska to Panama. 407 pp. Illustrated from engravings and photographs; frontispiece portrait of the author. 8¾x5¾, original 3/4 green morocco and pebbled cloth, spine and front lettered in gilt. First Edition. San Francisco: California Publishing Co., 1893 One of the best Gold Rush reminiscences. A native of Scotland, Downie was in the Love Joy Hotel in Buffalo when he heard of the gold discovery in California, and took a ship from Boston, arriving in San Francisco on June 27, 1849. He made for Sacramento, worked the mines at Vernon, Nye’s Ranch, Rose’s Bar, and Bullard’s Bar, and discovered gold on branches of the North Fork of the Yuba River at a place later named Downieville, in his honor. Cowan p.179; Graff 1143; Howes D448; Kurutz 203; Rocq 14507; Streeter 3016; Wheat Gold Rush 64. Spine faded and brittle, spine ends chipped, 2 horizontal tears to spine leather, joints cracking; ‘discard’ and ‘Californiana’ stamps on flyleaf and title page suggesting an ex-library copy; else very good. (100/150) Page 42

165. Dutton, C.E. Report on the Geology of the High Plateaus of Utah... xxxii, 307 pp. [Text volume only]. Illustrated with 11 heliotype photograph plates, including frontispiece (one folding); 3 folding plates. (4to) 11½x9¼, original dark brown cloth, spine lettered in gilt. First Edition. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1880 Part of the U.S. Geographical and Geological Survey of the Rocky Mountain Region series, under the direction of J.W. Powell. Frayed head and heel of spine, edge wear; hinges cracked; a few spots of dampstaining or foxing to margins of some pages and some plates; else very good. (200/300) 166. Eldredge, Zoeth Skinner. The Beginnings of San Francisco from the Expedition of Anza, 1774 to the City Charter of April 15, 1850. 2 vols. Illustrated with folding maps, & plates from various sources; tissue guards. (8vo) 8½x6. original green cloth, gilt lettered spines, top edges gilt. First Edition. San Francisco: By the author, 1912 “Of great historical value.” Cowan p.193. Spine and edges faded; evidence bookplates removed from front pastedowns; else very good. (100/150) 167. Emory, William H. Report on the United States and Mexican Boundary Survey...[House of Representatives].  olume One (two parts) only. xvi, 258; viii, 174 pp. Maps; steel-engraved plates of views (1 of which, V “View of Monument Mountain” is not listed); color lithographs of Indians or views; steel-engraved paleontological plates. 11¼x8, rebound in tan leather. First Edition, House Issue. Washington: Cornelius Wendell, 1857-59 Howes E146; Wagner-Camp 291; Wheat Transmississippi 916 - House of Representatives Ex. Doc. No. 135, 34th Congress, 1st Session. A few pages with offsetting, some dampstaining to upper margin of first 45 pages; light scattered foxing; some plates browned overall with aging; else very good. (400/600) 168. Fairbanks, George R. The Spaniards in Florida, Comprising the Notable Settlement of the Huguenots in 1564, and the History and Antiquities of St. Augustine, Founded A.D. 1565. 120, 15 ad pp. (8vo) later cloth. Second Edition (the first printed under a different title in 1858). Jacksonville, FL: Columbus Drew, 1868 Howes F10. Edge wear; a few spots of light foxing within; very good.


FARNHAM’S WESTERN TRAVELS 169.  Farnham, Thomas J[efferson].  Travels in the Great Western Prairies, the Anahuac and Rocky Mountains, and in the Oregon Territory. 197 pp. 7x4¼, period full calf. First Edition. Poughkeepsie: Killey & Lossing, Printers, 1841

Lot 169

Early account of the westward migration to Oregon. “Farnham was the leader of a group of Oregon-bound settlers, known as the `Peoria Party.’ Leaving Independence on May 20, 1839, the party followed the Santa Fe Trail to Bent’s Fort on the Arkansas River, where they divided. Farnham... traveled up the Arkansas, over the divide to the North Platte River, and on to Brown’s Hole on the Green River.... Farnham continued to Oregon, arriving at Marcus Whitman’s mission on September 23....” - Wagner-Camp, which also quotes Streeter quoting Herschel V. Jones saying “This is the first and most interesting of his [Farnham’s] several books on the West.... It is the best account of the first overlandto-Oregon migration of settlers.” Field 526; Graff 1294; Howes F50; Rittenhouse 201; Smith 2999; Streeter 2249; Tweney 20; Wagner-Camp 85:1. Some scuffing to leather; foxing; very good. (1000/1500) Page 43

170.  Farwell, Willard B.  The Chinese at Home and Abroad Together With The Report of the Special Committee of the Board of Supervisors of San Francisco, On the Condition of the Chinese Quarter of That City. [2], iii, [3], 118, 114 pp. Color fold-out map. 8½x5½, green gilt-lettered cloth. First and only edition. Ex Library Bookplate of the Pacific-Union Club on front free pastedown (in addition to small catalog description of volume). San Francisco: A.L. Bancroft & Co., 1885 Covers cheap labor for California, the opium problem in San Francisco, leprosy, Chinatown in Sacramento, massacre of Chinese in Wyoming and Washington territories, the Chinese question, need of missionary work, inconsistencies of the American policy, Chinese and the Central Pacific Railroad, Chinese capitalists, and much more. The map is of San Francisco’s Chinatown, identifies each building individually, and is color-coded to show “joss houses”, opium dens, and places of prostitution. A very rare, early and important study on Chinese in California. Cowan, p.204. Spine frayed a bit at head and heel, edge wear, corners bumped, some scratches to covers; front hinge cracked; number written in ink on copyright page; else very good. (250/350) 171. Freeman, Douglas Southall. Lee’s Lieutenants: A Study in Command. 3 volumes. (8vo) black cloth, dust jackets. Early reprint. New York: Scribners, [1942] Freeman’s classic study of the Confederate General’s campaigns. Jackets clipped, edge worn and with some soiling; volumes with light wear; overall very good. (100/150) 172. Frost, Jennett Blakeslee. California’s Greatest Curse. 83 pp. 7x4, original green cloth decoratively lettered in gilt. First Edition. San Francisco: Joseph Winterburn, 1879 Chinese top the list, but consideration is also given to Stock Gambling, Capital and Labor, and Liquor. Cowan p.226. Rubbed spine and corners; very good. (200/300) 173. Frémont, J[ohn] C[harles]. Report of the Exploring Expedition to the Rocky Mountains in the Year 1842, and to Oregon and North California in the Years 1843-’44. 693 pp. Illustrated with 22 lithograph plates; 3 (of five) maps, 2 of them folding (lacks large folding map at rear pocket). 9x5½, modern black cloth. First Edition, Senate Issue. Washington: Gales & Seaton, 1845 Frémont’s most important work, chronicling his seminal expeditions that revealed the paths and trails that were to be the highways by which the gold seekers would rush to California beginning in 1849. The first portion of the work reprints Frémont’s report of 1843, covering his 1842 expedition to the Rocky Mountains, the second portion records his expedition of 1843-1844, delineating the major sections of the route subsequently followed by thousands of Oregon immigrants. This Senate issue contains scientific data not present in the smaller House issue. Cowan p.223-4; Graff 1436; Howes F370; Wagner-Camp 115:1; Zamorano Eighty #39. Ex-Library (Bancroft Library) with spine label and Bancroft Bookplate; foxed; one folding map w/library rubber-stamps on verso, the other with many tape repairs on verso; some scattered dampstains; good. (600/900) 174. Frémont, J[ohn] C[harles]. Report of the Exploring Expedition to the Rocky Mountains in the Year 1842, and to Oregon and North California in the Years 1843-’44. 583pp. Illus. with 15 (of 22) lithograph plates; 3 (of 5) maps (lacking 2 of the folding maps, including the very large one at rear). (8vo) 8¾x5½, period half calf and marbled boards. First Edition, House Issue. Washington: Blair and Rives, 1845 The first portion of the work reprints Fremont’s report of 1843, covering his 1842 expedition to the Rocky Mountains, the second portion records his expedition of 1843-1844, delineating

Page 44

the major sections of the route subsequently followed by thousands of Oregon immigrants. Howes F370; Zamorano 39. Extremities a bit worn; foxing throughout; lacking several plates and maps; fair. (300/500) 175. (Gatlin, Lillian) Medal - 2nd National Aero Congress, Detroit 1922. Oval medal (painted gold) and ribbon with framed name tag on which is written Lillian Gatlin. Medal 2x1” (altogether 3½” tall). Verso of medal labeled, “Bastion Bros Co. Rochester, NY.” Detroit: 1922 The medal from the 2nd Congress which took place on October 11-14, 1922 in Detroit, Michigan belonged to Lillian Gatlin. She was the first woman passenger to travel by air across the United States, for a total estimated distance of 2,680 miles. The purpose of her flight from San Francisco to New York City was to raise awareness of deceased aviators and create a national Memorial day for those who had passed whether in civil or patriotic duty. Gold paint a bit rubbed away from frame of name tag and medal; very good. (300/500) 176. Genthe, Arnold and Will Irwin. Pictures of Old Chinatown; and Old Chinatown: A Book of Pictures.  wo editions including: Pictures of Old Chinatown. Cloth, cover label from photograph. Bookplate T of Katherine Delmar Burke. First Edition, second printing. Moffat, Yard and Company, 1909. * Old Chinatown: A Book of Pictures. Halftone photographs by Arnold Genthe throughout. Second Edition. Mitchell Kennerley, 1913. New York: 1909; 1913 Two editions of a volume which provides unforgettable photographs of San Francisco’s Chinatown. Edge wear to each, cloth rubbed; dirt-soiled rear cover of the first edition; else very good. (200/300) 177.  Giddings, Joshua R.  The Exiles of Florida: or, The Crimes Committed by Our Government Against the Maroons, Who Fled From South Carolina and Other Slave States, Seeking Protection Under Spanish Laws. viii, 338 pp. Six woodcut illustrations. (8vo) 7¾x5, original brown cloth, spine lettered in gilt. First Edition. Columbus: Follett, Foster and Company, 1858 “...a glowing arraignment of the government of the United States for its complicity in the outrages perpetrated upon the Seminoles, in the interests of the slaveholders of Florida.” Field. Field 606; Larned 1783; Sabin 27327. Front joint splitting, soiling to cloth; foxing; good. (200/300) UNIQUE SKETCHBOOK FOR GILLARD’S AMERICAN PANORAMA 178.  Gillard, Hardy.  Go and See Hardy Gillard’s Great American Educational Panorama - With accompanying sketch book. Folding chromolithograph map, 5¼x24½”, text in margins. Overall measurement 9½x30”. Folded into a marbled board portfolio with blank book containing 30 sketches, 29 finished in watercolor, 1 an unfinished pencil sketch. Sketches each approximately 3½x5”, captioned beneath images. Glasgow: MacLure & MacDonald Lithographers, [1880]

Lot 178

The folding map serves as an advertisement to view Gillard’s 40 foot panorama following the railroad from New York to San Francisco. The accompanying sketches follow the route west and illustrate 30 of the 36 points of interest listed in the advertisement. Presumably the sketches (a later note attributes them to an Arthur Crichton of Crayford, W. London) are taken from the panorama by one who viewed it and as such may be the only surviving visual representation of the Page 45

work. Images include Niagara Falls; the oil wells of Canada; Detroit; Lincoln, Nebraska; Sherman Station, Wyoming; Echo Canyon, Utah; the big trees of California; gold mining; Yosemite Valley; etc. Map worn at edges and with some pencil notes in margins; separation along one fold with archival repair; sketches fine. (1000/1500) 179. Grant, Ulysses S. Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant. 2 volumes. 584; 647, [1] pp. Steel-engraved frontispiece portrait in each volume; with tissue-guards. Illustrated with several maps and wood engravings throughout; folding facsimile letter in Vol. I; tipped-in folding facsimile document in Vol. II. 9x5¾, original gilt stamped green cloth. First Edition. New York: Charles L. Webster, 1885-86 Light wear cloth, bookplates; very good.


180.  Guinn, J.M.  History of the State of California and Biographical Record of Oakland and Environs.  2 volumes. 11x8½, original brown half morocco and mottled boards, all edges gilt. First Edition. Los Angeles: Historic Record Co., [1907] Most of the first volume is devoted to the history of California, the remainder of the first volume and Volume 2 are devoted to biographical sketches of famous and influential Californians from the Oakland area. Front cover of Volume 1 detached; edges well worn; good. (250/350) 181. Hall, Basil. Travels in North America, in the Years 1827 and 1828. 2 volumes. 322; 339 pp. 8x4¾, original boards, modern cloth rebacking with original paper labels retained. First American Edition. Philadelphia: Carey, Lea & Carey, 1829 Hall, a captain in the Royal Navy, traveled to North America in 1828, including Quebec, Pennsylvania, New York and the New England states, New Orleans, the Mississippi and Ohio River valleys. In his southern route, Hall describes visits to various plantations, Creek Indian ceremonies, slavery practices, etc. Hall was not impressed with what he saw. Howes H47. Some wear and soiling to boards, labels worn; foxing throughout; very good. (300/500) FOURTH EDITION OF THE FEDERALIST 182. Hamilton, [Alexander], [John] Jay and [James] Madison. The Federalist, on the New Constitution; Written in 1788, by Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Jay, and Mr. Madison.  477 pp. Three stipple-engraved portrait plates; tissue guards. (8vo) 8½x5, period full calf, rebacked in leather wit original gilt-lettered spine strip laid down. Fourth Edition. Philadelphia: Benjamin Warner, 1817 Seminal work on political theory, comprising 85 political essays, all but the last 8 of which were first published in newspapers in New York, in an effort to convince New York to approve the Federalist Constitution. Alexander Hamilton wrote 51 of the essays, James Madison 14, and John Jay 5; the authorship of 15 of the essays is in dispute between Hamilton and Madison. They were all published under the pseudonym “Publius.” Howes describes the work as the “most famous and influential American political work.” Howes H114; Sabin 23983. Bookplate of Richard K. Cross. Some rubbing to covers, corners worn; darkening to contents, occasional foxing, marginal stains to last 75 pages or so; very good condition. (1200/1500) 183. [Hamilton, Alexander, et al]. The Federalist, On The New Constitution, Written in the Year 1788. vii, [1] blank, (3)-420 pp. 7¼x4¼, period full calf. Washington: Thompson & Homans, 1831 Leather scuffed and worn; foxing and dampstaining; good.

Page 46


184. Harte, Bret. The Heathen Chinee: Plain Language from Truthful James - 2 editions. Two editions include: 17¼x12½, decorative paper over boards. Includes a facsimile of Harte’s original manuscript, laid in (as issued?). No. 82 of 250 copies. Spine deteriorated, paper detaching from boards. Printed by John Henry Nash for his friends, 1924. * Illustrated by Phil Little. 14x11, saddle-stitched blue wrappers with paper cover label. Spine sunned, many spots of soiling, creasing, and wear to wrappers, residue from removed bookplate. 1934. San Francisco: John Henry Nash, 1934 Harte’s famous poetic description of a wily Chinese card shark in the California mines who pled ignorance of the game. Cowan, p.267. Condition is generally good or better. Sold as is. (100/150) 185. Haskins, C[harles] W[arren]. The Argonauts of California: Being the Reminiscences of Scenes and Incidents that Occurred in California in Early Mining Days, by a Pioneer. 501 pp. Illustrated with wood-engravings, most after the author. 9¼x6½, original gold cloth stamped in black and gilt. First Edition. New York: Fords, Howard & Hulbert, 1890 “Especially valuable because of the list of names of pioneers before 1850” - Graff. Howes notes that there are 35,000 of them. The author arrived in San Francisco via clipper ship on September 20, 1849. Cowan p.269; Graff 1812; Howes H383; Kurutz 319; Rocq 16913; Wheat Books 93. Light wear to extremities, some soiling to cloth; smudges to a few leaves; very good. (400/700) 186. Hastings, Sally. Poems, on Different Subjects. To Which is Added, a Descriptive Account of a Family Tour to the West; In the Year, 1800. In a Letter to a Lady. 220 pp. (12mo) full leather, red morocco spine label. Lancaster: William Dickson, 1808 Provenance: Mary Poulton Dawkins (1820-1906). Howes H289. Edge wear, especially to head and heel of spine, some leather peeling away, spine and joints cracking; scattered foxing; else very good. (250/350) NOJOQUE INSCRIBED BY THE AUTHOR 187. Helper, Hinton Rowan. Nojoque; A Question for a Continent. 479 pp. (8vo) 7¼x5, original green cloth, spine lettered in gilt. First Edition. New York: George W. Carleton & Co., 1867 Inscribed on the front free endpaper: Dr. Geo. W. Stinson, With the respects and best wishes of the author, H.R. Helper. September 24, 1867.” Helper rose to fame following the publication

Lot 187

Lot 187 Page 47

of his anti-slavery work “The Impending Crisis” which was banned in many southern states. Following the Civil War and a brief government career in South America, Helper published the present work proposing the expulsion or elimination of all non-white races. Nojoque has been described as “the most virulent racist diatribe ever published in the United States.” (George M. Fredrickson, The Arrogance of Race, p. 46, 1988). Some light soiling to cloth, gift bookplate (detached) at front; light foxing; else near fine. (1500/2000) 188. Hodge, Hiram C. Arizona As It Is: Or, The Coming Country. Compiled from Notes of Travel During the Years 1874, 1875, and 1876. 273 pp. Map, engraved plates. Green cloth. First Edition. New York: Hurd and Houghton, 1877 Adams Herd 1045. Moderate edge wear, covers rubbed and scratched; some cracking at gutters between signatures; else very good. (200/300) GEORGE HORN ON THE ORIGIN OF THE NATIVE AMERICANS, 1652 189. Horn, George. Originibus Americanis. [xx], 282 pp. Folding engraved map. 6¼x3¾, modern full calf, red morocco spine label. First Edition. The Hague: Adrian Vlacq, 1652 “Written at the suggestion of De Laet, in answer to the “De Origine Gentium Americanorum” of Hugo Grotius, from whom it provoked an angry rejoinder, which was answered by a counter-treatise by J. de Laet. Whatever may be thought of Horn’s theories concerning the original population of the Western continent, they are at least very curious and supported by an infinite wealth of learning; indeed, all of these essays display a high degree of erudition.” (Sabin). Sabin 33014. Library stamp roughly erased from title page resulting in some loss of text and paper; else very good in a fine modern binding. (1000/1500) Lot 189

190.  Hutchings, J[ames] M[ason].  In the Heart of the Sierras: The Yo Semite Valley, both Historical and Descriptive: And Scenes by the Way. Big Tree Groves. The High Sierra, with its Magnificent Scenery, Ancient and Modern Glaciers, and other Objects of Interest; with Tables of Distances and Altitudes, Maps, etc. [4], xii, 13-496 pp. Illustrated with 28 inserted plates, including: frontispiece photo-type by Gutekunst, portrait of Hutchings from a photograph by Houseworth, 20 phototypos by Britton & Rey from photographs by Isaiah Taber, George Fiske and others, 1 artotype by E. Bierstadt, 1 heliotype by Heliotype Ptg. Co., 1 red plate of a snow plant; and 3 wood-engraved plates; 2 maps (1 folding lithograph and 1 fullpage); plus numerous wood engravings and photos within the text. 8½x6, original half morocco and cloth, lettered in gilt on front and in blind on rear, spine lettered in gilt, marbled endpapers, hinges reinforced with brown cloth, all edges gilt. First Edition, First Printing. Yo Semite Valley & Oakland, CA: The Old Cabin & Pacific Press Publishing House, 1886 First printing, with the readings in the table of contents corresponding with those listed by Currey & Kruska. Accepted first issue, matching all the required points, including: frontispiece phototype by Gutekunst depicting no one seated behind the horse and a cabin without a lean-to; portrait of Hutchings is a “photo-typo” by Britton & Rey; the plate of Hutchings’ Old Cabin is reproduced by the Heliotype Ptg. Co. of Boston; this copy contains only one artotype printed by E. Bierstadt (some copies of the First Edition include a second plate by Bierstadt at p. [470], no priority established). The folding lithograph map is printed by Britton & Rey. The author, J.M. Hutchings (1820-1902), a pioneer of the tourist industry in Yosemite and one of the first to visit there in winter, was Guardian to the Valley and the Mariposa Big Tree Grove between 1880 Page 48

and 1884. According to Farquhar, In the Heart of the Sierras was Hutchings’ crown publishing achievement and “...contains a great deal more...than an account of Hutchings’ personal experiences; it covers more fully than any other work of its day every aspect of Yosemite Valley and the Big Trees that could by considered of general interest to visitors.” Cowan (I), p. 117; (II), pp. 299-300; Currey & Kruska 175; Farquhar 18a; Rocq 5206. Joints and edges rubbed, dampstain to front cover, crack in gutter between preface and table of contents; else very good. (250/350) 191. Hutchings, J[ames] M[ason]. Scenes of Wonder and Curiosity in California. Illustrated with Over One Hundred Engravings. A Tourist’s Guide to the Yo-semite Valley, The Big Tree Groves...The Quicksilver Mines of New Almaden and Henriquita-Mount Shasta-The Farallone Islands...Lake Tahoe, and Other Places of Interest... 292 + [4] ad pp. Illustrated with approximately 100 wood engravings throughout the text. 8¼x6, original brown cloth, lettered in gilt. Later Printing. New York and San Francisco: A. Roman and Co., 1872 Originally published in 1860. Cowan p.300; Currey & Kruska 164; Farquhar 4f. Spine ends frayed, some light wear and soiling to cloth, previous owner’s name on front free endpaper; very good. (100/150) 192. Hutchings, J[ames] M[ason]. Scenes of Wonder and Curiosity in California... including the Mammoth Trees of Calaveras; the Caves and Natural Bridges of Calaveras; the Yo-Semite Valley; the Mammoth Trees of Mariposa and Frezno...  236 pp. Profusely illustrated with wood engraved plates and illustrations. 8¼x5½, original blue cloth, re-backed with original gilt spine laid down, elaborate gilt ornaments, all edges gilt, endpapers replaced. First Edition. San Francisco: Hutchings & Rosenfield, 1861 The first book-length description of California’s natural attractions, and the first work to describe the big trees and the Yosemite region. “Hutchings was editor and publisher of Hutchings’ California Magazine, founded in 1856. This book is the first work to promote the natural beauty and scenery of California” - Greenwood 1475. Edge wear, bit of original spine lacking at head and heel; smudged and foxed within; good to very good. (300/500) 193. (Independent Order of Odd Fellows of San Diego) Wood, H.P. Souvenir of Sovereign Grand Lodge San Francisco, Cal. September, 1904. 10, [22] pp. Profusely illustrated with photographs. 5x7¾, wrappers. San Francisco: [Press of Frye, Garrett & Smith], 1904 Souvenir booklet introduces the city and county of San Diego, written by H.P. Wood, the Secretary of San Diego’s Chamber of Commerce, for the meeting of the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Oddfellows in San Francisco in September of 1904. Featuring photographs of San Diego jewels like the Hotel del Coronado, a seaside resort at a beach in La Jolla, and Julian, the mining center of San Diego. No copies listed on OCLC Worldcat. Very good. (200/300) 194. Inman, Colonel Henry. Buffalo Jones’ Forty Years of Adventures: A Volume of Facts Gathered from Experience, by Hon. C.J. Jones, whose Eventful Life has been Devoted to the Preservation of the American Bison and Other Wild Animals... xii, 469 pp. Numerous plates from photographs, drawings, etc. Original red pictorial cloth, lettered in gilt. First English Edition. London: Sampson Low, Marston, 1899 “Authoritative plains narrative” - Howes. Graff comments that it is “considerably more accurate than some other works touched by Henry Inman.” Graff 2233 (Am. ed.); Howes I54. Spine and edges rubbed, hinges cracked, previous owner’s rubberstamp on first three leaves (including title page), frontispiece rough at edges; else very good. (100/150)

The Buyer’s Premium will be 20% for bids up to $100,000 and 15% for that portion over $100,000. Page 49

195. Irving, Washington. Astoria, or Anecdotes of an Enterprise Beyond the Rocky Mountains. 2 volumes. 285; 279 + [8] ad pp. Folding copper-engraved map as frontispiece in Vol. II. 8½x5¼, blue cloth embossed with a pattern of heavy dots [BAL’s Cloth B), spines lettered in gilt. First Edition, First State. Philadelphia: Carey, Lea & Blanchard, 1836 The first setting, according to BAL, with copyright notice and printer’s slug on verso of title in Vol. I, garbled footnote on p. 239 of Vol. II; the terminal advertisements are in first state, starting “BOOKS PUBLISHED...” and unboxed. “This lengthy history of John Jacob Astor’s venture into the fur trade on the Pacific Coast is based in part on a revised transcript of the journal of Robert Stuart and the Journals of Wilson Price Hunt and Ramsay Crooks, which were for a time in the possession of Astor...” - WC. Wheat quotes Chittenden in describing the map: “There are indeed gaps and omissions, but these are nothing in comparison with the remarkable feat of preserving so well the line of march in which not a single scientific observation as to course, or direction was taken, and in a country of which no map had ever been made.” BAL 10148; Howes I81; Graff 2158; Sabin 35129; Streeter 3347; Tweney 34; Wagner-Camp 61:1; Wheat Transmississippi 419. Spines faded, spine ends chipped, some soiling to cloth; light foxing; else very good. (400/600) 196.  James, George Wharton.  House Blessing Ceremony and Guest Book.  70 pp. Decorative borders based on Navajo designs throughout. (Oblong 4to) 8¾x11¾, original orange cloth, front cover stamped in black and gilt, top edge gilt. First Edition. Pasadena, CA: Radiant Life Press, 1917 An unusual work by James, being ceremonies of house blessing and house warming based on Navajo and Hopi ritual, and followed by quotations from classic and recent authors with spaces for guests to sign in. No guests have signed this book. Some wear and soiling to cloth, rear hinge cracked; good. (200/300) 197. James, George Wharton. Practical Basket Making. 124, [2] ad pp. Illustrations from photographs. 9¼x6, original black cloth, glassine. Revised Edition. Pasadena: George Wharton James, No date [c. 1920] Also included is: ‘Basketry Designs of the Mission Indians’ by A.L. Kroeber. Wrappers. Third Edition. New York: American Museum of Natural History, 1932. Glassine chipped and with a few short tears; else fine. (100/150) 198. (Japanese Internment) DeWitt, Lt. Gen. J.L. Notice. Headquarters Western Defense Command and Fourth Army, Presidio of San Francisco, California, May 5, 1942. Civilian Exclusion Order No. 41. Printed broadside announcement regarding Japanese Internment, 1942. 22x14”. San Francisco: U.S. Army, 1942 John L. DeWitt administered the Japanese internment program. List of four major points under Order No. 41. Faint dampstain to upper right corner, and to lower edge; else very good. (400/600) 199. Jenkins, John S. Voyage of the U.S. Exploring Squadron Commanded by Captain Charles Wilkes...With Explorations and Discoveries made by Admiral D’Urville, Captain Ross and other Navigators and Travellers... 517 pp. 8 full page plates, several other illustrations in text. (8vo) 9x5½, original green cloth, spine lettered and decorated in gilt. First Edition. Auburn: James M. Alden, 1850 Condensations of the accounts of the two famous expeditions, augmented by a wide variety of details and anecdotes from other writings: “The Expeditions of Wilkes and Lynch have been, as it were, the threads upon which I have strung the facts procured from different sources..” (p. vi). Jenkins produced an extraordinary number of books, primarily on American history, before dying at the age of 32. Sabin notes sourly that “Mr. Jenkins was an industrious literary hack, and these works possess as much merit as most books of their class.” Haskell 161; Hill, pp. 154-55; Page 50

Sabin 36014; Spence, Antarctic Miscellany, 631. Spine and edges rubbed, remnants of sealing wax on endpapers from prior attachment of clippings, pencil notes at end of preface and in margins; foxing throughout; else very good. (100/150) 200. [Joy, Henry]. Historical Collections Relative to the Town of Belfast: From the Earliest Period to the Union With Great Britain. xvi, 495 pp. 8¾x5¼, later full brown calf, spine lettered in gilt. First Edition. Belfast: George Berwick, 1817 Tipped in at the rear is a manuscript index of references to the Willson families. Some rubbing to edges, front hinge cracked; light foxing; very good. (300/500) 201. Kane, Elisha Kent. Arctic Explorations: The Second Grinnell Expedition in Search of Sir John Franklin, 1853, ‘54, ‘55. 2 volumes. 464; 467 pp. Illustrated with 22 steel-engraved plates incl. frontispieces and added titles; 3 maps, 2 of them folding; numerous wood engravings in the text. 8½x5½, original full blindstamped morocco, spines lettered in gilt, all edges gilt. First Edition. Philadelphia: Childs & Peterson, 1856 The search for the remains of the polar expedition of Sir John Franklin was to lead to far greater information on the Arctic than could have been gleaned from the original expedition, even if it had been successful in navigating the Northwest Passage. The series of fine steelengraved plates shows a captivating variety of Arctic scenes. Arctic Bib. 8373. Some edge wear, 2 of the raised bands lacking from spine of volume 1, a third band chipped, hinges cracking; light foxing; else very good. (200/300) 202. Keep, Josiah. Common Sea-Shells of California. 64 pp. Sixteen lithographic plates by George H. Baker. (12mo) 6x4, original printed pictorial boards backed in black morocco. First Edition. San Francisco: Upton Bros., 1881 First Edition of this classic work, which went into numerous later, expanded editions as “West Coast Shells.” The author (1849-1911) was a professor at Mills College in Oakland, and the illustrator, George Holbrook Baker (1827-1906), had arrived in California in 1849 and was long one of the major delineators and lithographers of the State. Advertising leaf laid in bearing four poems in ballad quatrains, such as “Address to an Abalone Shell”, celebrating Pacific shells and shell-collecting, all surrounded by blurbs for Desmond’s shell shop in San Diego. Covers rubbed and with some staining, joints and hinges cracking; else very good. (100/150) 203. Kellogg & Thayer. The Tree of Life. Lithograph, hand-colored. 12¾x9¾ on sheet 16¾x12½. New York: c.1850 Scenes from colonial America with heavy religious overtones. Printed by the short-lived New York partnership of Kellogg & Thayer. Some darkening, 4” repaired tear at left going into image; very good overall. (250/350) 204. Knower, Daniel. The Adventures of a Forty-Niner: An Historic Description of California, with Events and Ideas of San Francisco and Its People in Those Early Days. 200 pp. Illustrated with plates. 7¼x5, original half brown morocco and black cloth, spine lettered in gilt, original plain paper jacket. First Edition. Albany: Weed-Parsons, 1894 Knower crossed the Isthmus and arrived in San Francisco on August 18, 1849, with a plan to make money selling prefabricated houses that he had shipped to California. Although the major portion of the work deals with San Francisco, Knower did find time to visit the mines near Coloma and Dutch Bar. Financial difficulties forced him to return home. Cowan p.334; Kurutz 381a; Wheat Gold Rush 120. Jacket split along fold of front flap and chipped at edges; spine ends chipped, joints cracking, light edge wear; else very good. (100/150) Page 51

205. Lampson, Robin. The Man Who Gave the Golden Spike. 17 pp. Illustrated from photographs. 9x6, wrappers. First Edition. Richmond, CA: The Chimes Press, 1969 The story of David Hewes (1822-1915) the man who donated the golden spikes upon the completion of the first transcontinental railway in 1869. Fine. (200/300) SCARCE WESTERN RAILROAD PROMOTIONAL BOOK 206. (Laramie, Hahns Peak and Pacific Railway) Miller, Fred A., President. Laramie, Hahns Peak and Pacific Railway System: The Direct Gateway to Southern Wyoming, Northern Colorado, and Eastern Utah. Unpaginated. Illustrated with over 100 photographs and 1 map. (Oblong 4to) 9x11¾, original dark maroon cloth, front cover lettered in gilt. No. 34 of an unspecified presentation limitation. This copy presented to Mr. Arthur E. Colby, compliments of Laramie, Hahns Peak & Pacific Railway Co. First Edition. [Boston]: [The Tudor Press], [c. 1910-2] A rare and well-executed production, printed on heavy stock paper with numerous photographic plates, issued by the Laramie, Hahns Peak and Pacific Railway Company. Promotes the wealth of agriculture and mining possibilities in Wyoming, as well as northwestern Colorado and northeastern Utah, which run along the publisher’s railroad expansion lines. Includes several industry related images along with pictures of railroad construction, towns, workers, farmers, and other natural wonders of the area. Apparently lacks the large folding map that was issued and placed in the rear of the book; however, the book makes no mention nor does it call for any such map. Boards worn at edges, hinges cracked; light dampstain and some rippling throughout, several tissues loose, worn, soiled or chipped; good. (700/1000) 207. Latrobe, Charles Joseph. The Rambler in Mexico. 228 pp. 7¼x4½, original decoratively embossed tan cloth, paper spine label. First American Edition. New York: Harper & Bros., 1836 Hill, p. 472; Palau 132953; Sabin 39221. Spine a bit darkened, fading to covers; hinges tender, foxing, lacks rear free endpaper, pencil notes to rear pastedown; about very good. (100/150) 208. Leeper, David Rohrer. The Argonauts of ‘Forty-Nine: Some Recollections of the Plains and the Diggings. 1 46, xvi pp. Illustrated with drawings by O. Marion Elbel. 8½x5¾, original gilt-lettered dark green cloth, decoratively bordered in black. First Edition. South Bend: J. B. Stoll, 1894 Setting out from South Bend, Indiana, on January 22, 1849, Leeper and his party of six crossed the plains and entered California via the Lassen Cutoff. Kurutz notes that “Leeper provides an excellent description of Sutter’s Fort and mining activities at Hangtown Creek, Kelsey’s Canyon and the Trinity Diggings.” He returned east via Nicaragua in April and May of 1854. Some copies have a tipped-in errata slip, while others, as described by Kurutz, the errata is printed on the copyright page, as is this copy. Cowan p. 388; Graff 2447; Howes L226; Jones 1671; Kurutz 296; Mintz 289; Rocq 15912; Streeter 3199; Wheat Books 124. Light wear and soiling to cloth, dampstain to rear endpapers; else very good. (100/150) 209. Leland, John A. A Voice from South Carolina. Twelve Chapters Before Hampton. Two Chapters After Hampton. With a Journal of a Reputed Ku-Klux, and an Appendix. 231 pp. (12mo) original brown cloth, stamped in black and gilt. First Edition. Charleston, S.C.: Walker, Evans & Cogswell, 1879 Inscribed from the author to Sarah J. Wilson (1849-1940), daughter of Judge John S. Wilson of Chester, in pencil on front free endpaper. Signed and dated 1880. Howes L248. Spine sunned, light edge wear; very good. (400/600) Page 52

LARGE PAPER EDITION OF THE JOURNALS OF LEWIS AND CLARK 210.  Lewis, Meriwether & William Clark.  History of the Expedition under the Command of Lewis and Clark to the Sources of the Missouri River, thence across the Rocky Mountains and down the Columbia River to the Pacific Ocean performed during the Years 1804-5-6, by Order of the Government of the United States.  4 volumes. Edited by Elliot Coues. Titles printed in red and black. Illustrations, including two portrait frontispieces, 2 facsimile letters, folding charts, and three large folding maps (one in color) in Volume IV. 10x6½, cloth-backed boards, printed paper spine labels. Limited Edition, number 95 of 200 large-paper copies, from an edition of 1000 (fourth volume apparently supplied from another set). New York: Francis P. Harper, 1893 Scarce large-paper edition. Howes notes this as the “most scholarly” of all the editions of Lewis and Clark. Howes L317; Cutright pp. 73-103. Volumes 1, 2, & 3 ex-library from the University of Minnesota with bookplates, ink stamps, call numbers, etc. Volume 4 supplied from another set, not ex-library but with previous owner’s markings. Bindings soiled, wear at extremities, labels chipped, hinges cracked; good. (2500/3500)

Lot 210

FIRST DAY PRINTING OF THE GETTYSBURG ADDRESS 211. (Lewis & Clark) A Society of Gentlemen. A New and Complete Dictionary of Arts and Sciences; Comprehending all the Branches of Useful Knowledge.  4 volumes in 8. 3538 pp. Paginated continuously. Frontispiece in first volume; folding chart; 301 (of 302) copperplate engravings (1 folding). (8vo) 8½x5¼, period calf with modern rebacking. First Edition. London: W. Owen, 1754-55 A copy of this dictionary is believed to have been taken by Lewis and Clark on their famous Corps of Discovery expedition. “The dictionary returned to Louisville by Clark after the expedition’s return is very likely to have been the four-volume dictionary listed here, with the plural “Sciences” in its title. Jackson notes parallels between entries in the journals and definitions in this publication, particularly in the descriptions of salmon and the ibex. The definition of the word “sense” was copied nearly verbatim from this dictionary.” (Beckham, Erickson, et al. The Literature of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. p.44) Boards worn, scuffed, etc.; pages 1679-1682 and plate 140 are lacking from Volume 2, Part 2 (apparently never bound in), foxing throughout, a few pages with chips or short tears in margin; else very good. (2000/3000) 212. Lincoln, Abraham. The Gettysburg Address - first printing in The New York Times. 8-page newspaper, printed in 6 columns. 21¼x15½, removed from larger volume but still together, with spine intact. New York: Friday, November 20, 1863 First day printing of perhaps the most famous speech in American history, certainly the most famous by President Abraham Lincoln. This is one of three New York newspaper printings the day after the speech was made, predating the publication in the Washington Record by two

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days. The New York Times morning edition came out a bare 12 hours after the presentation of the address, quite possibly pre-dating the other newspapers. Lincoln’s brief address is printed at the top of the middle column of the first page; the 90 minute oration by Edward Everett, today largely forgotten, covers all of page 2, and a column of page 3. On June 1, 1865, Senator Charles Sumner, in his eulogy on the slain president, called the address a “monumental act.” He said Lincoln was mistaken that “the world will little note, nor long remember what we say here.” Rather, he remarked, “The world noted at once what he said, and will never cease to remember it. The battle itself was less important than the speech.” Minor dampstain to lower corners, just touching a few words but far away from the Lincoln address, a stray fox mark or two, else fine, clean and unbrowned. (8000/12000) 213.  Linn, William.  The Life of Thomas Jefferson, Author of the Declaration of Independence and Third President of the United States. 267 pp. Portrait frontispiece. 7x4¼, original full calf, black leather spine label. First Edition. Ithaca: Mack & Andrus, 1834 Scarce early biography of Thomas Jefferson. Some light scuffing to leather; foxing; very good. (300/500) SCARCE WORK ON COLONIAL SUGAR TARRIFFS 214. [Littleton, Edward]. The Groans of the Plantations: Or, A Tru Account of Their Grievous and Extreme Sufferings by the Heavy Impositions Upon Sugar, and Other Hardships. Relating More Particularly to the Island of Barbados. [ii], 31 pp. 8½x7¼, unbound stitched sheets. Custom morocco backed clamshell box. Second Edition. London: M. Clark, 1698 Reprinted from the edition of 1689. One of the earliest objections to taxation without representation to arise from the British colonies. In this tract Littleton charges that his fellow sugar planters had been brought to the brink of ruin by heavy customs duties, and by the requirement that they purchase all imports from within the empire. Largely due to his efforts, the taxes were reduced and monopolies eliminated. Sabin 3271; Wing L2578. Vertical crease at center, some light wear and soiling; else near fine. (1000/1500)

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215. Marshall, John. Life of George Washington, Commander in Chief of the American Forces...and First President of the United States. 5 volumes. Engraved portrait frontispiece in Vol. 1. (8vo) 8¼x5¼, period full calf, morocco title labels. Atlas volume not present. First Edition. Philadelphia: C.P. Wayne, 1804-07 Contemporary ownership signature of Sarah Sinnickson on title page of each volume. Howes M317. Some wear to extremities, spine ends chipped; foxing throughout; very good. (500/800) 216. (Massachusetts) Miscellaneous Publications of the Massachusetts Peace Society. Approximately 20 various publications bound in one volume. (8vo) 8¼x5, period calf backed boards, black morocco title label. Various Places: [c. 1820] Includes multiple annual reports, lists of members, several issues of ‘Friends of Peace’, etc. A number of items with the ownership signature of Dr. Thomas Sewell. Bookplate of the Cony Female Academy with inked presentation from Thos. Sewell, M.D., Washington; additional bookplate of Kennebec Natural History and Antiquarian Society. Joints and edges worn; a few pages with unrestored tears; light foxing; else very good. (100/150) 62 COLOR PLATES OF NATIVE AMERICANS 217.  McKenney, Thomas [and James Hall].  History of the Indian Tribes of North America, With Biographical Sketches and Anecdotes of the Principal Chiefs. Volume 1 and approximately one-half of Volume 2 bound together in one volume. 62 hand-colored lithographs. 10¼x7, period full brown morocco. Philadelphia: Rice, Rutter & Co., 1870

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Originally issued in 20 parts over eight years, described by Field as “one of the most costly and important works ever published on the American Indians. The plates are accurate portraits of celebrated chiefs, or of characteristic individuals of the race, and are colored with care, to faithfully represent their features and costumes.” Howes notes the plates as “mostly the work of King,” and declares that they are “the most colorful portraits of Indians ever executed... The original oil paintings of which the plates were copies were all destroyed in the 1865 Smithsonian fire.” (Field 992); Howes M129 Front board detached, spine chipped, leather scuffed; foxing to plates varies but overall light to moderate; colors still bright and vibrant. Offered as a collection of plates, sold as is. (2000/3000)

218. McKenney, Thomas L. Memoirs, Official and Personal; with Sketches of Travels among the Northern and Southern Indians; Embracing a War Excursion, and Descriptions of Scenes Along the Western Borders. 2 volumes in 1. viii, [17]-340; vi, [9]-136 pp. Errata slip tipped in at rear. With 13 plates including facsimile letter and hand-colored portrait of Pocahontas. 9x5¾, original blindstamped cloth. First Edition. New York: Paine and Burgess, 1846 Travels in the midwest and south by the co-author of the great illustrated work on the North American Indians, plus accounts of political life in Washington, and other matters. Clark, Travels in the Old South III 70, notes the work “Contains an account of a trip in September and October, 1827... He traveled by steamboat from St. Louis to Memphis, thence overland into northern Mississippi where he held a council with the Chickasaws, through the Choctaw country, and back to Washington by way of Tuscaloosa, Montgomery and Alabama. Has a good description of the currents, snags, sawyers, and other obstructions to navigation in the Mississippi River; also some descriptive material relating to the Indians in particular and to some particular chiefs.” McKenney’s stories of political life in Washington during the administrations Page 55

of Monroe, Adams, and Jackson strikingly illustrate the corruption in governmental contracts and the working of the spoils system under Jackson. Part two represents lectures on the Indians. Field 993; Graff 2628; Howes M130. Cloth heavily worn, front cover detached; foxing throughout; fair. (300/500) 219. (Mining) Approximately 65 ephemeral items from various mining companies. Collection of approximately 65 mining company prospectuses, annual reports, advertising, etc. Various places: Early 20th century (mostly) Companies include: Morgan-Shaw Mining & Milling Co. * Golden Sheaf Mining Co. * Tres amigos Gold Mining Co. * Montezuma Mining Co. * Palmer Gold Mining and Tunnel Co. * Orion Gold Mining Co. * American-Canadian Gold Mining Co. * United Zinc Companies * Shenandoah Land and Anthracite Coal Co. * Quaker Hill Gold Mines Co. * American Golden Sand Mining Co. * Mendenhall Oil and Mining Co. * Mexican Metals Saving Co. * Imperial Gold Mines * Twentieth Century Mine * Chino Copper Co. * East Butte Copper Mining Co. * Colonial Copper Co. * Iron Cap Copper Corp. * Intercolonial Copper Co. * High Top Copper Mining Co. * Carter Copper Co. * Panuco Copper Mine * and others. Most very good or better. (1000/1500) 220. (Mining) Nine trade catalogs for mining equipment and supplies. 9 catalogs, various sizes. Paper wrappers, illustrated. Various places: early 20th century Includes: United Iron Works * Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Company * A.R. Wilfley and Sons * The Deister Concentrator Company * Fraser & Chalmers * Colonial Steel Company * The Cyclone Drill Co. * Gibson Mining Equipment * National Tank and Pipe Co. Some wear, chipping, etc.; overall very good. (600/900) THOMAS MORAN CHROMOLITHOGRAPH OF THE GRAND CANYON 221.  Moran, Thomas.  Grand Cañon of the Colorado River Arizona.  Chromolithograph. Image size 22x38½ (including margins 25¼x40¾). Signed in the stone by Moran, dated 1892 (copyright Thomas Moran 1893). Framed. G.H. Buek & Co., 1893 Striking chromolithograph made to resemble an oil painting by the famous landscape painter. Moran (1837-1926) was known for his romantic landscapes of the American West, especially the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone. Glue residue around all edges, glue covers the printed legend on the bottom, marginal damage from having been removed from an old frame; image itself with only four small surface blemishes in exterior corners. (4000/6000)

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222. Morgan, Dale & Carl I. Wheat. Jedediah Smith and His Maps of the American West. [6], 86 pp. Intro. by Wheat. Illus. with reproductions of 7 maps (6 folding, 3 inserted loose in rear pocket). 17x11, red cloth. 1 of 530 copies printed by Lawton Kennedy. First Edition. San Francisco: California Historical Society, 1954 Scholarly study of the influence of “the early West’s greatest single explorer” on the mapping of the West. Smith was the first man to cross the Sierra Nevada and open the southwestern trail to California. He also pioneered the route from California to the Hudson’s Bay Co. territory, established posts on the Columbia and mapped watersheds of the Missouri, Yellowstone, Platte, Rio Grande, Colorado, Snake and Columbia rivers. A few small spots to cloth; else fine. (600/900) BOOKS FROM THE LIBRARY OF JOHN MUIR AND FAMILY 223. (Muir, John) Large collection of books from the library of John Muir and family. Mostly government reports, plus several pamphlets. Several with contributions by Muir, others with penciled notes in Muir’s hand. Laid into many of the volumes are typed index cards relating the purchase of these volumes from the sale of the contents of the Muir home in Martinez, California in 1957. Various places: Various dates Includes: United States Geological Survey, 17th Annual Report. 4 volumes. 1896 * United States Geological Survey, 18th Annual Report. Volumes 1 & 3. 1897 * United States Geological Survey, 20th Annual Report. Map volume. 1899 * United States Geological Survey, Twenty-first Annual Report, Part V. 1900 * Monographs of the United States Geological Survey, Volume XLVIII, Parts 1 & 2. 1905 * Report of the Unites States Geological Survey of the Territories, Volume VIII. 1883 * Healy, Capt. M.A. Report of the Cruise of the Revenue Marine Steamer Corwin in the Arctic Ocean in the Year 1885. 1887 * Cruise of the Revenue Steamer Corwin in Alaska and the N.W. Arctic Ocean in 1881. 1883 * Healy, Capt. M.A. Report of the Cruise of the Revenue Marine Steamer Corwin in the Arctic Ocean in the Year 1884. 1889 * Hanly, J. Frank. A Day in the Siskiyous. 1916 * Report of the Superintendent of the United States Coast Survey Showing the Progress of the Survey During the Year 1865. 1867 * Powell, J.W. Report on the Geology of the Eastern Portion of the Uinta Mountains. 1876 * Reports of Explorations and Surveys to Ascertain the Most Practicable and Economical Route for a Railroad from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean. Volumes 6, 7, 9, & 12 part 2. * Jamieson, Robert. The historical Books of the Holy Scriptures. 1860 * Transactions of the California State Agricultural Society during the year 1878. 1879 * Brown, Hugh. Sermons and Addresses. 1879 * Jay, William. Morning Exercises for Every Day in the Year. No date. * Compiled Laws of the State of California. 1853 * Ure, Andrew. A Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures and Mines. 1842 * Mineral Resources of the United States. 1909 * Third Annual Report of the Interstate Commerce Commission. 1889 * The Scottish Mountaineering Club Journal. 5 issues. 1910,11,12 * Sierra Educational News. Sept. 1909 * Bulletin of the Appalachian Mountain Club. 17 issues plus register. Condition varies, most good or better. Not comprehensively collated. Sold as is. (3000/5000) 224. (National Industrial Party) Thomas, Uriah B. Proposed Plan for Political Organization. 24 pp. 6¾x4, original black cloth lettered in gilt on front. First Edition. San Francisco: 1886 Rare proposal for the formation of a new political party, “The National Industrial Party”. According to the author “Our present system of choosing representatives of the people utterly fails to give a fair expression and force to their will, and in the injustice of this failure lie the seed of revolution and destruction to our free government.” Thomas proposes, among other things, that our national leaders be elected according to the “popular vote”, an idea still not fully realized. WorldCat locates only 2 copies of this work at the Library of Congress and the University of California, Berkeley. Covers soiled; small loss of text on one leaf where something once adhered has been removed; very good. (200/300)

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225.  (New England Manufacturers’ and Mechanics’ Institute Fair)  Broadside advertisement for New England Manufacturers’ and Mechanics’ Institute Fair. 12¾x4¾, printed on blue paper. Boston: c. 1880 Exhibits included looms, printing-press, sewing-machines, hydraulic motors and a model shoe factory which produced 1200 pairs of shoes and boots daily. Short tear at edges; near fine. (200/300) 226. (New Mexico) Pictorial broadside for 4th of July celebration at Sunnyside, New Mexico. Broadside pictorial advertisement, printed in red and blue on white paper. 10x6¾. c. 1900 Attractive broadside featuring a patriotically attired young lady lighting a cannon in celebration of independence day, a border of firecrackers surrounding. Sunnyside, NM was established in 1878 and by 1910 had joined with the neighboring town of Fort Sumner. Horizontal crease at center, short split along fold; very good. (200/300) 227.  Nordhoff, Charles.  Northern California, Oregon, and the Sandwich Islands.  256 pp. (including frontispiece map). Illustrated with wood engravings. 8¾x6¼, original decorated brown cloth lettered in gilt. First Edition. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1874 Cowan p.456; Smith 7339. Extremities rubbed, rear joint splitting, hinges cracked; a few pages slightly pulled; good. (200/300) 228.  Norton, Col. L[ewis] A.  Life and Adventures of Col. L. A. Norton. Written by Himself.  492 pp. Frontispiece portrait of the author from an engraving. 7¾x5¼, original olive brown cloth with front cover stamped in black and lettered in gilt. First Edition. Oakland, CA: Pacific Press Publishing House, 1887 An important pioneer narrative. Norton joined the Canadian Rebellion of 1837, was banished, captured and imprisoned, and later attempted to organize an invasion of Canada from Michigan. Graff 3042; Cowan p. 457; Howes N210; Eberstadt 362; Rocq 15987; Kurutz 468. Spine faded, edges lightly rubbed; stain to lower edge of first few leave, short tear to rear flyleaf; else very good. (100/150) 229. (Ohio) The History of Montgomery County, Ohio. 760, 460 pp. Folding colored county map, several illustrations in text. (Thick 8vo) 9½x6½, original morocco backed brown cloth, spine and front cover stamped in gilt. First Edition. Chicago: W.H. Beers & Co., 1882 Also includes a history of Dayton, Ohio and the various townships of Montgomery County, with a section containing biographical sketches of its important citizens. Spine ends chipped, edges worn, front joint splitting, hinges tender; else very good. (150/250) TWO VOLUMES OF PACIFIC RAILROAD REPORTS 230. (Pacific Railroad Reports) Reports of Explorations and Surveys, to Ascertain the Most Practicable and Economical Route for a Railroad from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean. Made Under the Direction of the Secretary of War, in 1853-5....Volume XII, Book I. Illustrated with 71 color lithograph plates, 1 folding; 3 large folding maps in back. (4to) 11½x8¾, rebound in black blindstamped cloth rebacked with cloth tape, extra endpapers. Senate Issue. Washington DC: Thomas H. Ford, 1860 The heavily illustrated first part of the final volume of the Pacific Railroad Reports, covering the explorations for the northern route under the command of Isaac Ingalls Stevens. The excellent series of lithographs reveals in color for the first time the lands explored by Lewis and Clark Page 58

on their heroic trek across the continent a half-century earlier. Wagner-Camp 267. edg wear to covers, few spots where cloth has been ripped a bit; dampstains to first 45 pages; very light scattered foxing; one map at rear detached but present; else very good. (600/900) 231. (Pacific Railroad Reports) Reports of Explorations and Surveys, to Ascertain the most Practicable and Economical Route for a Railroad from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean. Made under the Direction of the Secretary of War, in 1853-4. Volume V only. Illustrated with 28 chromolithograph plates, including 3 maps; 7 folding diagrams; 10 fossil plates; 28 botany plates. 11¼x8¾, rebound in half calf, marbled boards, new endpapers. House of Representatives Doc. 91 issue. Washington: A.O.P. Nicholson, Printer, 1853 Wagner-Camp 263. Edge wear; stain to fore edge of page block, affecting margin of first 40 pages; scattered foxing; very good. (300/500) 232.  (Panama-Pacific International Exposition)  Silver souvenir token from Argentina exhibit at the S.F. World’s Fair. Souvenir silver token, diameter 1¼”. From the Argentina exhibit. [San Francisco]: 1915 Made by Shreve & Co., with their imprint on one side of the token, with the words “Exposicion Universal de San Francisco de California,” and an image of the Argentine National Congress building. Verso is an image of Argentina’s coat of arms, with the words, “Republica Argentina.” Very good. (250/350) 233. (Panama-Pacific International Exposition) Small group of books on the Panama-Pacific International Exposition. Includes: Brinton, Christian. Impressions of the Art at the Panama-Pacific Exposition. 4 color plates of works by Frank Brangwyn; numerous other plates. (4to) cloth-backed boards, paper label (chipped). Edges rubbed. NY: John Day, 1916 * Burke, Katherine Delmar. Storied Walls of the Exposition. (12mo) cloth. No place, 1915 * Calder, A. Stirling. and Stella G.S. Perry. The Sculpture and Mural Decorations of the Exposition. Tipped-in plates. (8vo) cloth. SF: Elder, [1915] * Mullgardt, Louis Christian. The Architecture and Landscape Gardening of the Exposition. Tipped-in plates. (8vo) cloth. SF: Elder, [1915] * [Another copy] Second Edition. [1915] * Neuhaus, Eugen. The Art of the Exposition. Tipped-in plates. (8vo) boards. Third Edition. SF: Elder, [1915] * Neuhaus. The Galleries of the Exposition. Tipped in plates. (8vo) boards. SF: Elder, [1915] * Stellmann, Louis J. That Was a Dream Worth Building. Tipped-in plates after camera studies by Louis J. Stellmann, colored by Edith Kinney Stellmann. (8vo) boards with pictorial paper cover. Cover soiled. SF: Crocker, 1916. Together 8 volumes, First Edition except where noted. San Francisco (most): [1915-16] Also included is an album containing 38 souvenir postcards from the P.P.I.E. and several other postcards of San Francisco, all unused, tipped into the pages of a period album. Some general light wear; overall very good. (150/250) 234. Parker, Samuel. Journal of an Exploring Tour beyond the Rocky Mountains, under the Direction of the A.B.C.F.M. in the Years 1835, ‘36, and ‘37; Containing a Description of the Geography, Geology, Climate, Productions of the Country, and the Numbers; Manners, and Customs of the Natives... 408 pp. Illustrated with a copper-engraved plate showing the basaltic formations on the Columbia River; large folding map of the Oregon Territory at frontis. 7½x4¾, original dark brown cloth. Third Edition. Ithaca, NY: Mack, Andrus, & Woodruff, 1842 Early accounts of explorations in the Oregon Territory in the mid-1830’s. Samuel Parker’s primary purpose of this expedition, as stated in his preface, was “to become acquainted with the situation of the remote Indian tribes, and their disposition in regard to the geography of the country...”. Graff 3194; Field 1175; Howes P89; Sabin 58729. Spine almost completely missing, covers rubbed, edge wear; map foxed, with few short tears; foxed, period ownership inscription on title page, mostly ripped away (top bit of title page lacking); good. (200/300) Page 59

235. Parkman, Francis, Jr. History of the Conspiracy of Pontiac, and the War of the North American Tribes Against the English Colonies after the Conquest of Canada. xxiv, 630 pp. Four maps (2 folding). (8vo) 9¼x6, original blindstamped black cloth, spine lettered in gilt. First American Edition. Boston: Charles C. Little and James Brown, 1851 The first volume of Parkman’s series on the struggle between the English and French in early America. BAL 15448; Howes P100; Sabin 58803. Spine faded, spine ends frayed, corners rubbed; else very good. (100/150) 236. (Pedestrianism) Broadside for 1880 Ladies’ International Race at Mechanics Pavilion. Small broadside, approximately 9¼x8”. San Francisco: Francis, Valentine & Co, [1880] Rare broadside for the May, 1880 six-day Ladies’ International Race pitting Miss Amy Howard against other leading racers of the day including Madame Sarah Tobias, Madame Exilda LaChapelle, Miss Millie Young and 16 other racers. Miss Howard would be victorious (as she was in all six-day races in which she participated) at the end of the six days having covered a distance of 409 miles, 9 miles more than her closest rival Madame Tobias. Some creasing, edge wear, a few small spots of staining and foxing, very good. (200/300) 237.  (Pennsylvania)  Constitution of the Cornen Hose Co., No. 2, (Independent), Kendall Borough, McKean County, Pennsylvania.  2 copies. 16 pp. 5¾x3¾, black cloth. One copy has an 1883 amendment slip pasted to the rear flyleaf. Bradford, PA: Era Printing House Exchange Place, 1881 Earlier copy with Certificate of Membership at front filed-out in the name of Wm. N. Johnson. Some light spotting to cloth; very good. (200/300) 238. Perrie, George W. Buckskin Mose; Or, Life from the Lakes to the Pacific. 285, + [2] ad pp. Woodcut illustrations. (8vo) 7½x4¾, original red cloth stamped and lettered in black. First Edition. New York: Henry L. Hinton, 1873 “The author reached California in the middle 50’s and spent some time in Lassen County. Later he became a noted Indian fighter. His account of the Crim Emigration Company, which numbered 75 men, his journey across the plains, and his experience in the diggings are related with great verve and drama.” (Streeter). Graff 3252; Howes P242, Streeter Sale 3084. Covers a bit worn, extremities lightly rubbed, lacking front flyleaf; else very good. (150/250) 239. (Princeton University) Bric-A-Brac. Four years of the publication bound in, including: 1882-83 (154 pp); 1883-84 (150 pp.); 1884-85 (166 pp.); and 1885-86 (176 pp.) 8¾x5½, half morocco with marbled boards, original front wrappers bound in (final issue with rear wrappers as well). [New York]: [Eugene R. Cole, Printer], 1882-1886 Published by the Junior class of Princeton each academic year, this undergraduate yearbook first appeared in 1876. Later issues have included writings from some notable authors such as Booth Tarkington and Ernest Poole, among many others. Front cover almost detached, edge wear, morocco moderately rubbed, chipped and cracking at head and heel of spine; library sticker on front pastedown; rubber stamp ‘discarded’ on front wrapper of first issue; else very good. (200/300) 240. (Quakers) The Epistle from the Yearly Meeting, Held in London, By Adjournments... To the Quarterly and Monthly Meetings of Friends, in Great Britain, Ireland, and Elsewhere. 5 issues. 4 are 4 pp., 1 is 2 pp. Approx. 13x8, as folded broadsides. Various places: 1808-1829 Five American printings of the summaries of the yearly meetings of the Quakers - included are Page 60

examples printed in Baltimore (1808); Mount Pleasant [NY?] (1816); Richmond, Indiana (1822 and 1825); and one unknown (1829). Browning to some of them; very good overall. (200/300) 241.  (Reference)  Lot of 19 Americana reference volumes.  With: Senators, et al. of CA. Memorial of Senators & Reps. From CA. Asking admission to a certified copy of the constitution of CA. bound in recent boards. 1850. * Report of…Judiciary Committee…Assembly Bill No. 199…to construct a Toll Bridge across the Am. River near the Miss. Bar. Original wrappers bound in recent thin boards. 1855. * Byington. The Puritan in Eng. & New England. Owner’s signature dated 1901. 1896. * Waldman. Americana. 1926. * Staton & Tremaine. A Biblio. of Canadiana. Worn & dampstained. 1934. * Skiff. Adventures in Americana. 1 of 800, signed, on affixed limitation label as issued. 1935. * Adams. Atlas of Am. History. 1943. * Basler. Guide to Study of U.S. of A. 1960. * McDade. Annals of Murder… American Murders… Dj price clipped. 1961. * Hazard. Historical Collections… State Papers…US. Vol. I. reprint. [1969]. * Pachter. Abroad in America. Dj. [1976]. * Gagon. Essai de Bibliographie Canadienne. 2 vols. Facsimile Reprint. No date. 1970’s-80’s? * Powers. Revolutionary America. Wraps. 1976. * McHenry. Famous Am. Women. Wraps. 1980. * Nagel. Descent from Glory…John Adams Family. Book club. Dj. 1983. * Gephart. Revolutionary America bibliography. 2 vols. Ex-lib. 1984. * Houze. Twilight People. Dj. [2006]. Together, 19 volumes. Mostly cloth and/or boards, 4 in jacket; 2 in wrappers. Various places: 1850-2006 Condition varies. general wear overall. Shelf wear, rubbing, some with foxing, soiling, etc.; a few good to very good; most very good to fine. Sold as is. (150/250) 242.  (Roller Skating)  Broadside advertisement for a race between “Man on Foot against Man on Rollers”. Broadside advertisement. 24x9¼. Windsor, VT: 1885 Advertisement for a race between a runner and a rollerskater, with a prize of $2 to the winner. Race held at the Palace Skating Rink in Windsor, Vermont. Horizontal creases, light wear at edges; very good. (300/500) 243. Roosevelt, Theodore. The Wilderness Hunter: An Account of the Big Game of the United States and its Chase with Horse, Hound, and Rifle. xvi, 472. Engraved headpieces, full page plates from paintings. Cloth. First Edition. New York: Putnam’s, [1893] Frederic M. Crehore inscribed in ink on front free endpaper, engraved name card tipped in. Edge wear, spine browned, bit of foxing to cloth; bookplate on front pastedown; else very good. (200/300) 244. Ruffner, W. H. A Report on Washington Territory. 242 pp. Illustrated with plates from paintings, drawings, engravings and maps, including a folding and loose map in rear endpaper pocket. 8¾x6, original gilt-lettered brown cloth. First Edition. New York: Seattle, Lake Shore and Eastern Railway, 1889 “This book is a detailed report of the importance of the development of railroads to the economic health and growth of Washington of the first really detailed economic reports on the future potential of the Territory...” - Tweeny “Washington Eighty-Nine” 68; Smith 8835. Some light wear to cloth; very good. (200/300) 245. Russell, Charles M. Good Medicine: The Illustrated Letters of Charles M. Russell. Introduction by Will Rogers. Biographical Note by Nancy C. Russell. Illustrated throughout in color, reproducing pictorial letters written by Charles M. Russell. 12x8¾, buckram, top edge gilt. First Trade Edition. Garden City: Doubleday, Doran, 1930 Page 61

Famed collection of letters written and illustrated by the cowboy artist C.M. Russell. Lacking dust jacket and slipcase, spine faded, edges a bit rubbed, front hinge cracked, bookplate; else very good. (200/300) 246. Ryan, Marah Ellis. The Flute of the Gods. (xiv), 338 pp. 24 gravure plates after photographs by Edward S. Curtis. 8¼x5½, original pictorial cloth, photographic illustration on front. First Trade Edition. New York: Frederick A. Stokes, [1909] A variant issue, approximately ¼” taller than copies we have previously offered. Signed by the author on fly title. Ryan’s novel of the Native Americans of the southwest and their encounters with the Spanish missionaries and explorers. Vividly illustrated with the photographs of Edward Curtis. Spine ends pulled, edges worn, hinges cracked; tear to contents leaf; good. (300/500) 247. Sala, George Augustus. My Diary in America in the Midst of War. 2 volumes. [x], 424; vi, 425 pp. 8¾x5½, later blue half morocco and marbled boards, spines gilt, top edges gilt. First Edition. London: Tinsley Brothers, 1865 Extremities rubbed, hinges cracked; very good. (200/300) 248. (San Francisco City Federation of Women’s Clubs) MacMaster, Mrs. Daniel J., Founder. Year Book City Federation of Women’s Clubs, Official Directory.  176 pp. Illustrated from advertisements and photographs of club presidents and other notable officers. 7¾x5¼, wrappers. San Francisco: 1918 Founded in May 1916 by Mrs. MacMaster, who was also the first President, for the purpose of propelling the goals of individual clubs through cooperation between many clubs. This is the first annual yearbook of the Federation. Advertisements for such Bay Area staples as the Fairmont Hotel and John Howell books. OCLC Worldcat locates only 1 copy, located at the San Francisco Public Library. Slight edge wear to wrappers and a few pages; else near fine. (400/600) 249.  (San Francisco - Golden Gate Park News)  Golden Gate Park News.  36 pp. Illustrated from photographs and advertisements. 11¼x7½, saddle-stitched wrappers. Vol. 2. No. 29. San Francisco: Phillips, Smyth & Van Orden, [1903] Only three listings of this publication are found in OCLC Worldcat. Printed in pre-earthquake San Francisco, in a time when you could get a stylish suit on Market Street for $15.50 (or less). This publication is mostly advertising, with a few articles stuck in, namely some discussion of the entertainment that was the Golden Gate Park Band, directed by Paul Steindorff. There is a map of the park, with advertisements of “Where to go after the concert.” Some wear to covers, including a few small marginal stains on rear cover; a few very short marginal tears to rear pages; very good. (200/300) PHOTOGRAPHS BY WILLIAM HENRY JACKSON 250. Schmidt, Carl E. A Western Trip. 91, [1] pp. Test printed in sepia. With 12 mounted photochrom prints from photographs by William Henry Jackson; 18 halftones from photographs in the text. 8¾x6¼, original full calf pictorially stamped in gilt on front cover, red silk endleaves, top edge gilt, others untrimmed. No place: for private circulation only, [1904] Presentation copy with nine-line signed inscription by Schmidt on the back of the front free endpaper, dated January 1932. Scarce privately printed account of a trip to Yellowstone National Park at the beginning of the 20th century. The color plates from photographs by W.H. Jackson are printed by what was then “a new photo-lithographic process for reproducing pictures in Page 62

color.” Around 1895, the American rights for the new technique, invented in Switzerland, were acquired by William A. Livingstone, owner of the Detroit Publishing Company and its newlyformed subsidiary Photochrom Company. They bought all of Jackson’s negatives of Western scenes, and hired the great photographer as a director. In his autobiography, Time Exposure, published in 1940, he states that photochrom reproduction was a “process hardly improved today,” and that statement remains true nearly sixty years later. Each of the prints with caption and imprint printed in gold in the lower part of the image. The Streeter copy was described as having 18 mounted original photographs in the text, but in the present copy those photos are halftones printed directly on the pages. Minor foxing and fading to covers, a few scuffs; minor damage to front endleaves, very good or better. (3000/5000)

Lot 250

THREE LOTS BY CHARLES SCHREYVOGEL 251.  Schreyvogel, Charles.  Color lithograph - “Attack at Dawn”.  Hand-finished color lithograph on stiff card, 14x19¾. Signed in the print at lower right, impressed copyright stamp at lower left. No place: 1904 Image of the U.S. Cavalry attacking an Indian Camp. Provenance: Formerly hung in the famous Brown Derby Restaurant in Los Angeles, California. Frame from its Brown Derby days present but with a significant amount of wear. Some light wear at edges, colors a bit muted; very good. (1000/1500)

Lot 251

252.  Schreyvogel, Charles.  Color lithograph “My Bunkie”.  Hand-finished color lithograph on stiff card, 14x19¾. Signed in the print and with impressed copyright stamp at lower right. No place: 1901 Image of three U.S. Cavalry soldiers on horseback with a fourth attempting to mount behind the rider of the lead horse while at full gallop. Provenance: Formerly hung in the famous Brown Derby Restaurant in Los Angeles, California. Frame from its Brown Derby days present but with a significant amount of wear. Heavy water damage and mildew, board warped; fair. (1000/1500) Page 63

Lot 252

253. Schreyvogel, Charles. My Bunkie and Others: Pictures of Western Frontier Life. [8] pp. 36 plates by Schreyvogel. (Oblong folio) 12x16½, cloth backed pictorial boards. First Edition. New York: Moffat, Yard & Company, 1909 Striking scenes of Indian and cavalry life. Howes S199; Dykes, Schreyvogel 93. Boards worn and soiled, hinges shaken; good. (500/800) THE FIRST AMERICAN GAZETTEER – WITH HAND COLORED MAPS 254.  Scott, Joseph.  The United States Gazetteer: Containing an Authentic Description of the Several States. Unpaginated. 19 folding engraved maps with early hand-coloring. (12mo) 6½x4, period calf with modern rebacking and re-cornering. First Edition. Philadelphia: F. and R. Bailey, 1795

Lot 254

First Edition of the first gazetteer published in America. Includes a general map of the United States, each of the 13 original states, plus Vermont, Kentucky, the Northwest and Southwest Territories, and a separate map of Maine. Evans 29476; Sabin 78331; Howes S327. General map with stains from old cello-tape repairs (tape now removed and map repaired with archival tape), map of South Carolina chipped at upper corner with some loss to ruled border, old tape repair on verso of Rhode Island map; foxing throughout; very good. (2000/3000)

255. Simpson, George. Narrative of a Voyage to California Ports in 1841-42, Together with Voyages to Sitka, the Sandwich Islands & Okhotsk; To Which are Added Sketches of Journeys across America, Asia, & Europe: From the Narrative of a Voyage Round the World. xxxii, 232 pp. Illustrated with 2 portraits of the author with tissue-guards; facsimiles of the title pages of the first edition and part of a holograph report (double-page) by Simpson; folding facsimile map. 10x6½, linen-backed boards, card stock dust jacket. One of 250 copies. Presentation copy to Milton Ferguson and signed from the printer. Within is a hand-written letter from Thomas C. Russel to Milton Ferguson, chief librarian at Brooklyn Public Library. San Francisco: Thomas C. Russell, 1930 Also included is a prospectus and the wrapper-bound proof copy. Paper yellowed. Dust jacket yellowed, ½” lacking at heel of spine, short tear; each volume with slight edge wear; very good all around. (300/500) 256. Simpson, Harold B. Audie Murphy: American Soldier. xv, 466 pp. Illustrations from photographs, color frontispiece. (4to) 11x8½, green leather-backed “Army Green Twill Cloth”, reproduction patches and medal on front, slipcase. Number 8 of 50 copies specially prepared and bound. First Edition. Hillsboro, TX: Hill Jr. College Press, 1975 Signed by the author on the limitation page. Scarce limited edition biography of World War II’s most decorated American soldier. Previous owners name blacked-out on slipcase; else fine. (1000/1500)

The Buyer’s Premium will be 20% for bids up to $100,000 and 15% for that portion over $100,000. Page 64

257. Simpson, [James Hervey]. Report from the Secretary of War, Communicating...the report and map of the route from Fort Smith, Arkansas, to Santa Fe, New Mexico, made by Lieutenant Simpson. 25 pp. Four folding maps at rear. 8¾x5, modern blue leather. Senate, 31st Congress, 1st Session, Doc. No. 12. Washington: 1850 Wagner-Camp 192. Very good.


258. Sitgreaves, [Lorenzo] and [Israel] Woodruff. Northern and Western Boundary Line of the Creek Country. Letter from the Secretary of War Transmitting Reports of Captains Sitgreaves and Woodruff of the survey of the Creek Indian Boundary Line. 32 pp. Large folding map. 9x5½, disbound. First Edition. House of Representatives, 35th Congress, 1st Session, Doc. No. 104. Washington: 1858 Wagner-Camp 307a - Illuminating report on the “Creek Country” lying between the Red Fork of the Arkansas River and the Canadian River, immediately to the west of Fort Smith. Besides the reconnaissance, the document also contains the report of Dr. S.W. Woodhouse, medical officer and naturalist on the survey, on the geology of the area together with lists of plants, birds, shells, and tables of astronomical observations. The map, quite detailed, was overlooked by Wheat. Light foxing, few other marks to first page; a few tiny tears to map, a few spots of foxing to map; else very good. (300/500) WITH ORIGINAL ALBUMEN PHOTOGRAPHS OF SLAVERY SKETCHES 259. (Slavery) Paton, J. Noel. Bond and Free: Five Sketches Illustrative of Slavery. Photographed by Thomas Annan, Glasgow. With five albumen photographs by Thomas Annan of designs by Paton depicting scenes of slavery in America, mounted on captioned leaves, loose in paper wrappers with cloth spine, as issued. Photographs approx. 7x8½, overall 18¼x13¼. Glasgow: Maclure & Macdonald, 1863 Moving depictions, the titles of the photographs are “Verbum Dei”; “The Sale”; “The Capture”; “The Rescue”; “Freedom”. Gernsheim Incunabula #189. The work was presented to the subscribers of the Art-Union of Glasgow for the year 1863. J. Noel Paton (1821-1901), British painter, was known for his use of allegory. This series of five works combines straightforward image of the cruelties of the slave trade with classic religious symbolism. Paton’s works are in the British National Gallery. The present work, being important in the realms of art, photography, and anti-slavery, is quite rare - OCLC lists only three copies, at Northwestern, the American Antiquarian Society, and Cornell University. Some soiling and edge wear to wrappers; mounts well foxed, photographs only slightly so, some fading, good to very good. (1500/2500) 260.  (Sloat, John Drake, Commodore. His Copy)  Beaufort, James.  Hoyle’s Games Improved: Being Practical Treatises on the Following Fashionable Games, Viz.: Whist, Quadrille, Piquet, Back-Gammon, Chess, Billiards, and Tennis. With the established Rules of each Game. 216 pp. (Small 8vo) 5½x3½, contemporary full calf, rebacked in the 20th century, spine gilt lettered. Second edition of this revision of Edmund Hoyle’s work, after the first edition of 1775. London: Osborne and Griffin; and H. Mozley, 1788 Signed on the title-page by ‘J. D. Sloat, U. S. Navy’. John Drake Sloat (1781-1867) had an illustrious career at sea both in the U. S. Navy and the merchant marine before being named commander of the Pacific Squadron in August 1844 with the title of Commodore. On July 7, 1846, Sloat’s fleet seized Monterey, California, in the name of the United States. San Francisco having been similarly occupied, Sloat served as military governor of California for several weeks before ill health compelled him to hand over his command to Commodore Robert F. Stockton and return east. Although he has been criticized for not having acted more quickly in the acquisition of California from Mexico, Sloat has been more often praised for avoiding rash acts and for his benign treatment of the Mexican Californian population, in contrast to the harshness of his successor. Sloat later returned to California to establish the Mare Island Navy Yard near Vallejo. A work such as this would have been useful on shipboard to regulate the off-duty pastimes of Page 65

the officers, although there is no internal evidence of such use in this copy. The book is also signed--in a much different hand--by ‘Jno. Sloat’ on p. [iii]. This may have been executed by one of the Commodore’s sons, also named John Drake Sloat (1833-1875). Autograph material related to Commodore Sloat is uncommon: auction records since 1975 show only one note signed by him. Modern rebacking; covers well rubbed; pervasive light browning of text leaves; a well-worn copy with a remarkable association. (400/700) 261.  Smith, John.  The True Travels, Adventures, & Observations of Captaine John Smith.  [xxiv], 80, [1] pp. Illustrated with facsimiles. (4to) 12½x8, red cloth, paper spine label. One of an edition of 377 numbered copies. New York: Rimington House, 1930 First published in 1630. Corners lightly bumped, a few pages roughly opened; dampstain to rear cover; good. (100/150) 262. Soulé, Frank, John H. Gihon and James Nisbet. The Annals of San Francisco; Containing a Summary of the History of the First Discovery, Settlement, Progress, and Present Condition of California, and a Complete History of all the Important Events Connected with Its Great City: To Which Are Added, Biographical Memoirs of Some Prominent Citizens. 824 pp. Illustrated with numerous wood engravings, 6 steel-engraved plates (including frontispiece); 2 maps (1 folding). (8vo) 9x5½, full black morocco spine lettered in gilt, all edges gilt. First Edition. New York: D. Appleton, 1855 “A necessary reference book of San Francisco to the middle fifties, compiled mainly from newspapers and information received from pioneer citizens...” - Zamorano. Kurutz 594; Cowan p.601; Graff 3901; Howes S769; Sabin 87268; Zamorano 70. Front joint split, front hinge repaired, rear hinge cracked; long tear to folding map; else very good (500/800) 263.  (Southern Pacific Company)  Collection of Southern Pacific publications - routes, maps, and letters. Includes: Two announcements of the changing of routes, from Edwin Hawley, Assistant General Traffic Manager. Both typed and dated October 6, 1896. One measures 8½x5½, the other 11x8½. The larger one with company rubber stamp, “received October 13 1896.” * Table of Distances between various cities in Japan. On tissue paper. 9½x12½. * Track Chart of the Nippon Yusen Kaisha Mail Steamers with Railway Connections. Map of Japan. 13¼x12 map on 14½x13 tissue paper. One tape repair to short tear. April 18, 1894. * Chart Showing the Steamer Tracks of the Nippon Yusen Kaisha. Map includes far East routes between India, China, Japan, Hawaii, Malaysia, New Guinea, and Australia. 12½x18¾ map on 13¾x20 tissue paper. 8” tear repaired with tape, top left-hand corner torn away. April 21, 1894. 1894-96 Southern Pacific Railroad acquired Pacific Mail and Occidental & Orient Steamship Companies in 1893. Nice collection from the adjustment period that followed shortly thereafter. Some tears to maps (see above); light edge wear to each; condition varies; generally very good. (500/800) 264. Stafford, Mrs. Mallie. The March of Empire Through Three Decades. Embracing Sketches of California History... 189 pp. Wood-engraved frontispiece portrait of the author with her facsimile autograph. (8vo) 6¾x4½, period brown cloth, possibly rebound. First Edition. San Francisco: Geo. Spaulding & Co., 1884 A rare account by a woman who witnessed early western expansion firsthand. Mallie Stafford went to California in 1854 via Panama; she and her husband lived in Nevada City, then Marysville. She moved to Nebraska on the eve of the Civil War, then lived in Denver while her husband worked the Colorado mines. Howes S684; Graff 3939; Cowan p. 606. Cloth repair to spine and front cover, edges worn, front endpapers replaced, rear hinge cracked; else good. (100/150) Page 66

265. (Steamship) Mallory S.S. Lines: New York and Texas Steamship Co. brochure. 16x16 when unfolded, 8x4¼ when folded. Brochure advertisement for the fares and schedules of the Mallory Steam Ship lines between the seaports of Texas, Georgia, Florida and New York, connecting with railroads from all points in various U.S. states. New York: Broun-Green Co., 1898 The New York & Texas Steamship Co. was established in 1866, with its primary route from New York to Galveston, Texas. A map of this route is inside the brochure. When unfolded, brochure presents a full page of why a sea trip is “the best tonic in the world.” Very light edge wear; very good. (200/300) RARE AMERICAN ARTILLERY MANUAL 266. Stevens, William. A System for the Discipline of the Artillery of the United States of America, Or, The Young Artillerist’s Pocket Companion.  Volume 1 only [all published]. 14, (13)-260 pp. 24 engraved plates. 6½x4, original full calf, red morocco spine label. First Edition. New York: William A. Davis, 1797 Important work on the early military tactics of the United States, intended as the first volume of a three-volume work, the subsequent volumes of which were never issued. The author was a captain of artillery during the American Revolution. Evans 32878; Sabin 91568. Extremities worn, lacking free endpapers; one plate with a 3” tear into image; foxing throughout; else very good. (1500/2000) 267. Stillman, J. D. B. Seeking the Golden Fleece; A Record of Pioneer Life in California: To Which is Annexed Footprints of Early Navigators, Other Than Spanish, in California; With an Account of the Voyage of the Schooner Dolphin. 352 pp. Illustrated with wood engraved Lot 266 plates. (8vo) period half calf and marbled boards, spine gilt, morocco labels. First Edition. San Francisco: A. Roman & Co., 1877 The author was a doctor during the Gold Rush and spent much time in the mines from 1849 to 1850. This book and works published recently from his surviving manuscripts have established him as one of the leading chroniclers of the early days in California. Howes S1006; Cowan p.616; Wheat, Gold Rush 199; Kurutz 605. Spine faded, edges rubbed, hinges cracked; some pencil underlining, ink stamp on endleaves; good. (200/300) 268. Strickland, Major [Samuel]. Twenty-Seven Years in Canada West; Or, The Experience of an Early Settler.  2 volumes. Edited by Agnes Strickland. [2], (ix)-xix, 311; viii, 344 pp. 7¾x4¾, later half polished blue calf and marbled boards, tan morocco lettering pieces, all edges marbled. First Edition. London: Richard Bentley, 1853 The author, brother of Agnes Strickland, emigrated to Upper Canada in 1825 and was associated with the Canada Company from 1828-31. Sabin 92810. Spines faded, some light wear to extremities, evidence of removed bookplates on front endpapers; very good. (300/500) 269. Swinton, William. History of the Seventh Regiment, National Guard, State of New York, During the War of the Rebellion. [iv], 501 pp. Engraved portrait frontispiece of Colonel Marshall Lefferts; numerous wood engraved plates after drawings by Thomas Nast. (8vo) 8½x5¾, original brown cloth, gilt emblem on front, spine lettered in gilt, top edge gilt. New York: Fields, Osgood & Co., 1870 Page 67

Signed on the front flyleaf by Geo. W. Rand. Rand, who does not appear in the present work, was a member of a Massachusetts rifle battalion during the war but joined the Seventh Regiment in 1869 and served as Captain in 1889. Covers soiled, edges rubbed, front hinge cracked; some foxing and light dampstaining; overall good. (150/250) 270. Taylor, [Jacob] & M.O. Crooks. Sketch Book of Saint Louis. 430 pp. Four folding plates, including two lithographs by A. McLean and two copper-engravings; several woodcut text illustrations. 8vo, contemporary 3/4 gilt-ruled red morocco over marbled boards, spine gilt lettered. First Edition. St Louis: George Knapp & Co., 1858 The text is devoted almost entirely to laudatory descriptions of the local business establishments, and the fine lithographic plates depict the (uncompleted) Merchants Exchange Building (with all its tenants identified) and the Excelsior Stove Works. The two engravings depict steamboats, one designed to remove snags from the Mississippi River and the other a Steam Wreck Boat, designed to raise wrecked steamboats and their cargoes. Bookplate of C. B. Farwell on front pastedown. Howes T52. Covers well rubbed, especially along edges, and with splitting at lower front joint; creasing to fold of frontispiece plate, caption to one plate trimmed by binder; some foxing, several neat marginal repairs; overall good. (100/150) 271. (Texas - Midland) The Code of the City of Midland, Texas 1955: The Charter and General Ordinances of the City. viii, 384 pp. 9x6, blue cloth. Charlottesville, VA: Michi City Publications, 1955 The municipal law of Midland Texas, passed for the year 1955, is contained in this volume, which is not located by OCLC Worldcat. Light edge wear, few stains on rear cover, few spots of staining to top and fore edge of page block; name in ink “Duff M Malone” on front free endpaper; stain to top edge of first few pages; very good. (200/300) 272. (Trade Catalog) Vermont Marble Company’s Designs. Unpaginated. Illustrations from photographs. 9x6½, original red cloth stamped in gilt. With seventeen 4x6” marble samples and one 5x8 marble sample, all but 2 with identifying label on rear, most with the address of Vermont Marble’s San Francisco location. Proctor, Vermont: Vermont Marble Company, [c. 1910?] A scarce trade catalog of cemetery monuments, with the salesman’s samples of available marbles. Stain to covers, edges worn, hinges cracked; samples with a few small chips. (300/500) 273. (Trade Catalogs) Six trade catalogs for farming implements. Includes: Rock Island Plow Co. Annual Farmers’ Pocket Companion. 48 pp. Lithograph wrappers. 1889 * New Buckeye Mower, Table-Rake and Dropper, Manufactured by Aultman, Miller & Co. Wrappers. [1885] * Peru Plow and Wheel Co. 40 pp. Wrappers. [c. 1887] * The Pattee’s Patent New Departure 2 Horse Straddle Row Walking Cultivator manufactured by Pattee Plow Company. Wrappers. [1908] * The Root Bros. Co. The Home Mechanic and Household Helper. 36 pp. Wrappers. Creased vertically. 1896 * Farm Implement News Buyer’s Guide. 253 pp. Green cloth. A few clippings pasted in. 1892. Together 6 volumes, all with woodcut illustrations. Various places: Various dates Overall very good.


274. (Travel - United States) Three illustrated volumes on 19th century travels in the United States. Includes: Beadle, J.H. The Undeveloped West; Or, Five Years in the Territories... 823, [8] ad pp. Illus. from woodcuts, including 2-page map. Purple cloth. Spine sunned and frayed, dampstain on cover. National Publishing Company, [1873]. * Meriwether, Lee. The Tramp at Home. 296, [2] ad pp. Illus. from woodcut plates. Purple cloth. Period ownership inscription on prelim page. Harper & Brothers, 1889. Page 68

* Russling, James F. Across America: Or, The Great West and the Pacific Coast. 503 pp. Woodcuts and one folding map. Green cloth. 5” tear to map, bookplate of J.H. Sessions, Jr. of Bristol, Conn. Sheldon & Company, 1874. Together three octavo first editions. Various places: Various dates Gilt-lettered author’s name on cover and spine of Across America, incorrectly print his middle initial “T”. Moderate to heavy edge wear to each volume; condition varies, generally very good overall. (200/300) 275. Trumbull, John (1756-1843). Autobiography, Reminiscences and Letters of John Trumbull, from 1756 to 1841. Engraved portrait frontispiece; two folding maps, one on tissue paper; many plates from drawings. 9x5½, leather-backed boards, gilt spine. New York & London: Wiley and Putnam, 1841 Edge wear; removed bookplate from front pastedown, hinges repaired with cloth tape; strip clipped from bottom of title page; dampstaining to edges of endpapers and edges of many pages within; foxed; offsetting; good. (200/300) 276.  [Tucker, Nathaniel Beverly].  George Balcombe.  2 volumes. 282; 319 pp. 7½x4½, unmatched cloth, rebacked with cloth tape. First Edition. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1836 Praised by Edgar Allan Poe as “the best American novel”. BAL 20587. Bindings well worn, crudely rebacked; foxing throughout; fair only but worthy of restoration. (700/1000) 277. Tuthill, Franklin. The History of California. xvi, 657 pp. 9x5½, original cloth, spine lettered in gilt. First Edition. San Francisco: H.H. Bancroft, 1866 “A scholarly work written in readable style. The lapse of time has not impaired its general usefulness” - Cowan p.648; Howes T433. Spine faded, minor edge wear, ink ownership inscription on front endpaper “Teacher’s Library, Santa Cruz County, No. 1”; light foxing; else very good. (100/150) 278. (U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey) Report of the Superintendent of the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey showing the Progress of the Work during the fiscal year ending with June, 1879. xxv, [1], 213, [1] pp. Illustrated in the text with plates (mostly after topographical drawings) and a folding chart, plus 32 large folding maps and charts, some with color. (4to) 11¼x8¾, spine gilt-lettered. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1881 Covering the coasts of California, Oregon and Washington, coast of Florida, reconnaissance and triangulation in Nevada, Utah, and Colorado, and much more. Shelf wear, rubbed, few spots of soiling to top edge of page block; Wilmington College Library bookplate; a few tape repairs to stub tears to maps; very good. (300/500) 279.  (U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey)  Report of the Superintendent of the United States Coast Survey, Showing the Progress of the Survey During the Fiscal Year Ending With June, 1880. xxii, 419 pp. 88 maps, charts, etc. most folding. (4to) 11¼x9, original black cloth. First Edition. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1882 Several notable articles in this annual report includes: On the Determination of time, longitude, latitude, and azimuth; Report of the Temperature and Currents of the Bering Sea and the adjacent waters; An Attempt to Solve the Problem of the first landing place of Columbus in the New World; An inquiry in the variation of the compass off the Bahama Islands at the time

Page 69

of the landing of Columbus in 1492. Includes a chart showing the track of the 1492 Voyage of Columbus. Binding shaken, shelf wear; good. (100/150) 280.  (United States House and Senate Publications)  Collection of various House of Representative and Senate publications.  Includes: Message of the President of the United States. Senate Doc. 49. 35th Congress, 1st Sess. Disbound, housed in card-stock wrappers. 1858. Plus approximately 29 other disbound House and Senate publications, most in card-stock wrappers. * Portion of the publication: Acts Passed at the Second Session of the Twelfth Congress of the United States. 336-457, vi (table of contents), lxxii (index) pp. 1812-13 * Six bound volumes of miscellaneous documents from the House and the Senate (2 of House, 4 of Senate). Dates include 1844-1895. Washington DC: Various dates The first publication contains President Buchanan’s report on the African slave trade. Some with folding maps, diagrams. Bound volumes rubbed, with edge wear, some with cracked hinges or joints; condition varies but generally good or better overall. Sold as is. (500/800) 281.  (United States Navy)  Pilot’s Handbook: Model PBY-5 Flying Boat.  Released by the Bureau of Aeronautics, Navy Department. 40 pp. Instructional diagrams and charts throughout including one folding. 8x5, cloth-backed boards, bound with string. Head of title page reads <u>Restricted</u> 70496 ZE-28-022, The locker provided for classified data in this airplane gives class “c” stowage...” etc. San Diego, CA: Consolidated Aircraft Corporation, December 2, 1940 Manufactured by the Consolidated Aircraft Corporation, the PBY-5 Flying Boat was one of the most widely used aircrafts during World War II. The multiple uses of this aircraft included: anti-submarine warfare, patrol bombing, convoy escorts, search-and-rescue missions, and cargo transport. Only one copy found on OCLC Worldcat is at the UC Berkeley Library. Dampstain on front cover, tiny stain on rear cover; green ink ownership inscription on title page; very good. (300/500) 282. (University of California, Berkeley) University Day April Ninth 1921. Program edited by A.S.U.C. Publicity Bureau. [36] pp. Profusely illustrated from photographs of athletes and advertisements. 6½x10, saddle-stitched color pictorial wrappers. [Berkeley, CA]: [A.S.U.C.], 1921 Compilation of the results of the competitive inter-collegiate sporting events held on University Day at UC Berkeley. Only three sports held competition; crew, track and baseball. Short article at rear on Cal football. Only copy located on OCLC Worldcat located at UC Berkeley library. Lightly chipped wrapper edges; first leaf (schedule of events) lacking at upper right corner and faint offsetting; very lightly yellowed page edges; very good. (300/500) 283. Van Tramp, John C. Prairie and Rocky Mountain Adventures or, Life in the Far West. 775 pp. Illustrated with numerous wood-engravings and plates; steel-engraved frontispiece and 1 plate. 8½x5½, original publisher’s full blindstamped black morocco, spine gilt, all edges marbled. Columbus, O.: Segner & Condit, 1868 A popular and widely-read book in its time. This is one of the “many later eds.” of the 1858 edition noted by Howes. Cowan p.656; Howes V43. Extremities rubbed, joints splitting; foxing; good. (100/150) 284. (Vanderbilt System) The “Vanderbilt System” for Shippers and Travellers Between the Atlantic Seabord and the West, Northwest and the Southwest. [3] ad, 112, [2], 21 pp. 8 full page photographs, several maps, woodcuts in text and ads. (Oblong 4to) 8½x11¾, original green cloth stamped in gilt and black. First Edition. New York: F.B. Miller, 1887 Page 70

Describes one of the important early railroad “trusts”, incorporating the New York Central and Hudson River Railroad; West Shore Railroad; New York & Harlem Railroad; Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railroad; “Nickel Plate Line” (New York, Chicago & St. Louis Railway); “Bee Line” (Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, etc.); the Michigan Central and Canada Southern Railroads and the Boston & Albany Railroad. Some wear and soiling to cloth, front hinge open, large inkstamp of W.B. Jerome, General Western Passenger Agent on front pastedown and flyleaf, front free endpaper creased and torn; else good. (300/500) 285. Wagstaff, A.E., ed. Life of David S. Terry, Presenting an Authentic, Impartial, and Vivid History of His Eventful Life and Tragic Death. xvi, [15]-526 pp. Frontispiece portrait from photograph; & 4 woodengraved plates. 8¾x5½, original dark green cloth stamped in blind & black, lettered in gilt on front cover & spine, floral endpapers. First Edition. San Francisco: Continental Publishing Co., 1892 “Best biography of a violently eccentric Californian” - Howes. Terry (1823-1890) came to California from Texas in 1849, was elected to the state Supreme Court in 1855 and became Chief Justice in 1857, mortally wounded Senator David Broderick in a duel in 1859, fought for the Confederacy in the Civil War, came back to California as a lawyer in 1869, married a client, struck U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen J. Field (occasioned by Field’s determining the aforementioned client’s documentation was false), and was gunned down by Field’s bodyguard David Neagle. Cowan p.66; Howes W14. Edges worn, some spotting to cloth, hinges cracking; several rubberstamps of ‘The Grizzly Bear Club Library’; else very good. (100/150) 286. (Washington, George) [Johnston, F. and W. Hamilton, editors]. The Washingtoniana: Containing a Sketch of the Life and Death of the Late Gen. George Washington; with a Collection of Elegant Eulogies, Orations, Poems, &c. Sacred to His Memory. Also, an Appendix Comprising all His Most Valuable Public Papers, and His Last Will and Testament. 320, 78, [401]-411 pp. Stipple-engraved frontispiece portrait by D. Edwin. 8¼x5, period calf, modern rebacking. First Edition Lancaster: William Hamilton, 1802 Among the interesting features is the list of subscribers at end, beginning with those living in Pennsylvania listed by county and town, then those in other states or “scattered.” Howes J162; Sabin 36361. Boards worn at edges; light foxing; very good. (800/1200) FIRST DAY PRINTING OF WASHINGTON’S FAREWELL ADDRESS 287. (Washington, George) Washington’s Farewell Address in “The Diary” September 20, 1796. Complete 4 pp newspaper. 20½x12½” (folded). New York: Cornelius C. Van Allen, 1796 The text of Washington’s farewell address, occupying 7 columns of text on the center 2 pages. The address first appeared in Claypool’s American Daily Advertiser on September 19, 1796 and was widely reprinted in newspapers across the nation, the present copy being published just one day later. Several repairs and restorations, with loss of a letters and words in the third column of the address; else very good. (1000/1500) 288. Washington, Mrs. George Augustine. The Sewanee Cook Book: A Collection of Autographed Recipes from Southern Homes and Plantations. 207 pp. 9x6, cloth. First Edition. Nashville: Bard-Ward, 1926 Contains many recipes, as well as full page advertisements, one is a full page color lithograph advertisement for Royal Baking Powder. Taped to rear free endpaper is a facsimile letter from Queen Marie of Roumania in praise of this book. Light edge wear; lengthy ink inscription on front free endpaper to Edith from George Egleston, dated 1952; very good. (200/300) Page 71

289. Webster, Noah. Letters to a Young Gentleman Concerning His Education: To Which is Subjoined a Brief History of the United States. 335 pp. (8vo) 8½x5¼, period full calf, morocco spine label. First Edition. New Haven: Howe & Spalding, 1823 Webster discusses grammar and the parts of speech and has much to say about the English language dictionaries of his day, like Johnson, Sheridan, and Kenrick. Webster’s “History of the United States” was later issued separately, with additions. Evans 14859; Sabin 102365. Edges worn, front joint cracked, front hinge repaired, rear free endpaper lacking; previous owner’s ink note on title page dated 1896, foxing throughout; good. (200/300) 290. (Western Americana) Six volumes on the West. Includes: Shuck, Oscar T., editor. Eloquence of the Far West. No. 1. Masterpieces of E.D. Baker. Published by the Editor, 1899. * Bryant, Edwin. What I Saw in California: Being the Journal of a Tour... Heavily foxed, hinges cracked. Fourth Edition. D. Appleton, 1848. * Fitzgerald, O.P. California Sketches. Second Edition. Southern Methodist Publishing House, 1880. * Warren, Eliza Spalding. Memoirs of the West: The Spalding. [Marsh Printing Company, 1916]. * Nordhoff, Charles. California: For Health, Pleasure, and Residence. Ink inscription on title page in year of publication. Harper & Brothers, 1875. * Jackson, Joseph Henry, editor. The Western Gate: A San Francisco Reader. Signed by the editor. Cloth-backed boards, dust jacket. Farrar, Straus and Young, [1952]. Together six volumes, five bound in full cloth. Various places: Various dates Edge wear, corners bumped; some with ownership rubberstamp to front pastedowns or endpapers; condition varies; generally very good overall. Sold as is. (200/300) 291.  Westervelt, W.D.  Legends of Old Honolulu [&] Hawaiian Legends of Volcanoes.  2 volumes. Illustrations from photographs, etc. Kapa cloth sample tipped into first title. 6¼x3¾, original cloth, second title with original jacket. Second Edition of first title, First Edition of second title. Boston: Ellis Press, 1916 Jacket chipped; else near fine.


SEMINAL WORK ON THE MAPPING OF THE AMERICAN WEST 292.  Wheat, Carl I.  Mapping the Transmississippi West.  5 volumes in 6. Illustrated throughout with facsimile maps, many of which are folding; color frontispieces. 14x10, green cloth-backed beige cloth, spines lettered in gilt, original dustjackets. One of 1000 sets, designed by The Grabhorn Press. First Edition. San Francisco: Institute for Historical Cartography, 1957-1963 A monumental and exceptionally thorough work detailing our expanding knowledge of the American West, Lot 292 unlikely to be surpassed. Vol. I was printed by the Grabhorn Press; Vols. 2-5 were printed by Taylor & Taylor & James Printing from the Grabhorn design. Vol. I: The Spanish Entrada to the Louisiana Purchase, 1540-1804; Vol. II: From Lewis and Clark to Fremont, 1804-1845; Vol. III: The Mexican War to the Boundary Survey, 1846-1854; Vol. IV: Pacific Railroad Surveys to the onset of the Civil War, 1855-1860; Vol. V (parts 1 & 2): Civil War to the Geological Survey. GB 590 (Vol. 1). One jacket with a small crease near bottom front panel; else fine. (3000/5000) Page 72

293. Wheat, Carl I. The Pioneer Press of California. [iv], 33 pp. 3 woodcut illustrations by Malette Dean; 3 facsimiles. Cloth backed marbled boards, paper spine label. One of 450 copies. First Edition. Oakland: Biobooks, 1948 Printed at the Grabhorn Press. Signed by the publisher, Joseph A. Sullivan, at colophon. Minor rubbing to spine ends; offsetting from facsimiles (as usual); else near fine. (100/150) 294. Whitney, J.D. The Yosemite Guide-Book: A Description of the Yosemite Valley and the Adjacent Region of the Sierra Nevada and of the Big Trees of California. 155 pp. Illustrated with 8 wood-engraved plates after photographs by Carleton Watkins, smaller woodcuts in text; 2 folding maps loose in endpaper pockets. 9x6½, original gilt-decorated green cloth. First Edition under this title. [Sacramento]: By Authority of the Legislature, 1869 First reprint edition, without original photographs but with a slightly expanded text, of Whitney’s ‘The Yosemite Book’ published in 1868 which included original albumen prints. One map is of Yosemite Valley and the other is of the area adjacent to Yosemite Valley. Laid in is a 2 page printed description, from an unidentified source, of the Mammoth Tree Grove. See Cowan p.699; Currey & Kruska 61; Farquhar 7b; Howes W389. Extreemity wear, hinges cracking; maps a bit browned and foxed and with some splitting; some pencil underlining and a few penciled notes; overall very good. (800/1200) 295. Williams, Henry T. The Pacific Tourist: Williams’ Illustrated Trans-Continental Guide of Travel, from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean... Complete Traveler’s Guide to the Union and Central Pacific Railroads.... [4] ad, 309, [3] + [7] ad pp. Illus. with wood-engravings, many full page. 9¼x6¾, original gilt-lettered cloth. New York: Henry T. Williams, 1876 This copy without the scarce map, not present in all copies. One of the premier guides to come out in the wake of the completion of the transcontinental railroad. Cowan p.687 (listing 1881 ed. with slightly different title). Front joint splitting, overall wear, else very good. (100/150) 296.  Wilson, D.  Henrietta Robinson.  x, 329, [8(catalogue)] pp. Engraved frontispiece portrait. 8vo. Original blind-stamped brown cloth, spine stamped and lettered in gilt. First Edition. New York & Auburn: Miller, Orton & Mulligan, 1855 Henrietta had led a lurid life before she wound up in Troy, New York, where she put arsenic in the beer of a couple of acquaintances. Clearly crazy, she gained commutation of her death sentence to one of life imprisonment in Sing Sing, and she eventually expired in an insane asylum. McDade 804. Shelf wear, rubbing; occasional foxing, early owner’s signature on title page, else very good or better. (100/150) 297. Wood, Nicholas. A Practical Treatise on Rail-Roads, and Interior Communication in General. 584 pp. 3 wood-cut plate; folding chart; 9 folding engraved plates at rear. (8vo) 9x5¾m original cloth-backed boards. First American Edition. Philadelphia: Carey & Lea, 1832 From the second London edition. Rear joint split, front joint starting, spine label chipped, some wear and soiling to boards; dampstain at front, foxing; else good. (200/300) 298. (World War I) Americans Over the Top Atlas and Manual of the World’s Greatest War. Thirty Maps in Colors-Forty-two Illustrations, Sixty-four Columns of Vital Text. 64 pp. Profusely illustrated from full page illustrations, mostly maps in color; many photographs; four “de luxe” colorgravures. 14½x10, saddlestitched within full leather. Chicago, Ill.: Geographical Publishing Co., 1918

Page 73

Also included are two more World War I publications: Chambers, John S. War, Peace and Reconstruction. [16 pp.] 8x5. Sept. 1918. * McDonnel & Co. Fortnightly Review and Market Letter. No. 13. Oct. 16, 1918. [4 pp.] 10½x8. Some smudging around margins of pages; else near fine. (200/300) 299.  (World War I)  The Dugout Magazine: The Voice of the Veterans Vol. 1, No. 1.  64, [2] ad pp. Advertisements and drawings. 12x9, saddle-stitched wrappers (each an advertisement except for front cover). Vol. 1, No. 1. Los Angeles: War Veterans Publishing Co., April, 1919 The first issue of a magazine printed and published entirely by World War I veterans. OCLC Worldcat lists only one collection of this periodical, located at Stanford. With the ownership rubber stamp of Alexander Thomas Leonard, Jr. of the Medical Reserve Corps of the U.S. Army in SF on front cover; near fine. (200/300) 300. (World War I) US Army recruiting broadside. 29½x11. World War I era broadside printed in black and read, headed with “Young Men Wanted for the United States Army.” San Francisco: [c.1914] Includes pay rates for various jobs within the army. Lists bay area recruiting offices. Two very small tears at fold; else fine. (200/300) 301. (World War I and II) U.S.S. Dent. T.B. Destroyer No. 116. Plan No. 42. Booklet of General Plans. 17 leaves, stapled. Each leaf of the blueprint measures approximately 41x6, except for those which fold out, and measure approximately 48x10½. Some of title on cover crossed out with orange crayon and re-written as above. n.p.: Wm. Cramp & Sons Ship & Engine Bld. Co., Sept. 16, 1919 The USS Dent was named after an early Captain in the US Navy, John H. Dent. Originally commissioned during World War I, she was primarily used as an escort in both World Wars. A few large dampstains to first two pages on right edge; some chipping and short tears to pages; else very good. (200/300) 302. (World War II) B-29 Course. A & E Mechanic Course No. 74729. Training Project Outlines. Three parts (of a series?) of training handbooks, each has the same exact cover, but the contents vary. Illustrated by drawings and diagrams. Each approximately 65 pages. Bottom front cover of each reads, “Restricted. For Training Purposes Only, CO-784-AF-Chanute AFB, Ill. 10-13-50 5M.” 10½x8, saddle-stitched wrappers. Wichita Falls, Texas: 3750th Technical Training Group, n.d. Archive of training materials belonging to an aircraft mechanic trainee at Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas, last name Hollingsworth. Also included: Inspection and Maintenance of Jet Aircraft Preflight and Postflight Inspection. [56] pp. A & E Mechanics Course, Inspection I Branch. The name is written in pencil on the cover and within text on a few pages, as well as on the 8 loose leaves laid in. The loose leaves include hand-written entries in an Aircraft Flight Report (which has the number of hours logged in flight time on verso), and an Aircraft Inspection and Maintenance Record. Rubbing, creasing, and edge wear to wrappers, some sunning as well; else very good. (400/600) 303. (World War II) Manual for Instructors of Artillery Mechanics on 20 MM (Oerlikon) Anti-Aircraft Gun & Mark IV Mounting - To be used with Naval Ordnance Pamphlet 813.  Diagrams from drawings and photographs, including two folding. 11x8½, spiral-bound boards. Pontiac, Michigan: General Motors Corporation, 1942-43

Page 74

Laid in is one leaf with a color illustration of 20 MM. ammunition, and on verso is a Navy Department circular, date Sept. 21, 1943. No copies found by OCLC Worldcat. Light edge wear; very good. (200/300) RARE WYOMING BRAND BOOK 304. (Wyoming) Brand Book for 1885. Published by the Wyoming Stock Grower’s Association. Fourth Edition. 2 preliminary leaves, 59 un-numbered leaves of brands. Woodcut illustrations of cattle showing placement of brands, several woodcuts of horses similarly displayed. 7¼x4¼, original cloth. Fourth Edition. Cheyenne: Northwestern Live Stock Journal, [1885] Rare western brand book showing hundreds of brands belonging to the members of the Wyoming Stock Grower’s Association. Also a small section of brands from ranches outside of the association. No copies at auction in at least 30 years; OCLC WorldCat locates only 3 copies. Adams, Herd 2582 “Rare”. Covers well worn, hinges cracking; a few penciled additions; very good. (2000/3000) 305. (Yosemite) Collection of eight volumes on Yosemite. Includes: 2 copies of: Wilson, Herbert Earl. The Lore and the Lure of Yosemite. One signed by the author. Each later printings. 6¾x5, paper over boards. Later printings. Sunset Press, [1923] & [1925]. * 2 copies of: Foley, D.J. Yosemite: Souvenir & Guide. Two folding maps. 6¾x4½, clothbacked stiff wrappers. [c.1910]. * Hutchings, J.M. In the Heart of the Sierras the Yosemite Valley, Both Historical and Descriptive... Lot 304 Folding map, photographs, woodcuts. 9x5½, original cloth. Spine leaning, front hinge cracked. The Old Cabin, 1886. * Hutchings’ Guide YoSemite Valley and Big Trees. What to See, How to See it. Color map at rear. 6½x4½, cloth-backed stiff wrappers. Fifth Edition. Hicks-Judd, [c.1910]. * Yosemite Valley. W.B. Tyler S.B. 18 photograph plates (7x5) of Yosemite, housed within a green cloth case. One plate with a tear all the way through the image, repaired. N.d. * Yosemite Nature Notes. Vol. XX, No. 7. 9½x6½, yellow printed wrappers. Special Number July, 1941. Together eight volumes. Various places: Various dates Condition varies, generally very good.


306. (Yosemite) [Denison, E.S.]. Yosemite and the Big Trees of California (cover title). [59] pp. Time-table; 2 map; lithograph view of Hotel Del Monte; lithograph view of the Yosemite Stage; 28 lithograph views of Yosemite and the Big Trees. 9x5¾, later black leather, original pictorial wrappers bound in. San Francisco: Lith. H.S. Crocker & Co, [c. 1881] An abridged version of E.S. Denison’s Yosemite Views. Lithographs by E. Wyttenbach, most based on photographs by George Fiske. Rare. Currey & Kruska 100 (note).n Edges slightly trimmed but without loss of image or text, pencil writing on front wrapper; else near fine. (1000/1500) 307. (Yosemite) Symmes, Harold. Songs of Yosemite. 25 leaves. 8 tipped-in color plates after watercolors by Gunnar Widforss. 9¼x6¼, original limp suede binding, string bound, original publisher’s two-part box. [Yosemite Valley]: [Ansel F. Hall], [1923] Box split along corners and with some wear; volume fine.

Page 75


308. Young, John P. San Francisco: A History of the Pacific Coast Metropolis. 2 volumes. Photogravure frontispiece, plates from photographs and facsimiles throughout; folding map. (4to) 12x9, original ¾ brown morocco and green cloth, marbled endpapers, top edges gilt, other edges untrimmed. No. 833 of a limited edition. First Edition. San Francisco and Chicago: S.J. Clarke Publishing Co., [1912] Signed by the author on the limitation page. A fine and detailed history of San Francisco, with many fine photographs and much attention given the earthquake and fire of 1906 and the city’s subsequent rehabilitation. Cowan p. 905; Rocq 7973. Extremities rubbed; very good. (200/300)

Section III: Travel and Exploration Including Mountaineering 309.  Adams, Andrew Leith. Wanderings of a Naturalist in India, the Western Himalayas, and Cashmere. xi, 333 pp. Engraved frontispiece. 7¾x5, half calf with marbled boards, gilt spine with leather spine label. First Edition. Edinburgh: Edmonston and Douglas, 1867 Scarce title, and a more unique text combining the author’s enthusiasm for hunting with his specialty as a professor of natural history. Calf rubbed at extremities, peeling a bit from corners, a few spots of soiling; very good. (600/900) 310. (Baron de Tott, François) Memoirs of Baron de Tott. Containing the State of the Turkish Empire and the Crimea, During the Late War with Russia. With Numerous Anecdotes, Facts, and Observations, on the Manners and Customs of the Turks and Tartars. 2 volumes. xxxv, [1], 236; [2], 287, [21] index pp. (8vo) later full leather, gilt spines, red and green morocco spine labels. Second Edition. London: Printed for G.G.J. and J. Robinson, 1786 Provenance: Mary Poulton Dawkins (1820-1906). ESTC T110203. Moderately rubbed at extremities, heads and heels of spine chipped a bit; small dampstain on bottom fore edge of page block; scattered foxing; else very good. (200/300) 311.  Brownell, Charles de Wolf. The Indian Races of North and South America. Comprising an Account of the Principal Aboriginal Races; A Description of Their National Customs, Mythology, and Religious Ceremonies... Illustrated with engraved plates, many in color; frontispiece and extra illustrated title page. 8½x5½, original blind and gilt-stamped cloth. Hartford, Conn.: American Publishing Company, 1873 Ex-library; edge wear, frayed at head and heel of spine, evidence of removed sticker on spine; hinges cracked; bookplate on front pastedown; rubber stamps on title page; volume good; plates very good. (200/300) 312.  Bruce, C.G., et al. The Assault on Mount Everest 1922. xi, 339, [1] ad pp, 2 folding maps; many photograph plates; photogravure frontispiece. 9¾x6½, blue cloth. New York / London: Longmans, Green & Co. / Edward Arnold & Co., 1923 The expedition members, who contributed to the volume, included George H. Leigh-Mallory, George Finch, T.H. Somervell and T.G. Longstaff in addition to Bruce. John Howell, Importer, San Francisco label on rear pastedown. Very light edge wear, edges of page block foxed; very good. (400/700)

You can bid absentee directly from the item description in the online version of the catalogue at Or bid during the auction using the Real-Time Bidder. Page 76

313.  Bruce, James. Travels Between the Years 1765 and 1773, Through Party of Africa, Syria, Egypt, and Arabia, into Abyssinia, to Discover the Source of the Nile: Comprehending an Interesting Narrative of the Author’s Adventures in Abyssinia... 486 pp. With 8 (of 12) copper-engraved plates. 6¾x4, period full calf, spine gilt. London: Albion Press/J. & J. Cundee, [c. 1805] Several of the plates with amateur hand-coloring. Vertical cracking to spine leather, lacks free endpapers, hinges cracked; foxing; good. (200/300) 314.  Byne, Arthur and Mildred Stapley. Provincial Houses in Spain. 4 preliminary leaves, 190 plates interspersed with 10 pages of text. (Folio) 16x12½, original red cloth lettered in gilt. First Edition. New York: William Helburn Inc., 1925 Photographs of interior and exterior architectural details of Spanish buildings. Some rippling to cloth, light edge wear; very good. (300/500) 315.  [Campbell, Thomas]. The Annals of Great Britain from the Ascension of George III. the Peace of Amiens. 3 volumes. xv, 505; viii, 498; viii, 406 pp. (8vo) 8¼x5¼, period full tree-calf, spines gilt, leather labels. First Edition. Edinburgh: Mundell, Doig, & Stevenson, et al, 1807 Covers the years 1760 to 1801, encompassing the entire period of the American Revolution. Front cover detached on first volume, other joints and hinges cracking, spine labels chipped; light foxing; very good. (300/500) 316.  Casati, Gaetano. Ten Years in Equatoria and the Return with Emin Pasha. 2 volumes. Illustrated within text and with plates, including some color, and 4 folding maps in rear pockets. (8vo) 8½x5¼, brown cloth with pictorial decoration of man tied to palm tree and attacked by three armed men. London and New York: Frederick Warne, 1891 Casati (1838-1902) was an Italian explorer. He arrived in Africa in 1880, and was the first European to see the Ruwenzori Mountains. He was with Emin Pasha when Stanley arrived in 1888. Light wear to extremities, corners bumped, bookplates, previous owner’s name on flyleaf; very good. (250/350) WITH MANUSCRIPT CASTAWAY NARRATIVE IN MARGINS 317. (Castaway Narrative) Nevill, Samuel. The Acts of the General Assembly of the Province of New-Jersey. (Folio) 11½x6½, period full leather. Philadelphia: Wm. Bradford, 1752 Page 12 contains an act for regulation of slaves. Contains a first hand manuscript account of a shipwreck. The manuscript account begins on verso of the dedication page with “A Person that were shipwrecked and castaway on sea is now about to give a true detail of the surprising accidents that happened [to] him during his four years voyage which is as follows...” and the unidentified traveller’s account of his 1758 journey continues to fill the verso of dedication page, and along the top margins of pages 1-12. Provenance: The William H. Guthman Collection. Evans 6893. Edge wear; missing title page and pages 503-507 (index pages); scattered foxing, edge wear and light chipping to pages; else very good. (1500/2500) Lot 317 Page 77

318. (China) Allom, Thomas. Collection of 79 engraved plates - 4 are colored. Loose collection of 79 plates, including 4 hand-colored plates. Sizes vary a bit, mostly 10¾x8¼”. London: [c. 1859] Depicting Chinese scenery, costume, trades, etc. as perceived by the West in the mid-19th century. Edges a bit brittle, but overall still with nice margins; very few scattered minor spots; very good or better. (600/900) 319.   Cumming, Roualeyn Gordon.  Five Years of a Hunter’s Life in the Far Interior of South Africa. With Notices of the Native Tribes, and Anecdotes of the Chase of the Lion, Elephant, Hippopotamus, Giraffe, Rhinoceros, &c. 2 Volumes. 326; 303, 4, 4 ad pp. Illustrated half title pages in each. 7½x5, original blindstamped cloth, spines lettered in gilt. First American Edition. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1850 Following brief service in India, where he found the climate disagreeable, Cumming joined the Cape Riflemen in 1843. He was more interested in the hunt than in keeping the peace, and most of his time was spent pursuing wild animals. Edge wear, spines leaning, yellowing at edges and spines, faint soiling; foxed; else very good. (200/300) TRAVELS IN NORTHERN AND CENTRAL AFRICA 320.  Denham, [Dixon] and [Hugh] Clapperton. Narrative of Travels and Discoveries in Northern and Central Africa, in the Years 1822, 1823, and 1824, by Major Denham, Captain Clapperton, and the Late Dr. Oudney. Extending Across the Great Desert to the Tenth Degree of Northern Latitude, and From Kouka in Bornou, to Sackatoo, the Capital of the Felatah Empire. Two volumes. lxxxviii, 321; [iv], 413 pp. 9 (of 12) plates, including 1 hand-colored lithograph, 4 maps. 8¼x5¼, contemporary half-calf with marbled boards, gilt-lettered spine. Second Edition. London: John Murray, 1826 The accounts of Denham and Clapperton of their important explorations in Africa; by the time of this publication Clapperton had left on his second (and last) journey into the African interior, but he left his journal to be prepared for the press. Leather scuffed and worn, boards rubbed, binding of Volume 1 detached along front hinge; light foxing; else good (800/1200) 321.  Dirom, Alexander. An Inquiry into the Corn Laws and Corn Trade of Great Britain, and Their Influence on the Prosperity of the Kingdom. With Suggestions for the Improvement of the Corn Laws. xii, 262, [2], 53, [1] errata pp. (4to) 11½x8¾, period vellum backed marbled boards. First Edition. Edinburgh: William Creech, 1796 With a supplement by William Mackie. Vellum chipped, some wear to boards; 1¾” strip trimmed from foot of title page; else very good. (500/800) 322.  Earl, George Windsor. The Eastern Seas, or Voyages and Adventures in the Indian Archipelago in 1832-33-34. xii, 461 pp. 4 folding maps. 8¾x5½, original blindstamped green cloth, spine lettered in gilt. First Edition. Lonond: Wm. H. Allen, 1837 The author’s voyages included visits to Java, Borneo, Siam, and Singapore. Hill 411. Spine chipped and splitting along joints, wear and soiling to cloth, hinges reinforced with cloth tape; 1” strip removed from foot of title page, title page detached; else good. Likely an ex-library copy. (500/800) 323.  Forbes, Major [Jonathan]. Eleven Years in Ceylon. Comprising Sketches of the Field Sports and Natural History of That Colony, and an Account of its History and Antiquities. (iii)-xxxii, 423; viii, 356 pp. 6 engraved Page 78

plates; woodcut illustrations in text. (8vo) 8¼x5¼, modern brown half morocco and paste-paper boards. Second edition. London: Richard Bentley, 1841 The author was a Major in the 78th Highlanders. Ink stamp number lined through with black marker on contents leaf of Volume 1 resulting in bleed through to following pages, some light foxing; else very good. (300/500) 324. (France) Campagnes de la Grande-Armée et de l’armée d’Italie, en l’an XIV (1805), ou recueil des bulletins et de toutes les pièces officielles relatives à cette guerre avec l’Allemagne et la Russie, et des discours prononcés au Sénat et au Tribunat à cette occasion. [iv], 407, [7] pp. 7¾x5, period calf-backed marbled boards. First Edition. Paris: Librairie Economique, 1806 Account of the French and Italian Armies in the Napoleonic War of the Third Coalition (1805) culminating in the treaty of Pressburg. Extremities rubbed; light foxing; very good. (200/300) 325. (Fraser, Simon, Lord Lovat) The Whole Proceedings in the House of Peers Upon the Impeachment...Against Simon Lord Lovat, for High Treason. [iv], 188 pp. (Folio) 13½x8½, 20th century full calf, spine lettered in gilt. First Edition. London: Samuel Billingsley, 1747 Lord Lovat was the last man to be beheaded on Tower Hill, London. Some scuffing and fading to leather; embossed stamp of the American Antiquarian Society on title page, light foxing; very good. (200/300) 326.  Gironiere, Paul P. de la. Twenty Years in the Philippines. 371, [1] pp. Woodcut illustrations. 8x5, later half green morocco, top edge gilt. First American Edition. New York: Harper & Brothers, [1854] Translated from the French. Letter from the publisher, dated 1957, confirming date of publication, tipped to title page. Spine faded to brown, some wear at edges; tear in gutter of title page where letter tipped; else very good. (300/500) 327.  Goswami, S. M. Everest: Is it Conquered?. xvii, 122 pp. 2 photograph plates. 7x4½, cloth, dust jacket. First Edition. [Calcutta, India]: [The Indian Press, Ltd.], [1954] Pink errata slip tipped in at rear. Dust jacket glued to volume, edge wear, chipping and some rubbing to jacket; ink inscription on front free endpaper; good. (200/300) 328.  Heber, A. Reeve and Kathleen M. In Himalayan Tibet: A Record of 12 Years Spent in the TopsyTurvy Land of Lesser Tibet with a Description of its Cheery Folk, their Ways & Religion, of the Rigours of the Climate & Beauties of the Country, its Fauna and Flora. 283, [4] ad pp. Illustrated from photographs and one folding map at rear. Orange cloth, dust jacket. First Edition. London: Seeley Service & Co., 1926 Scarce jacketed copy. Light edge wear to jacket, some chipping to head and heel of spine, as well as at jacket flap folds, spine browned; foxing to edges of page block, ink inscription, bookplate, and bookseller’s label to front endpapers; very good volume in same jacket. (400/600) ARCHIVE ON HORSE RACING AND BREEDING IN INDIA 329. (India) Archive of letters, documents etc. regarding horse racing in India. Large archive of 14 manuscript journals, approximately 170 photos, miscellaneous letters, documents, news clippings, etc. Also includes a jockey’s red shirt and white spats. Page 79

India: 1950s-70s An unusual archive of letters, documents, photos, news-clippings, ledgers, etc., documenting horse breeding and horse racing in India 1950s-1970s. Papers detail the workings of the Chota Nagpur Stud Farm and the racing career of Fiona Tyabji in Calcutta and Bengal. Very good. (800/1200) 330.   Keller, Franz.  The Amazon and Madeira Rivers: Sketches and Descriptions from the Note-Book of an Explorer. Illustrated with wood engravings throughout. 10¼x7, publisher’s decorative tan cloth, stamped in black and gilt, spine lettered in gilt. “New Edition.” Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1875 Insect wear to cloth, soiling, a few light stains; front hinge tender, occasional foxing, else very good. (100/150) 331.  Kelly, Christopher. A New and Complete System of Universal Geography; Or, An Authentic History and Interesting Description of the Whole World and Its Inhabitants. 2 volumes. [4], xx, 774; [ii], 1105. [1] ad pp. Additional engraved titles; frontispieces; 32 engraved maps including several folding; 49 engraved plates. 10½x8½, period leather with modern suede rebacking. London: Thomas Kelly, 1814-17 All maps and plates present. Bindings well worn; foxing and dampstaining; a few folding maps with tears; fair. (400/700) KOTZEBUE’S JOURNEY TO PERSIA 332.  Kotzebue, Moritz von. Narrative of a Journey Into Persia, in the Suite of the Imperial Russian Embassy, in the Year 1817. viii, 328 pp. Five aquatint plates. 8¼x5¼, period half calf and marbled boards. First English Edition. London: Longman, Hurst, et al, 1819 Translated from the German. The author was a Captain on the Staff of the Russian Army and a Knight of the Persian Order of the Sun and Lion. Binding well worn, joints and hinges cracked; strip cut from foot of one leaf (no loss of text), foxing; good. (700/1000) 333.  Languepin, J. J. To Kiss High Heaven, Nanda Devi. 199, [8] ad pp. Photographs. 8½x5¼, cloth, map endpapers, dust jacket. First UK edition. London: William Kimber, [1956] Rare first UK edition. Chronicles the 1951 attempt to climb Nanda Devi, the fifth highest mountain in the world. The author was the photographer on this hike in which two perished. Jacket a bit yellowed, one 2” tear to heel of front flap fold, foxed verso; very good volume in same jacket. (300/500) TWO LITHOGRAPHS OF WAR SHIPS 334.  (Lithograph)  Paddle-Wheel Gun-Boat.  Lithograph. Plate 86 from the Ships of War series. 19x26½. London: Day & Son, January 1st, 1864 Day & Son of London were appointed Lithographers to the Queen, as written at the bottom. This lithograph simply presents a “Ships of War_Iron,” as is written on the top of the image to the left of the title. The plate number is written on the image twice, once vertically and once horizontally. A few tiny brown spots beneath image near the bottom; very good. (250/350)

Page 80

335. (Lithograph) Screw Gun Boat. Lithograph. Plate 83 from the Ships of War series. 19x26½. London: Day & Son, January 1st, 1864 Day & Son of London were appointed Lithographers to the Queen, as written at the bottom. Light edge wear, some creasing and yellowing to margins; very good. (250/350) 336.  Little, George. Life on the Ocean, or Twenty Years at Sea; Being the Personal Adventures of the Author… for many years Captain in the Merchant Service, but now entirely blind. [iii]-288 pp. Woodcut frontispiece. 8vo. Original embossed dark brown cloth, spine lettered & decorated in gilt. First Scottish Edition. Aberdeen: George Clark & Son, 1847 The first London edition did not appear until early in the 20th century. Little (born in 1791 or 1792) did have many exciting adventures around the world, including South and Central America, the Galapagos, Hawaii, China, the West Indies, Australia, Dartmoor Prison, etc. This edition is enhanced with two brief, unrelated appendices describing the loss of H.M.S. Centaur and a sailor’s harrowing experiences in a shipwreck on the St. Lawrence River. This copy with the pictorial bookplate of Charles Atwood Kofoid (1865-1947) chairman of the Department of Zoology at the University of California at Berkeley and renowned expert in protozoology. Late in life, Kofoid gave to Berkeley his remaining books not already represented in the university’s libraries, totaling more than 40,000 volumes. Ferguson 4574; Forbes, Hawaiian Bib., 1658; see: Judd 111; Sabin 41513. Spine and hinges carefully repaired, gilt dimmed, rubbing; evidently lacking the half-title; paper uniformly browning; a very good copy of an ill-made book. (100/150) 337.  Livingstone, David. Explorations dans l’interieur de l’Afrique Australe et Voyages et Travers le Continent de Saint-Paul de Loanda a L’Embouchure du Zambeze de 1840 a 1856. [4], 688 pp. Two folding maps, with route marked in red; folding wood-engraved frontispiece, with tissue guard; and numerous woodengraved plates & text illustrations. (8vo) original embossed, leather-grained red cloth backed in red morocco, lettered & decorated in gilt, raised bands, all edges gilt. Paris: Hachette, 1877 Early reprint of the French edition of Livingstone’s classic Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa. Spine and boards spotted, edges rubbed; foxing; else very good. (100/150) 338.  Livingstone, David. Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa; Including a Sketch of Sixteen Years Residence in the Interior of Africa, and a Journey from the Cape of Good Hope to Loanda on the West Coast; Thence across the Continent, Down the River Zambesi, to the Eastern Ocean. ix, [1], 687, [1] pp. Illustrated with wood engravings including full page plates, one of which is the folding frontispiece of Victoria Falls; steel-engraved portrait of Livingstone; 2 folding maps. 8¾x5½, later dark blue half morocco and cloth. First Edition. London: John Murray, [1857] Livingstone’s classic account of his earlier travels and explorations in Africa, with an account of the Tsetse fly. Large map backed with linen. Light wear to extremities; light foxing, 1” strip trimmed from foot of title page, some pencil markings; very good. (400/600) EARLY EUROPEAN CONQUEST OF A HIMALAYN PEAK 339.   Lloyd, Sir William.  Narrative of a Journey from Caunpoor to the Boorendo Pass in the Himalaya Mountains, via Gwalior, Agra, Delhi, and Sirhind...and Captain Alexander Gerard’s Account of an Attempt to Penetrate by Bekhur to Garoo, and the Lake Manasarowara. 2 volumes. xv, 347; [4], 323 pp. Three engraved maps, including one folding as each volume’s frontispiece. 8¾x5½, re-backed with original cloth giltlettered spines laid down. First Edition. [London]: J. Madden & Co., 1940

Page 81

Sir William Lloyd (1782-1857) was one of the first Europeans to conquer a Himalayan peak. This scarce first edition is one of the earliest surveys of the Himalayan mountains. Edge wear, sunning, soiling; lightly foxed, a few short tears to folding maps; very good. (2000/3000) 340.  (London)  The Picture of London, Enlarged and Improved: Being a Correct Guide for the Stranger and Useful Compendium for the Inhabitant.  vi, 474 pp. Folding engraved frontispiece, additional engraved title; 29 engraved plates each with multiple images; 2 folding maps. 5½x3½, period full leather, title in gilt on front and spine. 22nd Edition. London: Longman, Hurst, et al, [c. 1822]

Lot 339

Popular early nineteenth century London guide book, this edition published for the year 1823. Vertical crack to spine, leather scuffed and worn; foxing; good. (200/300) 341.  Maundrell, Hen[ry].  A Journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem, At Easter, A.D. 1697. [xiv], 145, [7], 10 pp. Fifteen engraved plates, nine folding. (8vo) 8¾x5½, full early calf with later rebacking. Fifth Edition, corrected and augmented. London: Printed at the Theater, 1732 The first edition in English had appeared in 1703, and the supplementary material was added to the third edition of 1714. Maundrell was the chaplain of the Levant Company at Aleppo from 1696 to the time of his death in 1701. This account is the first description of Baalbeck and Palmyra by an Englishman. Maundrell’s narrative passed through numerous editions in England and on the Continent. Covers well worn, hinges weak; front free endpaper & title-page reattached; foxing; else good. (100/150) 342.   Mawson, Sir Douglas.  The Home of the Blizzard: Being the Story of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition, 1911-1914.  2 volumes. xxx, 349; xiii, 338, [1] pp. Errata slip tipped in at title page of Volume 1. With numerous plates from photographs (18 in color); 3 folding maps loose at rear of Vol. II. 9¾x7, red cloth lettered in blue. First American Edition, later issue binding. Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott, [c.1915] Mawson “organized and led the noted Australasian Antarctic Expedition of 1911-14. Sailing in the Aurora (Captain J.K. Davis) Mawson left a wireless station at Macquarie Island under G.F. Ainsworth and in the continent established his own main base at Cape Denison in what was later to become George V Land... Davis and the land parties explored nearly 2,000 miles of coastline while sledge parties traversed some 4,000 miles in the coast lands and hinterlands gaining scientific information of great value...” - DNB. Spence 773. Light wear to extremities, tape repair to hinges, map pocket at rear of Volume 2 torn; good. (300/500) 343.  Moore, John. A View of Society and Manners in France, Switzerland, and Germany: With Anecdotes relating to some Eminent Characters. 2 volumes. [4], xvi, 420; xii, 420 pp. (8vo) later full leather, gilt spines, red and green morocco spine labels. Seventh Edition. London: Printed for A. Strahan and T. Cadell, 1789 Provenance: Mary Poulton Dawkins (1820-1906). ESTC T89922. Extremities heavily rubbed,

Page 82

especially at corners, heads and heels of spines; light scattered foxing and a few ink marks within; else very good. (200/300) 344.  [Mortimer, Mrs. F.L.]. The Night of Toil; Or, A Familiar Account of the Labors of the First Missionaries in the South Sea Islands. 236, [2] ad pp. Frontispiece. (12mo) 6x3¾, original blindstamped brown cloth, spine gilt. New York: American Tract Society, [c. 1850] An account of early missionaries in Tahiti. Cloth well worn, joints splitting, spine leaning; foxing throughout; fair. (200/300) 345. (Netherlands) The Netherland-Historian, Containing A true & exact Relation of what hath passed in the late Warrs between the King of Great Britain, and the French King with their Allyes, against the States-Generall of the United Provinces; from the beginning thereof Anno 1671 to the conclusion of Peace ... With the continuation of what hath since happened between France and his Alleyes, against the said States, and their Confederates, to the end of the Year 1674. [vii], 560 pp. Lacks first (of 2) half-titles. 26 (of 29) folding plans and portraits. 6x3¾, modern brown morocco. First Edition. Amsterdam: Stephen Swart, 1675 Refers incidentally to the West Indies, Surinam, etc. (Sabin). Wing N471; Sabin 52347. Half title loose, lacking 3 plates, foxing, worm tunnel to last 12 leaves with loss of a few letters; else good in a fine modern binding (500/800) 346.  Newby, Eric. A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush. Illustrated with photographs. 8½x5, cloth, dust jacket. First Edition. London: Secker & Warburg, 1958 Price on jacket intact, reads 25s. net. Edge wear to jacket with a few short tears; foxed edges of page block; very good volume in same jacket. (250/350) 347.  [Norgay], Tenzing with James Ramsey Ullman. Tiger of the Snows. xvi, 294 pp. Illustrations from photographs. Blue cloth, dust jacket. Ninth Printing. New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, [1955] Signed by Tenzing of front free endpaper. Tenzing accompanied Edmund Hillary on his Everest ascent. Jacket price-clipped, some light edge wear; front endpapers browned; else near fine in a like jacket. (300/500) 348.  Prinsep, Henry T. A Narrative of the Political and Military Transactions of British India, Under the Administration of the Marquess of Hastings. 1813 to 1818. (iii)-xxvi, [1], 468 pp. Lacking half title. Portrait frontispiece; large engraved folding map; 9 plates. (4to) 10½x8½, later red half morocco and marbled boards, spine lettered in gilt, all edges marbled. First Edition. London: John Murray, 1820 Prinsep was employed at the age of 16 as writer with the East India Company in Calcutta, he later joined the staff of the Marquis of Hastings and accompanied him on his tour through Oudh and the North-Western Provinces. He served on Hastings’ staff during the Gurkha and Pindari campaigns and through the end of the Mahratta war, when he obtained the GovernorGeneral’s permission to write his Narrative. Spine a touch sunned, minor wear at edges; 1” strip cut from foot of first leaf of preface (no loss of text), short stub-tear to map, scattered foxing; very good. (500/800) 349.  Prior, James. Voyage in the Indian Seas, in the Nisus Frigate. iv, 114, [2] ad pp. 9x5¾, modern calfbacked boards, spine lettered in gilt. Page 83

London: Sir Richard Phillips and Co., 1820 Lacking all maps and plates, small slip pasted over directions to binder on final page; light foxing; very good. (300/500) SECOND EDITION OF RALEIGH’S HISTORY OF THE WORLD 350.  Raleigh, Walter. The History of the World. [80], 492, 491-651, [1], 776, [62] pp. With copperengraeved pictorial title-page; 8 double-page copper-engraved maps & plans. (folio) 12¾x7¾, old marbled boards, rebacked in morocco by a careful amateur, new endpapers. Second Edition. London: Printed for Walter Burr, 1614 [i.e. 1617] Sir Walter Raleigh’s massive history of the world from the time of the ancients to the rise of the Roman Empire. This copy generally corresponds the the second editon (STC 20638) but with minor variations in arrangement of unpaginated leaves. The first leaf, “The minde of the front.”, has been trimmed and mounted, as has the colophon leaf, and, to a lesser extent as far as the trimming goes, the engraved title-page. The printed title with portrait of Raleigh was not issued in this edition, but a photocopy is laid in nonetheless. Boards rubbed; the plates with minor discoloration along centerfolds from the glue used when reinserting; 1 plate laid on backing sheet repairing a few tears; overall very good. (1000/1500) 351.  Raynal, Abbé [Guillaume-Thomas François]. A Philosophical and Political History of the Settlements and Trade of the Europeans in the East and West Indies... 8 volumes. Copper engraved portrait frontispiece and 5 folding maps (of 7). (8vo) later full leather, gilt spines, red and green morocco spine labels. “Revised, Augmented” Edition. London: Printed for A. Strahan and J. Cadell, 1788 Raynal’s seminal work on the relations between the European colonial powers and their far-off conquests and domains. Originally published anonymously in 1770 in a shorter version, the book expressed strong sentiments against despotism, slavery, the established religious order, the Inquisition, and the colonial system in general. It was suppressed by the French monarchy, and early editions were produced in Geneva, Amsterdam, Lausanne, The Hague, London and elsewhere. Provenance: Mary Lot 351 Poulton Dawkins (18201906). Moderate to heavily rubbed extremities, very slight loss at heads and/or heels of spine; each map with a stubtear, a few with very small holes; map in Vol III with 5” stubtear; foxed; else very good. (1000/1500) 352.  Roberts, [Frederick Sleigh], Lord. Forty-One Years in India: From Subaltern to Commander-in-Chief. 2 volumes. xx, 511; xiii, 522 pp. Seven folding maps, one large; three plans; & twenty engraved plates and portraits. (8vo) rebound in full navy blue morocco, spines gilt lettered, raised bands, all edges gilt. Bound by Bickers & Son of London. 18th edition (i.e. 18th printing of the First Edition). London: Richard Bentley and Son, 1897 Page 84

Frederick Sleigh Roberts, first Earl Roberts, of Kandahar, Pretoria, and Waterford (1832-1914), had one of the most brilliant military careers in English history, as a battle hero and commander of genius in India, Afghanistan, and South Africa. His Indian career culminated in seven years as commander in chief, ending with his return to England in 1893. Spines faded, light edge wear, some spotting to spine of Vol. 2; else very good. (100/150) 353.  Saabye, Hans Egede. Greenland: Being Extracts from a Journal Kept in That Country in the Years 1770 to 1778. viii, 293, [1] ad pp. Folding map frontispiece by G. Fries. 7¾x5, period full calf with later rebacking, spine lettered in gilt. First English Edition. London: Boosey and Sons, 1818 Translated from the German. Extremities rubbed; strips cut from foot of title page, head of following page, and head and foot of page 99/100, likely an ex-library copy; good. (300/500) 354.  Shaw, Robert. Visits to High Tartary, Yârkand, and Kâshghar (formerly Chinese Tartary), and Return Journey over the Karakoram Pass.  xv, [1], 486 pp. Four color lithograph plates, including frontispiece; three black and white plates; two folding maps. (8vo) re-backed in half leather with original giltlettered spine laid down. First Edition. London: John Murray, 1871 Edge wear, boards rubbed; small bookseller’s label; title page dampstained; foxing; some cracking at gutters between signatures; very good. (600/900) 355.   Simonov, Yevgeny.  Conquering the Celestial Mountains.  132 pp. Profusely illustrated from photographs. 7½x5, color pictorial wrappers. First Edition. Moscow: Foreign Languages Publishing House, 1958 Details the first ascent of Peak Pobeda in the Tian Shan mountains of Eastern USSR. Light edge wear; very good. (200/300) 356.  Slade, John. Narrative of the Late Proceedings and Events in China. vi, 183, 75 pp. 8½x5, half-calf with marbled boards, morocco spine label. Canton Register Press, 1839 Scarce title on the Opium Wars. Rubbed and worn extremities, small stain on front cover; spine and covers detached; strip clipped from bottom of title page and next page, strip clipped from top of first page of preface; a few pages within the text with top or bottom clipped (not affecting text), and/or short tears to edges, small holes, etc; good. (500/800) 357. (Spain) Medical Topography and Statistics of the Presidency of Madras. 2 volumes. 529, xlv; 553 pp. Many folding tables, folding maps, including color, lithograph plates, including color, 1 folding military map in rear pocket of Vol. 1. 8¼x5, full leather, gilt spines. Madras: R.W. Thorpe, 1843-44 Gift inscription on front free endpaper and folded manuscript letter on tissue paper, each in the same hand and dated 1845. Edge wear, Vol. 1 spine and covers (incl. front free endpaper and title pages) detached; folding map in Vol. 1 with long tear; else very good. (300/500) 358.   Spry, Henry H.  Modern India; With Illustrations of the Resources and Capabilities of Hindústan.  2 volumes. Hand-colored engraved folding map in Vol. 1. 7¾x4½, blind-stamped cloth, gilt-lettered spine. London: Whittaker & Co., 1837

Page 85

Covers rubbed and stained; title, dedication page, 1 page of table of contents of Volume 1 clipped at bottom; 1st page of table of contents of Volume 2 clipped at bottom; volume good; 1½” stub tear to map, else map is very good. (300/500) 359.  Stanley, Henry M. How I found Livingstone: Travels, Adventures and Discoveries in Central Africa: Including an Account of Four Months’ Residence with Dr. Livingstone. xxiii, 736, [8] ad pp. Woodcut portrait of Stanley as frontispiece with tissue-guard; many wood engraved plates and illustrations w/in text; 6 maps, 4 of them folding. 9x5½, green cloth, gilt-decorated cover and spine. New York: Scribner, Armstrong & Co., 1872 The account Stanley’s momentous first expedition to Africa in search of the peripatetic Livingstone. Edge wear, covers rubbed, frayed at head and heel; hinges cracked; short stub tears to most maps, the map at page 474 has two long tears (~2”); else very good. (200/300) 360.  Storch, Henry. The Picture of Petersburg. xviii, 291, [1] ad pp. Engraved frontispiece, vignette title page and 1 engraved plate. Lacking the large folding plan of St. Petersburg. 8¼x5¼, period full calf, spine gilt. First English Edition. London: T.N. Longman & O. Rees, 1801 Translated from the German. Binding worn, front joint and hinge cracked; library stamp obscured on verso of title page; else good. (400/600) TWO LOTS OF SWINBURNE’S TRAVELS 361.  Swinburne, Henry. Travels in the Two Sicilies. 4 volumes. Folding copper engravings, including map of the two Sicilies frontispiece in Vol. 1, a genealogy table, and 22 views or plans. Second Edition. London: Printed by J. Nichols, for T. Cadell, and P. Elmsly, 1790 Following on the success of his Travels in Spain (1779) Swinburne presented this account of his travels in the two Sicilies. First published 1783-85. Scarce in either edition. Provenance: Mary Poulton Dawkins (1820-1906). ESTC T127398. Moderate to heavy edge wear; very light scattered foxing; else very good. (700/1000) 362.  Swinburne, Henry. Travels Through Spain, in the Years 1775 and 1776. In Which Several Monuments of Roman and Moorish Architecture are Illustrated by Accurate Drawings Taken on the Spot. 2 volumes. xvii, [7], 373, [6 index]; [8], 469, [7 index] pp. Frontispiece, 2 folding maps, 10 folding copper-engraved plates. (8vo) later full leather, gilt spines, red and green morocco spine labels. Second Edition. London: Printed by J. Davis; for P. Elmsly, 1787 This second edition contains the author’s journey from Bayonne to Marseilles. Of primary importance for the treatment of the architectural wonders of pre-Castillan Spain. Provenance: Mary Poulton Dawkins (1820-1906). ESTC T88895. Moderate to heavily rubbed extremities, joints cracking; some pencil marks, including to frontis, front and rear free endpaper of Vol. 1; mild offsetting to title page of Vol. 1; some plates with slight loss at edges or a few very short tears; foxed; else very good. (600/900) 363.  Terry, Adrian R. Travels in the Equatorial Regions of South America, in 1832. 290 pp. Lithograph frontispiece. 6½x3¾, modern calf-backed boards. First Edition. Hartford: Cooke & Co., 1834 Frontispiece trimmed into ruled border; light foxing; very good.

Page 86


JOURNEY THROUGH THE MOUNTAINS OF NORTHERN INDIA 364.  Thomson, Thomas. Western Himalaya and Tibet; A Narrative of a Journey Through the Mountains of Northern India, During the Years 1847-8. xii, 501, [2], 16 ad pp. Two maps, one folding; 2 chromolithograph plates. 8¾x5, re-backed with original brown cloth laid down. First Edition. London: Reeve and Co., 1852 Lovely engraved folding map at the front of the volume illustrates the mountains of Northern India, with the route of Thomson’s travels, drawn in red. Map drawn and engraved by John Arrowsmith. Edge wear, few spots of soiling to covers, slight lean to spine; bookplate, hinges cracked; 1” tear to edge of folding map (repaired), one tiny hole; very good. (1200/1800) 365.  Tichy, Herbert. Cho Oyu: By Favour of the Gods. 196 pp. Foreword by Sir John Hunt. Photographs. 8¼x5½, cloth, dust jacket. First Edition. London: Methuen, [1957] Cho Oyu is the seventh highest mountain in the world. This is the story of Herbert Tichy and his Lot 364 two Austrian companions, who with the help of ten sherpas, attempted its ascent. Slight edge wear to jacket, foxed along edges and on verso; edges of page block foxed; very good volume in same jacket. (300/500) 366.  Torrens, Lieut. Colonel [Henry d’Oyley]. Travels in Ladâk, Tartary, and Kashmir. iv, 367 pp. 12 color lithograph plates, including 2 folding; folding frontispiece map; many woodcuts within text 8¾x5¼, re-backed with original cloth spine laid down. First Edition. London: Saunders, Otley, and Co., 1862 Errata slip tipped in after preface. Beautifully illustrated account of the British officer’s journeys. Heavily dampstained covers and spine, gilt-lettering of spine rubbed away; hinges reinforced; internally very good. (1000/1500)

Lot 366

367.  Tyndall, John. Mountaineering in 1861. A Vacation Tour. vi, [4] 105, 8 ad pp. 2 woodcut plates. 8x5, brown cloth, gilt-lettered spine. London: Longman, Green, 1862 Head and heel chipped slightly, slight edge wear; period gift inscription on first leaf; very good. (400/600) Page 87

368.  Volney, M. C[onstantin] F[rançois]. Travels Through Syria and Egypt, in the Years 1783, 1784, and 1785. Containing the Present Natural and Political State of Those Countries... 2 volumes. [2], xii, 418; [4], iv, 500, [16] index pp. 6 folding copper engravings including 2 maps. Second Edition. London: Printed for G.G.J. and J. Robinson, 1788 Illustrations include folding maps of each Syria and Egypt and a lovely diagram of the floor plan of the Temple of the Sun at Balbec. Provenance: Mary Poulton Dawkins (1820-1906). ESTC T12217. Moderate to heavily rubbed extremities; one long stubtear to each map (~2”); foxed, including plates; else very good. (250/350) 369.  (Wales)  Ancient Laws and Institutes of Wales; Comprising Laws Supposed to be Enacted by Howel the Good...and Anomalous Laws. [6], xxiv, 1005 pp. (Folio) 15¾x10¼, later calf backed cloth. First English Translation. [London]: Commissioners on the Public Records, 1841 Parallel Welsh and English text. Spine rubbed, edges worn, endpapers foxed; else very good. (200/300) 370.   Ward, Rowland.  Records of Big Game with Their Distribution, Characteristics, Dimensions, Weights, and Horn & Tusk Measurements. - Two Editions. 2 volumes. Illustrations from photos, engravings, etc. 9¾x6¾, original red or blue cloth. Fifth Edition (1905) and Ninth Edition (1928). London: Rowland Ward, 1907 & 1928 Spines sunned, some light edge wear; very good.


371.   White, Gilbert.  The Natural History and Antiquites of Selborne, in the County of Southampton.  2 volumes. Steel engraved plates, other illustrations in text. (Large 8vo) 10¼x6½, original green cloth, spines lettered in gilt. London: John Van Voorst, 1877 Included is a receipt made to Rev. White dated November 1786 “for one year’s subscription for the relief of the sick and lame in the county hospital in Winchester.” Edges rubbed, joints splitting, hinges cracked; good. (200/300) 372. (Whitelock, John) An Officer of the Expedition. An Authentic Narrative of the Proceedings of the Expedition Under the Command of Brigadier-Gen. Craufurd, Until its Arrival at Monte Video; With an Account of the Operations Against Buenos Ayres Under the Command of Lieut.-Gen. Whitelocke. viii, 216, [1] pp. Errata slip pasted to verso of title. 4 folding maps and plans. 8¼x5, period half calf and marbled boards, later rebacking. First Edition. London: Printed for the Author, 1808 An additional map tipped to front endpapers by a previous owner. An account of the surrender of General Beresford in Buenos Ayres in 1806; the sending out of reinforcements from England; attack on and capture of Monte Video; Whitelocke’s expedition against Buenos Aires; Assault on Buenos Aires, and final evacuation. Sabin 103672. Light wear at edges; foxing; very good. (600/900) 373. (Whitelock, John) The Trial at Large of Lieut. Gen. Whitelock, Late Commander in Chief of the Forces in South America. iv, 600, 67, 4 pp. 3 folding maps and plans. (8vo) 8½x5¼, full polished tan calf with later rebacking. First Edition. London: R. Faulder and Son, et al, 1808 Bound in at the front are 22 pages of manuscript copies of letters and documents relating to the case. General Whitelock had been sent to rescue forces under General Beresford who had surrendered to the Spanish at Buenos Aires. After some early successes, including the capture

Page 88

of Montevideo, the expedition failed due to poor leadership. Whitelock was found guilty on all charges. Sabin 103679. Some light foxing; else very good. (400/700) 374.   Workman, William Hunter and Fanny Bullock Workman.  The Call of the Snowy Hispar: A Narrative of Exploration and Mountaineering on the Northern Frontier of India. Over 100 plates from photographs, some folding; 3 photogravures; 2 folding maps at rear. 9x6, re-backed with original maroon cloth spine laid down. First Edition. London: Constable and Company, 1910 Breathtaking views photographed by the authors illustrate this important mountaineering work. Edge wear, some rubbing to cover illustration; light foxing or smudging within; very good. (700/1000)

Section IV: Maps & Atlases 375. (Atlas) Colton, G[eorge] Woolworth. Colton’s General Atlas, One Hundred and Seventy Steel Plate Maps and Plans, on One Hundred Imperial Folio Sheets...Accompanied by Descriptions, Geographical, Statistical, and Historical by Richard S. Fisher, M.D. With 94 hand-colored maps and plans (4 are double-page), plus the insets; also, 5 black and white plates with a total of 17 maps (2 are full-page), all on 96 mapsheets; plus a hand-colored lithograph plate before the title page. (Folio) 17x14, original half sheep and brown cloth, lettered in gilt. New York: J.H. Colton & Co., 1857 Colton’s massive and important General Atlas, the various editions of which dominated America’s cartographic consciousness during the latter half of the nineteenth century. Contains numerous sought after single page state maps, many with city insets. With 60 hand-colored maps focusing on the Americas, including a fascinating double-page map of the United States showing an early configuration of the West with much of the Upper Plains covered by an extended Nebraska and Minnesota. New Mexico and Arizona are together represented just as “New Mexico” and extends from Texas to the California border and a portion of modernday Nevada and Colorado. Nevada and Colorado not named and large portions covered by an extended Utah. A single page Utah/New Mexico map shows Utah stretching from the Kansas/Nebraska border in the Rockies to California, encompassing much of Colorado, Utah, and Nevada. New Mexico extends from Texas west to California. Texas appears on a double page map with insets of the Northern Part of Texas, Sabine Lake, and Galveston Bay. California map with large inset map of San Francisco. A map showing Territories of Lot 375 Washington and Oregon shows little development west of the Cascade Mountains, but extends out into modern day Idaho. The double-page maps include: United States; New York City; Texas; and England and Wales. City plans include: Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Savannah/ Charleston, Louisville/New Orleans, Pittsburgh/Cincinnati, St. Louis/Chicago, London and Paris (both black and white). Plus many other maps of North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceanica, etc. Phillips Atlases 827 (citing 1858 edition). Spine deteriorated, covers worn, front cover detached, partially disbound; some foxing; maps overall very good. (2500/3500) Page 89

376. (Atlas) Johnson, A.J. Johnson’s New Illustrated (Steel Plate) Family Atlas, With Physical Geography, and with Descriptions Geographical, Statistical, and Historical, Including the Latest Federal Census, a Geographical Index, and a Chronological History of the Civil War in America. Hand-colored lithographed maps throughout. 18x14¼, original morocco-backed cloth, front cover lettered in gilt. New York: Johnson & Ward, 1863 Complete Johnson’s atlas produced in the Civil War year of 1863, with a “New Military Map of the United States Showing the Forts, Military Posts, &c., with Enlarged Plans of Southern Harbors,” and “Map of the Vicinity of Richmond, and Peninsular Campaign in Virginia,” as well as the various states and nations of the World. The maps are numbered 1-99, but many maps are double-page so take up two numbers, and in a few instances there are more than one map per sheet. Phillips Atlases 840. Covers detached; dampstaining (heavier at front and rear); maps good or better. (1000/1500)

Lot 376

377.  Bellin, Jacques Nicolas. Carte de la Louisiane et Pays Voisins ... Copper-engraved map. 22x30 cm. (8½x12”). Paris: 1757 America from the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes, and as far west as New Mexico. Some darkening mostly along folds and to lower portion, very good. (200/300) 378.  Bellin, Jacques Nicolas. Karte von Nord-Amerika. Copper-engraved map. 38x34.5 cm. (11x13½”). Netherlands: 1743-1755 Well-engraved Dutch publication of the 1743 Bellin map of North America, with “L. Schenk J. Soon scult. 1755” engraved in lower left margin. Mild soiling, very good or beter. (200/300) BLAEU’S VIRGNIA AND FLORIDA, 1640 379.  Blaeu, Willem. Virginiae Partis Australis, et Floridae Partis Orientalis, interjacentiumq. Regionum Nova Descriptio. Copper-engraved map, hand-colored. 39x50 cm. (15½x19½”). Amsterdam: 1640 Blaeu’s map of Virginia, which came out at around the same time as a nearly identical map by Jan Jansson. Burden remarks that “Cartographically it forms a marked improvement on the Jodocus Hondius map of 1606, from which this was largely derived. It also amply illustrates the direction that engraving styles had move, being more open and florid. The map depicts two nations’ interests, both marked by their own coat of arms. The French claim, being largely present Page 90

day Georgia, rests on the abortive colonial attempts of the 1560’s. Blaeu makes no advance here in geography, following Hondius to the letter. The greatest improvement occurs in the northern half of the map north of Porto Royal. Whereas on the Hondius the coastline towards C. de Ste. Romano (present day Cape Fear) veered directly east, Blaeu more correctly takes it north-east, placing the cape closer to its true position of 34o...Chesapeake Bay was depicted as just a small bay on Hondius’ map of 1606 as John Smith was yet to explore these waters. The Gerritsz terminated at this point, and only two placenames appeared. Blaeu draw largely on the Smith map for much of the Lot 379 nomenclature but introduces some English ones from an unknown source. The most important is Newport nesa, Newport News, founded in 1621 and apparently shown here for the first time on a printed map...” This is the second state of the map, with a tail on the cherub at the left of the scale. Burden 253. The green of the original coloring has oxidized and eaten through the paper in a few places, with a number of repairs on verso, minor loss at upper right where it has not been repaired, a bit of restoration is desired. Very good. (800/1200) 380.  Bonne, Rigobert. Carte de la Partie Sud des Etats Unis de l’Amerique Septentrionale. Copper-engraved map, later hand-coloring. 21x32 cm. (8½x12½”). Paris: c.1780 The southern states just as independence from Britain was achieved, including Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia. Near fine. (300/500) 381.  Chiquet, Jacques. L’Amerique Septentrionale qui fait partie ds Indes Occidentales. Copper-engarved map, hand-colored. 16.5x22 cm. (6½x8¾”). Paris: 1719 Well-engraved and attractive map of North American, Califonria an island with indented northern coast. Two sailing ships and a sea monster in the Atlantic. McLaughlin notes that the “imprint seems to be added over erasure,” and indeed that is true of this example. McLaughin 191. A bit of marginal soiling; fine. (700/1000) AMERICA IN 1774 382.   Covens & Mortier.  Carte d’Amerique Divisees en ses Principales Parties par G. Delisle...  Copperengraved map, hand-colored in outline Amsterdam: Covens & Mortier & Covens Jr., 1774 North and South America immediately preceding the American Revolution. Dampstain to lower left corner intruding into the map, very good. (1200/1500) 383.  De l’Isle, Guillaume. Carte du Mexique et de la Floride des Terres Angloises et des Isles Antilles, du cours et des Environs de la Riviere de Mississippi... Copper-engraved map, hand-colored in outline, uncolored pictorial cartouche. 47x60 cm. (18½x23½”). Amsterdam: Covens & Mortier, 1703-1722 Covens & Mortier’s fine re-engraved plate of De l’Isle’s 1703 map, extending from the norther coast of South America to the Great Lakes and from New England to, and including New Mexico. Cumming notes that “in spine of the large area shown, the map has much detail and Page 91

influenced subsequent continental mapmakers profoundly in their delineation of the Mississippi Valley and to a lesser extent of the southeastern region. Tipped to backing board, side margins trimmed over outer neat lines, very good. (600/900) 384. (Europe) Lot of nine regional maps of Europe by various cartographers. Includes: Seutter. Electorus Hanoverani. c.1730. * Homann Heirs. Ostlicher Theil des Russischen Reiches... [Extends to Kamtschatka]. (Ill-creased at centerfold, marginal tears and chips.) 1805. * Homann Heirs. Mappa Geographica Poloniae... c.1750. * Homann Heirs. Ducatus Iuliaci & Bergensis. (Left side dampstained.) c.1750. * Homann Heirs. Tres nouvelle Carte du Royaume de France... (Mounted on backing sheet.) 1764. * Homann Heirs. Charte das Deutschereich. (Mounted on backing sheet.) 1789. * Lotter. Circulus Suevicus in qua Ducatus Wirtenbergensis... c.1760. * Seutter. Ducatus Pomeraniae... c.1730. * Lotter. Circulus Franconicus. c.1760. Together, 9 copper-engraved maps. Hand-colored in outline or wash. Approx. 49x57 cm. Various places: 18th century Some soiling and other wear, good to very good, some as is.


385.  Ferry, Hipolyte. Carte de Nouvle. Californie dresee d’apre les travaux Geographiques de Mr. Duflot de Mofras et du Colonel Fremont. Lithographed map. 39x50 cm. (15¼x19½”). Paris: 1850 Detailed map of the American West, fairly accurate for its time, with the gold region shaded. Issued in the second of two 1850 editions of Description de la Nouvelle Californie: Geographique, Politique et Morale..., with Deuxieme Edition in top margin. Slight wear and darkening at the folds, very good. (400/600) 386.  Frémont, John Charles/ Charles Preuss. Map of Oregon and Upper California from the Surveys of John Charles Frémont and other Authorities. Drawn by Charles Preuss Under the Order of the Senate of the United States, Washington City, 1848. Lithographed map. 50x42.4 cm. (19¾x16¾”). Washington: 1848 [but 1850] “The one great general map of 1848 was that of Fremont and Preuss...” - Wheat. The present issue of the map, which was originally published with Frémont’s Geographical Memoir Upon Upper California, came with California Messages and Correspondence, House Ex. Doc. 17, 31st Congress, 1st Session, 1850, and is smaller than the original issue, being confined to the California and Great Basin portions, but is on the same scale. Wheat notes that this issue “more fully renders Frémont routes of 1846 in the Central Valley than do the original issues of 1848 and 1849.” Wheat, Mapping the Transmississippi West, 559. Very clean, possibly washed. (800/1200) 387.  (Germany)  Anonymous.  Deutschland nach seinen zehn Kreisen vornemlich, sur deutsche Stadt- und Landschulen. Copper-engraved map, hand-colored in outline, with key. 43x55 cm. (17x21¾”). Erlangen, Germany: 1790 Fairly early map to show a somewhat unified Germany. Some soiling, top corners lightly dampstained, about very good. (200/300) 388.  Homann Heirs. Europa Secundum Legitimas Projectionis Stereographicae Regulas et juxta recentissimas observationes...  Copper-engraved map, hand-colored, with uncolored pictorial cartouche. 47x55 cm. (19½x21½”), Nuremburg: 1743 Large, detailed map of Europe by Johann Matthias Haas, or Hasius, published by the Homanns.

Page 92

Includes Iceland and adjacent parts of Asia and Africa. Two lines of descriptive text in French at top. Some soiling, a few light stains including to cartouche, wear along centerfold with split at bottom, adjacent repair, good to very good. (200/300) DECORATIVE WORLD MAP BY HENRICUS HONDIUS 1641 389.  Hondius, Henricus. Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Geographica ac Hydrographica Tabula. Auct. Henr. Hondio.  Copper-engraved double-hemisphere map of the world, hand-colored. 37.8x54.5 cm. (15x21½”). Amsterdam: 1641 Strikingly ornate world map, with California an island. This is the second state of the map, dated 1641 and with “Amstelodami Excudit Ioannes Ianssonius” added at the bottom. Shirley describes the map at some length: “In 1629, threatened by pending competition from W.J. Blaeu and his sons, Jan Jansson and his partner Henricus Hondius set about revising the MercatorHondius atlas which (in respect of the world map) had continued unchanged for nearly thirtyfive years. The partners’ new world map is a fine ornate example of the decorative cartography of the time. The two hemispheres are bordered by voluptuous representations of the four elements and other scenes: in the top corners are portraits of Julius Caesar and Claudius Ptolemy and in the bottom corners are portraits of the author’s father Jodocus Hondius and his mentor Gerard Mercator. For geographical detail Hondius has followed Speed and his contemporaries and also presents California as an island. New features include part of the north Australia coastline extending towards New Guinea and a redrawing of north-east Canada with `Queen Anne’s forland’ (Baffin Island) shown completely encircled by open water...” Shirley 336. Some darkening, soiling and foxing, some rubbing along centerfold with a few small holes, in several places, the green coloring has oxidized and caused deterioration to the paper, creating short tears with repairs on verso, a few small holes to the circular borders of the hemispheres, an attractive, nicely colored map, in need of minor restoration. (5000/8000)

Lot 389

Page 93

JAILLOT’’S OVERSIZED NORTH AMERICA WITH CALIFORNIA AND ISLAND 1692 390.  Jaillot, Herbert/ Nicolas Sanson. Amerique Septentrionale divisée en ses principales parties, ou sont distingués les uns des autres les Estates suivant quils appartiennent presentemet aux François, Castillans, Anglois, Swedois, Danois, Hollandois Tiree des Relations de toutes ces Nations. Part le Sr. Sanson, Geographe Ordinaire du Roy. Copper-engraved map, hand-colored in outline, 2 uncolored engraved cartouches. 53.8x86.7 cm. (21¼x34¼”). Paris: Chez H. Jaillot, 1692 Jaillot’s oversized map of North America, notable for the large island of California poised off the West Coast, first published in 1674. Tooley notes rather critically: “Jaillot who succeeded to Sanson’s business makes a rehash of his maps. California is copied from Sanson’s map of 1656. The remainder of the map is based on that of 1669. Jaillot retains the 5 lakes with two open at their western ends. He Lot 390 shows New Sweden and New Amsterdam. Curiously, he omits Montreal, but does insert a few French Missions round the Great Lakes.... Large handsome titlepiece with arms of the Dauphin, natives and indigenous fauna...” The map was reissued many times, and its “long life was to in part to the expense of production, for it continued in use long after its geographical information became out of date.” Tooley 37, Plate 44; McLaughlin 55. Some offsetting and soiling, verso repair along centerfold which has caused it to be slight askew in places, especially in the northern climes, overall very good. (2000/3000) 391.  Janvier, [Jean]. L’Amerique septentrionale divisée en ses principaux etats. Copper-engraved map, handcolored in outline, with uncolored cartouche after Morillier. 31x45.3 cm. (12¼x17¾”). Paris: Chez Lattré, 1762 Attractive map with the large “Sea of the West” above New Albion. This sea is linked by an equally mythical river system to Hudson Bay and its two entrances are shown as Juan de Fuca’s and Martin d’Aguilar’s. The Archipel St Lazare appears in a region which was previously landlocked. Phillips Atlases 629.33; Wheat Transmississippi 192. Light, mostly marginal foxing and soiling, else very good. (300/500) 392.  Klinger, Johann Georg. Die Zwo Halften der Erdkugel... Copper-engraved double-hemisphere map of the world, hand-colored. 47x56 cm. (18½x22”). Nuremberg: 1791 Uncommon and attractive map of the world, with the routes of Capt. James Cook shown, with note of his death. Surrounded by a half-dozen depictions of the solar system and planets. Upper portion damptained affecting some planetary depictions and title but not the main map; good to very good. (400/600) 393.   Klinger, Johann Georg.  Europa...  Copper-engraved map, hand-colored in outline & wash. 44x49.5 cm. (17½x19½”). Nuremberg: 1791 Minor soiling, light dampstains to upper corners; very good. Page 94


394.  Mitchell, S. Augustus. No. 15 Map of Oregon and California, Engraved to Illustrate Mitchell’s School and Family Geography. Lithographed map, hand-colored. 26.5x20.8 cm. (10½x8”). Philadelphia: S.A. Mitchell, 1846 [but 1849] Though the date in the copyright statement is 1846, this is the 1849 issue, with “Gold Region” engraved along the the American River near Nueva Helvetia. “Upper or New California” extends to the Anahuac Mountains; the border with Mexico is shown. Fremont’s Pass is indicated, as is Walker’s Pass in the south, Mountain Lake (Tahoe), etc. Monterey is shown as the capital. There is an inset “No. 16 Map of the Columbia River.” Wheat, Gold Region, 28. Slight toning, a few wrinkles, very good or better. (600/900) THE ISLE OF CALIFORNIA 395.  Moll, Herman. The Isle of California, New Mexico, Louisiane, The River Misisipi and the Lakes of Canada ... Copper-engraved map, later hand-coloring in outline. 16x18.2 cm. (6¼x7¼”). London: 1701-[1723?] Interesting and detailed map of most of North America, with California an island resting off the west coast of North America. McLaughlin notes “California as an island with indented northern coast. Annian, Straits of Annian, and The North Straits to north.” The map first appeared, on a leaf with text, in A System of Geography, 1701; the present map is on a separate sheet with no text, apparently from his Atlas Manuale of 1723. Leighly 119; McLaughlin 144; Tooley 78; Wagner NW Coast 487; Wheat Transmississippi 81 & 109. Slight marginal darkening and foxing, two archival mountings strips affixed to verso, else near fine. (700/1000) 396. (New York) Map of the Wellsville Oil Field. Folding lithograph map, 20¾x33½. Buffalo: Cosack & Clark, [c. 1880s] Scarce map showing the Wellsville Oil Field spanning the New York and Pennsylvania borders and including the townships of Genesee, Boliver(sic), Alma and Wirt, New York and Eldred, Sharon, Ceres and Annin, Pennsylvania. Splits along several folds; very good. (300/500) 397.  Newell, F.H. First Annual Report of the Reclamation Service from June 17 to December 1, 1902. 317 pp. Profusely illustrated with maps, including 15 folding maps at rear; plates from photographs. 9x5½, calf with red, brown and black morocco spine labels. House of Representatives, 57th Congress, 2d Session, Doc. No. 79. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1903 In June 1902, Congress authorized the sale and dispersal of public lands in certain states and territories for construction of irrigation works for reclamation of arid lands. This report details the efforts, including those in Nevada, California, Idaho, Kansas, New Mexico, North and South Dakota, etc. Front cover detached, spine detached from one joint, light edge wear; else very good. (100/150) 398. (North America) Two engraved, hand-colored maps of North America from the 19th century. Includes: Finley, Anthony. North America. 29x22 cm. Philadelphia: c.1824. * Wyld, James. North America. 27x22¼ cm. London: c.1825. Philadelphia & London: c.1824 & 1825 Two maps at a seminal time for the mapping of the American West, presenting an interesting juxtaposition of knowledge and speculation. The Finley map is becoming quite scarce. Some minor soiling, both very good. (400/600)

Page 95

FIRST PRINTED MAP TO CONCENTRATE ON WEST INDIES 399.   Ortelius, Abraham.  Culiacanae, Americae Regionis, Descriptio / Hispaniolae, Cubae, Aliarumque Insularum Circumiacientum, Delineato.  Copper-engraved map, hand-colored (later). 35.4x49.5 cm. (14x19½”); matted. [Antwerp]: [1588] Attractive map in two parts: the top half shows detail of the Culiacan area along the coast of western Mexico; the bottom half is of the islands of Cuba, Hispaniola, the Antilles, Bahamas, tip of Florida, etc. The latter is apparently the first printed map to concentrate on the West Indies, first issued by Ortelius in his 1579 atlas. Repairs and restoration with fill at lower corners; very good. (800/1200) 400.  Perthes, Justus. Lot of 3 celestial & lunar charts. Includes: Die sichtbare Seite der Mond-Oberflache bie voller Beleuchtung. * Der Norcliche Stern-Himmel. * Der Sudliche Stern-Himmel. Together, 3 color maps/charts. 34x41 cm. or smaller. Gotha: 1864 Star charts of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres and a detailed map of the surface of the moon, with extensive key. From Stieler’s Hand-Atlas. Very good or better. (200/300) 401.  Report of the Commissioner of the General Land Office. 142 pp. 7 folding maps. 9½x6, yellow wrappers. 33rd Congress, 2d Session. [Washington]: 1854 The seven folding maps show the progress of surveys. Heavy edge wear, smudging; foxed, damp stains to upper corners of all pages, maps have minor toning and foxing; good. (300/500) 402.  Sanson, Nicolas. Estats de l’Empire des Turqs en Europe... Copper-engraved map, hand-colored, uncolored pictorial cartouche.46x58 cm. (18¼x23”). Amsterdam: Pieter Schenk, c.1700 Schenk’s publication of Sanson’s map of the Turkish Empire in Europe, with printed title in top margin, “Regni Hundariae, Graeciae et Moreae...” Two neat splits paralleling the centerfold, cause by oxidization of the green paint, two small patches where the coloring has flaked off, some minor soiling, a few old paper repairs on verso, very good. (200/300) 403.  Sanson, Nicolas. L’Italie Divisee Suivant l’Estendue de Toutes ses Sourverainetes... Copper-engraved map, hand-colored; 2 uncolored pictorial cartouches. 47x57.5 cm. (18½x22½”). Amsterdam: Pieter Schenk, 1701 Schenk’s publication of Sanson’s map of Italy, the pictorial cartouches including a depiction of Romulus and Remus sucking from the she-wolf ’s teats. Light soiling; very good or better. (500/800) 404.   Sanson, Nicolas.  Le Royaume de France divise en Toutes ses Provinces et ses Acquisitions.  Copperengraved map, hand-colored, uncolored pictorial cartouche. 48.5x58 cm. (19x22½”). Amsterdam: Pieter Schenk, c.1700 Schenk’s publication of Sanson’s map of all of France. Minor soiling, some wear along centerfold with old verso repair; very good.


405.  Schenk, Pieter. Accuratissima Totius Regni Hispaniae et Portugalliae... Copper-engraved map, handcolored, with uncolored pictorial cartouche. 46x57.5 cm. (18¼x22¾”). Amsterdam: c.1700 Schenk’s publication of Sanson’s map of the Iberian peninsula, with alternate title in top margin, Page 96

“L’Espagne Distinguiee en tous ses Royaumes Principautes...” Soiling, stains at lower margin intruding into map; about very good. (250/350) SCHENK’S AFRICA, AMERICA & ASIA 406.  Schenk, Pieter. Africa Elaboratissima. Copper-engraved map, hand-colored, uncolored pictorial cartouche. 48x58 cm. (19x23”). Amsterdam: c.1700 Africa with a large pictorial cartouche showing a native riding an armored elephant. Soiling, wear along centerfold with paper repair on verso, neat 4” split paralleling it caused by oxidization of the green coloring, good to very good. (500/800) 407.   Schenk, Pieter.  America Septentrionalis Novissima / America Meridionalis Accuratissima. Copper-engraved map, hand-colored; with 2 uncolored cartouches. 48.5x56.8 cm. (18¼x22¼”). Amsterdam: [1695-1700] Schenk’s map of North and South America, California an island, with the top cartouche depicting sword-wielding Europeans standing over Neptune at the edge of the sea, the lower cartouche with natives (one smoking a long pipe), a llama, etc. Leighly 102; McLaughlin 120; Tooley 56. Soiling, 8” repaired tear in south Pacific near centerfold, green coloring in South America has caused deterioration of paper resulting in tears and a ½” hole, thin line of coloring rising 1½” from Texas flaked off, fair to good.

Lot 407


408.  Schenk, Pieter. Asia Accuratissime Descripta... Copper-engraved map, hand-colored, uncolored pictorial cartouche. 49x59 cm. (19½x23”). Amsterdam: c.1700 Asia after the map by Nicolas Witsen, with inset of extreme northeast of Asia. Soiling, staining at the corners, wear along centerfold, old repairs on verso, including to lower half of India leaving it blank; good. (400/600) 409.   Schenk, Pieter.  Engraved pictorial title-page for Atlas Contractus sive Mapparum Geographicarum Sansoniarum... Copper-engraving, hand-colored. 18x11, trimmed to neat line and mounted on backing sheet. Amsterdam: c.1700 Attractive allegorical title-page featuring a globe, Poseidon, a few lions, etc. Soiled; good condition. (200/300) 410.  Schenk, Pieter. Estats de Pologne Subdivises Suivant l’Estendue des Palatinats. Copper-engraved map, hand-colored; uncolored cartouche. 46x58 cm. (18x23”). Amsterdam: Pieter Schenk, c.1740 Title from cartouche; title also in Latin, across top: “Regni Poloniae Magni Ducatus Lithuaniae Reliquarumque Polonis...”. Neatly split in a few places from the oxidized green paint, one ¼x1” hole, minor soiling, a few old repairs on verso, very good. (400/600) Page 97

411.  Schenk, Pieter. Flandriae Comitatus... Copper-engraved map, hand-colored, uncolored pictorial cartouche. 57x48 cm. (22½x19”). Amsterdam: c.1700 Well-engraved map of Belgium. Some minor soiling and light offset; very good.


DOUBLE-HEMISPHERE MAP OF THE WORLD BY PIETER SCHENK 412.  Schenk, Pieter. Haemisphaeriorum Tabula Carthesiana. Copper-engraved double-hemisphere map of the world, hand-colored, surrounded by pictorial engravings, with two smaller hemispheres, a depiction of the solar system, and an armillary sphere. 48.5x59 cm. (19x23”). Amsterdam: c.1700 Double-hemisphere map of the world, with California an island both on the main map and the smaller map of the northern hemisphere. Shirly describes the map as consisting of “two large hemispheres with small detailed north and south polar projections. On either side of the banner title are diagrams of the solar system and the earth with zodiacal and astronomical planes. The rich border decorations, skilfully engraved by Abraham Deur, portray flamboyant scenes from mythology and, at the bottom, present an idealised panorama of terrestrial and marine life...” Soiled, wear along centerfold with repairs on verso, small northern hemisphere with 1½x½” patch of surface in Africa blank from repair along with ¼” spot, about very good. (1000/1500) Lot 412 413.  Schenk, Pieter. Imperium Turcicum Complectens Europae, Asiae et Africae, Arabiae... Copper-engraved map, hand-colored. 48x56 cm. (19x22”). Amsterdam: c.1700 Schenk’s publication of Sanson’s map of the Turkish Empire, with inset of the western portion of North Africa. Minor soiling, a few repairs on verso, 2x½” patch in Arabia repaired, also a few smaller patches, slight loss in Morocco; good to very good. (300/500) 414.  Schenk, Pieter. Iudea, seu Terra Sancta quae Hebraeorum sive Israelitarum... Copper-engraved map, hand-colored, with uncolored pictorial cartouche. 47x58 cm. (18½x23”) Amsterdam: c.1700 The Holy Land, based on Sanson’s map. Wear along centerfold, a few tears repaired on verso, splits to the region on Moab due to oxidization of the green coloring with 2x¾” piece repaired leaving it blank; good. (300/500)

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415.  Schenk, Pieter. La Russie Blanche ou Moscovie... Copper-engraved map, hand-colored, uncolored pictorial cartouche. 47x58 cm. (18½x22¾”). Amsterdam: c.1700 The western porton of Ruxxia, centering on Moscow. With alternate title in top margin, “Russiae Albae, sive Moscoviae Delineatio Geographica Accurata et Nova...” Some soiling, lower left corner replaced just touching neat line, some wear along centerfold, overall very good. (300/500) 416.  Schenk, Pieter. La Scandinavie et les Environs, ou sont les Royaumes de Suede, de Danemarck, et de Norwege... Copper-engraved map, hand-colored, uncolored pictorial cartouche. 46x58.5 cm. (18x22¾”). Amsterdam: c.1700 All of Scandinavia. Some soiling, a few slight splits where the coloring has oxidized, very good, colors bright. (300/500) 417.  Schenk, Pieter. Le Royaume de Boheme Duche de Silesie, les Marquisat de Moravie et de Lusace. Copperengraved map, hand-colored, uncolored pictorial cartouche. 46x57 cm. (18x22½”). Amsterdam: c.1700 Minor soiling, a verso repair to one small hole; very good.


418.  Schenk, Pieter. Lot of four regional maps of Europe by Pieter Schenk. Includes: Table Geographique... Partie Septentrionale ou Inferieure du Rhein Meuse & Moselle... * Table Geographique...Partie Meridionale ou Superieure du Rhein Meuse & Moselle... * Le Provinces des Pays-Bas Catholiques... * Brabantiae Ducatus... Together, 4 copper-engraved maps, hand-colored, with uncolored cartouches. Approx. 56x48 cm. or reverse. Amsterdam: c.1700 The first two maps are a pair, with title from cartouche: “Le Cours del Riviere du Rhein...” Minor loss in a few places from the oxidizing of the coloring, repairs on verso; generally very good. (300/500) JOHN SPEED’S VIRGINIA & MARYLAND, FIRST STATE 419.  Speed, John. A Map of Virginia and Maryland. Copper-engraved map. 39x50 cm. (15½x19½”). London: Thomas Basset & Richard Chiswell, 1676 John Speed’s fine map of Virginia, the ninth and last major derivative of the John Smith map, called by Tooley “unique as an example of the transition from one basic prototype map to another. The delineation of the land area follows Smith while the toponymic prototype was the Herman map of 1673.” This is the first state of the map, issued in The Theatre of the Empire..., with imprint of Basset & Chiswell. English text on verso. Light marginal foxing, old catalogue entry affixed to verso in margin, else near fine to fine, a crisp, clean impression. (2000/3000)

Lot 419 Page 99

420.  Valk, Gerard. La Mer Mediterranee divisee en ses Principales Parties our Mers. Copper-engraved map, hand-colored, with uncolored pictorial cartouche. 48x84 cm. (19x33”). Amsterdam: c.1700 The Mediterranean Sea and the adjacent land masses, on two sheets joined together. A few verso repairs, else very good. (600/900) 421.  Valk, Gerard. Le Royaume de Danemark Subdivise en ses Principales Provinces... Copper-engraved map, hand-colored, uncolored pictorial cartouche. 48x5x58 cm. (19x22¾”). Amsterdam: G. Valk, c.1700 Minor soiling, a 1½” split from the oxidized coloring, very good.


422.  Valk, Gerard. Les Isles Britanniques, qui Contiennent les Royaumes d’Angleterre, Escosse, et Irlande ...  opper-engraved map, hand-colored, uncolored pictorial cartouche. 49x59 cm. (19½x23”). C Amsterdam: c.1700 The British Isles with inset of Orkney, Shetland and Faro islands. Some fairly minor soiling, very good. (300/500) 423.  Valk, Gerard. Provinces Unies des Pays Bas... Copper-engraved map, hand-colored, uncolored pictorial cartouche. 47.5x57.5 cm. (18½x22½”). Amsterdam: c.1700 Attractive map of the Netherlands. A bit of soiling, some wear along lower centerfold; very good. (300/500) 424.  Weiland, C.F. Nord America. Steel-engraved map, hand-colored in outline, with key. 57x51 cm. (22½x20”). Weimar: Geograp. Instituts, 1846 North America on the eve of finalization of the borders, with Texas shown to be part of the United States but its western border undefined, and Mexico still credited with suzerainty over California. With inset of Kamtchatka. Near fine. (200/300) 425.  Wilkes, Charles. Map of Upper California by the U.S. Ex. Ex. and Best Authorities 1849. Lithographed map. 21.7x29 cm. (8¾x11½”). Philadelphia: 1849 Embraces the territory between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific, and between the northern and southern boundaries of California. Published in Wilkes’ “Western America; including California and Oregon...” The interior regions are mapped in more detail than the Wilkes map of 1845, most noticably in the gold region of California. Wheat Gold Region 135; Wheat Transmississippi 654. A little creasing along one fold; near fine, an attractive map indicative of the great advances in geographic knowledge during the 1840’s. (250/350) 426.  Zatta, Antonio. Il Canada, le Colonie Inglesi con la Luigiana e Florida. Di Nuova Projezione. Copperengraved map, hand-colored in outline, hand-colored cartouche. 31x41 cm. (12x16”). Venice: 1778 The eastern half of North America. 2½” long worm track at top centerfold, the remainder very good. (200/300)

Page 100

427.  Zatta, Antonio. Messico ouvero Nuova Spagna che contieme il nuvo Messico la California con una parte de’Paesi adjacenti.  Copper-engraved map, hand-colored in outline, with hand-colored cartouche. 30.5x40 cm. (12x15¾”). Venice: Presso Antonio Zatta e Figli, 1785 Finely-engraved map of Mexico and southern U.S., Baja California and New Mexico, on thick quality paper. Light staining along centerfold with a few tiny holes; very good. (400/600) 428.  Zatta, Antonio. Parte Orientale del Canada, Nuova Scozia Settentrionale, e Parte di Labrador. Copperengraved map, hand-colored in outline. 30x40 cm. (12x15½”). Venice: 1778 Attractive map of the mouth of the St. Lawrence River in Canada. “Fogl. III” of Zatta’s 12sheet map. Near fine. (200/300)

Section V: Photographs and Photographic Archives AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE AMERICAN NORTHWEST 429. (Aerial Photography) 124 photographs from the U.S. Army Air Corps - Mostly aerial views. 124 black and white photographs, most approximately 7¼x9. Captioned in negative, ink stamp of U.S. Army Air Corps, 91st Observation Squadron, Fort Lewis Washington on verso of most. c. 1930s An assortment of views, mostly aerial photographs. Locations include (most with multiple views): Mount Hood, Oregon; Crater Lake, Oregon; Yosemite Canyon, California; Meteor Crater, Winslow, Arizona; Zion National Park, Utah; Grand Coulee Dam, Washington; Grand Canyon, Arizona; Pike’s Peak, Colorado; Teton Range, Wyoming; Sequoia National Park, California; Mt. Baker, Washington; Mt. Whitney, California; Mt. Ranier, Washington; Mt. Olympus, Washington; San Francisco, California; Palomar Observatory, California; Hearst Ranch, San Simeon, California; Salt Lake City, Utah; etc. Photos a bit curled; very good. (500/800)

Lot 429

430. (Aero Photo Unit) United States Military Aeronautic Photography Unit - photograph archive of Frank J. McCoy.  21 black and white photographs. Most measure approximately 7x9¼, some measure Page 101

approximately 3½x5. Four of the smaller-sized photos mounted on modern card stock. Kelly Field, Texas: [c.1918] Archive of photographs, most of which featuring a young man, Frank J. McCoy, employed in the United States military unit specializing in aeronautic photography. One is a portrait of McCoy from 1918. Another photograph features about two dozen men(including McCoy) posing atop words made out of white rocks which read, “Aero-Photo-Unit,” and on verso is written in pencil, “Lt. O’Connell Centre.” Lt. Joseph H. O’Connell is also featured in many of these photographs. Another photograph is of a group of men standing next to possibly a mobile dark room (truck with two trailers), the side of the truck is labelled, and on verso is the name of each man in the photograph in ink, and location of the photograph in Austin, Texas. Some photographs of the camera used within the airplanes, and of men posing in their airplanes with said camera. A few shots of airplanes mid-flight (from another airplane) at Kelly Field military base. Also includes photographs of the Red Cross Ladies of San Marcos and New Braunfels, Texas. Light edge wear to each; very good. (700/1000) 431. (African American) Five real-photo postcards of African American women. Five real-photo postcards, 5½x3½. No date Includes one card with 2 women, one with a woman and child and three individual sitters. 4 unused, the last with a message on rear but unmailed. Some light wear; very good. (200/300) 432. (Blue Lake Advocate Newspaper) Four mounted photographs of the Blue Lake Advocate News office - 1917 newspaper. Four mounted photographs. Each measure 4¼x6½ on period card stock mount. Included is a Blue Lake Advocate newspaper, Vol. 30, No. 30 dated Saturday, November 24, 1917. Humboldt County, Ca.: 1917 Various photographs of the California newspaper office including two views of the exterior of the building. Also includes two interior photographs, one with men standing by the press. Newspaper chipped and creased at edges; one photographs with a tiny chip, one with a tiny tears; very good. (500/800) 433. (Booth, John Wilkes) Gardner, [Alexander], photographer. Carte-de-Visite of John Wilkes Booth. 4x2½”. Washington, D.C.: Philp & Solomons, [c. 1865] Image of a seated John Wilkes Booth, imprint of Gardner, Photographer on verso. Very good. (200/300) 434. (California - Folsom Prison) Foy, Bryon, producer. Eighteen photographs “Inside the Walls of Folsom”.  ighteen 8x10, matte-finish black and white photographs, plus announcement for an exhibition. E Folsom, CA: 1950 Seemingly a precursor to the 1951 film “Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison”. Announcement dated Oct. 28 to Dec. 12, 1950 and noted as produced by Bryon Foy who also produced the Paramount film which was not released until May 17th, 1951. Announcement chipped and with glue residue on verso, a few photos with flaws in the negatives, very good. (300/500) 435. (California - Lake County) Photo album “The Merry Eight, Camping in Lake County, July 6-18, 1903. Album containing 10 original photographs, 6¼x8¼, shellacked covers of album with additional photographs. Lake County, CA: 1903

Page 102

Photos of 8 friends (4 men & 4 women) on a camping excursion by wagon, bicycle and boat in Lake County, California. Several photos captioned in pencil. Covers detached, disbound; photos very good. (300/500) TWO LOTS OF CALIFORNIA STEREOVIEWS 436. (California - Stereo Views) Reilly, J. J. 104 stereo view photographs of California. All but a few on orange mounts (a few on yellow). 3¼x7. Imprint, caption, and series title on recto. Stockton, California: c.1875 Many probably photographed by Gustavus Fagersteen, although only one is identified as such on verso. Most are from the “Photographic Views of American Scenery” series, and almost all are views of Yosemite. Some ink, pencilling, or rubber stamps to recto of many; light to moderate edge wear to each; condition varies; generally very good. (1500/2500)

Lot 436

437. (California - Stereo Views) Hazeltine, M[artin] M[ason]. Collection of 40 stereo view photographs of California. On orange mounts (except for 1 on a yellow mount). 3½x7. Imprint and title on recto in margins. Many photographs attributed to S. C. Walker & G. Fagersteen. San Francisco or Stockton, California: c.1876 Most stereo views are of Yosemite; the few others include Sierra Nevada Mountains, Pacific Coast, and San Francisco. Hazeltine (1827-1903) opened a studio in Stockton California around 1868, where he produced some of his best-known stereo views, including those of Yosemite Valley. Edge wear to each; condition varies; generally very good. (700/1000) 438.  (California)  3 photographs of California State Senator Edward Converse Vorheis.  Three studio photographs. Two on photographers mounts measuring 6½x4¼, the third measuring 10x7. California: c. 1890s The two smaller photographs by Taber, San Francisco and C. Sutterley, Traveling Photographer, Cal.. The larger photograph by Hodson, Sacramento. Fine (200/300) 439. (Cased photographs) Collection of tin-types and CDVs. Includes 7 cased tin-type images, 2½x2 or 3¼x2¾, all lacking the top covers of the cases * 2 loose tin-types 2¼x1¾ and 4x2½ * Small album, 4½x2½, containing 5 tin-types and 5 CDVs. 19th century Overall very good.


Page 103

440. (Cased photographs) Five cased photographs. Portraits of unidentified persons. Four cased tintypes portraits (one with two photographs inside) and 1 case with two ambrotype portraits. Two measure 2½x2”, all the rest 3x2¾”. n.p.: c.1865 Each photograph within a Union case, the single portraits have velvet lining. Cases worn, some with tape reinforcements at hinges; one tintype with some bubbling; each with a price sticker on glass; overall very good; sold as is. (200/300) 441. (China) Glass lantern slides of China. Collection of approx. 155 glass lantern slides, most from photographs by Stephen or Paul Hunter, some from other sources including paintings or woodcuts. Most are hand-colored. 3¼x4”. China: c. 1880-1900 Wide-ranging selection of original lantern slides of Chinese people, scenery, art, and other sights, some taken in the early years of the Hunters’ stay in China, others by Paul Hunter on his return during the Boxer Rebellion, a unique record of China in the last days of the Empire. Some wear to the paper edges, generally very good or better. (700/1000)

Lot 441

FASCINATING ARCHIVE OF CIRCUS PHOTOGRAPHS 442. (Circus) Large archive of circus photographs from the collection of Bert Cole. Massive archive of over 300 photographs, most cabinet card size (6x4) or larger, several framed. Various places: 19th-20th centuries Albert Cole was born into a famous circus family in 1869 and began his career as a performer at age 3. He performed with many different shows including the Montgomery Green Circus, the Anderson’s & Co. Circus, the Cole Circus (owned by his father), the Hagenbeck and Wallace Circus, and many others. Later in life Cole worked as circus promoter. The present archive of photographs, many presented to Cole by the performers themselves, documents both his life as a performer and promoter. Many of the photographs have been identified by Cole in ink on the face of the images or on verso. A unique and important archive of American Circus life assembled by own of its well-loved characters. Some wear, soiling fading, several with pin-holes but overall very good. (5000/8000)

Lot 442 Page 104

443. (Civil War) 7 Civil War era Cartes-de-Visite. Each approximately 4x2½”.

c. 1860s

Includes: General Hugh Judson Kilpatrick, General Winfield Scott Hancock, General George Dashiell Bayard, an unidentified Union Officer, Horace Greeley, William Seward, and a CDV from a portrait of Henry Clay. Very good. (200/300) 444. (Coast Guard) Photographs of U.S. Coast Guard Planes, Boats, etc. Approximately 25 photographs, most 8x10”. 1940s-1950s Photos of U.S. Coast Guard planes, helicopters, ships, etc. Also a small group of snapshots of shipboard entertainment and activities. Very good. (300/500) BIRDSEYE VIEW OF DENVER, 1888 445. (Colorado - Denver) Panoramic Photograph of Denver, Colorado, circa 1888. Panoramic photograph, approximately 4x19¾” on 6¼x21” stiff card mount, caption in a period hand in lower margin “Panorama of Denver. November, 1888”. Denver: c. 1888 Assembled from 4 prints, partial caption in negative at lower edge of left most print “245. Panoram”. Sweeping image of the downtown with snow-capped mountains in the distance. Split in two pieces at center, mount chipped; else very good. (1000/1500)

Lot 445

446. (Colorado - Silver Mining) Stereoview card of Silver Mining in Colorado, The Greyhound Lode, (Galena). 4x7”. Label on rear: Gurnsey’s Rocky Mountain Views. Silver Mining in Colorado, No. 131. The Greyhound Lode, (Galena.) Cheyenne Mountain. Colorado Springs: Gurnsey’s, c. 1890 View of the start of a log timber framed mineshaft, two men digging, a third at rest on edge with 3 female onlookers. Light wear and soiling; very good. (200/300)

The Buyer’s Premium will be 20% for bids up to $100,000 and 15% for that portion over $100,000.

Page 105

ARCHIVE OF SHIP CONSTRUCTION AND LAUNCHING PHOTOGRAPHS 447. (Columbia River Shipbuilding Corporation) Archive of photographs of ship construction and launchings. 25 binders of black and white photographs, most 8x10 and linen backed. Portland, OR: 1917-1919 Archive documenting the construction and launching of 25 of the 32 ships built by the Columbia River Shipbuilding Corporation from 1917 through 1919. All but one of the vessels were constructed for the Emergency Fleet Corporation. Files range from 3 photographs to over 40 photos per ship. Approximately 540 photographs in total. Also included is a promotional publication titled “Review of Columbia River Shipbuilding Corporation’s Accomplishments” covering the same time period as the photo archive. List of vessels available on request. Very good. (1500/2000)

Lot 447

Lot 447

448. (Cream of Wheat) Pair of photographs given as Cream of Wheat premiums. 2 photographs, 7¾x9¾” and 8¾x7”, each on mounts measuring 14¾x16¾” or the reverse. Early 20th century The first an image of settlers in a horse-drawn wagon, captioned in lower margin of mount “Cream of Wheat, A Dainty Breakfast Dish.” The second an image of a Native American woman standing before a tee-pee, label on rear titles the image “An Original Inhabitant, Photo by Porter”. Some light wear to mounts; very good. (300/500) 449. (Davis, Jefferson) Carte-de-Visite of Jefferson Davis. 4x2½”.

c. 1865

President of the Confederate States of America Jefferson Davis, in uniform. Stamp of Charles D. Fredericks & Co., New York on rear. Minor edge wear; very good. (200/300) 450. (Detroit) Collection of photographs, and other ephemera from the 1932 Detroit Baby Picture Contest. Includes: Blue award ribbon from 1932 Michigan State Fair & Exposition. Button reads “Better Babies” in gold with image of two babies. A little stained, browned, with a few small holes. * Poster on paper which reads, “$500 Baby Picture Contest Detroit Sunday Times.” 17½x48½. Photo of a baby’s face. Torn in many places along almost every fold. * Smaller version of same poster on card stock. 10½x21. * Four photographs of one of the six winners of the 1932 contest. Each approx. 8x10”. * Small folding pamphlet announcing the six winners. 4¼x3, folding. Detroit: [1932-33] The charming photographs feature one of the six winners. The contest is the “annual baby Page 106

show, conducted by the Bureau of Child Hygiene of the Michigan State Department of Health, in connection with the Michigan State Fair and Exposition-1932.” - rear of pamphlet. Some brown spots on photographs, some edge wear and creasing; condition varies from good to very good. Sold as is. (250/350) 451. (Grant, Ulysses S.) Carte-de-Visite of General U.S. Grant. 4x2½”. Philadelphia: J.E. McClees, [c. 1865] Bust of General Grant, in uniform. Imprint of J.E. McClees, Artist, on rear. Very good. (200/300) 452. (Harrah, Scherry) Album of photographs of Scherry Harrah (Mrs William F. Harrah) in vintage dresses. 22 original gelatin silver print photographs, each 13½x10¼”. Housed in a period photo album. Photographers imprint, ‘Lankford’ stamp at lower right. [Reno?]: [1960s] The photographs show Mrs. Harrah in various outfits from her vintage clothing collection. Mrs. Harrah and her husband, casino magnate William Harrah, were enthusiastic collectors of vintage automobiles and she was well known to don these vintage outfits when riding. A portrait photograph of Mr. Harrah by Romaine of Moulin, San Francisco is also included. Fine (1000/1500) THREE LOTS OF HAWAII PHOTOGRAPHS 453.  (Hawaii)  Hawaiian photograph album.  Original photo album containing over 300 photographs taken by a U.S. military soldier during his stay in Hawaii. Photographs measure from 2”x2¾” to 7¾”x9¾,” placed loosely inside paper corners on heavy stock black paper; most are captioned in white lettering on the pages. 9x12¼, decorative embossed brown cloth album with a green and gilt stamped vignette Lot 452 on the front cover, black string-tie binding, inside front cover with an original drawing of palm trees along the coast, done by F. H. Carlisle, 64th (Hawaii Coast Artillery) Anti Aircraft Battery “A,” Search lighter, located in Pearl Harbor, with a small drawing of a bullet with wings, all done in white coloring. Hawaii: 1935-1937 Beautiful and fascinating views of Hawaii taken by F.H. Carlisle and his family during a military stay in the late 1930’s. Images include: various Hula Girls (including the Royal Hawaiian Hula Girls), scenes of Honolulu (including a Bird’s Eye view from the Punch Bowl Crater, public library, Post Office, Royal Hawaiian Hotel, the War Memorial Pool), the S.S. Malolo, the China Clipper airplane at Pearl Harbor, various statues (King Kamehameha I, etc.) and other monuments, Amelia Earhart’s airplane at an army field hanger, two of Shirley Temple at Ft. Shafter, individual shots of celebrities at the beach including Lot 453 Spencer Tracey, June Lang, Loretta Young, etc. Numerous outdoor scenes, including coconut forests, rock gardens at a Mormon temple, pineapple field, sugar canes, sunset over Pearl Harbor, Moanalua Gardens and Golf Links, Page 107

Coral Gardens at Kailua, Mt. Pali, Waikiki, two friends in front of The Grass Shack with a surf board used as a sign, Kaawa Park, waterfalls in Kalihi Valley, Keko Bay, Kings Highway and Koko Head, Kilauea Volcano erupting, Makapua Lighthouse, solar eclipse of 1937. The military scenes include: a few track and field shots (including one titled “Henson set new record”), various artillery and weapons (some are shown firing), searchlight equipment (including a night parade of 3000 men), heavy field guns (including cannons, long-range rifles, 50 Cal. machine guns), several shots of military men, barracks, airplanes (with Navy planes over diamond head, Boeing Pursuit ship, and a “new type” of Curtus Attack ships, etc.), ships, tanks, one of Gen. Hugh A. Drum (who commanded the U.S. Army Hawaiian Department in 1935-1937), Dept. Review in honor of Gen. Drum (which 25,000 men took part in), Schofield Review of ‘35, U.S.S. Houston pulling into Pearl Harbor, A. Battery at Kailua, and much more. Some of the photos are lettered in the negative and there is one photograph of Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Light edge wear to album and pages; a few photos with minor creases or other light age wear; very good. (700/1000) 454. (Hawaii) Lot of 5 albumen photographs of Hawaiian scenes. Includes: Lava Flow at Hilo, Sandwich Ils. * Hawaiian Hotel, Honolulu. * View of Honolulu from Crater of Punch Bowl. * King’s Palace, Honolulu. Statue of Kamehameha I Honolulu Sandwich Islands. Together, 5 photographs, mounted on 3 card-stock mounts. 6¾x8½. Hawaii: c.1880-82 Last with a small spot of adhesion damage or residue; generally very good with minor fading. (200/300) 455.  (Hawaii)  Twelve photographs of Hawaii, mostly aerial views.  Twelve photographs taken by the U.S. Military, 7¼x9½, captioned in negative. Hawaii: 1940s 11 aerial views including Haleakala Crater, Waimea Canyon, Honolulu, planes in formation above Oahu, etc. Also includes a photo of the Sacred Falls, Oahu. Additionally included are 5 photos of an unidentified hotel, mostly interior views. Photos curled and with some creasing; very good. (300/500) 456. (Hunting) Cabinet Card of a late 19th century sportsmen with a Winchester Model 1886 Rifle and his hound dog. Cabinet card, approximately 6½x4¼, photographers imprint at bottom. Kensington, Illinois: L.B. Feuerstein, c. 1890 Posed image of a bearded hunter and his hound dog. The gentleman is holding a Winchester Model 1886 rifle. Light foxing; very good. (300/500) 457. (Hunting) Four cabinet card photographs of hunters and their dogs. Four cabinet card photographs, approximately 6½x4¼, photographers imprint in lower margin. Kensington, Illinois: Frey Bros, c. 1890 Posed photographs of sportsmen with their shotguns and birddogs. Light foxing; very good. (600/900) 458. (Illinois Fire Department) Albumen photograph of Galena, Illinois fire fighters.  Albumen photograph mounted to period card stock. 7½x9½. [c.1880] Photograph features 11 men, 10 dressed in fire fighters uniform and posing with the hose, in front of the fire department of Lot 457 Page 108

Galena, Illinois. Sign on the building reads, “Relief No 4.” Some fading, some brown spots; very good. (300/500) RARE EARLY IMAGE OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN 459. (Lincoln, Abraham) Hesler, Alexander. Photograph of Abraham Lincoln. Photograph from the original negative, mounted on stiff card. Approximately 9½x7½”. “Copyright Geo. B. Ayres, Phila.” in manuscript on verso. Philadelphia: Geo. B. Ayres, [1881-1900]

Lot 459

Portrait of Abraham Lincoln taken in Springfield, Illinois by Alexander Hesler shortly after Lincoln’s nomination for President at the Republican National Convention in Chicago, 1860. Though photographed by Hesler the present print (described in period advertisements as a platinum print) was published by George Ayres in Philadelphia sometime between 1881 and about 1901. Ayres had purchased the studio of Hesler and while sorting the negatives for recycling discovered two images of the then beardless future President. Ayres produced copies of these images from 1881 to about 1901. Also included is a letter from National Portrait Gallery, Curator of Photographs, Mary Panzer confirming that this is an Ayres printing from the original Hesler negative. Photocopies of Ayres advertisements for the Lincoln photographs also included. Edges of mount chipped, lower right corner torn and with tape repair on verso, a few small nicks and light scratches to surface; very good. (4000/6000)

460. (Lincoln, Abraham) Carte-de-Visite of Abraham Lincoln. 4x2½”.

c. 1865

Bust of Lincoln, captioned in an early hand on verso: “The last small size photograph President Lincoln sat for, February 1865. Washington, D.C.” Small crease at one corner, some light soiling to mount; very good. (200/300) 461. (Mennonites) Glass plate negative of a group of Mennonites. 5x7”. Print from the negative included. Late 19th century Two Mennonite men and 3 women, all in plain dress, along with another gentleman (perhaps a farm hand or employee, but not Brethren). Posed before a horse and cart and farm outbuilding. Very good. (200/300) 462.  (Military)  Approximately 50 U.S. Military Photographs.  Approximately 50 black and white photographs, most 8x10, a few snap-shots and portraits. Various places: 1940s-50s? Largely official photgraphs of Army and Navy vehicles and vessels, a few personal photographs. Very good. (200/300) 463.  (Muybridge, Eadweard)  Russell, Thomas C.  Panoramic San Francisco, from California Street Hill, 1877. Folding halftone panorama from a photograph by Muybridge, 11 panels, 4¾x57” plus margins Page 109

at top & bottom. Folding into gilt-lettered red cloth covers, 7x5¾. San Francisco: Thomas C. Russell, N.d., [c. 1910] Eadweard Muybridge’s famed 360 degree photograph of San Francisco. Spine faded, light wear at folds; else very good. (100/150) TWO PHOTOGRAPHS OF CUSTER’S SCOUTS 464. (Native American) Photographs of Hairy Moccasin and White Man Runs Him, George Armstrong Custer’s Little Bighorn Crow Scouts. Two sepia-tone photographs, 9¾x8 and 8¼x6¼ on 13¾x11 stiff mounts. c. 1907 On June 25, 1876, Custer’s scouts accompanied him to the Crow’s Nest, a natural rock formation overlooking the Little Bighorn valley, to assess their situation. The Crow scouts, including White Man Runs Him, Hairy Moccasin and others, advised Custer to wait for reinforcements. Custer refused their advice and prepared to attack. Convinced they were about to die in battle, the scouts took off their uniforms and donned Crow war clothing. When Custer demanded to know why, they responded that they wished to die as warriors rather than soldiers. Custer was angered by what he perceived as fatalism and relieved them from further service about an hour before engaging in the final battle. White Man Runs Him retired to a ridge along with Hairy Moccasin to join Maj. Marcus Reno. They were engaged briefly in battle but would survive the engagement. Mounts chipped and worn, some light surface wear to photos; very good. (3000/5000)

Lot 464

465. (Native American) 34 photos of various Native American scenes. 34 photographs, various sizes 4¾x6¼ or smaller. Matted. Early 20th century Various scenes including men, women and children, mostly posed views. Not examined out of matting; very good. (2000/3000)

Lot 465 Page 110

466. (Native American) Anderson, J[ohn] A. Hand-tinted photograph of Lakota Chief Crow Dog. Handtinted photograph, approximately 8½x6½ on a larger stiff mount. Dakota: 1900 Crow Dog was tried and convicted of the killing of the Sioux chief Spotted Tail in 1881 but was later freed when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the territorial government had no jurisdiction over the crime. Light spotting and scratching to surface, mount worn at edges and with several pin holes; very good. (600/900) 467. (Native American) Cabinet card of a young Native American woman. 7x4½”, stiff card mount. Los Angeles: E.A. Bonine, c. 1890s Image of a seated young woman, semi-nude, with face painted. From Bonine’s Views of Passadena and San Gabriel Valley series. Identified in pencil on rear as a Yuma Indian, Arizona, Ter. Wear to edges of mount; very good. (300/500) 468. (Native American) Collection of photographs and lithographs of Native Americans and Cowboys in collage style. 25 cards illustrated on both sides with lithographs and photographs, most in collage style, a few with one large illustration on each side. Approximately 8½x12¾. No place: Early 20th century Illustrations include Native Americans, Cowboys, Western settlers, rodeo scenes, etc. It has been suggested that these may have been proof sheets for souvenirs from travelling performances such as Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. Some light wear at edges, a few cards with captions in ink; very good. (1500/2000) 469. (Native American) Taber photograph of Jicorrillas Indians. Albumen photograph, 7¾x4¾. San Francisco: Taber Photo, c. 1890 Two young women and one young man posed before a barren tree. Diagonal crease at bottom, light soiling; very good. (300/500) 470.  (Navy)  Photo archive from AP142, General C.H. Muir.  Approximately 43 black and white photographs, most 8x10. At Sea: c. 1945 Photos of the AP142 at sea in the Pacific, weapons practice, etc. The General C. H. Muir (AP142) departed May 13, 1945 from San Francisco for her first troop-carrying voyage to the war zones of the Pacific. The ship brought troops to Pearl Harbor, Eniwetok, Ulithi, and Leyte, served briefly as a receiving ship in the Philippines; and returned to New York via the Panama Canal August 14, 1945. The long Pacific war over, General C. H. Muir sailed September 3rd to pick up returning veterans at Mediterranean and Indian Ocean ports. She arrived New York November 1, and then, retracing her steps to bring home another full contingent of troops, she finally returned New York January 9, 1946. The ship made three subsequent voyages, one to New Orleans and two to Europe, before decommissioning at Baltimore June, 1946. Very good. (300/500) 471. (New Jersey) Scott, J.C. Six photographs of The Great Freshet in New Brunswick, New Jersey, September 24, 1882. Six original photographs, each approximately 4¼x7¾” on 5¼x8½” mounts, photographers label on rear. J.C. Scott, 1888 Photos of floodwaters in the streets of New Brunswick. Mounts deteriorated with laminated layers separating, one photo chipped, some soiling; fair to good. (200/300)

Page 111

472. (Nudes) 24 vintage nude and pornographic photographs. 24 vintage nude or pornographic photographs, most 5½x3½ to 6x4¾, one 6½x9¾. Also included are 11 ‘Tijuana Bible” pornographic comic strips. No place: No date Very good.


473.  (P.P.I.E.)  Collection of black and white photographs from the Panama Pacific International Exposition.  pproximately 73 black and white photographs, on heavy card stock. Mostly 6¾x5 or 8¼x6 (a few A smaller) and most with identifications penciled on verso. San Francisco: c.1915 Very slight edge wear; else near fine.


474.  (Pacific Islands)  Collection of Photographs of Samoa, etc.  Approximately 28 photographs, various sizes. [1950s?] Snapshots and posed photographs of Somoan islanders and various scenes from other Pacific islands. Very good. (200/300) 475. (Photographs) Miscellaneous lot of photographs, ephemera, etc. Includes several celebrity photographs, postcards, 1919 year book from San Francisco Polytechnic High School, cased tin-type, cased daguerreotype, etc. Various dates Good or better, sold as is.

(200/300) 476.  (Pony Express)  photograph titled “Pioneer and Pony Express”.  Original photograph. Approximately mounted on stiff card.

Albumen Emigrants albumen 4½x7½, c. 1870s

Image of 4 men and a boy on horseback, titled on mount beneath photograph “Pioneer Emigrants and Pony Express”. Near fine. (800/1200) Lot 476

SEVERAL LOTS OF SAN FRANCISCO PHOTOGRAPHS 477.  (San Francisco)  Five photo albums from a Russian family in San Francisco.  Five albums containing hundred of snapshot photographs, postcards, etc. San Francisco: 1950s-60s Albums from a Russian family living in San Francisco, mostly family photographs but also photos from travels elsewhere in Northern California, Hawaii, Washington D.C., etc. A number of postcards also included. Several covers detached; contents very good. (250/350)

Page 112

478. (San Francisco) Photographs pre- and post- 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Photograph album measuring 7x11, black cloth. Contains approximately 110 silver print photographs (some are cut into shapes) pasted down on black paper. 1905 gift inscription on sticker on front paste down. Photograph sizes vary, most are 3½x3½. [San Francisco]: 1904-1907 Some photographs are inscribed with dates, starting with the very first one dated 1904. Places photographed include San Francisco, Alameda, Berkeley, and Stanford. The dates stop at March 19th, 1906 and pick up again at May 1907. Photographs to note include: tents pitched by a dirt road; a line formed outside of Hamilton Square (dated May 1907); a woman cooking outside; and the ruins of a building on Van Ness and Clay. Some rippling to photographs, a bit of fading over to time ranging from lightly faded to heavily faded; very good overall. (300/500) 479. (San Francisco) Photo of the Los Nidos Club 4th Automobile Outing, 1914. 7¾x10 photograph on 12x13¾ stiff mount. Photographs imprint at lower right, Von Rubens, 2268 Mission St. San Francisco. San Francisco: 1914 Photo shows the club members gathered in 6 automobiles in front of the Schubert Building on Sixteenth Street. Wear and soiling to mount; very good. (200/300) 480. (San Francisco) 47 postcards of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and reconstruction. 49 postcards. San Francisco: c. 1906 19 cards showing the devastation of the city caused by the earthquake; 28 cards published by the San Francisco Sunday Examiner depicting the reconstruction of the city following the quake. Also, 2 postcards of the Cliff House. Some light wear; overall very good or better. (300/500) 481. (San Francisco) 46 stereoview cards of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. 46 stereoview cards of the aftermath of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, including several duplicates. c. 1906 Also included is a stereoview of the Battleship Missouri. Some edge wear, top layer separating from card on several cards; overall very good. (300/500) 482. (Spanish-American War) 5 photos of Cuba during the Spanish-American War. Includes a mounted photo of Major General Fitzhugh Lee leading a group of officers and aides on horseback at Camp Columbia, 1899. 5x8¼” on 11x14” mount. * Photo of the “Bone Yard” at Christobal Colon Cemetary, Havana. 1899. 4¼x6½” * Photo of the fortress La Cabaña, 1898. 7¾x9¾” * Photo of the evacuation of the Spanish Troops from the Governor General’s Palace, Havana. Jan. 1, 1899. 7¾x9½” * Photo of the American Flag raised over the Governor General’s Palace, 12:03 PM, Jan. 1, 1899. 7¾x9¾”. Together 5 original photographs, the last 4 mounted to period album leaves. Cuba: 1899 Some light wear; overall very good.


483. (Spokane, Washington) Albumen photograph memorializing the first casualty of the Spokane fire department. Albumen photograph of the view of a street in Spokane, with a roundel portrait of George Chapman in the right upper corner. Writing beneath the roundel image writes his name, station number, and date of death. 6x8 photograph on 8x10 period card stock mount. Spokane, Wa: 1894 George T. Chapman was the first fire fighter to die in the line of duty of the Spokane, Washington fire fighters. He died on May 25, 1894 while performing a demonstration on aerial ladder safety. He was the Captain at Station 2, located at Main and Division. Few scratches and smudges; else very good. (250/350) Page 113

484. (Stereo Views of the West) Woodward, C[harles] W[arren]. Collection of 36 stereo view photographs by C.W. Woodward. Most on orange, some on cream or yellow card stock, 3½x7. Imprint and title on recto. Rochester, NY: [c.1885] Woodward Stereoscopic Co. existed for a two year period from 1885-1887, and five of these stereo views are from that period, labelled with the company name, and the views are of California and Colorado. The rest are from the “Grandeur of the Yosemite,” series. Edge wear to each; condition varies; generally very good. Sold as is. (700/1000) 485. (Stereoviews) Approximately 110 modern stereoviews. Collection of approximately 110 home-made stereoview cards, some captioned, photographer unknown. 1950s? Also includes a small group of assorted vintage stereoviews. Very good.


486.  Sunderland, Clyde. Photographic negative of a flying boat above the Golden Gate Bridge during construction. 4 x4¾”. Oakland: c.1935 The large flying boat cruises above the cables and southern tower of the Golden Gate Bridge, before the roadway was hung. Clyde Sunderland (1900-1989) was a pioneering aerial photographer, operating out of his home base of Oakland, California beginning in the 1920’s. He was commissioned by Franklin D. Roosevelt to write a textbook on aerial photography and train naval photographers in 1939 and he taught at Pensacola until the end of the war. This negative came out of his estate. Fine (700/1000) CLYDE SUNDERLAND PHOTOGRAPH OF THE CALIFORNIA CLIPPER 487.  Sunderland, Clyde. Photograph of the “California Clipper” above Treasure Island. 7½x9½. Oakland: c. 1939 Photo shows the California Clipper on its arrival at Treasure Island, from the Factory in Seattle, before the name and flag had been painted on its bow. Some light creasing to surface of photo, ink and paste residue on verso; very good. (1000/1500) 488. (Texas - Mexico Border) Mobilization camp at Texas City. Silver print panoramic photograph post card, 3¼x10¾. Composite image which includes six separate photographs, all but one with a title written in white. Bottom panoramic photograph attributed to Medley and Blandford of Cheyenne, Wyo. Texas City, Texas: Medley and Blanford, 1913 On February 26, 1913 the First Contingent of the Second Division of the U.S. Regular Army arrived in Texas City to set up encampment. One of a number of tented mobilization camps, this photograph features various views of the tented community, and the men that lived there, under the command of Major General W[illiam] H. Carter. The panoramic photograph that makes up most of the top half of the postcard is a view of the beach front properties in Galveston, in which you can see the Gulf Terrace Hotel. Very good. (200/300) 489. (Thumb, Tom and Lavinia) Carte-de-Visite of General Tom Thumb and his bride Lavinia. 4x2½” c. 1863 General Tom Thumb and his bride Lavinia in their wedding attire. Lower corners of mount clipped; very good. (200/300) Page 114

490. (Truscott, George Wyatt) Albumen photograph of Sir George Wyatt Truscott, signed. Albumen portrait photograph. 11¼x9, mounted on board measuring 13¾x10¼. Signed below photograph on board and dated 1908. London: W. & D. Downey, 1908 Signed G. Wyatt Truscott Lord Mayor 1908. Sir Truscott sits upon a throne, with one foot resting on a matching ottoman. He is dressed in an ornately decorated robe. He was the Lord Mayor of London from 1908-1909, and was the first (of four) Baronet Truscott, of Oakleigh, East Grinstead, Sussex. Boards rubbed and worn at edges; very good. (300/500) 491. (U.S. Navy) 8 albums of photographs from a Sailor in the U.S. Navy. 8 photo albums containing 100s of snapshot photographs. 1940s Various naval vessels, bases, etc. including a large number of photographs of Post-war occupation of Japan. Also included are a group of loose photographs and several real photo postcards taken on-board Navy ships. Very good. (300/500) 492. (Venice, Italy) Ricordo di Venezia. 24 albumen photographs. 6x8½, brown cloth-backed blue gilt decorated boards. [Venice, Italy]: [c.1880] Photographs by Paolo Salviati of Negozio Fotografie. Lovely views including St. Mark’s Square, the Venetian canals, and monuments. All photographs with location noted in pencil on verso of page, many labeled by the photographer on the photograph. One copy located by OCLC Worldcat at the University of Virginia Library. Heavy staining to boards near spine and edges; leaves beginning to detach from binding; last photograph fading; else very good. (500/800) ALLEN GINSBERG AT THE 1963 PROTEST OF MADAME NHU 493. (Vietnam War) Album of original photographs from the October, 1963 protest of Madame Nhu in San Francisco, including a photograph of Allen Ginsberg. 14 original photographs, 5x7 or 8x10. Housed in a period photo album. San Francisco: 1963

Lot 493

The 14 photos in this collection show the picket line in front of the Sheraton- Palace Hotel in San Francisco where Madame Nhu was a guest and include a photograph of a young Allen Ginsberg bearing a sign reading “War is black magic / Belly flowers to North and South Vietnam / include everybody / End the human war / Name hypnosis and fear is the / Enemy—Satan go home! / I accept America and Red China / To the human race / Madame Nhu and Mao Tse-Tung / Are in the same boat of meat”. Nhu was the official hostess of the U.S.-controlled South Vietnamese government, and wife of the head of the secret police. When a Buddhist monk immolated himself in Saigon as a protest against the government’s favoritism of Catholicism (the majority of people in South Vietnam were Buddhist), Madam Nhu called the suicide a “barbecue,” and made an offer Page 115

to light the match for the next one. Also included is a 10½x14 photograph of the beat hangout “Coffee and Confusion” on upper Grant Street in North Beach. Some curling to photos, tape on versos, large photo of Coffee and Confusion with tape in margins; very good. (1000/1500) 494.  Vintage photo album. Vintage album containing approximately 114 photographs of various sizes, including several tin-types. Most identified in pencil on album pages. Ohio, Colorado, etc.: late 19th century Most photographs from studios in Painesville, Ohio but also others from photographers in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Colorado. Spine leather nearly detached, lacking most of brass clasp; photos very good. (400/600) 495.  (Women)  Approximately 50 cabinet photographs of unidentified women.  Approximately 50 cabinet photographs on stiff card mounts, most 4¼x6½” to 8½x5¾”. Late 19th century Unidentified women of various ages, most from studios in the eastern United States, a few from European studios. A few with spotting, staining and/or light wear; overall very good. (200/300) 496. (World War II) Photo album of a German Soldier. Over 70 snapshot photographs plus several period postcards housed in a period photo album with Nazi flag and emblem on front with gilt lettered “Fur Erinnerung an Meine Diestzeit” (For memories of my time served). Germany: 1940s Candid scenes from service in the German army. Very good.


497. (World War II) Soldier’s photo album, basic training through deployment in the Pacific Theater. Approximately 200 snapshot photographs housed in a period photo album, many captioned by hand. 1940s Includes photos of training at Willow Run, Michigan; Kearns, Utah; New Guinea; Philippine Islands; Okinawa; Japan; Fort Dix, New Jersey; etc. A few photos loose, some with light wear; very good. (200/300) 498. (Wounded Knee) Two photographs from the massacre at Wounded Knee, South Dakota. Includes: Photo of a Native American gathering, captioned in negative, “Grand Council Between Friendly and Hostile Indian Chiefs Where Peace Was Declared. Pine Ridge Agcy, S.D....Chief Two Strikes Talking.” 1891. 5½x7½” * Photo of a frozen body in the snow, captioned in negative, “Chief Big Foot, Killed in the Battle at Wounded Knee...” Both photos copyright N.W. Photo Co., 1891. Mounted to album leaves. Pine Ridge, South Dakota: 1891 Also includes several photographs of U.S. Army officers (not from battalions involved in the Wounded Knee massacre), etc. Photos with some wear and soiling; overall very good. (200/300) EARLY PHOTOGRAPHS OF A WRIGHT BROTHERS PLANE 499. (Wright Brothers) Hess, Charles G. Four photographs of a Wright Brothers plane in flight, with letter from the photographer. Four black and white photographs, two 5½x4¼, one 4¾x6½ and one 5x7. Plus Autograph Letter signed by the photographer Charles G. Hess. Denver: negatives 1910, later prints The letter, dated Dec. 11, 1949, reads in part: “Dear Floyd, I am enclosing a few pictures that I believe will be of interest to you. Especially those of the Wright Brothers plane, these pictures

Page 116

were taken by myself in Denver, in November, the day after Ralph Johnson was killed, therefore it must be Arch Hoxsie flying....” The prints, printed from the 1910 negatives, are likely later. Light wear; very good. (500/800) 500. (Yellowstone) 56 photo postcards of Yellowstone Park. 56 colored photographic postcards. Tipped into a period postcard album. Detroit: Detroit Photographic Co., 1900s Scenes of the park attractions and several related businesses. Album pages brittle and with some chips and tears; postcards unused and near fine. (200/300) SEVEN LOTS OF YOSEMITE STEREOVIEWS 501. (Yosemite - Stereo Views) Ingersoll, T[ruman] W[ard]. Collection of 22 stereo view photographs of Yosemite. On cream, gray or orange mounts, 3½x7. Imprints and titles on recto. St. Paul, Minn.: c.1905-10 Best known for his photography of Yellowstone, T.W. Ingersoll was an accomplished photographer of the United States, covering largely the northwest, but also succeeding in capturing the gold rush in Alaska, and the Chicago Exposition. This collection is from his period of publishing and it is unclear if he took these photographs which were published at the “Ingersoll View Company,” or under the title “High Grade Original Views.” Light edge wear to each; condition varies; generally very good. Sold as is. (400/600) 502. (Yosemite - Stereo Views) Kilburne, [Benjamin and Edward]. Collection of 28 stereo view photographs of Yosemite. On yellow mounts, 3¼x6¾. Imprint on verso. Title on recto beneath image. Littleton, N.H.: [c.1870] The Kilburn Brothers were one of the premier and most extensive manufacturers of stereo view in the late 19th century. Verso lightly foxed, yellowed, some with ink or rubber stamps from previous owners; light edge wear; condition varies; generally very good. (500/800) 503. (Yosemite - Stereo Views) Moulton, John S. 38 stereo view photographs of Yosemite by John S. Moulton.  n yellow, orange, or (for the most part) pale green card stock. 3½x7. O Salem, Mass.: [c.1880] A few with the name Edward Everett Parker inscribed in ink on recto. From three different series of stereo views; “American Views,” “Yosemite Valley, California,” and “American Scenery.” Edge wear, smudging, and a few with small stains; condition varies; generally very good overall. Sold as is. (700/1000) 504. (Yosemite - Stereo Views) Soule, John P. Collection of 68 stereo views of Yosemite. On yellow mounts, 3¼x6¾. Imprint, series title (“California-Yo-Semite Valley”) and caption on recto, in margins. All but five from the Yosemite series. Others include: 3 from “California-Mammoth Trees,” and 1 each from “California” and “California-Big Trees.” Boston: 1870 Stereo views of Yosemite published by John P. Soule, best known for the fact that photographs credited to him appeared in Samuel Kneeland’s “The Wonders of the Yosemite Valley, and of California.” However, since Soule apparently never actually traveled to California, there has been speculation that the photographs were actually by Carleton Watkins. Bit of edge wear to each; condition varies slightly; overall very good. (1000/1500) 505. (Yosemite - Stereo Views) White, H.C. 32 stereo views of Yosemite by H.C. White. Dark gray or cream card stock, 3½x7. Most with black printed titles and imprints, some with gilt. 12 with titles and Page 117

lengthy description of photograph on verso.

North Bennington, VT: 1900-1905

H.C. White was among the leading producers of stereo views, producing some of the highest quality photographs of his era. White’s stereo views were distinctive for using dark gray card stock, and writing lengthy descriptions of the views on their versos. Their trademarked catch phrase, printed on many in this collection, was “The Perfec-Stereograph.” Light edge wear to each; condition varies; generally very good. Sold as is. (600/900) 506. (Yosemite - Stereo Views) 11 Stereo view photographs of Yosemite. On cream mounts, 3½x7. Title beneath image. Melander Publisher, c.1875 Titles in this series of photographs include; “Nevada Falls,” “El Capitan,” and “Sentinel Rock.” In a scroll on the left side of each mount reads, “Yosemite Valley, California.” In a scroll on the right side of each mount reads, “Melander Publisher Chiago.” Light edge wear or smudging to each; condition varies; one with ink inscription on verso; generally very good. (200/300) 507. (Yosemite - Stereo Views) 17 stereo view photographs of Yosemite. On cream mounts, 3½x7. Bearing the imprint and title on recto, title in six languages (including English and Greek) on verso of most. A few in duplicate. New York: Strohmeyer & Wyman, 1893-1899 Sold only by Underwood & Underwood, this collection of stereo views features Yosemite’s sights, along with a group of people enjoying them. Views include “Above the clouds, on Eagle Peak,” which is a photograph of a man sitting on a rock at Eagle Peak, a group of men and a woman on horseback on Glacier Point Trail. Some edge wear to each; condition varies; generally very good. Sold as is. (300/500)

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CONDITIONS OF SALE The property listed in this catalogue will be sold by PBA Galleries, Inc. (hereinafter Galleries) as agent for others upon the following terms and conditions as may be amended by notice or oral announcement at the sale: 1. All bids are to be per lot as numbered in the catalogue. 2. As used herein the term “bid price” means the price at which a lot is knocked down to the purchaser and the term “purchase price” means the aggregate of (a) the bid price (b) a premium of twenty percent (20%) of the bid price payable by the purchaser, and (c) unless the purchaser is exempt by law from the payment thereof, any California state or local sales tax except where sold to a purchaser outside of California and shipped to the purchaser. The Galleries have been authorized by the consignor to retain, as part of remuneration, the 20% premium payable by the purchaser. 3. Property auctioned by the Galleries is often of some age. Prospective bidders should personally inspect such property to determine its condition and whether it has been repaired or restored. Any information provided by the Galleries or its employees is for the convenience of bidders only and should not be relied upon. ALL PROPERTY IS SOLD “AS IS” AND NEITHER THE GALLERIES NOR THE CONSIGNOR MAKES ANY WARRANTIES OR REPRESENTATIONS OF ANY KIND OR NATURE WITH RESPECT TO THE PROPERTY OR ITS VALUE, MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR WHETHER THE PURCHASER ACQUIRES ANY COPYRIGHTS. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE GALLERIES OR THE CONSIGNOR BE RESPONSIBLE FOR CORRECTNESS OF DESCRIPTION, GENUINENESS, ATTRIBUTION, PROVENANCE, AUTHENTICITY, AUTHORSHIP, COMPLETENESS, CONDITION OF THE PROPERTY OR ESTIMATE OF VALUE. NO STATEMENT (ORAL OR WRITTEN) IN THE CATALOGUE, AT THE SALE, OR ELSEWHERE SHALL BE DEEMED SUCH A WARRANTY OR REPRESENTATION, OR ANY ASSUMPTION OF RESPONSIBILITY. HOWEVER, notwithstanding this condition and subject to the further provisions of this paragraph as set forth below, property may be returned by the purchaser, the sale rescinded and the purchase price refunded under the following conditions: (1) printed books which prove upon collation to be defective in text or illustration (provided such defects are not indicated within the catalogue or at the sale), and (2) autographs which prove not to be genuine (if this can be demonstrated and if not indicated in the catalogue or at the sale). Printed books are not returnable for defects not affecting text and illustration, including, but not limited to, lack of half-titles, lists of plates, binder’s instructions, errata, blanks, or advertisements. No returns will be accepted unless written notice, by registered mail or receipted courier, is received by the Galleries within fourteen (14) days of the sale of the property and the property is returned in the same condition as it was at the time of sale. NO LOT IS RETURNABLE ON ACCOUNT OF PROPERTY INCLUDED BUT NOT SPECIFICALLY NAMED AND DESCRIBED IN SUCH LOT. LOTS CONTAINING THREE OR MORE TITLES, WHETHER NAMED OR UNNAMED, AND SELLING FOR ONE HUNDRED FIFTY ($150) OR LESS, EXCLUSIVE OF BUYER’S PREMIUM, ARE SOLD NOT SUBJECT TO RETURN FOR ANY REASON. 4. Photographs, prints and other fine art multiples are sold in compliance with California law, and the Galleries’ catalogue descriptions of such multiples conform to the applicable provisions of that law. 5. Any right of the purchaser under this agreement or under the law shall not be assignable and shall be enforceable only by the original purchaser and not by any subsequent owner or any person who shall subsequently acquire any interest. No purchaser shall be entitled to any remedy, relief or damages beyond return of the property, recision of the sale and refund of the purchase price; and, without limitation, no purchaser shall be entitled to damages of any kind.

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6. If we are prevented by fire, theft or any other reason whatsoever from delivering any property to the purchaser, our liability shall be limited to the sum actually paid by the purchaser. 7. Books and other property purchased are to be removed at the close of each Sale unless shipping instructions are received by the Galleries before such sale. If not removed, property will be held at the sole risk of the purchaser and no responsibility is assumed if such goods are lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed. The Galleries will facilitate shipment of property to out-of-town purchasers at an additional packing charge plus carriage and insurance, but will not be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the shipping thereof in excess of the amount of the insurance. 8. Payment terms: All items are to be paid for by (a) cash, (b) cashier’s check, (c) credit card, or (d) personal check with approved credit, and all accounts are due when bills are rendered. MERCHANDISE WILL BE SHIPPED AFTER PAYMENT HAS BEEN RECEIVED. 9. We reserve the right to reject a bid from any bidder. The highest bidder acknowledged by the auctioneer shall be the purchaser. In the event of any dispute between bidders, or in the event the auctioneer doubts the validity of any bid, the auctioneer shall have the sole and final discretion either to determine the successful bidder or to re-offer and resell the article in dispute. If any dispute arises after the sale, our sales records shall be conclusive in every respect. 10. Unless the Sale is advertised as a sale without reserve, each lot is offered subject to a reserve. MOST LOTS OFFERED BY THE GALLERIES HAVE A MINIMUM RESERVE OF ONEHALF THE PRESALE LOW ESTIMATE . The Galleries do not accept reserves of more than the low estimate nor allow consignors to bid on their own items. 11. To prevent inaccuracy in delivery or inconvenience in the settlement of a purchase, no lot can be transferred. Each buyer must pay for the whole of his purchases before any lot can be removed. 12. As a service to clients unable to attend the Sale, we will accept absentee bids without charge in advance of the sale by telephone, mail, fax, email or in person. All bids must state the highest bid price the bidder is willing to pay. “Buy” bids are not accepted. Please check bid sheets carefully to make sure you have the correct lot numbers and that the sheet is legible. The Galleries reserve the right to refuse to undertake absentee bids, and shall in no event be responsible for failure to execute such bids or for any error that may occur when executing them. Unsuccessful absentee bids will not be acknowledged. ALL SALES HELD BY PBA GALLERIES ARE CONDUCTED PURSUANT TO SECTION 2328 OF THE COMMERCIAL CODE AND SECTION 535 OF THE PENAL CODE OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA

CONSIGNING BOOKS TO PBA GALLERIES The first step in consigning to PBA is to contact the Galleries, either by phone, fax, email or letter. It can then be determined whether the item or items under consideration would do well at auction. Following this, arrangements can be made for the delivery of the material to PBA. In the case of large consignments or libraries, a member of the staff may be able to view the books on location, and make arrangements for its transportation to PBA Galleries. Because of the costs involved, PBA discourages consignments with a total value of less than $1500. The frequency of auctions, and variety of subject matter, allows PBA Galleries to ensure quick turn-around time for items consigned. Books can appear at auction as quickly as 30 days and generally not more than 90 days following consignment. Commissions vary between 10% and 15%, depending on the selling price of an item. These commissions encompass all related costs including insurance, storage, cataloguing, illustrations, etc., except shipping. Payment is sent within 20 banking days of an auction.

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BId Sheet Sale #:_________________

133 Kearny Street, 4th Floor San Francisco, CA 94108

Sale Date:______________________

Phone: (415) 989-2665 Fax: (415) 989-1664


Bidder#:______________ Cust Id#___________


Shipping address (if different from mailing address)





Is either a new address? Yes No Day Phone:___________________Home Phone:____________________Cell:____________________ Email:___________________________________________


Are you a dealer purchasing for resale? Yes No (if yes) I hereby certify that all tangible personal property purchased by me will be for resale and is not subject to California Sales Tax, and that I hold Sellers Permit #________________ 1. 2. 3. 4.

PBA Galleries is hereby authorized to bid on the following lots up to the price stated. All bids shall be treated as offers made subject to the Conditions of Sale. These bids will not be executed unless this form is signed. A 20% Buyerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Premium will be charged on all lots sold.

PLEASE EXECUTE THESE BIDS ON MY BEHALF. _______________________________________ SIGNATURE CHECK HERE TO INCREASE BIDS BY ONE INCREMENT IN CASE OF TIE_______________ Please charge my credit card for my purchase: Visa Mastercard Discover Credit Card #:____________________________________ Exp. Date:______________________ Signature___________________________________ Please use this card for all future purchases LOT NUMBER In numerical order


LOT NUMBER In numerical order


LOT NUMBER In numerical order


Bid Increments $00 to $200. . . . . . . . $10 $2000 to $5000. . . . . . . $250 $200 to $500. . . . . . . . $25 $5000 to $10,000. . . . . $500 $500 to $1000. . . . . . $50 $10,000 to $20,000. . . $1000 $1000 to $2000. . . . $100 $20,000 to $50,000. . . $2500 Note: Bids not matching the above increments will be rounded down to the nearest increment.

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