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Jeremy Wilson Formative Assesment Portfolio Please excuse the bad layout and probably grammer, I’m having major issues with Indesign on my laptop and I knocked this up pretty quickly at uni.

Project Proposal Explore displaying the passing/passage of time through digital photography, photo maipulation and moving image. Through this project i plan to utilise my photography skills to produce a series oif images which depict passages of time, laid on a flat plane, reduced to two dimensions. I have come to this Idea through previous work and also highly influenced by the artist David Hockney. It is yet unclear as to what form my final piece will take. The most likely outcome will be a photo book showcasing my work. However I may move into movingimage and produce some kind of film.

Learning Outcomes Through this project I will be learning more about my camera, having to catch consitant lighting and fucusing under pressure. I will also be learning how to set out a series of pictures in an aesthetic and instructive way.



Inspiration Marcel Duchamps’ “Nude Decending Staircase” was a peice that sparked my ideas of compressing a passige of time into a single image. Taking Duchamps’ abstact version i planned to take his idea and see what it would look like with real photographs.

David Hokney has alawys been a big source of inspiration for me. After reading his book “The Way I See It” a few years ago. He has some very intersting views on space and time that extend into his work at times. Like this, “The Scrabble Game”, a collage of photos taken during a scrabble game. What really interests me is in the top half of the image he includes various pictures of the players faces and expressions. giving the viewer a better feeling of what it was like to sit and play at this table.

Previous Work I have always been fascinated by time and the way it can be portrayed using photography as it shows throughout my work.

In my seccond year i produced this collage of Epsom racecourse, as you move from left to right of the image, the image takes you from day to night and when you stand back and look at the collage as a whole, you can see both day and night as one.

I created this image of my friend juggling using stobe lighting and a long exposure. Each flash froze the subject at a different point of his juggling routine.

Initial Experiments

Initial Experiments I started off in my kitchen and i recorded a journey from one side of the room to the other using the burst fire setting on my camera. Using photoshop I tiled all the images together so you can see the whole journey in one image. Taking the idea one step further I animated the images step by step to create short videos with a similar effect ontext=C4d19e28ADvjVQa1PpcFMiCoTJyNoLJh2R Hoa7ggD7XLwVPIu6vNM= ontext=C4244da2ADvjVQa1PpcFMiCoTJyNoLJhqA NSOxOtPadfvSdoVwjMo=



I photographed this feeding fenzy of birds in kingston and used the images to create this collage. Using a pixelated looking approach of different pictures cut into assorted rectangles it gives an intersting aethetic. However because the subject matter here is already frantic and unorganised I think using this technique makes things a little too confusing. Perhaps I should use this same idea on something a little more bland.

The Bus Stop

The idea came to me of using the collage technique i used for the bird frenzy on a mundane area where people wait. The bus stop seemed like the perfect place, the dimensions of the shelter are about the same as the 4:3 dimensions of most digital photographs. I waited opposite a bus stop in a car. Using a wide-angle lens i captured a background image (shown top right on the opposite page). Then using a tele-photo lens I homed in on different people at the bus stop and recorded their movements. Using photoshop I pasted the close up telephoto pictures onto the background in an aestheic way to show the different peoples actions and expressions while they waited for their bus.

The Bus Stop

The Bus Stop

The Bus Stop


Portraits This old man wa one of the punters at a bus stop that i photograped. He sowed a nice range of expressions and I thought he was a good subject to do a close up portrait of. I particularly like this image as it really does give you an idea of what it is like to have a chat with this man, and you can almost hear the war stories that he could be telling whilst i captured these images. I used a slightly different technique of blending the images more smoothly to thatof the bus stop. Much more remiscent of Marcel Duchamps’ Nude Decending Staircase. below are some of the raw images used in this collage.

Portrait Book

The portrait of the old man gave me an idea for a possible outcome of this project which would be to make a ‘coffee table book’ Full of portraits in this style. It would be entirely voyeristic and the subjects should not know they are being photographed. I also came up with a neat idea for the copy where I could make up a story or biography of this person. By looking at the image I could make up what kind of person I think they are and what I think their story may be. The book could look something like this. 0 Alternatively a smilar style of book could be made from my bus stop images.

Portrait Book

FMP Portfolio  

A quick mock-up of my FMP portfolio so far...