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Jeremy Williams  –  640005     Week  2  –  Studio  Journal     Between  the  week  1  and  week  2  studio,  we  were  given  a  piece  of  balsa  wood  and  told  that,  as  a  group,  a  structure  is  to  be  erected  only   consisting  of  40  pieces  with  the  objective  of  being  as  tall  as  possible.  During  discussions,  it  was  decided  that  the  tower  will  be  shaped  as   a  triangle  (a  truss)  as  opposed  to  a  square  or  rectangle  due  to:       Trusses:     • Stable  under  loading  (pressure   or  force)   • Cannot  change  shape  except  for   elongation  and  contraction  of   its  members  (the  pieces  of  balsa     wood  that  make  up  the  tower           Squares:   • Unstable  under  loading  (pressure   or  force)   • Will  collapse  under  all  but  very   specific  conditions  



Triangular shaped  support  structure   to  provide  the  tower  with  stability  


Jeremy Williams  –  640005        



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Limit of  40  ‘strips’  of  balsa   wood   Truss  to  support  the  tower   is  used  every  2  vertical   members  to  maximize  the   limited  balsa  wood   Theoretically  sound,  but   flawed  when  put  in   practice   As  the  tower  got  higher,   members  came  under   elongation  due  to  poor   construction  and  different   heights  of  the  members   Lead  to  instability     Member  under   elongation  

Jeremy Williams  –  640005     •

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Diagonal-­‐support beams  were   put  in  place  to  prevent   members  from  undergoing   elongation   Provided  stability  as  the   structure  got  taller   Diagonal-­‐support  beams  were   placed  in-­‐such  a  way  that  two   trusses  were  connected  to  each   other.  


Opposite sides  

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Supply of  balsa  wood  diminished   towards  the  top  of  the  tower   Trusses  were  abandoned  for   diagonal-­‐support  beams  due  to  less   wood  being  involved   Forfeited  stability  for  height   Diagonal-­‐support  beams  were   placed  on  opposite  sides  in-­‐order   to  be  more  effective  

Jeremy Williams  –  640005     Another  group  forfeited  height  for   stability,  utilizing  trusses  to  increases   stability.  ‘Mini-­‐vertical-­‐trusses’  were   constructed  between  the  vertical   members  the  horizontal  trusses.  


This  structure  was  shown  to  be  extremely  sounds,  capable  of   supporting  the  weight  of  a  200-­‐page  textbook.  The  structure  that   my  group  constructed,  despite  being  almost  two  stories  tall,  could   not  support  the  weight  of  a  piece  of  paper.  

Week 2 – studio journal