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Pursuit A Sample Portfolio of My Quest for Strategic Communication Jeremy Burns

May 2011

“You’re too tall to be Porky the Pig.” I was 17 years old at the time I had my first job. It was with Six Flags Over Fiesta Texas. I went through orientation with 30 newly hired applicants and was eager to start working so I could save money and buy myself a $1,200 guitar. At the orientation my job title was not known except that I will be working in the Marketing Department. I thought that my responsibilities would be shuffling office paperwork, which would be easy, but Lord behold what kind of work was in store for me. After the orientation I was sent to meet my supervisor Garrett. I walked into his office and before I could introduce myself he looks and says: “You’re too tall to be Porky the Pig.” I was so startled that I did not even know what to say. I just stood there with my jaw open thinking of what I got myself into and out of the closet I see him pull out a costume: “But you’re the perfect height to be Scooby.” And then it hit me, my first job in my life was to be a cartoon mascot, and not just any cartoon, but Scooby-Doo. I suddenly pictured kids charging for me like bulls only wanting to play, how demoralizing I thought this job would be. But me being me, I stayed with the job and was willing to wear the suit to pursue a career in strategic advertising. I learned that Scooby-Doo is more than just a cartoon; Scooby symbolizes all the elements of what a kid is! He’s goofy, filled with innocence, gets scared of the dark and loves to have fun. Because of this, Six Flags Over Fiesta Texas used a clear strategic channel of communication to reach out to not just families but specifically kids to come and experience an adventurous time at its theme park. This would not have been accomplished without Scooby. During this job I assisted in event coordinating, planning, promoting and advertising. I soon learned that not just Marketing, PR or advertising is viral but so is communication. It is everywhere and needs to be used in a strategic manner to reach goals. It was from that job that I embarked upon learning the tools of the trade and pursuing with perseverance the art of strategic communication.


Additional Experience

Texas State University McCoy College of Business Administration BBA Marketing Graduate: May of 2011

Mar. 2011-Current Austin American Marketing Association YouTube Specialist Develop internet videos and manage interactive marketing events via YouTube

Relevant Experience Aug. 2009-Current San Marcos-Premium Outlets Campaign Manager Promote San Marcos-Premium Outlets to local and international shoppers through grassroots and experiential marketing Strengthen marketing and promotional strategies for 142 vendors by co-branding and integrating monthly store offerings through direct and experiential marketing Initiate cause-related marketing campaign Support Our Heroes Nov. 2008-Feb. 2010 Clay Nightingale/Bayou City Outlaws Booking Agent/Manager Expanded fan base for both artists within Central Texas Corridor Constructed promotions and relationships with 32 music venues through cold-calling, media press kits and event promotions Used guerilla warfare tactics in publishing press releases, media press kits, and outdoor advertisements May 2008-Aug. 2008 Calliope Artist Management Talent Coordinator Gained experience in film and modeling industry by processing 40 new clients, database management and booking auditions, photo shoots and print ads. Promoted local funk band Dog Men Poets through interactive marketing via MySpace and Facebook, co-branding with venues and publications of press releases and e-press kits Aug. 2007-Dec. 2007 Propaganda Media Group Public Relations Assistant Promoted clients via Public Relations by booking local radio interviews with 89.9 KTSW and 101X Austin Radio Conducted interactive marketing via MySpace and Facebook Managed database for 75 clients and 52 venues

Aug. 2009-Dec. 2009 Texas State American Marketing Association VP of Internal Affairs Facilitated and improved management of marketing operations for 25 Executive Committee members through bi-weekly recaps and influential leadership Aug. 2008-May 2009 Texas State American Marketing Association Vice President Managed 16 officers by teamwork collaboration and actionoriented leadership Constructed the 2008-09 Chapter Plan and Annual Report

Interests Economics, Spanish Guitar, Salsa, Films, Basketball, Football, Blues, Electronic music, Espionage Novels, Video Games, Technology and Traveling

Objective: For a semester project, reposition Skype To Go as the ideal mobile and landline phone application for internationals

Strategy: Establish Skype To Go as the ideal international calling program by exposing the emotional bond provided when calling families and loved ones while enforcing its affordability

Creative Approach Skype takes business and personal communication to a whole new level. They position themselves as saving you time and money; however, they are not perceived as providing the emotional bond between families and loved ones while distance keeps them apart. By being compatible with mobile and landline telephones, Skype To Go is a great way of maintaining contact between family members and loved ones on a Global level while on the go.

Creative Objectives Make international and long distance families aware of Skype To Go and its advantages over other international calling plans Re-enforce Skype To Go as an affordable international calling program Create an emotional bond when internationals use the program for calling those special to them

Target Market Foreign Exchange Students

Foreign exchanged students of Asian and Spanish descent are four times as likely to make a call back to their home country while pursuing international studies (Nielsen Claritas). It’s great to know that no matter the distance, your family and friends will be there to support you upon the challenges of adapting to a different culture and new surroundings, let Skype To Go help make that transition easier for you.

Military Families

Active military families who are stationed within the United States and have family members deployed overseas face emotionally challenging times. Knowing that a brother, sister, husband or wife are putting their lives on the line can cause families stress and emotional breakdowns due to the risk of losing their loved one; let Skype To Go help ease the worries and keep the connection strong.

Creative Results The strategy behind this creative work is to increase frequency to Military Families and Foreign Exchanged Students. In order to achieve this, we proposed specific demographic market areas that have a high concentration of Universities and Military bases: Florida, California, New York, Texas and Illinois. All ads will be placed near airports, military bases and public universities.

Billboard Ad 1

Mobile Poster Ad

Billboard Ad 2

Billboard Ad 3

Poster Ad

Objective: For a semester-long project, construct a marketing plan that will help PRE in expanding the production and installment of their kinetic energy converter

Strategy: Utilize public relations and establish strategic alliances in political sectors regarding legislation and funding of renewable energy technology.

The Challenge Being a start-off company encompasses difficult challenges. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, 50% of businesses founded in any one year are not in business four years later. The problem with small companies is a lack of strategic management and programs that are not established which destroys the life of a company. Due to this, it was necessary to develop a marketing plan that will help Phoenix Renewable Energy expand their business through increased production and installment of their kinetic energy converter, “the Charger.”

The Strategy Utilize grassroots’ marketing public relation activities and word-of-mouth targeted to Governmental Energy and Transportation Officials through Environmental and Energy Lobbyists and Tradeshows Develop Strategic Partnerships and Co-Branding with Municipal, State and Federal Government officials

The Power of Co-Branding and Trade Shows

Tradeshows are ideal for small companies to expose their business and implement experiential marketing to establish the products capability. We recommended Phoenix Renewable Energy to register and promote the Charger at the Annual North American Renewable Energy World Conference & Expo increase their awareness and cause. Through the consulting process, we determined Governor Rick Perry to be a strong advocate for the support of Renewable Energy and has much political leverage in implementing monetary funds for further production and implementation of Green Energy functions. Therefore, co-branding with the Texas Governor in supporting PRE’s “Green Promise” will help push the expansion of their cause. Partnering with renewable energy projects in major areas such as the Pecan Street Project in Austin, TX will bring positive publicity to Phoenix Renewable Energy and increase their awareness among environmental and energy lobbyists. Due to the Charger needing to be planted underneath roads to utilize the kinetic energy of a vehicle to create more energy, it is necessary for Phoenix Renewable Energy to have a strategic alliance with Texas Department of Transportation to expand their installation of the Charger throughout the Lone Star State.

2010-2011 American Marketing Association Collegiate Case Competition Sponsored by:

Mission: For a school year project and competition, develop an IMC Plan for Nintendo and expand their market share.

Catch: Target market must be consumers who have not played a video game within a year or longer.

Nintendo Wii Target Market My Familia 35-54 Young Hispanic Families Families in this market share hobbies, love electronics, and have increasingly been building interest in popular motion-controlled video games. They are “kid-focused,� and because they want what is best for their children, are willing to invest a great amount of resources for their success and happiness. Family is important, and the Wii provides a way for families to bond since it is the premiere family console.

Young at Heart and Mind 55-64 Empty Nesters This market has traditionally been underserved, and with Nintendo expanding to this segment will broaden their market share. While becoming accustomed to life without children in the household, these individuals are still busy as they prepare for retirement and desire precious leisure time with family and friends. This target represents a good opportunity to stress the ability of the Wii to promote family bonding.

Nintendo DS Target Market Urbanistas 35-44 Career-oriented Females These individuals are focused on maintaining a successful work/life balance. In their active social lives, they depend heavily on their social network and the name they have built for themselves. They are trendy, and are more likely to have been exposed to the latest technology throughout their lives and are concerned for social acceptance as well as an activistdriven mentality. Many business professionals experience work stress. The DS can be positioned as a device that empowers them by offering both a practical tool as well as a means to escape from reality and relieve stress while enforcing the social acceptability of gaming.

Longing for Leisure 55+ Female Empty Nesters Characterized by grown-up children out of the house and a craving for leisure, this target now has ample time for vacations and relaxation along with the money to actualize their desires. Adjusting to child-free households, they are beginning to re-establish their social lives before they get to retirement. The families in this market enjoy traveling and keeping their minds active with puzzles and thought-provoking games and appeal to great value at a reasonable price.

Creative Results

Print Ad


Internet Banner Ad

The first print ad re-positions Nintendo to My Familias as the heart of fun with an emphasis on its consoles ease of use, multiple capabilities, and creation of fun and friendly interactive experiences that bring people together. To reach the Young at Heart and Mind, a brand partnership with Travelocity will attract this market because the advertisement communicates a relationship between traveling in a literal and figurative aspect through Travelocity and a Super Mario game as a form of leisure.

Creative Results (Cont.)

Print Ad

Print Ad

Positioning To attract the Urbanistas, “Save the presentation…then the kingdom” illustrates the DS as a tool designed to help the busy lifestyle of the careeroriented females. It will assist these individuals in balancing multiple tasks in work and life. “Burn rubber…not dinner” positions the DS as an entertaining and instructional device towards the Longing for Leisure’s, which can be utilized to fulfill the free time of the targeted females. It will sharpen their mind, while attaching a new spin to cooking.

Objective: Expand fan base for The Bayou City Outlaws within the Central Texas Corridor

Strategy: Develop the brand and implement Grassroots, Interactive and Experiential marketing

What makes an outlaw? The development of the BCOL’s brand encompassed the group members past experiences of refuting social norms that were pressed upon them while growing up within Bayou City, TX. Individuality, uniqueness, freedom and nonconforming to traditional social norms are what bring Jose Diaz (Bass), James Hulbert (Drums) and Shane Kelley (Singer/Guitarist) together and is expressed through their unique musical taste of Blues, Southern Rock and Soft Metal.

Where do we get the fans? Being a local band within a college town provided a market for the Outlaws to pursue. We targeted young Texas State University-San Marcos students between the ages of 18-25. This consumer segment is out-going, social, fond of southern music, love sports, price conscious, spend social times consuming alcohol and good amounts of time online for school and personal use. We utilized this segments psychographics to create a fan base for the Outlaws while spreading the word of the new rebels in town.

If we build it, they will come We knew the best way to get a fan base started was to utilize experiential marketing through a social event that encompassed this segments lifestyle and psychographics. Therefore, for the Outlaws first appearance at the popular music venue Red Eyed Fly in Austin, TX; we partnered, planned and hosted a party bus trip with Black Horn Buses for Texas State college students to attend the show and the party on the road.

How effective was the event?

Goals: 1. Generate 50 college students attendees 2. Generate $1,500 in gross profit 3. Gain weekend slot for opening acts

Results: 1. 72 college students attended 2. Generated $1,940 in gross profit 3. Gained weekend slots for month of January

Getting the venues Grassroots, cold calling and interactive marketing through e-press kits was used to attract venues and establish partnerships to have the Outlaws perform at venue hotspots within Central Texas. Media press kits were sent to all venues within the areas of North San Antonio to Downtown Austin, TX. As a result, 32 music venues accepted the Outlaws to perform:

E-Press Kit Poster Ad

E-Press kit (continued) Band Bio

Band Fact Sheet

E-Press kit (continued) Press Release

Press Release

E-Press kit (Continued) Poster Ad

Poster Ad

E-Press kit (Continued) Playlist of songs with accompanied sample disc

Social Media YouTube, Facebook and MySpace were used to reach college students and venues. Live shows, blogs, event invites, photos and mp3 formats of songs were available for audiences to view. After one month of utilizing social media outlets, awareness of the Outlaws increased by 45 percent among unique users!

Jeremy Burns 210-875-1838


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