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The router is the most versatile tool in the world was my claim in The Incredible Router paperback book published in 1989 that became a bestseller. That claim still stands today and what started out as a simple grooving and rebating tool is capable of copying not only the past but shaping the future in its evolution from a basic hand held portable router taking up hardly any bench space to a massive CNC (computer numerical controlled) router that occupies a large workshop.

The principle of a router is very simple. It is essentially an elexctric motor with a cutter held inn a chuck or collet held in a plunging cradle that translates a hole into a grove. The forward (or backward) action of moving a router is called a pass and a router can be either used handheld or mounted upside down in a table. The main controls are a power on/off safety switch, a plunge lock lever, depth stop and a side fence. In essence a router is jig and when you add jigs such as a straght fence it unleashes the creative potential of the tool. About the author Jeremy Broun originally trained as a handicrafts teacher at Shoreditch College in london, gaining a distinctionat Advanced woodwork. After a short teaching cvareer he set up a small workshop in Bath in 1973. A travelling tool salesman visited his workshop in 1974 and left him a gadget called a router to play with. After 15 years of playing he wrote the pioneer definitive book on routing called The Incredible Router and since then has produced a fully comprehensive range of videos (DVDs) on routing. In 2005 he was voted Professional woodworker of the Year by The Woodworker magazine sponsored by Ryobi Power Tools UK. He has been an associate editor of Good Woodworking magazine and a regular contributor since 1972 to British woodworking magazines. He has a YouTube channel called Woodomain and continues to use the router as his best workshop friend.

Jeremy Broun Router Genius  

The portable hand held router is the most versatile woodworking tool in the world claimed Jeremy Broun when he wrote The Incredible Router i...