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How to Avoid Getting Conned by a Moving Company by Jia Jia International Moving

Introduction Even though certain regions are more prone to the phenomenon, most cities in the country see a lot of people relocating every year. Which makes the services of moving companies indispensable. But just because the business is booming, it does not necessarily mean the moving industry is free of fraudulent activities. In fact, many clients report goods missing or even the use of dishonest practices by less than credible companies which tried to get more money out of them. Needless to say, before you hire a moving company, it is recommended that you pay some time and attention to your research. How do you exactly avoid getting conned by movers? Follow us through this presentation to find out.

Always Go for the Tried and True People are encouraged – time and again – to look up their movers before they hire them. Surprisingly, most of them fail to fulfill this crucial step, whether by laziness or just plain carelessness. There are plenty of reasons why you want to learn for how long this company has been operating. For one, it gives you a hint about how established a name that company has. Secondly, it means that this group proved to be good enough to stay in business for so long. Scammers never last; they always change names to start afresh.

Check the Company's Credentials A lot of troublesome issues can be avoided by simply doing your homework. Amongst the critical points to check before hiring a mover are the credentials. One non-negotiable criterion should be the membership with the Federal Motors Carrier Safety Association. If the company is not registered with the industry’s top professional groups, don’t walk. Run! The last thing you want is to deal with a blacklisted mover. Also, you can make an Internet search to find out the reputation of the business in question; there are sites out there that list reported scam movers, so be sure to check them out.

Sign a Contract The safest way to enter into any kind of transaction, including that of a move, is to have every term and agreement legally documented. Every little detail should be included in a contract. This shall protect you from any unscrupulous demand for money later on. The contract records the transaction and every condition that comes with it.

Use it to ensure impartiality, and never forget to show it to your lawyer before you sign it (if you get the chance) in order to exclude any unfair terms.

Do Not Pay Upfront One other piece of info that’s good to know: reputable movers usually require payment upon the delivery of your possessions. Not before. They can guarantee a service of quality; that’s why they’re convinced you’ll come out of the deal 100% satisfied and they’ll see the money then. For your part, this can give you peace of mind as you can ensure your belongings are in good condition and the transaction is completed before you pay the moving fees. Never agree to put money upfront. If the mover will not hear you and continues to insist, walk away. A down payment is acceptable but it should only be a little sum, never more than 25 percent of the total amount.

Avoid Movers that Charge Too Low If you don’t want to go broke, moving all your stuff to your new place, you don’t want to go for the cheapest service either. While it is to your advantage to pay as little as possible, if the price seems too low, something fishy might be going on. Never choose a mover just because of price advantage.

Always consider each and every factor involved, such as reputation, professionalism and referrals. Also, it is strongly advised to seek at least three estimates before you make your choice.


If we were to sum things up, to guarantee the whole process of moving will go as planned, you must ultimately ensure that you have engaged the services of a reputable mover. Movers are supposed to help make the process much less stressful. Not the other way around. In other words, you have to choose a mover who can walk the walk, and not just some smooth talker who will make great promises but not achieve a single thing.

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How to avoid getting conned by a moving company  
How to avoid getting conned by a moving company  

Read this helpful online guide to find out how you can avoid getting conned by a moving company. When it comes to finding a reliable and tru...