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ETON LAUNCHED IPC (International Primary Curriculum) AND IMYC (International Middle Year Curriculum)

Eton Gets Creative with Theme-based Curriculum


Eton International School launched IPC in the


Philippines last April 13 at Edsa Shangri-la Ho-


tel, highlights the symposium entitled “Think Global Start Young Start Now. A Symposium


for Parents and Educators,” with one of the most sought after speakers, IPC London Regional Manager Katie Fitch.

Fitch is an IPC practitioner-trainer who has a


wealth of practical experience gained from her 13 years of IPC work in European and Asian academic institutions. Since 2000, she


has been providing training and support to schools implementing the IPC, as well as staff professional development. Ms. Katie Fitch and Ms. Jacqueline Marzan Tolentino Partnership of Eton International School with IPC

IPC is a comprehensive, thematic, creative curriculum designed to achieve three goals for


personal, academic and international learning. It covers over 80 different thematic unit of learning, which are considered to be childfriendly, and modern-day topics appealing to Eton Teachers in IPC Certification Training with Ms. Katie Fitch

all ages of primary children.

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...Cont. from page 1 Eton Gets Creative with Theme-based Curriculum Learning in IPC takes a global approach to develop “international-mindedness’ among students. It helps children to connect their learning to where they are living now, as well as looking at the learning from the perspective of other people in other countries.

IPC director Steven Mark explained that IPC has become an inspiring and fulfilling experience to students because the new approach allows them to make purposeful links and connections throughout their learning and to see how their subject learning is related to the world the live in.

The engaging approach of IPC also encourages parental involvement as children, inspired by their learning, talk freely to parents and family members about what they have done at school and often, choose to continue their learning at home.

Ms. Katie Fitch—Regional Manager of IPC Giving her overview of International Primary Curriculum



Eton launched International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC) The 1st IMYC school in the Philippines Eton International School launched the latest theme-based international curriculum called International Middle Year Curriculum (IMYC) last May 3, through a symposium entitled “Making Connections, Making Meaning.” making it a part of the growing international academic community adopting IMYC worldwide.

Developed by Fieldwork Education, the organization behind the increasingly popular International Primary Curriculum (IPC), the IMYC is a curriculum that focuses mainly on student learning.

Specifically, it responds to the needs of 11 to 14 year-olds by encouraging independence and interdependence in their learning through discrete subjects and themes, providing learning that helps them make connections that are relevant to their own lives.

It draws on current media techniques, involves active skillbased learning, and promotes self-reflection and the chance for students to make sense on their learning. This is achieved by directing the learning through a theme of “Big idea”. Each big idea provides an average of six-week learning unit for every year group from 11 –to 14. From this big idea comes a complex conceptual theme that is challenging but within the grasp of young teen agers.

IMYC Regional Manager Isabel Du Toit shared that IMYC shows real understanding of the unique philosophy and approach to learning that students at this developmental level require. The IMYC attempts to put theory into practice and openly addresses the challenges that schools face when trying to bridge the gap.

Ms. Isabel du Toit—Regional Manager of IMYC Introducing International Middle Year Curriculum in the Philippines



FOUNDATION DAY 2013 Eton International School marked another milestone when it celebrated its 9th Year Founding Anniversary last July 17, 2013 at the Quezon City Grounds. It created a festive atmosphere as it concurred with the birthday celebration of the School Directress and President, Mrs. Jacqueline Marzan- Tolentino. The guests and the entire community of ETON International School were glamorous in their Filipiniana themed attire as they personify the theme, “Pomp and Pop – A Celebration of Philippine Pop Culture”. .. See page 5

Steven Mark, IPC Regional Director, watching Filipino Folk Dance performed by Eton Teachers ETONCHRONICLE



...From page 4 The faculty members rendered a medley of traditional dances while selected students from both ETON International School of Manila and Quezon City (Valerie Viluan-Grade 9 and Jarel Oro- Grade 4) crooned the crowd with an upbeat number. Steven Mark, IPC Regional Director, added a lot of fun and excitement to the event when he joined the various “Palarong Pinoy” and the demonstration of Arnis by Mr. Ryan Gener, Physical Education Teacher. He even showed his dancing prowess with some of the male faculty members when they did the “Maglalatik”, a traditional Filipino dance which uses the coconut shell. A sumptuous lunch was served as everyone savored the classic Filipino dishes –lechon, adobo, manga at bagoong, variety of kakanin, kaldereta and a lot more. The program ended with a surprise birthday bash for Ms. Jackie which was prepared by Eton community heads, faculty members and staff.





et a nd the Par Greet ent s”


ETON Parents doing the IPC / IMYC Entry Point and Knowledge Harvest

The realization of the academic plans of school year 2013-2014 started with annual Parents’ Orientation last June 21, 2013 for Eton Quezon City and June 25, 2013 for Eton Manila at the 7 th Floor of the Mariners Hotel from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. With the vision of being a premier International School at the forefront of innovation, uplifting the Philippine Educational System by nurturing every child to be compassionate, resilient and globally competitive, the event paved the way to communicate to the parents and guardians the plans of the school. This year’s session highlighted a comprehensive discussion of the new IPC (International Primary Curriculum) and IMYC (International Middle Year Curriculum) which focuses on interconnectivity of subjects: a multi-disciplinary perspective, independent but interdependent and making links between the subjects to deepen understanding of the topic. Simulation of tasks in the IPC and IMY were even experienced by some parents from the entry point to the exit point… See page 7 ETONCHRONICLE



...From page 6 The opening remarks of Mrs. Jacqueline Marzan-Tolentino, School Directress and President, concentrated on “What’s New at Eton for 2013” like the e-learning , small school luxury concept as part of the newly constructed ETON building to name a few. School administrators and faculty members were introduced together with the staff and support services. The Education Roadmap for SY 2013-14 was introduced to the group to give way for the possible queries in relation to the lineup of school activities. Parent Coordinators were named and identified to start crafting plans for the upcoming Sporstfest 2013. The two sessions ended with a question and answer portion to accommodate the questions and suggestions of the parents.




SPORTS FEST This year’s Eton International Sports festival started with a bang with the FUN RUN as an appetizer for the entire day filled with fun and surprises at the Palacio de Maynila Events and Exhibit Center. Last, August 23, 2013, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, four teams competed and vied for the title FINEST TEAM. The Blue Team is headed by Parent Leaders, Mr. Cuartero and Mrs. Oro, while the Red Team is under the leadership of Mrs. Ngan and Mrs. Singson, the Yellow Team was supervised by Parent Leaders , Mr. Gillar and Mrs. Yu and the Green Team with the dynamism of Parent Leaders , Mrs. Shamirzayan and Mr. Bangayan. This year’s theme, “Building Solidarity through Sports” was immortalized by the four themes as they compete and battle with one another but beaming with smiles and laughter which is indicative of the fun and excitement they have experienced. The exhibits showcased the different outputs of the students using the new IPC and IMYC curriculum which featured the different units of work – Clothes, I’m Alive, What’s on the Menu, Let’s Plant It, Fit for Life and Go with the Flow. The opening remarks of the School Directress and President highlighted the importance of Sportsmanship in maintaining a solid foundation for the nurturance of the child. See page 9

With Ryzza Mae Dizon


Patricia Dimaano Singing “Defying Gravity”



...From page 8 Ryzza Mae Dizon delighted the crowd with her signature dance, ChaChaCha and everyone can’t help but sway and groove to the upbeat tune. The mood was accelerated by the series of performances from Zumba Dance by the EIS Grade school and High School, Remix Aero Dance by the students from QC to the exhibition of Self-defense techniques sponsored by Krav Maga Philippines. But what really made the day cool and challenging was the series of fun games which made everyone flex their muscle, move and run around. Sumo Wrestling proved to draw crowd’s attention as the parents battle their way to slam their respective opponents. The future Diva of Quezon City, Patricia Dimaano paid tribute to the National players in her rendition of Defying Gravity. See page 10




..From page 9 At the end of the exhausting but worthwhile day the BLUE team emerged as the most competitive team followed by the RED team, the GREEN team in third and the YELLOW team which also was named as the Best Cheering Squad. David Fugnit was hailed as the Most Valuable Player when he outsmarted the rest of the basketball players in the exhibition game between Manila and Quezon City.

Blue Team

Red Team

Sumo Wrestling

Pretzel Relay

Yellow Team

Obstacle Relay Green Team




Eton Learning Flow Using IPC / IMYC All the units follow the same process of learning. The learning unit starts with an entry point. The entry point is an activity for children that begins each unit of work and provides an exciting introduction to the work that is to follow. Entry points can last from one hour to a week, depending on the age of the children and the appropriateness of the activity. The next step is the knowledge harvest. The knowledge harvest takes place in the early stages of each unit and provides an opportunity for children to reveal what they already know about the themes they are studying. This bank of knowledge can then be added to, developed and even challenged by the teacher, throughout the course of the unit. The next step is explaining the theme.


This activity involves the teacher helping the children to see the ‘big idea’ of the unit of work before embarking on the subject learning. Next step is the big picture. The big picture provides teachers with subjectbased background information to the issues contained within the unit. Another step is the research activity. Each IPC unit has a research activity and a recording activity. Research activities always precede the recording activities. During research activities, children use a variety of methods and work in different group sizes to find out a range of information. Next is the recording activity. During the recording activities, children interpret the learning they have researched and have the opportunity to explain it in ways which feature their multiple intelligences. See page 12






Eton Learning Flow Using IPC / IMYC ...From page 111 The IPC learning unit ends with the exit point. The exit point has two main purposes. First, to help children pull together their learning from the unit and second, to celebrate the learning that has taken place.



Teaching the IMYC unit follows a consistent structure. Each unit has the following elements in common: Theme Big Idea Entry Knowledge Harvest Learning Goals Subjects International Mindedness Personal Qualities Learning Activities



International Field Trip at Shanghai Forty participants from ETON International School went to Shanghai on October 30 – November 3 to participate in an Immersion Program. This was the Shanghai Aerospace, Technology and Cultural Immersion Program. The Chinese Astronautic Society of Shanghai and Shanghai Qibao No. 2 middle School hosted the event with the following objectives. To provide students with the opportunity to experience school life in a foreign country To allow students to understand about China’s advanced astronautic technology To foster stronger bonds between our students and their Chinese counterparts through the Rocket making and Rocket launching sessions To immerse students in the Chinese language and the Arts through interaction with students from the local school in China Continuation to page 14...




International Field Trip at Shanghai

...from page 13 ETON students enjoyed bonding moments with their Chinese Buddies especially during the Rocket making and Rocket launching sessions. Two of our students won in the Rocket competition with our host school. Liviana Angela Navarro won 1st place and Sharima Rakiin won 3rd place. It was truly an exciting moment for the parents as they watched their children launched their own rockets. On our last day at the host school, the Chinese students displayed their various talents through a Cultural Show that they prepared for the participants. Likewise, our own students and one of our dear parents rose to the occasion and sang a few songs as a sign of our gratitude for the warm welcome and graciousness of our host school during our visit. ETON students also learned about China’s Space Exploration Program and China’s advanced Astronautic Technology when they visited the Simulated Rocket Launching Base Control Station and the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. They studied Shanghai City planning by ascending Oriental Pearl Tower then followed the Historical Trail of Shanghai in the History museum. This is indeed a study trip that they will remember for a long time.


Rocket competition 1st place— Liviana Angela Navaro

Rocket competition 3rd place— Sharima Rakiin

Eton newsletter 2013  
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