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Where’s your holiday peace? November 12, 2009 Dear Cheryl Bernardi, You of all people know that peace is not found in hectic malls. It’s not present with whining teenagers. It’s definitely not around while you’re trying to convince “junior” to sit still for the family picture. So, how can you find peace this Christmas? Busch Gardens would like to introduce you to a new family tradition that actually gives you peace: Christmas Town at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Think back to this summer at Busch Gardens, when you were surrounded by European culture, enjoying the aroma of freshly baked desserts and seeing a SMILE covering your teenager’s face after conquering a record-breaking roller coaster. Think about your kids begging you to do something you actually wanted to do. Now add this to over a million Christmas lights glowing in the night sky while you are sipping on the best hot chocolate you’ve ever tasted. Can a place like this really exist? It can, it does and it will be open to you from Nov. 27 to Dec. 27. With tickets costing the same price as a trendy T-shirt, Christmas Town will definitely fit your holiday budget. Purchase the tickets online now at so that you can mark your calendar with peace as soon as possible. Look at that - you’ve got something to look forward to! Make Christmas Town the tradition you will want to remember! Sincerely,

Jeremiah Chapman Jeremiah Chapman Director of Public Relations P.S. You can look forward to spending even less money if you go online now and buy Bounce Tickets, those handy passes that allow you three days to experience historic Colonial Williamsburg along with Christmas Town! We know! It’s wonderful!

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Sales Letter  

Sales Letter for Christmas Town