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July 28 , 2010 Volume 1, Issue 1 Inside this issue: Public Attacked Art Show 2

What exactly is Area 15?

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We struggled with that too...

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Occurrences @ Area 15 For a more detailed list of events, visit or follow @areafifteen. Events, gatherings, and all other sorts tend to pop up out of nowhere, so telling you to use this as your sole channel would be a disservice.

Grand Opening of Youth Educational Society 30 Jul 10- 5:30pm Area 15 Event Room

Char. Hispanic Professional Group 3 Aug 10 - 7:00pm Area 15 Event Room

When JDW: The Charlotte Agency first arrived on the Area 15 scene in a cold February, we had no idea what we were getting into. All we knew is that the managing member, Carlos Espin, was a cool and genuine man, and there seemed to be something in the air that we haven’t felt on our skin since we went into business. Something is happening here. What exactly is going on? That’s up to you to determine. Area 15 has a delightful yet confusing mix of art, creativity, business and underground. Come to Area 15 to support small business. Visit to support the arts. Stay a while to stir up some trouble. Enjoy Area 15 when that trouble happens. Create yourself at Area 15. Grow with others in this incubator of thought, business and expression.


Maybe that’s it- when you’re at Area 15, you’re doing something.


more. We have started tenant meetings at Area 15 to muster all our powers and skills together to take Area 15 and the members associated to new heights. The newsletter you are reading/ skimming/using as a placeholder now is an effort to communicate to our community exactly what is going on with our diverse group of brave people who want to change the way What exactly is going on? That’s up to you to determine. Area 15 has a delightful yet confusing mix of art, creativity, business and underground.

we’re living for the better. The people, ladies and gentlemen, make Area 15. Enjoy reading, and thank you for picking this up.

We at Area 15 have started to do

Interesting Fact

Area 15 features everything from custom jewelry, dance lessons, art lessons, hair stylists and a marketing agency.



Public Attacked Art Show

Tenant Specials StartClt:

Small Business News If you’re interested in continuing your education on small business needs, the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce always offers useful guides for entrepreneurs. A quick browse of their website: shows everything from an events calendar, zip code demographics, a mapping tool and the chamber’s marketplace, a free way to connect members with potential clients. Also, on the left side of the site are multiple guides for small business owners, such as how to fund your business, a Layman’s Guide, legal requirements and expansion tips. Referenced on the site is another useful nonprofit group for entrepreneurs called SCORE at SCORE is a resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration.



It is officially offering space to freelancers, designers and developers from all trade and background. Call or email for more information, or drop by Area 15 to check it out.

Las Americas Dance Studio: Are you a dance, aerobic or yoga instructor, but don’t have a space? Las Americas dance studio would like to speak with you. Email bgiraldo@lasamericas for more info.

Keaton’s Cupboard: Please throw out the ideas of cheesy sweaters, house slippers he’ll never wear (unless he’s around you) and the like. Keaton’s Cupboard is offering fine suits for only $99, plus other specials on designer ties, shirts and accessories. Stop in and get the man in your life looking good.

Area 15 In Social Media

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Tenant Spotlight: Tenant Spotlight: Summer Plum, Felicitea

of pictures from Farmer’s Markets, Strolls on the Greenway, and also the unusual that seems to happen all toofrequently around parts of Charlotte. Stop in Felicitea and grab a cup of tea. Or schedule a massage at Whatever you decide to do, when you leave Felicitea, you’ll leave happy.

Summer Plum

Recently Felicitea and its owner Summer Plum celebrated their two year anniversary. There hasn’t been good news for small business owners lately, but Felicitea has weathered the storm and is seeing its operations soar to new heights. Felicitea offers hand-blended teas and massage therapy. With over twenty varieties of tea and several massage techniques under its belt, Felicitea has enjoyed making the Charlotte community happy. With a constant stream of massage clients, and local restaurants like Blynk Organic and Crepe Cellar placing tea orders, Felicitea has been quite busy.


When Summer is out of the office, her twitter feed (@Felicitea) is full


Where is... 516 E.15th Street Charlotte, NC 28206 Located near the North Davidson Arts District

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