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Puerto Rico Annual  Report  2012-­‐2013

A message  from                                      our  Chairperson    

Thinking about  the  beginnings  of  this  organization  in  Puerto   Rico  and,  seeing,  its  development  and  rapid  growth  today,  makes   positive   proof   that   the   call   to   serve   and   the   application   of   knowledge,   are   the   key   elements   in   building   a   better   country.     Enactus   invites   creativity,   determination,   courage   and   action   to   work   together.   This   invitation   comes   at   a   difficult   time   with   challenges   and   obstacles   that   are   only   exceeded   by   the   fearless   efforts  of  our  students  and  faculty. efforts  of  our  students  and  facult     We  as  entrepreneurs,  see  in  this  organization  the  best  tool   for  progress  and  social  justice  with  an  entrepreneurial  vision  that   goes  beyond  the  traditional  schemes.  It  is  also  a  perpetual  source   of   development   of   the   individual,   their   environment   and   their   most   cherished   values;   to   build   a   sustainable   future.     Our   students,  guided  by  their  faculty,  have  thrived  in  the  past  years  to   raise   new   possibilities   for   hundreds   of   individuals   and   families   whose  future  was  uncertain.       It  would  be  unsubstantial  to  say  that  this  is  just  what  we  do.   We  have  also  managed  to  raise  the  name  of  our  Island  held  high.     The  result  of  the  students,  faculty  and  communities’  efforts  had   raised  globally  the  economic,  social  and  environmental  impact  in   our  Puerto  Rico.  Enactus  Puerto  Rico,  with  only  seven  years  in  the   organization,   have   positioned   Puerto   Rico   among   the   finalists;  

competing with  more  than  30  countries.    Last  year,  our  Champion   Team,   returned   to   share   the   world   stage   with   countries   like   Germany,   Britain   and   Nigeria   at   the   final   round   of   competition.   There,  before  the  world,  they  gave  voice  to  those  less  fortunate   and  the  world  shuddered.     Thanks   to   the   continuous   support   of   leading   businesses,   today  Enactus  in  Puerto  Rico  has  14  universities  and  more  than  30   business  projects  that  continuously  inject  millions  of  dollars  into   the  economy.     I  hope  you  can  see,  in  this  annual  report,  what  we  all  have   seen;   Enactus   is   passion,   dedication,   commitment,   knowledge   and  opportunity.  It  is  the  best  investment  in  the  development  of   the  future  leaders  of  our  country  and  a  graceful  way  out  for  those   in  need.    Because  another  future  is  possible;  we  don’t  talk;  we  act.  

Carmen Laura  Marrero                     Chairperson  of  the  Board Enactus  Puerto  Rico Chief  Financial  Officer  Puerto  Rico  Supplies  Group

We are...

Enactus Puerto  Rico  Facts What  we  do... Guided  by  academic  advisors  and  business   experts,  the  student  leaders  of  Enactus  create   and  implement  community  empowerment   projects  in  communities  in  need.  

A community  of  student,  academic  and  business   leaders  committed  to  using  the  power  of   entrepreneurial  action  to  transform  lives  and  shape   a  better  more  sustainable  world.

The way  we  work...       With   the   support   and   encouragement   of   their   faculty   advisors    and  a  local  business  advisory  board,  our  Enactus  teams   apply   business   concepts   to   develop   community   outreach   projects  that  improve  the  quality  of  life  and  standard  of  living  for   people  in  need. -­‐Humacao  Community  College -­‐Columbia  College -­‐University  of  Puerto  Rico  at  Carolina -­‐University  of  Puerto  Rico  at  Humacao -­‐University  of  Puerto  Rico  at  Ponce

-­‐Interamerican University,  Ponce -­‐Interamerican  University,  Metro -­‐Huertas  College -­‐University  of  Puerto  Rico  at  Bayamon -­‐National  University  College,  Bayamon -­‐University  of  Puerto  Rico  at  Cayey -­‐National  University  College,  Arecibo -­‐University  of  Puerto  Rico  at  Mayagüez -­‐Metropolitan  University

Together... -­‐University of  the  East

Team Projects Results Economic  Impact:  $12,245,762 People  Impacted  Directly:  18,238 People  Impacted  Indirectly:  94,313 Voluntary  Hours:  58,071 Active  Students:  261 Entrepreneurial  Activities/  Funding:  $255,748

Historical Pe


Competition Results 2012-­2013 Total  Projects   and  Teams

Average Projects  per  Team   2008-­‐2009:  2.78 2009-­‐2010:  4.11 2010-­‐2011:  3.00 2011-­‐2012:  3.38 2012-­‐2013:  3.89

Active Students  and  Faculty

Bottles of  Hope University  of  Puerto  Rico  at  Bayamón

A social-­‐entrepreneurial  initiative to  develop  communities  in  distress and  provide  them  the  necessary skills  to  construct  a  safe  house with  reused  plastic  bottles. One  three-­‐room  house,  built  in  compliance   with  safety  standards 12,000  bottles  reused  for  the   construction  of  the  house One  family,  5  people  directly  impacted 400  community  members   indirectly  impacted

My Family,My  1st  Venture University  of  the  East

Seeks to  empower  families  with   knowledge  and  skills  to  efficiently and  effectively  use  family  resources from  a  business  perspective  in  order to  promote  a  self-­‐sufficient  society 2  countries  impacted 390  families  directly  impacted Over  $22,000  saved  through  developed  budgets Over  66%  of  the  families  impacted showed  healthier  management  habits


University of  Puerto  Rico  at  Humacao

Aims to  promote  specialized  services and  a  better  quality  of  life  for  young   adults  with  autism  and  their  families, while  creating  social  awareness. 40,000  pounds  of  waste  recycled 3-­‐year  agreements  for  specialized   services  free-­‐of-­‐charge services  free-­‐o Over  $600,000  in  economic  impact 3  adults  with  autism  in  the  workforce Enabled  one  parent  to  publish  a  book


Interamerican University  at  Ponce

Is a  social-­‐entrepreneurial  pilot  project  in the  El  Faro  community  at  Guayanilla  using the  main  resources  of  the  community,  crabs.

An economic  impact  of  over  $110,000 More  than  2,100  hours  invested 13  team  members  engaged  in  the  project 220  residents  impacted

We change  lives...

Where the  talent  is... University  of  Puerto  Rico  at  Bayamón Years  In  Enactus:  7 Team  Members:  30 Projects:  3 National  Champion:  2007 Runner  Up:  2009 National  University  College-­‐Arecibo Years  In  Enactus:  1 Team  Members:  10 Projects:  1 University  of  Puerto  Rico  at  Mayaguez Years  In  Enactus:  7 Team  Members:  19 Projects:  4 National  Champion:  2008

Interamerican University-­‐Ponce  Campus Years  In  Enactus:  1 Team  Members:  18 Projects:  4 2013  Rookie  of  The  Year

Huertas College Years  In  Enactus:  1 Team  Members:  5 Projects:  1

National University  College-­‐Bayamón Years  In  Enactus:  3 Team  Members:  12 Projects:  1

Metropolitan University  (UMET) Years  In  Enactus:  1 Team  Members:  15 Projects:  2 Interamerican  University-­‐Metro  Campus Years  In  Enactus:  6 Team  Members:  40 Projects:  4 Runner  Up:  2007

Universidad del  Este Years  In  Enactus:  7 Team  Members:  25 Projects:  4 National  Champion:  2012 Runner  Up:  2010,2011

Columbia University  College Years  In  Enactus:  1 Team  Members:  18 Projects:  3

University of  Puerto  Rico  at  Carolina Years  In  Enactus:  3 Team  Members:  19 Projects:  2 Humacao  Community  College Years  In  Enactus:  3 Team  Members:  25 Projects:  3 Runner  Up:  2013 University  of  Puerto  Rico  at  Humacao 2011  Rookie  of  The  Year Years  In  Enactus:  5 Team  Members:  40 Projects:  4 National  Champion:  2009,2010,2011,2013 Runner  Up:  2012

Enactus UPR-­‐Humacao  Alumni

Rafael Rivera

Patricia Lugo Enactus  UPR-­‐Mayaguez  Alumni “My  experience  with  Enactus  has  been   rewarding,  as  a  team  we  were  passionate  and   unique  in  the  strategic  development  of  our   projects  and  communities.  Without  doubts,   Enactus  has  been  a  cornerstone  in  my  personal   and  professional  growth.”

Our Alumni   “Enactus,  former  SIFE,  has  been  a   life-­‐changing  experience  for  me.  It  gave   me  the  professionalism  and  the   sensibility  to  work  towards  the  wellness   of  the  communities.  Enactus   challenged  me  to  become  a  better   human  being.  Enactus  will  be  a   baggage  that  I  will  keep  close  to  my   baggage  that  I  will   heart  for  all  the  experience  that  I   learned  from  this  amazing  journey.”

i Experience

Lyssette Vázquez Enactus  UPR-­‐Bayamon  Alumni

I’m very  grateful  of  my  experience  in   Enactus,  because  I  learned  not  to  focus  on   a  problem,  but  rather  on  a  solution.  I   helped  people  learn  things  that  otherwise   they  wouldn’t  have  been  able  to  learn  on   their  own.    Now  that  I  reflect  about  my   experience  in  Enactus  I  can  say  that  the   most  important  thing  that  I  discovered  is   that  you  will  never  find  happiness  unless   you  are  doing  what  you  love.  

Carlos Cruz  Camacho Enactus  UNE  Alumni

                                                               “Being  part  of  an  Enactus                                       team  helps  students  to  develop                their  leadership,  communication  and      teamwork  skills.  Enactus  injects  you   interest  and  desire  to  contribute  with  the   development  of  communities  in  need,   through  projects  of  social  impact  to  build   greater  countries.    The  Enactus  impact   greater  countries.   provokes  being  a  better  individual,  with  an   extraordinary  humanitarian  sense,  resulting   in  extraordinary  professional  skills  and   abilities       I  have  been  part  of  Enactus  sin  2006,  and   will  be  part  of  Enactus  all  my  life.

Companies Who  Act

When we  compete                          to  improve  lives


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