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• Diabetes is a metabolic situation where the body is incapable to control blood glucose

levels, resultant in extremely high levels of sugar in the blood.

• In easy terms, diabetes is a situation in which your body cannot handle the sugar in the blood.

• Diabetes is a severe disease and should not be disregarded.

• Diabetes is a lifetime constant disease that affects 16 millions of Americans people.

• Diabetes is often explained as type 1, type 2, or gestational diabetes.

• Out of these, type 2 diabetes is the mainly universal form, accounting for approximately

85% to 90% of all cases. • This kind of diabetes is powerfully related

with being overweight and fatness, family history also plays a major role in it.

• Gestational diabetes is common and this type of diabetes only grows during pregnancy

usually between the 25th and 28th week. • Diabetes can cause severe health problems

including heart disease, kidney failure, blindness and lower-extremity amputations.

• Diabetes is the 6th most important reason of death in the US.

• Natural ways for controlling diabetes:

1. Regular exercise: Doing regular exercise is

the important way to control diabetes and maintain your blood sugar level in control.


The patient can start doing exercise by taking a walk of at least 2 to 3 km daily.

2. Good diet: Good diet plays a long way in

keeping a good healthy life. As a effect of this the people should be

familiar with what to eat and what to avoid every times.

• Also it must be noted that all diabetic

people wants to control their meal times daily to keep away from any diet related


3. Daily consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables:

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables like grapefruit, apple, papaya, goose berry, orange,

carrot at anytime in a day and they must be increase to avoid rapid rise in blood sugar level.

• Consuming lot of fruits every day encourage good health on its own.

4. Avoid consumption of sugar - Diabetic people stand the threat of increased virus and long

term problems if the level of sugar in their blood is not regulated.

• Therefore it is very significant to decrease the

blood sugar level in the body, by avoiding utilization of potatoes, sweets, cakes, soft

drinks, chocolates, cereals, cookies, juices and pasta.

5. Avoid fatty foods: - To control diabetes

naturally you have to stop consuming chips, fried food, fat cheese, butter and sausages.

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• Diabkil capsule develops health and wellbeing in diabetic person and give relief from weakness, pain in legs, giddiness, body pain, pruritus and polyuria.

• This herb makes your beta cells strong, healthy liver function and maintains regular

serum cholesterol.

Natural ways for controlling diabetes diet  

Regular exercise is the natural way to control your sugar level and consuming fresh fruits and vegetables also help in preventing diabetes.