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• Women are gateway for all us to this world,

endow this world with her smile and gentleness. • At the same time, women have to bear with

their reproductive system that follow a cycle called menstrual cycle of approximately 28 days.

• Cycle starts with a bleeding from the vagina

result of the loss of the lining of the uterus where her egg that matures does not meet the

sperm. • The most difficult period for women is this

period where the bleeding continues for 5 days.

• Depending upon certain factors, the bleeding exceeds five days and the extent of bleeding and quantity increases, as well as irregular periods that give a great amount of discomfort and pain to women.

• This menstrual cycle is a natural phenomenon for women and remedy is there from nature to heal when it becomes irregular and painful.

• Irregular menstruation herbal treatment has a great scope to alleviate women from the

pain and pangs of irregular periods, as in this modern world, work and travel are equal for

women and men, and women bear multiple responsibilities too.

• A Research study at Toronto in Canada warns total stoppage of periods for months may not be

pregnancy; it may be Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCPS).

• It was found approximately 1.4 million Canadian women ages 15 to 44 with PCOS.

• Irregular menstruation natural remedies

from the science of ayurveda have come as a boon to women.

• So, let us stop worrying and see how it has come.

• Herbs from this Mother Nature offer

the women with hoards of herbs to comfort her from the pains of


• Irregular menstruation herbal treatment has brighten up after the launch of

Gynecure capsules.

•It has taken the richness of nature cure

direct in the hands of women through their potent herbs as well as through online stores

that deliver this irregular menstruation herbal remedy straight from the factory.

• Potent herbs in pack in this Gynecure are amazingly 29 herbs that include

Bombax malabaricum and Areca catechu.

• The decoction of malabaricum and areca is beneficial to alleviate menorrhagia as well as leucorrhea or the white discharge problems that frequently disturb irregularly menstruating women much.

• General health conditions of women deteriorate with anemic conditions experienced with the problem of irregular menstruation among women.

• Hence, irregular menstruation herbal treatment has to couple with food that is rich in iron like dry fruits as dates, oranges, and spinach, which are to be a part of their regular diets.

• Excessive exercising or dieting are also counterproductive in women and lead to excessive bleeding during menstruation.

• The irregular menstruation natural remedy capsule Gynecure has the ingredients such as Bovista Spisis, a fungus, and mostly in use in Homeopathy medicine for menstrual problems.

• It shows the care taken by the Gynecure manufacturers to gather remedies from other alternative medicines, with the only aim to alleviate the women form the pains of menstruation problems.

• Crocus sativus/kesar, which has the anti-

inflammatory properties found in Gynecure, also takes the role of healing in women after painful


• A good understanding of the dear and near ones on the difficulties in a menstruating women along with the potent medicine like Gynecure, a women can transit this difficult period of "periods" with ease in life.

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