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Consider a Princess Cut Engagement Ring for your FiancĂŠ Consider a Princess Cut Engagement Ring for your FiancĂŠ Soruce:

The princess cut engagement ring formed in a round shape produces the most amount sparkle. And this is mainly due to the symmetry and the symmetry is what causes the sparkle and fire. And this is why it is so often referred to as the "round brilliant cut". But herein lies a common misunderstanding that the "brilliant cut" is the only one that is "round". When in truth there are many facets and the "brilliant cut" is also relevant to the Princess cut engagement ring. One of the facets is that there

is over 40 characteristics that reflect forms of light that come from the top to give it that extra character building appeal. You see the Princess cut engagement ring is not just a ring it is also an entity. These rings are characters all on their own and they want to be shown off to the world in this fashion. When speaking about Princess cut engagement rings we also need to break down the walls on another popular misconception. The truth being that there is not "one ideal cut" out there. For those who claim and think otherwise, I’m here to shatter the wall on that popular theory. There are many Princess cut engagement rings who comes with over 40, 50 and even 70 facets. And with this break down of truth comes

another popular misconception. The misconception being that the more facets there are on a ring the better the ring is. And again this is not always the case. The most important factors that should still be considered above all are the cut proportions. The table range for the Princess cut should be between 60-75% and the depth perception should be about 60-80%. When you gaze upon a square-shaped Princess cut you are looking at 4 very fragile corners. I mention this because you will need to know what sort of setting to place the cut into. Being that it has 4 corners you will need a ring setting that has 4 L-shaped prongs. These prongs are there to protect the 4 corners. That is why it is important to know which setting to place it into. If you place the cut into the wrong setting it can offset the balance of how the ring is supposed to look. (photo courtesy of )-Right here is a picture of what the ring is supposed to look like when it set properly. Another indication that you have set it properly is the color content. The yellowness is more visible especially in the corners. Another way to help this out is by choosing a higher color scheme or choosing white. So is the Princess cut going to do it for your special someone? Well that depends on what she likes. Why not choose an Emerald cut, you are wasting a lot less with the materials and the cut is more affordable. By buying the princess cut rings you are not only showing you partner that you want to treat her like a princess, but that she is one!

Consider a Princess Cut Engagement Ring for your Fiancé The Princess cut engagement ring is one of the most sought after rings for engag...