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Custom Wedding Bands Are Becoming More Popular with Grooms Custom Wedding Bands Are Becoming More Popular with Grooms Source: rojects/4873943

Let's discuss where the tradition of the wedding bands came from and a few of the multiple options men have today in choosing their custom engagement ring. The symbol of a wedding band can be traced to two distinctive periods of time, in prehistoric times men would bind the hands and feet of women with grass. Some say this was to keep them from running off. Once the ritual was complete they would place a piece of grass around her finger, a much easier task than choosing custom engagement rings today. In ancient Roman times, they would place a ring

on the third finger of the left hand. The third finger because that is where they believed the "Vena Amoris", or the "Vein of Love", which ran directly to the heart, was located, and the left hand because that is the side they believed held the heart. Wedding bands for men, have a much more recent history in America. The first use of men's wedding bands really began during World War II, men would wear rings to display their affection for their loved one while overseas. The practice of men's wedding bands really took off after the Korean War. Fast forward to today and we now have a plethora of custom engagement rings from which to choose. Here are just a few things to consider. The diameter is easy to decide, that will be dictated by the finger you are going to wear the ring. What about the width? Do you want a band less than 4mm, 4-6mm,7-8mm or greater

than 8mm? The width of the band may determine which other design elements are best suited for your ring.

Color Do you want white gold, yellow gold or a type of steel such as cobalt, tungsten carbide, palladium, platinum or titanium?

Gold If gold is your choice? Do you want 10k, 14k, 18k or perhaps 24k?

Design Now here is where you really get to weigh your options. This is just a few of the choices available when choosing custom engagement rings for men:

Domed Low, Domed Hammered, Millgrain, Double Millgrain, Lathe Emery, Flat, Double

Inlay, Curved, Twist, Brush finished with Polished Edge, Dual Tone Ridged, Swiss-Cut, Square Station, Beveled Edge, Concave, Brushed Inlay, Single Rail, Double Rail, and Weave Grooved just to name a few.

Custom Engagement Rings As you can see, when choosing a custom engagement ring for a man things are not as cut-and-dry as they once were. There are as many options to consider for men as there are for women. You want your custom engagement ring to last hopefully as long as your marriage, forever.

Custom Wedding Bands Are Becoming More Popular with Grooms You may want to consider finding a men's custom engagement ring that matches the b...

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