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Attractions In China - Your Guide To The Most Fascinating Places To Visit China is a land of unparalleled beauty with an illustrious, storied history. Its many natural wonders that span from sparkling lakes to majestic peaks, and its architectural marvels that tell the stories of civilizations long gone have never failed to impress and wow its visitors. Occupying an extremely vast territory that stretches for thousands of miles, you will always find something to interest you in this land of ethnic charms, man-made marvels, delectable dishes and scenic natural landscapes. Below are five of the most well-documented attractions in China that you might be interested to visit the next time you are there. The Great Wall of China The Great Wall is an architectural marvel that was originally constructed as a defence against external intruders, but has since become one of the must-see tourist hotspots in China. Winding through the mountains in China's north, it has been built and renovated throughout various dynasties to become the longest defense wall in the world today. Your trip to China will not be complete till you have seen and walked along this incredible structure, which has been voted one of the new Seven Wonders of the World in 2007. The Terracotta Warriors A farmer's accidental discovery has led to the unearthing of this most jaw-dropping marvel in the seventies near Xi'an. Life-size pottery figurines number in the thousands and consist of Chinese soldiers dressed in full battle regalia with distinct faces and hairstyles to boot. To complete the representation of a real army which was built to protect Emperor Qin Shihuang's tomb nearby, there are figurines of horse-drawn chariots and horses as well. Since the unearthing, this underground wonder has drawn in the tourists and is called the "8th wonder of the world". Guilin and the Li River Guilin and the surrounding region is an area of incomparable beauty and mystique, with its majestic limestone formations, fog-covered hills and its crown jewel, the stunning Li River. The Li River resembles a blue ribbon in a Chinese painting and winds its way through a diverse range of landscapes including oddly-shaped mountains and thundering waterfalls on both sides. For the ultimate scenic vacation, do consider cruising down the river from Guilin to Yangshuo, which allows you to soak in all of the marvelous natural sights. Giant Pandas More than just a national icon, the giant pandas are critically endangered and have been adopted as the face for efforts spearheading environmental conservation. To admire them in their natural habitat,

what better place to visit than Wolong Nature Reserve in Sichuan Province, which you can reach from the capital Chengdu in three hours. You will get to cuddle and feed these animals as well as learn how you can contribute to conservation efforts. Yu Yuan Gardens In the southwestern part of Shanghai are the famous Yu Yuan Gardens which are a fine example of the beautiful architecture and gardens that define the Ming Dynasty. Inside the garden, be prepared to be awed by a tranquil setting of ponds, sculptures, pavilions, rock gardens and of course, the zigzag bridge. Of special interest to you might be the Yu Ling Long which is one of three jade sculptures that China is renowned for. Book Chengdu Hotels

Attractions In China - Your Guide To The Most Fascinating Places To Visit  

that span from sparkling lakes to majestic peaks, and its architectural marvels that tell the stories of

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