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Hall of fame  Let us thanks the OC and conference team who made the past conference a very interesting and enriching one for all us. :)

AIESEC EIILM newspaper Issue 1

25 march 2013

So let’s go and meet our new members

A SMALL MESSAGE FROM OUR CORDINATOR This year AIESEC EIILM became an expansion with OGX as its main focus. The main target for this peak is 15 OGCD and 5 OGIP. However, exchange is not only our main focus, we are engaged in delivering quality ELD and encouraging high performing team. Indeed making AIESEC EIILM an LC is our main goal.

I heart originality much; I love everything that’s made out of pure imagination, like really full of ingenuity. I’ve faith in being real. I’m the kind of person who stands for my opinion no matter how thick the line of demarcation is from the norms. For simple way am a jovial and a bit energetic girl...:)

Hello, I am Safi and I'm very happy to have joined the largest student organization namely AIESEC. I'm indeed very excited about the prospect of teaming with fellow university students. I hope this experience will be a fruitful and enriching one

NASEEMA The conference was Awesome. All the activities that took place in the conference was very interesting and motivated me a lot to participate all way long :D I was in the home group number 8. Irfaan Goomany was the faci of my home group. He's done an amazing job, he motivated us really well and proved out to be a great faci ;) The food at the conference was delicious, I appreciate the job of the OC team. And, JIVES was one way of keeping us on right track, and bring us back to more focus on the long session.

Hey EIILM friends, I am Ashley, a student of semester 1 of Journalism and Mass Communication and i am a newby in AIESEC. I am very honored to be part of the AIESEC family, and i hope to be making some good progress soon. stay safe people

Picture of the month Here are the 3 awesome person who were recently named TL here 's my message :AIESEC is the most amazing experience of my life !I integrated as a team member and today am a Team Leader ,my motive is to rise new AIESECers make them explore & discover an AIESEC living!

“when one door of success closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed one that we didn’t realized the one which has been open for us”.

Always remember that your only limit is the sky. :)

AIESEC EIILM Newsletter  
AIESEC EIILM Newsletter  

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