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We as leading producers of acoustic systems do have many things in common with you: Being passionate about music and about perfect sound. This is why our engineers did not gear to the average during the development of i.Nova, but to your requirements. Increased ergonomics, sound in HD High Definition resolution and consistent sound up to the last row were only some of our aims. Quickly it became quite clear that such an innovative system could only be realized with totally new and powerful loudspeakers. Because of the specific use of highly modern components like Ribbon HD high drivers and effective amplifiers we could reduce size and weight to a minimum. Less weight with a clearly stronger capacity were finally achieved. But bigger power needs stronger amplifiers. The revolutionary power modules imply digital hybrid amplifiers with a maximum of headroom for much more dynamic. The highly modern i.Nova DSP with 96 khz HD resolution assures a new sound dimension. So we do not talk about an amplifier module any more, but about i.Nova power engine. For our engineers, average was not enough. That is what they have in common with you, too.


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RESEARCH Too loud in the front, too quiet in the back PA-loudspeakers at live stages have a long history. For many decades, not much has really changed. Though the handling improved, there was not much progress concerning sound performance and constant sound quality.

Who ever was part of the audience and conscious about these problems, they knew about the inconstant supersonic sound dispersal. Sitting directly in front of the sound reinforcement system, the volume is unbearable and it does not take a long time until the audience starts complaining. If you start reducing the volume, the power of the sound reinforcement system is getting lost and the music on the back rows is barely to be guessed. Our NOVA research teams and technicians know about these problems of already exsisting sound reinforcement systems not only from their lab, but also from their own experience. Many of them are musicians. During the development of the i.Nova systems it became clear, that no real progress could be achieved with the conventional loudspeaker technology.

FARTHER & WIDER All-over solution All i.Nova components are based on totally new technologies. This results in more sound pressure and a much higher resolution in HD definition. The combination of the line array technology and ribbon high drivers realizes a coverage, that beats all already-known sound reinforcement systems by far.

i.Nova system

Reinforce farther A much higher range can be achieved by the totally new 3� loudspeakers with double lift and at the same time lower weight (N/D neodym). Due to the arrangement of these loudspeakers every listener can enjoy a clear, nuance-balanced sound reproduction up to the last row - all in HD sound.

conventional systems

Distance from stage (side view)

Reinforce wider Distance from stage

conventional systems

i.Nova system horizontal view of stage (top view)

The i.Nova systems offer clearly wider radiation due to the use of the line array technology and a totally new high driver in ribbon technology. Not only the reach, but also the width are much better performed with the i.Nova systems in comparison to conventional systems. Finally, all listeners can be sounded, no matter if they sit in the front, in the back, on the left or on the right side of the stage.

LESS EFFORT MORE SOUND From the first seat to the best The components of the i.Nova system are complete solutions and perfectly fine-tuned. Due to the combination of different highly elaborated technologies concerning acoustics as well as electronics, i.Nova systems link the range of a line array with the compactness and the weight of a shoulder bag. The i.Nova systems beat all standards, not only concerning sound.

Installation in only 2 minutes The i.Nova systems can be installed, adjusted and are ready for work in only 2 minutes.

■ Compact dimensions, low weight.

■ Elegant design, slim lookout.

■ High ergonomics.

■ Plug & play.

A new generation of speaker components and digital amplifier devices enables a totally new solution concerning dimensions and weight.

Due to the newly-designed grip handle, optimally adjusted hardware and perfect accessories like bags and covers, the transport of i.Nova systems can be performed in a convenient way, also for preventing damage from your back.

No matter if on stage or as a fix-installed system in an architecturally well designed surrounding - i.Nova systems have an unobstructive lookout and do always fit.

Linking three connectors - and your i.Nova system is ready to run, enabled by DSP and the digital amplifiers with perfectly balanced sound presets - both located in the subwoofer.

PERFECT SYSTEMS Optimized for your music and voice

The i.Nova basic systems are equipped each with a line array top and an active system-subwoofer, that contains the i.Nova power engine. This unit consists of a SMPS switch mode power supply and 2 digital amplifiers (full class-D) and the i.Nova DSP with 96 kHz resolution - ready for sound enjoyment in HD High Definition quality. Each i.Nova power system consists of a doubled basic system. For example: The i.Nova 8 power system provides a total system-power of 2.880 watts.

i.Nova 4

i.Nova 4

Basic system

Power system 1 x IN-4 line-array top 4 x 3" / ribbon full N/D neodym 220 W 3,5 kg only

2 x IN-4 line-array top 4 x 3" / ribbon full N/D neodym 220 W 3,5 kg only

1 x IN-88 SUB system sub 2 x 8" integrated DSP 440 W / 1.000 W @ 4 ohms 24 kg only

2 x IN-88 SUB system sub 2 x 8" integrated DSP 440 W / 1.000 W @ 4 ohms 24 kg only


i.Nova 8

i.Nova 8

Basic system

Power system

1 x IN-8 line-array top 8 x 3" / ribbon full N/D neodym 440 W 7 kg only

2 x IN-8 line-array top 8 x 3" / ribbon full N/D neodym 440 W 7 kg only

1 x IN-15 SUB system sub 1 x 15" integrated DSP 440 W / 1.000 W @ 4 ohms 37 kg only

2 x IN-15 SUB system sub 1 x 15" integrated DSP 440 W / 1.000 W @ 4 ohms 37 kg only

APPLICATION Unlimited possibilities - from small to very big The i.Nova systems suit perfectly for sounding galas, parties, concerts and a lot more. For the mobile use as well as a fixed - installed solutions, all i.Nova systems always convince with perfect sound. By means of the following chart the perfect system for you can be found easily and fast. The numbers of listeners shown are average benchmarks and can differ from conditions of the event, basic sound level and nature of the room.



acoustic / jazz

i.Nova 4 basic system 1 x IN-4 1 x IN-88 SUB

i.Nova 4 power system 2 x IN-4 2 x IN-88 SUB

i.Nova 8 basic system 1 x IN-8 1 x IN-15 SUB

i.Nova 8 power system 2 x IN-8 2 x IN-15 SUB

gala / small hall party / live club concert / medium hall

300 250 200

450 300 200

500 300 250

1000 750 500

entertainer / DJ

gala / small hall party / live club concert / medium hall

250 200 150

350 250 200

500 300 250

1000 750 500

pop- / rock band

gala / small hall party / live club

400 200

600 350


96 kHz



Incomplicated high technology

The power engine of the i.Nova system is integrated in the active subwoofers and contains, beside the trendsetting 96 kHz DSP and the switch mode power supply, also the two full-digital and highly efficient hybrid amplifiers, both for a minimum of weight and a maximum of performance in HD High Definition resolution. Module power: 1.440 watts RMS @ 4 ohms





96 kHz




1 The RJ45 input jacks are made for the connection of network wires. From this input jack, a connection to a PC as well as to other i.Nova active subs can be performed.

2 At the XLR input jack the signal from a digital source in the format AES/EBU is supplied. The link input jack provides the supplied signal for transfer.

3 At the XLR input jack the signal from an analogue source (e.g. keyboard, mixer) is supplied.

4 From the speakon output jack, the i.Nova IN-4 and IN-8 mid/high units are supplied with power.

SOFTWARE Total flexibility for your needs As a central control module, every i.Nova active subwoofer is supplied with a 2 channel DSP. The use of this unit enables the optimal adjustment of a mid/high cabinet and a subwoofer concerning active frequency crossover, adaption of volume and equalizers. Furthermore, the DSP with its premium limiters performs a total protection of capacity overload of all components.

PC software The i.Nova PC software allows the loading and saving of presets and sound settings. Therefore, the software enables total access to all functions in real-time. Adjustable parameters: Signal sensitivity, equalizer, crossover, delay, noise gate and limiter. Due to the more and more growing data base of different presets, your i.Nova data base grows with your needs and your changing instruments for perfect sound. The pc software is free of charge and can be downloaded at


Original accessories for professional users No matter if for mobile or flown usage – with original i.Nova accessories you can realize the transport as well as the installation safely and comfortable with only some hand grips. Mounting adapter, bracket for a speaker stand, wall bracket, ceiling bracket or adapter for truss clambs: Our developers thought about everything, so you can adjust i.Nova perfectly to your audience. The slope of each i.Nova mid/high unit can be done vertically with a screen across and is possible with any adapter. The cushioned transport bags for the mid/high units and the covers for the active subwoofers are robust, ergonomically designed and provide protection during transport of your i.Nova system. The NOVA URC-1 adapter converts data from USB to the RS-485 format.






mounting adapter

bracket for a speaker stand

wall bracket

bracket for ceiling and truss clamb

USB / RS-485 adapter

The i.Nova accessories are available as an option. The IMB mounting adapter and the ITA bracket as well as the matching pin and safety ropes (one piece each) are included in delivery for IN-4 and IN-8.




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