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: HP HP0-823


: Implementing MSA Storage Solutions

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1. Which statements are true about the cache? (Select three.) A. Cache is enabled while the batteries are charging. B. Cache is disabled while array capacity is in progress. C. The cache is disabled while the batteries are charging. D. Cache is re-enabled after the batteries are fully charged. E. Cache is re-enabled after background parity initialization is over. Answer: BCD 2. Which command displays the World Wide Names of each host bus adapter (HBA)? A. SHOW ALL B. SHOW THIS C. SHOW WWNS D. SHOW ADAPTER E. SHOW CONNECTIONS Answer: E 3. What can be used to determine which model of the Emulex-based card (i.e., LP950 or LP9000) your system is using? (Select two.) A. Windows Device Manager B. Light Pulse Utility C. Fibre Diagnostics Utility D. BIOS of the Emulex-based host bus adapter (HBA) Answer: BD 4. Which utility will allow you to find the firmware revision number of hard drives? (Select three.) A. MSA LCD B. HP Insight Manager C. Array Diagnostics Utility (ADU) D. Array Configuration Utility (ACU) E. Light Pulse Utility (LPUTILNT.exe) Answer: BCD 5. What should you use to directly identify the active controller and the standby controller? (Select two.) A. Array Configuration Utility (ACU) B. Controller LCD C. Array Diagnostics Utility (ADU) D. LED No. 9 Status Answer: BD 6. With no path failure, what controls automatic path switching in an active/active MSA1500 controller    

configuration? A. MSA controller firmware, not configurable B. Fibre Channel I/O modules, not configurable C. MSA controller firmware, user can set thresholds D. Fibre Channel Fabric switches, user can set thresholds Answer: C 7. Using the Command Line Interface, which command is used to add space to a specific LUN on an MSA1000? A. SET UNIT B. ADD UNIT C. EXTEND UNIT D. EXPAND UNIT Answer: C 8. What is used to launch Secure Path Manager? A. http://localhost:2381 B. http://localhost:7902 C. StorageWorks Command Console client D. Secure Path Manager local program group Answer: A 9. What are three purposes of ACL in an MSA1000/1500 cs Command Line Interface? (Select three.) A. to disable access of logical drives to all connected servers B. to allow spares to be associated with specific arrays C. to allow access of logical drives to all connected servers D. to prevent ISLs from fabric reconfiguration E. to associate connections to logical drives Answer: ACE 10. How can you obtain the management port IP address on an MSA1510i storage system? A. from the OCP display on the controller B. from the RESCAN button in the Storage Management Utility (SMU) C. from the label on the circuit board of the Ethernet iSCSI I/O module D. from the two rightmost digits of the controller's serial number, added to "10.0.0." Answer: A 11. What is the path status of a path that is currently servicing or is capable of servicing I/O to a storageset? A. active B. alternate    

C. available D. preferred Answer: A 12. What is the default username and password to access the Storage Management Utility (SMU) for the first time? A. root; root B. admin;


C. root; password D. admin;

-no password-

Answer: A 13. Which utilities are used to monitor and manage the MSA1000-supported Brocade switches? (Select two.) A. FTP B. Web-Based Tools C. HP Systems Insight Manager D. ACU E. Telnet Answer: BE 14. According to best practices, what is the recommended status of the target before you modify ACLs? (Select two.) A. active B. inactive C. standby D. pending E. disconnected Answer: BE 15. What happens if access control is disabled on an MSA1510i? A. Only initiators without ACLs have access to any target. B. Only initiators with an ACL have access to their targets. C. All initiators with access to the controller can access the targets. D. None of the initiators with access to the controller can access the targets. Answer: C 16. How is the MSA1xxx storage system family positioned? A. as a DAS solution with limited SAN capabilities B. as a SAN solution with direct connect capabilities    

C. as an entry level storage solution with controller based data replication capability D. as a preconfigured solution with expansion capability to a mission critical enterprise solution Answer: B 17. The Secure Path Agent communicates with which driver on a Windows 2000/2003 system? A. RAIDISK.SYS B. HSZDISK.SYS C. HSXDISK.SYS D. LP6NDS35.SYS Answer: A 18. What information can be collected from an Array Diagnostic Utility (ADU) report? (Select three.) A. problems that appear to be drive related B. host bus adapter (HBA) errors C. immediate hard read/write errors D. Fibre Channel timeout errors E. approaching prefailure and failure conditions Answer: ACE 19. You are attaching MSA30 enclosures to an MSA1500 cs with all SCSI modules installed. On which bus and port should they be attached? A. bus 0 port A, bus 1 port A, bus 2 port A and bus 3 port A B. bus 0 port A, bus 1 port B, bus 2 port A and bus 3 port B C. bus 0 port B, bus 1 port A, bus 2 port B and bus 3 port A D. bus 0 port B, bus 1 port B, bus 2 port B and bus 3 port B Answer: A 20. Which Windows OS multipathing software is supported on an MSA1510i storage system? A. QLogic failover driver B. Secure Path for iSCSI C. iSCSI protocol embedded function D. Multipath Input/Output (MPIO) Answer: D 21. What information is provided by the status LED located on the SCSI I/O module on a MSA1500? A. activity on the bus B. Module power is off C. Module power is on D. Fibre Channel distance Answer: C    

22. What is the general positioning of the Modular Smart Array (MSA1xxx) storage systems? A. entry-level storage systems for a maximum of 8TB B. entry-level storage systems based on EVA technology C. entry-level to mid-range storage systems for SAN environments D. mid-range RAID array storage systems with snapshot capabilities Answer: C 23. A customer wants to implement an MSA1000 solution. What are three supported inter-connect options? (Select three.) A. Hub 12 B. MSA Hub 2/3 C. FC-AL Switch D. SAN Switch 2/8 E. HP SAN Switch Family Answer: BDE 24. What is a benefit of having the array accelerator mounted on a removable DIMM in the MSA1000 controller? A. allows easy removal for firmware updates on another controller B. allows upgrade of cache memory on the existing accelerator module C. allows stored data to be moved to another controller if the original controller fails D. allows easy access for the removal and replacement of the accelerator battery Answer: C 25. What is the purpose of the EMU I/O port module in the MSA1000? (Select three.) A. provides drive status indicators B. provides expansion ports for both SCSI and SATA enclosures C. provides expansion ports for external SCSI enclosures D. controls inter-controller internal communication E. monitors temperatures, power supplies and blowers Answer: ACE 26. What is the function of the second Ethernet iSCSI I/O module in MSA1510i storage systems? A. It provides a dedicated port for data replication. B. It allows more hosts to connect to the storage system. C. It provides redundancy in a dual controller configuration. D. It improves network performance with teaming technology. Answer: C 27. What are three features of the MSA1000 controller? (Select three.)    

A. zoning B. path failover C. online spares D. capacity expansion E. selective storage presentation Answer: CDE 28. Which statement correctly describes DAS-to-SAN (DtS) migration? A. Drives and data can easily be migrated to a SAN in hours. B. Drives and data can easily be migrated to a SAN in minutes. C. Drives and data can easily be migrated from DAS to a SAN, or from a SAN to DAS in hours. D. Drives and data can easily be migrated from DAS to a SAN, or from a SAN to DAS in minutes. Answer: B 29. What is a characteristic of a Fibre Channel loop topology? A. optimized for copper interconnections B. no dedicated interconnect device required C. dedicated use as disk shelf interconnection D. security implemented by the private/public loop option Answer: B 30. What is the best solution if common data must be shared among many hosts on the network? A. FCIP (Fibre Channel over IP) B. SAN (Storage Area Network) C. NAS (Network Attached Storage) D. iSCSI (Internet Small Computer Systems Interface) Answer: C 31. Where is the parity data stored in a RAID 5 array? A. on the spare disk B. on the first disk of the array C. across all disks of the array D. on a dedicated parity disk Answer: C 32. A customer has an MSA1000 SAN with two MSA SAN Switch 2/8s. The SAN consists of three MSA1000s and three servers. During the day, the customer wants to use zoning to allow only certain servers to see specific MSA1000 storage subsystems. At night, the customer wants to modify the zones so the backup server can see all storage. How can this be accomplished? A. implement zone sets    

B. implement zone merge C. implement zone members D. implement zone configurations Answer: D 33. What is the meaning of Ultra2, Ultra3 and Ultra320 in disk drive specifications? A. drive speed B. data density C. connector type D. interconnect speed Answer: D 34. A customer wants to implement an MSA1000 solution with no single point of failure (NSPOF). The solution includes 1 MSA1000, 2-Node W2K Cluster, 2-Node NetWare Cluster. Which host bus adapters (HBAs) are needed to implement this solution? A. two FCA2404 and two FCA2210 B. two FCA2404 and two FCA2214 C. four FCA2404 and four FCA2210 D. four FCA2404 and four FCA2224 Answer: C 35. What is the correct cable to connect to the serial port in front of the MSA1500 cs? A. RJ-11 B. RJ-45 C. RJ-45F D. RJ-45Z Answer: D 36. Which MSA1000 component controls the different LED's on the disk drives? A. EMU B. disk drive C. power supply D. MSA1000 controller Answer: A 37. Which operating system is supported in an MSA1000 SAN configuration with an FCA2210 host bus adapter (HBA)? A. Linux B. HP-UX C. Windows 2000    

D. Novell NetWare Answer: D 38. Which HP storage solution can be used if a database needs block level access to the storage across the local area network? A. NAS server B. DAS storage C. iSCSI storage D. Fibre Channel storage with FCIP access Answer: C 39. A customer installs a new MSA1000 subsystem and downloads and installs the FCA2214 QLogic driver from the QLogic website. The customer now has difficulty seeing the drives. What does the customer need to do? A. reboot the server after installing the driver B. reboot the MSA1000 after installing the driver C. FCA2214 is not supported with MSA1000 subsystem. D. install the driver for the FCA2214 from the MSA Support CD Answer: D 40. What does the blue LED on a SATA drive indicate? A. spare drive B. not part of any array C. selected by a management application D. active capacity expansion or stripe size migration Answer: C 41. A customer has installed a MSA1000 solution with a single controller and one MSA SAN Switch 2/8. When the customer runs the Array Configuration Utility (ACU), the customer cannot see the MSA1000 controller. What are two possible causes of this problem? (Select two.) A. Switch port speed is set to 1 Gb/s. B. The cache configuration on the controller is invalid. C. The SAN Switch 2/8 needs to be installed in the left slot from the rear. D. The MSA1000 controller is installed in the wrong slot in the front of the subsystem. Answer: CD 42. How long does the expansion process take when you add a new disk to an existing array? A. approximately 15 minutes per terabyte B. approximately 15 minutes per gigabyte C. approximately 15 minutes per new disk    

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