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SAMPLE POEM 1. People say I eat and talk too much! 2. Sometimes I struggle to stand up for myself. 3. I wish I could speak to/for people from history to understand their actions better.

4. I create when I have the time.

5. My community is global as I don´t want to feel restricted.

6. We can change our socks but not our feet.

People say I am a perfectionist Sometimes I struggle to avoid becoming a workaholic I wish I could speak to/for the unheard

I create projects and plan challenging adventures My community is full of surprises We can change our future.

1. People say we are very talkative 2. Sometimes we struggle to keep our mouths shut 3. We wish we could speak to Ricky Martin

4. We create a song for him

5. Our community is full of funny people 6. We can change what nobody else can!!

I´m ME

People say I ´m all ears Sometimes I struggle to be heard I wish I could speak to my loving mum I create every single step I make My community is needing peace We can change it just now!



People say I __look like an apple in an orchard__________________

2. Sometimes I struggle to ______stop my face from getting red_____________

3. I wish I could speak to __fresh rains and clouds

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