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Sneaky Ways to Weight Loss

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Sneaky Ways to Weight Loss

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She Loves Using ScienceTo Lose Weight


ost people look at their fat and take a very direct approach toward eliminating it. Tackling fat head on has never really worked for me. I found it is much easier to blindside the blubber. Now this isn’t all together easy per say, but it is still a heck of a lot easier than any other methods to weight loss. The trick to losing fat is tricking fat into getting lost. What I am saying is you have to be a bit sneaky about how you approach the fat, like a hunter stocking his prey, but in this case the hunter is obese and out of breath and the prey is the lifeless gelatinous blob

Sneaky Ways to Weight Loss

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that lives within the aforementioned metaphorical hunter. To sneak up and then trick fat you have to be kind of smart. I am afraid‌ we are going to have to use science.

Sneaky Ways to Weight Loss

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Sleep Yourself Skinny


ntelligent and scientific approach number one: sleep. Sleeping to become skinny, it seems counterintuitive. Actually, let’s be honest, it sounds kind of retarded. But yes, this really does work. So now WebMD calls it the “dream diet”, which I personally don’t think makes any sense at all. I mean, sleep doesn’t really have anything to do with dieting. C’mon WebMD, I thought you guys were better than that. I hate to get all technical and scientific when I write, because most the time I don’t understand a word of it myself, but it is really quite impossible to explain how sleep makes

Sneaky Ways to Weight Loss

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you skinny unless you use a little bit of biological science. You are familiar with hormones, right? You know those things that make you all moody. Yeah, the ones that cause your girlfriend to act, well, a little less than rational sometimes. Those are hormones. Turns out, they are regulated by how much you sleep. Two specific hormones (leptin and ghrelin) are in charge of creating that desire to eat that we call “craving�. Well, leptin actually makes you feel full, and ghrelin causes you to feel hungry. Lack of sleep causes leptin levels to lower and ghrelin levels to rise making you feel less full and more hungry. Let me reiterate, lack of sleep makes you hungry and fat.

Sneaky Ways to Weight Loss

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Don’t worry about remembering specific names of hormones or anything. Just know that sleep is going to help you become skinny. So get eight hours every night, and not a minute more or less! Actually you should probably check out the exact specification and details on healthy sleep. The amount of sleep needed varies with age. For example, an infant needs 12 to 18 hours of sleep, where an adult only needs 7 to 9. As you age the body needs less and less sleep.

Sneaky Ways to Weight Loss

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Spicy Foods


picy foods help cause weight loss. This is a fun little secret that I learned from Anne Hathaway, not personally of course. I heard about it from a good friend that said his sister saw it in an online tabloid after clicking on a link by accident when trying to close her browser window. After I heard about Anne and her tricky little technique I did start to notice that she was looking pretty good. Question: What did she do? Answer: She put two teaspoons of dried red peppers into her breakfast cereal. Well, she had two teaspoons of peppers with her breakfast. Sources have yet to identify what specifically she was eating at the time.

Sneaky Ways to Weight Loss

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According to the British Journal of National Health – sounds reputable to me — when two teaspoons of dried red peppers were added to women’s food, they consumed fewer calories throughout the day. Now, I don’t know if this was for fear of someone putting unwanted teaspoons of red peppers in their food, or if it was because the curcumin in peppers suppresses the appetite. The British Journal of National Health says it is the curcumin. The cool thing about this curcumin stuff is it also works to repair damaged muscle tissue, sweeps plague deposits from the brain, and it stimulates endorphins. Basically, the point here is peppers make you skinny, strong, smart, and happy, and the British

Sneaky Ways to Weight Loss

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have proved it through science. You see, the British are good for some things. So if you want to curb your cravings, here is how to do it. Invest in Tabasco, Cholula, Tapitio, Valentina or any other hot sauce you can get your hands on, or you can go the natural approach and get jalapenos or peppers. Add these to your chicken at dinner, to your ramen at lunch, heck, you could even add a bit in your breakfast cereal if you are not too scared. Speaking of cereal‌

Sneaky Ways to Weight Loss

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Eat Breakfast


his is a big one. Don’t skip breakfast. Take a break from your busy morning to sit down and enjoy a fast meal. Here is a little known secret that no one ever talks about: sometimes more is actually less. This technique to weight loss is another one that usually causes people to scratch their head. How can eating more actually help to trim the waist line? By eating breakfast you are going to rev up your metabolism. It is good to do this early in the day so that you can have your GI tract working full steam from the get-go. The gastrointestinal tract is responsible for burning up calories throughout the day, and it is

Sneaky Ways to Weight Loss

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also responsible for extracting nutrients from the foods you eat. So make sure to stimulate proper gastrointestinal metabolism with breakfast. Remember that hormone leptin. I know I said it wasn’t important to remember, but that was only because I didn’t think I would bring it up again. Anyways, breakfast actually causes increased amounts of leptin, and this is going to make you less likely to desire food throughout the day. Try to incorporate some hot sauce on your omelets, that way you get a two-fer. Do it after a good night’s sleep, heck that’s a three-fer. All of a sudden, after a good night’s sleep and a spicy breakfast, you are going to feel like a real weight-loser. And so far you

Sneaky Ways to Weight Loss

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have done approximately nothing but eat and sleep. This has got to be the most appealing weight loss plan ever.

Sneaky Ways to Weight Loss

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his one is huge, probably the best way to lose weight out of all the tips. This is actually the key principle to the Truth about Six Pack Abs, but don’t tell anyone I let you know that. Alright so you have these organs in your body right? They are the liver and the gallbladder. The liver serves a few different functions in the body. First, it filters out dirty toxins from the blood. Secondly, it produces bile and sends it over to the gallbladder. Now think back to when you were in sixth grade. You might remember your teacher telling you that digestion starts with the mouth by chewing. They were not wrong, but they forgot to tell you that most

Sneaky Ways to Weight Loss

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of digestion happens in the small intestines when the food is mixed with, you guessed it, bile. Actually, come to think of it they might have said that, you just forgot to remember it. Bile is this magical little substance that looks and smells disgusting. Fat is really hard to break down and digest so we need bile to emulsify it. Basically bile breaks down the fat into tiny little droplets so that the body can actually get rid of the stuff. So the more bile you have, the easier it will be for you to get rid of unwanted fat. The liver’s first priority is filtering out toxins, and when it has finished that it goes on to producing bile. So the trick to losing

Sneaky Ways to Weight Loss

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fat is promoting healthy bile production. You should avoid foods with a lot of toxins. That means: one, do not eat from fast food restaurants; two, do not drink alcohol; three, do not eat more than a single serving of chocolate or treats a week. Try to at least cut out two of these three don’ts.

Sneaky Ways to Weight Loss

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Fasting Once a Week


bviously if you do not eat then you are going to lose weight. The downside to not eating is that it is extremely unhealthy for you. I think there is even a name for people who do not eat so that they can become skinny. Oh yeah, anorexia. Yeah and it is a clinical disorder, diagnosed by doctors and talked about by gossipy girls at school. The problem with not eating is that it robs the body of nutrients, and it also sets the body into ‘survival mode’. This may sound like something you might see Bear Grills go into during the climax of a particularly good episode of Man VS Wild, but really all it means is that every little bit of food you

Sneaky Ways to Weight Loss

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take into your body is going to be converted into fat rather than excreted as waste. Starving yourself is going to make gaining wait in the future so easy it is going to be nearly impossible to avoid. That is why you have to starve yourself with sensible moderation. Actually when done properly, fasting is in no way similar to starving. Skipping a day’s worth of food once every two weeks is not going to be enough to set the body into survival mode, but it will cut about 2000 calories from your bimonthly diet. Oh, you have got to love sensible starvation methods. Effective weight loss takes more than just changing your eating habits and sleep-

Sneaky Ways to Weight Loss

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ing. You actually have to have some caloric burn throughout the day, so that you don’t grow into a torpid slug.

Sneaky Ways to Weight Loss

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Fidget More


onestly I am going to come out and say it right now. I am skeptical about this one. According this is an effective way to burn extra calories through the day. But to me this seems too easy, I mean you don’t have to go to bed at a reasonable hour or eat peppers for breakfast or anything. It just seems too easy. Of course, if you don’t want to try this you could always just go with the reasonable alternative, rigorous and demanding exercise. To really figure this one out we need to use science. Oops, I mean math. So I am 5’10” 155lbs about 7 percent body fat and slightly more than moderately active, so I

Sneaky Ways to Weight Loss

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need close to 2,700 calories each day to maintain my physique. If I am burning more calories than I am consuming I will waist away and only weigh 150, but if I eat too much I will become fat and 10 percent of my body will be blubber rather than 7. So ‘calories in’ (x) has to be less than ‘calories out’ (Y) for weight loss. It looks like this: X<Y= you being skinny. HORRAY!!! Sitting at a computer and typing burns approximately 80 calories per hour. If I begin to tap my feet I bump that caloric burn up to 92 calories per hour. Over my five hour work period I just burned an extra 60 calories. If I do this every day for a year I will have burned an extra 21,900 calories. Divide this by 3,500 (calories in a pound) and you have roughly

Sneaky Ways to Weight Loss

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6.25714286 pounds of fat that have disappeared within only a yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s worth of time. That is nearly half a pound each month! Well now that my brain is a boggled with that load of unnecessary arithmetic I feel confident in saying, start fidgeting but donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t make it awkward or anything. Simple things like tapping your feet, flexing your abdomen, and tightening your buttocks will increase your daily caloric burn, even a little bit helps. However, just so you know, it is much more effective to run or jog or follow my exercise blog.

Sneaky Ways to Weight Loss


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Throughout my one year of service to the health and nutrition industry I have come across a lot of scams, gimmicks, and fads that don’t work. If you truly want to become fit and slender you need to make a lifestyle change. To be perfectly honest, using any method, routine, or plan to lose weight is going to take time and consistency. Each of the tips listed above are effective ways to help your body kick-start some caloric burn, but you can’t just do them part time otherwise you won’t see results. You have to make a healthy lifestyle change. So let’s recap. To become skinny you must get eight hours of sleep, eat breakfast

Sneaky Ways to Weight Loss

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in the morning, add spice to your diet, detoxify and stay detoxified, fast once a week, and incorporate some sort of physical activity into your daily regimen. That seems very doable.


Sneaky Ways To Weight Loss