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Friday, 21 January 2011

��������������������� BRISBANE, Jan 13 AAP T he t ug boat d r iver who aver ted a catastrophe by steering a 300-tonne piece of debris clear of Brisbane's major bridge is playing down his status as a Queensland flood hero. A section of a floating boardwalk torn loose from the riverbank at inner-city New Farm on Wednesday night was sailing down the Brisbane River at an estimated 10-12 knots on Thursday morning. The Gateway Bridges - massive spans that cross the river near the airport on one side and the seaport on the other - had to be closed to motorists three times due to concerns the runaway structure would crash into the bridge supports. Witnesses say parts of the boardwalk broke off until only a 400-metre-long chunk remained, drifting out of control and gathering debris behind it. Tug boat master Doug Hislop called into his Murarrie depot about 4am (AEST) to check that his equipment wouldn't be damaged by floodwaters at a near-record high tide.

CANBERRA, Jan 13 AAP The lowest jobless rate in two years has economists predicting interest rates will stay on hold until mid-2011. Australia's unemployment rate was a se a sona l l y adjust e d f ive per cent in December, compared with 5.2 per cent in November, the Aust ral ian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) said on Thursday. The fall was put down to a drop in the participation rate, rather than the 2300 rise in jobs. Full-time jobs rose by 1700 to just over eight million in December and part-time employment was up by 600 to just under 3.4 million. "This just further confirms that the RBA

SYDNEY, Jan 9 AAP A senior NSW government minister i nsists there are no fears for Premier Kristina Keneally's safety amid reports she is being targeted by social networking stalkers. Members of Ms Keneally's personal security unit have visited at least two men in the past fortnight, warning them to stop posting menacing and sexually explicit messages on social media forums such as Twitter, Fairfax reported on Sunday. Acting Premier Carmel Tebbutt says politicians are accustomed to handling inappropriate comments. "I haven't had a discussion with the

He and colleague Peter Fenton heard via radio of the possible disaster posed by the obstacle and ventured into the raging river on the tug boat Mavis. "We went up and straightened it up and got it through the bridge," he told AAP."It wasn't much harder than that." Praise is being heaped on Mr Hislop, with Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd planning to nominate him for Australia's highest award. "What a feat of seamanship, whoever was the pilot of the tug boat deserves an Order of Australia," Mr Rudd told Sky News."I'll be the first one to sign their nomination form for an Order of Australia." The story lifted the spirits of an emotional Premier Anna Bligh, leading her to dub Mavis "the little tug that could". M r H i slop wa s one of m a ny lo c a l heroes from all over the state who had done remarkable things and could be recommended for a bravery award, she said. "There's no doubt in my mind that the tug driver saved lives," Ms Bligh told reporters. "The River Walk that you saw floating down the Brisbane River this morning was a

is going to be on hold over the next couple of months, and with what's happening with the floods they will hold back," National Australia Bank senior economist Spiros Papadopoulos said. Treasurer Wayne Swan said the jobs growth showed the economy remained strong. "In 2010, an extra 364,000 Australians gained the security of a job with the ability to bring home a regular pay packet to their

premier about those reports but the premier has very good security and there's no fears for the premier's safety," Ms Tebbutt told reporters on Sunday. Ms Keneally, who is on le ave until Wednesday, has been an av id user of Twitter since her rise to the state's top job, but her posts stopped on December 17. L a s t we e k M s Ke ne a l ly a p p e a r e d

piece of concrete that weighed 300 tonnes. "If the tug that was steering it away from the river banks and away from the pontoons and other vessels had not been successful, or if it had broken lose without any guidance, you can imagine the kind of damage it might have done breaking into parts of the river system. "So it was a very lucky save." But Mr Hislop played down any talk of accolades. He said the debris was more like 150

metres long - not 400 metres as reported and easily cleared the bridge's supports. "We weren't trying to be heroes. We were just trying to do what we had to do," he said. But Brisbane region harbour master Captain Richard Johnson said the pilots had also guided the boardwalk safely past infrastructure including chemical and fuel wharves, and the oil pipeline near Luggage Point. He said nudging such a large object without touching the bridge at all was no easy feat. "It is a very, very hard job even if you've got engines and propellers turning," Capt Johnson told the Nine Network.

families," Mr Swan said. "It's a great result for our country and one that sets us apart from the rest of the developed world. "The strength of the jobs market can give confidence about our country's economic outlook as communities and businesses begin the long task of rebuilding from the floods." The best performing state was WA (4.4 per cent), followed by NSW (4.6 per cent), Victoria (4.9 per cent), Tasmania (5.0 per cent), SA (5.6

per cent) and Queensland (6 per cent). Jobs Minister Chris Evans said that, as was seen after the Victorian and ACT bushfires, there would be a short-term jobs boost in the Queensland floods recovery effort. "(There will be) a demand for a lot of construction work and that rebuilding process will no doubt generate jobs, particularly in the construction areas," he said. NSW Premier Kristina Keneally said the 0.4 percentage point drop in the jobless rate the lowest since April 2008 - was welcome. "Since March 2009, more than 182,000 jobs have been created in NSW - this is great news for the $400 billion NSW economy," she said.

visually distressed when facing reporters, making reference to what she called the inappropriate behaviour of media who had been following her car in which she travelled with her young sons. "I think social media provides a great opportunity to communicate more broadly and with different sorts of people but I guess we do need to be mindful that it can be a

bit intrusive so it's about getting a balance between being accessible, but also making sure that your personal security and that of your family is protected," Ms Tebbutt said on the matter. NSW is a "safe" state and Sydney is a safe city, where politicians' public and private lives are generally respected, Ms Tebbutt said. "But of course from time to time every politician knows there will be someone who wants to make a threat or take up an issue in a way that's not necessarily appropriate," she said.


Friday, 21 January 2011


��������������������� CANBERRA, Jan 11 AAP Exper ts say f loodwaters that have already killed nine people pose on-going health risks in the form of gastroenteritis o u t b r e a k s , a n i n c r e a s e d t h r e a t of mosquito-borne diseases and mental health problems. Flash flooding has devastated much of Toowoomba and the Lockyer Valley and f loodwaters are now expected to surge through 6,500 homes and businesses in Brisbane. Adelaide University public health expert Peng Bi says the natural disaster means the threat of widespread gastro is now a "major concern". Floodwaters have dest royed water treatment plants and could lead to the contamination of drinking supplies at their source, he said. "Local health authorities should have taken measures to prevent this. "But I would st ill encou rage local communities to drink bottled water in the first instance or boil your water at this

PERTH, Jan 14 AAP In a landmark court decision, a Perth man has been ordered to surrender his car permanently after being caught repeatedly driving without a licence. Edwin Kozinski, 57, was convicted of driving without a licence in July, October and December 2009, prompting police to apply to the courts to permanently seize his 2001 Toyota LandCruiser wagon. Kozinski told the Perth Magistrate's Court that since his three convictions he had suffered financial hardship. He said being unable to drive had made it difficult to sustain his maintenance business, while unemployment benefits barely covered his mortgage repayments. Kozinski owes more than $2500 in fines and is more than $5500 in debt for other bills. He also has a mortgage on which he says he owes about $160,000. However, Magistrate Elaine Campione

stage." A spokesman for Queensland's Water Minister, Stephen Robertson, said that advice was sound for areas that had been cut off by floodwaters. B u t i t d i d n' t a p p l y t o s o u t h - e a s t Queensland, including Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast and Ipswich. "As far as south-east Queensland is concerned there's no problem with the water whatsoever," the spokesman said. "Where water treatment plants have been inundated there is a concern, and people have been urged to either take advantage of supplied bot tled water or boil their water," Mr Rober tson's spokesman said. Associate Professor Bi also stresses that with so many people in emergency accommodation there's a need for stricter personal hygiene and "food hygiene" when preparing meals. An increase in mosquito-borne diseases, such as Ross River virus and dengue

said there was no evidence to suggest Kozinski was in such financial hardship. "I am not satisfied that Mr Kozinski has been frank," she said. Magistrate Campione said Kozinski had lied to police and to a friend who had offered to drive him to work if he could keep his $20,000 vehicle, which is full of tools. On one occasion when he was caught driving without a licence, he had told police that he did have a licence, which Magistrate Campione said was "plainly wrong and misleading". She said Kozinski had even dragged his sick sister and mother into his lies and had not been truthful with anyone. Magistrate Campione said Kozinski was the "author of his own destruction" who had "deliberately chosen" to break the law by repeatedly driving without a licence for the past 23 years. Kozinski obtained a licence in 1974 but it


fever, is a possibility in the weeks after the floods subsided, he said. "I don't think it's a big issue at this stage because the floodwaters flush everything, including the sites of mosquitoes to grow. "But af ter that because of the high temperat u res and the ver y wet environment there'll be good conditions for mosquitoes," Prof Bi said. The Royal Australian and New Zealand

expired in 1988 and he did not reapply for one. He did eventually apply for a learner's permit, but that expired in August 2008. Kozinski, who claims not to have driven a vehicle in the past 13 months while he has been on a suspended prison order,

College of Psychiat r ists has war ned there could be a spike in mental illness following the floods. "Once the f loods subside, people may exper ience long-ter m psychological problems such as depression and anxiety d isorders," college president Ma r ia Tomasic said in a statement. But t he col lege caut ione d aga i nst encouraging people to "revisit" trauma t h r o u g h d e b r i e f i n g s a s t h a t c o u ld compound any problems.

is banned from holding a driver's licence until December. Outside court, Inspector Garry Kosovich said police were very happy with the magistrate's decision. "With this legislation today we have crossed the Rubicon," he said. "We've ce r t ai n ly h a d t he pub l i c's i nterest protected as parl iament i n t e n d e d , a nd we b el ieve t h i s i s a significant step forward."


Friday, 21 January 2011



日 本 にも 影 響 が 及 び そうだ。 同州では昨年 月   ら記 録 的 な大 雨 が か 続いて一部の川の水位 が大幅に上がり、 住宅 地の浸 水 などで 万 人以上が被災。 災害当 局によると、 犠牲者も 多 く 出 た。道 路 や 鉄 道、港 も 被 害 を 受 け、 主要 産 業の農 作 物や

て、 州首脳は 日まで に被害額を ﹁ 億豪ド 以上﹂ ル ︵約 千億円︶ と予測。 同国は世界有 数の石炭輸出国で、 原 料炭が 割以上値上 がり するとの見 方 も あり、 多くを輸入する

石 炭の輸 送 が 滞って いる。 州当局や豪主要 紙によると、 同州は鉄 鋼 生 産 に必 要 な 原 料 炭の世 界 需 要の半 分 を担っている。 しかし 州 内の 炭 鉱 の 割 以 上が浸 水などで操 業 の中 断 や 縮 小 を 強い られ、 港からの積み出 しにも 支 障 が 出てい る。 ︻シドニー共同︼


原料炭価格 割上昇か 資源・農業大国オー  ストラリアの北 東 部 ク イ ーン ズ ラ ン ド 州 で 昨 年 末 以 降、洪 水 被害が収まらず、 国内 外 経 済の不 安 要因と なってき た。 農地や炭 鉱 の 浸 水 な どを 受 け



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Friday, 21 January 2011



Friday, 21 January 2011



Friday, 21 January 2011



Friday, 21 January 2011



Friday, 21 January 2011



Friday, 21 January 2011



Friday, 21 January 2011



Friday, 21 January 2011



Friday, 21 January 2011



Friday, 21 January 2011

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Friday, 21 January 2011

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Friday, 21 January 2011

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Friday, 21 January 2011

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Friday, 21 January 2011


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Friday, 21 January 2011

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Friday, 21 January 2011


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