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INTERNATIONAL STUDENT CHECKLIST This process must begin as soon as you have decided to attend Hillsboro Aviation. Once your application materials are submitted, you will be assigned a start date. TSA REQUIREMENTS This process can not be started until 6 months or less before you will start training.  HAI is notified of student’s legal name and intended arrival date.  Student registers with TSA (  Student must check emails frequently for TSA contact, including payment information and application corrections.

VISA REQUIREMENTS Check with your local embassy/consulate for interview wait times. Make interview appointment immediately if necessary. In order to be placed on the incoming student list, the following information must be sent to HAI. These items can be sent via fax, email or post:  Completed school application.  Clear copy of passport for student and all dependents.  Financial verification (official bank statement). Include a letter of support if the bank statement is not in your name.  Required insurance information—must meet standards. (required for F-1 visa only)  Transcripts from highest level of education. (required for F-1 visa only) Fax number: +503-648-1886; Email address:; Post: Hillsboro Aviation; 3565 NE Cornell Rd.; Hillsboro, Oregon 97124 The Form I-20 will be sent after the student has received TSA preliminary approval and HAI has received all application materials. TSA approval is typically a two-week wait from when the TSA registration was submitted.

UPON RECEIPT OF I-20  Verify all information is correct on I-20; sign the bottom of page 1.  Make travel arrangements to Portland, Oregon—notify HAI of flight information at least 2 weeks before arrival.

UPON ARRIVAL TO PORTLAND ► You will be met by a school representative at the Portland International Airport, train station or bus station. You will be taken to the school and/or your housing. ► Arrive at HAI at 8am on your assigned orientation day. Bring:  Passport and Form I-20 for student and any dependents  Form I-94 for student and any dependents  FAA medical and any pilot certificates  Insurance information (unless previously provided)



Race/Ethnicity: _________________

Last (Family Name)

E-mail Address: _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Post Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ City: _________________________________

State: ____________

Zip Code: __________ _____ Country: ________________

Home Phone: ________________________

Daytime Phone: ______________________

Emergency Contact: _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Name, Address, Telephone Number

Date of Birth (MM/DD/YY): ______________ Citizenship: ________________________

Place of Birth (city and country): Highest Level of Education:

 High School


 Post-Secondary

(Professional Pilot Students: Please provide a copy of your transcripts from the highest degree earned.)

FAA Medical Certificate: Class: _________________

Date Issued: ________________

Height: ________ _ Weight: ________ inches


How did you hear about Hillsboro Aviation? _______________________________________________________________________ TRAINING PROGRAM AIRPLANE Professional Pilot Program (Private through Multi-Engine Flight Instructor) Private

HELICOPTER Professional Pilot Program (Private, Commercial, Certified Flight Instructor) Private




Commercial Add-On



Certified Flight Instructor

Certified Flight Instructor

Certified Flight Instructor Instrument

Certified Flight Instructor Instrument

Multi-Engine Flight Instructor

Turbine Transition

Airline Transport Pilot

Airline Transport Pilot



FLIGHT EXPERIENCE Total Airplane Hours:__________

Total Helicopter Hours: __________

Date of Last Flight: ____________________________

Certificates and Ratings Held:___________________________________________

Issuing Country: ________________________


 F-1 Visa

Do you read, write, speak and understand English?

Intended Arrival Date to US: Housing Requested?




Intended Departure Date from US: NO

Master Bedroom (If Available)


Credit card number: ___________________________________________________

exp: _______


reg. fee

If you would like us to pay the SEVIS fee, please enter the security code from the back of your card: __________________ To the best of my knowledge, I certify that the information provided is true and correct. ___________________________________________________________________________________




Parent or Legal Guardian if applicant is under 18 years old




FINANCIAL VERIFICATION: The estimated cost of the Professional Pilot training program Airplane is $51,118.90 U.S. (Helicopter is $52,291.50). These costs are based on the FAA minimum requirements; they are not set prices. Living expenses for the 12-month training period are estimated to be $8,240.00 U.S. annually. Therefore, total program costs are estimated to be $59,358.90 (Airplane) and $60,531.50 (Helicopter). Financial verification of monies available to cover the respective expenses is required; this may be in the form of a notarized copy of a bank statement, an approved loan application, or a notarized affidavit of support. All documents must be accompanied by a notarized English translation denoting monies in American dollars.

2. PROOF OF INSURANCE: Proof of insurance is recommended for all F-1 students and their dependents. Insurance covered by the full faith and credit of the government of the exchange visitor’s home country shall be deemed to meet this requirement. This insurance must be of at least:  $50,000.00 U.S. per accident or illness;  repatriation of remains in the amount of $7,500.00 U.S.;  home evacuation in the sum of $10,000.00 U.S. and  a deductible of no more than $500.00 U.S. per accident or illness. Such insurance [with a $50.00 U.S. per incident deductible] may be obtained through Hillsboro Aviation for $64.00 U.S./month. 3. APPLICATION TO SCHOOL: A completed and signed application must be submitted by each student. This must include the city and country of birth. 4. PASSPORT: Submit a clear copy of your current passport and the passports of any dependents who are coming with you. 5. TSA REGISTRATION: The student must register at and make their flight training intentions known to Hillsboro Aviation. 6. INTERNATIONAL STUDENT REGISTRATION FEE: A $200.00 U.S. registration fee is required from each international student. Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are accepted by Hillsboro Aviation; please provide the card number, name as it appears on the card and expiration date of the card. The registration fee may also be wired to Hillsboro Aviation. The bank may charge a processing fee. It is the student’s responsibility to cover the fee; include that fee in the total dollar amount sent via wire. Contact Hillsboro Aviation for complete wiring information. 7. SCHOOL TRANSCRIPTS OR DIPLOMA: Each student must supply a copy of the transcripts from the highest level of education achieved or a copy of their high school diploma (or its equivalent). A complete English translation must also be provided. 8. PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE: Any person having previous flight experience must submit their application materials in order to have their admission eligibility evaluated by the school director. 9. LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY: A phone interview may need to be conducted in order to confirm the student’s ability to speak and understand English.

Once all requirements as listed above are met, a Form I-20, the application for an F-1 visa, will be issued to the student and forwarded to the student via express mail. To apply for the visa, the student should go to the nearest U.S. Visa Issuing Post, i.e. Consulate General or Embassy.



There is a rule for all people coming to do flight training in the US. All flight training students must either show proof of US citizenship or follow the steps below. This procedure is for ALL non-US citizens (including those with a green card) planning to do any kind of flight training in any type of aircraft (airplane/helicopter/flight simulator) that will end in a private license, instrument rating or multi-engine rating. The information the student gives will be used to do a background check. If, after the background check, TSA determines that the student is a risk to aviation or national security, HAI must stop training the student immediately. The student’s visa will also be terminated and the student must leave the country.

These steps must be followed: 1. Hillsboro Aviation must first be told that you (the student) plan to do your flight training at HAI. TSA will confirm your plans with HAI before processing your file. 2. You (the student) will register at the TSA website You must have your passport information (passport number, issue and expiration dates, city of issuance) to complete the first step. You will then receive an email with your user ID and password so you can enter the TSA website. Keep your login information for possible use for further training. 3. You will enter your personal information and training information into the TSA website ( These are the things you will need to have ready: a. full name, including any aliases or variations in spelling. Use only American letters; do not use special characters. b. identifying information such as height, weight, hair and eye color c. country of birth, current country or countries of citizenship and each previous country of citizenship d. starting and ending dates of each citizenship e. current pilot certificate(s) and certificate number(s), if any f. passport and US visa information, including all current and previous passports and US visas held g. current address and telephone number, as well as each address held for longer than 30 days for the 5 years prior to the date of the application h. employment history, including employer contact information i. training information—see separate chart for course identification information j. dates of flight training (this can be a reasonable estimate) 4. All of Hillsboro Aviation’s training is category three. 5. A legible copy of your current passport must be sent to the TSA via uploading it to your application. You will not be able to submit a training request without first uploading a copy of your passport. Faxed passports will not be processed. 6. REMEMBER TO SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION. 7. Once HAI has validated your training request, the TSA will direct you to pay a $130 US fee which covers the cost of the background/security check. 8. Check your email frequently for any messages from the TSA. If something is missing or incorrect on your application, the process will not continue until you correct the information. 9. After the TSA receives all of the above information you and HAI will be notified that all of your documentation has been accepted and we can send you the necessary paperwork to get your visa. This email will also give you approval to have your fingerprints taken—see number 10 below. 10. You must have your fingerprints taken at a TSA-approved location and sent to the TSA. This needs to be done only one time, regardless of the number of times you enter the US for training (as long as you use the same account each time). A representative of HAI will take you to do this upon arrival in the US. HAI charges $45 for the fingerprinting and shipping charges. 11. Upon arrival at HAI, the school must take your picture and send it to the TSA. 12. The TSA will notify you and HAI of flight approval once your application is complete, including your fingerprints. You can then begin flight training. If the background check determines you are a risk, flight training must stop immediately.

Updated 3/11/2010

Hillsboro Aviation Airman's Proficiency Center Course Identification Information Use the following guidelines when registering on the TSA registration website The TSA requires candidates to register for the private/sport/recreational license, instrument rating, and multi-engine rating. Professional Pilot Airplane--you will need to register for each of the Private, Instrument and Multi-engine ratings. If you already have your Private license, only register for the Instrument and Multi-engine courses. Before graduating from a course, school adminstration will require that you register with the TSA for your next course. Save your login and password information or you may need to be fingerprinted again. When you register for your next course, add your Hillsboro address. Professional Pilot Helicopter--you will need to register for each of the Private and Instrument ratings. If you already have your Private license, only register for the Instrument course. Before graduating from a course, school administration will require that you register with the TSA for your next course. Save your login and password information or you may need to be fingerprinted again. When you register for your next course, add your Hillsboro address. Individual Licenses only--register for the individual course you plan to take. Airplane Courses Course ID# Private Pilot FWPP1 Instrument Rating FWIR2 Multi-Engine Rating FWMER3

Class Name Category 3--Initial license Category 3--Instrument Rating Category 3--Multi-Engine Rating

Aircraft Type C152 C162 C172 C172 C172RG PA44 PA44

Helicopter Courses

Private Pilot Instrument Rating Revised 5/5/2009

Course ID# Class Name RWPP1 Category 3--Initial license RWIR2 Category 3--Instrument Rating

Aircraft Type R-22 R44 CB300 R-22 R44 C172

Preparing for Your Visa Interview 1. Each Embassy or Consulate has its own specific steps to follow; make sure to contact your local office. ( 2. After you receive Form I-20 from the school, follow the U.S. Embassy/Consulate’s instructions to schedule an interview for your visa. It is important to apply for your student visa as far in advance as possible. Many consulates recommend that appointments be made no more than 90 days from the intended date of travel, but some can make earlier arrangements for interviews. 3. Pay the visa application fee by following instructions on your local U.S. Embassy's or Consulate’s web site ( 4. Complete the following form: DS-160 Online. The DS-160 Online, Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application, replaces previous nonimmigrant application forms. Find the form DS-160 at Be sure to write down your application number as you get started and save the application periodically.  Length of stay in the US: M-1—I-20 length; F-1—3 years  Address in US: Hillsboro Aviation’s address  SEVIS ID is found at the top right of your Form I-20 5.

Prepare and bring to your visa interview the following:  A passport valid for at least six months after your intended departure from the US  Form I-20 (sign the form on page 1)  School admission letter  DS-160 Online bar code page  One 2x2 photo  A receipt for the visa application fee  A receipt for the SEVIS fee. If you have not received an official receipt in the mail showing payment and you or HAI have paid the fee electronically, the consulate will accept the temporary receipt you printed from your computer or sent to you by HAI.  Financial evidence that shows you have sufficient funds to cover your training and living expenses during the period you intend to study.  Any information that proves that you will return to your home country after finishing your studies in the United States. This may include proof of property, family, or other ties to your community.

6. Remain calm and answer all the Consular Officer’s questions to you openly and honestly. 7. Once you receive your visa, be sure to verify that you received the correct visa type (M-1 or F-1). If you did not, contact the consulate or embassy where you had your visa interview to have it corrected. Do not enter the US with an incorrect visa type.

SEVIS Payment Information The Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) is the online system through which the Form I-20 is created, international students’ entry into and exit from the US is tracked, and any extensions or changes in status are requested. As part of the system maintenance and upkeep, SEVIS has instituted a processing fee. This mandatory fee is payable to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Hillsboro Aviation has no involvement in charging or collecting this fee. This fee must be paid at least three (3) business days before your scheduled visa interview. The fees are:  M-1 students--$200 USD  F-1 students--$200 USD There are four options for paying this: 1. Complete Form I-901 on the internet ( using a credit card; 2. Include your credit card information (including expiration date and threedigit security code) on your Hillsboro Aviation school application. Hillsboro Aviation will use this information to pay the fee for you and will send the receipt along with your paperwork; 3. Wire the money via Western Union. See for instructions; 4. Submit Form I-901 through the mail along with a check or money order for the appropriate fee amount as noted above. A receipt can be printed directly from the internet if paid by credit card. If you mail your payment, DHS will mail your receipt to you. Be sure to send your payment in early enough to allow time to receive the receipt. You will need to take this official receipt (I-797) with you to your scheduled visa interview. If you do not have the official I-797 in time for your interview, bring the receipt that was printed from the internet. Contact Hillsboro Aviation with any questions at 503-648-2831 or .

F-1 Visa Application  

Documents needed to complete the F-1 visa application for Hillsboro Aviation.