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Jens Sylvest Architect

EDUCATION MASTER OF ARTS IN ARCHITECTURE // From Aarhus School of Architecture Where I learned about: Cultural Heritage and Urban Design BACHELOR OF ARTS IN ARCHITECTURE // From Aarhus School of Architecture Where I learned about: Form, Context, City Planning, Architectural Design, Industrial Design and Deconstructivism CITY PLANNER COURSE // Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (KADK) Where I learned about: Law, Municipality and District Plans, Envirormental Screenings and Masterplans.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE CITY PLANNER // Rudersdal and Roskilde Minicipality 2019-2020 Insight into modern urban development, taking into account both economy, law and local values.

• Development of city plans, discrict plans, environmental screenings and and legal documents. • Experience with the work and structure within a politically led organization.

ARCHITECT // Boffi 2017-2018 Award winning company. Winner of the 1995 Compasso d’Oro Award.

• Design and preparation of renovation and interior design solutions. • Customer guidance. • Establishment of 2D and 3D Library.

RECEPTIONIST AND FREELANCE ARCHITECT // Hotel Schæffergården 2015-2016 Old hunting castle owned by the Danish-Norwegian Cooperation Fund.

• Customer service. • Booking and accounting work • Bardesign and scale model of hotel.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE ARCHITECT // XBO Arkitekter 2014 Provides advice on renovation of existing housing.

• Design and preparation of renovation solutions for properties for sale. • Assessment of economic framework and opportunities renovation.

ARCHITECT // Brink Brandenburg 2014 Small architectural firm.

• Architect competitions. • Visualizations, renderings and technical drawings.

INTERN ARCHITECT // SHJ Works 2014 Unique single business

• Participation in architectural competitions.

INTERN ARCHITECT // Schmidt Hammer Lassen 2012 The company is considered among the leading in Scandinavia

• Green Valley: Masterplan competition for former World Expo space in Shanghai. We won a first place. • Lund Science Village: Master Plan competition for Lund.

CHARITY and workshops Eat City Workshop A team and I created a temporary restaurant at a narrow alley bringing people to higher ground; letting people look upon quaint backyards. Bellastock Workshop A team and I created an urban landscape consisting of thousands of beer creates for curious citizens to explore . Digital Constructions Workshop A team and I created social housing prototypes in Southern Africa exploring how new technology can contribute. FairBar A team and I created posters for a cafe that supports local artists. CPHPeople A team and I created a photographic package for architects to use for visualization. The theme of the package was diversity. MakeAWishFoundation Granting wishes to children. I am a proud member.

dexterity and knowledge

Words of recommendation

“ I got an impression of Jens as a focused and ambitious student, who tries his hardest. He has the ability to think abstractly, while still paying attention to the small details in a project.

“ Jens possesses great knowledge of 3D visualization, including how they are made vibrant and personal.

I am pleased to give Jens my best recommendations. ”

As a person, Jens is confident and has open and smooth communication with customers and colleagues. Jens is engaged and shows great passion in his work. In addition, Jens is reflective and gladly shares his enthusiasm for design, architecture and other artistic areas. “

(Translated from danish)

(Translated from danish)

Boris Brorman Jensen Architect MAA, Associate Professor Ph.D.

Carsten Færgegaard CEO, Boffi Copenhagen

“ I have experienced Jens as a person with his own ideas and independent attitude towards the challenges he faces. Jens has an eye for details and talent for design. He is deeply passionated about modeling and visualization, and during our teamwork he has developed these interests very far.

“ Jens has shown himself to be a reliable employee and always ready to help, when necesary.

He has had good relations with his other students and teachers and shows the empathy to work intimately in teams.

The ability to immerse himself and an insistent search for solutions characterizes his way of working. “ (Translated from danish) Thomas Bøjstrup CEO, Park Architects

He is curious to learn new things. Jens can multitask and is not afraid of learning by doing. Jens understands the needs of the costumers and is good at putting himself in their shoes. As an employee, his greatest strength is his flexibility. “ (Translated from danish) Gitte Marie Andreasen Front Desk Manager, Hotel Schæffergården

Words of recommendation

“ Jens has worked consistently and is well versed in the relevant software packages and model building. He is willing to take on new tasks and to work independently. I hereby give my recommendation of Jens Sylvest “

“ Jens has shown great responsibility and has always been ready to solve new tasks. Jens worked with building plans, district plans, environmental screening as well as capital gains taxation cases.

Rasmus Kierkegaard Head of Concept and Development, Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects

I have appreciated his diligence, commitment and ability to get things done. “ (Translated from danish) Birgitte Kortegaard Area Manager, Rudersdal Municipality

“ Jens is a bold type who is clearly passionate about architecture and urban development. He quickly fitted in well with the department and built good relationships with many different colleagues and with me. Jens threw himself into the tasks with great enthusiasm and wanted to try his hand at everything from sketching to building plans over district plans to case preparation and other administrative work. My impression is that Jens is a competent architect with a good understanding of planning theory - especially the preparation of district plans and building plans. I give Jens my best recommendations and am sure he will do a good job in the future.” (Translated from danish) Vilfred Hvid Plan of development manager, Roskilde Municipality

Selected works from Architecture School

Third semester Studio Architectural Design

Dream House

By giving a typical brick house and a postmodernist twist something unique and personal is born.

Each student was given a plot of land to design a home for a family. The house was limited to 140 square meters and two stories in height. I wanted the house to have areas that were open, inviting in the scenery and sun, and other areas where one could seclude oneself. The open areas should make the most of the sun. By having big windows in the east one let’s the morning sun in, and by having windows covering most of the southern side one gets the most generous amount of sunshine. The warmth and glow from the sun has both an uplifting emotional effect and monetary savings for whoever lives there. By keeping the the windows in a height of two stories one invites a sun that is both high and low into the room. And with the room being more spacious, it gives whoever is inside a feeling of freedom. And lastly, it should be stated, that even the most beautiful painting cannot compete with a big window looking upon the sky. The ground level has a large kitchen dining area and living room. When coming home the kitchen should always be close. One is probably tired and has groceries that need to be put in the refrigator. By connecting the kicthen and dining area one creates a room that serves many purposes. This is the heart and living space of the house. Southside of the house

The second floor also has a large living area. This is meant to be the alternative. A room without an obvious function. It may be an office one year and a library the next. Unlike the other rooms it is up to the resident’s needs and creativity to create function to the room. The house is designed from the idea that great architecture comes from the fusion of our common understanding of “The Good Life” and something unique. What I have created feels like a ordinary brick villa that has an large window that breaks with expectations.

Drawing of the house’s livingroom

Drawing of the house’s livingroom

Eastside of the house

Westside of the house

Nortside of the house

Drawing of the house’s livingroom

Fifth semester Studio industrial Design


Creating a playscape that is a catalyst for conversations about the past and dreams of the future.

In this semester we were given a context to create a piece of industrial design for. Our context was an institution for children who have previously had trouble in primary school. The pupils had poor attendance, episodes of hostility and lack of concentration. When visiting the building, I saw that next to the classroom there is an atrium. It was empty and had a lot of potential. My goal quickly became to create a design would inspire the children. The design I came up with is a combination of a climbing castle and a world map: The creation of a world map has several functions. It makes the children talk about their memories of places they have been and places where they want to go. It - hopefully - makes them want to engage in the world. Besides a world map, Worldscape is also a climbing castle. The holes of the world map can be used to mount the organic structure and the shape of the playscape creates a both a mountain, to be climbed, and a cave where moments of social connection can happen. Wordscape is made with fiber-concrete with a thickness of 5 centimeters - this was the thinnest possible thickness. It has a height of 3 meters since this is the maximum fall height. I have also noted that if it is higher, it will limit the light from the classrooms.

The school within its context

Sixth semester - Bachelor Studio OPEN SCRIPT


Creating a new school of architecture

We were given a location of an abandoned freight area to design a school of architecture. My concept was a building consisting of several concrete cubes that were connected by pillars. Inside the center of the building is a large wodden staircase, with smaller staircases connected. The idea of the building was to have a space that felt surprising and dynamic, yet would also feel structured.

Visualization of the building’s inside

Early concept drawing of the school

Facade drawing

Visualization of the building’s inside

Plan drawing


Ninth semester Studio URBAN DESIGN

A masterplan for an urban area in Aarhus. Created together with Lauri Pihlajaniemi.

In this semester we given a location in the center of the city, where an old bus station could be converted into a new urban area. My idea was to create a dense area that related to its surroundings; connecting commercial with commercial, residential with residential and offices with offices. Isometric

Futhermore using the flow to create variation to the height and direction of the buildings. Thereby making a space that feels

The current conditions...

Yellow relates to the commercial and cultural part of the city. Red is in relation to residential. Blue is in relation to business...

Because there are so many pedestrians the scale of the project must adapt. Also pedestrians and should be able to use the area as a route...

Because the space is in the heart of Aarhus city center, it should be a dynamic place with a lot of functions...

Though still organized...

If we start by focusing on the yellow part. The cultural and commercial.

The lightrail is planed to cross here. And indoor station would be suitable for the citizens who wait in the danish cold weather.

Because there are many tourists here a Visit Aarhus and shops would fit nicely.

The building that is closest to the blue can have a larger height due to the scale increase. A hotel would work well here.

Because Aarhus Municipality wishes for a new architecture school, this would be a great location for it. Pedestrians can learn about architecture.

An architecture school needs studios. These can be placed above the buildings that are more suitable for the public - like the library.

And green roofs on top.

And an urban part in the center

An indoor urban park, that is warm during the Autumn and Winter.

The red part will be residential that is in scale with the context.

There will both be private and semi public green areas. And by lifting the level you can have indoor parking below.

The older building is worth preserving so it stays. The other buildings will be larger in scale..

As earlier there will be placed a park inbetween the buildings.

And at last the southern part will be connected with a bridge. Voila.

Selected works from my Career

Visualization as seen up above

Lund Science Village

A masterplan for an urban area in Aarhus

Often you experience the city, created by man, is in sharp contrast to the nature. Nature is outside the city. And when nature is in the city is clearly defined as landscapes in the form of parks, small lakes and gardens. The main concept of this master plan is to mix nature and city.

Plan diagram

City nature

Blue structure

Visiting cars


Experimenting fields

Different building activities

Multifaceted urban spaces

Sensational richness

Scale model

Plan drawing

Green Valley

A masterplan for an urban area in Aarhus

A central open space composed of greenery, water and a soft landscape runs through the middle of the site. It functions as the spine of the Green Valley. This open space splits the site equally into two, with two major buildings located on each side. The buildings have a large, connected structure, tightly choreographed to set a new scene for urban life. It will act as a guiding element in the development of the entire area.

The new Green Valley development, with offices, shops and restaurants, will become a new destination not only for the main users of the area but for people from Shanghai in general.

Pocket park

Restaurant Wohlert at dusk


Visuals for a proposal to renovate a street in Gentofte

The changes are a new facade for Restaurant Wohlert, a pocket park, a new path to the old firestation and hotel apartments for longer stays. A new path to the old firestation

The idea behind the visuals is to have a relaxed, yet romantic style that shows the idea and vibe of the place.

Visual I did showing restaurant Wohlert with a renovated facade to the left and the new hotel appartments to the right.



Visuals for a proposal for an architectural competition

I made the visuals for a proposal for an architectural competition for a new headquaters for the Russian oil company Lukoil. We recieved third place, which is impressive since it was just a friend and I. With the visuals I wanted to convey that the envirorment can be harsh and that electricity protects and nurtures us.

Lukoil today


Photograph of the model

Placing the model in it’s glass case

Scale Model

Scale model constructed for a old hunting castle

Photograph of the model from above

Schaeffergaarden is a hotel located in Gentofte. They wished for a scale model that would both show guests the grounds, yet also work aesthetically since the hotel prides itself with having art around every corner. I constructed the model out of several materials including foam, paper, wood, dried flowers and oil paint.

Photograph of the model in the early stages

Closeup photograph of the model

The real building

Closeup photograph of the model

Isometric render of home in Aarhus Ø

Render of kictchen

Drawings for a renovation in Aarhus Ø

A large scale renovation of kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms. Here is shown the kitchen.

Boffi is an award wining italian company that produces exclusive interior designs. Their designs are minimal, yet have a monumental feeling to them. In my time within the company I produced several interiors and enjoyed how strong and gorgeous their materials felt. This proposal is for a kitchen in Aarhus Ø with painted surfaces and a quartz surface on the kitchen Island. The idea is a masculine, simple and harmonic kitchen.

Closeup detail of table top

Technical drawing of kicthen

Technical drawing of home in Islands Brygge Photograph after construction

Drawings for a renovation in Islands Brygge A small scale renovation of a kitchen.

Photograph after construction

In the building called Polaris, there is a two floor apartment. In that apartment there was a tiny inefficient kitchen with dull and cheap materials. Which was why the owner wanted a new kitchen that optimized their space and enriched quality with new materials.

Drawings for a renovation in Island A new kitchen to a new building

In Island I constructed a new kitchen. The kitchen island’s tabletop is in granite with painted fronts. The kitchen fits the home. Functional, minimal and timeless.