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Organic and Affordable Weed Control Tools Lake weed control can be a wee bit expensive especially when dealing with weeds that just won’t disappear no matter how hard the owner tries to get rid of them. Sure commitment and perseverance are key, but if nothing happens after several attempts then it’s time to look for other alternatives.

Here are some aquatic weed control methods you might want to pursue: Barley straw – According to the Botany and Plant Pathology Department of Purdue University, using barley straw helps control or manage algae and is considered as a homemade weed control remedy by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Change of environment – Aside from using weed removal tools, another sure fire way to get rid of aquatic weeds is by doing some changes in the habitat to make it difficult for them to survive. Do the dirty work – If you have a small lake, you can try this method. Get your hands wet, use an aquatic weed cutter and prepare to cut and rake those nasty weeds.

Equipment for Aquatic Weed Removal

If you want to be efficient and effective in removing weed from the lake, we highly recommend that you use the Jenson Lake Mower and the Jenson  Rake. Jenson Lake Mower can reach up to seven feet deep so you don’t have to dive all the way down just to pull out unwanted weeds. You can also use this equipment without exerting a lot of effort since these can be hooked at the side of a boat.


Clean your lake and pond with organic and affordable weed control  

Do you want to clean your lake without chemical? Lake mower comes with the organic method which will help you to clean your lake without tak...