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Inspiring the Leaders of tomorrow! I am Varatha, who loves travelling and enjoys the nature in the purest form. I am neither a tech savvy nor interested in social networking. Hence, I prefer to meet my friends in person. Many times, I had witnessed people who are with the gadgets while dining, travelling, and gathering even in holidays, literally everywhere. Standing in front of the audience, with an air of confidence, she spoke. It was my first meeting at the Greens Toastmasters Club. Just a few hours ago, I was debating with myself as to whether I should attend today’s meeting or not. Not that I had anything important to do, other than being lazy. I’m Jenson, a husband, a father to two sons and an entrepreneur going through some very confusing times. Being a founder of a start-up was the first step I took in following my dreams, breaking from the comfort zone and living the life I wanted. Exploring Toastmasters was second on my list of things to be achieved. Seeing a confident Varatha delivering her project speech, I felt I made the right decision to come here, but being cautious in nature, I decided not to jump into conclusions too early, rather listen to her story, and Varatha continued. So, I decided to take this issue in one of my Project speech. This is so prevalent among all, irrespective of age, social status & education including my family. I am not against the technological advancements but there should be a limit. As the proverb says “Too much of anything is good for nothing”. Nowadays, we are spending most of our time with electronic devices, depriving required sleep hours & not pursuing new things to enhance our quality of life. Loss of sleep due to excessive usage could lead to long-term health issues. Chronic neck and back pain were the main causes of absenteeism due to these devices. The content of her speech had value. I suddenly realized, the power and responsibility one would take upon by being part of this revolution called Toastmasters. We could influence the world for the better or worse. Joining Toastmasters was all about awakening the leader within you. As I was flooded with such thoughts, Varatha made another powerful statement. I made the audience to travel to Maldives. Come along with me and you will be pleasantly surprised; “My family was staying in a resort which is surrounded by crystal clear, vast & Majestic Ocean, started the day with chirping sound of birds & went to sleep with waves of ocean singing lullaby or read favourite books under the stars. We did enjoy our days in the Hammock, watching the sky with its various hues, twinkling stars, soaked in breadth taking and magnificent sunrise & sunset and slept instead of our cottage with thatched roof & sand floor. Being on bare feet have many benefits, takes off negative radiation impacts of electronics by neutralising positive ions in our body, provides reflexology & infuse free energy from earth. Words could make people to take action. I realized to inspire people is not just as art, it is a science. A science that I could learn by being part of the Toastmasters community; Varatha ended her speech by throwing an open challenge to the audience asking them if they could take a conscious decision to enjoy the truly meaningful things in life.

At the end of her speech, I personally congratulated her as I wanted to know her and draw inspiration from her. Today, it’s been more than a few months since that first meeting at the Toastmasters Club and I’m more determined than ever to use the skills I learn from Toastmasters to achieve a greater goal for mankind. At the end of the meeting, I learnt Varatha to be a very energetic and nature loving person always ready for an adventure and I also learnt something about Toastmasters which they never tell the outside world. Toastmasters International isn’t just a club; in it lays the very secrets of effective communication. It is indeed the place where Leaders Are Made.

Inspiring the leaders of tomorrow  
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