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GIVING OLD FABRICS NEW LIFE The concept behind Oldies Apparel is to take something that has lost its value and turn it into something amazing. The idea came to me when I was in a second hand store and saw this amazing t-shirt with the coolest design on it. However, the t-shirt didnt fit me... and thats when it hit me! I decided that the best way to use the fabric would be to cut it up and add it to a single colored t-shirt, either making a sleeves and or pockets with the fabric.

The orginal v.1 tee �The Original V.1�, this was the first tee to be produced. The fabric thats been used to create this tee is from an old blanket which was salvaged from a second hand store. As you can see the design of the fabric has been appropriated and implimented to almost all aspects of my branding. This fabric was and is the muse of my brand and concept.

face v.1 tee Oldies Apparel is all about recycling old fabrics and making sure that none of it goes to waste. This tee was made by using the off cuts from ”The Original” tee´s.

the parrot tee Sometimes design will scream at you, and this is definetally one of those times. The fabric used in this tee comes from an old �abstract parrot� themed button up shirt sourced from a second hand store.

face v.2 tee Oldies Apparel is all about recycling old fabrics and making sure that none of its goes to waste. This tee was made by using the off cuts from ”The Original” tee´s. Unlike the ”Face V.1” this tee features both pocket and sleeves for a funkier design.

The beach tee This is the �Beach� tee, representing everything awesome about living in Australia. The fabric came from a second hand store located in Sunshine Coast.

The orginal v.2 tee ”The Original V.2”, very similar to ”The Orignal V.1” however this one features only the sleeves for an alternative look.

cause related marketing

clothe thy neighbour This is a feel good campaign designed to make the consumer happy about purchasing and wearing an Oldies Apparel tee. The concept behind my Cause Related Marketing campaign was to create awereness around the fact that for every t-shirt sold by Oldies Apparel, a 5$ donation will be made to the GiveNow foundation. Hence, by buying an Oldies Apparel tee you not only clothe yourself but you clothe someone whom is less fortunate then yourself. Not only does the campaign aim to raise money for the GiveNow foundation, but also motivate people to donate clothes to charities so that Oldies Apparel and the GiveNow foundation can continue there mission to help others.

To find out more follow us on Instagram & Facebook. facebook/oldiesapparel #oldiesapparel #CTN

Magazine ad. This is an example of how my campaign will be showcased in a magazine. It will not only be advertising the product itself but also promoting the campaign.

Poster ad. The poster ad. will promote the campaign by getting people to either check out the facebook page and/or the instagram. From there people will be able to learn more about the campaign and also have the chance to participate in it.

facebook cover Same design, same message.The reason for having the campaign ad. on the facebook page is to strengthen the campaign and have a consistant deign throughout all the media platform in use.

facebook page Facebook will be the main social platform in which detailed information about the campaign will be prosted. The idea is that all the other campaign advertisements will entise the audiance to visit facebook to learn more about the cause, and possibly participate in the campaign itself.

INSTAGRAM AD. The instagram advertisement is intended to get people to participate in the campaign. The message on instagram goes as following; �Tag yourself whilst wearing an Oldies t-shirt and have the chance to win a free t-shirt. Place these tags in you´re photos: #Oldiesapparel #CTN�. The idea is that everyone who buys a t-shirt from Oldies Apparel will be ecnouraged to post a selfie on instagram with the tags provided, and in turn this will gain support and awereness around the campaign and its cause.

instagram post example This is an example of what it would like if some one participated in the �Clothe Thy Neighbour� campaign. The person would simply take a selfie of themselves wearinga Oldies Apparel t-shirt and then post it on instagram with the provided hashtags. This will allow Oldies Apparel to branch out to a larger audiance.


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