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HELLO! JENSINE PUNZALAN “I am a jovial person who enjoys the process of strategizing plans and conceptualizing ideas which effectively solve design and communication problems.

PERSONAL INFORMATION Jensine Nikole R. Punzalan June 29, 1996 San Roque, Marikina City EDUCATION University of the Philippines - Diliman Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication June 2012 - June 2017

EXPERIENCE Freelance Graphic Designer April 2015 - present

Graphic Artist

1DMG October 2017 - April 2018

Publicity and Documentations Co-Head UP Kustura Outreach Program 2017 Leadership Youth Summit 2017 January 2017 - May 2017

Publicity and Documentations Head LISTO: An Interschool Debate Competition 2016 June 2016 - September 2016

Creatives Intern DYLL July 2015

SKILLS & CAPABILITIES Advertising & Promotion Art Direction Branding & Identity Graphic Design Ideation Photography Videography SOFTWARE SKILLS





Films & TV series




Concept & Art Direction: Jensine Punzalan

The printed advertisements were created with the product premise in mind. Moreover, the use of ideation techniques is to be applied such as snowball, lateral leap, ambush, and role reversal.

02 BATTLE ROYALE TRUMP CARD School work Concept & Art Direction: Jensine Punzalan

This project is inspired by the Japanese movie, “Battle Royale” wherein a class of students were forced to kill each other. The task of this project was to create a Battle Royale trump card and direct a photoshoot as a the cards image. The name of ‘Oleandere’ came from the plant Oleander. It is one of the most poisonous plants in the world despite it attractiveness and sweet scent. A textured background was to used to create a dark ambience. Blood marks were used for added horror effects.



LEADERSHIP YOUTH SUMMIT Organization Project Concept & Art Direction: Jensine Punzalan Jertz Brillon

Leadership Youth Summit 2017 aims to hone leadership skills of the student leaders about topics such as project management and people management, raise awareness on the current issues in the Philippines through a situationer talk, and emphasize the value of being critical when it comes to dealing with information in social media. The concept for the logo is the combination of the letters and the penrose triangle. The penrose triangle is considered an impossible object. It is then deconstructed to signify the possiblility of solving the seemingly impossible by honing leadership skills of student leaders through the project.

C: 11 M: 61 Y: 94 K: 1

C: 38 M: 56 Y: 87 K: 31

C: 48 M: 53 Y: 87 K: 45

The animation of the title further reinforces the message of the event. It mimics how lights swithces on and off.

Main Poster GIF

04 LISTO: AN INTERSCHOOL DEBATE COMPETITION Organization Project Art Direction & Illustration: Jensine Punzalan

It is the annual, often most-awaited event of UP Kustura which aims to uphold the ideals of the organization in promoting excellence in all fields and broadening the horizons of the youth’s participation not only in academic matters, but also in social, political and cultural endeavours beneficial to the citizens of the city of Marikina. The concept of this year’s design is inspired by mind maps. Minds maps dipay the relation of different ideas forming a central idea which can be liked to a debate competition. The color scheme was monochromatic blue.

TOLITS Tolits is the mascot for the LISTO event. The name ‘Tolits’ came from jumbling the word LISTO. The primary target audience are Marikina highschool students. For that reason, it was created in a cute and adorable way to provide a fun side to the serious debate competition. Tolits is shaped like a brain and wears a glasses and a red bowtie.

Mascot Video

Teaser Video



COCONUT HOUSE REBRANDING School Work Concept & Art Direction: Jensine Punzalan Nikki Canlas Copy & Layout: Jensine Punzalan Nikki Canlas

A one-of-a-kind restaurant was built in 2008 driven by the love for coconut and its coconut farmers. “It’s not just a business, but part of my advocacy,” Jun Castillo, owner of The Coconut House, explains. Castillo is part of a society of advocates called the New Philippine Coconut Society whose goal is to foster a new coconut industry in favor of the farmers.

PROBLEM: Coconut House is frequently visited by a number of customers however, they have not yet penetrated the younger market. Not a lot of the youger generation see coconut as appealing as how the older ones do. Plus, coconut has lot of potentials which have not yet been tapped. One of main arms of promotion of Coconut House is its social media however, there are inconsistencies of logos and promotional materials which makes for a weak branding. Another is dilemma is that it has only a single location whcich makes it less accessible for other people.

PHASE 1: SOLID BRANDING To provide a solution to the incosistent logos, a visual brand identiy guide is a must. Three alternatives were proposed to the current logo. Coconut House primarily uses the white logo, however a logo should be versatile enough to be used in all advertisements. Thus the alternative is a filled-in yet familiar to the empty outlined white logo. Coconut leaves and coconuts were used as design elements. A consistent product design and corporate materials was also proposed to strenghten its brand identity.

PHASE 2: DISTRIBUTION Because of its lack of accessibility, Coconut House should create a partnership with hospitals, gyms, and other wellness centers to distribute their retail products such as shampoos, VCO, and coco sugar. Shelves for display may be used to create a unified design. Expansion may be look into to let its advocacy be known to other people. The places chosen were Intramuros and Makati. Intramuros is where foreigners would frequently visit thus being an ideal spot. It would be also a strategic to place it in Makati since workers would find a place which will offer a healthy alternative within a stressful environment.

PHASE 3: PROMOTIONS First, relaunching of their Facebook page woud eliminate the problem of customers’ confusion. It would lead to undivided social media reach and likes. Teasers of the event and a series of publicity materials will be posted. A single poster will be posted each day showcasing the benefits of coconuts and the Coconut House, itself. Information would spread through social media and reach the minds of people that were not yet reached.



One objective was to let Coconut House be exposed to other markets such as the younger market. A promo was created to merge foods the younger generation would like such as pizza, burger and fries, but much healthier.

We make use of the the trends in our present society such as doing challenges like the ALS Bucket Challenge and Running Man Challenge. For that reason, we decided to challenge people to come up with unique uses of coconut.

THE COCO CHASE The concept of the ‘Fun Run’ is in line to how Coconut house is perceived by the market, which is being healthy. The Fun Run would be promoted through social media since it is accessed by almost everyone. Poster would be placed on strategic areas accessed by our target market such as in the Quezon Memorial Circle and waiting areas in Quezon City. In addition, posters will be placed in locations associated with wellness such as inside the University of the Philippines-Diliman and Ateneo de Manila wherein joggers, bikers and other health-conscious people come to exercise. The event would be sponsored by other companies which is in line with the vision of Coconut House. Gift Certificates would be given to the top 3 winners of the race to encourage them from buying from store. Furthermore, stands with products from would be placed along the event to be accessed by the customers. People can just buy coconut water or other coconut product in the stands.

06 BO’S COFFEE AD CAMPAIGN School Work Concept & Art Direction: jensine Punzalan Nikki Canlas Copy & Layout: Jensine Punzalan Dell Young Nikki Canlas

Bo’s coffee is a premier specialty coffee bar that takes pride on its Filipino origin. They boast their use of homegrown and farm fresh coffee beans, their homely and cozy ambience, all the while showing the friendly hospitality of the Filipinos through their service. They are currently tagging their brand as “Your Homegrown Brew”. The use of a watercolor style were mostly used throughout the campaign for it can mimic the consistency of coffee. It is combined with calligraphic elements to create a more personal feeling. Earth tones were used to evoke warmness and belongingness and create a similarity to the color of coffee.

STRATEGIC IDEA: to aid in the advocacy of Bo’s Coffee of promoting locally-made goods CREATIVE IDEA: “Supporting You Sip You Take” For every sip, not only it supports the customer but local coffee farmer EXECUTION IDEA: to create a campaign that promotes the idea that the act of enjoying is the act of helping

PHASE 1 The handles in MRT trains and mall entrances will be tsimilar from coffe mug handles. It would further reinforce idea of support. The main poster was created using double exposure in order to emphasize that in every sip a peson takes, a local farmer is aided.

PHASE 2 The main event of the campaign is to make the target audience to enjoy is the act of helping thus creating workshops that the target audience are interested in. such as calligraphy and latte art over coffee. They would be able to enjoy their cup of coffee while doing their hobbies. Furthermore, bloggers with a wide following will be invited to publicize the event.

PHASE 3 SIP or Social Involvement with a Purpose is a card which provides customers discounts in every Bo’s Coffee they purchase. Once 12 stickers are collected by purchasing coffee, customers will get to enjoy discounts and unlimited Wi-Fi use in all branches for a period of time. It would encourage customers to avail more coffee to utilize the unlimited wifi. The research showed that the reasons why target market wants to stay inide coffee houses are to study and to use Wi-Fi. Students would be then encourage to purchase because of the prize of unlimited Wi-Fi. Bo’s Coffee would be ahead of the competition since there is a time limit of Wi-Fi use with other competitions.


The campaign aims to lessen anxiety of college students between the ages of 16 - 24 of the middle and upper economic class living in urban Metro Manila. One way to build students’ confidence is by reassurance and consequentially to lessening their anxiety. The idea of this campaign is that even though they have experienced difficult times, it would get better eventually hence the tagline ‘It Gets Better’. It was based on the insight that students cannot help but think of negative thoughts. It is difficult for them to let go of their negative thoughts by themselves and thus seek their friends for support.

IMAGERY AND TONE The imagery of the campaign would be full of plants. Plants signify bouncing back from challenges that may come and continuing to grow. They often depict positivity and calmness, which is beneficial to the topic of the campaign. Plants swaying back and forth in a repetitive motion offer calmness. The tone would be warm, positive and offers a light feeling.

PHASE 1 Posters containing reassure quotes will be posted in schools and in social media. In social media, they will be in GIF format to create interest and calmness Cards would be also distributed in schools. Its idea stems from the concep of ‘pass it forward’. Students can share their positivity to others.

PHASE 2 An interactive exhibit will be launched located at specific places inside universities and colleges. Interactivity would be best suited for the campaign in order to have a more personal connection. The exhibit consists of a clear panel and a positivity wall where in students can write and reassure others to lessen their anxiety.

Along with the exhibits in colleges and universities, a visualization of a breathing exercise in a video format will be posted in its social media page. 4-7-8 reathing exercise is a helpful technique for students to lessen their anxiety and avoid a panic attack. It comes with the sound of blowing winds to create calmnesss. Plants also swayed in synchronize to the breathing of the person. This repetitive motion provides relaxation to the viewer and is pleasing to the eyes. Inhaling courage, holding breathing and exhaling fear were used as a copy for the video.

PHASE 3 For added reassurance that everything will get better, printed materials are strategically placed. They are commonly located at place in where people commute which people may often lost in thought.



VARIOUS WORKS Personal & School Work

Most of the photos were shot for class. These are classified as candid photography, food photography, and still life photography.